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dinklebat · 8 months ago
✨Yes I Somehow Do Have More Creepypasta ft Y/N Quotes✨
Jeff: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Toby: And once again, the three of us save the day.
Hoodie: You didn't do anything. It was Masky and me.
Toby: We're a package deal, everyone knows that.
*Y/N and Toby doing something stupid*
Slenderman: Part of me wants to ask, and the other part says knowing will be more disturbing than anything I could ever imagine.
Ej: I'm not?
Ej: I'm not!
Jeff: I MEAN IT.
Ej: Jeff, I promise you that I'm not.
Jeff, relaxing: ...okay.
Ej: If anything, Liu’a the one flirting with me.
Jeff: EJ.
Toby: Doby I'm leaving you in charge of taking care of my pet raccoon. Do you remember the rules of doing so?
Doby: Don't let Masky know, don't let him see it, and don't leave him in the same room with it for more than one minute!
Toby: (patting Doby’s shoulder) you’re a good friend.
Kate: You're so annoying.
Y/N: Then stop holding my hand.
Kate: ...
Kate: No.
Jeff : I have no fears.
Y/N : What if one day you woke up and Ben was taller than you?
Jeff : ...
Jeff : I have one fear
Nina: do you like my outfit?
Y/N: not as much as I like what’s underneath it.
Nina, blushing: Y/N—
Y/N: I need your chair. Get up.
Rowan, to Camelia and Toby: I'm not going to stand by and watch you two kill each other !
Toby: Oh, okay….you can sit if you want!
Alan: Excuse me, who is in charge here?
Skully: Usually? It's whoever yells the loudest.
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iheartbugsy · a month ago
tell me they wouldnt be juggalos
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pythonstims · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ticci toby stimboard for @gym-leader-morty
✖️ ✖️ ✖️❌✖️ ✖️❌✖️ ✖️ ✖️
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badlydrawncreepypasta · 8 months ago
Eyeless and Toby having a pie eating contest
Tumblr media
the idea of having a pie eating contest with some weird blue (and weirdly intelligent) creature that probably doesn't even know what a pie is is inherently funny to me
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rabdom1 · a month ago
Tim hated being sick. His head hurt, the rest of his body ached and not to mention that his whole body felt like it was on fire; causing him to sweat profusely yet shiver from the cold it brought all at once. Tim sniffled, pulling the blankets around his shoulders as he tried yet again to get into a comfortable position in bed -- which seemed fruitless, as no matter what he did, Tim couldn't seem to get comfortable. It didn't help that Brian was gone on a shopping trip for the essentials with Liu. Brian was probably the better care giver of the three (Tim blamed that on his aspirations of becoming a nurse; he would have made a fantastic one if not for, ahem, current events) and while Tim appreciated anything Toby tried to do as while he meant well, the ticking killer was obviously not well trained in taking care of others as the other two were.
It wasn't like he was horrible at it or that he didn't care. If anything, he was suffocating in his attempts to take care of the other two whenever they were in a rut. It was made quite clear to Tim as he shifted to face the outside of the bed; several full cups of water and used cups of cold medicine that had been brought to Tim within the last hour alone sitting on the bedside table, with a bowl of soup on the way downstairs. Tim smirked. It was the thought that counted, right? He supposed he couldn't be too mad about it. At least he was trying.
Speak of the devil, the bedroom door slowly creaked open (as if any faster would make Tim sicker somehow) and Toby poked his head in.
"Tim?" Toby asked, voice barely above a whisper. "You awake?"
"About as awake as I was when you were in here ten minutes ago," Tim grunted, moving to prop himself up on an elbow.
Toby quietly shuffled his way into the room, shutting the door quietly behind him before shuffling to the bed. The bowl almost seemed too hot in Toby's hands, steam visible from the soup inside. Tim wouldn't have been surprised if they'd found Toby had burned his hands from carrying the hot bowl. Tim moved to sit upright as Toby neared -- only for the brunette to start scorning him as he sat the bowl on the bedside table.
"You shouldn't be moving around so much," Toby huffed, helping Tim to sit up more properly as so he could stack pillow upon pillow for him to sit back on.
"I'm sick, Tobes," Tim snickered, "not broken."
