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Sorry if everything goes by too fast 😗 they’re eating Aizawas Ice cream at 1am
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  • bakugo is like a wildcard
  • you never know what the fuck he’s planning to do 
  • gets you the most unexpected gifts
  • and its probably the ones you’ve been looking for but you never got the chance to buy it or something
  • and u’re like: how did you know i wanted this
  • “idk, it looks so shitty but your eyes kept looking at them so eh” 
  • since his parents are both in the fashion industry,,,,, expect a shit ton of clothes as gifts
  • and if he’s really whipped for you he’d ask either mitsuki or masaru to make you something special 
  • and his parents are just like: are you our son
  • but anyway
  • he gives you gifts every like 6 months
  • so expect that those gifts are extravagant 
  • “why the fuck would i waste a shit ton of money on you every month” he grunts, as he hands you a well wrapped gift 
  • and when you open the gift its the shoes you’ve been wanting
  • bakugo sees your reaction and lets out a smirk 
  • hes also the type to buy you branded shit just because
  • “quality over fucking quantity alright? plant that in your fucking brain” 
  • but if he doesnt plan on giving you gifts cs he doesnt feel like it,,, 
  • he means well dont worry
  • its just bakugo being bakugo jsakjhas
  • the end !!


  • kirishima is the man who can do both things at the same time
  • gifts? he got that
  • love and affection? he came prepared
  • ever since he got in a relationship with you,,, he’s determined to do whatever it takes bro
  • even if it meant he’d had to miss a few crimson riot figurines cs he bought u something that week
  • expect a few gifts and trinkets every other week
  • “i bought it because it reminds me of you, my baby 🥺” - kiri
  • and if he didn’t feel like spending his $$$$ for the time being,,
  • he’d straight up just make you feel loved (again and again)
  • which means, he does physical affection literally every day
  • hold ur hand, kiss ur cheeks, cuddle sessions late at night
  • the cute shit we expect kiri to do
  • but if its a special occasion, expect kiri to go all out
  • like he’d buy you a dress with his matching suit and shit
  • and you’ll be out on a date
  • those type of shit
  • he says he does it cs its “manly” 
  • but we all know you got this man is WHIPPED
  • the end <3 


  • you see,, deku isn’t really fond of giving material things
  • cs he’d rather save money for limited edition all might merch that he might’ve missed along the way
  • so instead he’d spoil you with his time, love and affection
  • but there are times he’d buy you stuff like when it’s your birthday or your anniversary w him,, those special moments he’d never want to forget yk
  • so he’ll arrange stay at home dates where all his attention is all on you 🥺
  • deku u sweet cute piece of shit
  • and once that stay at home dates start, theres no going back
  • prepared to be attacked with his attention, his love, his care, everything izuku has to offer 🥺
  • he’d hold you like there’s no tomorrow and treat you like a baby
  • phones are off when its stay at home dates
  • and fuck you never felt so loved til you met midoriya izuku
  • even if he doesn’t spoil you with material gifts, he’d definitely spoil you with his never ending love for you 🥺❤️
  • a lot of pepper kisses all over ur face
  • “just because”
  • and probably he’d rant about his notes on other people’s quirks
  • next thing you know you two are napping together
  • legs entangled with one another
  • he holds you tight, almost as if he’s going to lose you
  • the end <3


  • when spoiling his s/o.. todoroki would do anything and buy everything to make you the happiest
  • since he is relatively new to shit like this,,
  • he’d go all out on a damn shopping spree
  • with endeavors credit card ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he’d go to this one fashion district yaomomo told him about and go crazy
  • ahh go stupid
  • probably ends up buying a whole store if you mentioned you liked this one specific store
  • buys bags, jewelry, clothes, etc. anything he can get his hands on
  • and gives it to you in one go
  • like,, “y/n i got something for you” he says after he disappears for like a whole day
  • and poof you’re drowning in paper bags
  • everyone in the dorm are like: ???!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck
  • you want him to return the shit he’s gotten you but he just says “why will i? they remind me of you”
  • yeah right todoroki,, those gucci bags u bought definitely remind you of ur s/o
  • but dont tell anyone,, if he got u like clothing items,, he’d buy two pairs each so you two could be matching 👀
  • overall, he’d spoil you ENDLESS with gifts/material shit
  • but each item he got probably holds a reason why he bought that specifically for you
  • the end!
  • bonus: endeavors card got declined when he tried using it to pay for groceries thus resulting him into screaming “sHOUTOOOOOOO” in despair in the middle of the cashier line
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Iida: You may break our souls and take our lives…

