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#todoroki shoto
Hi! Yandere Shoto Todoroki x Female Reader please? Reader has this crush for Shoto for 4 years and then she stopped liking him, because she likes somebody else. Todoroki, on the other hand, has feelings for her in the end. Reader asks Todoroki to help her confess to her crush, by being the one giving the chocolate to her crush, but Todoroki poisons the chocolate and kills her crush. Reader finds out that he's dead and ends up in a nifty situation.

@flakinghearts Thanks a bunch for requesting! I hope this is to your liking, I pondered a while about the nifty situation I could put the reader in lol. Enjoy!

»»————-———— ♡ ————————-««   

“I- I really don’t know how the poison got in there!” you sobbed, kneading the paper tissue in your hand. It was as much under stress as you were, with the police officers looking down at you mercilessly. The only reassurance that you had was Shoto’s arm around your shoulder, holding you upright. “I don’t even know how it got into this one piece, everything else was fine!”

“Officer-” Shoto spoke up, looking the head officer directly into the eyes. The old man made a subconscious step backwards as he was drilled by the heterochronic eyes, Shoto having the steadfast gaze of his dad. “I was right there, and he offered me a piece too. There should be two pieces missing in the package but as you can see, I am fine. It must have been an unexpected ingredient that fell into it while baking, she wasn’t going to poison him that much I am sure of.”

Letting out a long, contemplating hum, the officer looked back from the intent young man and you, sobbing your heart out. Not only had you lost the person you were in love with, no, you were also the prime suspect for the murder of him. This was all too much, you wanted to go home so badly. Hide under your blankets and never come out. But nonetheless, you were glad to feel Shoto’s warm hand rubbing over your back as you sobbed, the only person you knew you could always count on.

“Ah, go home, kiddos. No leaving the country and you need to keep your phones on in case we need to contact you, am I clear? This is not over little miss, but we’ve been going back and forth for an hour now, and we need to wait out the autopsy of the body-” At this, you gave a heartfelt sob. It was nothing you wanted to hear. How could your crush be dead? Dead after eating your confession chocolate? “-before we know more. Bring her home, Boy, will you?”

Nodding, Shoto stood up, bowing politely before he pulled you up from your seat. You didn’t even know if you could stand any more, let alone walk, but when he whispered, “Come on, [Name]. Let’s get out of here,” your body subconsciously reacted.

Still sobbing, he lead you outside, taking your both’s school bags with him over one shoulder while keeping you up with his free arm.

“Do you think she did it?” the younger policeman asked his higher-ranking colleague. “I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

The fresh air felt so good after sitting in the stuffy interrogation room for so long. But with the tears on your cheeks, it brushed you with a hard, cold sting, and you wanted to go home even more. Slowly, you steadied yourself again, pushing away from Shoto’s hold. You could barely lift your gaze enough to look at him, but you had something on your chest still.

“Sorry to drag you into all-” you gestured back at the police station, “-this. If I had known how all of this would end, I wouldn’t even have given the chocolate to you… I just don’t know what happened, you must believe me, Shoto!” Tears shot back into your eyes, and though you had nothing to fear, you just didn’t want to lose him of all people now too. You two had been close for years now, and he wasn’t only your pillar of support, he was the person you’d consider most important in your life. The thought alone that he was now a suspect too wrecked your still beating heart.

“I know, don’t worry,” he mumbled, keeping it down for the people on the street around you, casually putting his arm back around your shoulders again to keep you close. “But take it as a sign, you two were just not meant to be.”

“How can you say that?” you gasped, trying to push away, but finding yourself held back by his grasp. “He died! And it’s my fault because he ate the chocolate! They will put me into jail for this!”

Your words made people’s heads turn around you, and Shoto nervously looked around, before pulling you into a side alley quickly to escape the judging gazes. “Let go,” you demanded, voice breaking under the strain of jumping from one feeling to the next. “Listen, [Name].”

Turning around, Shoto faced you again, putting both hands on your shoulders and tightly gripping into them. “They won’t be able to convict you. All they will find out is that the boy must have had an allergic reaction to one of the substances. We learned about that in biology do you remember?” Even in the darkness, his light eye gave you a sharp glance, and you wiggled uncomfortable in his grip. “How can you be so sure? The chocolates were all the same, and there is nothing special in them! He couldn’t be allergic to it, right?”

