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She merely said hello, I can understand her. She is free to speak in parseltongue in my home. Delphini will be pleased. 

Delphini! Come here child. See this little girl here? This is Nyx, and she is here to play with you and Nagini. Can you say hello? 

*Delphi runs in, barefoot and curious, and immediately lights up at the sight of another child. She speaks in English, because she has been instructed Parseltongue is only for Nagini and Father.* 

Hi! Come’on, come play! 

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A skill that I need to acquire is the ability to ignore my kids when they’re having meltdowns. Because right now I can get about five minutes into the tantrum before I shout at them.

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Well I just told my son to shut up and go away.

He gets up every day before 7. It’s actually closer to six and he’s making demands as soon as he’s out of bed.

If he went to bed nicely it wouldn’t be such a burden in the morning. But he never does.

He fights getting in bed, staying in bed, putting his head on the pillow, keeping his eyes closed, he needs more water, his bed is wet (it isn’t), his nightlight is wrong… It’s endless.

I try to be calm and soothing when he wakes up crying. I succeed at that half the time. Last night around midnight he started crying about something. I managed to come in and not be even slightly annoyed that he woke me up.

Which is why I feel only slightly bad about snapping at him this morning.

And it didn’t even stick, I can hear him running around not in bed.

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I just gotta say… I freaking love it when kiddos wave at me from inside the car, from their strollers on the street, over their parent’s shoulder as they’re carried, as they pass me in the hospital hallways… There’s something kind of magical that they have deemed you worthy and grace you with not only their attention but also with a greeting.

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I feel sooo bad for laughing.

Oliver has this train table, and the top to it has this little landscape printed on two slabs of wood.

Well, he discovered that the slabs can be moved. He crawled underneath the table, and pushed up one of the of the slabs and then he starts shouting “it’s stuck! It’s stuck!” His finger was stuck between the slabs.

The look on his face said he didn’t think he was getting his finger back. I just start laughing my butt off as I’m lifting the table. Then he looks at his finger and then at me laughing and then he starts laughing. 😂

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The girl cried again all night. I expect her father to find night poo when he gets her. Which is the reason why he gets her and I don’t.

Traditional gender roles are pretty nonexistent here. Me being a slob contributes to our enlightened attitudes.

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1 & ½ to 2 is my favorite age of child to look after. Learning words, very curious about everything, can walk and can mostly tell you what they want as well as understand most of what you tell them. It doesn’t help that I’ve known the almost-2-year-old I’m taking care of now since he was born, so I’m especially attached.

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It is midnight and my kids are still up watching Cocomelon with no signs of sleepiness. This going to be a long night.

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Dear Gus,

We butted heads tonight over you using your fork to eat your dinner. You kept grabbing the chicken and green beans with your hand, so I kept grabbing your hand to prevent you from doing so. “Use your fork, Gus,” I said.

Finally, when you’d had enough…you looked at me, picked up your fork, and used it to eat your bread.


Little Rock, Arkansas. 10.15.2020. - 7.00pm.

SIDENOTE: Mom’s gotten into collecting floral yarn art. 

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