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Not A Kid (Hawks n others)


✯ pairing: hawks x reader

✯ genre: enemies-to-lovers au. expect crack

✯ summary: celeste, also known as y/l/n y/n, is the youngest pro hero to be in the top 10, at the young age of 19 she is occupying the #5 spot. she is also known for having a strong dislike for the #2 hero, who responds by irritating her even further, but what even caused her to hate him in the first place?

✯ a/n: message or comment to be added to the taglist!!


@nerdynstoned @aesthcss @myheroheacanons

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Anytime! We all like some powerful yandere don’t we? Thanks for requesting ^-^

»»————-———— ♡ ————————-«« 

Normally, there wouldn’t have been a reason for you to accompany the diplomate of your country to peace negotiations. But this wasn’t normal. The war outside wasn’t one done for any noble reasons like expanding kingdom borders or a natural rivalry. No one wanted the other’s plot of land, and the people of the regions weren’t on unfriendly terms with each other either. It was all because the king’s son wanted to marry into your royal family.

He wanted to marry you.

King Todoroki wasn’t a nice man, and there had never been praise sung in his name. But he wasn’t a terrible king. Aside from the whispers of his inability in social connections, the queen banished into a monastery and a lost, believed dead son, he actually worked for the people in his land. He gave them work and food to keep them healthy and satisfied, and his reign wasn’t questioned by anyone under him.

Despite this, he never showed much capability in raising his children. While they were good royals, there wasn’t a family attachment like in yours. You could see it just by how far they stood away from him, cramped around the empty throne of their mother. You, at least, felt pity for them. Though that didn’t mean that you could understand their course of action.

“We beg Your Excellency to please not advance your troops! We have offered you all we can, including all the royal siblings of their Grace. The king can’t possibly annul the arranged marriage to the Mighty Kingdom in the north. Our throne child has been promised ever since their birth, and we won’t be able to survive an attack over the broken promise!”

Huffing, King Todoroki, known by his byname ‘Endeavor’, didn’t seem terribly impressed by the diplomats pleading. After throwing off every offer, even your father had decided that if no gold or other marriage worked, your kingdom wasn’t strong enough not to plead for mercy if it came down to it.

You didn’t miss the side-glance to his youngest son, who had positioned himself the farthest from his dad. Even so, Prince Shoto caught the look from his father, making a small, barely noticeable shake with his head. It was hard to see if anyone else noticed their quiet exchange, especially with you hiding behind other diplomats and guards that arrived to guarantee your safety through security.

Feeling your stomach churn, you knew there wasn’t much to do. They wouldn’t let down on something they’ve been pursuing for years. You didn’t agree with your father’s decision to plead, knowing that your opponent kingdom was well aware that your people and lands were suffering from the ongoing war. By now, it was only a question of who was going to stomp you into the ground. Either King Todoroki’s nation, or the one of King Yagi. Your father had practically admitted to losing the war already.

“We don’t agree. Our conditions are clear, they have been so from the start. All you do now is bring shame over yourself.”

The diplomat’s shoulder slumped as he listened to the king speak, the eldest daughter mumbling a very quiet, “Father, please–” as she saw the disappointment and frustration in everyone’s face. Bless her, you thought. It was at least one person that cared, even if it was short-lived as she got bumped into the shoulder by her brother, lowering her head.

A moment of quietness fell over the throne room as everyone tried to think about what to do, but when the diplomate sighed, you knew the discussion was over. Of course, you felt the disappointment in each of your bones, the knot in your stomach burning with anxiety and fear. You only half-heartedly watched as the diplomate bowed, turning around with a sorrowful look on his face. Your eyes met before he sighed, waving at the men acting as your defense barrier.

With the loud clacking of moving armor and shuffle of fabric, everyone before you suddenly moved aside, exposing your cloaked form, as you stood there startled. Blinking a few times, you looked side to side, every eye you met immediately turned away from you, no one having the guts to look at their most precious throne child as you almost felt like… they were betraying you.

You couldn’t help but look up at the royal family, who almost looked as baffled as you, before you felt the diplomate tug at your arm, pulling you out of the secure cave of people. Like an unwilling child, did he have to pull you forwards, your mind not giving your feet any directions. “Your Highness,” he mumbled, almost ashamed, brushing back his hair with his free hand as he addressed the king. Not even the diplomate dared to look you in the eyes, whispering a useless apology as he tugged down the cape of your coat, revealing who you were.

