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My life is invaluable. Sometimes I cant control my desire to rip my face off so I just tear open my skin with razors. Sometimes I’m literally helpless in this void, and to stop myself from cutting i start punching myself in the stomach and legs until these ugly purple and yellow bruises appear. Thats okay though, because human life is invaluable.

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A Haylena One-Shot: The Vampire Diaries Season Four AU

- Slight Smut Warning ⚠️ -

Her eyes trailed over the crowd of Mystic Falls residents from her spot on the stairs made of concrete, pausing when her eyes laid on the female wearing black lacy dress, showing off her curves, and a fishtail braid, framing around her olive-skin tone face.

“Who’s that?” Hayley Marshall asked the werewolf next to her. Her voice sounded absent, wondering as she raked her eyes down at the woman’s figure.

Tyler, following her gaze with his, to see the doppelgänger in their sight from afar. “Oh, that’s Elena. She had recently turned into a vampire,” he murmured, gripping the slim glass in his large hand.

“What kept you here?” Hayley asked after seeing the brunette she had been admiring earlier sitting at the bar, drinking alone in her dark summer dress and straightened hair that ended up in the middle of her back.

Hayley was ready to get out of her little red dress, she wasn’t really made for shiny things like dresses and heels, and she had change out of her fancy attire into her comfortable jeans and boot heels.

Elena, turning her head to face the wolf who already slid into an empty stool next to her. “I’m avoiding certain people.” She mumbled, casting her a timid smile with guarded eyes.

Hayley returned her smile with a confident one, she had already been intrigue by her, but hearing her voice and seeing her up close sent tingles down her spine. She held out a hand, “I’m Hayley.” She said softly, looking at her.

The brunette put her hand in hers, enclosing her fingers around Hayley’s palm. “Elena.” She said softly, smiling more genuinely this time.

Down was up, night was day. The unfamiliar warmth in the pit of her stomach grew, expanding slowly through her as she stared into Elena’s dark eyes.

“Hayley,” Elena said, a whispered breath. The low, silken sound of her name in Elena’s mouth did something awful to her equilibrium.

Elena’s lips were addictive, the secret kisses in the bathroom at the Mystic Grill distracted her from helping others to break their sire bonds to Klaus; she would put up a false façade when she met Elena at the bar, drinking alcoholic beverages that Elena could compel the bartenders to give, and she secretly waited for the clandestine meetings in the bathrooms of public places, and by the waterfall in the woods because no one would find them.

Not that it was a secret.

Elena Gilbert made her feel special and wanted. Something she hadn’t felt since her adoptive parents kicked her out.

Tyler Lockwood, a good friend of hers were one of the first people in Mystic Falls to catch them after a few weeks of their clandestine affair.

Hayley had one leg on each side of Elena’s hips and squeezing with her thighs in her skinny jeans.

They were in the barn where Hayley helped the hybrids to break their sire bonds, but no one was here so she had taken advantage by kissing Elena who wasn’t expecting it.

“Come here.” Elena said, guiding her to the pile of straws, once they laid on top of the pile, Hayley felt her hands tangling in her thick curly hair as they kissed heavily and she gasped into her lips when Elena tighten her grip on her hair and pulling her for even more fierce kiss.

The interior of the barn was quiet and warm, hot, the only noise of them roughly moving together, wet sounds of their mouths as Hayley opened to Elena’s tongue.

When she came in town, she heard that Elena was a sweet, compassionate but innocent girl but looking at her with soft eyes, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

She was sweet, and compassionate, but she was for sure not innocent.

And Hayley loved it. That she could be the one to bring that side out.

Hayley moaned at the heat of Elena’s tongue sliding against hers, while her hands roughly dipped down towards her jean-clad ass.

“Holy hell,” Hayley whispered, pushing her hips down on Elena.

The brunette started guiding her hips, squeezing and pressing against Hayley’s ass so they started to grind.

“Holy shit!” A male voice echoed in the quiet space making the girls freeze in their positions. It was a sight to behold, Hayley’s legs on both sides of Elena’s hips while Elena’s hands are gripping Hayley’s jean-clad ass.

They turned their heads towards the entrance to see Tyler Lockwood looking at them with wide eyes.

The next day, Mystic Falls were filled with rumors that Elena Gilbert wad caught red-handed in the barn.

Hayley hated the rumors, but she was filled with pride that her girl was now being known as someone’s girlfriend.


