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#to my esteemed guests - ( answered asks )
lazarus-harp · a month ago
People be like "the detective is straight" and I'm like...did we watch the same show? Did you SEE those sunglasses? Straight men don't wear yellow aviators.
okay im gonna be honest i kept looking at this all day and this is probably the funniest ask ive ever received ??? and also the realest ask ever. so in honor of the detective being fruity, let's give it up for his gay aviators!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it's the way he kept these bitches on all season for me!! truly, he's not himself without these bad boys. i was mourning them in s4 because he looks SO different without them???
Tumblr media
like ... the difference is actually a little jarring. but anyway yeah straight men don't wear yellow aviators and that's half of the detective's wardrobe so ... you're so right and i had to put the truth in my discord status so thanks for that!!
Tumblr media
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badjokesbyjeff · 5 months ago
Rags To Riches Success Story
A real touching success story!
Every morning, the CEO of a large bank in Manhattan walks to the corner for a shoe shine.  He sits in an armchair, examines the Wall Street Journal and the shoe shiner buffs his shoes to a mirror shine.
One morning the shoe shiner asks the CEO: "What do you think about the situation in the stock market?"
The man answered arrogantly, "Why are you so interested in that topic?"
The shoe guy replies,  "I have millions in your bank," he says, "and I'm considering investing some of the money in the capital market."
"What's your name? " asked the executive.
John H. Smith was the reply.
The CEO arrives at the bank and asked the Manager of the Customer Department: Do we have a client named John H. Smith? "Certainly," answers the Customer Service Manager, "he is a high net worth customer with 12.6 million dollars in his account."
The executive comes out, approaches the shoe shiner, and says, "Mr. Smith, I would like to invite you next Monday to be the guest of honor at our board meeting and tell us the story of your life.  I am sure we could learn something from your life's experience."
At the board meeting, the CEO introduces him to the board members.
We all know Mr. Smith, from the corner shoe shine stand, but Mr. Smith is also an esteemed customer.  I invited him here to tell us the story of his life.  I am sure we can learn from him.
Mr. Smith began his story.
"I came to this country fifty years ago as a young immigrant from Europe with an unpronounceable name.  I got off the ship without a penny. The first thing I did was change my name to Smith. I was hungry and exhausted. I started wandering around looking for a job but to no avail. Fortunately, I found a coin on the sidewalk. I bought an apple. I had two options, eat the apple and quench my hunger or start a business. I sold the apple for 25 cents and bought two apples with the money. I also sold them and continued in business. When I started accumulating a few dollars, I was able to buy a set of used brushes and shoe polish and started polishing shoes.
I didn't spend a penny on entertainment or clothing, I just bought bread and some cheese to survive. I saved penny by penny and after a while, I bought a new set of shoe brushes and polishes in different shades and expanded my clientele. I lived like a monk and saved penny by penny.
After a while, I was able to buy an armchair so my clients could sit comfortably while I shined their shoes, and that brought me more clients.  I did not spend a penny on the joys of life. I kept saving every cent.
A few years ago, when the previous shoe shiner on the corner decided to retire, I had already saved enough money to buy his shoeshine  location at this great place.
Finally, 6 months ago, my sister, who was a prostitute in Chicago, passed away and left me 12.6 million dollars."
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sangopearls · 2 months ago
— them with a shy s/o
Tumblr media
liyue girls <33333
characters included: beidou, ningguang, hu tao, yanfei
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
beidou ✧˖*࿐
beidou loves to round up her crew for drinks! of course, she has to force her shy s/o aboard to introduce them to the crew
“my esteemed crewmates, meet [Y/N],” beidou announces in a booming voice, “we’ve been dating for a while, so i figured it’s high time i introduce them to all of you.”
beidou’s announcement is met with varied shouts of congratulations and the occasional pat on the back. your girlfriend turns to look at you, a smile across her face.
“[Y/N], you look like you’re about to hop ship,” she says in a quieter volume, her voice clear to you despite the clamor, “they’re good people. they won’t bite. they’re happy to see you.”
“ah, no, i trust them,” you explain, beidou’s gaze not moving from your own, “it’s just… i’m not super good with crowds. but i want to make a good impression, y’know? i want to be close with my girlfriend’s crew.”
beidou laughs and gives you a playful slap on the back. “[Y/N], don’t sweat it. nobody could possibly dislike you. besides, if they so much as insult you, i’ll have ‘em walk the plank. good ol’ fairytale pirate style. c’mon, i’ll pour you a glass of rum and i’ll take care of their barrage of questions.”
Tumblr media
ningguang ✧˖*࿐
only the most high-class members of liyuean society are able to get an invite to any sort of gala ningguang hosts. it’s only natural to feel out of place in such an esteemed scenario.
“something the matter, darling?” ningguang’s voice says. you turn to see her standing beside you, her delicate hand wrapped around the bottom of a fine wine glass. “you’ve been by yourself all this time… i can’t help but wonder if my party isn’t to your liking.”
“no, no, it’s just that i’ve never been to a party that’s so…” you ponder your choice of words, “high society.”
ningguang lets out a gentle laugh that even sounds rich. “[Y/N], while they’re all upper class members of society, they’re still most certainly people. and mind you, they’re all beneath me in terms of their wealth and status,” she assures you, taking a sip of her undoubtedly costly wine, “should i approach them with your hand in mine, they’ll fall at your feet and kiss the ground you walk on.”
you gulp. “no offense, but you don’t find that to be a bit too… cocky?”
ningguang hums to herself. “[Y/N], when this is your company, the cockiest,” she emphasizes your casual choice of words as if it’s a swear, “are the only ones to stay above water. now, come with me. i’d love to show off my date to my guests.”
Tumblr media
hu tao ✧˖*࿐
hu tao’s over-eccentric nature makes it tough to slink away. not to mention, tough to hold a frown!
hu tao accepts the bill from the wanmin restaurant, promptly scribbling her signature on the bottom of the slip. she holds up the paper to your waitress, xiangling, with a smile.
“wangsheng footing the bill of your guys’ lunch date again?” xiangling chirps, taking the receipt.
“hehe, you bet,” hu tao smiles, cupping her hand over your own, “[Y/N] here loves this place. doesn’t stop talking about it whenever i try my hand at cooking!”
xiangling laughs and places her hand on her hip. “is hu tao a poor chef, [Y/N]?” she asks.
you glance over at hu tao, whose smile hasn’t faded. “um… she’s… adequate? well, in terms of cooking…” you find yourself unsure of how to answer xiangling. the young chef usually doesn’t ask you questions.
“aw… my cute lil’ [Y/N] is too nice to speak up,” hu tao giggles, “go on, tell xiangling about my attempt at calla lily seafood soup! you were totally green and were suddenly ‘full’ after one bite.”
you feel yourself run hot in the cheeks. “no, hu tao, it wasn’t that bad…”
xiangling roars in laughter, interrupting your half-baked excuse. “perhaps hu tao should resort to offering free home-cooked meals as a way to bring in more customers!”
“that’s actually a great idea!” she gasps, her eyes wide. you can’t help but wonder if she’s serious.
Tumblr media
yanfei ✧˖*࿐
yanfei is always so busy with clients :( you’re happy to help by bringing in tea for your hardworking girlfriend and her guests, though!
you gently knock at the door, careful not to disturb yanfei while she was working.
“come in!” her voice shouts. you click the handle and push the door, careful not to topple your tray of tea.
“ah, [Y/N]!” yanfei beams, “happy to see you.” she turns to her clients. “our kind server here is my partner, [Y/N]. do you guys like jasmine tea?”
her clients nod, offering you a smile. you feel your shyness kick in once the unfamiliar gazes meet your own. you place down the tray on an empty space on yanfei’s desk, making extra-special precaution not to run the risk of spilling tea on her precious codices.
“[Y/N], i don’t believe we’ve met,” the female client says with a gentle smile, “how long have you known yanfei?”
you find yourself taken aback at the sudden question and turn your gaze to yanfei, who giggles.
“[Y/N] here is a bit shy,” she explains, pouring tea into a small cup, “we’ve known each other for about a year but have only been dating for the last few months! they’re super helpful with assisting me in my work.”
the clients chuckle. “are you familiar with the law in such an intricate manner as your girlfriend?” the man asks.
“i usually help quiz yanfei on certain statutes,” you say quietly, “‘course she doesn’t need it… i think she just enjoys having a captive audience to ramble about law.”
the room erupts in laughter. you’re not sure whether or not you want to sink into the floor.
“your partner is a riot, miss yanfei!” the woman says.
yanfei smiles up at you from her seat. “i know, huh? they truly are a special find.”
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favoniuscodex · 7 months ago
slate. [albedo x reader]
prompt: slate, for without which chalk has no use. (alternatively: albedo finally begins to understand why humans succumb themselves to the everchanging tides of love.) pairing: albedo x gn!reader warnings: albedo worrying ;;; mentions of death, albedo being angsty about destroying mondstadt, but also soft albedo :DD word count: ~2.8k words
[ part two ] (coming soon)
a/n: getting back to my usual writing style of too much purple prose <333 gotta love it. part two will be the second and final part. send in an ask if u wanna be pinged when its posted!
Tumblr media
albedo believes himself to be well-acquainted with the intricacies of human nature. sure, albedo is an outsider looking in, but he finally has perfected his study of the human psyche. behind all actions and thoughts of humanity lies one rationale: irrationality. humans are motivated by the most fickle of things, albedo determines.
some may go to the ends of the earth for someone who wouldn’t even go a single step for them, yet the one who gives far too much of themselves smiles nonetheless. irrationality lies within a mother’s love for her child, in which they unite themselves based upon naught but the dna that coils itself deep within their veins. it also houses itself within hatred, in which competing souls are divided, but not over basic evolutionary demands such as competition of food or housing. 
rather, their relationship fractures due to the irrationality of human emotion. what can be a unifying force is what drives them to move in different directions and spit scathing words in the presence of the other, despite having no issue with each other that would affect their daily survival. such analyses of mankind lies not within scrupulous examination, but rather everyday observations albedo has amassed over time.
despite what his research notes would likely tell you, albedo isn’t immune to the throes of human emotion either. for an outsider looking in, albedo isn’t quite good at remaining stealthy in his observations. rather, he has fallen through the sunroof of human emotion and fallen into the living room, but irrationality welcomes him as an esteemed guest nonetheless, despite the chalk that crafts albedo’s bones and the alchemic creation of albedo’s soul.
irrationality shows in albedo’s desire for companionship with both sucrose and timaeus alike, his esteemed colleagues. it shows in his care for klee, whom has imprinted upon him in all the ways a younger sister should. albedo knows, archons, he knows, he agonizes over how his own presence is one that reeks of danger, yet he indulges in human companionship anyways. albedo is a threat to those he cares about, yet he stays nonetheless and prides himself on having evaded the jaws of irrationality, not knowing his mind is but a gilded cage for irrationality to hang as yet another one of its prize victims.
but even achilles knew that he was not entirely invincible. if he must answer the question, albedo can name one singular chink in his armor of rationality: you.
the two of you met while albedo was on duty within the walls of mondstadt’s inner city. the alchemist, cooped up in his laboratory, had been interrupted by your superior, cavalry captain kaeya. kaeya had explained to albedo that one of his subordinates had been injured in an encounter with an electro hypostasis, yet nobody was quite sure how to fix it. albedo had simply nodded and offered his assistance.
when albedo finally met that injured subordinate, he had been immediately enraptured by them. the subordinate, you, had taken the brunt of an electro hypostasis hit in order to spare another one of your peers from a crippling injury. the anemo vision at your waist glimmered in contrast with your outfit, a shining beacon that revealed the source of your survival. however, albedo was not impressed with your beauty, nor the charming yet nervous smile you had sent his way, nor the vision that dangled from your hip.
rather, albedo found you fascinating, his newest and most intriguing subject for a single reason: in the aftermath of the electro hypostasis attack, your skin had become tinted with a deep purple tone and, upon albedo’s cautious touch, had sent a jolt of electro energy up his arm in response. in his recent years of alchemy, albedo had never seen anything like it and he longed to know far more than the information a single interaction with you could provide.
three days was all it took for albedo to find a solution to your ailment. within those mere seventy-two hours, you had propped yourself up on the countertops of his lab tables, allowing yourself to be poked and prodded by various instruments and consuming copious amounts of different potions. you had stared at albedo blankly as he had explained the expected outcomes of each experiment, but whenever the alchemist finished speaking, your eyes would light up as you began to ask a plethora of questions.
albedo always appreciated those who wished to understand more, even if alchemical research was a foreign subject to you.
upon your departure from his lab for the final time, after multiple follow up meetings to ensure there were no negative side effects and that the solution was effective, albedo realized he would miss the rigorous challenge that your temporary condition had provided him. a part of him, however, longed for your presence instead, desiring to hear another enthused question fall from your lips once more as you lazily swung your legs back and forth, perched on the edge of the lab countertop. 
albedo sidelined such thoughts. relationships required far too much effort than what he currently had to provide, so he resigned himself to play the part of your acquaintance. should your paths ever cross once more, albedo would greet you with a nod of acknowledgment and provide small talk should you so desire it. of course, in this equation, albedo had forgotten to account for the unknown variable: you.
when you had strolled into his laboratory once more a week later, albedo’s heart rate had skyrocketed in concern, but he had kept his expression aloof. his worries that you were experiencing unknown side effects quickly subsided as you bashfully presented him a small gift. it was a simple brown box, but on its lid lay a golden hued sketch of his typical geo blossom. 
“thank you,” albedo had said, setting the box aside, but your soft giggles sent his heartbeat into a frenzy once more for entirely different reasons.
“you have to open it, silly. the present isn’t just a box. that would be lame!” you teased playfully and albedo felt a light dusting of rosiness sprinkle across his cheeks at his ignorance of your intent.
“ah. i suppose you are correct. my apologies,” he mused, gently lifting the lid off the box and setting it aside. within the box sat a small collection of various vibrant vials of powder. one emit a soft cerulean light, yet the powder inside was colored with a deep indigo. another was a vivid gold, the color of pure opulence, while another was a luscious light pink, akin to the color that currently resided on albedo’s cheeks.
“they’re powdered watercolors,” you explained, voice filled with anxiety about the silence of the man in front of you. “sucrose told me you liked to paint and i knew someone in liyue who specializes in art supplies, especially rare ones such as these! i was hoping they had mondstadt-related ones, but all my friend had left was the rare liyue pigment set. you enjoy learning about new things though, so i figured you wouldn’t mind it!”
albedo let out a huff of air before looking up at him. he could see the worry on your expression, so he plasters a soft smirk on himself, even if such platitudes are unfamiliar territory for him. 
“thank you,” he murmured, sincerity dripping from his words. “this is... quite a thoughtful gift.” albedo relished in the way your expression lights up once more. the craving he had to see such delight cross your face once more emerged from the depths of his subconscious as its conditions are satisfied. all at once, albedo had been confronted with a contradictory answer to a hypothesis he had long since rejected. for once, his physical form that he had resented had realized the answer before his mind had.
albedo was experiencing symptoms of romantic attraction. increased heart rate, the warming of the face, and the adrenaline rush that lit up his veins whenever he spoke to you were all clear side effects of such an ailment, but the only one who could provide a cure to such misery was you. upon this startling realization, he had gripped the sides of the box a bit tighter and his smile drooped a bit, but you looked undeterred by such changes, beaming carelessly at him with the smile he was beginning to adore.
“i’m glad you like it! the colors represent different specialties of liyue. silk flowers, cor lapis, noctilucous jade, and a bunch of other things!” you elaborated excitedly, pleased by his reaction.
“which of them is your favorite?” albedo had blurted out, but such abruptness from him only made your smile grow, which in turn made his heart beat just a bit faster.
“hm,” you pondered, leaning in closer to the alchemist as you looked at the box once more. “jueyun chili. it’s a bit darker than the actual thing, but from the sample it creates quite a beautiful color.”
albedo hummed in approval of your choice, lifting up the vial to inspect the deep vermillion pigment. above the two of you, the clock within albedo’s laboratory, one sucrose had insisted upon installing after albedo missed one too many meetings, chimed, causing your eyes to widen and you to take a step back. for a brief moment, albedo had never hated such a mundane object in the way he loathed the clock’s interruption, especially as the following words escaped your lips, tinged with sorrow.
“ah, i’m sorry! i have to get going, i have a meeting with kaeya in a few minutes!” you apologized as you turned to head out the door. “i hope you enjoy your present! it’s a sign of my thanks for helping me out with the whole ‘electro hypostasis’ thing!”
“wait,” albedo had commanded, before he could stop himself. the alchemist regretted his words as soon as you looked over your shoulder at him inquisitively. he spoke the following words faster than his brain could prevent him. “would you care to go to lunch with me?”
but before the throes of anguish and regret consumed him whole, he was once again greeted with the brilliant smile of yours and a friendly tilt of your head. 
“i would love to.”
after a few lunch rendezvous at a variety of local mondstadt restaurants, albedo finds himself performing yet another uncharacteristic act: seeking out human contact. even more uncharacteristically, the interaction was not with you nor any of his immediate circle of friends and adopted family. rather, albedo finds himself standing outside the office of the cavalry captain himself, knocking on the thick wooden door. kaeya was known amongst the knights of favonius for being a flirt. such rumors were so potent amongst albedo’s peers that even the alchemist himself had heard of them, but the blonde had simply shrugged them aside. 
objectively speaking, kaeya is an attractive man with a honeyed voice. of course kaeya would allure unwanted suitors. albedo approaches the man not to flirt with him nor to seek his affections, but rather to obtain guidance towards wooing the one who had captured albedo’s own heart: you. after the cavalry captain swings open the door, the two stare at each other in silence. kaeya breaks the ice by flashing a charming smirk at albedo, stifling his shock of seeing the alchemist needing his assistance.
“ah, albedo. what can i help you with?” kaeya asks and albedo swallows his pride before darting his eyes down the hallway to ensure no unwanted ears overhear albedo’s following words.
“kaeya,” albedo begins, causing kaeya to fold his arms and raise his eyebrows in intrigue due to the nervousness. “i was wondering how one should go about... courting another individual.”
much to albedo’s own mortification, kaeya breaks out into a fit of surprised laughter, before quickly ushering albedo into his office. kaeya closes the door after the two of them enter and catches his breath, before sitting down at his desk and sending an apologetic look albedo’s way.
“sorry, i just...” kaeya begins, trying to find the words. “you’re quite the hot topic when people ask me for advice as how to... charm someone else. however, i had never thought that you would come to me for advice. not that such a thing is bad, it’s just...”
albedo awkwardly shifts in place before taking a seat in front of kaeya’s desk. “yes, it’s quite the... interesting position i have put us both in, wouldn’t you say?”
kaeya nods, before placing his elbows on the desk in front of him and propping his chin up on his hands, grinning at his fellow knight. “so... who is the lucky person? who has finally captured the heart of the oh-so-elusive kriedeprinz?”
albedo briefly considers leaving, but resigns himself to his fate instead with a sigh. in the next few moments, albedo’s favorite word falls from his lips: your name.
for all of kaeya’s lighthearted teasing, his advice is sound. granted, albedo isn’t too familiar with the ideas of sweeping another individual off their feet. romance novels that he has secretly consumed provide him with a similar situations nearly every time and albedo realizes that, much like alchemy, getting someone to fall for you is no more than a simple formulaic process.
why, albedo wonders, am i so nervous then?
when you approach albedo for your typical lunch dates, his hands grow shaky and his knees feel weak. you make albedo feel powerless, but when you giggle at a subtle quip of his, albedo feels like he could conquer the world if he so desires. as the two of you walk together, kaeya’s words echo in his mind. be bold was the cavalry captain’s first instruction and albedo decides to take the plunge by taking your hand in his. he fumbles slightly as he does so and you glance over at him in concern, but as albedo’s hand closes around yours, a bashful smile crosses your face.
your hand gently squeezes his as a reassurance and albedo nearly feels overwhelmed due to the adrenaline that surges through his veins. as fast as it arrived, it begins to ebb away as your fingers intertwine themselves with his. such experiments in your budding relationship are ones that albedo longs for. however, the methodology is different in the laboratory. in the comfort of his laboratory, albedo has a controlled environment with controlled substances and the ability to take a step back and perform countless calculations before seeing what works in a situation and what doesn’t.
with you, albedo has naught but you and the irrationality of humanity that plagues him both. it seeps into him like a contagion, a vile perpetrator of bringing out his worst fears and insecurities, including ones he didn’t even know he had. for once, albedo wonders if he is enough. these thoughts extend past wondering if he is enough to control the inner turmoil that rages inside of him like a ticking time bomb. for once, albedo is concerned not with the danger inside of him that wants nothing more than the destruction of mondstadt, but rather the utterly human worry of being enough for the one he loves.
such negative thoughts that cloud his mind vanish as you smile encouragingly at him, swinging your conjoined hands lightly back and forth. a giggle erupts from your lips and albedo has the fleeting thought of how he wants to consume it, how he wants to silence such beautiful noises with his lips upon yours, how he wants to feel more of your body heat than what he receives from your hand in his, how albedo wants to make you his one and only lover, how albe-
“you know, i was waiting for you to do that,” you tease. you give his hand yet another playful squeeze and his frenzied thoughts grind to a standstill. a vortex of emotions swirls within albedo, yet he thrives.
“ah, really?” albedo responds, swiping at a lock of blonde hair that falls loose from his braid and into his face. he pauses, before smirking in return. “good.”
you laugh once more and albedo’s chest constricts and his stomach erupts into butterflies. with you, albedo no longer feels like the alchemist desperately seeking ways to not destroy mondstadt. instead, he simply feels like the albedo everyone believes him to be: human.
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mrssnivellussnape · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Gif creds to yours truly
Day X
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Break Me
Requested: ‘I'm on my knees *begging like a whore* for you to do #17 on the smut list for snapetober 😩😩😩’
Prompt: “You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”
An: This one was highlyyyyy requested omg 😭 !! Fingers crossed I didn’t disappoint 😏🖤🖤 !
Words: 2.3k
Warnings: SMUT, NSFW, explicit content, teasing, slight edging, blowjobs, penetration, creampie, unprotected sex, brief nipple play, breast slapping, spanking
You smiled and laughed with all of the guests at the gala at the appropriate times, but your attention was fully focused across the room, your eyes never leaving him. He seemed to ironically be the life of the party, surrounded by admirers, and you understood the draw.
Your mother, a woman greatly inspired my Magenta Comstock and fellow artists who, like herself, aspired to be like Comstock, was one of Britain’s best artists. Her artwork wasn’t exclusive to only Britain, she’d gained a heavy amount of esteem and eminence throughout the Wizarding World. If someone wasn’t asking about her work - or offering substantial amounts of galleons, they were asking about her.
Pride always swelled in your chest when she was recognized for her art, she was a hard working woman and deserved more than anything to be known for it. You weren’t afraid to show her off or bring her up in conversation, and you were usually the one to mention how proficient she was in her profession.
It’d taken you a handful of years to convince her to host an even that showcased her work. You’d told her it would be a charitable event after she reminded you that money wouldn’t be needed, and her pieces weren’t exactly for sale.
Her most recent piece, done with raw, handmade oils - and your mothers hard earned bodily fluids, was a sight to see. The man in the portrait was abstract with different shapes making up his frame, complementing the beguiling smirk he held. The shimmer in his hair danced in the dim candle light and hung past the hooked nose on his face, while it highlighted the high cheek bones he’d been endowed with.
Handsome didn’t properly describe the man, your mother’s inspiration, with the slender frame who was standing with an imposing manner and holding court like a king in his castle. The lights of the room reflected, shining from his eyes as if they twinkled with the dirty thoughts of every position he’d ever had you in.
You were dressed as nicely as the fine art that surrounded you for, what was supposed to be, an intimate soirée, hoping Severus liked what he saw. The modest sheer that shielded your body contradicted the opening in the back, leaving a diamond shaped aperture that showed off your smooth, exposed skin. Although your spine was shrouded with a rhombus formation that decorated your back in a twinkling fashion, it didn’t take away from the high fashioned heels you were wearing. Nor did it take away from your outward beauty that was emphasized by the way your hair was styled.