“We’ve come to you today to offer you a peace treaty…”

Suddenly, his words became nothing but a monotone buzz in your ear as the situation dawned on you. Even if it had been your suggestion to tag along, you hadn’t been in charge of anything. You were their last move on the chessboard, and you had come here in case everything failed. Your people, your kingdom, and your father had knowingly sent you as a backup plan. They had delivered you, knowing it would most likely fail.

What you felt wasn’t just disappointment. The full weight of betrayal was coming down on you as you looked up at the king. He sat up, straightening his back, and looked over to his son as if he needed the approval. You couldn’t help but follow his gaze, noticing how Prince Shoto wasn’t looking back at him, an expression caressing his face that you hadn’t thought him to be able to make.

Truth be told, you had known Shoto for a long time. You two had always been the same age, and he had always danced with you on the many, MANY parties in your childhood. You thought you knew him well from the countless visits between your kingdoms, after all, they once had been close business partners before they sent the first proposal of marriage.

But never before had you seen him look like this.

And it scared you.

He looked… ecstatic. Eyes open so wide as if he feared to miss even a second of looking at you. The heterochromia was piercing you with its shine. Success, relief, and maniacal happiness showing in them. A wide, toothy grin on his face, his hands turned to fists and one leg already in the front as if he was going to jump and cheer any moment now.

Even if you couldn’t concentrate on anyone else, everyone in the room exchanged conflicted glances. Still, the first one to relax was the king, sinking back into his throne again. “So be it,” he announced, even though the diplomate was still rattling down the conditions. He didn’t even wait for everything to be said, not shying away from any cost it may bring over his kingdom, as long as his son was happy.

A slow, weary clapping resounded behind you from the people attending this meeting. They seemed unsure if this was a reason to be joyful, but latest when the diplomate let go of your arm, they all started to mumble and giggle, happy that the war was officially over now.

Only you remained with a confused, even frightened expression on your face as you finally looked away from your future husband. Shoto slowly regained his composure accepting congratulation of his court while you spaced through everyone who came to congratulate you. You had a bad feeling about this, dangerous and wrong. Maybe it was still the feeling of betrayal that you lived through, or perhaps the fear for your kingdom and what fate was to fall over it.

But peeking up through your eyelashes, you noticed the other royal family staring back at you. They had shuffled away from their brother, towards their father even, looking back with at you with sullen expressions.

Oh, how quickly table turned, you wondered. Maybe you had misjudged them for their family situation and relationship with each other. After all, it was now all of them who looked at you with pity in their eyes.

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howdy! so since the ask is kinda vague i’m going with the ‘recording them instead of you’ trend. sorry if it’s not the right one!!!



→ mans is working out

→ he’s all about that self care

→ so when you hop in front of him and set your phone up to seemingly record yourself, he’s like “babe i’m doing something.”

→ “this isn’t bothering you, promise!”

→ he just ‘tch’ because he very lowkey enjoys your antics

→ hes also not on tiktok so he’s like ??? what the fuck is this song

→ when you start dancing in his peripheral he glances up and then his eyes are stuck on you

→ rests his arm on his leg and just watches you with extreme interest. even if he didn’t express it often he did really love you

→ you were grinning because you got his sort of love struck reaction on camera

→ his eyes were glittering and his jaw was a little slack

→ but once you were done with your dance he looked away and pretended to not be a little red in the face



→ he’s reading and sipping tea when you slipped in front of him

→ he glanced up a little with slight interest while you just smiled at him

→ “i’ll only be a second, there’s better light in here.”

→ “oh, okay.” he doesn’t know what tiktok is

→ so when you start dancing, half of him is like “what is this music” and the other half of him is like “woah…”

→ u throw it back and watch him sit up a little CHDNFND

→ hes a little red in the face, and his eyes are On You

→ his face is red. like bright red

→ it’s fucking great on camera dude fr



→ now denki. denki is tiktok literate

→ he’s on the alt side of tiktok. he’s in on everything

→ you set your phone up while he’s fussing on his laptop and he’s like ??? “whatcha filming?”

→ “you’ll see.”

→ “i like the sound of that.”

→ you start recording and he GRINS

→ hypes you up

→ whistles when you throw it back

→ claps when you’re done


→ “thays because i’d have to throw it back more.”

→ “exactly!”

→ his excited puppy reaction is ideal fr



→ i’m telling you man i think he secretly likes tiktok

→ so it’s not much of a surprise to him when you set your phone up in front of him

→ he just sort of cocks a brow and watches with interest

→ “whatre you up to?”