“Don’t sweat it now,” you brushed off your worries, finally letting go of you. You stumbled a few step back, not having noticed before just how much he had steadied you. “People can get allergies in seconds. Sometimes things they’ve been eating forever is now poison for them. [Name], just trust me-” He made a step forward, hand on his heart as if he had to swear something, but you flinched away as he reached out again, weirded out by how intent he was of convincing you that he was right. “I’d never let anything happen to you. You’ll be fine.”

Sniffling, you couldn’t help but feel reassured by his words, the sudden change in voice from determined to soft and loving to complicated to register in your mind. Instead, you let him approach again, leaning into the hug he offered to sob into his chest. “That wasn’t what I wanted,” you conveyed. “I didn’t want to kill him…”

Hugging him back, you melted into his embrace, happy to not be alone in this troubling time. To have at least someone seemingly sane when you couldn’t be that person right now. That was the reason why his next words slipped you so casually, like a comforting sentence, nothing more, nothing less.

“One day, you’ll be glad it happened, you will see,” he muttered, holding you closer to him than he ever was allowed before. He’d soak in this moment for all eternity because who knew, how many more times you’d willingly allow him this pleasure in the future?

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you can really tell im gay

anyway fhdhdhd hero costumes!!! wowie!!! i didnt have anyone to model todoroki for me and i wanted them to be together so!! thought might as well make him look accurate!!

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It's nearly 2 am and I can't stop thinking about tododeku, help me. Ok, ticklish massages aren't new, but just imagine: Todoroki keeps "accidentally" squeezing Midoriya's sides and ribs so he squirms and giggles (and even squeals that is too cute). Izuku understands that Shoto's doing it on purpose, but he enjoys this little game and doesn't say anything to stop his too teasy bf

That is so 👏 cute 👏 YES 💛 I’m sorry this sweetness if keeping you up, but I so appreciate you sharing it. I love that.

I have to offer the opposite: Midoriya giving a purposefully tickly massage to Todoroki, who is sitting there jaw-clenched and white-knuckled trying not to pull away because, if he does, Midoriya’s gonna notice (like he’s not doing it on purpose). And Todoroki, sweet boy, doesn’t realize Midoriya’s trying to tickle him until actually pinning him down and tickling him to pieces.

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since it's almost prom season, could I request either bakugo or todoroki asking their partner to prom? i think promposals can be so cute and sweet! ily, have a good day! hope you're doing well :)

me an australian: yes i definitely know how promposals work- also rip to all the proms that have been ruined due to the thing that shall not be named


-Shoto probably originally plans to just simply straight up ask his s/o to prom, nothing to elaborate and then he sees some of the others making posters with puns or planning to ask their possible dates at places like the beach or after a dinner date. 

-So he backtracks and comes up with a new plan, I can see him doing plenty of things, using his ice quirk to write out ‘will you go to prom with me s/o?’ or maybe trying out a pun (Deku or Kirishima or Denki or- probably helped him with this). 

“You’re worth melting for, don’t leave me frozen, will you go to prom with me?”

-Gets so nervous waiting to hear their answer, especially if he goes with the pun and they laugh at it before answering. 


-Katsuki pretends he doesn’t think asking his date to prom is a big deal, mainly so certain members of the Bakusquad don’t decide that they’re going to help him come up with a plan to do it. But he’s been up late thinking about what the hell he’s going to do to ask them. 

-Honestly he can’t really come up with a creative way to do that doesn’t sound super stupid to him, especially after the idea of: “My heart is going to explode if you don’t go to prom with me.” Seriously there is no way in hell that he’s going to do that. 

-Probably resorts to flowers and uses them to spell out prom with a question mark or he hands them the flowers and straight up asks them. (He’s so cute when he does because he’s lowkey blushing and being all tsun)

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Imagine omega Shoto & alpha sparring for the 1st time after Sho stops taking suppressants. Alphas like ‘u sure ur ready for close contact’ & Sho’s like ‘yeah this ain’t nothin’ then boom bf flips n pins him & the scent & the dominance hits Sho right in the omega. He can’t help the physical reaction when his back arches off the mat as his legs open either side of him & he exposes his neck like he’s waiting to be claimed. Bf doesn’t of course but cuddles him cuz it sent him into needy mode - 🦇

Ohhhh omg Shoto thinks he is ready but he ain’t and he gets hot n bothered by bfs scent and oof just 😍 and bf ofc being understanding and just cuddling him while sho starts whining and demanding attention between his legs and he wants to be claimed bc his mind is clouded but no no bf won’t do it bc he loves his baby 🥺❤️

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Deku: do you ever feel bugs on you when there’s no bugs?

