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#today i learned
i learned that Filipino churches built during Spain's colonial period used millions of egg whites in the concrete to make it more durable. This is also why Filipino desserts often use lots of egg yolks- many were developed to use up all the extra yolks from construction projects (x)
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sciencefactss · 2 days ago
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If you enjoyed this facts, follow my blog @sciencefactss for more interesting science facts.
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introvert-unicorn · 3 months ago
Inspiring latin phrases
Dum Spiro, Spero :  while I breathe, I hope.
Carpe Diem :  seize the day.
Carpe Noctem : seize the night.
Alis Propriis Volat : she flies with her own wings
Acta, Non Verba : actions, not words.
Discendo Discimus : by touching we learn.
Barba Tenus Sapientes :  wise as far as his beard.
Brutum Fulmen :  senseless threat.
Felix Culpa : happy fault.
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit : from nothing comes nothing.
Audere est Facere : to do is to dare.
Semper Fidelis :  Always faithful.
Amor Omnia Vincit :  Love conquers all.
Bona Fide : with good faith.
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tiltlhat · 10 months ago
TIL, that you can go to the TV store and beatup the TVs. awesome
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minhtblue · 7 days ago
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Tumblr media
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this comes from a convo i had with @mochaart wherein it was discovered that searching ‘heartcore’ on its own gets you pictures of... pilates. not the fashion style. i’ll see myself out o__o
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pleatedjeans · 2 months ago
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“I Was Today Years Old When I Learned…” (45 Interesting Facts)
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lilacs-world · a year ago
Fun Fact:
If you can see everything around you in Visual Static or grainy or see floaters, after images of things that aren't there anymore and more and you can see the air, yeah that's not what everyone sees.
Apparently that thing is called Visual Snow Syndrome when you see stuff 24/7 like this:
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Apparently it's happening in people who have neurological disorders as autism, adhd, multiple sclerosis, headache and migraine disorders but it can happen also bcs staring too much at the computer or phone.
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whatiwillsay · 3 months ago
I’m a new gaylor and I’ve read up about all the ships and the proofs. However I’m a bit confused on the whole “kaylor” situation where Karlie betrayed Taylor or something? Maybe I haven’t researched enough but i don’t see any attainable evidence that proves their friendship/relationship was ruined, besides song lyrics which are open to interpretation. Educate me pls
so in the summer of 2019 taylor's masters were sold by scott borchetta to scooter braun. taylor was distraught by this. she literally described it as her worst nightmare. it was a huge betrayal and broke her heart and she comments on the situation all over folklore in hoax, mad woman, and my tears ricochet.
so here's how it goes down:
june 30, 2019 - the sale of taylor's masters is announced and taylor posts to tumblr about how hurt she is.
july 3, 2019 - Perez Hilton (who yes is a scumbag and a troll but does absolutely get good tea from time to time) posts a video saying karlie betrayed taylor to scooter:
"a source tells me that taylor found out that karlie was telling things about her and her career to scooter"
now this wouldn't mean too much. perez is a gossiper like he can truly just get online and say whatever. however the important part of the perez video is that both ashley avignone and claire winter who are two of taylor's oldest friends (like been close with her for over 10 years) liked the tweet with the video in it that a taylor updates account posted:
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and ashley actually liked two tweets about it:
Tumblr media
so while perez is full of shit some of the time, taylor's literal best friends are not. they are both still very close with her to this day. they helped promo folklore and evermore and have been interacting w tay on ig over quar and such.
july 10, 2019 - perez goes onto spencer pratt's podcast and talks more about the betrayal:
spencer pratt is a reality star and HUGE swiftie. spencer was out defending taylor during snakegate in a way very few celebs were lol. she even invited him backstage at rep tour and hung out with him for a long time and met his family! he's also friends with claire winter and has all sorts of hollywood connections.
he has never liked karlie suggesting she wasn't a good friend back in 2018 even:
Tumblr media
this is really interesting because later spencer received a cardigan from taylor. seeming to confirm that yes, taylor is fine interacting with and being chummy with and sending cardigans to people who agree that karlie betrayed her:
Tumblr media
perez also claims to have received a cardigan from taylor too actually and he may have but he may have just bought himself a merch one lol it's hard to know. spencer's is 100% legit though.
august 6, 2019 - karlie is spotted out partying with scooter on a yacht. taylor later seems to even reference this in mad woman, "My cannons all firin' at your yacht". remember this is a mere 5 weeks after taylor referred to scooter as her "worst bully":
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november 14, 2019 - taylor posts about scott and scooter disallowing her to perform her old music at the amas. she's very angry (as she should be!)
then karlie likes (and then unlikes) this tweet absolutely evicorating taylor:
Tumblr media
july 24, 2020 - taylor drops folklore and it's filled with songs about how devastated she was over the master's heist filled with lines about scooter's yacht karlie was seen on and being hurt over all the betrayals that she endured.
december 28, 2020 - the bonus tracks to evermore leak and we get it's time to go that includes the line, "When the words of a sister come back in whispers, That prove she was not in fact what she seemed, Not a twin from your dreams, She's a crook who was caught"
this seems to be taylor's direct response to the situation where she herself confirms that yes, karlie betrayed her to scooter. she and karlie referred to one another as sisters:
Tumblr media
and people called them twins a ton back in the day because they dressed alike and looked so similar!