→ “nothin!!” “yeah okay.”

→ you just smile and turn the timer on and back up so he can see you

→ once it starts recording he recognizes the song and laughs softly

→ does the dance with you but much more relaxed and without getting up

→ does in fact clap a little when you’re done

→ ceo of lowkey hyping you up

→ “you look really good when you dance like that.”

→ (the vid of shinsou doijg a little dance is great, by the way.)

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Shoto Todoroki X Reader (Gender neutral) | One-Shot!

Synopsis: Where you’re the helplessly in love with the resident pretty boy of Class 1A and he might just like you back. 


He’s stunning. 

He furrows his brows as he reads over the test, stormy eyes deep in thought.  His two-toned hair falls perfectly over his face, and the summer uniforms short sleeves give you an absolutely heavenly view of his toned arms.  

His pen at the corner of his perfect lips currently tugged into a delicate pout, tantalizingly close.

“I wish I was that pen,” You sigh dreamily, and then your eyes go wide at your error. You clap a hand over your mouth, your face flushing the brightest shade of apple red. Everyone in the class turns to look at you, some trying to smother their giggling, while others look concerned. 

You catch the perplexed stare of your crush and feel your heart sink at his expression. Embarrassed yourself in front of him again! Oh god, he probably thinks you’re a total fool, a weirdo! You cover your face with your hands as your face burns with shame. And for the rest of the exam, all you can think about is those heterochromatic eyes. That piercing onyx and icy bright cerulean, how they looked at you with such revulsion. 

You totally flunk the test.

After training, you moan to Momo about how utterly awful you must’ve done as she pats your back. “And that’s not even the worst of it, did you see how Shoto looked at me? He must hate me now,” You groan, covering your face with your hands. 

“I’m sure he doesn’t hate you,” She assures you, 

Easy for you to say, You think to yourself bitterly and then scold yourself for such thoughts. Your sigh, resting your head on your arms as you feel the unwelcome pinprick of tears. Oh, come on, you criticize yourself. Seriously, crying over a stupid boy? You know you never had a shot with him anyways. But the talk you give yourself doesn’t stop your emotions. And your tears start to fall despite your best efforts. You suddenly stand, the chair screeching with the force of your action. 

“SorryMomoIreallyneedtogonowbye!” You blurt. Determined to hide your illogical emotions from your friend, you bolt off to cry in peace. You run, and you run, not heeding Momo calling your name behind you. 

You welcome the crisp air of the dorm rooftop. Sitting down on the edge of the roof, you sniffle, wiping the tears pooling in your eyes aggressively. It’s okay, everything is fine. You exhale shakily, breathing out your messy emotions with it. And you let the wind take it away. Yeah, it’s okay. 

You look down, watching your legs dangle over empty space. You drink in the tranquility of the moment. The kiss of the summer breeze, a fleeting softness brushing against your skin. And the sunset, the sky turned the lightest shade of poppy orange. As the fiery sun with its crown of molten gold gradually sinks behind the horizon. Just you, alone with the sky. A smile finds its way onto your face. 

“Y/n, please get away from that edge.” A soft-spoken voice sounds from behind you. 

You recognize it instantaneously. That soft, syrup sweet voice, that’s just the slightest bit flat. “Shoto!” You squeak, “What are you doing up here?”

“I came to see if you were alright, now please get away from the edge.” You catch the faintest hint of distress in his voice, and your heart does a little somersault. Is Shoto worried about you?

“Don’t worry Shoto, I’m not going to fall.” You tell him, and then you pause, not sure if you should say the next part. Eh, fuck it "You should come here, the view is really pretty,“ You pat the spot beside you.

You didn’t expect him to actually sit next to you. But then you hear his footsteps, and suddenly he’s right there. You feel your face heat at the minimal space between you. It takes all your will to keep your eyes trained on the view, and not on the enchanting boy at your side. "You’re right,” Shoto breathes “The view is really pretty,”

You turn to look at him right then. And your breath gets caught in your throat. Ethereal. He looks ethereal in the orange light, the wind gently blowing his snow and cherry-colored locks. His porcelain skin painted with the delicate color of the sunset, so it looks like gold. The lightest Midas touch. The sinking sun highlighting the curve of his nose, and those ever so soft looking lips. 

