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The first time Lena sleeps with Supergirl, it is by accident. 
Or, well, not fully, of course. As the laws of consensual sex dictate, both of them are completely and enthusiastically aware of what is happening at all times: from the moment Supergirl’s boots touch down on the balcony of Lena’s penthouse, via the dutiful exchange of “are you okay”s and “just my quarterly assassination attempt”s, up to the exact second when Supergirl leans in and Lena decides to fuck it, it’s not like things will ever work out with Kara anyway.
So, yes, in a way, the whole thing is unequivocally intentional and really, by definition, not an accident at all.
It is also breathtakingly good. Not that Lena hasn’t always guessed that Supergirl would be spectacular in bed. Between her toned body and gentle disposition - not to mention a hero complex that practically spells out service top - she’s probably every lesbian’s wet dream. Lena, much as it upsets her to be so goddamn predictable, is not exempt from the group. Nor are her expectations disappointed. Leave it to Supergirl to one-up the eloquent fantasies that a Luthor brain can come up with over the course of five months of maddening sexual tension between her gay as fuck self and the flying piece of pure muscle that is National City’s resident superhero. 
So, the sex is great. And deliberate. And, scientifically speaking, pretty close to perfect, judged by the high values in both quantity and quality of climaxes. Objectively the best sex Lena’s had in a long time, possibly ever. Except for one small but unshakeable fact.
Supergirl is not Kara.
It is stupid to get hung up on sentiments like that, Lena is well aware. After all, what is sex but an indulgence of the body, purely physical and thus untainted by emotional entanglements? In other words, what does it matter that Lena is helplessly in love with her best friend, when a creature as glorious as Supergirl is willing to give Lena the time of the day? 
The answer, unfortunately, is that it matters a hell of a lot. 
Because even with three strong fingers buried knuckle-deep inside of her, a fourth pressing insistently on her clit, Lena - Lord help her - cannot help but think of Kara. Sweet, good-natured, innocent Kara. Kara of the softest smiles and lingering hugs. Kara, who would probably get the shock of her life if she knew what her Kryptonian pal is capable of doing with that supernatural tongue of hers. 
Kara, who Lena should absolutely not be imagining in Supergirl’s place when she comes hard, a strangled cry escaping her as she shudders through her release. 
It is only when her head hits the pillow, that she realises her error. And it's only when Supergirl's face emerges from where it has been buried between Lena’s breasts, lips pulled into a grin that resembles Kara's just enough to make Lena twitch with want, that Lena understands just how many lines she has crossed with one single, earth-shattering orgasm.
Oh, she is so fucked.
Still, it takes Lena another two and a half climaxes to push Supergirl away. For one, she's not quite ready to leave the hero's dexterous fingers behind just yet. And then there is the small hope that maybe, just maybe, if she focuses hard enough on Supergirl fucking her into oblivion, Kara's image will just vanish, papered over by glorious curls and smug smirks. 
Well, that plan backfires so completely it sets a record.
It turns out that Supergirl - as soon as you pay attention to it, which Lena now inadvertently does - bears a resemblance to Kara that borders on the uncanny. Of course there have always been certain similarities: it's hard not to notice Kara's broad shoulders, for example, hidden by an everlasting array of button-ups as they may be. But muscles and grins are one thing. A whole array of shared habits and quirks are quite another. There is the way Supergirl licks her lips, for instance, with a relish that is reminiscent of Kara after a lunch at Noonan’s. Or the way Supergirl ducks her head as a flick of her fingers make Lena release a moan that would be redacted on national television. Or the way she unironically says “golly” when Lena pulls her close and tells her in no uncertain terms just what she wants Supergirl to do to her. 