Froppy: Beat us up, or even worse!

Ururaka: But if you touch Deku…

Todoroki: There will be no evidence of your existence.

Midoriya: I’m not sure if I should be flattered or terrified.

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Hi! I’m a big fan of your omegaverse writing! I’d love to see some omega Shoto stuff but I have a lot of personal HCs about it if u don’t mind me sharing a bit? I feel like when Sho first presented as an omega endeavor was annoyed cuz they’re considered ‘weaker’ so he probs got Sho on suppressants early & didn’t let him openly present or do typical omega things like nesting, maybe even made him present as alpha/beta until Sho sorta broke from his control a bit? So he’s still figuring it out? -🦇

      Hey Bat-Anon! I promise to write some Omega Shoto soon, but for now I should say that I actually have to agree with your HC (Please send in more I adore hearing other peoples headcanons) but I think Endeavor would take it to the extreme. EDIT: I also have to apologize this became a LOT 

     Like I said in my Aizawa story, Omega males have less testosterone than the average male in order for their reproductive system to stay fertile. Women can become Infertile if they have too much testosterone, so once Shoto even starts presenting as an Omega, he starts the process of changing that in an instant. Monthly testosterone shots become something normal in his life and he quickly gets over his fear of needles. 

     The side effects of the testosterone are something Shoto doesn’t even realize. His chest is always sensitive, he has horrible headaches, his voice drops causing him to become insecure due to the random voice cracks, the increase in muscle, and god the body odor. That last one really gets him because no matter how much Enji will try, he is an omega at heart. He absolutely hates his body odor type scent, so he showers a LOT. His scent also seems to have switched from what was like Cinnamon and Peppermint depending on the sides, to something deeper and more musky.

     Of course the other members of his family are oblivious to this and the one time Fuyumi caught Endeavor giving Shoto one of his monthly testosterone shots, Endeavor just claims that it’s just some medicine. It doesn’t hit her until later in her life what was happening, and she still regrets letting it happen to this day.

     Every nest he ever made was quickly destroyed by his father, which only caused more trauma for the abused Omega because he had no clue why he wanted to nest all of the time. He didn’t even know what nesting was! All he knew is that sometimes his mom would sneak in and slowly help him build a “Make shift bed” In his closet for him to sleep in after the really hard days. Those were always his favorite because it meant his mom would hold him in the nest while he slept.

     Shoto was actually quite scared when he entered UA. He was most intimidated and afraid of Bakugo since he reminded him so much of his father. He never really attempted to make friends or be social, and the first time he truly showed who he really was, was during the sports festival against Deku. He broke down in the middle, but was very content overall. His fight with Bakugo was a different story. He gave his win to Bakugo and just gave up. It honestly pissed off both his father and Bakugo, but he didn’t care in the end.

     Aizawa and Hizashi were both quick to notice how the man showed all of the signs for an Omega on testosterone. His scent, the chest pain he would randomly get, sleepiness, back and joint pain, trouble sleeping, and his mood swings. Both teachers approached Nezu before confronting Shoto about it, only for Shoto to suddenly get really dizzy. Luckily Hizashi grabbed him before he could fall and carried him back to Recovery girl.

     That’s when he learns about Aizawa, a pro-hero who is an Omega on T. Aizawa quickly finds this bond between them and quickly takes him under his wing. The whole time he is talking to Shoto, he is holding his hand in an attempt to keep the boy grounded and calm despite his own anxiety. That’s also when Aizawa learns about Endeavor, how he treated him and his family, and that “He didn’t want me to be ‘almost perfect’ since almost isn’t perfect.”