Hayley was lonely, she didn’t want the man in front of her, who was currently cupping her cheek before bringing his lips to hers.

However, she wanted to forget that she was lonely and the girl she truly wanted was off the bend. Her words had hurt her, but she knew that Elena wasn’t herself, so that only gave her some comfort.

Of course. It all started with the booze.

As the suit-clad man named Elijah negotiated with the Deveraux witch, she sat on the stone bench, looking at the dimmed fire candle.

All she could think about is the brunette back in Mystic Falls. She just wanted to run to her, back in her arms, to escape the chaos that the Deveraux witch had put her in.

She wished that she hadn’t slept with the big bad Original hybrid so she wouldn’t be in this predicament based on one night stand with booze.

How the hell was she supposed to get her girl back, especially when Elena turned off her humanity switch?

When Klaus left to deal with Marcel one night, she had taken advantage by escaping the Governor’s mansion to go back to Mystic Falls, and she wasn’t coming back to New Orleans without her girl.

Even if it was the last thing she’ll ever do.

The wolf was reeling with nervousness as she raised a fist to knock on the wooden door with her knuckles at the Salvatore Boarding House.

Footsteps echoes from the inside, and she held her breath when someone turned the door handle before opening the door.

To reveal Elena’s presence.

Hayley recalled her leaving with straight hair, but she came back with wavy hair, with long bangs shorter on the side, and red streaks blending in with the wavy curls.

She liked it.

“Hayley?” Instead of harsh toneless voice she had when Hayley went to see her before, it held a soft quality filled with surprise expression on her face.

Hayley looked at her, feeling relieved. “I was preparing myself to get you to turn your humanity back on, but I guess someone already beat me to it.” She murmured.

“You can thank Damon,” Elena said, crossing her arms as she leaned against the frame. “I heard you were abducted, then Klaus was gone,” she said, taking her gaze down her figure, and Hayley hoped that she didn’t hear an extra heartbeat yet.

She didn’t want Elena to make assumptions leading to their end.

Not when they were not over.

Elena’s humanity switch was a bump in the road of their relationship that Hayley still wanted.

“I ran away from New Orleans before anyone noticed,” she said, fiddling with her fingers as she looked down to her brown calf-high boots. She cleared her throat when she return her gaze to the doppelgänger, “I need to tell you something, and I need you to listen to me before you do anything.”

Elena nodded, understanding dawned in her gaze as she straightened her posture.

Hayley inhaled slowly before exhaling, closing her eyes. “I’m somehow pregnant” she whispered, before opening her eyes after hearing Elena’s sharp inhale. “You have to understand, I don’t like Klaus. I was lonely, and sad because you weren’t yourself.” She said quickly, pleading.

Before she could say anymore, anything to keep Elena placated; from shunning her for her drunken choice, Elena was already standing in front of her, her hands wrapped around Hayley’s shoulders to calm her.

“It’s okay. I’m not mad, Hayley.” She said soothingly, rubbing her thumbs across Hayley’s collarbones. “I was not myself, and I hurt you.”

Hayley’s shoulders slowly released the tension that arose in her figure.

“I have to go back to New Orleans…before Klaus noticed I was gone, but knowing him, he probably already did.” She chuckled mirthlessly, casting Elena a dry look before settling in a softer look. “But, please come with me. I…I…” she stammered, nibbling her bottom lip with the edge of her teeth. “I still want to be with you,” her voice was small when she confessed, vulnerability shone in her eyes as she looked at her.

She saw that Elena had a small smile growing on her lips, it was filled with happiness curl of a smile as she reached up to brush the short strands out of Hayley’s face. “We’ll figure things out, I promise. I still want to be with you too.” She swore, eyes twinkling as Hayley beamed at her with a wide smile.

“Together?” Hayley couldn’t help herself. She raised a hand and touched Elena’s cheek, running her fingers along the delicate line of her jaw. Her skin was petal-soft and warm against her, and Hayley let her hand linger for a moment. A lock of hair fell from behind Elena’s ear, and she moved to carefully tuck it back. As her fingers threaded through the soft strands, their eyes met.



@elejahforever @elejah-wonderland @elejahfanfic @njeancastro316 @evrthefanatic

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Alright I’m feeling a tad violent so lets do this–

I am SO mad that there are people who love Damon but can’t find it in themselves to give even an inkling of that love to Kol– I am all about the freedom to choose the characters you love and the characters you don’t but, like, this isn’t even about love at this point it’s about respect?? 

