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barncsbucky · 2 days ago
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mrs-kathani-bridgerton · 20 hours ago
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To My Star | S2
Just more text posts to lighten the mood, incase we’re in for more heartache this week.
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jochasada · 2 days ago
The sad thing is, if the POV changed from Seo Joon to Sung Yoon, Seo Joon would be the faen fatale we would roll our eyes at.
We would be sighing every time Seo Joon hung around Ji Woo, wondering why he bothered when it’s so obvious what Sung Yoon and Ji Woo will get together - when it’s obvious that what they had was stronger. Theirs is a story of first love, of grief, of matching bracelets, of ambition, of enduring love, of distance, of youth and reunion.
The point I’m trying to make is that everyone is a main character in their own life. This is something Ji Woo insulted Seo Joon for: acting like a main character. Seo Joon only just realised that maybe he’s not the main character after all. Maybe the story of matching bracelets is stronger than their story of matching rings. Maybe he is just a side character in the love story of Sung Yoon and Ji Woo. God, does that hurt to realise.
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respectthepetty · 2 days ago
What's happening with Pil Hyun?!
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I'm assuming he has been in a relationship with Yoon Seul from last season, but regardless of whom it is, it's not going well.
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This is a parallel to Ji Woo and Seo Joon's relationship. He claims he is happy and in love, but he also states that it's difficult because he is the one who loves more.
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The women notice he is unhappy and advise him to break up.
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He dismisses their concerns but gives the same advise to Seo Joon.
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I don't know what exactly this means, but I think it's highlighting how Seo Joon missed several signs that his relationship was one-sided, and no matter how much he loved Ji Woo, he was the only one fully in love. It's sad, but it's strange how Pil's relationship keeps weaving its way into the narrative, yet we never see or hear his girlfriend because she is literally and figuratively absent from the relationship.
I don't know. Someone needs to care about our hardworking CEO.
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romancekdramas · 2 days ago
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To My Star 2 (2022)
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elevatormusic · 2 days ago
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soft boys in a season of angst
show: to my star 2
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hislaststar · 2 days ago
Some viewers incredulous that Jiwoo was still thinking of his ex-girlfriend because he was now dating a man so that means surely he is gay and for them the maths is not mathing..Hey...Hey, my dudes..Have you considered
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alwaysemoaboutexo · a day ago
Sonu said in his insta live that the remaining eps will be "a different vibe" from what we've seen so far 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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busythinkingbout · 2 days ago
me overanalyzing
(because having no preview after episode 6 is quite literally driving me insane)
since it’s Hwang Da Seul we’re talking about, every scene definitely has a meaning to it. 
that being said, we’ve only seen the flashbacks in seojoon’s POV, but not jiwoo’s. we see the good that jiwoo has done for seojoon and vice versa through seojoon’s memory. i think in future episodes the flashbacks are going to be from jiwoo’s POV, which will hopefully help us better understand his thought process on running away.
i’m still a firm believer that jiwoo had a really good reason for leaving. there’s just too many scenes in the show that paint a different picture than just jiwoo leaving because he didn’t feel comfortable in the relationship (don’t get me wrong all the reasons jiwoo listed are completely valid!). for example, him clearly looking so hurt and depressed after trying to push seojoon away, the village chief talking about how the “incident” was jiwoo’s parents’ fault and not his, jiwoo looking at the picture beside his bed, and probably the biggest mystery for me is pilhyun’s connection to jiwoo and his parents. 
oh, and how can we forget the epilogue after episode 5 when jiwoo literally snuggles into seojoon like he’s finally letting one of his walls break even if it’s just for the night 😭 like please that is not the action of someone who wants seojoon gone! it’s not! 
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essentiallykpopandbl · 2 days ago
I have a feeling I am going to be shedding some tears over the next few days.... for which shows and how much are the real questions?
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notafanbut · a day ago
I am feeling the angst levels in this fandom raise with every day we get closer to Sunday.......
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gunsatthaphan · 22 hours ago
Hi! Kinda new here! I was wondering about what BLs could you or anyone recommend? I’ve recently watched: Be Loved In House:I Do, We Best Love,KeiKoi and Lovely Writer,so you kinda get the vibes that I like haha. I’m also currently watching TMS2 since I’ve watched the first one,and even though It’s been kinda heart-breaking,I’m actually very much in love with how it’s directed and written; beautifully for me (as I am with every show listed above lol). And also,does anyone also feel like Taiwanese and Japanese BLs (I just watched TMS from Korea,so I don’t really have an opinion!) have been EATING so much more than Thai BLs? I just think the way they develop the stories is so different,I don’t really know how to explain it haha
hiii anon!! 💜
welcome to the fandom!! lol.
There are a ton of shows out there lmao and based on the ones you watched, I'm assuming you're more into the more generic taiwanese bls and the more elevated thai bls haha. Regarding which country produces the better bls, I don't think you can generalize that lol. they’re all so different. taiwan and japan have been putting out a lot of good stuff, however I find myself coming back to thai bls lol. But it’s a matter of taste. 
