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Meowshrooms (a.k.a Shroomies)

The middle one is inspired by the lovely LR who brought this species to my attention - the Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus). Apparently they can kill and digest nematodes. Yum. 

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Whilst unpacking, I discovered a small colony of a new species of toadstool had snuck in amongst my belongings (likely to escape the frigid climate of my former home!) I’ve identified them as puffball toadstools, and as I’m much too busy checking my other boxes for stowaways to care for them, all five of them will be up in the shop tomorrow (2/25) at 6 pm EST!

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Omg I never posted my hot takes™” on Mario characters being LGBTQ+

Mario: Asexual and straight (experimented with romantic male relationships in his past)

Luigi: Pansexual (also Autistic)

Peach: Demisexual

Bowser: Bisexual and a Demiboy (I’m projecting here on this one)

Toad(s): Mostly non-binary with he/him pronouns

Toadette: Trans Lesbian

Yoshi(s): Non-binary with any pronouns besides it/its

Birdo: Trans bi

Kamek: Gay king

Daisy: Bi/pan (the / means I can’t make up my mind not that they’re both)

Wario: Aroace/demisexual

Waluigi: Pansexual (this man finds everyone hot)

E. Gadd: Aroace

Gooigi: Non-binary and asexual

(tagging this is gonna be a nightmare for 2 AM tired me)

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Spring Toad - Artsymush (on Insta and Etsy) - I am going to create a card series with another froggo :)

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Rhodotus palmatus surface texture detail by eyelyft

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Rhodoras palmatus spore slits by Alan McClelland

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