When I say ‘love a character’, I mean giving them respect

The vast amount of respect this fandom gives Damon and the vast lack given to Kol is astronomically uneven– The double standards are absolutely WILD 

And I’ve ranted so many times about not adding hate to a fandom so that’s not what this post is going to be– I will not add any fuel to the Damon fire because although he is problematic so are so many other characters that I love– but I will be pointing out a few things about Kol that make me violently angry 

Keep reading

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no thoughts just “I don’t have time for this loserkawa! I have to lock up the clubroom so move your ass lazykawa!” “I don’t like these names.” “SHITTYKAWA THEN!!” “now you’re just being vULGAR”

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How to Make Cauliflower Rice

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We the people of the united states in order to forb a morb perfect union, establish rice, secue doomstick trainquills, provide for common deprivation, pomegranate the general wells fargo, and secure the blebbings of liberals to ourselves and our pspspsps do ordain and establish thesis constipation for the united states of cuba

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Originally posted by elijahmikaelsom

“Go ahead and tell me, Elijah. Tell me. Which part of me wasn’t enough for you?”

Elijah stared at you in disbelief, but for once, he didn’t have an answer.

“I wish that I could just… take it all away. And I’m sorry, Elijah. I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you. I… won’t ever bother you again.”

Elijah said nothing. There was nothing more for him to say. 

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You know you are a good person when a Capricorn apologize to you 💀

You know you are a good person when a Capricorn apologize to you 💀


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FIFA World Cup 2022™ - News - Tender processes to launch in Sub-Saharan Africa for media rights to FIFA World Cup 2022™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ -

FIFA World Cup 2022™ – News – Tender processes to launch in Sub-Saharan Africa for media rights to FIFA World Cup 2022™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ –

FIFA is opening two invitations to tender (ITT) simultaneously for the media rights to the FIFA World Cup 2022™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, FIFA’s flagship competitions, in Sub-Saharan Africa . The tender processes are due to launch tomorrow, Tuesday, 26 January.
The first ITT is for the media rights to the FIFA World Cup 2022™. The second ITT is for the media rights to the FIFA Women’s…


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Dad- Damon Salvatore x Daughter!reader, Damon Salvatore x OC, Klaus Mikaleson x OC, Klaus Mikaelson x Daughter!reader

Main Masterlist/Damon Salvatore masterlist/Klaus Mikaelson masterlist

Part 2

Summary: A pregnant Lydia Forbes Salvatore meets the Mikaelsons when she was running away from Mysitc Falls. When she was running away from her husband Damon.

Warnings: Cheating

Genre: Angst, kinda fluff

a/n: The mother’s name is Lydia Forbes and yes she is related to Caroline Loml Forbes. Also flashbacks will be written in Italics.I am thinking abt making this a two-part imagine bc why not lol. Also since I live in India and Spring starts in March here, there might be some date differences here and there. And yes I may have changed the timeline a little bit. Enjoy!!



Lydia Forbes was running through the woods trying to find a shelter she could spend the night in. She did not know where she was running though.

“I love you Katherine.” Damon’s voice repeated in Lydia’s mind. Her eyes were stained with tears. She didn’t stop crying for 6 days. Well 6 days since she ran away from the Salvatore Residence.

Stefan, Mr Salvatore, Her mom, Her dad, Damon were all worried for her safety and trying to find her whereabouts.

Stefan and Mrs Forbes were worried the most since they knew about Lydia’s pregnancy. Lydia was 2 months pregnant with Damon’s child. Damon didn’t know that of course.

It had been only 2 weeks since Lydia herself found out that she was pregnant. Her first instinct was to tell her mother. She then told Stefan so that he could predict Damon’s reaction to it. “Trust me Lydia! Damon is going to be so happy for you and the baby! And I better be its godfather!” “Stefan let me tell him first!” Lydia playfully glared at him.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she accidentally hit a carriage. How dumb was the driver? Couldn’t even see a woman walking, well running on the lonely street.

“My sincere apologies madam, are you hurt anywhere?” an accented voice rang through her ears. She could see a tall man with blue eyes and curly blonde hair. “N-no sir.” “Are you sure? You don’t sound good.” not that Klaus Mikaelson actually cared though. That woman looks like dinner Klaus thought to himself. “Do you have some water sir?” “Call me Klaus love.”