It’s a million little things, accumulating and conglomerating into an illusion that is too powerful to withstand, even for a Luthor’s iron focus. Supergirl sighs and sounds like Kara mourning the last potsticker that she just swallowed. Supergirl furrows her brow in determination and looks like Kara when she demands that Lena “be honest, does the article make sense like this?” Supergirl throws her hair back and smells like Kara, a hint of coconut conditioner under the brazen scent of night air and freedom, and Lena -
Lena gives up. Two and a half climaxes after the disaster orgasm that started it all, she pushes Supergirl’s hands away mid-build up, ignoring the throbbing ache between her legs, ignoring, too, how Supergirl’s expression shifts from eager to confused to worried in the matter of split seconds. 
“Stop,” she brings out, the words barely audible through her panting, if it weren’t for super hearing. “I can’t - can’t do this - stop.”
Supergirl snatches her hands away immediately. The loss of touch is devastating, not that Lena would ever admit it.
“Shh, yes, I’ve stopped, it’s alright.” Even Supergirl’s voice is beginning to sound like Kara’s, soft and oh so concerned about Lena’s well-being. “I am so sorry, I don’t know…” She breaks off, her eyes searching Lena’s face. She looks nervous, almost frantic now. “Are you okay? Rao, did I hurt you?”
Rao. At least one word Lena’s sure never to hear from Kara. 
She hurries to shake her head, looking anywhere but at the woman hovering - literally hovering, no part of their bodies touching anymore - above her. “No no, it’s all good, I’m just…” She forces a smile, still not meeting Supergirl’s eyes. “I’m just an idiot. I forgot I have a conference early tomorrow morning and… I should probably get some sleep.”
“Oh.” Supergirl sounds equal parts relieved and taken aback. “Uh. Right. Sleep sounds good, I guess.” She chuckles awkwardly. “I always underestimate how many hours humans need.”
Lena releases a laugh that sounds fake even to her own ears. “Lowly creatures that we are.” 
“That’s not what I - “
“I know. It was a - a joke.”
Pained smiles on both their faces now, this is easily the most uncomfortable Lena has felt all evening. It’s like her lie thickens the air between them, making it hard to breathe and harder to think. Supergirl’s eyes flicker to the clock once, before - clearly calling Lena’s bluff at not even eleven thirty - she pointedly reaches a hand up to her ear. 
“Well, it sounds like there is an emergency at, uh, 21st Street, so I better go. Let you get your… sleep.”
Lena forces another half-hearted grin. “Wouldn’t want to risk human lives over a hookup.”
Supergirl honest to god chokes at that, a faint blush rising in her cheeks. It makes her look so much like Kara that Lena has to avert her eyes. 
“Right, uh. See you soon?” Despite everything, Supergirl still manages to sound hopeful, as if the evening wasn’t a total disaster. Then again, maybe for her it wasn’t.
“Sure,” Lena replies anyway, figuring that one lie more doesn’t really make a difference now. “Good luck with your emergency.”
“And to you with your conference. Good night.”
“Good night, Supergirl.” And goodbye. It’s not like Lena can ever allow herself to repeat the events of the night, deeply satisfied as they may have left her body. Damn Lena’s lovesick heart and her overly present morals that forbid her to just keep fucking Supergirl either way.
Alas, it cannot be helped. Lovesick she is, and morals she has, and so when Supergirl lingers for a second longer, eyes dropping unmistakably to Lena’s lips, Lena pretends she doesn’t see it. Reaching for her phone on the nightstand, she waves Supergirl goodbye without looking at her, waiting for the hero to whisk away through the open balcony door. 
It’s only when the gust of Supergirl’s departure has died down that Lena allows herself to cry.
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Princess of RiverClan
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“I’m home.”
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“two clones? against the empire?”
“they won’t know what hit ‘em”
cody and wolffe in some post order 66 shenanigans…. they’re about to get bly to join the “accidentally killed my jedi 🙃” squad
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"This,” Kara mumbles around a gargantuan mouthful of jam and fruit, “may be the best thing I have ever tasted. Lena, Rao, you gotta try this.”