Todo: those are ghosts from all the bugs you’ve killed.


Baku: look what you did, you scared him you stupid idiot.

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Todoroki, I-28 and I-29, angst? If I can choose only one, then I-28, please !! Thank you so much :)

prompts I28 + I29: “it hurts to see you cry” / “it’s not like you gave me a choice”

character: todoroki shouto

this is such ass, especially the ending, m sorry!


Arguments weren’t frequent between the two of you, and even if they did occur they were over petty things like someone didn’t take out the trash. Normal, stupid, small things. Then there were other times when it wasn’t about something small and when it went further than just frustrated sighs and cold glares.

You slammed the front door shut and walked to your shared bedroom, throwing your bag on the bed. “I don’t see why you’re so upset.” Shouto was calm considering what he’d just done less than twenty minutes ago.

“Because Shouto, the one night we get to spend together in three weeks you have to go off and make a scene! Can you just understand that maybe for once I want to spend a stress-free day with you?” He rolled his eyes

It’s not like you gave me a choice, maybe next time don’t let someone flirt with you and touch you all over.” You scoffed. He was really trying to blame it all on you.

“He put his hand on my shoulder, that was all, and I told him to back off because I had a boyfriend, multiple times! What part of that sounds like me letting someone flirt with me?” He opened his mouth but you cut him off. “None, and if you say it does then bullshit.”

You undid your hair and looked through your drawer for more comfortable clothes. Shouto threw you some clothes on his side for you to change into. You glared at him and walked to the bathroom. Before you turned away he thought he saw your eyes watering, but he brushed it off as just a trick of the light. He laid on the bed and crossed his arms, letting out a frustrated sigh.

He wasn’t counting, but it felt like you were in there for an eternity. He looked over his shoulder for a minute, waiting for you to come out. Afraid something happened to you, he got out of bed and cautiously walked to the bathroom. As he got closer, he heard shuffling and you muttering curses.

Shouto saw you fixing your hair and looking down at the counter. He heard a muffled sniffle and walked closer to you, gently grabbing the hand in your hair. “Y/N, can you look at me?” You hesitantly looked up at him.

Your cheeks flushed and eyes slightly red. Tears began to fall again as he looked at you and your chest felt as if it were tightening. You tried to speak, but you couldn’t get a word out. After a moment, Shouto pulled you into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head, mumbling “Sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry, please, it’s hurts to see you cry.” His hold loosened and he pulled away briefly to kiss you. “‘M sorry, I’m such as asshole, aren’t I?” He laughed lightly and wiped your tears as best he could.

“Please don’t cry.”

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Hi! I loved your previous matchup! May I have a oruan host club and my hero acadamia one plz? I have intp personality and I'm a asexual biromantic 5'1 Gemini girl w/ adhd.I'm caring,funny,loud,crazy,loyal,sassy,open minded,teasing and brutally honest to friends.but to strangers I'm cold with resting bitch face,because of this I don't have many friends.I like to watch anime, cook,draw,space,learning to skateboard, read,listen to music,take long walks,and sleep,I also wish to travel the world.

Hi! I’m happy to see you again and that you liked the matchups! Thanks for the new requests!

I ship you with…

Kyoya Ootori


Originally posted by relatablepicturesofouran

(from Ouran Host Club)

Kyoya is a calm and intelligent, but calculating, guy, who is diligent in his duties and his plans, organizing everything down to the last detail. He could seem indifferent and just opportunist, also bc he describes himself in that way, but he has a good heart and help who is in need. Though sometimes he uses his cleverness to laugh and tease others when they don’t understand something, not even trying to tell them it.

