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Hello y’all! Mod Mim here! So, I’ve seen a couple of y’all stressing over submitting your pieces in the correct day and I just want to say that its ok if you don’t post them on the Exact day! We’ll be accepting submissions for, pretty much forever so its ok if your piece its a couple of days late! As long as you tag us we’ll reblog it!
Thats all I wanted to say, ‘til next one y’all, and remember to have fun! :D!

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Todoizuocha-Week Day 1: Cyberpunk AU

After receiving a pair of powerful cyber gauntlets, Izuku meets up with Shouto and both become bodyguards for an android girl on the run. A strong bond between the three is formed.

Ended up doing more cyber than punk ^-^;


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Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the Official Schedule and the Prompts for the week!
The week will be from April 6th to April 12th, Feel free to use more than 1 prompt if you wish to! :3!

Please check our [Rules] before partaking in this event. Don’t forget to put #todoizuochaweek2020 on your first 5 tags and tag us (@todoizuocha-week) so we reblog it, and lastly, try to put what Prompt(s) you’re making in the description!

Thank to everyone participating on this event! Lets do our best! :D!


Day one/April 6th: fantasy au / mythology / cyberpunk au 

Day two/April 7th: sleepovers / fake dating / hurt-comfort 

Day three/April 8th: fluff / confessions / no quirk 

Day four/April 9th: cooking / angst / pokemon au 

Day five/April 10th: Mermaid-Merman au / secret relationship / detective au

Day six/April 11th: college-university au / appreciation / zombie apocalypse

Day seven/April 12th: queerplatonic relationship / steampunk au / free prompt 

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Hello everyone! Here are some rules regarding the event, please make sure you agree with everything before participating!

  1. No NSFW works are permitted in this event!
    We want minors and people who identify as Asexual to feel welcome!
  2. Blood/violence in works is permitted as long as it’s tag properly!
  3. Please tag #todoizuochaweek​2020 and @ our URL so we can see your work and reblog it!
  4. If you are an Endeavour apologist, I will kindly ask you not to join.
  5. You have to portray the trio either romantically with each other or platonically in your works!
This means you can not make two-thirds of the trio be romantically involved + the other character! (if you have any more questions on this part, send us an ask!)
  6. Have Fun! :D!
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