Due to you insisting he take the night away from you and actually mingle for a change - you were certain people were going to want to talk to the muse in a L/n painting, Severus was a good distance away from you. Even so, his eyes hardly left you when he spoke or answered questions that were directly for him. His piercing glances became even stronger, you noticed, when a man with dazzling eyes and a blindingly white smile came up to speak with you. You entertained him, smiling and coyly grinning when he’d made jokes that weren’t funny to you.
Severus had come over at one point and told you that he knew what you were doing. When you played innocent, his frustrations spiked and the man in front of you hadn’t made it any better. He wasn’t jealous, no, he had wanted to at least be able to converse with his wife during the night, though.
“Don’t you think you should be minding how you speak?” His gentle but firm grip on you arm caused your simper to deepen.
You turned your body away from the man, fully facing your husband now, “Should I?” Your sultry voiced teased, “I wasn’t aware I might’ve been making the wrong impression.”
“Behave.” The silent threat he hadn’t openly said, was heard while it hung in the air.
Before he could say anything further, your mother spoke up, you father proudly standing next to her, while tapping the rim of her crystal goblet. She’d expressed how grateful she was for everyone attending, showing appreciation to Severus for helping to stimulate her momentarily dormant creativity and watched how the attention was given to him.
While she was speaking, with your father adding in his own gratitude, you’d brushed past Severus. He wasn’t directly in the front, but he was close enough while being distant. Your hand had been giving phantom touches to the men you’d walked past, forcing their heads to turn your way and keeping their eyes locked on you.
Severus felt the sensation of your delicate hand on his lower back, digging into it and trailing down to playfully squeeze his lavishly covered ass. He’d been trying to pay attention and your constant touches were distracting him, as well as you not looking at him when he reacted. You chose to instead whisper in another man’s ear whilst he looked at you, and you giggled when the man whispered back.
You were pulled into Severus’ side when the flirty man tried caressing the spot above your rib cage in a frisky manner. Your husband gripped your arm dangerously tight, making you wince, and glaring darkly at you as soon as you tried pulling away from him.
He was vexxed, you could tell, and it only excited you even more. He’d stood you in front of him, covering his bulge with your polished figure, and strengthened his hold on you. You bit your lip to keep from moaning, seeing that you were in public, in your parents’ view nonetheless.
Turning your head to promiscuously purr in his arms, “You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.” You blew in his ear, eliciting a strangled groan from Severus.
“I’m not angry.” He feebly argued.
You nodded slowly, deliberately, “So you don’t want to bend me over out of ire right now?”
His response was to subtly dig his finger nails into your hips while mildly thrusting into you from behind.
You stood close to each other, back to back nearly, speaking with other people and pretending to be strangers, but your body was hyper aware of him. Pixies swarmed your stomach and mind, making you dizzy with anticipation. The urge to touch him grew stronger, as did the sexual tension.
That was your stance for the rest of the evening until the party began to unwind and people began to say their goodbyes and part ways. You hugged your parents, congratulating your mother and gushing at her success, she’d told you to make it home safely; asking you to once more thank Severus on her behalf, despite her having done so prior to your adieu.
It wasn’t long until Severus’ eyes locked with yours and pulled you to him in a silent call. The closer you got, his hand extended to you, causing your heart to speed up. “Need a hand?” He chaffed.
“How about your fingers?” You shot back. He pulled you close, quickly apparating to your shared destination.
You arrived in silence, gracefully walking through the locked gate. “It took every bit of patience and self-control I have to not touch you tonight.” He said quietly. “Especially with you in that dress.” He added, finally turning to look at you.
You smiled broadly at his admission, happy that your attire received the attention intended.
His face, though, showed no emotion as he turned and opened the large, oak door quickly, kicking it open with one foot.
Grabbing your arm, he pulled you inside, slamming the door and shoving you back against it. Pressing his body against yours, you pulled at each other, trying to get impossibly closer. His lips crashed onto yours, your tongues tangled in the most violently sweet kiss you’d ever had the pleasure of experiencing - only with him.
Your bodies fought for domination but you both knew who would win control. You already felt your resolve weakening as he slipped his foot between yours, kicking your legs apart and placing his thigh against your heated cunt. You rubbed yourself against him wantonly, needing more.
“Damn woman.” Severus muttered loudly, in frustration, to himself. "Damn dress." He expressed, his fists clenching in the smooth fabric.
You heard the material of your exorbitant dress ripping, and moaned when it fell in rags at your feet about the foyer, leaving you standing in a red, backless satin corset and matching panties, black stockings attached to garters and those sky high heels.
He took one tiny step backward, looking you over from top to bottom and back again while you stood panting, and ready to beg.
“Please.” You began but were quickly silenced.
Licking his lips, he absently responded, “Shut up.”
His leg still held you in place against the door and his hand came up to swell of your breasts, spilling over the top of your corset, his fingers dancing, feather-light over the flesh before pulling down roughly on the material, with your breasts falling free and swaying from the quick motion.
You gasped, shocked and aroused, but he paid you no mind, his fingers now tickling the skin of your hip softly. In the same slick move as before, his hand drifted under your tiny, delicate panties, ripping them down the side and allowing the scraps to pool at your feet with your ruined dress. You sucked in a breath so deep, your head swam in dizziness. You’d never felt so alive and so utterly desired.
Incapable of movement, you permitted his continuous ravishing of your attire, hoping he hurried along to your body.
“Please.” You murmured again, without meaning to, and his eyes snapped to yours.
"Shut… up.” He repeated, annoyance in his voice, as his hand came to your throat, squeezing just enough to prove his control.
Your pussy leaked down your inner thighs, his other hand pinching and twisting your nipples. Without warning, his hand flattened, and smacked your breast with a subtle sting. You moaned loudly, liking the feeling and wanting it again. You were rewarded with another smack, and then another before taking both his talented hands away, pulling you across the room and pushing you down on the sofa.
“Bend over.” He interacted tensely.
You scrambled into position, expecting to feel him enter you, so when the first smack landed on your ass, you jumped in surprise, the sound scaring you more than the blow. The second swat stung so good that you found yourself looking forward to the third.
“Driving me mad...” He rambled, in broken sentences as swats four and five colored your ass, each one sending maddening sensations through your aching pussy. His hand rubbed the tender skin and you sighed heavily, leaning into his touch.
One final smack, and you were shoved over onto the couch while he removed his dress slacks. You heard them hit the floor and your heart skipped a beat.
He didn’t allow you time to catch your breath, as you were immediately dragged to the edge, your head hanging off the side of the couch and your legs thrown over the back. His knees rested against the edge, squatting slightly to position his cock at your lips and you opened wide for him. His cock plunged down your throat, you licking and sucking him as much as possible as he fucked your mouth.
He mumbled, incoherently, “Show you how it feels... needy.”
His hands roughly manipulated your breasts, twisting, pulling, and spanking. Mad with lust, you whimpered continuously around his cock, as you writhed below him, searching for friction. Your hands reach to finger your quivering cunt but he swatted them away.
Your pussy burned like fire, clenching wildly while you humped air, out of your mind with the need to be filled. Every motion made it worse, the salty-sweet taste of his cock, the feel of his fingertip softly tracing your nipple, and the sound of heavy breathing and wild groans.
If you had any sense about you at all, you would be ashamed of the way you began to beg as soon as his dick was pulled from your mouth. “Please fuck me, please. I can't... stand it, please.” You breathlessly pleaded.
He paid no attention as he held your breasts in place, sliding his cock back and forth between them.
“Please… please.” You chanted desperately.
Still, he ignored your pleas, sliding in the wetness his leaking cock had created on your breasts, squeezing your nipples firmly, holding them in place while your pussy dripped, your clit swollen and throbbing.
“I need you... please.” You whispered, at the end of your tightly knotted rope.
Finally, he’d shown mercy, flipping you onto your hands and knees and burying his cock deep inside you in one quick move. Shock waves shot through your body, outward from your core, both painful and pleasurable. However, there was no time to relish the mixture as he pulled back and slammed back in then continued at a punishing pace.
Your senses narrowed, your nerves concentrated in one spot so deep inside you only he had ever touched it. Just as your eyes rolled back, you saw stars in the darkness, hearing the harsh slapping of his skin against yours and squishing sound of his thick cock pounding your soaked snatch. Biting the inside of your cheek in an effort to push back against him harder, you tasted blood in your mouth.
He held your hips tightly, pumping faster, erratically, as he shot his hot cum into your depth, temporarily not caring about your own release. The feeling of his spasms and his hands, roughly, squeezing your ass and inadvertently spreading your pussy even wider, caused vibrations that wracked your body. You collapsed forward, your face in the couch cushion, whimpering as the orgasm claimed you, erupting like a volcano, violently at first, then simmering to a bubbling overflow.
Severus smacked your ass once when he pulled out, making you jerk in response, your cunt muscles spasmed pleasurably.
His cum dripped down your legs from your sore pussy while you turned on your side, grinning. He shook his head at that, “Is that the reaction you were looking for?” He knew it had been.
“Absolutely!” You chirped back before landing an ample kiss on his pale lips.
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pakhnokh · 11 months ago
Wei Wuxian’s Shameless revenge
Post canon au, where Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen go to a mission, and Wei Wuxian stays behind in the cloud recesses.He’s doing his job by helping the juniors, reading reports, training his cultivation and helping Lan Qiren with different stuff. However Lan Qiren is not exactly welcoming to him yet, because he still doesn’t agree with his methods and thinks that Wei Wuxian taints his precious nephew, and basically since their marriage he has to deal with this reality but it’s hard on him. But he tries his best and even let’s Wei Wuxian sit with him while receiving guests from other clans, and hearing his opinions on things because well, Wei Wuxian is an important cultivator. One day a certain cultivator from a faraway rising clan comes to discuss matters with Lan Qiren, and Wei Wuxian is also present. The discussion starts well, however every timeWei Wuxian states his opinion that guy makes an annoyed face, and eventually he says something nasty about an esteemed righteous cultivator such as Lan Wangji having not only accepted someone as vile as the Yiling Laozu, but also married him. Wei Wuxian smiles one of his best smiles and gets out. Lan Qiren remains silent. The thing is, that douche who just insulted him is about to spend the whole week in the cloud recesses, not only because his journey back is long, but also to learn from the conducts of the Lan sect so he can later pass it to his own. Weri Wuxian promises that he will make his stay a nightmare. During the day he doesn’t do anything. Every time he sees Douchie-o (let’s call him that) he smiles politely and goes on with his doings without saying a word. However at night, when everyone in the Cloud Recesses goes to sleep at night (and so does Douchie-o cause he’s a polite douche. ) Wei Wuxian stays late awake and alone in the Jingshi, since he goes to sleep at 1 AM. It just happens that Douchi-o’s chambers are close to the Jingshi. So, at midnight, Wei Wuxian begins his revenge – he starts imitating the sounds he would make when his dear husband was still there in the room with him. He spends hours just moaning and screaming embarrassing things, calling out Lan Zhan’s name in all his various nicknames from Hanguang Jun to Er-Gege, and elaborates on all the physical things they are supposedly doing in their bed.
Tumblr media
Next morning. Wei Wuxian wakes up by a knock on his door at 5:30 AM. He groans and strolls to the door, rubbing his eyes. When he opens the door he sees Lan Qiren, his face red. “Hello uncle, did you need anything?” Lan Qiren coughs. “W-wangji….is he back?” “Oh?” “Is he here?” “Of course not! Why would you think that? Him and Zewu Jun aren’t supposed to be back till 2 more weeks!” “I thought I…..never mind.” Weri Wuxian goes outside to start his day. When he sees Douchi-o’s face, it’s whiter than Gusu Lan’s robes. He looks at Wei Wuxian with tired eyes but says nothing. YES. GOOD. Let him suffer. The shenanigans continue for 2 more days, and nobody says anything, because everyone is too ashamed. The only one who would have pointed at Wei Wuxian and boldly told him to stop messing around is Jingyi, but Jingyi also hates Douchi-o, so he keeps up with the game.
Tumblr media
BUT. The rumors start leaving Gusu….and in a day they reach non other than Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen take a break and go find an inn for the night. When the keeper sees them he’s shocked. “H-hanguang Jun??? B-but how can you be here, aren’t you at home?” Lan Wangji: “?” Keeper: “with your….husband….?” Lan Wangji: “?” Keeper: “Oh never mind, I’m clearly mistaken!” Then again: “but…Hanguang Jun, if you are here, then…who is the one Wei Gongzi spends his nights with?” Glass shatters. Bichen unsheathes. Lan Xichen’s questions remain unanswered. Mission abandoned. Lan Wangji flies on Bichen back to Gusu at the speed of light. He lands, trying to keep his composure but is completely wild from the inside. He nods courteously at all the “Hanguang Juns” passed to him by the surprised juniors and goes directly to the Jingshi, however it’s empty. Wei Ying isn’t there.
Tumblr media
Maybe he should go visit uncle first to see how he’s doing. Lan Qiren is surprised at Wangji’s return but still has some tea and talk with him. He doesn’t mention anything about Wei Wuxian’s shameful behavior these past days, and Lan Wangji is too ashamed to forwardly seek out the information about what the keeper implied. So he simply asks if there’s anything new in the cloud recesses and if Wei Wuxian has been helping him. Lan Qiren can’t just pretend that everything is ok when it’s clearly not. “Let’s just say that Wei Wuxian has been very intent on making our new esteemed guest awake at night. The poor man hasn’t closed his eyes for 4 nights. I hope it will not ruin the relationship we try to build between our clans.” Lan Wangji’s heart begins to beat fast. Too fast. Who is this guest that spends the nights with HIS Wei Ying?! He storms outside and goes back to the Jingshi. There, in one of the small rooms they barely use, he hides himself and keeps quiet. The sun sets, and Wei Ying returns with a jar of emperor’s smile and a grin on his face. He sits on the floor, opens a book, drinks and laughs at what he reads. One of his favorite ways of spending quality time. Oh how Lan Wangji wants to run to him, lift him in his arms and kiss him all over. But he can’t. He has to find out what’s going on and who will come into the room. His room. THEIR room. But nobody comes. It’s already past 9 and Lan Wangji’s eyelids are heavy. Without willing to, sleep takes him. That’s when he wakes up to sounds. Familiar sounds. Familiar nicknames in a familiar needy voice that sets his blood on fire. Familiar shameless words, and even some new ones that are too much to bear without taking action. He peeks through the slit in the door of the room he hides in and sees Wei Ying, sprawled on their bed, (alone thank heavens), cheeks red and robe half open, clearly on the verge of being drunk, while talking and shouting and moaning and calling his name and lightly giggling to himself. He can’t take it anymore. He steps outside and moves closer. “Wei Ying.” “oh yes! Yes! Er-Ge- ER GEGE??” “…” “Lan Zhan? Is that really you or is it the liqor?” Lan Wangji climbs on the bed above his husband, hunger in his eyes, he reaches with one hand to squeeze a cheek (and it’s not the one on the face). “Can you answer your question by yourself now?” Wei Wuxian, who could clearly feel his husband’s hand on him blinked a few times, and asked “but what are you doing here so soon?” “By the way it looks you wanted me to be here.” The next minutes Wei Wuxian explains Lan Wangji what happened and what he’s doing to take revenge on Douchi-o. Lan Wangji suggests that they turn the revenge into a real deal. And so it happens,  the long awaited real, quality wangxian PAPAPA (a fierce PAPAPA cause Lan Wangji is kinda annoyed with Wei Wuxian for doing all those shameful things, and moreover, that his Wei Ying let a stranger hear his lewd voice every night, and did it especially for him when the only person who he has to do it for is Lan Wangji himself - so he goes rough on him mwahaha) 
Tumblr media
Next morning is the day Douchie-o has to depart back home. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji wake up and go out of the Jingshi to see him pack. When Douchi-o spots Lan Wangji, his face turns from white to red, and eyes huge, mouth gulping like a fish. Wei Wuxian has to restrain himself from laughing out loud. Then Douchie-o collects himself and makes a courteous bow towards Lan Wangji. “Hanguang Jun, It’s an honor to see you mere minutes before my departure.” Lan Wangji “Sect leader, I hope your stay here was pleasant.” “I….I will certainly not be able to forget it anytime soon. I wish you and your spouse a good day. Farewell.” Wei Wuxian smiles at Lan Wangji and hugs him tightly “It’s good to have you back, my husband.”
That’s it! Thank you for reading my ridiculous story! Sorry for the long post, but you know....long post for long PAPAPA times <33333 
If you liked it, you can show your love by getting me Ko-Fi <3
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todoscript · 10 months ago
lilies & lilacs pt. i
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: A dilemma with his grand charity gala brings Todoroki Shouto, CEO of Todoroki Enterprises, at your humble flower shop’s doorstep.
pairing: ceo!todoroki shouto x florist!reader
genre: eventual smut. fluff. slow burn. no quirks au.
word count: 5.6k+
warnings: none in this part, but expect sexual content in the future.
author’s note: this has been rotting in my wips for a couple of months now, but i finally decided to post it with the decision of progressing the story into parts. thank you to the lovely rosie aka @shoutogepi for initially betareading this and keeping the hype up for the fic in our chats together (love you <333)! feedback is welcomed and before you ask, im opening a taglist for the next 2 parts so just ask if you wish to be included
lilies & lilacs is copyright 2020 todoscript, all rights reserved. i do not allow my creations to be published or translated anywhere else.
Tumblr media
The uneasy padding of her boss’ dress shoes across the floor of his office made the secretary restless. She knew the bad news she delivered would cause some displeasure to stir within him, but never would she expect his tough bearings to falter, his troubles conveyed in hasty steps and frayed skin skewing those handsome features.
During the past two years she’s worked for him, she always thought his expression was nearly unreadable. When it came to his high position, her boss was forward and direct at conducting business—calm, stoic, and a perfect representation of efficiency and strong work ethic in his field. So while she witnessed the man’s uncharacteristic distress before her eyes, she wasn’t sure how this could end well for her.
Sweat began beading her forehead at the tension creeping between each tap of his feet against the hardwood below, coming to an unnerving halt behind his desk. When her eyes found his, all she could gather in those gray and turquoise clouds was annoyance toward their current predicament.
“What do you mean we don’t have a florist booked yet?” he repeated the dilemma she relayed to him merely moments ago. Hearing the agitation in his voice caused a nervous gulp to drop in her throat. She clutched her clipboard firmly in her arms to keep herself anchored in the wake of her boss’ growing frustration. However, she was still unsure how to continue as the words remained sealed in her mouth.
“Well?” Noticing his secretary’s lack of response, he pushed forward, hands leaning against the edge of his mahogany desk. The woman urged herself to endure the obstacles by first breathing through her nose before swallowing the lump in her throat, responding quickly.
“Um, Mr. Todoroki, sir, it seems all the florists on our list have all been booked for other events for the rest of the month,” she said, but mentally scolded herself when she heard herself sputter in such an unprofessional manner. Despite that, she prayed the explanation was enough to sate even a fraction of her boss’ inner turmoil.
Shouto approached her answer with silence before that foreseeable sigh left his lips, spilling with exasperation. He turned, his back facing the secretary, gaze lined to the windows gracing him with sunlight behind his desk. Stuck in contemplation, he pinched the bridge of his nose, mouth pursed in a firm line.
Where am I going to find a florist in time for this damn charity gala? He internally griped, closing his eyes as if that would help him uncover the solution to this untimely mess.
His esteemed company, Todoroki Enterprises, had arranged a plan to hold a widely anticipated charity gala by the end of this month. The event was conducted to raise funds for all manners of different charities that would vary in the level of grandeur on display. And given that the organizing for the event would be under his very name, Shouto had the critical responsibility of ensuring nothing but peak quality to those that would attend.
His staff had long procured the venue and were managing the layout of the gala. They sought out some suitable entertainment, booked catering, and scheduled for the charity auctions and raffles to take place throughout the night. What was still needed were the decorations, and right now that was where they hit their deadend with no florist currently reserved.
And here’s the real kicker: the gala was two weeks away.
Two. Weeks.
How he allowed for such errors to occur was beyond him at this point. All that really mattered was that he found a way to correct those mistakes and fast.
As much as Shouto figured he could skip past the flowers and substitute them with some other kind of flashy decorations, he already had a clear idea of how he wanted the gala to look. The floral arrangements would compliment the theme of the event exceedingly well. Turning back on the plan would be an insult to everyone’s prepared attire for the evening, with the dress code already sent out to all the distinguished guests invited to this grandiose ball. No doubt in his mind, he needed that florist, and needed them stat.
Sure on his resolution, he finally shifted to face his secretary. The anxious expression plastered on her face greeted him, and at that, Shouto bit his lip. His guilt surfaced for allowing his emotions to affect his workspace. He knew better than to take out his frivolous thoughts on his staff, who very well had no control over the situation. So he eased the atmosphere, attempting to lift the tension surrounding his office in the dreary gray of his temper.
“Nishiyama, I’m sorry for my behavior just now,” he apologized. The secretary, in turn, was taken aback, eyes widened. Her anxiety slowly whittled away as she scampered to return his kind gesture.
“Oh no, sir, it’s fine! I’m sure you were just feeling stressed hearing the news. I surely would be if I were in your shoes.”
“No, it’s not. I was acting childish despite how much you and everyone have done so far for the event,” Shouto said, “I should be thankful for your time, considering you also have a family to take care of at home.”
While the woman stared at him, abashed by his sincerity, Shouto swiveled his chair around to take a seat. A much-needed seat to be entirely honest. His secretary was not kidding about how the bad news seemed to harrow some stress in his body. But, being accustomed to having this weight pushed on his shoulders from the very moment he was announced the head of the company many years ago, he more than anticipated the stress to come with the job.
Shouto spared his secretary one last glance before his eyes darted down between the important papers sprawled on his desk. “If that’s all the news we needed to address today then you’re dismissed, Nishiyama. Carry on with the rest of the organizing as planned,” he ordered. Nishiyama lowered her clipboard to her hip.
“R-Right. Thank you, sir.” She parted his presence with a curt bow. Shouto picked up on her heels clicking toward his office door until they suddenly stopped altogether, looking back at the man midway. “What about the florist, sir?” she asked, concerned at the unresolved predicament lingering in the air. Her question wasn’t met with an immediate reply, but Shouto eventually gave her an answer he deemed adequate of a response. His words were coated with as much reassurance as he could muster in this situation.
“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it myself.”
The task was easier said than done.
Usually, when it came to booking a florist for special occasions like this, you’d want to contact them months ahead of the scheduled date to ensure maximum efficiency and work out any problems that should arise. But there were only two weeks left until the awaited charity gala.
Shouto was certainly pushing his luck at this point and to a dangerous degree. If he didn’t find someone to arrange the flowers for the ball soon, the venue might be absent of all life and mood, essentially flopping from missing such a key element. Shouto could not allow for that to happen.
Given his word, he took it in his hands to rectify this mistake. For the entirety of the day, he sifted through the aforementioned list of florists his secretary had provided him—extended thanks to his team’s desperate search for more options.
All he had to do was narrow down the lineup. Unfortunately, those efforts may as well have been all for naught.
“Hello, is this Himawari’s Garden? I’d like to speak with the head florist there about arranging the flowers for a gala my company has been planning—”
“I’m terribly sorry, sir, but we’re currently busy preparing for a big wedding coming up next week. If you’d like, I can try and book our services for you toward the next month or so when we’ll be available?”
Shouto’s brows tightened during the exchange—a gesture he’d been repeating as of late while he dwindled the line of florists. If he kept it up, those wrinkles might be embedded into his skin permanently. He was at least grateful he managed to thwart the heavy breath of air that threatened to leave his lips and reveal his frustration to the woman on the phone.
“No, that’s fine. Thank you for your time.” With that, he hung up.
Shouto leaned back in his seat in exasperation, his weight pressed into the cushions as his eyes situated themselves toward the ceiling. The consistent taps of his fingers on his mahogany desk were all he heard amidst his deep contemplation. His eyes lidded shut in an attempt to seek a moment of refuge from the stress, but his conscience began eating at him.