Which, fine. Kara's desire to spread her culinary enjoyment around is nothing new. What is new, though, is the method of execution.
Without a second thought Kara swipes her thumb through the cream of her millefeuille, holding the offending appendage out in invitation. “Raspberry vanilla,” she prompts, thumb waggling between them. “Come on, try it.”
Lena almost sprays her mouthful of coffee all over the bed. She gapes, wide-eyed, from Kara's face to her cream-topped thumb and back again. Surely, surely she doesn't mean—
Under Lena's panicked gaze, Kara smirks. “What's wrong?” she asks, her voice low suddenly, almost husky. “Afraid to try something new?”
Well. That's a challenge if Lena's ever heard one. And what is she going to do? Back down?
[shows up late to the excerpt reveal with a starbucks and a wonderful way to donate to the trevor project, the transgender law centre, and futures without violence all at once] wanna see kara and lena get competitive and horny in a game of pLaToNiC relationship chicken?
then preorder your @supercorpzine​ through june 19th HERE and get your hands on the rest of this story and all the other spectacular content that’s gone into this volume!! this is the most incredible project to be a part of - don’t miss your chance! <3
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egg head i love you until the end of time
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Supercorptober: Red + Party
“You’re gonna want to be careful with that,” Kelly warns her over the punch bowl. “It’s got the stuff.” 
She walks off with a chuckle and Kara watches her rejoin the rest of the Superfriends in the middle of the living room, huddled over a game of Catan. It’s not at all unusual, save for the fact that this is the last Catan that Alex and Kelly will be playing as girlfriends. The next time this happens, they will be playing as wives.
This is it, Kara thinks, the moment it starts sinking in. Alex is getting married. And adopting a kid, to boot. All of her dreams are coming true and Kara couldn’t be happier for her. Alex, her sister, her best friend, her partner in crime(fighting). She’d been her rock, her tether to humanity. Now she was going to be that for someone else. And Kara is glad that that someone is Kelly. Kara feels an unbidden pang of sadness at the thought, but she reminds herself that she’s not losing Alex, she’s just going to be having different priorities now. They’ll all still be working together anyway, and sister nights will still be a thing, both she and Alex made sure of that.
Her thoughts are interrupted by Lena sidling up next to her. 
“Hey,” she whispers, snaking an arm through Kara’s blazer. Lena’s hand moves over her back in a soothing motion, as though she knew where Kara’s mind was at. Kara loved that about her.
She’s a vision in a dress of deep burgundy that compliments her skin, clings to every curve. Her eyes are alight with the twinkle of mischief, and she might also be a smidge flushed, too, from the wine. It’s a (very) pleasant distraction. 
“You're crying already,” she teases. “It’s not even the wedding yet.” 
Only then does Kara realize that her cheek is wet.
“Well, I'm a sap for happy endings so…”
“Aunt Lena!” Little Esme, belle of the ball, tiny thief who stole hearts wherever she went, comes bounding up to them with the largest, proudest grin.
“Aunt Lena, this is for you.” The little girl gives Lena a friendship bracelet of red and blue. “Thank you for my reggle-later, I can play in the park with the other kids now.” 
Lena had thoughtfully come up with the device when she’d heard about the incident at Esme’s last foster home. She’d taught the girl how to use it some weeks ago, told her to think of it like training wheels until she learned to control her powers.
Lena admires the bracelet, chirrups about how well-made it is, and thanks Esme with a warm hug.
“They give those out to anyone these days.” Kara says in mock indignation.
Lena only scrunches her nose and sticks her tongue out at her.
The girl goes back to the larger group, or as Kara thinks, her adoring public, leaving the two of them alone again. Lena straightens up and puts her arm back around Kara's waist. She regards her gift with an endearing little smile on her face, and Kara’s heart is very near bursting; it surprises her that it hasn’t already.
“Suits you,” Kara says fondly. 
“What, this?”
“Happiness. The bracelet, too.”