Lovely Writer is one of my all time favorites and also We Best Love is amazing so you got good taste 😄 Also before I recommend stuff, know that all shows can be watched here. Just type in the title and it will pop up 😉 
If you're looking for more stuff like BLIH and WBL, I generally recommend the HIStory series, which has multiple seasons with multiple installments so there's a lot to cover lmao. But you probably came across that already. My personal favorites are make our days count (season 3) and close to you (season 4) but you can find a list of all of them here. Another one that I liked was Dark Blue and Moonlight which is very polarizing and a lot of people didn’t like it because it’s a little controversial but I loved it. 
I haven’t seen a looot of japanese stuff but the ones I really liked were:
- Cherry Magic (soooo lovely. you’re gonna love this one I promise) 
- His: Didn’t think I would fall in love 
- My Beautiful Man 
- Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru (this one is so underrated, it’s a masterpiece imo)
- Mr. Unlucky has no choice but to kiss 
- The Man Who Defies The World of BL (ss1 + ss2) 
If you’re looking for some good korean bls, my personal favorites are:
- To My Star season 1, we don’t speak of season 2
- Light On Me 
- The Tasty Florida
- Ocean Likes Me 
- Blueming
- Semantic Error
oof where do I start lmao. I guess if you’re looking for something similar to Lovely Writer, I recommend: 
- Love Stage (this has a somewhat similar plot, however a lot more comedic)
- Theory of Love (one of my absolute favorites) 
- Until We Meet Again (a little darker than the rest but very well produced) 
- Club Friday The Series Season 8 (very underrated!!!) 
- I Told Sunset About You & I Promised You the Moon
- Cupid's Last Wish (this one is so cute, I highly recommend) 
- Cutie Pie (very good production and extremely successful - worth the hype imo)
- Friend Zone (this one is messy af but so good lol) 
- Love Mechanics (this one just started so I don’t wanna give it a rating yet but it has an impressive production quality) 
An honorable mention goes out to Not Me. It’s a different genre than the other ones I listed, it includes socio-criticism and political topics. But even if you’re not into these kinds of themes, I still highly recommend it just because it’s so so so good.
That got long lol sorry.
I hope this helped you anon; additionally to these recommendations I also have a recommendations tag that you can check out, as well as this list of all my favorites 😊 
have fun watching and have a lovely day! Also as always, feel free to drop replies with more recommendations! 
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mrs-kathani-bridgerton · 2 days ago
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To My Star | S2
Just something to lighten the mood regarding the series so far. Please reblog/send requests for more in my ask box.
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tomystars · 16 hours ago
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kissporsche · a day ago
only four episodes left of to my star 2 huh
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nanons · 13 days ago
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How can you be so honest about everything? How can I ignore you now? TO MY STAR 2: OUR UNTOLD STORIES (2022) dir. Hwang Da Seul
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longinglook · 20 days ago
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One more time. I love you. Good boy. You need to express yourself more.
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hislaststar · 2 days ago
Please put me out of my misery, I’m having a hard time believing that seojoon and jiwoo will have a happy ending. I don’t know, I just feel like jiwoo is dead set on being miserable. I know we don’t know his real reason for ending things, if there is one lol, but I just feel like he’s not going to change his mind. I’m so scared. But as long as seojoon ends up happy, then that’s all that matters.
Anon! We are in this angsty hell hole together. Things are rather bleak after episode 6 because Jiwoo seems so entrenched in his position but I still think there's hope.
From a meta perspective, I think S2 tries to deconstruct some kdrama tropes but at the end of the day, the team behind s2 is the same one who brought us S1.
I don't think they would pull Jiwoo and Seojoon away from a happy ending when no one asked just to put them through hell for the sake of making a nihilistic point about love and relationships. I don't think this is going to be the overall message of s2.
From a narrative standpoint, all the little hints at Jiwoo still being in love with Seojoon will lead to something bigger. He's bound to crack. Idk to which extent he will break, whether it will be enough and satisfying for all viewers but ice prince will melt.
Hang in there nonnie. We will get through it. and in the off-chance that we do not get a seojoon x jiwoo endgame..well, there's fandom and fix it fanfiction, the author is dead and we shall pry our boys out of its dead cold hands. But I really really doubt it will come to that.
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ahsung · 13 days ago
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How could you be… so honest about everything?
TO MY STAR 2: OUR UNTOLD STORIES (2022) dir. Hwang Da Seul
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icychoerim · 2 months ago
I've come to realise that one of my favourite romantic tropes is two characters who, on the face of it, really shouldn't work because they're complete opposites or come from very different backgrounds, maybe they even start off with what seems to be a doomed, toxic relationship, and yet the more time they spend together the better they become (whether as separate people or towards each other), they learn and grow and improve and idk I guess I'm just soft for people working to get to know each other and make each other and themselves better despite initial impressions or the image they try to project
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