"Still!" Toby huffed, motioning for Tim to sit back once the pile of pillows was made to his liking. "Brian said you be resting!"
"I think I'll be fine sitting up," Tim replied, leaning back into the pillows and pulling the blankets well over his stomach.
Toby sat himself on the edge of the bed then, grabbing the bowl of soup and half turning to Tim. The dark haired man made to take the bowl from him -- however Toby pulled it away from his grasp, giving him a stern look (the pouting didn't help his case). When Tim gave him a confused look, Toby lifted the spoon slightly filled with soup and gestured it towards his mouth -- all without allowing Tim to grab it himself.
"Really?" Tim huffed. "You're gonna spoon feed me?"
Toby nodded, again gesturing the spoon at him. Tim sighed, relenting after a firm moment and opening his mouth -- only to crack up with laughter as Toby began making 'airplane' sounds much like you would when feeding a toddler, which turned quickly into a coughing fit as Toby pulled the spoon back.
"Careful!" Toby playfully scorned as he sat the bowl back down to trade it for a cup of water and handing it to Tim. Tim took it gratefully, chugging it once he was sure he wasn't simply going to spit it back out with a cough.
"If you'd stop making me laugh," Tim chuckled as he sat the now empty cup among the still full one.
"Didn't LJ say laughter's the best medicine?" Toby smirked as he picked the bowl back up.
"Don't think that's the best advice to get from a killer clown," Tim sighed. Toby shrugged and nodded after a moment of thought.
"Now c'mon," Toby urged as he gestured the now full spoon to him.
Tim rolled his eyes before again opening his mouth, glad Toby didn't make the same airplane noises as before. The soup wasn't too hot, at least -- and it was some old style type of chicken noodle, which he could never complain about. He just couldn't wait for Brian to get home; at least he wouldn't be forbade from getting from the bed like he was with Toby. But he supposed that's how the ticking killer showed his affection, he couldn't complain. He'd just get him back when he got sick in the future, if he and Masky had anything to say about it.
(Read More Here.)
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
Cody: you've had coffee today, didn't you?
Toby during a manic episode: coconut cake, and coffee!
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sunnyspideystims · 3 months ago
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x o x
ticci toby icons!
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benil-evorsi-naselo · 3 months ago
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Just a few little Slendy Proxies
click for slightly better quality, my lighting is shit rn
also i love how i said i wouldnt finish this then i did and added a 4th person, albeit you can barely see them
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distrixtz · 10 months ago
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arsonistslut · 5 months ago
Am..am I the only one who doesn't get why everyone likes that "Spill Your Guts" fanfic so much?
These proxies literally fucking traumatized the reader to the point where it affects their daily life and then they...date?!
I had a similiar reaction to the reader in that fic with my own trauma and..wowza
Like its a great horror story and it's written to perfection but the romance is just something I personally do not understand
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worm-tired · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MMM yes creepypasta time baybe
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dinklebat · 7 months ago
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200 followers special part 1/10 where i draw my most popular incorrect quotes [text:
masky: why is there a couch on the roof
toby: because y/n had cold hands!
masky: what the FUCK does that have to do with the couch being on the roof?]
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scary-mostaccioli · a year ago
What if the proxies (and maybe EJ if you’re up for it) are used to their s/o kissing their mask but their reactions to the first time they ask to kiss them without the mask? (P.s I LOVE YOUR WRITING, TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVELY SELF)
> AAA TY I LOVE U ive been caring for myself dw, hope you have as well! -mei
Proxies + EJ w/sm1 who kisses their masks & wants to kiss them for the first time
Timothy, oh, the disaster. Might reject the idea at first, due to the amount of red coating his cheeks, and he’d like to keep his pride. He’ll let you take off the mask yourself, just to plant a sweet little kiss wherever you’d like on his face, and he just lights up all the brighter- though he can contain the blush by this point. His day will improve, and he’ll seem to be unable to stop the smile hinting at his lips
Masky, on the other hand? He’ll tease the fuck out of you. He isn’t even surprised, it’s almost spitfire straight to the teasing. However he’ll give in, lift up the mask with a stupid little smirk, and he’ll let you do your thing. He’ll be smug about it all day, but know he really enjoys it. 