Lena only gives her a soft little laugh in turn.
Kara tugs her ever closer and tenderly kisses her brow. Lena melts into it, lets her other hand rest over Kara’s abdomen. The moment takes them over, and the world around them fades away. One day, she might tell Lena that she is the best thing that has ever happened to her. One day, she might tell Lena that she loved her from the day they met. One day, she might tell her that she wants to spend the rest of her life making her smile the way she’s smiling now. One day. For now, Kara is content to have Lena back in her life, to have her here in her arms. If she’s lucky, Kara thinks, maybe she could have her happy ending too.
Alex’s voice cuts clear across the room.
“Hey!” She calls out jokingly. “No one is allowed to be cheesier than us tonight.”
Lena immediately buries her face in Kara’s shoulder, and Kara extends her arms placatingly as they move to join the others at the game table, uttering a bunch of sorrys the whole way.
“Yeah,” Kelly seconds with a laugh. “Go get your own engagement party.”
And with the way Lena is blushing so hard right now under the weight of all this affection, the way she glows being surrounded by people who love her, Kara thinks she might not need to wait too long to do just that.
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the sassy hand on the hip....big smiles.... pink shirt...in love with a girl from new jersey....sick and twisted...
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This 100% would be Kara and sent via CatCo email to LCorp email
kara just panicking™️ as she stands in front of the bed with a pout & a crinkle between her eyebrows as she looks at lena,,, weighing her options before deciding to sleep on the couch because she can't Risk waking her wife up. a considerate beefcake, really 😔
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i have. many thoughts about that ending.
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[id: first image is a screenshot from netflix' botbots. it shows kickmee and bonz-eye fro the waist up standing side by side, happily fistbumping, with the subtitles "No Doubt.". the second image is a redraw of same characters and poses, with added shadows and highlights, and more mechnised and intricate robot forms.]
this piece is called "best KICKIN BUDS 4eva.png" on my laptop <3
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birdsong-warriors · 25 days ago
I love your Willowpelt design! Could we maybe see a full body of her?
Is now a good time to mention it's been changed? :'D Willowpelt, Stonefur, and all five of their kids got a redesign last week!
Tumblr media
From left to right: Rainwhisker, Sorreltail, Sootwillow (Sootfur), Stonefur, Willowpelt, Darkstripe, Graystripe!
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r e l i e f
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SHAMELESS 11x11 SCHITT'S CREEK 6x13 for @you-are-so-much-better-than-that
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He's a teen, a teenager in love I'm a fool with a curse and a crush
anyway go listen to my slip & nureyev playlist
[ID: a digital drawing of slip jackson and peter nureyev. they’re sitting side-by-side, with nureyev half on slip’s lap. slip is kissing nureyev on the forehead while nureyev smiles contentedly with his eyes closed. they’re both wearing pastel-colored clothes, and the background is pale pink, with hearts floating around their heads. END ID]
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idk about y’all but the full version of the sc scene at the wedding gives me much stronger implications than the version the us saw
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Supercorp excerpt from a current wip. Warning: angst, uncertainty, and incomplete plotlines ensue. It will (eventually) have a happy ending though, folks.
The first time Lena Luthor died, it was an accident.
It wasn’t an accident that she was working late. It also wasn’t an accident that she was alone: she’d sent Jess home an hour earlier with the promise that she wouldn’t use Kara’s absence as a reason to wile away for hours in her lab. It was an accident that she broke that promise, but neither her or Jess were disillusioned about that possibility.
So for all intents and purposes, that she was alone in the echo-chamber of her lab the moment the final tiks of a bomb ran down was completely and wholly an accident.
Like all things, Lena’s death being an ‘accident’ carried subjectivity. To the hired hand that plotted and schemed and executed perfectly, it was completely intentional. Days and weeks of meticulous planning with access to an unlimited slush fund allowed a shadow to lurk, watch, and earn a payout that would make even the richest men gawk.