so yeah karlie betrayed taylor. this is one of the major reasons i'm not super into kaylor as a ship, though ofc, it was iconic it was back in 2014-2015 before all this sad stuff happened. there's actually more little shady moments between kaylor that happened before this but this is all the info about the master's heist.
as for what she told scooter? I've heard a couple theories:
1. that she told scooter taylor's true net worth so he was able to outbid her for the masters
2. that she told scooter of taylor's plan to come out during the lover era (which btw I'm pretty certain she was going to - click for more info)
but ofc we have no real way of knowing 🤷‍♀️
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mintgoth · 2 years ago
just learned that the word “ferret” is derived from the Latin word furittus meaning “LITTLE THIEF” and that a group of ferrets is called a BUSINESS and i am absolutely pleased with this new knowledge
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i learned that Mexico was the only country to protest the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. To honor that support, there is a square in Vienna named "Mexikoplatz" (x)
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sciencefactss · a day ago
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If you enjoyed this facts, follow my blog @sciencefactss for more interesting science facts.
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taraross-1787 · 8 days ago
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This Day in History: The Man Who Fell From Space
On this day in 1984, retired Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger completes a solo balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The trip was the first of its kind, but it wasn’t even Kittinger’s most challenging feat. Do you know about Kittinger’s stratospheric jump from more than 100,000 feet in the air?
The 1960 feat earned him the moniker “the Man Who Fell from Space.”
Kittinger set a world record for the highest parachute jump that day. It was a record that he held for decades, but he surely considered it a happy side effect of his real goal: to design safe parachute systems for our Air Force pilots who are forced to eject at high-altitudes—and to prove that man could be protected and survive in a space-like environment.
We all know that our military take risks on the battlefield. But Kittinger was one of those who took huge risks off the battlefield, too.
The story concludes at the link in the comments.
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introvert-unicorn · 27 days ago
What you can say to describe the Sun
Magnificently radiant
Soft unfailing
Overpoweringly bright
Bright and gorgeous
Flashingly bright
Universal and resplendent
 Marvelous clear 
Fierce western
Immense newborn
Incredibly strange and wonderful 
Graciously warm
Fiery and pitiless 
Hot and powerful
Imperial and royal
Huge inflamed 
Fiery and eternal
Uncommonly red
Warm autumnal 
Dim and ancient
High and unforgiving 
Cancerous orange
Strange and mystical
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tiltlhat · a year ago
TIL, The cycle of death and rebirth cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel
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dreamyjaylen · 6 months ago
i’ve been seeing that TIL post like “iguanas can stop their hearts for 45 minutes to avoid sharks” reblogged with an addition asking why sharks and iguanas are anywhere near each other in the first place. do yall not know that there are iguanas that swim? because if not i have amazing news!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: 2 images of marine iguanas swimming in a tropical ocean. they are lanky animals, with black scales. end ID]
these guys, marine iguanas, live on the galapagos islands!!! they’re the only currently living species of watergoing lizard & they swim in order to eat— they feed on algae. apparently they can live to be up to 60 years old???? but on average they only live to be 12.
i’ve been reading articles about them but have found nothing confirming the heart rate thing from any source i’d trust at first glance. HOWEVER!!! i HAVE found out some other fun facts. did you know: these guys are completely not adapted to dive in the sea??? they’ve got specialized sinuses that expell salt, but that’s literally it. that’s all. that’s the only seafaring adaptation away from land iguanas, which already have webbed feet & a high anaerobic metabolism.
in fact, the common iguana (whose scientific name is Iguana iguana btw which i love), will occasionally dive voluntarily in order to get away from predators. & they’re perfectly happy to stay down there for 4 whole hours!! meanwhile a marine iguana cannot even stay underwater for one hour or it gets severely distressed, & mostly they only choose to dive for 30 minutes at a time. i think this is fucking hysterical. theyre professionals and they regularly get beaten at their own game by the amateurs....
for this reason i think it is highly unlikely that they’re able to stop their heart rate. they just haven’t had enough evolutionary time to develop something that drastic! i think it’s not out of the question that they slow their heart rate down when they dive, as this’d preserve oxygen & also makes sense for a cold-blooded animal in a cool environment, but i’m just not buying the 45-minute stop thing, especially since they only dive for 30 minutes and can’t even dive for a full hour. sorry. would love to be wrong about this, though, so if anyone can point me to any papers on the subject i would love that!!!
i really do love these guys though. there’s just something so charming to me about a creature that is, at best, thoroughly average at what it does. but yeah!! bottom line is: it totally makes sense for iguanas and sharks to be near each other, but they’re probably not stopping their heartbeat for 45 minutes at a time. thanks for reading :-)
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i learned that the opossum and the possum are not the same animal. The opossum lives in North America and the possum lives in Australia and SE Asia. While they are both marsupials, they belong to different orders. An example of a possum would be the sugar glider, which weighs less than 5 ounces (x)
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i learned that in 1457 golf was banned in Scotland by king James II, because he felt that young men were playing too much golf instead of practicing archery. It remained in banned until 1502, when James IV became a golfer (x)
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i learned of garden hermits, people encouraged to dress as druids and live in caves and grottoes on the estates of rich people effectively as decoration, usually receiving room and board as payment. One such hermit was fired three weeks into a seven year term after being found drinking at a local pub (x)
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i learned that the Vatican has its own telescope staffed by priests, and has previously been given awards for the pursuit of scientific research (x)
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i learned that the destruction of Hiroshima was caused by only half a gram of matter being converted to energy: the weight of a butterfly (x)
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