Brian has been waiting for the day where you’d ask that. He’s almost too eager to take off the mask, a grin making its way to his face as he practically leans in. He’s wanted this for quite a while, if he’s honest with himself.
Hoodie, on the other hand, will be pretty chill about it. Sure he’s wanted it, but it isn’t the biggest deal to him. He’ll slide the mask off, lean in, let you give him the kiss and then slide it back on. No smugness, no huge ordeal- just something he keeps in his heart because god damn it made him feel special
Toby flares up like a firecracker. He’s flinging off his mask, all but tossing it across the room so that he can get a kiss. He’ll ask for another, and another, and maybe even another- he doesn’t want you to stop, if he’s honest. He’s already addicted to you. 
Jack is definitely the most surprised out of anyone. He has to stop himself from asking if you really mean it- of course you would, right? His hands will shake as he slides off the mask, and he’s almost afraid he’s going to mess something up, so he lets you take the reigns, already coated in a flush from the neck to the ears.
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krayolacolor · 7 months ago
Me, 2000+ words into Chapter 9: man, Toby is not have a good time right now.
Me: *continues to make him have a worse and worse time as I write*
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rabdom1 · a month ago
It was late when Brian awoke. He lay there for a long moment staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out exactly what had woke him up. He turned his head to the right; Toby laid sprawled in the middle of he and Tim, with Tim on his side and his back to them. Toby was snoring away happily, albeit Brian could feel a hand gripping a wad of his shirt rather tightly. Brian chuckled as he began surveying the rest of the room -- and he paused at the giant mass laying at their feet.
Brian's brow furrowed as his body momentarily went rigid in mild fright. At this point, he had been expecting to wake up to something not human trying to eat him, and his still sleep-addled mind went straight for the worst. Yet as his brain quickly woke from fright, he realized something --
Sighing, Brian sat up and patted the large Husky-looking dog on the side. Smiles huffed, head rising as he seemed to glare at Brian like he was mad he was being woken up. He looked pretty comfortable, at least.
"What're you doing, dude?" asked Brian quietly as to not wake the other two. "You know Tim doesn't like you on the bed."
Smiles quietly whoo'd back at him -- surprisingly as quiet as he'd spoken. He forgot how smart the demon dog was, sometimes.
"Oh really?" Brian replied.
Smiles whoo'd twice.
"I think you're lying."
Smiles grunted, standing and stretching while verbally "complaining". Brian tried not to laugh as he quickly clamped a hand in the dog's mouth as it rose to a higher, much louder pitch -- but it was already too late.
Tim shifted as he awoke from the ruckus, moving to balance on one elbow to look around the room quizzically (and Brian trying not to laugh upon seeing how wild his now unkempt hair looked) as if trying to figure out what had woke him. He finally turned his head to look back at Brian, and jumped as Smiles half plopped over on the bed with a disheveled grunt while trying to get away from Brian's grasp.
"What the hell," Tim grunted as he turned the lamp on the bedside table on. Toby was, naturally, still passed out while taking up most of the bed. "Who let him in here?" Tim asked as he sat up, rubbing his eyes.
Brian had finally released Smiles' snout, and the demon dog instantly sat up and turned to Tim, now 'verbally berating' Tim as he twisted his upper half so he was half lying on Toby. Sometimes Brian wished they had some sort of translator to understand what Smiles was saying. They'd known he'd had that type of ability when luring victims, however that only ever seemed to work when actively hunting them. Anyone else such as the residents of the house, it seemed, weren't affected by such things. Brian hoped it was because the dog liked them -- or at the very least, liked Toby enough.
"Would you stop," Tim huffed as he tried to push the dog away and off of Toby, though Brian could easily tell he was struggling. All the while, Smiles was still verbally berating and complaining quite loudly. "You're not even supposed to be on the bed. How'd you get in here?"
Toby chose to wake up then, half glaring as he tried to stretch -- then seemed to realize there was a mass of weight throwing itself around on the bed.
"Smiles!" Toby whined -- and quickly earning the dog's attention. "What I'd say? Now you got us both in trouble!"
Smiles whoo'd loudly twice, half jumping and fitting what he could of his upper half onto Toby's legs and burrowing his face into the comforter on top.
