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#to be deleted

i hate living alone through all of this. i might have social anxiety, but i’m an extrovert. i need people around. i need the structure of being accountable to others. and i need some kind of human contact. this is the most alone i’ve felt in a long time. and it’s absolutely necessary. and i know i’m not the only one. but the depression is real and i would do anything just to have someone to hug me right now.

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trying to figure out if i should keep consistently doing my slice of life project or keep playing w ulrike n maaike even tho i’ve been playing w them lowkey a little so there’d be a kind of fat time skip….

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ugh it’s sad boi hours. not really feeling it ?? i dont know whats really going on but im feeling inadequate like nothing i do is good. hopefully it’ll pass. 

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so obviously my brand is marvel, but legacies (read: hizzie) has been giving me such feels that idk maybe a change in url??

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Inbox time!

Hello everyone, long time no see! I hope you’re all washing your hands and staying safe. I’ll be digging into that inbox in two hours or so. If you have any questions, comments, or even just more jelly/jam discourse, slap them in there!

I’ll see you all real soon. 💚

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all fathers know is yell at their children, be hypocritical, abuse their wives, yell at their children, act like children, abuse their wives, deny any wrongdoing, abuse their wives, yell at their children, abuse their - 

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