Being him a Scorpion/Sagittarius (thanks Bisco Hatori for not confirming it eh) and you a Gemini, your relationship will be a great combination where your difference will have an important part of it. Since you’re more funny and loud and him more cool and quiet, you are conflicting in attitude, but this is what will make you get along. You can complete each other.

But you’re not completely different, since he’s a teasing and sassy person too, specially when he’s with people he trusts, and his response to the jokes are pretty sassy too, so you’ll get fun together teasing each other.

Just, don’t ever joke about the fact he wakes up late, that’s not a key to touch. He can be pretty crazy when he’s waking up…

Well, at least he understands your love for sleeping!

He’ll instantly understand you’re not really cold, so he’ll talk to you like you are in confidence from the first moment.

He’s not good at cooking, but he will love to eat something cooked by you, telling you openly that you’re a great cook, but also telling you that it’s just for work that he can use this skill, maybe it could help the club, then he’ll grab his notebook for the accounts and he’ll rearrange his glasses to not let you see his face.

He could take you everywhere you want tough, thanks to his helicopter.

and Todoroki Shoto


Originally posted by tetsuruo

(from My Hero Academia)

Todoroki is a cold and unemotional guy who is now learning to really socialize with other, stay with people around and talk about his feelings, or at least to allow himself to have some. Quiet and reserved, we could say that he has a quite amout of arrogance that hide a little insecurity about himself, opposing his confidence in himself.

At first maybe you could counteract each other too much, since you both have a cold behavior with people you don’t know well, but it will be easier than you two think to have that moment that’ll make you start to get along. It could be a dangerous moment, or a everyday life moment, but there will be one.

And then the way is all downhill.

He needs someone who can talk to him normally, since he still doesn’t do it a lot, so he can fill the silences around him. And he could trust you easily thanks for your caring attitude. But he’ll get more at ease bc of your sassy and teasing behavior, since when he talks mostly he tease and joke (always with a straight face though) and that will make you both comfortable. He’ll appreciate your loyalty and honesty too, since for the first one he’s learning to do more, meanwhile the second is a value he always followed, sometimes being too blunt.

He won’t try skateboard, it’s not something he’s interested in, but he could create with his ice quirk some ramps you could use, glad that you can have fun. He could even try to watch some anime, but he won’t be a real fan of the anime in general, he’ll like some but he’ll like them a lot. (I think of him as a Death Note fan idk why)

That’s all! Hope you liked it! Still thanks and sorry for the waiting ;;

Have a nice day~💗💗💗

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You know when anime characters have their eyes closed all the time nd when they open them you know shit is about to go down. Hiw would deku todoroki and bakugo feel about their s/o always having their eyes shut but one day someone just pisses them off and when they open their eyes the person who made them mad are now just curled into a ball, shaking becuse when their eyes are open anyone in their feild of vison is just filled to the brim with pure terror

Midoriya Izuku

  • He’s very observant, so chances are he already knew about his darlings quirk. It’s scary, sure, but quirks that powerful always have severe drawbacks. It may sound a little… cruel, but Izuku will spend a huge amount of time figuring out what the drawback to his darlings quirk is, along with finding any weak spots. He doesn’t plan on using his knowledge against his darling anytime soon, but it’ll come in handy and he knows that. Either way, Izuku is his darlings number one fan and he loves seeing them in action!

Originally posted by eijirouu

Todoroki Shoto

  • The first time he learned about their quirk was when they used it on him specifically. They didn’t see him, but they must have sensed that someone was following them. He wasn’t being a creep, he was just making sure that his darling got home safe. Either way, it was terrifying but Shoto found a certain joy after processing what had happened to him. They still didn’t know it was him that was following them, but he also knew more about his darling. Their quirk wasn’t going to be an issue, Shoto was going to make sure of that.

Originally posted by ryuuqamine

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He’s going to feel offended the first time he witnesses his darling first using their quirk. It’s an awesome quirk, obviously, but he isn’t like Izuku, he isn’t going to worship his darling after he finds out about their ridiculously OP quirk. No. He’s going to knock them down a peg. Katsuki knows better than anyone that especially powerful quirks have terrible drawbacks. He’s going to use this knowledge to his advantage. Chances are that Izuku has taken notes on them already, so that’s where Katsuki is going to go first. He isn’t nice, and his darling needs to know their place.

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

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