"Really?" Tim groaned. "Toby, I -" Tim sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I thought I said he couldn't come in here cause Jeff keeps busting on unannounced to get him?"
"Jeff's not here t'night!" Toby quipped as he happily began scratching the canine. Smiles once again flopped onto his side, lying on Toby's legs. "So he can't bother us!"
"But on the bed?" Tim practically whined. "You don't know where he's been! And don't know when he's had a bath last!"
"Yesterday, actually," said Toby sheepishly.
Brian chuckled as he tried to shimmy back under the covers and lay back down. It was rather hard with over one hundred pounds of fluff now laying on top of the blankets. Smiles gave a disgruntled sounding whoo, as if confirming what Toby had said.
"Really?" Tim asked, annoyed. "That's what you were doing in the bathroom all day?"
"Only took a couple of hours to wash him, really," Toby huffed. "Surprised he'd had all that fur like this, honestly."
"In all fairness," Brian grunted as he rolled onto his side to face the other two -- and Smiles, "Jane wouldn't let Toby leave the bathroom until it was spotless. I guess Smiles was really dirty."
Smiles lifted his head to give another whoo, as if to voice his complaint about the bath. Tim rolled his eyes. He seemed to relax slightly.
"Fine,* huffed Tim, "he can sleep on the bed for one night -- one! But never again, I swear!" He proceeded to poke Smiles on the nose once. "And you'd better hold it if you won't wake us up to let you out."
Smiles gave another short succession of whoos as he laid his head down. His tail wagged slightly. Toby giggled.
"I think that's a yes," said Toby as he shimmied under the covers. Tim rolled his eyes.
The light was quickly turned off as Tim made to join them. Smiles wasn't quite through, however. Once all three men were situated, the large husky looking dog grunted and stood up. Tim shifted but otherwise did not react. Toby lifted his head to state at the dog as it shuffled towards the head of the bed, feet carefully landing in the empty spot between Toby and Tim. There was barely any room to stand in, much less to lay in.
And then suddenly Tim was being shoved to the floor by the mass of fur as Smiles dove into the thin, empty crevice. His body and force going down had forcefully shoved Tim out of bed -- a feat not even Toby had been able to achieve, and his thrashing was rather forceful. Smiles was quick to take over Tim's previous spot, even going so far as to roll onto his back as his tail lazily wagged and he began to "talk". Brian couldn't -- or wouldn't -- contain his laughter as Toby half laid on Smiles to peer over the edge of the bed at a rather disgruntled looking Tim.
"T-Timmy," giggled Toby. "Y-you ok?"
"Yeah," Tim grunted as he sat up while rubbing his head. "Peachy keen."
Smiles let out another string of whoos and other odd noises, but didn't move from his spot. In fact, he seemed to make a show of stretching and taking up as much room as possible.
Tim noted as he moved to try and fight for his spot back, that Smiles would no longer be allowed in the bed after this. Not did he like the idea of getting a dog any time in the near future.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 3 months ago
Carson : I can be your partner for the next race.
Toby: Sorry, Carson . It's a sibling race.
Cody : Maybe there's a contest for lonely children after this.
Toby: It's only children, Cody. A lonely child is what you're gonna be when I sell you!
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xxcha0t1c-racc00nxx · 9 months ago
EJ, about Toby: I don't have a crush on him. He’s just someone I stare at and I like and when they’re not here, it ruins my day.
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michaelandersen0 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“I don't know about you But I am at peace, I know what it is that I must do I hope you're sitting down, dear Come hell or high water, this sick world will know I was here.”
We Know Where You Sleep - The Paper Chase
My version of Toby that I’ve been using in an rp lately.
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r0tt3nlungs · 7 months ago
Sully Headcanons
Tumblr media
-Believe it or not he's naturally very shy
-Our boi is so quiet
-Loves Roaches for some reason
-This boi loves dancing
-Sully doesn't hate Jeff, just a bit uncomfy around him
-Loves watching Squid Game with Ben.
-Even it scares the shit out him, he loves the show
-Not a bully
-NOT a pervert in anyway possible
-Sully is a minor
-Scared of Sally
-Like...a lot
-Can't work a car...
-He's a child of course....stuipd Stitch for what reason would he need to?
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