Years of attempt after attempt had been foiled, and to the assassin’s financier, this was just one of many schemes in the works. It was nearly as shocking to him as it was to the rest of the world when it worked. But none more so than Supergirl.
The stars had aligned and every variable somehow fell into place: politics, blackmail, and endless coffers funded half a dozen distractions and it meant that unsuspecting Tuesday, Supergirl was half a world away when the explosion reigned down on L-Corp. It also meant she was three seconds too late to intervene.
Three seconds. A lifetime and yet no time at all.
It meant that the first time Lena Luthor died, it was in Supergirl’s arms.
The second, third, and fourth time Lena Luthor died, it was in a medbay surrounded by the world’s finest technology working overtime not just to revive but to provide the thread of life support that kept Lena tethered to this world.
The fifth time Lena Luthor died, the super friends finally honed in on the source of the problem. It had nothing to do with the blast impact, the cuts and scrapes, or even the broken ribs, ruptured lung, and dislocated shoulder. It was something far smaller and far less expected.
“Shrapnel,” Brainy exclaimed, a finger gesticulating wildly at the monitor. “It’s shrapnel.”
“But I don’t see anything,” Alex said, her eyes squinting at the normal scans - normal with the exception of noticeable contusions, swelling, and gnarled flesh.
“Here,” Brainy continued, zooming past the point of legible resolution. Seven faint dark-gray pixels were circled for emphasis. “It explains the strange readings I’ve been getting from the MRIs. It’s only because we’ve upgraded the resolution that they’re even detectable which, if we were in the future would have been quite a simple exercise in-”
“These are practically microscopic,” Alex interrupted, eyes now jumping to a second, then third monitor. “I mean, they’re… they’re beyond microscopic. Can we even remove these? How is this the cause?”
“Because the metal isn’t from here. It’s alien. I've never seen anything like this."
“Wait, wait - what does that mean?”
“It isn't behaving like any Earth metal. It appears to have a very particular response to living organisms. It’s almost sentient in the way it’s drawn to life-forces.”
“A sentient metal,” Alex deadpanned, the strain and stress of two sleepless nights wearing on her patience and imagination. “You think a sentient metal is why Lena keeps coding?”
“I think that, based on the last three scans, that is a very real possibility.”
“Why? How?” Nia chimed in. She wasn’t nearly as brash as Alex, but even she carried a small scowl of skepticism for her husband’s findings.
“Because it’s the only thing that’s changed,” Brainy explained without explanation.
“English, Brainy,” Alex scowled.
“Look,” he continued, swiping to the first scan. “See this? This is where, for lack of a better term, the ‘flecks’ were thirty-six hours ago.”
“Ok, so?”
“And here,” he said, swiping to the latest scan, “is where they are now.”
“They’re… wait, they’re moving?” Alex gaped, sending a shockwave of confusion and further chaos through the room of silent observers.
One of those silent observers sat in the corner, hunched in red and blue, covered in dirt, caked in ash, and tinged with dried blood that didn’t belong to her. Shock left her unblinking at the unconscious frame laid out before them. It left her lungs empty. It made her fingers fidget of their own accord. Kara Zor-El was entirely helpless, and it didn’t sit well. It sat anxiously. It sat with the rationality of a child. It sat with the craving of a feral, starved cat.
“How do we make it stop?”
Alex’s words came as a whisper. The side-eyed glance toward Kara didn’t go amiss. It made Kara wonder if her sister forgot a whisper still rang with the volume of a scream.
“How do we… if it gets any closer to her… how do we stop it?”
Kara didn’t need the words to connect the dots. She didn’t need the layman's explanation to understand something mysterious was eating its way toward Lena’s heart. The irony wasn’t lost on her that the one person most suited to solving this problem was lying feet away, unconscious and fighting for her life.