Of course, what was he thinking? The beginnings of spring to late autumns were the mark of wedding season—the time where florists and other businesses specializing in decorative arrangements thrived and busied themselves with eager clients. Not only that, but it was also the month of June. The sixth month of the year was undoubtedly the most popular month among couples to hold their weddings, and he had witnessed this fact firsthand through his myriad of fruitless phone calls.
Shouto had thoroughly wrung through his rope and teetered on the edge of complete defeat. He sealed down his most recent loss at the hand of another busy floral business by striking a line across Himawari’s Garden on his list. At that, the total tallied to thirty whole flower shops. Thirty unsuccessful attempts.
That sigh he contained during the phone call found its way out of his throat in dramatic waves of displeasure
“You alright, sir?”
His administrative assistant, Midoriya Izuku, heard his huffs when he entered the threshold of Shouto’s office. He noted his boss’ hunched posture and the rare crease crinkled between his nose bridge, pressed against his hands that were clenched together above his desk.
“I’m guessing the new list of florists was also a no-go?”
Shouto didn’t offer any words, instead sliding said list—now fully crossed out—toward his assistant as his reply. Craning his head for a better look, Midoriya feigned a smile, not wanting to let the man’s defeat consume the mood entirely.
“Well... I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised… Wedding season is upon us after all.”
Oh yes, Midoriya. Shouto knew that very well. So much so that he sunk further into his desk at the reminder, head practically drooped with a gloomy rain cloud hovering atop him. The green-haired assistant fervently shook his head back-and-forth upon realizing his remark had thrown salt into his wound. “Oh, I-I mean... Don’t worry, sir! I’m sure we’ll still be able to sort out this problem in time before the gala!” he sputtered to help alleviate the despair that crept in, but it came to no avail according to his boss’ silent sulky demeanor. That was when Midoriya remembered the two cups of hot coffee held in each of his hands.
“Ah, right, I made you some coffee! I figured you could use one considering you’ve been cooped up in your office all day.” Setting one in front of him, Shouto perked up at the nutty aroma that slowly slipped into his senses. He eyed the fresh cup of coffee tentatively, the steam flitting above it in wisps.
Lifting the cup, the rich smell wafted further into his nostrils, imbuing him with that familiar peace he usually reveled in. On any ordinary day, he’d be accompanied by his classic roasted blend perched on his desk, with no problems threatening to disturb his peaceful routine. Not anything like today. Not anything like this dilemma of a desperate time crunch for a florist.
Perhaps that was what he needed. A filter of caffeine to wash away the ordeal like it was a bad morning plaguing him with baggy under-eyes and fatigue from a previous day of hard work. Though he’s sure not even caffeine could erase the headaches he developed throughout his day so far. If anything, indulgence would just make those headaches worse.
Nonetheless, he welcomed the smooth blend of flavors that ebbed down his throat through modest sips, rejuvenation quickly oozing in his veins. Headaches or not, the stimulation from the caffeine was essential if he wanted to combat the rest of the day with some drive.
“Thanks, Midoriya. I needed that,” Shouto acknowledged. He nodded at his assistant, who rubbed the back of his head modestly, saying how it was no problem at all, but the way his boss suddenly got up from his seat interrupted his words.
Shouto already felt the strong coffee going to work as his steps picked up in long strides around his desk that had the assistant’s brows knitting together, confused. “Where are you going, sir?” Midoriya asked, his voice sounding more distant to Shouto, who continued his way past him and toward the door.
“A quick drive,” was the blatant answer he gave. He downed the last of the cup before tossing it in the trash bin near the exit of his office. “Something to clear my head a bit. I’ll be back soon, but until then, keep reaching out to any businesses that could potentially be available to help us.”
“Yes, of course, sir! You can count on me!” Midoriya was prompt in replying. As expected, being Shouto’s right-hand man at the company.
With that, Shouto took to the parking lot below his building, twirling his keys over his index finger before hopping into his Mercedes and driving off.
The withering sunlight cast its glare over his car during his ride through the city. By now, the skies splayed vibrant red as the sun gandered above the horizon. He drove down the narrow and busy streets that kept the place bustling at these hours. It was likely the time when people finished up their workday and were eager to arrive home for much-needed rest.
During a particularly long wait at a red traffic light, he pondered over his predicament again. His thumb rapped against the steering wheel while he bit his bottom lip, that ugly feeling of regret seeping into his thoughts.
Maybe he placed too much faith in these flowers after all. Sure, he mentioned the vital role they played in aligning with the theme and complimenting the guests’ attires. But was it worth all the trouble he put his team through, searching through a throng of businesses already busy with their own events to organize? In a way, this could’ve been sorted out had he recognized the current times and planned accordingly to avoid the mess. But now they were trapped in this bind, crunching for anyone that could help them within only fourteen short days.
Just as he weighed the idea of calling Midoriya over the bluetooth in his car to drop the floral arrangements altogether, something caught his eye at the last second.
Shouto peered through his window, squinting at the corner, where he spotted a cart of flowers in front of a shop of some sort. His grip tightened around the leather of his steering wheel as he leaned in for a better look. Some kind of spark in him roused his anticipation the more he shifted forward in his seat, like the hope that was slowly fading inside was igniting once again.
Another inch further and he attained a better look of the shop. Its sign came into view just below the small boundary of his window—letters brushed in calligraphy on a long board of canvas with lilies painted on the edges that seamed together into a bouquet.
N… Neigh… Neighborhood Lily.
He deciphered the words, but didn’t give them much thought. All that enveloped his mind afterward was the fact the name wasn’t any of the list of thirty shops he phoned today. So the very moment the light overhead flickered to green, Shouto’s hold on the wheel tightened. His foot gradually stepped on the pedal with much more purpose.
He decided to take a brief detour from this casual little drive of his.
It was about six o’clock when you waved off your latest customer, who was leaving the shop with a basket of vibrant tulips swinging on their arm. The smile on their face was an adamant indication they were more than happy with their time here, something you always delighted in, being very passionate about your job as a florist.
“Thank you, and please come again!” The bell overhead gave a gracious chime at the customer’s departure.
With them gone, you drew your attention back to the flowers laid out on the small wooden table in the corner of the shop. Before the customer came in, you were at work arranging and crafting the blossoms you purchased from the flower market that morning into bouquets.
You’d be closing in about an hour and thirty minutes or so, but for now, you basked in the silence and the calming aroma of the flowers that surrounded you while you continued your work. A modest hum naturally sang past your lips and soothed its way into the shop that was devoid of all souls except yourself.
“Hm, you’re a pretty thing, aren’t you?” You made some small talk with the rose in your hand. It was a habit of yours to spill a few words out within your own little world, imagining the flowers were keeping you company whenever you were alone.
“And there, now you all look even prettier.” An adoring smile embellished your lips as you finished off another bouquet by tying it with a silk ribbon. Looking over the bundle one more time, you thoroughly admired the shades of pinks and reds that complimented each other in the ensemble.
Then two more bouquets down, and you already made a good amount of progress. You figured that if you kept up the pace, you’d likely finish the rest of the batch and have them ready for display tomorrow. But just as you clasped three more flowers in your hand, the bell atop the door chimed, alerting you to a new patron.
You nicked off a thorn from one of the stems before turning around and giving your attention to the visitor. When your eyes found their way to the shop’s entrance, you were surprised to meet a man of slicked white and red hair. The few strands that found their way out of the gel must have been tussled from a long day of work considering the fatigue plain on his handsome face.
Despite the few wrinkles here and there, his attire was still surprisingly pristine. He wore a simple yet compelling suit, the fit seeming tailored to the contours of his body that rendered you a tad speechless at how good he looked just standing there. The sight almost made you feel underdressed.
You hadn’t realized you were staring for longer than you deemed appropriate. You couldn’t help it, being that the stranger was a stark contrast to the regular customers you were used to. The fanciest you’ve encountered since you opened your shop were the young boys that rushed in with nicely fitted tops and jeans, frantically inquiring about what kinds of flowers were right to give to a girl for a date they had later that day. Not anything like attractive businessmen in immaculate suits and shining silver wristwatches that surely cost more than all the flowers you tended here.
Noticing you were gawking, you blinked thrice to knock yourself out of your trance and properly greet the man.
“H-Hello, welcome to Neighborhood Lily,” you said, mustering the politest tone you could give to make up for the awkward moment of wordless eye contact. You must have kept your eyes on him for what felt like a good five minutes at least. The man, in turn, acknowledged you with a small grin, much to your relief.
“How may I help you this evening?”
“I’m…” he hesitated, seeming wary of how he wanted to go about his next choice of words, “just looking for now,” he decided.
Not paying much mind to his hesitation, you nodded. “Oh, well, if you have any questions or need any help on anything, please let me know. I’ll just be around the corner!”
Allowing him to go about his business, you returned to your table of flowers and oversaw the blossoms again. However, it was difficult for you to busy yourself with the task at hand. The mere thought of the other presence in the shop was enough to hammer you out of your concentration.
He was already a compelling figure on his own, what with his good-looks accompanied by his classy ensemble that felt more than out of place here. But what you were especially curious about was what business he had at a humble flower shop like yours during this hour.
That curiosity led your eyes straying to the side, where you peeped the man walking through the small aisle of flowers. He examined the bouquets and vases on display, even showing interest in the more decorative pieces hung in pots from the ceiling.
You tried to determine what his motives were. He was showing some considerable intrigue at your arrangements, though perhaps it was pure admiration for your work, and you were letting your self-consciousness get to you.
Well, spying would just get you nowhere, you thought. One way or another, he’d answer your curiosity by either coming to you directly or leave the shop altogether. You had to admit you hoped more for the former.
Until then, you tore your gaze away and resumed gathering flowers in your hands. You assessed their compatibility with one another while you fiddled around with their placement in the bouquet. The white lilies and the blue lilacs went very well, along with another set of light violet lilacs you couldn’t help but string into the bundle. As a result, the beautiful balance of cool tones made for an exceptional well-made bouquet. You finished the piece with a matching white satin ribbon and then let the arranged flowers thrive inside a glass vase.
“Those are very pretty.”
Startled at the voice, you whipped your head around, hands braced behind you against the edge of the wooden table. Your untimely lack of words were a result from realizing the owner of the voice was closer than you anticipated.
The businessman went from lingering around the aisle of flowers in the middle of the shop, to appearing in your proximity.
“E-Excuse me?” you asked, wondering if you heard correctly to which he pointed at the bouquets laid finished on the table. “In fact, all the flowers here are exceptionally beautiful.” He gestured to the entirety of the shop. His eyes quickly roamed across all the decorative flourishes before they came back to you.
“You do excellent work here in your shop.”
Words coming from a man like him made you bashful. You subconsciously played with the hem of your apron, eyes drifting to anywhere but his face at the compliment. However, the sliver of heat fluttering to your cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by him.
“Oh, um, thank you. It’s nothing really, I’ve been arranging flowers for quite some time while at the last floristry I worked for so I have a fair amount of experience.”
After another second of fiddling with the fabric, your hands ended up falling to your sides. You sauntered toward one of the flower vases that were already set on display, dawdling around the conversation. His eyes followed you, watching you nurture the blossoms. “I opened this flower shop of mine just recently actually. Been getting a decent amount of business here and there, but I’m just glad that the people who’ve visited so far like my work,” you told him, twirling a strand of your hair. The pads of your other hand brushed against the soft, abundant petals of a yellow chrysanthemum.
The man observed your actions, analyzing your face. He distinguished the devotion hidden in your eyes as you looked upon the flower with a luster. Despite your humble character, it was more than clear to him you were very passionate about what you did, relishing in the ambiance and admiring the modest appearance of this little shop of yours, covered in the wonderful aroma of flowers.
You didn’t detect that deep breath of air he earnestly drew in as he stepped closer. So close that his proximity broke your stupor to meet his rigid expression.
“How would you feel about an… opportunity to let more of your work be known?”
“An opportunity?” you echoed. “Wait… do you maybe have a wed—”
“No,” he interjected, so abruptly that you couldn’t help but quirk a brow. Catching himself, he took a moment to clear his throat, mindful of his behavior. “I mean, it’s not a wedding. Rather, a charity gala that my company has been planning for some time.”
“A gala?” Your mouth worked faster than your mind, accidentally blurting out your thoughts. The astonishment was evident in your tone; it made the man question your reaction by leaning in.
“Yes, a gala,” he said again like you didn’t just hear his words from a foot away, without even realizing the lengths behind his baffling offer. “Is there something wrong about that?”
“N-No. It just wasn’t the kind of opportunity I expected it to be is all… A gala…” Your voice hushed around the utter of “gala”.
What the man presented so blatantly was unexpected to your ears. Galas meant a pompous party full of people decked in lavish attires, drinking quality champagne from tulip glasses. Sizing up the man again, you could only imagine this gala would only include the most important and wealthiest people in attendance.
You had to ask something, “Um, about this gala... How many people will be there?”
“Maybe about... five hundred or so? I’ll have to check in with my assistant to confirm the full count again.” He shrugged nonchalantly and yet on your end, hearing the number almost reduced your head to a dizzy mess.
Five hundred guests? It was a number you couldn’t fathom. You hadn’t even been booked for an occasion as ordinary as a baby shower, but this man wanted you to arrange flowers for his big charity gala?
As oddly enticing of a job it was to you, there had to be anyone else more experienced and capable for this.
“Sir, I’m not su—”
“The pay, of course, will be more than generous, and I’ll even provide you funding for any necessary materials for this project,” he chimed in before you could voice your protest. It was then that you began to distinguish something laced in his voice and exhibited on his face.
This man seemed desperate for some reason.
“May I ask when the event will take place?” Your arms crossed against your chest. A gulp formed in his throat at the question, unsure if he wanted to unveil the news or risk scaring you off. Either way, if you were working for him, you’d learn eventually. A sigh came out.
“Two weeks,” he answered.
Oh yeah, that explained it. It also answered any questions you had over the tension rigid in his shoulders. At this point, you were bound to join him in his stress because, goddamn, organizing a whole assembly of flowers for a grand ball within fourteen days? The idea was beyond daunting.
While you reflected on the intimidating pieces of information, he was gauging your reaction. Would you say yes? No? Laugh at the idea that he thought he could find a florist to work for him at such late notice? There were a slew of uncertainties twisting in his head—an act unbecoming of him, but you were his last hope. Whatever you responded with next would either be the nail in his coffin or the wings that made him soar.
You would be treading on uncharted waters at a chance like this, having never sailed anywhere beyond your little island of floristry where people came and went with your humble little arrangements. But you also thought of this as a daring opportunity to find new land. See what the world had in store for you outside of selling the general bouquets and vases you had on display. Plus, when would a chance like this ever come up again?
Though it meant encountering difficulties along the way, taking on such a big challenge right off the bat, you figured you’d be able to keep your boat afloat. You were also sure the journey toward bigger regions would be worth the struggle in the end.
“So do you have your answer?” he pressed forward when your silence became unbearable to his nerves. He thanked the fact that his voice managed to sound steady enough not to give himself away. Your arms remained crossed in front of you, your hand coming beneath your chin the only sign that you were taking his offer to heart. It kept the flickering flames of hope blazing inside him.
“I just want to ask you something,” you replied. He nodded, allowing you to continue.
“I know you’re under pressure with this gala coming up in only two weeks,” you began. Your arms unraveled, and your fingers ran to your apron again. You formed the next bit of words with uncertainty, “but are you sure I’m the right person for this job? I mean, I don’t have much to offer you in terms of skill other than what I have here.” You nudged at the range of your shop, plain as can be though with a generous amount of flourishes on display. Yet nothing you thought special enough to be graced by him and his grand proposal that evening.
“I just don’t want you to regret your decision.”
There was a pause of silence after that. The man seemed to give your words some thought—a quick reflection on the situation. You couldn’t decipher much in his face, but you happened to take some time to admire how pretty his eyes were. The individual blue and gray shades were mesmerizing to you, resembling glaciers glittering beneath the moon high in the north. Another detail you jotted in his long list of attractive features. Before you could marvel at them any further, he whisked your thoughts back to earth with his response.
“It’s true that I’m coming to you because I’m in need,” he admitted, hands slowly closing into fists like he was reluctant to confess this, “but from what I can see, I genuinely think you’re more than capable for this job. So yes, I’m very sure I won’t regret this decision.”
It was clear to you that he was sure on his stance. But to reinforce his statement, he bent his head low into a bow, weight added to his next words.
“Please be the florist for our gala.”
The gesture briefly overwhelmed you, not something you were expecting, but you managed to acknowledge it by returning the bow.
“I’ll be in your care then.”
With all things said, you were soon tidying up the exchange and trading business cards. Yours was a standard card with your number, name, and business attached with a picture of a lily printed across the paper. His, a premium slip of stainless steel engraved with his information and then some, the fancy card reflecting off the lights hanging from the ceiling. You read the name etched in ebony black over the gray material.
Todoroki Shouto — CEO
“You’ll likely receive a call from either one of my assistants or me within the next day or so about when to meet up to plan for the arrangements.” Shouto’s voice brought your head up from the card, where you watched him glide toward the door.
“R-Right, I’ll leave my cell on,” you stuttered. The fact that this whole exchange had just transpired was still kicking in for you.
Shouto nodded, extending a wave out that you mirrored while he opened the door to the shop, the bell chiming above him.
“I’ll see you then.”
After that, the resonating tinkles of the bell were the last you heard.
You stared at the entrance aimlessly, mouth gradually gaping open at the mere prospect that you were really about to arrange your flowers for a grand charity gala in two weeks!
A mixture of elation and jitters erupted in your body all at once, uncontained as you whipped your head around and strode across your shop in giddy steps. Your eyes lit up at the steel card gripped between your fingers, clenched so tightly like you were worried the card would turn to dust when you woke up from this dream. But at the wide smile that bloomed on your lips, you knew that this was reality. This man, Todoroki Shouto, was giving you the opportunity to have your true potential shown at this big gala.
Meanwhile, on his way back to his Mercedes, Shouto was clicking open his phone. The screen beamed at him in the low light of the evening turning to night while he punched a number from his contacts list. It took only the cusp of the second ring for the person on the other line to pick up his call.
“Midoriya, call off the search,” Shouto commanded into his phone. He rested his back on the door of his car, leaning against it with his phone still attached to his ear. His gaze found its way back to the flower shop he had just departed, eyeing the light emitting from the windows to the sign hanging above them. Grinning, he took in the sight of the flowers dancing in the wind around the shop’s vicinity before finding your silhouette standing in the benevolent light inside.
“We have our florist.”
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Worthy - Loki x Reader - Words: 2,347
A/N - This was the first Loki oneshot we wrote.
It's my favorite. (Amethyst)
And my second favorite. You'll find out what my favorite one is later 😜 (Sapphire)
We hope you enjoy it!
"Good morning, Lady Y/N!" Thor boomed, walking into the training room carrying Mjolnir.
"Good morning, Thor!" You replied happily before taking another drink of your favorite caffeinated beverage from your thermos. "So what are you training me with today?"
"Well, I wanted to try something a little different," He replied, setting down the hammer in the center of the room. For the past few months, Thor had been giving you extra training lessons to polish your fighting techniques. You had already been an Avenger for some time but, after one particularly difficult mission, you decided you should get some extra help.
"Ok, still starting with our stretches though, right?" You asked. He nodded and began his routine as you did. You chuckled softly when you thought back to your first session. Initially, you had asked Steve to train you. But, as would happen to you, only 5 minutes into your training, your boyfriend walked in the room. He just had to walk in the moment Steve was showing you how to do one particularly odd stretch and, well, that obviously didn't go well. After that day, and after a very long and heated discussion, it was agreed you would work with Thor. He was the only one your boyfriend fully trusted with you. Even then, he still got jealous of his own brother on occasion.
"Are you ready, Y/N?" Thor said, pulling you out of your thoughts. You nodded and followed him out to the center of the floor. "Alright, now I want you to watch carefully and see if you can do just like me." He picked up Mjolnir quickly and threw it across the room. When it was an inch or so away from the wall, he held his hand out and it came back, landing safely in his hand. Once he caught it, he set it back on the floor and smiled at you.
"You want me," You said, shocked. "To do that." He nodded giddily and motioned for you to take it. "Look, I think you're expecting a bit much. I really-"
"Y/N!" He exclaimed. "Other than the Captain I have known no other Midgardian who shows so many worthy qualities!"
"Alright, alright," you relented. "Just don't be disappointed and don't think I didn't tell you so." He laughed and you shook your head. Leaning forward, you slipped your hand through the thick leather strap and grasped the handle firmly. Bracing yourself, you pulled on it hard and flew backwards. "Whoa!" You yelled, losing your balance and landing on your backside, Mjolnir in hand. "I did not expect that." Thor grinned, cheese-eating edition of course.
"I did and I couldn't be happier! Now you must learn how to use it! Ready?"
Somehow, you were able to keep your newfound "ability" a secret from your slightly temperamental boyfriend, and the rest of the team for that matter, for 4 months. By now you had gotten quite skilled with the weapon but had not yet used it in the field. But, alas, the day came when it all came crashing down.
"How could you keep such a thing from me?" Loki yelled, storming back into the tower after a mission. The aliens you had just fought had been a formidable opponent. At one point they had pinned down the older Odinson and you had come to his aid, rescuing him. Unfortunately, you did so by picking up Mjolnir from where he had dropped it and throwing it at the ugly creature attacking him. Even more unfortunately, your boyfriend and the entire team saw it.
"Loki! You must believe me! I wanted to tell you!" You yelled. "But-"
"You were so happy that you were now just like my brother and that you would have his favor that you simply couldn't tell your precious boyfriend, is that right?" He snapped, words dripping with sarcasm.
"No! Absolutely not! I knew it would upset you so-"
"So you weren't planning on telling me! Is that it? Maybe that's why you've stayed with me for so long, hm? You couldn't possibly love a Frost Giant could you?" He spat. "You just wanted to use me to get to Thor! And then you were simply going to wait until Stark sent you and Thor out on a mission alone and then perhaps just disappear together?" You were shocked at his outburst. You knew Loki could be temperamental and protective of you but you never realized just how insecure he was of himself. Tears welled up in your eyes when you heard his words.
"Lo-" You tried to reply, voice cracking. "Loki, my love," You said, trying to keep your voice steady. "I would never do that! I love you! Not your oaf of a brother!" Even in such a situation, he couldn't help but smile a little at hearing you refer to Thor like that. You rushed up to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your head in his chest even though you were still sweaty and dirty from battle. "I was worried for you, my dear," You said softly. "I did not want you to feel left out again by another 'regular' person being able to carry Mjolnir before you." He tensed slightly and you could tell he was still upset by that. "But believe me, you do not need some overrated hammer to prove to me that you are worthy of my love. Always know that. And as far as the hammer goes, I'm sure that one day, if not already, you'll be worthy. How could you not be after being willing to die for not only your brother but the very people you had fought years before?" He chuckled and hugged you tightly. Leaning down slightly he gave you a kiss on the forehead and smiled. The tears shining in his eyes mirrored your own and you smiled back.
"Thank you, my sweet Y/N. I'll never know what I've done to deserve you."
"And I you," You replied. "Now how about we go and clean up and once we're both showered we have our own little cozy snuggle-up movie night, alright?"
"That sounds marvelous, my Queen," He replied delightedly. You shoved him playfully at the endearment.
"I am no queen!" You retorted.
"Ah ah ah!" He smirked. "As you Americans would say: the jury is still out on that." You chuckled and headed to your room to take a shower. It was a minor disagreement you had been fighting with Loki on since you began dating. He would always call you his "queen" and you simply did not feel like one no matter how much he insisted you were.
"Is everything alright with you and my brother?" Thor asked, suddenly appearing behind you in the hallway.
"Thor!" You exclaimed. "You scared me! How can someone so tall and, just, large, be so quiet?" You mused. He laughed and shrugged. "Anyway, in answer to your question, I think everything will be alright for now but-" you trailed off, unsure if you should bring this up now to him.
"But what?" He asked.
"Loki is very insecure about, well, a lot of things. And finding out that another person was worthy but not him, well, that just wasn't good for his self-esteem." You looked down at your hands, picking at some caked up mud under your nails.
"Are you aware that he has never willingly touched Mjolnir again since that day in New Mexico?" Your head snapped up, staring at Thor in shock.