“Hmm, she looks delicious. Doesn’t she brother?” another accented voice was heard as a beautiful blonde woman made her way out of the carriage. “Of course she does, sister.” “What are you both talking about?” Lydia asked, her voice panicking. Her heart started beating the faster and ‘Thump-thumpthump-Thump-thumpthump-Thump’ her heart and the child’s heart beated rapidly. And Klaus Mikaelson heard it. So did Rebekah.

“Whats your name love?” Klaus asked Lydia dilating his pupils while looking her straight in the eye. “Lydia Damon Salvatore.” she answered without a second thought. She didn’t mean to though.

Lydia swore to herself thst she will never call herself a Salvatore again after she heard Damon confess his love to Katherine. “Well Lydia do you have any idea about the child you are carrying in your womb?” The blonde woman asked her voice softening. “Yes madam.” Lydia said nervously. “You can call me Rebekah sweetheart.” Rebekah said giving her a warm smile. Lydia looked back and forth at Klaus and Rebekah nervously. Klaus expression was much more softened now.

“Well do you want the water you requested about earlier love?” Klaus asked her giving her a warm smile. “Do you want to come with us sweetie? we do have space in the carriage for another person to fit.” Rebekah asked Lydia. “I would love that!” Lydia answered without second thought. All she wanted now was some food, water and a shelter she could spend some days in. Rebekah gave her warm smile and out her arm around the pregnant woman’s shoulder signalling that she was in safe hands.

“Where does this carriage head to?” Lydia asked the blondes. “New York.” was all she got for an answer.



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“What? Does that feel good?”

pairing: kol mikaelson x reader

warning: fluffy, teeth rotting fluff

request: “Hey I just stumbled across your blog and your prompt list and was wondering if you could write a fic or something for Kol using number 7?” - @fangirl962 (“What? Does that feel good?”)

summary: i think we can all agree that kol gives the best back massages.

taglist: @elijahs-wife @hellotvshowtrash @alwaysfangirlingish @dumble-daddy @njeancastro316


Originally posted by lovemurphythe100

(Y/N) wanted to scream. Her day was just the worst thing she could ever think about.

First, she woke up to a cold bed. Her husband Kol had left her a note saying that he had to tend to ‘family business’, then she forgot to prepare her lunch, so made her lunch rather than ironing her clothes. Then once she got to work, she found out that her coworker had volunteered her to work overtime, today, on her bad day.

It was easy enough to say that she was frustrated and just wanted to got to sleep in her lover’s strong arms. She also wanted one of Kol’s back massages.

He would never tell his siblings this, but Kol was excellent when it comes to giving massages. He only gave them to (Y/N), and (Y/N) only.

“Hello?” she asked, her voice echoing around the house, seeming empty. Since she heard a little scuffle and a soft ‘bloody hell’ from upstairs, she shut the door and made her way up there, knowing it’s her husband.

She opened the door to her bedroom, expecting to see her husband laying on the bed reading a book. Defiantly not expecting to see the room decked out in lit candles and rose pedals accompanied by soft music.

She looked at Kol with tears in her eyes, appreciating what he had done for her. 

“What is all this?” she asked, it was like he knew she had a bad day.

“Well Josh told me you seemed to be in a mood at work so I wanted to cheer you up.” he responded with a grin.

He never wanted to see his wife have a bad day, because in his eyes she was too perfect to ever be given a bad day. So when he got a call from one of their good friends, one of (Y/N)’s coworkers, saying that she was not having a good day, he sprung into action. Getting all the ingredients to make a wonderful and intimate night, focusing on her relaxation.

“Now, come over here so a can massage your bad day away.” Kol said opening his arms to his love.

(Y/N) did have to be told twice, she stripped off her clothes and made her way to her husband.

He had her lay down on the bed while he got out all the fancy smelling massage oils.

He sat next to her on the bed, working the oils into her skin, relaxing the tense muscles. Pulling a face when he realizes how tense she was.

“Wow, today was a really bad day huh?”

“Yep, and it started with you leaving me alone because you had to deal with ‘family business’.” she remarked sarcastically. He chuckled in return, Kol knew you were going to bring that up. If he was being honest, he doesn’t want anything to do with his family, but (Y/N) convinced him that family is forever.