He turns his head, and those bewitching eyes meet yours.  And suddenly, it feels like you’re under a spell. Caught up in the enchanting property of soft, shadowy charcoal and cloudless sky blue. Like a moth to a flame, you drift closer to Shoto. And if you’re not dreaming, he’s leaning in too. Closer and closer until there’s just a hair between you both. He smells like an ocean breeze and ash, salty and smoky. Your breath sits, caught in your chest as he leans in. 

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers, the question impossibly gentle. If you didn’t see his lips move, you might’ve thought it was just a whistle of the wind.


And then he presses his lips against yours. 

Your eyes flutter shut, and you melt into the kiss. Soft. Oh god, it’s so soft, his lips against yours. Pillowy and so so right. He pulled away, and you both gasped for breath. He uttered your name, and it sounded like pure music. Like he had turned the stars into piano keys and composed the sounds to form your name. A blessing. 

And then promptly, his arms were around you, and his rose petal-soft lips were back on yours. It started soft, delicate, and honey-sweet, but it swiftly turned intense. It sent you spiraling, lost in a rushing whirlwind of hot and cold and soft and hard and Shoto. Your hands anchoring themselves in his multicolored locks. Clinging onto him like he was the only substantial thing in the dizzying ocean you were drowning in. You melt and melt into him until you are one being, interconnected by the magic of this moment. 

You could’ve stayed right there. A meteor could’ve rocketed down and crushed you, and you would’ve been fine. 

When you both finally pull away, he laughs this gentle breathless chuckle. And it sounds like utter joy and the rush of relief. You giggle too, punch drunk on the kiss or maybe the lack of air. “So uh…if you couldn’t tell, I like you Shoto,” You confess, a dusting of rosy pink on your cheeks.

Shoto’s face suddenly turns the brightest shade of crimson, and he covers his blazing cheeks with his hands. And that’s not a metaphor, the left side of Shoto is literally on fire. 

It ended with Shoto shooting you a guilty smile as Recovery girl lectured you about burning yourself. 

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So my best friend always likes the edgy character the most in all the shows we watch and the games we play. So I made a list of her “edgy bois” and put it in a timeline, of sorts, as well as named and described all the characters. Enjoy

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Ohay ! Of course you can that’s so cute! Thank you for the request!
I think I messed this thing up.. it’s not.. totally headcanons :x


Eijiro Kirishima

- «For fuck sake Kirishima! Please, stop, I can’t follow you anymore, I can’t breath!»

- You were a panting and a sweating mess, it was 35° and it has been two hours into climbing hills since you left for the worst journey of your life.

- Come on he said, it’s going to be a health walk he said with big excited red hues.

- It’s been quiete a while since you began to have a crush on the man and it was a bit complicated to say no to his enthousiastic ideas, even the dumbest ones.
He always looks like a puppy in front a pile of bones, stars in the eyes, teeth all out in a exhilarating smile.

- So, when he promised to kidnap you the next afternoon to show you «The most fantastic spot ever», just the two of you, you agreed without a hint of hesitation… but he never mentionned the pack included 5 hours of walk for the round trip.

- Hearing your voice, Kirishima stopped in his track, watching your dying body above his shoulder few meters away.
He wiped his forehead with the back of his arm and crouched, extending his water bottle to you [undirectkisswhoouu~]

- As you agonized in peace under the shadow of a tree, he wandered around, coming back hands opened, a pile of little stones in the palms «Dinosaur’s eggs! I often came here with my dad when I was he child and we always hunted for fossils»

- The jaded exhausted stare you gave him was a response by itself and he got up, walking again,

- «Get up! We can’t stop again, we have to reach the top as soon as possible, I will give you a piggyback ride to get back if you move now, promise!»

- Once you reached the top, you had to admit, the view of the whole forest and the surrounding cities covered with the light of the setting sun was breathtaking and you fell on the ground, the red-head man next to your side.

- He nudged your shoulder with his, passing a hand on the back of his neck ‘Told you it was worth it’ and you could just agree

- «Neh, Kirishima, remembered when you said you’ll bring me back home on your back?»

- He didn’t got the time to answer that you already linked your pinky finger with his, faces inch away, eyes firmly locked into his.

- «It was a promise.»

- He grumbled something inaudible his head to the side in an attempt to hide that the color of his face matched his hair.
He eyed you discreetly, charmed by your amused smile, his finger still linked with yours.


Katsuki Bakugo

- When you opened your eyes slowly, you couldn’t remember what happened right away, the light of the sun in the room dazzled you and you closed it again, letting the slumber regain rights over your body.