     Trust me when I say this led to the teachers, even All Might, having a deep anger towards Endeavor. Aizawa cannot fucking stand being around him and will growl if he is on TV. Hizashi may seem calm, but he really wants him to pay for what he did to Shoto. Toshinori will straight up confront Enji, grabbing him and threatening him despite his frail body. None of this even phases Enji though until he takes the spot as #1 and slowly realizes how fucked he is.

     When they get dorms, Aizawa and Hizashi are over in an instant with nesting material for Shoto. Some old band shirts of Hizashis, a couple of Aizawas’ hoodies, and blankets like none other. Once they get inside, Aizawa teaches him how to make a nest and explains why they’re important to Omegas. He also gave him some of his and Hizashis’ clothes just because he noticed how calm he is around the two, as if they were really his parents. Shoto often wears those in his room or to bed since they make him feel safe and honestly, very loved too.

     And that’s how Aizawa and Hizashi accidentally adopted Shoto Todoroki. He has their numbers in his phone (And texts them way more than he does Enji) and even trains under them. After the Midterms, Aizawa decides to teach him some skills he learned along the way. Hizashi actually taught him how to work at his radio station, showing him what plays what song, the commercials, and even the room where he does his morning show. Hell, he even gave Shoto a launchpad and one of his computers so he could try making music himself. It never fails to make Hizashi smile when Shoto stays after class to show him the newest song he worked on. Aizawa doesn’t show favoritism in class, but he does go out of his way after to make sure that Shoto understood the lesson, if not, then he would be welcome in his classroom during lunch or they could discuss it after school.

    Okay okay this is all I’ll spill for now, but yes. Your headcanon is so good, and I agree completely

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Meow Meow hi, hey guys, I’m happy to announce My hero Academia stickers are officially completed. That is right, now all ‘My Hero Emoji’ are you done and now available on this page and My Etsy shop - 

Please pm if interested.


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I’m tired

y'all Endeavor haters can go and whine to your blogs about how much you hate the redemption arc even though it’s the best character development in the series. People can CHANGE and GROW to become better. Stop going around pushing your interpretations to other people as undeniable facts. I’ll seat and enjoy the new arc with a cup of TEA. You can remain inside your little ‘interpretation’ bubble. Nobody is forcing you out. Just try not to become a pain in the ass for the people that are actually looking forward to this.

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I’ve seen so much stuff on the internet about Bakugou’s behavior and whether he is abusive or not (a lot of the time when discussing shipping stuff) and it rly divides the fandom. 

I don’t think that he is abusive once his character changed after the first arc once everyone is in UA but when he was younger, it makes more sense.

Remember, the word ‘abuse’ establishes an asymmetrical relationship of power where the abuser wields more power over the abused and uses that to their advantage. When discussing Deku and Bakugou’s relationship when they were younger, this applies. In the most literal sense, Bakugou had a quirk (an extremely powerful one) and Deku was quirkless. He used that power and held it against Deku openly using it against him as seen in the first few minutes of the entire show. He also used it to make Deku scared to stand up to him because he knew he was more powerful than him. This clear imbalance of power not only from his interactions from Deku but also how everyone around him treats him allows him to build this ego that (in his mind) justifies his actions and his abusive tendencies. Clearly, with everyone around him telling him how good he is and being around people like Deku who are physically weaker than he is, he had a good understanding of this imbalance and still decided to use that power over people (we only saw Deku in the show but he probably had pull with other people when he was younger as well).

