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#today is not that day

Post work to-do list

  1. Feed Clegane if he’s not still under the couch. If he is, wait until he comes out.
  2. Try to get some cleaning done in the kitchen so I can make actual food this week. 
  3. Shower
  4. Toss in a load of laundry or at least get most of it in the washer. I have clean work pants for tomorrow so I can hold off a day on starting.
  5. Watch my 3 daily shows. 
  6. Read until I pass out.
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one day i’ll catch up on coursework and write everything i’ve promised 😌

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I don’t really know how to describe this one in a different way, so I’m gonna just use the notes.

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feel like shit today AND i got fraudulent activity on my credit card! happy fucking saturday

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*telling my dad I need the car to do a business pick up in public*
I don't think anyone is going to be an Etsy Murderer.
I'm not worried about that - have you see the horrible, messy state of our living abode? I'd rather not die of embarrassment today.
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antoni : dad, why do flamingoes stand on one leg?
max : because if they lifted the other leg they would fall over…

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“Who cares about the crowded, broad street? I’ll walk on my single plank bridge ‘til it’s dark.“

“The feeling of walking on a single plank bridge until it’s dark doesn’t feel so bad.

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Can we talk about how if we never cared about the show and never shipped characters or analysed their interactions or identified with them, supernatural would be so boring.

If we simply watched the show for what it was and never looked into the hidden meanings in each episode, spn would just be about two guys hunting monsters and facing the next big bad villain of the season.

I mean the only reason most of us are still doing this is because we love these characters. We identify with them because we can notice the finer details about them and interpret these things and share what we’ve found with others.

I don’t know anyone who looks at the main story each season and says “I’m so glad we’re doing this again” or places the main story at the top of their tier list of storylines in the show.

Without all of us loving and caring for these characters and analysing them to no end, there’s really no reason why anyone would watch this show for 15 seasons.

So I don’t understand why they decided to do all of our faves dirty in that finale bc their story was not the backbone of this show.

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