"Thor, I'm going to need to borrow Mjolnir for tonight. Is that ok?"
"Be my guest, Y\N," he said with a smile, handing his precious hammer to you. "Maybe tonight will finally be the night my brother can have peace of mind once again." You nodded solemnly.
"I hope so, Thor. I hope so."
About 20 minutes later, you rushed to Loki's room, in your comfiest pajamas, hiding Mjolnir behind your back. You knocked on his door nervously and waited for a reply. "Who is it?"
"Y/N," You said. "Can I come in yet?"
"Give me a moment," He replied. You heard him shuffle around and then he called out again. "Ok, come on in."
"Where'd you go?" You chuckled, not seeing him when you entered.
"I'm almost there," He chucked. You figured out he was back in his bathroom and realized this was the perfect opportunity to put your plan info action.
"Alright," you said. "Are we going to watch the movie in here?"
"We can," he said, still in the bathroom.
"Ok, I'll get everything set up." You quickly hid Mjolnir, tucking it just underneath the bed where you could reach it easily later on, and then turned on the television and collected your favorite blankets and snacks on the bed as well. You silently thanked Tony for being so rich as to be able to have a mini kitchen in every room. Last second, you decided to grab a couple things off Loki's dresser before settling in among the blankets. "Not a moment too soon!" You thought. You smiled widely, taking in the view so to speak, as Loki walked out of the bathroom. His hair was still wet, his thin t-shirt clinging to his torso a bit with the leftover dampness of the shower, and, best of all, looking happy and relaxed. He climbed up next to you and wrapped his arm around you, giving you another kiss on the forehead.
"You're amazing, you know that?"
"Well, you tend to tell me quite often."
"Why you little-" he exclaimed, leaving his sentance unfinished. Chuckling softly, he turned to the TV, still holding you close to his side, and let you start the movie. About a third of the way through, you remembered your plan, and grinned to yourself. You sneakily work your fingers up to his hair and start gently combing them through his dark locks. "You know," He whispers, his voice a low rumble in your ear, causing delightful chills to run up your spine. "If you want something you should just ask."
"Can I braid your hair?" You blurt out. He laughed and nodded, expecting that question. Both of you scoot around on the bed, and eventually find a comfortable seating arrangement. If you both sit criss-cross and slightly angled with him in front of you, you can both still watch the movie easily. Another 20 or so minutes pass and you're still braiding. It's not often you get such an opportunity so you are enjoying it. Loki however is so engrossed in the movie that you realize your moment has come. You let go of his hair and lean back, testing his attention by grabbing a bag of chips.
"Are you alright?" He asks, not once moving his eyes off the screen.
"Fine! Just grabbing a snack," you reply. Smiling to yourself, you think, "This is perfect! He won't even notice."
"While you're getting that, would you mind grabbing my drink, darling?"
"Of course!" You exclaimed. Reaching down, you grab Mjolnir and hand it to him, hoping everything goes well.
"Thanks," He says, grabbing it blindly. You can barely hold back your sounds of glee when it doesn't fall to the ground but instead stays in his grip easily. His eyebrows furrow for a moment, realizing he is not holding a glass, and he looks down. "Y/N," he whispers. You pause the movie quickly, not wanting any distractions. "I-, you-, I thought that-," He stutters helplessly, silver-tongue turned to lead at the realization. "I can't believe it. This isn't some trick is it?" His voice was small and scared, as if a single sound could shatter the moment.
"No tricks, Loki," You reply. "I knew you could," You smile, watching his look of awe as he stares at the familiar item in an unfamiliar hold. "And you know what the best part is?" You add with a learned smirk. He looks at you quizzically, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Since I know how to use it now, I can be the one to train you instead of Thor." His eyes light up and he laughs loudly.
"My dear, that is truly the best news I've heard all day!" You both collapse in a fit of giggles on the bed.
Hours later, Mjolnir lies at the foot of the bed, sitting atop the corner of the blanket you and Loki are cocooned in, and you smile contentedly. While you know Loki still has a long road ahead of him, you know that what happened today has given him the boost he needed towards finally being happy with himself. You can only hope you'll be able to help him the rest of the way.
"Y/N, love?" Loki asks.
"I was going to wait for a fancy restaurant or a moonlight walk in Central Park but it would seem tonight would be the best time to ask you this." You stare at him, seemingly frozen to your spot as he reaches into his nightstand drawer and pulls out a small box. You gasp softly, hand flying to your mouth and tears springing to your eyes. Opening the box with shakey, nervous hands, he tries to get on one knee without falling over. In the box rests a beautifully ornate delicate emerald and gold twist ring. You slowly look up at him, still holding back your tears of excitement.
“Oh my goodness!” You whisper in surprise.
"I can't imagine my life without you in it. You've helped me through so many problems and I know I have many more to tackle. Even so, you still manage to love me and see the best in me regardless of what I see in myself. There is only one thing I must ask of you. Would you, Y/N L/N, do me the honor of becoming more than just my best friend, and, for lack of a better term, therapist, and be my wife and my Queen forever by my side?"
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theposhsworld · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Rori Raye's Commitment Blueprint Program
Video 1 - Is he ready to commit?
Male Relationship Timeline
Time means NOTHING to a man.
A man’s commitment timeline is completely different than a woman’s (Sami explained this as well in ‘Leap into Love’)
Everything that happens up to the proposal (like him taking you to meet his friends and family) is just an event. It doesn’t mean anything. I wrote this before but a lot of women still don’t get this.
Even if he is exclusive with you, living with you and sleeping only with you, he might see you as temporary.
For men there are two types of commitments:
Commitment: You are my girlfriend for now and
Commitment: You are my one and only forever
Most women just assume that he means forever, when actually he means for now.
On a man’s timeline, everything besides the proposal and the wedding is just a date.
Just like Sami, she advices against becoming anyones girlfriend as it is a useless concept for women and falsely marked as an important step along the commitment these days. (Unless you have no intention to get married ever and really only want to be a girlfriend!)
Sexual exclusivity is not the same as being a girlfriend
Built shared moments with a man so he feels naturally compelled to keep moving your relationship forward.
As a man, he is driving the relationship forward. You are just the passenger. It’s what you do as a passenger, that makes all the difference.
If you catch yourself thinking about him outside of dates, STOP. No more discussing him with your girlfriends. Discuss hobbies, events or fashion instead.
Video 2 - Vulnerability and Authenticity
A relationship Goddess is soft on the outside and strong on the inside
The opposite (strong on the outside but soft on the inside) comes from low self-esteem and is neither feminine nor high value.
If you act tough and pretend you don’t care about anything or don’t need anything, men will likely take advantage of you.
They won’t connect with you on an intimate level because your walls won’t let them in.
The ‘’Provide and Protect’ Instinct of men is triggered by a woman’s vulnerability
The best way to protect your heart is to leave it open 24 hours a day.
Because in this vulnerable position, when your defences are down, you are better able to pick up on red flags.
You will be able to feel when you don't feel good or safe in somebody’s presence and you will instinctively step back and remove yourself.
Your intuition is kicking in because you are in your body and in your feelings and not in your thinking.
When you are all in your head, your intuition’s voice is so quiet that you can barely hear it.
Imagine you are so strong on the inside, that it’s radiating to the outside
Express on the outside how you WANT to feel on the inside. Not how you think you are supposed to feel.
Pretending blocks your intuition.
Once you get practiced at always being in touch with your deepest feelings, you won’t have to shut your heart down or close it up. You’ll just step back. You’ll step away from what doesn’t feel good.
You’ll start to feel vulnerable, which is the point of all this. You will feel strong enough on the inside to allow yourself bit by bit, to be vulnerable until it becomes natural to you.
Video 3 - The Healing
Ups and Downs in Relationships
Uncomfortable feelings are part of the ride
Happy Ever After is just MORE good feelings than bad feelings. It’s not NO bad feelings.
Sometimes its down here that a real breakthrough in a relationship happens.
Strip away your defensives. If you notice feelings like anger or sadness are coming up it means that you are going forward
Stop explaining things to him. No defending yourself. “okay. I don’t know. Thank you for pointing that out.”
The rate of positive interactions to negative interactions should be 20 to 1 to have a stable and lasting relationship
The cure for jealousy, obsession, fear, hurt and every other feeling we have, is to see them as temporary, passing emotions that are being triggered by something.
Go inwards, find the trigger and heal the wound (--> Meditaion)
Toxic Vs. Clueless Guy
Some men don’t treat you right because they don’t know any better and some mistreat you because they don’t care about you. How to tell them apart?
The toxic guy will run away if you open up. The clueless guy will stay and connect with you deeper.
A clueless guy can turn into a prince charming if you train and teach him (with your boundaries and feminine communication)
Why we are bored by good men and turned on by the bad ones
We as women have this weird lack of self esteem that shows itself by that we often find a man that is unavailable more attractive.
Because having to work hard for him makes him more sexy. Men who chase us, bore us. And think that If he is crazy about us that there must be something wrong with him
Unavailable men and long-distance relationships are challenges that create attraction for us because they make us work hard to overcome them and we are never in danger of really getting intimate with a man.
If we don’t love ourselves, we subconsciously use unavailable or abusive men to beat ourselves up.
A good guy will trigger your yucky feelings like anger because you cannot handle being loved so deeply when we don’t even love ourselves.
Video 4 - Your purpose in life
The Downgrade Trap:
When a man gets depressed or overworked and withdraws, our first instinct is to throw out the rules of not advising him and jump in and help him.
If you step in to help him, it’s as if you are saying “I don’t trust him (to handle the situation)”
This will drive him even further away from you
I made exactly this mistake with one of my Exes. He became depressed and I did everything I could to help him and save the relationship. The more I did, the more neglectful he became towards me and he ended up cheating with another woman that HE was helping! (She was a young single mother who was struggling with all kinds of issues. He was painting her apartment and stuff…) Men feel emasculated when you help them and are likely to cheat with women who’m they can be the helper/hero for!
Focus on yourself
When he is distant, you ignore him and get in touch with your feelings instead of leaning forward and trying to pull im back to you.
Focus on making yourself happy instead of trying to make HIM happy. Take the focus off him.
If you are trying to change or improve him, your energy is on him. Take that energy back to yourself and accept him as he is.
Even THINKING about trying to change him or get him to do something is pushing at him.
It’s leaning forward, it’s mechanical, it comes from need and desperation and its masculine way of getting things done.
Exercise: Write Down…
I’m having the most fun when I…
When I was a kid I loved to…
My Passions are…
The most important thing in life to do is…
My biggest wish is…
My biggest fear is…
My purpose on this planet is…
What kind of legacy I want to leave?
My tombstone would read…
Video 5 - The Queen’s Journey
Probably my favourite part. Here spoke a guest speaker I really liked (the author of “Women who Run with the Wolves”) about Esther from the Bible
Esther’s journey began as a common girl, who levelled up for a year before she was presented to the king (she was given special foods, beauty treatments and was mentored by a man from court), who ultimately chose her from all the other harem girls, to become his queen.
When she was later confronted with the fact that her people and herself should be killed, she used the very feminine Art of persuasion on the king.
It was against the law to go to the king without being summoned —> Symbolism: The feminine doesn’t approach the masculine, but the other way around
She chose spiritual strategy (praying and fasting for 3 days) instead of reacting to such a life threatening situation. She set up the container for the feminine.
After the 3 days, she dressed herself in her most beautiful robe and stood before the king. Not saying anything but waiting to be spoken to.
Even though she broke the law (which was punished by death!) the king asked her “What is it my queen? Even if it is half my kingdom, it will be given to you.”
She is then not telling him how wrong he is or how much of a jerk his friend who came up with this murderous plan is, she doesn’t do drama, she is inviting him to a banquet that she will prepare for him another day. She leaves him wanting to know more.
The king already cast out his last queen because she was disrespectful towards him. But he dismissed Esther’s violation of the law and agreed to save he people from genocide.
This form of divine feminine power can we as woman, do today. If we don’t look outside to what everyone else is doing but going inside of ourselves.
Whenever you want to react (all in your emotions), is the time you want to retreat into yourself (through meditation, yoga, painting, writing, journaling whatever it is for you) where you can really ask for divine wisdom.
Ask for an answer. Ask to be guided. Because chances are, your thinking in this state is not going to help your relationship
Most of what comes out of you in this moment is from your ego and not your true self.
When women are stressed they close off talk faster and deeper are less feminine.
You bring out his strength and leadership the softer you are
Video 6 - Conclusion
Let Him Come to you
Rori says whenever she was coming towards her husband, asking him how his day was etc. the relationship was going down the tubes.
When she was staying over there, doing her own thing, her husband would slowly open up and come towards her, trying to connect with her.
It’s not about bringing him into our space but be in our space and let him come to us.
Bless love wherever you see it, and bless whoever has it
Its not about making it happen; envision what you want and FEEL your way across
Statement: I love who I am and I have exactly what my man want.
You have to think and believe that he is lucky to have you instead of “I am lucky to have him”
She also talked about rotational dating again but I think this topic has been discussed so many times already. Interestingly, Rory thinks it’s completely fair to date multiple men but not accepting him to do the same. At least not if he already told you that you are the one for him. Not sure if I agree with that..
As always, let me know your thoughts <3
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mrsgiovanna · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
The Escape Route (Yan! Don Giorno x Fem!Reader)
A request from a lovely nonnie mouse asking how the Don would handle his darling attempting to escape from his home. A bit of a drawn out scenario... I really hope you enjoy the read.
TW: Manipulative relationship dynamics, possessive behaviour, yandere behaviour
Word Count: 2.7k
Your brisk walk was slowly turning into a run as you worked your way through the busy streets of Naples. With your breathing ragged and eyes darting around to make sure nobody was on your tail, you tried to think about how best to put your escape plan back on track.
You knew that Giorno’s influence extended further than most, but you hadn’t expected him to have the power to derail every single option you had thought of to escape from his overpowering grip. You had been running around for hours now, from station to station, none would book you a ticket to anywhere, every cab ride was hastily halted after a dubious phone call… resulting in you being unwillingly ejected from the vehicle each time. So there you were, running into the more dangerous parts of Naples, frantically looking for some kind of shelter to house you while you thought of what you would do next.
Thankfully, you found a tiny inn, sparse amenities, small and far removed enough you thought, to not be on Giorno’s radar. The kindly old lady didn’t ask many questions, and you paid with the cash you had been slowly hiding away for such an event.
You couldn’t pinpoint when your relationship with Giorno had descended to this but you knew that if you stayed any longer his charming brand of captivity would best your common sense and you would be trapped forever. With Giorno, you had access to anything, no request was too demanding… in exchange though he required you to be within his confines at all times, listen to and obey his honeyed instructions with minimal fuss, and to not run off in the occasions when he did take you out of the mansion. I’m just keeping you safe he said… little did you know that the most dangerous one of all was the Don himself with his hypnotic gaze.
To give him the benefit of the doubt, it could have been much worse, he never harmed you physically, never pushed the intimacy boundaries further than you allowed… in your moments of weakness, it was you who had sought out his embrace. The absurdity of it all- vacillating between love and hate for this man, and so to protect the fraying thread that held your sanity together, you decided to make a run for it. It was not an impulsive idea, you had spent the better part of the year planning your grand escape, trying to imagine every way in which your plan could go awry and possible solutions to the problems. Ironically, this was a habit that you had picked up from Giorno himself, and should your plan actually work, it would be quiet poetic- escaping using the traits of your captor against him. You had gathered small amounts of cash here and there, not enough to rouse anyone’s suspicion, and made sure that any and all evidence of you memorizing the layout of the surrounding areas was completely erased. Perhaps the most difficult task of them all, was to lure Giorno into false sense of security regarding your disposition towards your situation. In the weeks leading up to your escape, you had flawlessly played the part of the dutiful ‘wife’, listening attentively, spoiling him with gentle touches and loving gazes, making sure to build up your affections gradually, as if they had been blooming naturally so as not to trigger any suspicion.
Finally, you saw your opportunity to make your move that morning. Giorno had to leave early to meet with a few associates from Japan, so you rose with him, and watched as he got ready, helping him with his hair and doing up his tie. Looking up to meet his crystalline eyes, you noticed he considered you with an expression you haven’t seen on him before.
“What is it tesoro? Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked in a gentle tone.
“You’re… just so beautiful… would you like to come with me today? I’m sure they would love to meet you… I call them associates but in actual fact one of them is a relative of mine. You’ll only be bored for a little while; after that we can do whatever you would like to,” he asked with a gentle smile. You thought about how you were going to answer, ultimately you knew you didn’t want to go, favoring your grand escape instead, but denying him that quickly would definitely set off alarm bells in his mind.
“Ah! Perhaps next time my love, I’m not going to be good company today, I woke up with a bit of a headache… I’ll probably go back to bed and sleep it off after you leave,”
“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to make you feel any better bella, I hate the fact that you’re hurting,” Giorno cupped your face in his hands and gently stroked your cheeks with his thumbs, “get some rest bella mio, I’ll be back to check on you as soon as I can,” kissing you on the forehead he left without another word. Waiting for him to be completely out of the villa, you watched as his car exited the driveway before quietly packing what you could, mentally going over your checklist more times than you cared to count. Since your change in attitude, the staff at the villa were more accepting of your whims, partly to do with the fact that Giorno had instructed them to do so - within reason, but also, because you had won over their trust and if you had to be honest with yourself, there was nothing you could fault them for. The dynamic Giorno had with them was not ruled by fear, but rather by admiration… all of them being drawn in by his charisma. Managing to maneuver your way through the mansion and out an exit that saw you climbing over a hidden portion of the eastern wall surrounding the villa, you had finally been outside the confines of the villa on your own for the first time in well over a year.
In the car on the way to meet with his guests Giorno was preoccupied. He had noticed the gradual change in your behavior and as much as he would have loved to give you the benefit of the doubt, a nagging inclination that you might be lying always clouded his thoughts. He loved you- entirely- even though there were days in which you rejected his affections, he was patient with you… eventually you’d understand, the dangers that lurked in every corner made your captivity, as you so unceremoniously called it, a necessity. He had grown so accustomed to making decisions with little to no advice, he had adopted that stance in his personal life as well. He rationalized that once you had accepted the fact that his actions were all borne from his desire to protect you, your lives would be peaceful, until then, he would be patient, enduring your tantrums and snide remarks with the grace of an aristocrat… which only upset you further. To Giorno, you were to be looked after, protected- treasured, and so no matter how much you had tested his patience in the beginning, not once were you ever hurt or taken advantage of. Violence and shackles were much too unrefined for a gem like you, so to correct your behavior, the young don resorted to other, less threatening means of discipline.
“Don Giovanna? We have arrived,” shaken out of his musings by his consigliere, his attention was drawn to the fact that they had arrived at their destination ready to discuss the matters at hand.
“Thank you Lorenzo, would you check if the staff has everything ready while I greet our guests?”
“Of course, excuse me,” with that, Lorenzo had left, hastily attending to a call as he walked.
“Ah, welcome to Italy, I take it you and your associates have settled in well?” said Giorno with a polite bow, being mindful of the cultural conventions of his esteemed guests. Drinks were ordered and everyone present had settled down in the private lounge, except for Lorenzo who had been animatedly conversing on the phone for enough time to make his absence felt. Frustrated by what he was tasked to do, he abruptly ended his conversation and sought out Giorno to give him the news, finally, the staff at villa Giovanna had realized you were gone.
“The expression on your face can only mean one thing… when did they notice?”
“A few minutes ago, she couldn’t have gotten too gar given the timeframe… what would you like me to do?”
“You stay here and keep our guests company, I’ll handle this…” not even bothering to alert the driver, Giorno collected the keys from the valet and zoomed off. Making a short drive even shorter, he arrived home in foul mood, although he did assign some of the blame to himself, recognizing his fatal error when he ignored his gut feeling, he was disappointed at how easily you had managed to slip from his grasp and wondered if his staff had been plotting with you all along. He would have to address that later on though, his primary concern now was to locate you and bring you back home.
“Mista, I have a special request to make, please come to the villa, bring Fugo with you,” said Giorno in a quick call, there were few who he trusted more than his underbosses, and this task was something that required only the most competent people. After a short explanation of the situation at hand, both men had already started making calls to the relevant people in an attempt to thwart your plans.
You would think the most frightening thing about Giorno would be his god-like requiem ability. But over and above the raw power he possessed was his reach, the world seemed so small, as if it had rested comfortably in his elegant hands- and you had been getting reminders of this inescapable fate over and over again. By the time you had given up on the idea of escaping through any traditional means of transportation, you must have tried fifty different avenues, each attempt failing more spectacularly than the last. Having had enough, you resigned yourself to the fact that you would not be leaving Naples immediately, and found refuge in the outskirts of the city. You climbed the rickety staircase behind the lady as she prattled on about her day.
“Shall I get you something to eat dolcezza? You look like you could use something warm and comforting in your system. In fact, let me do just that, you get settled in so long,” said the innkeeper before you had a chance to interject. Deciding to take a shower to wash off the day, you took comfort in the fact that this place was so remote, you were almost certain you were safe for the meantime. The tiny bathroom was a far cry from the palatial one you had grown accustomed to while being in Giorno’s villa, but it served the same purpose, only this time, you had your freedom. The place was peaceful though aside from the sound of what must have been a car backfiring and the small creaks from the natural expansion and contraction of the dwelling, it was quiet enough for you to calm down and organize your thoughts. Now that you were comparatively more at ease than before, you felt the strain of the day in your body, aching muscles, sore feet and cuts and scrapes that began to smart affixed a slight grimace to your face as you rummaged through your belongings to find some sort of pain relief.
A sharp knock on the door disrupted your search. You stayed silent for a moment, contemplating if you should ignore it or answer.
“Dolcezza, I’ve brought you a small snack, you’re going to enjoy it,” you just wanted to crawl into bed and forget the day you had, but you also didn’t want to snub her kindness, you reached out to unlock and open the door.
“Buongiorno tesoro… enjoying your little excursion? Marina here was kind enough to show me to your room so I could surprise you… seems like it worked, look at this charming expression,” turning to the smiling woman, Giorno nodded for her to leave. Your heartbeat thundered in your ears, you wanted to cry, to run, to jump right out through the hazy window but your feet were rooted to the ground.
“Well (y/n) … you’ve been running around Naples for the entire day, have you found what you’re looking for?” his usual honeyed tone was laced with derision as he critically eyed your surroundings. “is this what you were so desperate to escape to? Look at this place… look at the condition you’re in… how is any of this better than everything I’ve given you?”
“I have my freedom here…” was all you could muster as your mind raced thinking of how he had still managed to find you despite all the precautions you had taken. “Giorno, how…”
“How did I find you? I always have my ways…” he said, sauntering over to the window, opening it just enough to make eye contact with whoever was outside, dismissing them with a nonchalant wave of his gloved hand. Pulling out his cellphone, he showed you the opened application, explaining that he had been using it to track your location, following the signal from the diamond earrings he gifted you on your birthday, carelessly left on when you had made your hasty escape. In all fairness, you hadn’t considered that the dainty gems were anything more than that. Feeling your legs starting to give out under you at the revelation that you were the cause of your own undoing, you sat on the bed hanging your head in defeat.
“Freedom, you say? Tell me how has that worked for you?”
“That’s not fair! You’ve basically controlled every single encounter I’ve had, and even when I thought I had escaped you by coming here, you still somehow managed to manipulate the situation…” you shouted, tears of frustration running feely down your face.
“Stop being dramatic, the world is full of horrible people, everyone is looking out for themselves, I wish you would realize that… tell me tesoro, how many people turned you away? Threw you out of their cars, made up excuses to deny your requests? Not one of those people looked into those pleading eyes and thought you were worth helping. Why? Because people are selfish…”
“You… you threatened them all, you…”
“You give me too much credit, it’s not like I was going to kill them, I hate violence, despite your disappointingly low opinion of me, even you have to admit that I’ve never done anything to physically harm you… all I want is to protect you, you don’t understand how things work out there,”
“It’s not like you’ve ever given me the opportunity to find out how things are… I”
“Some people are just meant to be loved and protected tesoro, isn’t that enough? Why would you want to risk being hurt to get a taste of something that’s actually not even worth it… you’re not cut out for this life… I’ve been here so I know this isn’t what you deserve. You’re coming back home with me,”
“But, I- “ you attempted to interject but his intense glare halted you.
