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F/O Squad Discussions

Galekh: Every single odd number has an “e” in it.

Tavros: lISTEN-

Terezi: NOT 4LL OF TH3M. 30 4ND 50 4R3N’T SP3LL3D W1TH TH3 L3TT3R 3 1N 1T…

Galekh: Father god…

Terezi: …1F YOU C4N SPL1T 4 NUMB3R 1N H4LF 3V3NLY, 1T’S 3V3N. 30 4ND 50 4R3 ODD.

Calliope: 15+15=30, 25+25=30

Chixie: 25+25 = 30? you sure about that?

Dismas: Lord h/\/e mercy ///

Lynera: -Bye

Galekh: One, three, five, nine. And since everything after that is a variant of these numbers, then all odds have the letter ‘E’.

Terezi: YOU FORGOT S3V3N!!

Galekh: It keeps getting worse…

Laivan: My head hurts-

Boldir: (We’re gonna die here)

Nepeta: :33 < you whole ass furgot about eight - a number with an e and is purrtty fucking even

Eridan: wwhy wwould 8 be brought up if it’s evven in a post about odds? the post said “evvery single odd number has an 'e’ in it” not “evvery single number wwith an 'e’ is odd” wwhat the fuck

Tirona: 33r, guys, two is odd and do33sn’t hav33 an 33, just saying…

Eridan: did you deadass just try to tell me twwo is odd? i’m fucking crying throww the wwhole wwebsite awway



Eridan: bro wwhy do 30 and 50 matter they’re fucking evven

Elwurd: what the actuaL fuck is happening

Clubs Deuce: 1 IS AN EVEN NUMBER

Galekh: I’m going to smack you.

Folykl: wait why are we so quick to throw away the zero idea

Calliope: zero isn’t a nUmber ^_^

Folykl: it cant be divided by two though can it

Tavros: iT CAN,,, 0/2=0,,

Folykl: im a dumb bitch

Lynera: -OD NUMBERS. onE. thrEE. fivE. sEvEn. ninE.


Eridan: anything that ends wwith a 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 is evven and the rest is odd (1, 3, 7, 9) stop freaking out

Meulin: ( =꒪Д꒪)ノ < YOU FURGOT 5

Clubs Deuce: DUDE WHAT ABOUT 4

Eridan: wwhat about it?


Eridan: that’s because it’s evven????

Jade: are you guys ok??????

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Not to be edgy on main but like…

Please slap the shit out of my dumb bitch ass when I start falling in love again… No! Scratch that, slap the shit out of me if I start having feelings in general…

It the same shit but a new day lol… I just hurt…

It just not fair! Why do I never get anything good? *insert Principal Scudworth’s whole breakdown from the last episode of Clone High*

No I will not apologize! I’m tired of apologizing for being human and you should stop apologizing too! (Unless you like… Hurt someone or messed up or something… like, don’t be a dick lol)

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Hm, not in my case. I actually enjoyed his route a lot and is now my favorite <3 I loved their quick conection, the little dates, how sensible and dramatic he is, how vulnerable he showed himself to us and the love they share. I’m fan of the clingy couple dynamic and I prefer spending time with my LI in his route so getting to be around him all the time was like a dream for me *-*

I also liked how his blindness was treated it, he didn’t need to be “fixed” to be happy and I’m so glad for this ;;

There were only two things that I didn’t like: his ending and the lore.

For his ending, I think it was really short (I finished it in around 15 minutes), it wasn’t really dramatic and it feels like it was chopped. Like, okay he asks for more time (in my case) but the murderer and our friends are still outside? where is Aaron? Nobody is picking Alessio’s ashes and sword? It feels empty if you compared it to Bel’s ending, where we fought Neil and Asmo. Also, we never saw Raph fighting like he did with Neil (only against Aaron and it was training).

And the lore. A few things I remember: in Vlad’s route, Raph mentions he was blind before becoming a vampire and here we learn he did it himself centuries later after becoming one. Raph and Ethan being friends is now a joke because apparently they avoid each other. Raph looking after Ivan is also a joke because he, just as the others vampires, seems to dismiss him in every oportunity. Ivan is now turbo depressed (trashing his room, his very sad comments that even concerned Eloise, etc).

Also Alessio! and the vampire hunter thing! I was hoping we would get a conection between a vampire hunter organization and Elo’s parents but ??? We know that the werewolves have a ritual to remove the “vampire curse” and in all his years on Earth, Alessio never expanded his investigation to others races? Wack. He had a lot of potential but he ended just being meh.

tldr: I love the route, I hate the ending, Beemoov give me my account back and let me play it in english :<

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verses to do,

- fix up cold shock / bnha details
- demon slayer ,   technicalities of ice breathing style that i have to create…  wahoo !
- owari no seraph
- jujutsu kaisen
- stardew valley, let kira be happy on her farm … maybe
au where kira isn’t a professional figure skater and lives a quiet life

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Closed Starter for @ledastrcy!

Sitting still was hard. He was meant to, under pain of being slapped by a comb. Qrow at least allowed him to play music on his scroll, but in the mean time his fingers worked ceaselessly against Qrow’s sheets.

It was hard. A distraction would at least stop his brain from roaming into areas that only served to make his pants tight. The gentle pull of a comb through his hair and careful fingers slowly braiding his thick mane inevitably worked him up. Barty loved his hair, loved having it touched and worked with, and having Qrow sitting in his lap to do it, smelling the boy’s scent and feeling him move against Barty’s body was proving to be a bit of torture.

Barty hated sitting still.

As if his own body wanted to prove this, he felt himself squirming again, restlessly shifting, tapping his feet, trying to move-

It only caused a little tug on his scalp that made him shudder again, hands settling on Qrow’s hips in a squeeze as he bit his lip. No doubt the end result would be amazing, but for now it was near impossible to bear the wait.

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