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What’s Mine is Yours (And So Am I)
by bard linn

New developments in their soulmate bond push Shouto and Izuku closer than ever. Will Shouto’s feelings come to light when he has nowhere to hide? And what of Izuku’s feelings? What exactly does he want out of this most special of ties?

Words: 4707, Chapters: 1/10, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Two As One

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! ( ⓛ ω ⓛ *) 🎃 👻 I’m happy to finally share my tododeku fanart for my fic Oh, You Haunt Me Like a Ghost for the @bnhamonsterball​ event! It’s a spooky mystery/love story about Ghost!Izuku and Headless Horseman Todoroki wandering through the woods and trying to figure out who cursed Pumpkin-kun and why he seems so familiar to Izuku.

TW: Major character death. Decapitation. 


Izuku doesn’t know what he’s doing in life. (Or death.) But that’s okay when you have a headless companion who doesn’t know what he’s doing either. So what if his new friend’s horse sounds like the screams of a thousand wailing souls condemned to hell? Izuku’s not one to judge a person by their mode of transportation.

Or their strangely glowing enchanted pumpkin head.

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Break Me Slowly

By: CorpsCommand2020, Terder2000 (CorpsCommand2020)

Summary: Life was already pretty hard for Midoriya, being quirkless and deemed useless to society. Now not only was he quirkless, but he was pushed even further from his goal by presenting as an omega.

Omega’s were the epitome of weak, they could never become hero’s and everyone believed it. But Midoriya Izuku was never one to believe what society told him, never one to back down, and never one to abide to conventional standards or labels.

After all, he was already far from normal by presenting as a male omega.

Status: Complete

Words: 101,723  Chapters: 18/18  Language: English

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14 again!
by QueenExplosionMurder23

While rescuing Eri from Overhaul she had accidentally used her quirk on Deku. What happens when his secrets are no longer secret? There might be some soft Bakugou maybe? I’m not sure. If I do ships these ships will be in this story: Tododeku Kiribaku Shinkami I don’t own mha or the art.

Words: 1620, Chapters: 4, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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My Hero Academia au romantic comedy (but could also be other fandoms if you change the characters)

Deku has a secret stalker stash of sketchbooks filled with drawings of Todoroki. all the sketch books look like his ordinary school journals. he forgets his school project at home and asks his mom to grab them for him. Inko grabs the stalker sketchbook instead of the project on accident. Izuku isn’t paying attention when he goes to turn it in and submits it as his school project. the teacher has the projects peer reviewed and Todoroki ends up getting Izuku’s. shenanigans ensue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


honestly, this could be turned into a prompt for a number of other fandoms. just change the characters to your otp. it could be a high school art class fic for literally anything else.

someone pls take mercy on my soul and make a bnha fic with tododeku tho (´,,•ω•,,)♡

i’m togata in the gif ٩(๑☆^☆๑)ง


Originally posted by bloody-puppet67

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