“(y/n), I’m very patient under most circumstances, but please don’t test me now, I won’t say it twice…” said Giorno with a slight bite to his voice, it was clear he was growing tired of this conversation, and you were losing your will to fight back. With a quivering lip and misty eyes, you moved to gather your belongings but was stopped by the young don, arguing that he can replace whatever is there, wanting no other reminders of this transgression to follow you both back. Resigning yourself to this fate, realizing there was nowhere beyond his reach, you grasped his outstretched arm and followed him to the car to return to your life of opulent captivity. Months and months of planning all resulting in nothing, it became glaringly obvious to you that escaping was futile…
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lazarus-harp · a month ago
In your opinion, do you think s5 will happen? I know Joey has said that he's trying to find a new network for it, and I want to believe (cue x-files music) but idk...i just dunno how much I really do. Guess I've been burned too many times :/ seriously it happens so often that someone is like 'no no don't worry it's totally gonna happen soon' and then it gets delayed....and gets delayed again...........and then they're like 'nevermind sorry it's dead' ugh. And this isn't like me criticizing Joey or trying to be bitchy towards him!!! I know he works hard and stuff so if it doesn't happen I won't be pissed off at him or anything (well maybe a little but I'd never actually take it out on him bc that's just mean), it's just kind of frustrating I guess....
To be honest, though I've known my answer for this ask for a bit, I've hesitated in answering it. Because while I do have my own opinion on this from the context given, it's very likely I could be completely wrong. So I do want to say : take this all with a grain of salt rather then the holy truth! This is just my opinion on the situation regarding etn's production, not concrete facts. Though I'm flattered to be asked this question! Thanks so much for sending in this ask, anon, and I hope my opinion isn't as ... Disheartening as I think it sounds.
Here's the thing, the truth of this entire mess : it's extremely obvious Joey loves Escape the Night. He's a creator with a heart, and very actively supports the community around his show and loves to talk about it whenever he can. Literally when he left a video message for Manny on the web series, Reality House, he couldn't help but bring up Manny's death ; even when the show had nothing to do with etn. He just couldn't help himself, right? Joey has played Minecraft maps inspired by etn, he's played the Roblox etn game, he references it constantly with friends -- he made a whole video ranking the deaths! There is not a single doubt in my mind that Joey Graceffa adores the show he's made. Which counts for something, at least to me it does. When he told the audience he would do everything in his power to make a season 5, I can't bring myself to doubt that claim. If he loves the show, he's going to fight for it hard. And I think that's important to remember.
But to be blunt? No. I don't think season 5 of etn is going to happen. In the death ranking video, Joey brought up why it was hard to find a network, and I think people are forgetting about that explanation. He said it was hard to find one due to the fact Escape the Night already has four seasons, all of which are on youtube and probably can't be moved to another service. It would be jarring for a network to suddenly pick up where the original show left off when they had no hand in those produced seasons! Or when the seasons aren't even offered on their platform at all. As much as I want a s5, I understand it's practically impossible. And if we do ever get one, it's likely it won't be similar to any previous etn seasons ... Which makes me wary to even see it. The budgets will be bigger but Joey will likely have other rules to work around and other requirements to meet -- since all productions run a bit differently. I'm sure our beloved savant could make something good out of it, but again! It's unlikely we'll ever even get to that stage. So season 5? I'm not expecting it.
This isn't going to end on a hopeless note, though. Because I'm sure if Joey can't get a s5, he'll find something to do with the show outside of that. He's mentioned making a spin off series! Which is something I could see getting produced, since it'll have more wiggle room in terms of characters and story. And, though people forget this, Joey is an author! It's highly likely we could eventually witness Escape the Night become a book series -- be it with new characters and expanded lore, or with Joey twisting the original characters into ones he can use without ... Legal issues ( ex : calling them by their role names only ). We've seen him do this with the s1 board game, so I don't see why he wouldn't do it in book form as well. There's a lot of ways for etn to at least live on! It's just ... We're probably due for some big changes, since YouTube Red is no longer supporting the show.
What I'm trying to get at is this : seeing season 5 is unlikely and I, personally, wouldn't get your hopes up. But etn isn't going to fizzle out completely, either. It will continue somehow, simply because Joey adores the show too much to let it die. So I try and think about that more so then how disappointed I am over no s5, and it does help to an extent. We'll get Escape the Night content eventually! It's just a matter of what kind and when.
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zackcrazyvalentine · 6 months ago
Hello! Can I ask hug prompt 6 with Jade?the "hugging and gently holding the other’s head" Thank you and have a good day!
Hey! (。・∀・)ノ゛
I know this wasn't in the “original” schedule of requests I put in the masterlist I was working on, but the idea came and thought it was sweet! Couldn’t help myself but write it out
Shout out to @creativepromptsforwriting for their hug prompt, which you can find here!
Hope this little Jade sweetness is enjoyable for you~
Title: A Hug to Soothe the Soul
-- -- --
“Jade, I trust you to supervise the Lounge today.”
“Hey hey, Jade! Look at this new dance I learned from Magicam!”
“Jade-senpai! Hurry, we need your help! Floyd’s running around threatening some customers who accidentally knocked off a glass!”
“Eh? Whatd’ya mean I should stop and return to work? ...Meeh, don’t wanna~…”
“Ah… Apologies, senpai, I knocked off your (mushroom) spawning log off the shelf by accident…”
“Jade, I need your assistance here.”
S L A M !!!
The door to the shared bedroom was closed quite forcefully.
“Woah! That was loud.” Their voice momentarily stunned the tall male’s irritated stride to his bed. The [hair color] turned around as they sat on the twin’s desk chair, curious to see who closed the door like that and why.
“[Name], I-...” Jade cleared his throat and regained his composed posture, “Apologies, I was not expecting to have a surprise guest. Is there something I can help you with?”
The [ x ] year shook their head, “No, I’m fine… But, know what? I think there is something you could do for me, and you.”
A bright, gentle smile painted their face, arms wide open after turning around to face him while still sitting down in the chair. “Come here, you need a break. I want you to relax for a bit. You’ve definitely reached your limit for today, I’ll go speak with Azul later about your absence for the rest of the day.”
Octavinelle’s vice leader silently sighed in dismay. Of all people, he wished [Name] to give him a break, even more so after spectating his little scene.
“What may that be?” Ever professional, Leech inquired, listening attentively to one of the people he esteemed most.
Mismatched eyes widened a fraction, a brush of pink colored his cheeks as his heart fluttered in appreciation for this nice gesture. “I… should not, don’t worry about it. I should be going back now, farewell.” After fixing the hat atop his head, the towering boy turned and walked towards the door.
“Jade~” Not that tone, no… “Come, you know you need to rest. Allow me to take care of you.” So gentle, so tender, so thoughtful… Once their hand reached for his, Jade’s will to fight back dissolved to dust.
Nuzzling him closer to their body, [Name] spoke once more. “There we go~ See, not so bad is it? Let’s rest for today, Jade, you deserve it.”
He conceded, letting himself to be led to his bed, sitting down when prompted. The twin’s head rested upon their chest as their arms surrounded him in the most revitalizing embrace, a hand losing itself within the silky smooth tresses of teal hair. A feeling similar to that of his mother’s hug when comforting him after a nightmare.
With a slow, deep sigh, his shoulders untensed, scrunched up face relaxed to a neutral expression, eyes closed in comfort as he ignored the falling fedora. Soon, Jade’s own arms wrapped around their waist in a loose manner. Chills traveled through his spine, this was a sensation he missed for a considerably long time.
Letting out an airy giggle, the [color] eyed answered: “I suppose so… You also happen to heed my advice with not much qualms, so who’s really responsible here?”
The merman simply remained within their hold, relaxing further into their warmth, relishing in their familiar scent and tender touches. The hand at the back of his head, playing with his hair was his favorite of all gestures they bestowed upon him that instant.
Jade’s tranquil voice interrupted the comforting silence around them for a moment, “You always know how to make me relent, don’t you?”
“Now, get comfortable.” They rummaged through the vice dorm leader’s closet, choosing a pair of mushroom pattern pants and a graphic tee with the caricature of an eel printed on it. “Change into these and lay in bed and read a book you find interesting, listen to some music, or scroll through Magicam. I’ll be back in a few with tea and snacks after a short talk with Azul.” Before opening the door to leave, they turned around to give a last warning. “And you better not leave your room or begin doing some chores around here, alright? This is a day off purely to relax and destress, no thinking about work or the Lounge, or Azul or Floyd! Understood?”
Both laughed at the comment.
[Name] parted, gaining the most subtle upset frown to adorn their companion’s features.
His lips shaped into a smile. “[Name],” As they spared him a last glance, he nodded in appreciation, “Thank you.”
The [dorm] student smiled themselves, “That’s new~ Ehe, no worries! It’s no problem at all.” With that, they exited the room and left the eel boy to amuse himself in their short absence.
-- -- --
Once more, shout out to @creativepromptsforwriting
This is my very first Jade writing AND I’M A BIT NERVOUS NGL
Since he’s pretty much my #1, I’m a little too critical when writing him.
I see him as someone who won’t let his exhaustion show as freely as Floyd does with his moods, thus why he hoped Reader would allow him to relax, which in turn explains the slight disappointment he feels when they tell him there is a task he can do for them.
Hope you find this piece suitable for your request! Thank you for submitting this idea~
You have a good day, too, anon!
Let’s all remember to take a break from time to time, yes?
I’ll try to keep that in mind myself  (・・。)ゞ
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dudeandduchess · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Yakuza!Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Sugar and Spice (Mafia!AU, Modern AU, NSFW Series)[Chapter 3]
Summary: Kyōjurō and (Y/n) meet at a party, only to find out that their lives would change forever— since they had been arranged to be married. To make matters even more difficult for them, they were from two different walks of life, with (Y/n) being the Prime Minister’s daughter, and Kyōjurō being the heir to his clan’s Yakuza group.
Note: Kyō’s second to the last line was from Biz; from one of our jam sessions. So, I can’t take credit for that. 😂
Warnings: Smut, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex, Teasing, Orgasm Denial
Chapter 1| Chapter 2 | Chapter 4
To say that the press had a field day— as soon as the news of (Y/n) and Kyōjurō being engaged— was an understatement. It was absolute pandemonium outside the Prime Minister’s residence, as well as the Rengoku estate in Setagaya; cameras everywhere, people shouting questions at anyone and everyone who would pass them by.
But all of it got even wilder when Kyōjurō made an appearance at the Prime Minister’s home; carrying a large bouquet of flowers, with a very obvious— and eye-catching— bag from one of the most expensive jewelry stores in the country.
If he was trying to bait the press into taking a keen interest on him and (Y/n), then he had done a foolproof plan. That much was obvious, from the charming smirk that graced his lips as the guards tried to keep the press back from the closing gates.
And, as if to bait them even further, he lifted a hand up— giving them a brief wave through the slats in the wrought iron gate, before turning around and walking up the steps that led to the front door of the estate.
Meanwhile, (Y/n) wasn’t one bit thrilled at the cacophony of people that had been camping outside since yesterday. She had her arms crossed over her chest, if only to make herself feel a little more grounded.
She was used to being in front of cameras and being the center of attention, but only when it came to charity work and the like; never when people were actually interested in her, per se.
But she couldn’t do anything about it; not even if she opposed the engagement. Because she didn’t want to be the cause of her father’s disappointment; that or her family’s downfall, as she was sure that the Rengokus would expose the deal that Yorihiko had made with them to get the Prime Minister position.
That wouldn’t bode well for her, nor her family.
“Hello, baby.” (Y/n) jumped in surprise at the feel of a warm pair of lips just against the skin below her ear. She had no doubt that had she worn one of her regular shirts— and not a turtleneck sweater, to hide the love bites that adorned her skin— then she would have felt those lips latching on to that one spot on her neck that made her moan.
She and Kyōjurō hadn’t even known each other very long, but it scared and thrilled her that he was coming to know her body so quickly. And why she was so against him getting to know her body even further… was all because he scared her.
Not in the sense that he would hurt her, but in the sense that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. That much was obvious, as they had met under such… lustful circumstances.
The young woman then whirled around, with one hand lifting itself up and touching the tips of her fingers to the now warm spot— which Kyōjurō had just kissed. They were standing too close for her comfort, so she also found herself taking a tentative step back, before asking, “What are you doing here?”
“Can’t I see my future wife?” The blond teased with a bright grin, before stepping forward and closing the minute gap between them. That had their chests pressed together once more, which he enjoyed immensely; especially as he felt her nipples beginning to harden right beneath her clothes.
At that, a hearty laugh escaped from the blond’s lips, just as he lifted the bouquet of flowers up to the side of his head; showing (Y/n) that he hadn’t gone to see her empty-handed. “Don’t be so mean, sweetheart. I might just… I don’t know, fuck you right against that wall as punishment.”
His words sent a warm tingle racing all the way down (Y/n)’s spine; making her suppress her visible shudder as much as possible, right as she finally took a couple of steps away from Kyōjurō.
However, before he could trap her against the wall and his body— like he had done the day before— the young woman quickly rounded him and traipsed over to the empty couch; where she then sat down. As a precaution, she crossed her legs at the ankles, and sat sideways; as if she were at a meeting with one of her father’s esteemed guests, instead of in one of the mansion’s reception areas with her future husband.
“Don’t be so cold to your husband, baby,” Kyōjurō teased once more, his grin widening as he followed the young woman’s movements. But, instead of sitting down next to her on the couch, he sat down right on the edge of the coffee table; laying the bouquet right next to him so fluidly that it all seemed choreographed.
(Y/n)’s heart began to pound at that, and even more so when Kyōjurō leaned forward; forearms on the tops of his legs, and their knees barely brushing against each other’s’. Then, slowly, she felt his hands begin to brush against her skin; light and gentle movements at first— as if he was teasing her— before they outright curled around her legs, and slid up so close to where her modest, knee-length skirt had ridden up.
“You’re not my husband. What are you doing?” (Y/n) hissed out in a whisper, not even bothering to hide the surprise and mild hostility in her tone. Especially when the blond only smirked up at her, before pushing the hem of her skirt up even further.
Wordlessly, Kyōjurō just shrugged, before sliding off the table and getting down on his knees in front of (Y/n). He then maneuvered his hands to push her legs apart, as he wedged himself in between them before she could close them back up.
“I’m asking you again, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“Showing you some love. Anything wrong with that, baby?” The blond asked, right before leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of the young woman’s left thigh.
Completely bewildered, (Y/n) tried to pry his hands off of her thighs— especially when Kyōjurō began to push her skirt up even more; exposing her panties to him, and having his fingers slide beneath the elastic at her hips.
“No shorts underneath? How bold, (Y/n)…” His tone was joking, but the lust in his eyes were clear as day as he looked right up at (Y/n).
The mere mention of her name rolling off of his tongue had her biting down on her tongue; if only to keep herself from feeding into what he wanted and moaning softly.
However, a gasp of surprise passed her lips when Kyōjurō pulled her hips right to the edge of the couch; right before he boldly pressed his lips to the crotch of (Y/n)’s panties. And before she could push his head away, he snaked his tongue out between his lips and began to lick her pussy right through the thin cloth.
“People are going to come in!” The young woman whisper-yelled, but made no move to stop him; especially as he pulled her underwear to the side, before gliding the flat of his tongue up her slit.
Her reaction pleased the Rengoku immensely though, as she made no mentions of wanting him to stop; only that people might see them. That gave him an inkling that she felt the same attraction towards him, as he did for her.
“I told them to give us some privacy,” He answered with a smirk, just as he pressed his mouth right against her cunt; licking up and down her slit, before taking her clit into his mouth and nipping at it with his teeth.
That had (Y/n)’s hips jerking in pleasure and surprise, especially as her fiancé paid more attention to her sensitive clit. Every pass of his tongue against the little nub had her gasping softly, and eventually throwing her head back against the back of the couch— succumbing to the pleasure coursing through her entire body, even though a part of her kept telling her that what they were doing wasn’t appropriate at all.
But that all took the back seat, as the blond’s left hand snaked its way down to cup her pussy; letting his fingers tease her entrance, while Kyōjurō pulled back a little to admire the way that he was spreading her wetness around her needy cunt.
“Fuck, baby, I can’t wait to fuck this pretty little cunt.” With those words hanging in the air, Kyōjurō spread (Y/n)’s lips with two fingers, before slowly sliding his middle finger inside her; watching her face, as her eyes closed in bliss— with her lips parting in a silent moan.
That had him feeling so hot and needy for her; even more than before. But he knew that he had to wait, at least until their wedding night— if only to tease her to the point where she was the one who initiated things between them.
Slowly, he began pumping his finger inside her; curling it up against her g-spot and watching her back arch up so beautifully in pleasure. He then leaned his head back down and wrapped his mouth around her clit once more, relishing in the soft gasps and moans escaping (Y/n)’s lips— even as she tried to muffle them by pressing the back of her hand against her lips.
And when he added another finger to the one inside her tight pussy, he felt her legs tense on either side of him; which he took as a sign to start fucking her even faster— to the point where she was subtly bucking her hips against his face. So shameless, and all because of him.
He loved making her so helplessly needy like that.
“You want my cock, baby?” Kyōjurō couldn’t help but ask; feeling a little bit of his pettiness— from her earlier quip about him not being her husband— bubble up within him. “You want me to fuck you hard right here?”
“…yes, please.”
Instead of giving in to her plea, however, he curled his fingers against her g-spot one more time, before pulling his fingers right out of her; then looked right into her eyes as he brought the digits to his mouth so he could suck them clean.
And, with a smug grin, he stated, “Sorry, baby, but my cock is wifey privileges.”
“What the…” (Y/n) hissed, sitting upright and glaring down at the grinning man right between her legs. She pursed her lips at first, wanting to tell him that that wasn’t what he would have said when they first met, but deciding that that would make her sound nothing more than a sore loser. So, she went with what she could do, curse him: “Fuck you.”
“Maybe on our honeymoon, sweetheart.” With that, Kyōjurō blew her a playful kiss, feeling her glare get even hotter as her eyes narrowed on him.
He was sure then, that if only looks could kill, he’d have been on the ground the moment he stopped fucking her with his fingers. But he had to admit, she looked so cute when she was mad.
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ms-indifferwnt · 7 months ago
I’m Cold
“I'm cold"
"Can't you give me your jacket or something?"
"Can't you accept my proposal and marry me already?"
In which Prince Donghyuck's parents are forcing him to get married and he decided to propose to the first girl he sees to shut his parents up
Genre: Prince!Lee Donghyuck x Maid!Reader, Angst, Fluff, Arranged Marriage (kinda), Slowburn
Warnings: Curse words, Suggestive (I'll add more if there are)
Notes: Chapter 6 of Im Cold. I’m pretty excited for this one hehe
Prev / Chapter 6 / Next
Tumblr media
"No," Donghyuck says and crosses his arms, shooting a glare on Prince Lucas's present, that you were happily taking a bite out of. Donghyuck won't admit it but at some point, out of all the Princes you seemed to have gotten closer to Lucas, Donghyuck moves to glare this time at Lucas who was laughing at how cute you ate the donut, helping you brush the sugar on your lips, making you flinch at the touch, Donghyuck won't admit (he absolutely refuses to "It lowers my self-esteem" he once says) but throughout your fake engagement, out of all his group of friends, Why? Why must it be the most flirtiest Prince? Renjun would be the most proper out of everyone and be at a safe distance as a way to be polite, you could've been friends with him, Jeno and Jaemin would probably treat you like a sister and help you with adjusting to this life, you could've been friends with them, Chenle would ask you questions about being Prince Donghyuck's Fiance and he is sure that you and Chenle would be inseparable, you could've been friends with him, Jisung is a sweet shy boy and Donghyuck ninety-nine percent (only because its impossible to be one hundred percent) sure that Jisung would just watch from afar, why not him? but no! you became friends with flirty, loud, annoying, touchy, Prince Lucas
Donghyuck glared at Lucas and grabbed his arm "Prince Lucas" Donghyuck warns and Lucas grins, knowing full well that Donghyuck only calls people by titles when he is pissed
"Oh relax," he pulls away "I won't steal her from you," He bows at you and Donghyuck "I'm engaged"
Donghyuck nods and notices how you looked down with your tongue fiddling with something in your mouth, he recognizes it, after having many lunch and breakfast dates these past couple dates, he takes a glass of water and offered it to you while he spoke "Ah, yes and that is how an engaged man acts" he gently rubs your back to help you while you drank your water
"Oh please," Lucas settles on the sofa beside you, no longer standing beside Donghyuck, only to get flicked on the forehead by the latter "Ow!"
"Stay away from my girl, if you still wish to keep your hair"
Lucas laughs and moves to sit a bit farther from You "You're Fiance been always this clingy and protective?"
You take another bite of the donut before answering, red painting your cheeks from the words that left the Prince's lips, he was taking it too seriously only to be fake engaged to me, thinking about it, Back then, with the perverted man, the one who wanted to take your grandparents home, the time you were so stressed that he fed you, even when the two of you are out in public that boy always has to have one limb attached to you. "Yeah, he does that"
"You're one to talk" Someone joined, hitting Prince Lucas upside the head "and he is right you know, stop flirting"
You covered your mouth shocked at the sight, surprised that somebody would hit a royal
"Love, that hurts" Prince Lucas pouts, and whines, grabbing her hand "I wasn't flirting"
She rolls her eyes and smiles sweetly at you "You must be Y/n" She bows "It's a pleasure to finally meet Prince Donghyuck's bride be" she grins and you bow
Donghyuck leans in to whisper "Lucas's Fiance, Yeonli" he informs wrapping his arm protectively over your shoulder "She and Lucas act more alike than you think so I apologize on behalf of these two idiots, I call my friends"
You couldn't help but blush at the proximity, thankfully, he pulled away, keeping his arms around your shoulder to keep you at his side
Just then Yuta walks in and Dongyuck happily exclaimed "Hyung! You're here!" He turns his head as Yuta bows in front of everyone "Please tell me The other's are here"
Yuta nods "Yes, Prince Jaemin, Prince Jisung and Prince Chenle and Company" He motions to the door, and just like that a very excited Prince Chenle walked in followed by three girls then Prince Jisung and Prince Jaemin
"Y/n Noona!" Chenle called excitedly and stood in front of you taking your hand to kiss the knuckles "You look beautiful, It's nice to see you again" he catches Donghyuck's eyes and raises his hands in defense "I'm not flirting"
Donghyuck hums and looks at his younger friend, who playfully winked at you, before moving to Yeonli and kissing her knuckles as a greeting
You tugged on Donghyuck's sleeve to show him the oncoming guests "Great them, they're your guests" You informed, once you turn to him your breathing stilled this boy in front of you was close, too close, he was slightly slouching so even you (who was sitting up straight) your eyes were aligned with his nose, you could see at how his lips parted slightly to puff air out, you couldn't look away from his lips. You have to look away, now!
You looked back to the guests, who, thankfully, Donghyuck's attention was still on the guests, "Company?" asked one of the girls, her heels clicking as she crosses her arms over her dress "is that what we are now? Company?"
Jaemin hums "Well none of you are married to the royal family yet, so" He shrugs "Yes, Princes" he motions to himself then at them "And Company"
"Na Jaemin" the other girl, her brown hair tied in a half ponytail, she looked annoyed and immediately Jaemin walks to her and holds her hand
"Aww heart, I didn't mean it like that"
"What for?" Donghyuck says once he looks at you "They seem to be doing well, walking by themselves"
You looked at him unamused, "Donghyuck" you stood up and tugged on his arm so he'll follow you, to stand and greet the guests "It's polite"
He groans but follows nonetheless, bowing in front of the newcomers, his hand intertwined with yours while you bowed. Raising your head, you stared at the shocked faces of the newcomers while they stared at you and Donghyuck
Prince Jisung walks to Prince Donghyuck and placed his hand on his forehead while looking at Yuta, who watches in amusement "Hyung is he sick?" Doghyuck growls and swats the younger hands away
Prince Jaemin moves to hold your free hand while nodding "I don't know how, but" he leans to kiss your knuckles and smirks "When did Donghyuck become such an obedient dog?"
