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#to do

Heyyyyy! Thanks for all the love. You the best, anon. I mean it! Sure, on the request! I don’t like to promise times because life be lifing, but I hope to have it up soon. Check the Daveed tag on my blog in like a week. Maybe sooner if I can get a free moment tomorrow to tackle some other requests in my inbox.💜

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lucrezia and her grandchildren: done!

i will definitely get around to bianca & guglielmo and clarice & carlo at some point as well so keep an eye out! not sure exactly when tho bc i’m also about to embark on a medici 15 day giffing challenge which may take up most of my free time this week, however i already have a good chunk of my entries for that already finished so i really only have a few more to do and then i can get to these requests!

as for the lorenzo one, i too am a big fan of bloody disheveled lorenzo in 2x08 so i get you 100% BUT the problem is that there’s literally like. 40 full minutes of footage of bloody disheveled lorenzo to choose from which is too overwhelming and i wouldn’t even know where to start jdkfgh at least with bloody disheveled francesco it’s really just the 2 scenes that he’s in looking like that rather than the entire freaking episode. so i make no promises on this one! in general i’m thinking i’ll have to do a rewatch sometime with the specific intent of giffing lorenzo now that i have a newfound thirst for daniel sharman, so maybe once that day comes i’ll make this set haha

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not the MOST productive day but that’s okay! here is tomorrow’s list :)

  • vitamins (morning)
  • duolingo (french)
  • duolingo (german)
  • covid test @ 9 :/
  • csts 639 discussion board
  • csts 614 latin
  • kapitel 17
  • kapitel 18
  • poetics 15
  • therapy @ 12:45
  • herodotus @ 2
  • read 50 pages of konstans
  • hansen & quinn
  • lingua latina
  • mallory & crito @ 7
  • vitamins (evening)
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Just going to list out some things I need to get done now that the move is over…

  • Find the mounts for my curtain rods so I can hang my curtains.
  • Remove the Halloween decorations from my office so I can decorate my apartment.
  • Schedule a dentist appointment (my current dentist appears to be covered by my new insurance, but I want to call and make sure).
  • Schedule an eye appointment… Not sure where I’ll go because the last place… Wasn’t very good…
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment. I have found a queer friendly doctor, I just have to see if my insurance covers them.
  • Find a new car… My current one has started screeching???? Anyways, I really like the Hyundai Kona and they are a lot less expensive new than I realized (but of course I want to buy a used one because yeah)…
  • Ummm, finish unpacking, I’ve made a lot of progress, but I have about 5 boxes left.
  • Organize my closet, it kind of became a catch all during the move. 😆
  • Checkout the local used bookstore… They close about the time I get off work, but I can go Saturday if I remember.

In other news, I decorated my balcony with some Halloween stuff and bought some candy in the event I get trick-or-treaters. (The Reese Pumpkins I bought accidentally became Reese Zombies because it got warm enough that they melted in my car yesterday… 😅) I figure I’ll mask up and wear my witch hat just in case… And I’m debating making little baggies of candy to minimize contact?

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INCREDIBLY productive day today let’s keep it going

  • vitamins (morning)
  • duolingo (german)
  • duolingo (french)
  • greek vocab (morning)
  • latin vocab (morning)
  • csts 639 discussion board
  • csts 614 latin
  • german @ 11:10-1:00
  • greek @ 2:30-4:30
  • read 50 pages of konstans
  • mallory & crito @ 7
  • hansen & quinn
  • lingua latina
  • greek vocab (evening)
  • latin vocab (evening)
  • vitamins (evening)
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Things I want to draw but I have to work on my webcomic:

  • Flynn in “I got the music” ‘s outfit
  • Carrie. Just carrie. I love pink and All Eyes on me is a bop.
  • ANIMATE Luke and Julie trying to hold hands but that would take me a whole week 
  • Sunset Curve (I think I can draw this one on my webcomic breaks)
  • Bobby x Luke: Why? because I can.
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i am anxiously watching the cards game so here’s my to do list for tomorrow

  • vitamins (morning)
  • duolingo (german)
  • duolingo (french)
  • fold and put away laundry
  • take out trash
  • scopacosa 2016
  • north 1981
  • terranato 2019 (ch 1)
  • terranato 2019 (ch 3)
  • bradley 2014
  • welch 2015 (ch 2)
  • polybius 1.1-.12
  • polybius 1.63.9
  • polybius 6.50.3-6
  • csts 639 discussion board
  • philosophical investigations, section 244
  • philosophical investigations, section 246
  • philosophical investigations, section 293
  • philosophical investigations, section 302
  • philosophical investigations, section 304
  • csts 639 reverse abstract
  • read 50 pages of konstans
  • mallory & crito @ 7
  • hansen & quinn
  • lingua latina
  • vitamins (evening)
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  • vitamins (morning)
  • laundry (clothes + masks)
  • water plants
  • duolingo (german)
  • duolingo (french)
  • kapitel 15
  • kapitel 16
  • german reading
  • c2 reading
  • poetics 13-14
  • republic 3.386-403c
  • republic 10.595-608b
  • calyx crater
  • group commentary
  • journal
  • mallory & crito @ 7
  • vitamins (evening)
  • broncos game @ 4:25
  • cards game @ 8:25
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good (rainy) afternoon! one more exam due tomorrow, let’s continue working and finish this damn thing (& a few other things I have to do):

  • answer questions 1-3
  • finish revising notes for weeks 4-6 (Art Studies 190)
  • annotate Hamlet (act 1 scenes 3-4)
  • adjust schedule and deadlines
  • assemble order 1 for Monday shipping
  • assemble order 2 for Wednesday shipping (ideally, Monday, if possible)
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Oh thank you so much! I’ll definitely get in touch with them

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30 days of productivity:9/30

after struggling A LOT trying to find a thesis for my essay I think I’m sure about this one, at least 60% sure. I think I’ll send a message to my teacher only to be sure if I’m finally on the right path.

  • finish the introduction elements and start the body elements of my essay (start outline)
  • take notes on articles (and check new ones), write references down
  • study second part of topics for LCAT test and write them on the study guide
  • start FAL chart (define the information on each criteria)
  • read and take notes on articles for LCAT chart
  • finish notes on TPR method
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