That all changes when he goes to UA. After the first Deku vs. Bakugou fight/arc, Bakugou expresses to Deku how frustrated he is with the realization that he is no longer as strong as what everyone made him out to be when they were younger. He agrees with Yaoyorozu’s assessment that he didn’t handle the situation well or that he would never be able to beat Todoroki in a fight at that point in time. I believe this is the catalyst for change from his abusive self to nonabusive self. Even during the fight between him and Deku, Bakugou is still under the impression that Deku is quirkless or at least still as weak as Bakugou remembers. This proves that he still acknowledges that he is stronger and yet will still go all out against him to essentially hurt him as much as he can. However, once he realizes that he has room for growth to catch up to some of his classmates, he loses his acknowledgment of superiority because it simply is not true anymore. From then on, every time he is training or is going all out, it isn’t because he is trying to flaunt his power but rather trying to prove that he will be better than his classmates by training better and harder than them.

Then the sports festival happens. This is very controversial when it comes to Bakugou’s personality for some reason (like even though Aizawa explains his character to the audience multiple times???). Anywho, during the sports festival arc, Bakugou is feral especially when it comes to the final round, or the 1v1 matches. Each student is trying their hardest to prove themselves as best they can to catch the attention of a) potential internships and b) the entirety of Japan who is watching them on live TV. Bakugou is no exception. He wants those internships and that recognition just as much as Deku, or Uraraka, and he still is under the impression that these classmates are more powerful than he initially let on. This is why he doesn’t hold back on any of them. He cannot because if he does then there is the chance that they’ll beat him because they are capable, competent opponents. I personally think even before his fight with Uraraka this point was made in the show during the cavalry battle and his fight with Monoma. Monoma was being arrogant and while he was trying, he wasn’t going all out to try and beat Bakugou which was the reason why he wound up losing to him because Bakugou just wanted it more and was willing to put in the work. I thought this was smart of Horikoshi to show this distinction. With his quirk he could’ve definitely gone further in the festival but didn’t because he wasn’t willing to try harder. I think that behavior is what Bakugou used to be like in middle school but changed once he realized that he has no room at UA to slow down his training because his classmates are right on his tail.

This brings me then to his fight with Uraraka (personally my favorite fight in the arc so sorry Deku and Todoroki). Many people thought that that fight was “abusive” because objectively speaking, explosions simply have more damage capability than zero gravity. It makes sense to see those clear physical differences and say that Bakugou knew that and still went all out just to be an asshole (like what he was with Deku when they were younger) but this is the farthest thing from the truth. First of all, Aizawa literally explains to the audience why Bakugou is not holding back against Uraraka. To underestimate Uraraka is rude first off, but also doesn’t give her enough credit for formulating her own strategy that almost worked against him. I personally didn’t believe that she would beat him (just because he only did quirk training and such to prepare for the entrance exam he is a natural fighter and I just believe that no one else did such extensive training save Todoroki) but that was a very close attempt and she got closer to beating him than, arguably, his other opponents. Secondly, after the fight when confronted by his squad, Kaminari literally asked him directly why he went all out on her when she was so frail and he (iconically) responded: What part of her seems frail? He could have easily said nothing and silently agreed with Kaminari’s comment but had to correct him because he knew it was not true. This clearly demonstrates that every time he goes all out against an opponent (which is every time) it is no longer from a position of superiority but rather respect. It is no longer abusive because while there may be a bit of asymmetrical power (again Bakugou is one of the most skilled fighters in 1A) he no longer exploits that to pick on the weaker man but rather uses it to challenge himself and his classmates to get better.

Finally, I want to point out his feelings about the aftermath of the final. We all know he was mad at Todoroki for not using his full power because he feels as though his victory was not earned properly. This is one of his personality traits I love the most because it really shows how he is just like everyone in his class and also why I love how he handled his fight between him and Uraraka. As a competitor, one of the most inconsiderate things to do is to not take your opponent seriously. This happens a lot in sports where someone is significantly better than their opponents so they don’t try as much and it is extremely frustrating especially when their opponent is giving it their all (looking at you, Aomine from KNB). It’s simply a matter of respect for your opponent. This is also what Monoma did to Bakugou in the first few minutes of their conflict which is what made Bakugou so mad. It also explains why he refused to hold back on Uraraka because she was clearly showing persistence and it would be disrespectful to not try and humiliate her like that. He has to prove to himself that he is the best in the class and he can’t calculate that if he doesn’t give it his all against someone else who is also giving their all which is why he gets the most frustrated when people don’t try to try to their fullest extent (ie. Todoroki). 

