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#today was a good day

So my oldest son does not eat spaghetti 🍝, he prefers his pasta without a red sauce. Thank goodness, we had some left over shrimp and I was able to whip him up one of his favorite dishes, which is Creamy Shrimp Alfredo w/ Egg Noodles 🍲. It was very simple to do, thanks to a quick and easy recipe I found on Pinterest 📌 awhile ago. He really enjoyed it and enjoyed helping me to make it also 😊

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I have been craving spaghetti 🍝 all week and finally decided to make it last night. It came out soooooooo good 😋 I always use two different types of meats in my sauce and also add two special ingredients to give it a spicy but slightly sweet taste. It always comes out better than my last batch to me, because I’m always adding something to tweak the recipe 👌🏽 I can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers 🤗

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Hanging onto every bit of positivity and motivation I have! Today was truly beautiful and full of nature walks with my best friend and homemade gluten free banana muffins. Although I feel like I’m hanging out in limbo everyday, I still set up a game plan for this week - some workouts, minimal mileage to run and some prepped meals. There’s something about being out in nature that just makes you feel positive.

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Eventually I’m gonna have the actual pictures to post from the Switch, but I had to share the luck I had today. Literally caught all of these today while also finding a gold nugget and popping a balloon to get a butterfly kimono! So this is set up on my island as sort of a flex 😅

Pictured is two Oarfish, a sturgeon in the back, and a wasp in my hand.

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see, you say that, but you've written me knitting ficlets every time you've done prompts, so I feel you deserve my patience and continued patronage :D

Oh MAN you’re my knitting ficlet anon!!!!!  Hi!  Be welcome, I love you!!!  I had no idea you were a single person hanging around here with a hankering for stories about cool characters and their yarn, that’s amazing and wonderful.

Holy shit, just knowing you’re lurking out there waiting to request knitting ficlets makes me want to throw fic prompts open this week or something.  Stay tuned, we’ll see if I have any writing mojo the next few days.  <3 <3 <3

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;– i am satisfied i finally interacted with a rakan, had some cute interactions with a ezreal, did most of my drafts, i feel accomplished. now i go to rest for the night if anyone wants my discord pm me or something and i’ll give it to you ^^

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y'all’ve spoiled me with asks today! gosh, this was wonderful. i love you all so much, and starting tomorrow (first day free from finals!!!!) i’m going to send everyone who sent me a “we need to talk more” a good morning message XD days like these, i’m really truly grateful this site exists. no offense but it’s one of the best things that’s happened to me? anyhoo, wish your fren luck for math!!!!!!!!!!! i won’t open this site again until the final’s done and dusted uwU

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71 & 72/100 Days of Productivity

Smol catch up post as I completely forgot to post anything yesterday. Oops.

Yesterday, I went to my lectures then watched two films whilst (attempting) to make some revision notes. 3/10 on the scale of productiveness but I tried. I blame it on starting my period and just wanting to sleep.

I did a lot more today so heres a list:

  • Full body workout at the gym at 7am (super unusual for me). Stairs now hurt my poor legs
  • Changed and washed my bedding and towels
  • Did a lot of work on my research project
  • Facetimed my parents
  • 3hr lab on ore microscopy
  • Now sat waiting for my fajitas to cook 
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