Shock had taken hold like a virus. From the moment she stumbled into the Tower with Lena’s limp, lifeless and battered body clung to her chest, Kara was an idle shell of herself. She’d never not been able to hear Lena’s heartbeat before. It was an incomprehensible silence that shook her to her core. It was a void she never wanted to appear ever again.
Desperation seeped through the walls of shock when Lena’s heartbeat surrendered again and again and again. It was fighting a battle Kara couldn’t join. It was a helplessness that left her expression ashen and limbs dumb. Desperation appeared in her carnal need to keep Lena in sight at all times. It appeared in how she lost the thread of a conversation for how focused she listened to a heartbeat she knew better than breathing. It appeared in the way habit became a vice.
Habit reached out and sought Lena’s hand. Habit craved Lena’s body pressed against her own. Habit hungered for the strong, ever-present gaze of piercing green eyes steadying her in the storm battering and beating her heart.
But habit wasn’t a privilege she could live in though. Instead a wall of wires kept fingers intertwined with themselves, desperate for the hold of Lena’s. Instead a cool void sat between them at night. Instead an ever-present gaze was disrupted by eyelids.
She felt the pull of Lena’s heartbeat distract her from the debate happening feet away. She clung to it; listened for the constant, reliable sound resonating and calming the chill of dread threatening to overtake Kara’s demeanor. Somewhere shock and desperation and habit lurked, but it all sat concealed behind a facade. It was the same facade that had carried her from a world-torn teen to a good-fitting one.
Years of fighting and hoping and praying to Rao had gifted her with friends and family who loved her. It had left her unguarded and ill-equipped for the harshness of a universe that stole a planet and its people without a care. It was a false sense of security that had failed Lena, and now Kara was faced with another inevitable; another stolen happiness.
“... an electromagnet might-”
“-but how do we even begin to-”
“-how would we power it?-”
“-temporary charge-”
“-no it needs to be permanent-”
“Because risking additional surgery will introduce more scar tissue-”
“Which will make every subsequent surgery and healing period longer-”
“-and more painful.”
“We need something that won’t deteriorate-”
“-something that can provide a constant charge-”
“But what would-”
Silence fell at the single word. All eyes glanced to the corner; to the source.
The voice was Kara’s. The silence echoed louder than the explosion that had put Lena under the operating knife. It might have gone on for eternity if not for Alex’s intervention.
“Did you just… did you say what I think you said?”
“It could fuel a device for… well, forever. Kryptonite’s half life is so long that we still don’t even know,” Kara explained, glancing at Brainy for confirmation.
“That’s true. And there’s precedent. It powered Metallo’s suit,” Brainy inserted, corroborating Kara’s insane suggestion. “Perhaps if we-”
“Hang on. You can’t be serious,” Alex scowled, challenging Kara’s insane suggestion. Brown eyes bounced between Brainy and Kara, waiting for one of them to yield. When neither did, she shook her head in disbelief. “There has to be another option.”
“We don’t have time to keep searching,” Kara said, her expression hardened.
“But Kara…” Nia began, her voice quivering with the hesitation that permeated from the super friends. It was as far as she could carry the baton, and a pleading glance passed it back to Alex.
“If we do this, there is no chance of-”
“I don’t need you to sit around and tell me all the things that could go wrong. None of that matters if Lena isn’t alive. I just need you to say it will work,” Kara interrupted, her eyes piercing across the room from Alex to the Coluan.
It was a rare moment for Brainy to hesitate. The hesitation sent Kara’s nervous fingers worrying against the gold band that hadn’t left her finger since it was slid in place nearly five years earlier.
“Will it?” she pressed.
“It is certainly possible, but I would need to run some tests.”
“Hold on, just-just let’s everyone hang on for a second,” Alex chimed in, cheeks flush and eyes narrowed with skepticism. To calmer, less strained minds, Alex would sound like the voice of reason, but to Kara it was the one of resistance. “Are we really at a point where we are going to cram a chunk of the one thing that will kill Kara into her wife’s chest?”
more coming soon.
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