"Na Jaemin!" Donghyuck yells, letting go of your hand to chase after the boy who was running away
The girls laugh, While Prince Jisung calls for Prince Lucas and Chenle to help him make sure that Prince Donghyuck won't kill Prince Jaemin, while Chenle helps by yelling words of encouragement "Run Jaemin Hyung, Donghyuck will tear you to shreds"
You flinched, "wait, no" you gripped and tried to reach out for Donghyuck "Donghyuck, no, don't do-" you yelped in surprises once one of the girls hugged you
"Eunnie" she smiles and kept you close "You're really pretty, my name Soonim"
"Nice to meet you" You smile and bowed at her and everyone else
"Let the boys play, they only get to see each other once a while" One answers and pries Soonim off you "Excuse her, she and Prince Chenle match each other energy, I'm Hiyoung, I'm-"
You cut her off with a smile "Prince Jaemin's bride be" you bowed "It is nice to finally meet you"
"Soonim is right Eunnie," one spoke up and held your hands, in hers as she smiles "You're really beautiful" pink tints your cheeks in embarassment at the complement
"Aera don't overwhelm her," Hiyoung says and laughs at the sight of you bowing in front of princess Aera
She keeps you still "Please, Y/n, don't be so polite to us"
Yeonli nods and motions to everyone "We're all friends here" she says and laughs, you couldn't help but laugh too
Donghuck who heard you yelp, slowed down from chasing Jaemin around so that Jisung and Lucas can finally hold him down, he looks at you to see if you are ok, only to see you giggling with the other girls, and he smiles, you always looked so much prettier when you smile
"You're drooling" Chenle notes and pretended to wipe the saliva from the corner of his mouth, making the Prince look away and readjust his suit "You're whipped for Y/n aren't you? You stopped chasing Jeamin Hyung for her~"
Lucas chuckles and pats his friends back "No need to be shy, there's nothing wrong with being in love with your fiance"
Tumblr media
Donghyuck wasn't listening to a word, Prince Renjun was saying, the moment the latter opened his mouth, Donghyuck decided to shut him out, instead of paying attention to him his eyes drifted around the snacks and he decided at that moment guessing how much sugar each sweet contained was much more entertaining then what Renjun was talking about 'till he heard you laugh
His eyes lifted to see you laughing at something Princess Haegyoung said, he looks at the princess, then at Mark, he hums, the two of them are perfect for each other, both seated in a way that their feet would brush. hands placed on their laps as if holding each others hands from afar. Donghyuck looked at you again, you were listening to stories and nodding along, you seemed to be getting along with them well
Donghyuck's eyes traveled to what you were wearing, glasses, the wrap dress he picked out for you when you both went shopping, your neck adorned with the gardenia flower necklace he got for you, his eyes trailed lower and there it was, he bought you one of your own but you're wearing his watch around your wrist, it was loose, going up your arm with every movement, he places his hand on his watchless wrist, out of habit, yeah, you definitely have his watch.
The next thing he noticed about you was the way you pushed the glasses up against your nose, turning to the side to speak to Princess Mison, Renjun's Fiance, Donghyuck snorts, it seemed typical for Renjun to give her a clip with the letter R on it, but she seemed to enjoy it so who is he to judge? Donghyuck puts his attention back to you to see your glasses from the side, against the light, and there it was, fingerprints. He tries, he really did, but you looked adorable with the way you didn't notice the fingerprints from how invested you listened to the stories, he shifts in his seat
Mark stopped listening, surely there was something else more fascinating than Renjun's story, he looks at his fiance, who was happily telling a story, oh how he loved Haegyoung the way she would smile and laugh. His eyes drifted over to you, If he didn't know any better by the way you sat, spoke, and acted, the stories the younger would tell about, Mark could've passed you and Donghyuck off as he perfect couple except he did know better, he knows this all fake, you and Hyuck were doing this to benefit yourselves
The next thing Mark saw made him look twice, it was Donghyuck's watch, but it couldn't be, that's one of Donghyuck's prized accessories, his ex-girlfriends weren't allowed to touch it, his own friends aren't permitted to borrow that watch but you have it? you're wearing it? Mark looks at Donghyuck to see he too was paying attention to you, and that he wasn't wearing his watch, he was confused at what was going on 'till he saw Donghyuck smile, it was a smile that he tried to hide so Mark turns his head to see you there just talking, did Donghyuck just smiled at the sight of you? He watched as The prince reached out to tap you and ask for your glasses, taking it off, you handed it to the Prince who cleaned the glass before wearing it, making a face and then taking it off again to hand it back to you
Mark smirked, that was probably the most affectionate Donghyuck ever was in his life to someone else. Mark was right, this was definitely more interesting than whatever Renjun was talking about.
Renjun wasn't blind it was obvious that Donghyuck was too busy looking at his Fiance to listen to what he is saying and Mark was just being a pain in the ass, he smiles at the ones who were listening and placed his finger against his lips to keep everyone else quiet
"And that was how we thought our dog laid an egg" Renjun announced, everyone looked at him in shock but Mark and Donghyuck whipped their head
"What the fuck?"
"Wait what?"
Tumblr media
You woke up with a soft knock on your door, slowly, reluctantly pulled yourself out of bed, in nothing but a pair of oversized shirt and pajama shorts you slowly opened the door, to be greeted with a smiling Princess Mison and Lady Chunae, you bowed your head
They swat you to stop you from bowing "We're all friends, Y/n" Lady Chunae starts, and holds your hand in hers "Don't address us by our titles, ok?" Princess Mison was more than happy to agree on
You nod, promising to try and then grin tugging on your hand so that you'll follow them "Come with us" Chunae, Prince Jeno's Girlfriend, pulls you out of the warmth of your own room
"wait but I'm in my pajamas" You reasoned, trying to get out of her grip to change atleast
Making Princess Mison, Prince Renjun's Girlfriend, laugh "We all are" She motions to what they were wearing "Please? Girl's night?" She pouts and you coo at how cute she was "We all want you there" She tries again  before you sighed and nodded, she perks up "Really?" She happily leads you out into the garden, the chill of the night pricking your skin
Upon arrival you spot the rest of the girls, sitting on the chairs or the floor of the patio and you blink at the sight, all of them ere still in there pajamas, cups of tea on the table and multiple pillows everywhere
"Eunnie!" Sooni happily calls and waves you over, following everyone (mostly Chunae  who dragged you to sit on the floor with her) "You're here, have some tea"
Doyoung comes out of the corner, you didn't even notice he was there 'till he poured you a cup, raising an eyebrow at him he smiles "You'll get used to this" he assures and hand you the cup "They like having midnight talk sessions"
You looked ahead to see them happily conversing, you looked down at your hand, you weren't happy with yourself, now that your being honest. These people were really loved by their Princes and are really in a relationship with the Princes, and you are nothing but a fake
"Eunnie" Aera calls after she notice you glaring at your cup "We hope we aren't bothering you, we really just wanted to meet you and become close with you"
You looked at her and smiled apologeically "Sorry, I didn't mean to-"
Yeonli nods and sits on the floor infront of you "Will you be my friend?" she asks and you nod making the rest also ask for your hand in friendship and Aera giggles "Eunnie looks scared" you blushed at her words making Yeonli tug on her hair playfully "Please you almost practically fainted when we dragged you here the first time"
The group bursts into laughter and you smiled, feeling relieved just as Hiyoung places her hand on your shoulder as Yeonli and Aeri bickered "Let them yell at each other, it'll be hilarious" she assured just when you were about to break them apart
Soomin takes a sip of her tea before she leans forward towards you "Eunnie, can you tell us stories about you and Prince Donghyuck?"
You blinked, "what?" you tilted your head to see all of them facing you and waiting for you to tell your story "But-"
"Don't worry, we'll tell our stories too, so" Soomin pouts and clasps her hands "please?"
Tumblr media
I’m Cold Taglist:
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enha-woodzies · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
starring: enhypen ft. daniel
pairing: jungwon x fem!reader x sunghoon
genres: royal au, romance, angst, slowburn, 18th century setting
warnings: mild swearing, mentions of blood, physical fight
word count: 3.2k whoo!
taglist: @serendipitysung @en-sun @affectionaterainoflove @renkiv @softforjungwoo @jislix @gyeraniee @fluffi @stxrryemxlys @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3 @lost-lepord-beanie @hyunsunge @thenoceurgirl @thonkingdeepo @sunshineshouchan @peachyun @youreverydayzebra
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Esteemed members of the ton, lo and behold! I come bearing uplifting news from my unannounced hiatus. Some may have acquired it already, while some are still in utter disbelief of the recurring events that happened behind our backs. A month of mischiefs going around the North will not silence the ever-evasive sources that I have in the pad of my fingers. I may have run out of ink, but our lovely townfolks will never run out of scandals.
Are you ready to unfold the latest cunning scenes? A brief reminder, beware and be aware.
According to my eager sources, he was seen with bloody fists coming out from the Kielder Forest several weeks prior! The ton was abuzz yet again to discover that our beloved, Lord Jungwon, had his knuckles stained by going aggressive with the town's magnate of a marquess, soon-to-be Duke, Lord Park Sunghoon!
Now, did you think they went head to head, skin against skin, blood on the harsh ground, fighting over the heart of our dearest, coveted eligible, Miss Y/n Park?
If you think so, be my guest!
As it appeared that our precious jewel among the rocks was caught in a string of scandals when she was seen, traipsing around the Queen's Royal Garden in the dawn of the night with our dear second-born, Lord Yang Jungwon a week after the gentlemen’s brawl!
What do you think was our marquess’ response to this incident when it was his about-to-be Duchess, Miss Park, playing around with the gent whom he particularly had a bloody fight with weeks prior without his knowledge?
And what do you think went about with our precious jewel’s head that she brought such shame to her family and their name with her naughty doing?
Do note that she was frolicking under the dark evening with the enigmatic gent with no chaperone in sight! How could the family let this happen?
Not only that, they were practically seen sealing off the evening with multiple, intimate kisses on each other’s lips! My, my! I might even declare my intuitions being right all along seeing that the two have always been rather “friendly” since Lord Yang’s return from university.
But shall we have it be a pool of thought to ponder upon? Seeing the lady being promenaded by our dear Lord Park, the gallant Yang still pushed his agenda through and came between the lovely pair with such ingenuity. Several questions sprung out among the evasive citizens of the ton that got us all to play little detectives if not for this season’s finest scandal. And so we ask ourselves...
Did the young miss and the cunning lord plot a scheme against our duke-in-the-making? After all, the forest brawl that brought bruises upon the faces of our finely chiseled noblemen was more than a mere hint of affirmation to the mind-boggling situation, considering they had their knuckles bloody for her.
Can our young miss redeem herself from the shame and mischief she brought upon her family’s name and impress the Queen for her imminent wedding? Well, there’s only one answer to that. We might have to see for ourselves.
Till then, this has been The Daily Tattle, finally back from the sporadic travels and living up to its name of being the ton’s favorite insider, giving you the juiciest and beefiest tattle from the North.
See you at the grand wedding!"
Tumblr media
With the night still young and so illuminating, it’d be madness not to stroll around the barely bustling town. It was almost the end of the season as marriages were taking place here and there and the chilly night’s air was abroad in the night.
Having no heart to inform their household of their evening absence, the two gentlemen, yet again, were going all out fierce and headstrong against each other as Sunghoon demanded to meet Jungwon for another case to be justified. But justified they were under the bright moonlight as harsh hittings were the only means of satisfaction they could think of.
The sound of flesh against clenched fists and bodies crashing on the ground resonated among the Kielder Forest, a mecca for brooding gentlemen who like to settle their matters illicitly.
When nobody is around, the trees gossip about the people who have walked under them. Everyone says they love nature until they realize how arcane and dangerous she can be. It’s such a shame that the humble, little bats who came to relax among the branches suddenly started flying one by one with the bedlam that’s transpiring beneath them.
“I assume you’re delighted now that you have her back in your arms. You’re not fooling anyone, Yang! Now that she and her family are under mortification of your scandalous frolics in the dark, I doubt they’d let you crawl back in her life again. Especially when the whole ton knows how you took the purity of her lips!”
“And you think she’d run back to you? A stupid bloke you are, eh? Need I remind you, Park, you fooled the whole ton with your little scheme so don’t turn the tables on me about mortifying her and her family! Once everybody in the ton and the Queen herself hears about this, your reputation may as well be more doomed than ours!”
The unrestrained lad landed another heated fist upon Jungwon’s face for what seemed to be the nth time now. Jungwon, on the other hand, remained steady on the ground, collar gripped by the former’s grasp, lips and nose bleeding from Sunghoon’s maddening attacks.
“If Y/n and I both stick to the story; you can’t prove anything!”
“You foul git! I respected you for the longest time that I could bear, Park. Despite the misunderstanding that stood between you and Riki, I still let you confide in me behind their backs because I fucking respected you as my friend! I have always known you an asshole but I never thought you a villain. But seeing how desperate you would go to torture me and Riki with my lover, you are indeed deemed fit to be called as the fucking prat that you are-”
And there goes another bloody knuckle swung against Jungwon’s other cheek, making his nose bleed more and look broken as if it wasn’t enough for Sunghoon’s liking yet.
“It is your fault for consoling me in secrecy when you could have been a better man and wrote her back letters! You let her slip, Yang, don’t blame your stupidity on me when you had your choices but you chose to watch them get chosen by me! I can give her anything in this world, anything you missed out I will fulfill, no thanks to you!”
“You're paying a small price compared to what she's going through. Piss off, Park, you no longer deserve her.”
The marquess was swiftly pushed aside by the latter and his back freely fell on the cold ground, eyes staring into the openness that are the trees, dancing as if it didn’t witness the chaos from the fueled lads.
“I’ll let you go this time. But I am not backing out of this charade if it means acquiring her hand in the aftermath of my efforts. I guess we’ll have to find out at church in four weeks’ time.”
Tumblr media
Followed by the clashing of the horse tacks and muddy boots, Jungwon quickly strutted toward their parlor, hair disheveled, face stained, and chest heaving from the long travel he just took. As the advent of his proposal was gradually sinking in, he found a desperate need to inform his family as early as now.
“Mother, there is something I must tell you.” He huffed out exhales as he found support against their end table in the parlor, looking downright flushed along with his unkempt entourage.
“Good heavens! Sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden? Look at you!”
“Mother, I am to marry a lady.” Lady Yang’s brows furrowed in confusion followed by a slight scoff. She found it a tad bit funny, hearing his son saying nonsense as if it wasn’t even obvious yet.
“Of course, you are! You and your brothers are ought to be,”
“I am to marry her in the next four weeks, Mother!” And this time, her eyes widened in shock.
“Good lord, why are you in such a rush? Did Lady Choi-”
“I’m marrying Y/n.”
 “Oh dear,” She muttered under her breath. “Oh no— Jungwon, honey,” She placed a hand against her son’s stained cheek, softly wiping a tear away before caressing it. “but she and the marquess are-”
“Not yet married! And I assure you they won’t be,”
“In the eyes of the ton, they already are,” Sunoo, who just came out from his scheduled readings in the foyer, butted in with a look of disdain plastered all over his face.
“In the eyes of the church, they’re not! Lest my love does not have the word Duchess beside her name, she is a woman of her own! She has always been,”
“Have you ever thought of the possibility that you’re a little too late for that?”
“You weren’t there that night, brother! You could’ve seen the sparkle in her eyes when we held each other; I cannot be too late in this,”
“Well, does she have knowledge about this? W-Wha… How?” Lady Yang, with worried eyes, props down on their couch to process the sudden confession from her second-born son who has always expressed his objection towards the young miss.
“I have already apprised her of my proposal,” Silence engulfed the entire room and Jungwon’s heavy breathing was the only thing audible. “And I am giving her all the time that she needs at the very moment to make up her mind as she asked me to.”
“What makes you so confident she will choose you over him? I mean, being a Duchess isn’t at all far-fetched when the soon-to-be Duke’s in love with her. Are you certain you’re not being stupid again before going back to her with sickening heartaches?” Sunoo chimed in.
“Brother, for the longest time, I tried and masked my yearning by creating unreasonable fights with her where our small talks turned into screaming wars. What’s worse was that we don’t even remember why we were fighting in the first place. There is no better time than now to put my genuine intentions out in the open. She is your friend and I understand how frustrated you are with me for being a constant pain in the ass,”
Jungwon closed the gap between him and Sunoo with a tight, reassuring embrace. “but I assure you, brother, I truly, madly, deeply love her. I don’t think I’m the right person to answer your first question, because it is up to her now.”
Tumblr media
Sunghoon saunters up the young miss’ manor for a rather spontaneous promenade. It had been almost a week since the barbaric brawl between the two chaps and Sunghoon decided to let some of his wounds heal in the given timeframe to not worry the lady, though he had made a poor job of hiding the damage.
As if the scandals written on the controversial paper weren’t enough yet, he planned to confront Y/n to satisfy his lingering doubts. As soon as he walked in, she felt the tension. She felt that chill that makes the hairs on the back of her neck stiff when he walked into the room.
“Pleasant morning, my lady.”
“Sunghoon… Your Grace, would you care to break your fast with me?” Y/n was caught off guard by the marquess’s unannounced arrival, stuttering in between ample munches of her brioche.
“I daren’t stay long. I just had to see you… I had to hear your voice.”
“Oh,” Y/n slowly puts down her buttery piece of bread, staring blankly at the marquess. “But I don’t recall any scheduled promenades today, or did my mind slip this time?”
“With the recent events that made me the last person to have knowledge of, I’m certain it did.”
“Sunghoon, I-” dropping the fork against her porcelain plate, Y/n’s mouth gawked at the sudden realization of what Sunghoon meant.
Taking into account that it had been several days since The Daily Tattle released their recent reports, the young miss had feared that such news would reach her loving marquess, especially when the two were subtly yearning for each other at some point in their ruse.
Sunghoon squints. “Was it true? Did Jungwon…” he hisses. “did you and Jungwon-”
“Yes,” And one word was all it took for Sunghoon to close his eyes and let the void swallow him whole, slowly letting out a rather ragged exhale, a tear escaped his eyes. Another evidence of his body betraying him and putting across what he had been keeping for the past few days since the scandal blew up.
He never admitted to himself, but he knew he was always fond of the young miss; too fond that even his sentiments kept him up at night, thinking whether she feels the same way.
“Sunghoon, liste-”
“Walk with me. Promenade with me for the last time, will you? I am in desperate need to tell you something I have been conserving for the longest time now and I cannot bear to watch you slip your hands in his without hearing my wishes.” The young miss nodded in approval and quickly left their manor for a public stroll near Swan’s Lake, where every single soul of Northumberland was lounging at.
It was late AM, there’s bright sunshine and the pair were walking along the bank of the lake where the grass is always greener, while a restless feeling was holding them down. They were having a hard time opening up a conversation that the elephant itself thought it a shame, it didn’t even want to talk about the people in the room, or should we say the lake.
“So, you took him back, huh? For a moment there I thought you were bluffing.” Sunghoon clears his throat afterward.
“I thought it was time.” Y/n bit the insides of her cheek in utter guilt. Though she shouldn’t feel that way, she’s confident enough she’d hurt Sunghoon’s feelings in the process.
“I’m sure you enjoyed yourself that night. Don’t get me wrong, this shouldn’t sound like a snide remark. I am indeed impressed; happy for you even.” It took a great deal of courage, to swallow up all his affectionate sentiments and aid himself by watching the love of his life embrace their gleeful state with someone else; and someone else being his fellow nobleman whom he learned to resent over time.
The feeling stings, making him feel a bit lightheaded for repressing them enough.
“Well? What happened? I want all the details!” He decided that the time had come to be stronger than any of the excuses he’d used until then. As much as it pains him to hear her talk about Jungwon, he has no other choice but to be all ears for the woman he had come to adore.
“Why would you want to put yourself through something like that? The ruse, I mean. Why did you even care to raise such a suggestion that night?” The young miss halted from her tracks and turned to face Sunghoon, shooting him a concerned look.
“I genuinely wanted to help, Y/n. I had no idea that the matters were already much complicated between you two,” His voice began to falter as he lowered his gaze. “I never meant for it to go this far but at some point I realized, I don’t think I could live alone again.”
“You did a bad thing for a good reason. I have you to be grateful for, if not for the whole scheme, Jungwon and I-”
“If not for the whole scheme, you two would not have been the happiest duo that you are now,” Sunghoon, with an almost quivering voice, gulped down before an attempt to finish his sentence. “at least I finally did something right.”
“Don’t say that. Meeting you was enough bliss to say the most. I do not often get such an opportunity to talk to someone like you, and that means a whole lot.”
Sunghoon was at a crossroads and whichever path he chose would ruin someone’s life; that being his, for giving up the one good thing that felt real, Y/n’s, for forcing her into a life she never desired in the first place, or Jungwon’s, for taking away the one real thing he’s ever known and hoped for in his lifetime.
“I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I love you, Y/n.”
She blinked, many a time to confirm her hidden fear. She suddenly felt her throat dry and how almost nothing would come out from her lips beside her staggering breaths. Slowly, she took Sunghoon’s pale hands in hers and locked her gaze upon his, making sure not to break eye contact for the sincerity to come across.
“I’m sorry if this upsets you too… but I’m thinking of marrying him.”
It was time, he thought. He’d fought against it for so long. He had decided to accept his fate of accepting his fate. But one, tiny spark of hope gave him a little nudge in the side and did what seemed improbable, but likely enough to happen.
Sunghoon knelt down on one knee against the damp ground, never minding the stain that would hardly come off his pure white, satin knee breeches he’d normally wear on very special occasions; as if this one wasn’t already special enough.
Eyes quickly darted upon them as bystanders and promenaders paused from their traipsings and gandered on the coveted pair. It was Northumberland after all. Every single proposal can never go unspoken and unseen for everyone’s evasive enough to butt their heads into other people’s businesses. No one would want to miss a single proposal in sight.
“Y/n, for the brief time I’ve known you, I had felt nothing but pure joy for the warmth you’ve always shared with me. I could not bear this any longer. Y/n, make me the happiest man in the world,” The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming, Y/n could even feel like fainting on the spot.
Before Sunghoon could say the conceivable words, the deafening roar of the thunder overhead confirmed his worst fears. The view from the ground terrified even the most seasoned traveler. He wasted no more of their time and tightened his grasp on her hands, a little fidgety to say the least. His eyes stared straight into her soul, throwing the magnetic feel of her divine abyss aside, and mustered up all the courage left in him no matter how ragged and dry his breaths already became.
Y/n’s heart began to sound like a bass drum against her chest, deliberately going faint before it went banging once again.
It was noon, a downpour was about to go off and the pair were settled stiffly along the bank of the lake where the grass started to look muted from its previous, healthy state; a gloomy feeling was holding the two down.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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holylulusworld · 9 months ago
I still cry
Tumblr media
Summary: A break-up sometimes leads to worse things than heartbreak.
Pairing: former Dean x Reader; Dean x Lisa
Characters: Bobby Singer, OFC Judith, Sam Winchester
Warnings: angst, heartbreak, a break-up, abandonment, low self-esteem, tears, mentions of demons, a little Lisa hate (sorry), no happy ending, sorry, not sorry
A/N: Written for @katehuntington​​​‘s 1K Celebration (Congratulations!). My song was ‘I still cry’ by Ilse DeLange. I used the song for inspiration and some of the lyrics (in Italics). The song originally is for a passed loves-one, but I decided to use it to describe the heartbreak and pain the reader feels after she got left behind.
A/N2: For my story, Sam came back with an intact soul.
Tumblr media
Three months after he left, … 
“How was your weekend, Y/N?” your colleague asks, watching you fold another paper flower for the upcoming school festival. 
You like to keep your hands busy to stop thinking about the love you lost. All the flowers you tried to grow in the backyard died. It’s like no one wants to stay with or stay alive around you.
“Fine,” you reply, eyes dropping to your phone once again. Since he left the night Sam jumped into the pit you always hoped Dean will answer one of your calls or at least send you a message, explaining why you weren’t enough. “I tried to renovate my bedroom.”