The summary of it is that he no longer is abusing his power over others because those around him can easily humble him because they are at an elite school of the top aspiring heroes. The difference in power isn’t something he can abuse anymore because it’s simply not there. While I do believe that it makes complete sense that his behavior was abusive towards Deku when they were children, I do not hold the same beliefs to him now. Especially after they BOTH acknowledge that they are true rivals, it doesn’t make sense for that to be an abusive relationship because then it wouldn’t be a rivalry. 

I believe that many fans overlook his change in personality from before to during his time at UA which is honestly so vital and telling of his character. I feel that it would be out of place for Horikoshi to put so much emphasis on a character who was a part of the hero course and doesn’t in some way or the other represent heroic morals. There is much to be said about his less-than-perfect personality, but this is simply what I think when it comes to his actions and thoughts during battle.

Thanks for indulging me :) 

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Hiii could u do hc for Baku and todo w/ a gf who wants to be at there house all the time like sleepover’s and after school because her family is really toxic and bully’s her and treats her like shit ( but never physically hurt her ) she acts like everything’s ok if you don’t want to do this plz say no💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

a/n: hi!! of course love <3 i wanna have a sleepover so bad bruh, me and my best friend usually have sleepovers all the time like every weekend, but with everything happening, we’ve been separated, she’s my other brain cell.

headcanon: them with a s/o who hates being at their own house

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing, angst

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Dorms weren’t a thing just yet. So you were currently staying at home. 
  • You hated home.
  • It was nothing but a pit of hatred, boiling over with your parents’ distaste for your future. They hated that you wanted to become a hero. They hated that you wanted to throw your life away on some whim.
  • “You’re wasting your time. You don’t have any talent.”
  • “You’re pathetic, and that quirk is useless in the hero world.”
  • “Drop out already, you’re being a real pain in the ass.”
  • But you didn’t listen. In fact, you did the opposite. You tried even harder.
  • But that was hard in it of itself.
  • When you and Bakugou got together, you made every excuse to go over. You felt like you were being clingy but you just didn’t want to be home. You didn’t want to hear your parents tease and bully you for chasing your dreams.
  • It was often you found yourself hanging out after school, staying for dinner, hanging out on the weekends, studying together, and eventually, after enough persuading from Bakugou, you could spend the night.
  • “We’re just gonna watch movies!”
  • “You better leave the door open!” 
  • “Shut up!” Bakugou yelled back to his mom, bringing you upstairs toward his room. You giggled and walked into his room, now accustomed to his house’s layout.
  • You opened your book bag to pull out some school work. As you opened your binder, a bunch of ripped papers were staring back at you.
  • This can’t be happening.
  • Your parents had taken their frustration with you out on your homework.
  • You’d stopped by to pick up some spare clothes, and in the meantime, they’d ripped and torn your important homework to shreds.
  • You sat on Bakugou’s bed, staring at the tattered fragments of what was supposed to be your math and reading homework.
  • “Hey what happened?” Bakugou asked, looking at the mess of paper.
  • “I-I don’t know.” You lied. Of course, you knew. But you didn’t want to tell him.
  • “Don’t give me that shit.” Bakugou turned to look at you. You looked back at him, your eyes brimming with tears. 
  • “Nothing is wrong, I promise.” You lied again. Bakugou frowned and glanced back at your homework.
  • “You expect me to believe that you just tore that up yourself?” Bakugou asked. You shook your head.
  • “It’s just-”
  • “It’s what? You can tell me.” Bakugou wasn’t the one for comforting, but he could tell when things were bothering you. And if something was making you upset, he was going to beat the shit out of whoever or whatever it was.
  • “My parents. They don’t like the idea of me being a hero. They must’ve done this while I was getting spare clothes.” You explained, leaning into Bakugou.
  • “I’ll have my mom make copies on the printer.” Bakugou looked down at his homework. He hadn’t started, so you’d be able to get a nice clean copy.
  • And then everything clicked. 
  • “Is this why you always want to come over?” Bakugou asked, not even giving his question a second thought.
  • “Yeah.” You whispered. As a few tears rolled down your cheek, you felt strong arms embrace you.
  • “Don’t ever ask me again if you can come over. You come over whenever you want, okay?” Bakugou rubbed your back. You nodded and lifted your head to look at Bakugou.
  • You smiled at him and poked his nose.
  • “You’re such a softie.” You said quietly, watching as Bakugou rolled his eyes.
  • “Only for you, dumbass.”

