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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Shouto’s ways of saying ‘I love you’ non verbally include staying up with someone who woke up from a nightmare, spending the day with someone at a carnival/festival/anywhere, cuddling with someone, movie nights and more.

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If you ship todoroki and momo jirou and denki eraser and joke or any ship like that dont come at kiribaku erasermic or momojiro shippers bitch literally saying “their just friends OwO thats gross” is hypocritical to say the least unless your ship actually canon(none of these which are) your theorizing on a friendship too keep that in mind when you complain about a gay ship by saying their just friends

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Todeku headcanons

  • Neither Todoroki or Izuku asked the other out at first, they were both too awkward about it. Uraraka saw this and took it upon herself to set them up. She got Izuku talking about how much he liked Todoroki where Todoroki could hear them, then disappeared into the night (or rather the bushes so she could hear and/or watch what was going on.)
  • Momo and Ochako had actually worked together, and while Uraraka got Izuku to talk, Momo got Todoroki to talk.
  • Before this, however, the teachers and everyone in class 1-A and 1-B took bets of when they would get together. Ochako won, as she was the one to get them together and really wanted to win (also because she wanted her friends to be happy, though). Bakugo is still salty, and brings it up all the time. “Hey Bakugo, remember when you said you would help us with this?” “Remember when you CHEATED?!”
  • Of course all of class 1-A and some of class 1-B spies on their fist date, and some dates after. They all take turns.
  • They are cuddlers! Izuku obviously (in my opinion) has always been a cuddler, and when he and Todoroki became boyfriends it was just natural for him. Todoroki also surprisingly found it natural, and they are often found dosing/asleep while hugging each other in the common room.
  • Holidays are wars of “who can give the better gift.” It started out with Izuku trying to give Todoroki the best Christmas/valentines day/etc. ever, and Todoroki was like “this guy is literally the sun, and deserves all of the good things.” So he decided to go overboard as well. Things escalated, everyone is scared.
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I’m sure this has been done before, but like imagine the 1-A gals pouncing on Todoroki and changing up his hairstyle to a side part and shave? Of course he’s all like “Sure whatever, I don’t care,” but it actually looks awesome?

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Midoriya can’t handle.

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