- The fact was that you’ve been in the coma for the past day after a vilain’s attack while you were waiting for Bakugo to come and pick you up at a café in town

- Nothing too serious, but you bumped your head and needeed some rest and pain killer.

- The young man felt so guilty about the whole situation, what if he had been there sooner, what if he had gave you a rendez-vous elsewhere, what if…

- It was a real conflict inside his head, he rushed to your side as soon as you where brought back to U.A infirmary, it was impossible to stay away from you

- And at the same time, he was feeling so shameful that he thought he didn’t deserve to be by your side, that you probably didn’t want to see him once you will woke up.

- Your eyes fluttered open once more, and stopped on the devastated form of your boyfriend, head cast down in his right hand, elbow leaning against the bed, the other next to yours.

- You were used to see him with a frown, but not that kind of frown and it bore a hole in your soul. You wished you could reassure him, tell him everything was okay, that it wasn’t his fault, but, too weak to talk, you slowly lifted your pinky and linked it to his.

- Red panic gaze turned to your face to see a so soft, reassuring smile, illuminating his day for a bried second, a pang of pain shook him as you return to a peaceful sleep, hoping, as everything went black again that you eased his heart, even a bit.

- He decided to stay by your side, not letting go of this sign of forginess against his finger.


Shoto Todoroki

- Todoroki invited you to a summer festival in Kyoto, one of your first official date, one of your first time just the two of you, since you exchanged your very first kiss

- You took his breath away when he gentlemanly came to get you at your door. The color of your yukata perfectly ajusted to your form was in line with your  eyes, and this little pins in your hair reminded of the delicate bow of your obi, he closed his mouth abruptely when you arched a brow in his direction a sweet smile on your lips.

- You were walking around the city, storming from a stall to another, dragging him by the sleeve of his haori, and he let you do as you pleased. He enjoyed every single minute of it, the naivety of the situation and the purity of your excitation made him forget about how unsightly the world can be.

- He smiled throughout the night and even let out an hearthly laugh at your face stuffed with taiyaki

- When the moon reached his pick and the show would start soon, he brought you to a nearly desert place on the top of a hill, leading you to a blanket already placed on the grass

- He didn’t have words as he watched your figure, this botomless cuteness mingled with perfection as each fireworks enlightening your face, those eyes wide in awe, mouth slightly open in a dreaming smile.

- Oh he wished he could grab your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, squeezing it in his and, maybe, if he would dare, deposit a little kiss on the top of it, sheltered from prying eyes.

- Lost in thought, he jumped ever so slightly it was imperceptible for you, and froze when he felt something warm around his cold pinky, his eyes cast on your finger slowly as a pink tinted his cheek.

- Gentle warmth engulfing his heart, he turned his head toward the lights too, thinking he couldn’t be happier

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I wasint sure if you meant Fuyumi or Reader so i went with Fuyumi 🥺


Originally posted by aestrels

Safe to say he was in for a wild ride when Fuyumi told her family she was marrying Hawks, the Number 2 Hero. But eh, he didint care.

Natsou was very intrigued by this . He liked Hawks and he wanted to know what his intentions were with his sister. At first Hawks joked that he wanted babies and nearly got his head iced off.

Todoroki was a little upset with it. He threatened to burn Hawks wings off on numerous times.

The wedding was nice though, on the beach, expensive . The Todorokis were there of course to see their sister. They just wanted her to be happy and if this is what she wanted then they could accept it. Before they could say congratulations to Fuyumi Hawks picked her up taking off laughing leaving the shocked family.

Hawks snuggled her on a rooftop under the stars with Fuyumi snuggled up in his chest with his wing around her.

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I watched a movie last night and, it really put things in perspective for me. It’s called ‘Swiped’ its avalible on Netflix. It really taught me that a lot of things revolved around on men, and only their opinions. It was about building a hookup app where very men-based opinions were heavily applied in the terms of conditions…. least ti say it was disgusting. Woman have the upper hand when it comes to 'dating’ apps. If the woman aren’t on it then what are the men going to do? but ya you should really watch the movie.

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So here’s my DabiHawks lovechild to ignore the fact that my ship sinks further every chapter 🙂

Note: I had to make him look like a delinquent bc he is two assholes in one? 😂 And yes, i indulged myself with his hero costume plus he has heterochromia bc why not? 😂

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Midoriya: Hey Shoto, it must be a real burden to carry around those good looks all day.

Todoroki: I know. You make it look so easy.

Midoriya: W-Wait, that’s not what-

Todoroki: Do you need a chair?

Midoriya: N-no…

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