“That’s nice,” you hate the pity in your much younger colleague’s eyes. It’s the same look people give you any time their eyes land on you – or at least you think they can see the heartbreak you went through over the last months. “If you need help, just tell us so, Y/N. You are new to the team, but we like you.”
“I will think about it, Judith. Thank you,” how you hate that you sound like a broken record. 
I’m fine. No, I don’t need your help. Please don’t ask about Dean. Hunting is over for me. Just don’t ask…
I still cry sometimes when I remember you
I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
I said goodbye and I know you're alright now
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry
Tumblr media
Six months after he left, … 
“Kiddo, I’ve missed you,” Bobby chuckles, standing in front of your door. “Did you think you can just push me away and an old geezer like me gives up that easily?”
You huff but for a moment, you smile. “I’ve missed you too, Bobby,” you throw yourself into your friends’ arms. Ashamed you didn’t call him back you sniff silently. “I’m sorry, I just needed some time to figure things out.”
“So, you’re out of business?” watching you shake your head Bobby sighs deeply. He wishes you would’ve stayed out of the hunting business and find happiness and a nice man staying by your side. “I thought you wanted out.”
“I was – for a while at least,” choking out the words you grasp Bobby’s hand to lead him into your house. “Problem is that the monsters and demons didn’t get the memo. One day I prepare a school festival and the next I find myself surrounded by demons. I had no choice but to leave.”
“I’m sorry, kiddo,” Bobby takes the beer you offer, grumbling as he would’ve like to see you fall in love and become a mother one day. “Did he call?”
“Please don’t ask,” you plea, not meeting Bobby’s gaze. You’re too ashamed you still hope Dean will return to you. Even though, you know better. 
“Y/N,” Bobby sighs deeply, eyes sadden at the mere sight of you. Thinner than usual, eyes missing the light you sit in front of your godfather. “I shouldn’t have asked, kiddo.”
“I don’t want to sound pathetic but talking about him makes things worse. I had hoped he would explain why,” sitting on the worn-out couch in your living room you slump into yourself. “I guess that I never was enough. You know, she’s a pretty thing, has a house, a son, and a normal life to offer. And I heard yoga-instructors are bendable.”
“Did you see her – them?” you nod, eyes not meeting Bobby’s. “Oh, Y/N,” my friend, the father I never had sniffs. “Why didn’t you tell him not to go? I know you wanted Dean to have a normal life but hurting yourself shouldn’t be part of the deal.”
“I knew only one of us will make it out alive, Bobby,” you give your friend a sad smile, shrugging when he gets up to look out of the window. “I wanted Dean to be happy. If he’s happy with someone else, I’m happy for him.”
“Your selflessness borders on stupidity!” Bobby grunts. “That boy should be here, with you Y/N. Lisa seems to be a nice girl, but she’s not you.”
“EXACTLY, Bobby,” jumping up you try to explain to Bobby why you knew Dean would leave you sooner or later. “I knew Dean will leave me, Bobby. I wanted to keep a tiny piece of dignity. In the end, he would’ve kept his promise to Sam and get out of this life, but not with me by his side.”
“How’d you know, kiddo? Maybe Dean would’ve stayed by your side and you could be happy,” your friend cries. “Jesus, I can’t believe you broke your own heart.”
“I did it to protect myself, Bobby. I heard Dean call her, okay,” sniffing you join Bobby to look out of the window. “The night after Sam jumped into the pit, Dean called Lisa asking if he can come around.”
“OH,” eyes squinting toward the old car in your ramp Bobby tries to figure out how to help you. “What happened that night? Dean refused to answer my calls so…”
“It’s a blur, Bobby,” you close your eyes, try to recall the night Dean left but all you remember are the tears running down your face when you ran after his car. The rain washing your tears away – but not the pain.
It's just that I recall September
It's just that I still hear your song
It's just I can't seem to remember
Forever more those days are gone
“Dean didn’t fight for me, that’s what happened. I told him that I heard every word and he just stood there, his keys in his hand. I saw a hint of guilt in his eyes, but this wasn’t enough to stay with me,” blinking the tears away you clutch your hand to your chest. “I told Dean to go and live the life Sam wanted him to live.”
“And he did? Just like that?” nodding you turn your back toward the window, closing your eyes for a moment. “Not even a call for almost six months?”
“No call. No message. No number he sent me in case of emergency,” it’s a matter-of-fact Dean cut you out of his life. “You know, sometimes it feels normal that he’s not with me anymore and other days, I only need to remember his name and break down, crying like a stupid baby.”
“Heartbreak is never easy, kiddo.”
“Never said so, Bobby. Honestly, it feels worse than heartbreak. I know he’s out there, living his best life but to me, it feels like he died. I guess, my heart tries to cope with the loss this way. It tells me he’s gone, even though, Dean is with her.”
“Do you like to live here?” Bobby clears his throat, wrapping one arm around your shoulders. “You can always come with me, leave this shitty town behind and be my eyes and ears. Y/N, I don’t want you to be gone one day too. I’m too old to lose my kids.”
“I could come with you,” being alone with a broken heart and your self-doubts won’t do any good. “I don’t have much to pack.”
“I got a nice guest room, kiddo. If Dean doesn’t care about you, I do,” the bitterness behind Bobby’s words brings you to tears. “I thought I know the boy better…”
I still cry sometimes when I remember you
I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
I said goodbye and I know you're alright now
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry
Tumblr media
Almost six months later, …
It’s half a year later that Sam, Dean, and Lisa step into Bobby’s house, bringing fresh tears and more heartbreak to you.
“Sammy,” the only person you greet is Sam, your best friend who magically got resurrected. “I didn’t want to believe the rumors.”
“Same,” arms wrapped tightly around you Sam watches his brother look at you. Dean tried to make you talk to him for half a day, but you just walked away, refusing to even face the man breaking your heart so easily. “I thought he would stay with you.”
“No, Sammy. Why would a man stay with someone like me if he can have yoga barbie?” you whisper, not wanting Lisa to hear. “He deserves someone who got no clue where he’s coming from and all the shit happening in his life.”
“Still-“ Bobby is the one breaking the awkward moment.
“We got a job to do, kiddo. If you want to, you can sit this one out,” nodding you look up at Sam, giving him a sad smile. 
“I will help Rufus meanwhile. You can call me when he’s gone back to his apple pie life, Bobby,” patting Sam’s chest you give your friend a soft smile. “And you’ll have a lot to explain, Mr. Winchester. I hope you will stick around so we can catch up with our shitty lives.”
You are gone before Dean gets the chance to say a word to you. He walks out of Bobby’s house to watch you drive away.
His eyes fill with tears and even when your car is long gone, leaving a cloud of dust behind, he stands outside, wondering how his life would’ve been with you by his side…
I still cry sometimes when I remember you
I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
I said goodbye and I know you're alright now
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry
>> Part 2
Tumblr media
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catsnkooks · 2 months ago
Codywan Week Day 1: Sith
Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi x Imperial Purge Trooper Cody
summary: prologue to a deo et rege
warnings: sith au, assassination attempt, canon-typical violence
rating: M?
word count: 1k
a/n: stole the alt prompt for this one @codywanweek
here it is on ao3!
Darth Vitiosus regarded the hilt of his lightsaber as he twirled it around in his hand. He lounged on his throne, one leg hiked over the armrest while the other dangled below. The leader of the Pyke Syndicate, Lom Pyke, stood silently, nervously, below the raised dais of his throne, waiting for the Sith Lord to strike….
“And why do you believe I need the Pyke Syndicate?” Obi-Wan asked, his accented voice echoing across the throne room.
To his credit, the Pyke leader didn’t flinch, but Obi-Wan could feel his nervousness leaking into the Force. “We would offer you great things, my lord. Things that no other being could offer you.”
Obi-Wan turned to face the Pyke directly, his saber resting casually in his hand, the blade end pointed toward him. “You are very presumptuous to assume I do not already have everything I need.”
Lom Pyke bobbed his head, his beady red eyes widening, and he wrung his talons. “I do not wish to presume, my lord, but surely even Sith Lords require the exotics that only the Pyke Family can provide?”
Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes at the Pyke, as if he were regarding his words. He felt a nudge in the Force from his left and he opened his mental shields enough to let Cody speak to him from his position standing to the left of his throne.
He thinks he can get one up on you, Cody said, then mentally snorted. You know we don’t need anything they have.
Of course, I know that, my dear, Obi-Wan returned. I'm leading him on. I love playing with him. Pykes are such simple creatures.
Cody mentally snorted again, but Obi-Wan could feel his fondness. Don’t lead him on too much and let him get a bigger head than he already has. Deal with him soon or I will.
Don’t worry, darling. Obi-Wan flicked his free hand, giving his commander a pat on his cheek through the Force. Then, he regarded the Pyke in front of him. “I will think on your offer tonight. Please, enjoy yourself as my esteemed guest in my palace. We will meet again tomorrow morning.” Obi-Wan stood and all the beings in the room bowed to him. Cody took up position beside him and he took his hand, his cape flourishing behind him as they walked hand-in-hand out of the room.
Obi-Wan sighed into his pillow, his eyes fluttering shut as Cody’s magnificent hands roamed over the skin of his back. He groaned as his hands dug into sore muscles, massaging out kinks and knots, turning his groan back into a sigh as fingers paused to trace over silvery scars. And despite his own pleased expression, Obi-Wan knew Cody was scowling from where he knelt between his legs.
“What’s on your mind, dear?” he asked, his voice muffled from his pillow.
“That Pyke is up to somethin’,” came the answer, grumbled out despite his caring touches to his beloved’s back.
“You are much too paranoid.”
“One of us has to be.”
Obi-Wan huffed and sat up, draping backwards over Cody’s chest. He slung an arm over Cody’s shoulder to cup the back of his head and bring him in for a kiss. “If the Pyke were to do something, what do you think it would be?”
Cody hummed against his lips as he stole another kiss. “The Pykes want what you have, so they’re trying to convince you that you need them. If I were forced into a bad business deal like they have, I would get rid of my opposition so I could swoop in and take it for myself.”
Obi-Wan curled his other arm around Cody’s shoulder, burying his fingers in Cody’s curls and nipping at his lips. “Mm, I see. And what happens if the opposition is a Sith Lord and an imperial commander?”
Cody grinned that truly wonderful, feral grin Obi-Wan loved. “Plan foiled.”
Obi-Wan matched his grin and turned in Cody’s grip so he was facing him. “You foil plans so beautifully, my dear,” he sighed, cupping his cheeks and capturing his lips with his.
To anyone else, it looked as if the two men were lost in a deep kiss to one another. However, Obi-Wan could still sense all that was around him in the Force. Suddenly, he reached his hand out, summoned his lightsaber, and then threw it toward their now-open window. The being that had been crawling through their window cried out with surprise, but was then silenced as their head was sliced off their body by the red blade. Obi-Wan tutted as he recalled his saber back to his outstretched hand, his other still buried in Cody’s curls, as the other man busied himself kissing the column of his pale neck.
“Pity, they got so far,” he tutted. “Tell the men to please dispose of the body before the Pykes do.”
Darth Vitiosus regarded the being in front of him, watching Lom Pyke squirm from his position on his throne.
“So, you say the Pykes have no connection to the attempt on my life from last night?” he asked, his voice filled with disingenuous curiousity.
Lom Pyke shook his large head vigorously. “Of course not, my lord. The Pykes would never think to do such a thing. If it pleases your lordship, I will have my best men look into the assassin and find the perpetrators for you.”
Obi-Wan hummed, stroking his beard as if he were in thought and ignoring the mental snort Cody sent his way. “That does please me.” He flicked a hand in the Pyke leader’s direction. “Do as you see fit and report to me your findings. And as for our business arrangement, I will agree to let the Pykes trade through my space. That is all.” He flicked his hand again in dismissal, watching the Pyke and his entourage bow and scuttle out of his throne room.
Cody shifts to the left of his throne, scooting forward slightly and bending down so he could whisper in Obi-Wan’s ear. “What the hell did you let him do that for?”
“It’ll keep them out of our hair for the time being,” Obi-Wan murmured back. He pressed a kiss to his commander’s cheek. “Don’t worry, darling, I have a plan for them.” He leaned back in his throne, watching the rest of the Pyke entourage file out and waving in the next group.
Yes, he had a plan for them.
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nctsjiho · 5 months ago
Can’t Go On Like This
warnings: none
era: beginning of May 2021
❀ When, the one and only, Lee Soo Man joins one of JiHo’s meetings, he reminds her of what her future could look like if she’d stop sabotaging herself
Tumblr media
The noise of fingers tapping against the wooden table in the otherwise silent meeting room, sounded absolutely deafening. The tension was so thick, JiHo was sure you could cut it with only the sharpest of knifes. It was a suffocating feeling, even after having been in this same exact room for hours almost each day of the past month or two.
A fake cough caught everyone’s attention and all eyes were on the one and the only, Lee Soo Man. JiHo’s eyes were blown wide and were lingering with slight fear but more so pure youthful naivety. “JiHo…” The man started which caused the girl to sit up straight and nod in acknowledgment.
“We don’t want to take you out of the group. You know this. But JiHo… We can’t let you go on like this.” JiHo knew exactly what he was referring to and it was embarrassing that it came to a point were the staff she’d previously talked to had to get the founder of the company involved.
The man continued. “There’s no reason to keep you here if you keep declining our offers, it also looks very bad on us. Your fans want exactly what we can, and have tried, to give you.” He put emphasis on that last sentence which made JiHo want to bury herself deep into the ground, but she kept her composure as to stay professional in the situation. “If you keep saying no however because of, what your managers have told me at least, is your lack of confidence, then we will have to let you go and not try to save your contract.”
JiHo could feel the eyes of her closest female manager burn into the side of her face. Kim Yebin had been working with her since 2019 and had practically become her best and closest (female) friend. She was a bit like a older sister or a cool aunt that took care of her, but also treated her as an equal. She only wanted the best for JiHo, and sometimes the that meant that she had to be a little harder with her. The young idol wasn’t particularly stubborn, but when it came to her confidence or her own mental health, JiHo didn’t know how to take care of herself in that way.
For the past few weeks, and even over the course of her working with JiHo, Yebin had always pushed her to be more confident and sure of herself. She always had to remind JiHo that she had no reason for her to doubt herself and JiHo would usually listen, but the second Yebin turned her back, JiHo started doubting herself again.
“JiHo it’s time to start believing in yourself. We already do. Me, your fans, the boys, your family and even the whole company does. There’s no reason for you not to do so yourself.” Yebin pressed a few days ago.
Remembering the words JiHo’s manager had told her, she quickly glanced her way and send her a small smile, before focusing on Lee Soo Man again.
“We’ve given you so many opportunities many idols and trainees can only dream about. We as a company spent a lot of energy in not only NCT but you as an individual member as well. Don’t let that energy go to waste. Now that we cleared up the misunderstandings it’s time to move on and move up. Understood?” JiHo nodded before answering with a firm “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” The smallest of smiles tugged at the corners of his mouth before he started to exit the room.
“Tomorrow we’ll have the meeting with Kim So Yeon, the CEO of Esteem. I want to move that meeting to the second floor lounge, so I need someone to reserve that room and notify the front desk so they sent our guests to the right place tomorrow.” He explained to the staff and not long after he left the room.
JiHo let out a big breath she didn’t realise she was holding in before dropping her head on the table in front of her. Her body trembled slightly as the nerves that had started to build up from the second she knew that Lee Soo Man was joining the meeting until now, began to subside.
JiHo felt the small hand of her manager start to run up and down her spine to sooth her. “Unnie~” The girl whined. “I know JiHo. Just... I know I’ve said it so much lately, but honestly, stop doubting yourself.” JiHo tilted her head so she could look at Yebin who watched her with a motherly gaze. “It’s not that I don’t think I’m good enough...”
The girl sat up and looked straight into her manger’s eyes. “It’s like when they asked me to join Dream.” A small sigh escaped JiHo’s lips. “It’s not that I wasn’t confident in my skills. I just felt like Dream should’ve been only the boys. I didn’t think I’d look good with them.” Yebin and one of the group’s other mangers sighed and shook their heads. “This is exactly not being confident in yourself.” Yebin explained which made JiHo mouth an “oh” in realisation.
“If you debuted in Dream, all the fans would have know was Dream with the seven boys and you. And they would’ve loved it, just as much as they love you with the boys now.” The other manager decided to add on to Yebin’s words. “It would’ve been just the same as if you agreed to debut with NCT U back in 2016. You did everything! Sang the guide for the song. You participated in making the performance. You did so much, you proved you could do it and then one day we hear that you decided not to go through with it and continued on as a trainee leaving the boys oblivious to the fact that you were planned to be added to the group since the start. JiHo you didn’t just have to potential, you had and still have the skill to back everything up. So believe us when we say that there’s no reason for you to ever decline an opportunity because you can do it.”
Even though the words were meant to be words of encouragement, JiHo couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty about everything. She had never told the boys about what kind of opportunities she had gotten from SM before and even after her debut. She felt guilty for keeping it all a secret, for changing how things could’ve been.
Being aware of JiHo’s internal turmoil, Yebin placed a hand on JiHo’s thigh and gave it a friendly squeeze. “Cheer up baby doll! From now on things will be better. And to start things off I’ll treat you to dinner.” The mention of food sparked a bit of excitement which was very clear to Yebin and made her chuckle. “You’ve become too much like the boys. You’re all just little kids.” She dramatically ‘complained’. Yebin reached out for her purse and then beckoned to JiHo. “Let’s go!”
When Yebin walked out of the room she heard a rushed shuffling and a taller figure retreating towards the practise rooms. The brown locks and the stature of the person seemed a bit familiar. But with the amount of people Yebin saw daily - whether that was consciously or not - Yebin couldn’t quite put a name to it. It probably wasn’t someone too close to her, since she prided herself in being good with people - names and appearances.
“Unnie, what are you looking at?” Yebin’s eyes must have been lingering in the direction the person disappeared for a while, because she didn’t notice JiHo joining her by her side. “Oh nothing! Let’s just go.” She sent the confused looking girl a warm smile before they headed towards the elevators. “Good, because I’m starving! I was so nervous for the meeting, I couldn’t eat all day.” JiHo complained while holding her stomach of which she was sure could start growling any second now - thank the Gods it didn’t start while she was still in the meeting. “JiHo! I told you not to skip meals even when you don’t feel like eating. You’re already getting so thin lately.” “I’m sorry, I’ll try to eat next time.”
With that both woman left the building to enjoy a meal together and take a break from the endless meetings and stress filled situations.
Side Note: The title might change as well as the little description/summary, and this wasn’t proofread because I’m on a little time crunch. I’ll revise it asap if needed! Also who was that, who Yebin spotted???
Have a good day/evening/night <3
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orbitariums · 7 months ago
𝗮 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝗶𝗻 𝗰𝗼𝗿𝘂𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗻𝘁 | 𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗻 𝘀𝗸𝘆𝘄𝗮𝗹𝗸𝗲𝗿 + 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿
hope you guys enjoy this smut that i wrote!!! more star wars pieces to come <3
contains: drug use [ barely ], sex while on drugs
word count: 5k
a night in coruscant | anakin skywalker x reader 
      The air on the rooftop was crisp and clean enough to ease even the heaviest set of lungs. The late night breeze felt cool against your bare skin, which was smooth and glimmering just like the embellishments on your strappy black dress, which stopped with a slit at your ankles. On your arm was the finest man in the Galaxy, Anakin Skywalker, everyone’s choice eye candy for the night besides yourself. Although that was obvious— you and Anakin went everywhere together, close friends that you were. So when you both got an invite to Padme’s birthday celebration, you knew it was only right that you attend it together. 
You were leaning against the open bar, talking quietly to Anakin and sipping a glass of imported Sunberry wine, your lip gloss leaving a sticky stain on the rim of the glass. 
     “Looky looky, Ani and YN arriving together once again, no surprise there,” came a voice from behind you, and the two of you turned in sync to see the smiling face of your devilish friend, Kitana, who was essentially the host of this surprise party for Padme. 
     “And look who’s juggling two drinks, no surprise there,” you smirked playfully, gesturing to the two bottles that the esteemed party animal was juggling in one clasped hand.
     “Good to see you, lovebug,” Kitana purred, pulling you in for a jostled hug, Anakin quickly giving her a friendly peck on the cheek. 
     “It’s so beautiful out here,” you commented, looking around at your surroundings. 
The balcony of the penthouse you were in was large and expansive, crowded with well-dressed, beautiful citizens of Coruscant in their best robes and dresses. Padme was a big deal, everyone who was in her circle or close to her were equally big deals, or at least they had a lot of credit, so at any gathering with Padme there, you could expect to meet the best of the best. 
     “Gods, I know,” Kitana practically moaned, dramatically clutching her chest with her hand. “How have you all been? And, lemme guess, you came here together?”
Anakin chuckled, shaking his head,
     “We did, except I didn’t fly this time.”
You narrowed your eyes at Anakin, 
     “Yes, because you’re an insane pilot.”
     “Obi-Wan says I’m quite good,” Anakin puffed his chest out sensitively.
     “Yes, while you’re on missions. I for one was not showing up to Padme’s party looking as if I’d been hanging upside down off a gnarltree,” you bit back, chastising Anakin for his devilish nature. 
Anakin chuckled goodnaturedly, patting you on the shoulder,
      “She’s kidding.”
Kitana snickered, shaking her head slowly,
     “You two… hey, listen, I’ve got something for you.”
| | |
      “What is it?” Anakin cocked his head, examining the crushed up, potent smelling plant with a color that strangely resembled Master Yoda’s green skin. 
You were in a crevice of the rooftop tucked away from the other partygoers, 
     “It’s called marijuana!” Kitana whispered excitedly, looking between both you and Anakin, trying to make you both as excited as she was. “My father went on a highly important business trip to… well, it doesn’t matter where, but he came back with it. It supposedly has these potent healing properties but, if you ingest it, you get this really… really good feeling.” 
Kitana glanced up momentarily, gaging your reactions with an anticipatory expression on her face, a hopeful smirk tugging at the corners of her lips,
     “Wanna try it?”
You and Anakin both glanced up, making intentional eye contact with one another, as if you were saying “why not?”
     “Sure,” you shrugged, nonchalantly.
     “I couldn’t see why not,” Anakin agreed. 
What could go wrong?
| | |
     In just a matter of minutes after a few hits of this new marijuana substance (“Call it weed, it’s cooler,” Kitana had insisted), you were feeling… wonky, but in a good way. There was no other way to put it, you’d never felt this way before. Outside of the knowledge of Anakin, you’d tried a lot of other things like marijuana— namana, sweet blossom, even spice (just once, and never again), things Anakin would kill you if he knew about, but the feeling this gave you was unlike the others. You were extremely relaxed and calm, but at the same time extraordinarily giddy and happy. Things seemed to move a bit slower, and everything almost felt ridiculous, laughable. You found joy in the simplest things, specifically sitting by Ani’s side and fiddling with his fingers while you rested your head on his shoulder, sitting in the same crevice you were in before. 
Kitana was off somewhere, telling you two to hurry back soon to play a little welcome game before Padme arrived for the surprise. But right now, you both were happy just being together, laughing stupidly at the most nonsensical things. 
     “Oh Ani,” you sighed, gazing up at his boyish, but well-defined face from where you rested your head on his shoulder. “It’s so beautiful out here. I wish we could spend every night like this.”
     “I know,” Anakin replied softly, his voice having gone an octave lower and quieter ever since you’d smoked. He laced his fingers all the way in between yours and brought the back of your hand up to his lips, kissing there softly. “I wish I felt like this all the time… unfortunately, with the way things are going with the Council, I fear that’s impossible. I cherish these moments with you.”
You shifted, gazing at him with troubled eyes and a small pout, trying to get him to make eye contact. 
     “You know you’re my best friend, right, Ani? I’ll always be here for you.”
Anakin chuckled, amused by your kind heart, and finally looked down at you, 
     “Me too.”
    “Okay, lovebirds, let’s get goooing!” Kitana trilled dramatically, clapping her hands together. “We are going to play a little game. Come on, come onnn!”