»»————- ★ ————-««

shoto todoroki


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Shoto is sort of oblivious. But he knows what it’s like when parents pressure you.
  • At first, it was mostly just verbal taunts. Your parents would tease you for wanting to be a hero, and tell you that your quirk was pathetic.
  • But then things got worse.
  • They wouldn’t physically hurt you, but you wondered if they would.
  • The yelling and bullying got worse.
  • It became a daily thing. You’d be trying to make dinner and they’d mess with your things, crumping up your homework, your mom even hid your hero costume one time.
  • You found it a few days later but you had to make up an excuse as to where it went.
  • And then you and Todoroki started dating.
  • You started staying at your house less.
  • Todoroki was convinced you just liked being with him, and he soon had a full dresser drawer of your stuff, shirts, pants, jackets, you name it, it was in that drawer.
  • But then Todoroki noticed while you were using the bathroom, a note on your binder.
  • ‘Just give up already, you should be supporting this family not chasing some stupid dream.’
  • When you got back from the bathroom, you froze, watching as Todoroki read through several notes you had from your parents.
  • “What are these?” Todoroki asked, looking over at you. You quickly scurried over and took them from him.
  • “It’s nothing.” You lied, shoving them back into your bookbag.
  • “They don’t look like nothing.” Todoroki replied. You just shook your head.
  • “Really it’s-”
  • “Is something happening at your house?” Todoroki didn’t have much restraint. He cared for you a lot, so he was willing to get to the bottom of things. And if something was happening like what was happening with his dad and him, he didn’t want you experiencing it.
  • “I-” You paused. You looked down at your lap and sighed.
  • “My parents don’t think I’d make a good hero. They think I’m just chasing some silly dream.” You explain, not wanting to look up at Todoroki.
  • Todoroki pulled you into a hug. You rested your head on his shoulder, snuggling into his warmth.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?” Todoroki questioned. You didn’t know what to say. You just didn’t want him feeling bad for you.
  • “I don’t know.” Was all you could say. Todoroki hugged you tighter, understanding your pain. How long had you been going through this?
  • “You’re more than welcome to come over whenever you’d like.” Todoroki pulled away looking at you. You nodded and smiled.
  • “Thank you.” You thanked him. Todoroki was your escape.
  • “Do you want some soba?” Todoroki asked, his eyes lighting up.
  • “I would love some soba.”

»»————- ★ ————-««


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Before you all get concerned, there will be a story update later today around 9-10pm. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has liked and followed my work. You can’t even imagine how happy it makes me to see how many people like my writing and I know that when people send me a ‘thank you’ message in my inbox I don’t respond directly to it a lot, but I’m just worried that people will get annoyed with seeing non-story post all over my blog. So if you have sent me a thanks know that I appreciate it with all my heart. I took a screen shot of the most recent two and included them here, but there’s been much more. Also, if anyone is interested in being included on a tag list, leave a comment and I would be more then happy to! I already included the person who asked about it first in my last post. Someone also mentioned that it was annoying how they had to scroll through my long stories and I deeply apologize for not including a read more line sooner, but the thought never crossed my mind honestly. The problem has been fixed as I’ve gone through and included them in all my longer stories, so I hope that you can all forgive me for this oversight. And again, thank you all so much for reading my stories. It means the world to me that I’m able to bring at least a little happiness to others! See you all next post! Bye!

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