He worked his magic hands into a knotted spot in her shoulder, she moaned.

“What? Does that feel good?” Kol smirked, of course he knew he was making her feel good.

“Shut up you smug bastard.” (Y/N) muttered, her face going hot.

“As you wish darling.” And with that he went back to work, releaving his love from her pains.

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Um no, you do need to sleep! (I say when I myself am the worst insomniac in the whole of Europe) Honestly your brain will thank you if you go to sleep 😘

I’m doing okay? This alien brain of mine is way too anxious and indesicive and sleepy 24/7.

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Today I spoke to Alex and Joe about WordAi.

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It’s 12:30 and I can’t sleep so, without further ado, Vincent Griffith headcannons—


Originally posted by bonniebird

-> I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this man is the KING of hot chocolate and it was COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT

-> the ninth ward coven always puts on a Christmas market to fundraise— people come from across the country to see it— and the regent is always in charge of the hot chocolate stand

-> it’s like a little tradition / competition to see who can make the best hot chocolate

-> I’m strongly of the belief that Vincent isn’t that competitive— he just gives me chill NOLA vibes— and that when he realized he would have to make the hot chocolate he panicked a little bit

-> a lot— he panicked A LOT

-> but nonetheless he whipped up some hot cocoa and on the opening day he swallowed his heart and hoped his recipe wouldn’t completely flop— his nana had given it to him after all

-> to ease the edge a bit though he pulls out a bottle of peppermint moonshine— he bartered with the wolves for it— and splashes a bit in but a few people see him and ask him about it

-> “Is that this year’s special ingredient??” “What—“ “If that’s the ingredient count me in!” “Well… okay if you insist.”

-> that’s how Vincent became the king of the underground, Ninth Ward, hot chocolate competition via peppermint moonshine sourced from the Louisiana bayou

-> moving on from Christmas though

-> Vincent collects shoes— but not like fancy ones, just like rubber boots and skate shoes

-> he collects old Converse, he has 15 pairs, each a different color, regardless though his favourite pair is still the classic black high tops

-> he even had one of the young witch artists in his coven paint on a pair and he wears them around— it’s helped her slowly start a business

-> he does that a lot— helps the younger teens and adults in his covens with their hobbies and jobs whenever he can— his wardrobe is basically all embroidered crewnecks, hand knitted jumpers, and crocheted beanies

-> he never misses a moment to hype up one of their brands to the tourists and he keeps their spare business cards in his wallet and always makes sure to boost their social media before the conversation ends

-> he’s so smooth when he does it too that half the time they don’t even know what happened they just know they HAVE to look up the sweater because by god do they want one

-> he’s wickedly good at shooting pool— a product of his university days— and he used to hustle people when he was studying— it helped pay for his degree

-> nowadays he doesn’t take money for games, he plays the kids in his coven and occasionally Josh when him and Davina end up in the same bar as him— it’s always a good time and Josh always whines when he looses— sometimes Vincent lets him win

-> he got a dog after his wife went crazy, he had been so used to always having someone around that when he lost her he started to go a little crazy himself only this time in a different— more painful— way

-> he’s a golden retriever he finds at a rescue society, a little matted with a few scars but Vincent finds comfort in that— they’re both a little worse from wear, despite his appearances though he’s energetic and they click from the jump

-> he names him Baxter and they go everywhere together— Vincent is literally never seen without Baxter

-> at first he swears off magic— afraid of what it did to him and his wife and what it might lead him to do to Baxter— but when he’s called to regency and there is no way out he promises to himself that he won’t let the magic take Baxter away from him

-> the coven loves Baxter and the kids are always playing with him and cuddling him, the church and Lafayette Cemetery are filled with water bowls

-> Baxter and Davina are very close and when she dies he lays by her grave and refuses to move for three days

-> Vincent refuses to leave Baxter so they both take vigil beside her, sometimes joined by Josh or Marcel, once even Kol, until finally Baxter moves

-> he rarely wears matching socks— not to make a statement but because he’s terrible at doing his laundry and he never washes two matching socks at the same time and he’s usually scrambling out the door after grabbing two socks he can find

-> he’s always on time but just barely— he’s the guy pushing through the door at the last second who people roll their eyes at but smile anyway— he’s charismatic and strong though so nobody really minds— he does his job and he does it well and that’s all that matters

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