    Kitana dragged the both of you up when neither of you budged, until you made your way to the penthouse where everyone was inside, mingling and chatting, and awaiting the guest of honor. Everything seemed to go by in a haze, slow motion almost, and the substance you’d inhaled had you taking your observation skills to the extreme. You looked over at Anakin to see if he was feeling the same way, only to find yourself gazing distractedly into his deep browns, his eyes tinted with red and slightly droopy, half-closed as if he was trying not to fall asleep, looking uninterestedly ahead at the group before him. You bit down on your lip and squeezed his hand, and although he didn’t look back at you, he slowly squeezed it back in acknowledgment.
    “Welcome, welcome everyone, don’t you all look so beautiful tonight?” Kitana cooed at the smiling faces before her. “Now, as you all know, our lovely guest is going to be here soon, and we’ll have to get in places to surprise her accordingly. But, first, I wanted to give us a little more time to get to know each other. So we’re going to be playing a little game.”
    You could’ve sworn Kitana winked at you then, but maybe you were just high. She explained the directions and everyone followed accordingly. She would make a statement or ask a question, and you would go towards whoever applied to the answer. The first round, she requested that everyone “walk up to the person with the cutest outfit” A swarm flocked to you, including Anakin, who only smiled at you gently. The next round, she said, “walk up to the person who has drunk the most tonight” Naturally, everyone flocked towards Kitana. 
You played a few rounds, getting into the groove of things and getting to know a multitude of others. You were extra relaxed and confident thanks to the weed, and you got along quite easily with everyone. That was normally the case— you were attractive and everyone made it a point to keep you aware of that fact. But Kitana’s next question was pushing it, further than you ever thought you’d go.
    “Alright. And now, and this is for the bold only. If you’re shy, this question is not for you!” Kitana was met with hooting and hollering from the gathering and she continued with an impish smirk. She paused before proposing the next round’s topic. “Now, walk up to the person you most want to be intimate with, and I mean intimate.”
    The concept would have normally thrown you off guard. That is, if you were completely sober. But right now, your mind was not at all interceded by it. In fact, you were quite open. So open that you walked, on auto-pilot, to Anakin, who also walked, on auto-pilot, towards you. 
    The both of you remained ignorant to the swarms coming up to either one of you (you and Anakin were arguably the most attractive at the party, and everyone had collectively decided they wanted a piece of at least one of you). It was as if you were the only ones in the room. You stood in front of Anakin for a second, both your backs facing the crowd of partygoers behind you that were hoping you’d pay attention to them. You looked at him as if to ask him for confirmation, and you sensed the most imperceptible nod from him. 
    In that moment, nothing else mattered, and Anakin’s skin glowed golden in front of you, a goddess with locks of curly brown hair that you had run your hands through many times, but nothing like the way you thought about while you were trying to go to sleep. And then you leaned in, your faces just inches apart, breathing softly against one another’s lips. You inched your head forward, nuzzling your mouth against his, and he broke the wall between you, reaching in and pressing his lips against yours to lock in a slow, tender kiss. You were unaware of the oohs and aahs coming from all around, because all you were focusing on was the way Anakin’s lips felt soft and warm and wet against yours. The kiss was like no other, it was as if you were melting into his mouth like ice cream on a hot day in Naboo. You ran your fingers through his fluffy hair just the way you desired and he pulled you closer into him by the small of your back, and you only pulled apart when you became aware of the crowd watching in a stupor. 
    When you pulled apart, your cheeks flushed warm at the hooting and hollering you were met with, all the raucous applause. But you didn’t pay any attention to the others, you simply continued gazing into Anakin’s eyes as he gazed back into yours, a new lightness in your gaze as if you had cracked the code. Before, this was something you and Anakin had almost been avoiding, dancing around the idea of it like frogs on floating lily pads drifting in a clear pond. You were best friends of course, your bond was unbreakable. But sometimes your touches lingered far too long to just be the touches of a close friend, and sometimes your stare remained far too fixated on Anakin’s lips when he spoke. 
    “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” you could practically hear the smirk in Kitana’s voice— she was always first to point out you and Anakin’s undeniable attraction to each other, no matter how many times the two of you brushed her off with an unbothered chuckle. 
    You giggled, shaking your head, and Anakin laughed too, bringing you in close for a hug. Again, everyone cheered, and once it died down, and Kitana was onto the next round, Anakin was guiding you away from the gathering, his hand on the small of your back. 
    “Uh, I-I-”
    “Anakin, stop right there,” you pressed a finger to his lips. “I know you and I know you’re about to apologize for something we both wanted to do.”
He swallowed and you saw his Adam’s apple bob nervously in his throat, 
    “So do-do you want me?”
    “Yes, Ani. Of course I want you, I-” you stepped closer to him and reached your hand up so it caressed his cheek and ran again through those luscious hazelnut locks of hair. You looked down at the ground, speaking quietly now, “I’ve always wanted you.”
You heard Anakin take in a sharp breath, then steady himself, and you felt his finger on your chin, making you look up at him.
    “Good,” he said in that unusually low and husky voice, his hand grabbing your jaw gently, his thumb rubbing calm circles against your skin. “I want you too.”
A pause as you looked at each other hopefully, and then Anakin let his hand drop to your mouth, his finger dragged along your bottom lip slowly and seductively, maintaining eye contact with you the whole while until the very last minute when his eyes fluttered down to your lips, coated in shiny lip gloss. You stood there in awe, your lips slightly parted until you found the breath to speak.
    “Now,” was all you said, looking up at him needily. 
    “What?” Anakin asked, leaning in in confusion.
    “Right here,” you leaned in even closer, tugging on his only fancy robe while you whispered in his ear. Your breath was warm against his neck and your words trickled down his spine, causing him to jolt forward excitedly. “If you want me, then show me. Take me right here, right now, in one of the bedrooms.”
You weren’t sure where this burst of confidence was coming from, but deep down you knew it was definitely triggered by your high, which was still ongoing and peaking. You pulled away slightly, your lips still at his neck as you looked up at him with eyes that shot daggers.
    “Can you do that for me, Ani? You must know I need you.”
    “Fuck,” Anakin hissed, panting, and as he pressed into you, you could feel how hard he was underneath his robes, and you very purposefully nudged your knee against him. His voice was tight and strained as he spoke the words into the crook of your neck. “Look what you’ve done to me.”
    “I haven’t done a thing to you,” you laughed lowly. “I think you did that all by yourself, Ani.”
You felt your stomach drop suddenly when Anakin huffed and grabbed you tightly by the hand, leading you quickly down the deserted hall and turning into one of the big bedrooms, shutting the door behind him immediately by towering over you with his hands pressed against the door on either side of you. You were locked in beneath him and you could practically see the hunger in his low-hanging eyes, see it in the way his jaw was clenched tight. 
    “Why have you kept this from me for so long?” he breathed heavily, and you replied,
    “We both knew it, it was just a matter of when it would happen.”
    Suddenly, Anakin was kissing you again, and you were kissing him back, and he turned around and pushed up against you until you were both on the plush bed. He hovered over you, his muscles flexing in his arms as he deepened the kiss, eliciting a sweet moan from your mouth into his. The kiss was breathless and passionate, burning with the flame of desire struck between the two of you. 
    Before you knew it he was pulling your dress over your head and you were raising your arms up so he could get it over your body, and he threw it to the side onto the floor. He resumed kissing you after an astounded onceover of your body, and you wrapped your legs around his waist to trap him in, your hands clutching either side of his soft face. 
But suddenly, your lips lost contact with his as he pulled away. You whimpered, looking up at him in confusion and worry when you saw the look on his face.
    “Wait…” he was breathing heavy. “Are you sure about this?”
    “Yes, Anakin, I want you to have me, please,” you pleaded, your tone descending from intense and irritated to begging and delicate. 
You pressed your lips to his again, open-mouthed and kissing needily, but he pulled away once more. You huffed impatiently.
    “No, I mean, really. We’re both... really high right now… a-aren’t you?”
    “Yes, Ani,” you grinned, your heart softened by his consideration. You let your hand gently caress his face and his hair, a soft smile on your lips. “I’m sure. The… weed definitely has made an impact on me, but, not enough to cloud my judgment like this. I know I want you. I’m sure I want you. I need you. Are… are you okay with this?”
Anakin nodded intensely, and you followed suit, nodding your head slowly and placing your hand on his shoulder. 
    “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay with it. I’ve wanted this for,” he gulped, glancing down at your beautiful body and getting distracted, “for so long.”
    “As have I,” you giggled, and you pulled him in for another kiss, slower this time. 
    Every sensation was on ten, his lips against yours, the way his hair brushed lightly against your cheek, how his tongue would run along your bottom lip, slick with wet. Every sensation was like being bounced around on a big cloud in a cotton candy sky. Nothing had ever felt like this before, and it was a result of the chemistry between you two and the substance in your system. Eventually, you got his clothes off, too, running your hands along his abs with zero discretion as he kissed you, his mouth moving further down your body, starting at the neck with plump, tantalizingly slow kisses. You grasped a handful of hair, pulling gently at it and making him moan against your neck. Oh, how sweet his moans sounded to your ear, like audible candy that melted in your mouth. Your Anakin. 
    He made his way down, and once he made his way to your stomach, your legs were shaking with nerves. Every movement he made got closer and closer to your heat. Your stomach lifted and receded with every breath, and Anakin placed his hand on your belly, feeling your breath as your stomach rose and fell. Once you felt his hand there, your breathing calmed. 
    He looked up, his lips still attached to your v-line just above the hem of your underwear,
    “Everything alright?”
    “Yes,” you breathed in. “I’m… just nervous. We’ve never done this.”
    “I understand. I’ll treat you right,” Anakin promised, his tone serious as sin. “Just lay back, I’ll make you feel good. I’m not going to judge you.” He pressed another kiss to your body, this time to your inner thigh, making you gasp. “And if you ever want me to stop, you say so.”
You nodded, 
    Anakin spent a few more moments just like that, his lips kissing against the plush skin on your inner thighs, one hand interlaced with yours. After one particularly succulent kiss to your inner thigh, a moan rose deep in his throat and he glared up at you.
    “Mm, you taste so good,” he sighed, making your cheeks warm just at the gruff sound of his voice. “Can I?”
    He was pulling gently at your underwear, making sure it was okay if he pulled them down. 
    “Please,” you nodded vigorously, and he pulled them down with ease, sliding them down your legs and throwing them off to the side. You doubted you’d properly be able to find your clothes in this big room after you were done. 
    Anakin let out a shaky breath when he looked down at your pussy, glistening in the dark of the room, wet and throbbing just slightly. He went red in the face, feeling like he was doing something so against the rules— he was face to face with his best friend in your most vulnerable state. But the idea of it only turned him on. 
    “So pretty,” he breathed, placing a kiss on your mound.
You whimpered slightly, watching his every move. Smoothly, without haste, he flicked his tongue against your entrance, using his fingers to spread your folds. You practically lurched forward at the feeling of the tip of his tongue against you, so sensitive and so warm. He dipped his tongue in further, lips closing in around the tip of your clit as he did so. You moaned, your eyes rolling back at the magical sensation of pleasure,
    “Yes, Anakin.”
    He moaned against you, his voice vibrating against your pussy, making you groan and tug at his hair. He closed his eyes, eyelashes fluttering against his cheek as he practically made out with your pussy. You laid there in complete ecstasy while Anakin made you feel so good, as promised. You nearly shrieked when he started to fuck you earnestly with his tongue, letting it delve deep in and out of you, exploring up and down as he used his thumb to gently rub circles against your sensitive clit. 
    “Oh gods,” you cried out, gripping harder onto his hair. “How—oh—where did you learn this?”
    Anakin just chuckled against you, and your legs closed around his head as the pleasure became excruciatingly good. Once again everything was on ten. The drug had you feeling like you could feel every little sensation, and it was all so amazing. 
    “Ani, baby, I’m gonna come,” your voice grew broken and whiny as you scrunched your eyes shut, bucking your hips up closer to his face and feeling his tongue slide impossibly deeper into you while he did some inexplicable trick. “Please don’t stop, please don’t—”
    You mewled loudly when he pulled away just as you were about to reach that peak, leaving you throbbing around absolutely nothing, his hands pushing your shaking legs apart.
    “Why’d you stop?” you pouted, lamenting the feeling of his tongue inside you and his lips against you.
    “Because you’re going to come on my cock,” he demanded as he reached up and hovered over you, face to face with you now. 
The flash you saw in his eyes could only be described as a fire, and you couldn’t argue with him in such a state. This was a side of Anakin you’d never seen before, and it had you running your hands all over his body like a needy little puppy. 
    “But first,” Anakin said, only completing his sentence by taking two of his fingers and placing them at your lips. You opened with ease, coating his fingers in your spit and sucking on them while you looked hungrily into each other’s eyes. “Good girl,” he praised you, and before you knew it those fingers were leading down to your pussy, which was only now recovering from its declined orgasm. 
You shook with a cry as Anakin slid his fingers into you like it was nothing, stretching you out.
    “Shh,” he shushed you gently, kissing your cheek, before he pulled his fingers out and put them to his lips, sucking on his fingers just as you had his. He closed his eyes, reveling in the taste of you, like a forbidden fruit. He went back down again, fucking deep into you twice with his fingers, causing you to shudder and grip his bare, toned back. 
This time, he put his fingers, coated with your slick arousal, to your lips, and you obliged, sucking his fingers with fervor. 
    “Here,” he’d said. “See how good you taste?”
    “Mmm,” you moaned around his fingers, holding his wrist and sucking hungrily. 
Anakin’s jaw ticked, watching your face, that cunning smile of yours as your lips closed around his fingers, the way your eyes seemed to pull him in without even trying. 
    “You like the way you taste, don’t you? Filthy thing,” he said through gritted teeth, and you nodded slowly, biting down on your lip once you let his fingers slide out of your mouth. He pulled off his boxers. “Are you ready?”
    “Yes, I’m ready.”
    With a shaky breath, Anakin gripped the base of his dick, his brows furrowed in concentration as he guided himself up to you, lining the tip of his dick up with your entrance. You both let out a slight gasping sound in reaction, and you looked up at Anakin with wide, awe-filled eyes. He slipped into you easily, and by that point you were both looking down to watch him stretch you out as your folds widened over the tip and shaft, until a good portion of him was inside you, thick and big and filling. 
    “Mmh,” you squirmed underneath him, and his eyes glanced up from your core to your face. Your brows were knit together and your lips were drawn down at the corners, the pleasure almost unbearable. “More, please.”
    He abided silently, pushing deeper into you, forcing you both into silence as you concentrated on how good it felt. You enveloped Anakin perfectly, like a love letter sealed with hot, red wax. When you looked up at Anakin, his mouth was open in an o-shape and his brows were furrowed, and he was looking unabashedly into your eyes. They were as rich a brown as they had ever been, and still tinged with that red that made his eyes droop slightly, so every loo from him was a sultry gaze. You couldn’t help it, breaking the silence to whimper because he felt so good unmoving and throbbing inside you, and his intense facial expression had you salivating. 
    You squeezed involuntarily around him as if your pussy was begging him to move, and he let out a shuddering moan, swearing,
Feeling encouraged by his admission, you moaned and put a hand over his back, grasping the muscle there and saying,
    “Please move, Ani, it feels too good-”
    You were cut off by his sudden thrusting motion, deep and swift yet gentle all at once, plunging into you and then back out again, until he gathered a continuous momentum. By then, you were cursing and saying his name and tears were welling up in your eyes. Nothing had ever felt so good before, and you were so wet that you thought you could last forever. Each time he pulled out of you was a loss, and you fixated on those few seconds where he wasn’t inside you by wishing he’d be inside of you once again. Every sensation you felt set your soul on fire and pulled words out of your mouth you’d never imagined yourself saying. 
    When you were close, you had wrapped your legs around his waist, trapping him so all he could do was push deeper inside you. You had your faces buried in each other’s neck, moaning against soft, sweaty skin, and a burning sensation began to fill your stomach and travel down as you released around him, coming like a waterfall and moaning his name, your nails digging little crescent moons into his back,
    “Fu-fuck, Anakin!” you groaned, your voice hoarse and half-gone, squeezing your eyes shut as you tugged at his hair and pulled your hands around his neck. You rode out your high, mumbling incoherent phrases as he kept on pushing into you, chasing his own high after yours. 
    Your lips, tucked away in the crook of his neck, brushed against his ear, and he was done for, that feathery sensation combined with your dripping pussy absolutely soaking around him pushed him over the edge, and he came with a violent moan, his hips stuttering as he faded into you. Your name, as well as plenty of other things, fell out of his lips as he came, spurts of his hot cum shooting into you. He collapsed on top of you, sweaty bodies flush against one another. You could feel his chest rising and falling against yours, just as he felt your chest puff up against his own. 
    Then, the only sounds in the room were those of you breathing heavily, catching your breath like you were returning back to reality and the only world you truly knew, outside of the paradise you had found in one another for those few lingering moments. Anakin’s body heat against yours operated like a warm blanket, and you found yourselves staying there for a moment, wet and sweaty and dirty and somehow purified in the oddest of ways. When Anakin finally rolled away after what felt like hours later, on his back on the large bed beside you and still breathing heavily, you finally felt your high starting to wear off. It was like the longer you were intimate, the longer the high lasted, and now that that was truly over, you were coming back down. 
    You still felt euphoric, on cloud nine, your body abuzz with that glow you get post coitus. And you looked over at Anakin, to see that he was already looking over at you, his lips quirked up in a charming, boyish smile so typical of him. You leaned on your side and smiled back at him, your eyes locking in a knowing gaze. You leaned into him and kissed his button nose, and he chuckled, scrunching his nose up like a rabbit. You ran a hand through his hair, which was hardly out of place despite the past activities, and you shook your head with a light laugh. 
    “We should have done this a long time ago, no?” you joked, and he rolled his eyes playfully.
    “Well,” he started, brushing his hand against your cheek. “Now that we know how it feels, we have all the time in the world to do it again… and again, and again, and—”
    “Alright, alright, you horndog,” you chortled. “I suppose you are right, though.”
    “Mm hm, you know I am,” Anakin replied, his hand dropping down to your shoulder to caress your arm. “We should go see Kitana before the night is over, don’t you think?”
    “Why, so she can announce to everyone that we had sex?” you asked with a laugh. 
    “No, silly,” Anakin shook his head with an amused grin. “For more of that stuff.”
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Hi there! How are you, writing raven? I have a request: how about an imagine with the Octavinelle trio with MC who fainted (overworking for school and Crowley's requests, stress from all the overblot incidents...)? I hope it's not bothering you, since you wrote something similar for A-Deuce... Good luck with all your future requests!
Hello, Anon. Thank you for the well wishes.
Because this imagine request is very similar to one that I have already written, I’m going to frame this piece in a slightly different light.
Please enjoy.
***Warning: major spoilers for chapter 4 of the main story campaign.***
Imagine this...
Tumblr media
There is a knock at his office door.
“Come in,” Crowley calls.
The door slams open with a resounding thud, shaking the entire room.
“E-Eeep!” Crowley leaps up from his seat, his feathers ruffled. He sighs when he gets a clear view of his guests. “Oh. It’s just you hooliga--er, I mean. You three, from Octavinelle.”
“Good evening, headmaster. I trust you are well?” The leader of the trio, Azul, offers a warm smile. Behind him, the Leeches exchange knowing grins.
But Crowley is not fooled. Why, he has already been duped before by those very same smiles...! The old crow has since wised up--or, at the very least, he hopes he has since wised up.
“Truthfully, I would be better if you hadn’t made your entrance with such a racket,” Crowley grumbles. “What do you need at this hour, Ashengrotto-kun?”
Azul feigns shock, his mouth hanging slightly ajar. He brings a hand to his heart. “Why, headmaster! We’ve simply dropped by to ask a favor of you--since you are so very, very kind, after all!”
“I am so very, very kind,” Crowley insists under his breath. “If you must make a demand, make it quick. I have important matters to attend to!”
“Of course. I do apologize if our intrusion has caused you any distress. As a businessman, I know how just how difficult it can be to focus on making a transaction if one feels less than stellar.”
He nods at the Leeches.
“Jade. Floyd. Help our dear old headmaster feel more...comfortable.”
“As you wish.”
The brothers descend, slinking to either side of Crowley’s desk--trapping him between them. Floyd leans down and smiles. Jade, on the other hand, is as rigid as a statue.
“W-What is the meaning of this?!” Crowley demands.
Azul ignores him, instead pulling up a chair and planting himself down across from Crowley. He crosses his legs, laces his fingers, and leans forward.
“Let’s talk.”
“Whatever it is you’re will not get it from me!” Crowley sputters. “You...You cannot hope to bully your way into obtaining what you so selfishly desire!”
“Ah, but you see, there is nothing selfish about my desire at all--we simply wish for the Ramshackle dorm’s prefect to be given a vacation. That is a reasonable request, yes?”
“And why would strong-arming me do to help your case?!”
“Why, headmaster...I believe it was you that neglected to answer Yuu-san’s distress call from Scarabia.” Azul purrs, his words laced with honeyed poison. “You allowed one of your students to be kidnapped and held hostage--and yet another Overblot incident to occur, all while you were off gallivanting on the beaches. That’s not very responsible of you, now is it?”
Crowley pales.
“You hold the highest authority at this school. It is easily within your power to give Yuu-san a well-deserved break.” Azul pushes his glasses up. “Especially considering all the trouble they have gone through to support the school. Including Jamil-san, this would make it the, the fifth Overblot incident they have had to resolve, on top of maintaining their grades and whatever other odd jobs you unload onto them.”
“W-Well...that is their job as--”
“Oi,” Floyd pipes up, slamming a hand on Crowley’s desk. He peers into the headmaster’s eyes and gives a toothy grin. “No talking when Azul’s makin’ his demands~”
“Floyd, you’re being rude,” Jade sighs. “You must be more gentle, like so.” He puts a hand on Crowley’s shoulder and squeezes with such force that the headmaster winces. “Please, do listen carefully to our dear Azul.”
“Y-Yes! I am listening! O-Ohohoho...I am such a good listener!”
“As expected of the esteemed headmaster of Night Raven College,” Azul coos. “Now you can imagine, Yuu-san has been very overworked as of late. Keeping up with their duties has take quite a toll on them--so much so that they collapsed in the Mostro Lounge. You are fortunate that we were there to ensure they were taken to safety and well taken care of.”
“Ehehehe~ I carried Koebi-chan all the way home!” Floyd adds. “And Jade made some of that leaf water stuff for them!”
“It is called tea, Floyd.”
“Eeeeeh? But it’s basically leaf water, right?”
“As I was saying,” Azul interjects, “we three have made quite the concerted effort to look after the wellbeing of your precious handyman. I believe you should, at the very least, reward us by fulfilling our wish: granting Yuu-san time off. You can do that for us, yes?”
His words are not a suggestion; they are an order.
“How much time are you requesting?” Crowley asks slowly. “While I understand that Yuu-san may need a break, there are many important tasks that--”
“You can perform those yourself.” Azul states plainly. “Give Yuu-san as much time as they need to relax.”
“That’s absurd! I...I do not need to stand by and take this!”
“Headmaster, perhaps you did not hear me the first time,” Azul warns, his eyes flashing dangerously. “You had better do as we say, or...” he gestures to Jade.
The eel fishes a phone out of his pocket. With the press of a button, a video begins blasting.
“...Evil Scheme Unfolding in a Certain Magic Academy will be handed over to the press,” Azul declares smugly. “It has only been broadcasted to a handful of students so I’m sure that the press will have a field day with the stories.”
Crowley’s eyes boggle, nearly popping out of his skull. “You...You would not dare...!!”
“Imagine what would happen! Your reputation--as well as that of the college--will be unsalvageable.” Azul sighs dramatically, putting the back of his hand on his forehead. “The Al-Asim family will pull all their funding and donations! Royal Sword Academy will laugh at you...!”
“Okay, okay! You’ve made your point, loud and clear!” Crowley cries, throwing his hands up. “You...You boys win...! Yuu-san is free from their duties indefinitely--just do not share that video with the media!”
“I’m glad that you’re finally starting to see things our way.” Azul stands up from his seat and adjusts his jacket. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.”
“Just...Just get out of my office already!”
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