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#to get ready for season 5

This season gave us so many moments about characters mental state (I cant remember them all cause who am I to lie I still cant process the whole show) like Glimmer’s panic attack in Horde’s ship, her refusing to let another parent go, Entrapta feeling she cant do no good without her tech because she cant understand people. Adora’s crisis with thinking she lost She-ra thus lost all her worth, again with Adora fixating herself so much on saving the people she loves it goes into a point where she accepts a suicide mission, Adora and Catra’s whole relationship with Shadow Weaver how she immediately starts drifting them away and how they can so easliy go back to how they were (running away from each other) how she still affects them to a point Catra cant even let SW touch her (that moment was so heartbreaking). Catra’s whole arc where she desperatly want to hold on to someone, to a hope but cant because she already believes she has none of it. This differs from Adora in where Catra sees herself. She looks at herself and sees a person who is only capable of destruction or self-preservation. She doesn’ think anyone would ever forgive her again and this thought almost led her to run away again (in Taking Control she wanted them to drop her off) These characters have trauma, they’ve grown with it but they also learn to grow with it. It’s never portrayed as being irresponsible or unreasonable. They made choices with what they’ve gone through and they showed us even with all of those things, with everything you see worthless in yourself, with all of your mistakes; you can still be who you want to be, make choices not because your past scares you but for the future you’re hopeful for.

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