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#todoroki shoto
  • Natsuo looks so finee in the last chapter and i’m gonna focus on that instead of angst.
  • Damn like, does he work out
  • He’s built like Enji but has Rei’s coloring
  • I can’t believe i’ve overlooked him
  • Why are all Todorokis so good looking
  • ??????
  • Even the emo one
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Originally posted by hiratzuka

This idea was absolutely adorable and I honestly could’t resist!!! I took a few liberties regarding the circumstances for the class but I hope you still enjoy this!

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Thank you everyone for following me! 💙

I will rarely post a fanfic and drawing because I have school and other family problems. Maybe I’ll do edits too. I tried to do one with Gavin and one with Shoto today and I hope it’s ok. 😊


I hope you like it! 😊😊💙

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Aizawa está vivo y enterándose de lo de Midnight

Shōto está pensando en Tōya

Se ve a algunos chicos de la 1-A

Endeavor está dormido (¿?) En coma (¿?) Ojalá se muera


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Tokoyami: Deku will not stop saying I love’s very cute but I think he’s doing it because he likes hearing me say it back.

Jirou: Momo is out dress shopping right? I can’t stop just sayi f she looks pretty in each dress because she does but now she won’t believe me-

Shinsou: I was on a date with Denki and he forgot what the word for mashed potatoes was so he just said “Potato guts” I thought about purposing to him right then and there.

All three of them look at eachother before realizing they’re all goth bfs/gfs™ dating the embodiments of sunshine….oh no

Todoroki, the resident emo: I mean Iida…

Todoroki joins the goth partners™ in panic

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-spoilers ahead!!!


we jump from prison to hospital? I’m not quite sure what happened to afo and shigaraki and there seems to have been an attack from a redestro clone made by twice in the hero commission headquarter

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i have no freaking clue where they are chillin at this point, this doodle went out of control. just rest assured…they are chillin

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I’m on a silly/fun HC kick and so…

Yall know how Sero and Todoroki canonically share manga?

How much you wanna bet they watch anime together and Sero sends him cursed videos at a CONSTANT just to get a laugh out of him. 

Todoroki: Hey, Sero? Did you finish Beastars yet?

And Sero just responds with:

He’s the only one that can make Todoroki genuinely laugh change my mind.

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hey kings / queens / your majesties

here’s various mha head canons that mostly aren’t really related to one another


aoyama dressed up as howl from howls moving castle for halloween one year and no one thought he was dressed up; they just thought normal aoyama

mina and sero spike every single punch at a school dance that they can , and once kirishima got so drunk that he danced with monoma thinking it was bakugo

jirou can’t drive, we been knew, but MOMO is like a super scared driver, like she’s going 15 in a 30

when kirishima’s hair gets long enough, mina braids it and braids in like ribbons and super cute shit

i think there’s the core bakusquad (bakugo, kirishima, denki, sero and mina) and an extended bakusquad with jirou, momo, and SHOJI (BC I THINK SHOJI WOULD BE GOOD AT RESTRAINING BAKUGO - )

do using that ^^^ headcannon, i think sero and jirou would be super close in the extended bakusquad and make ~brownies~ together

mina keeps her hair short because she doesn’t want to burn her hair with acid

the dekusquad once made todoroki wear pink butterfly clips between where his hair met so that it would be like a gradient. he forgot about it, so when he went to class bakugo just started RIPPING HIM TO SHREDS and so, to get back at bakugo, kaminari asked momo to make super sparkly giant butterfly clips and put them on bakugo



so since eri is super young and was super sheltered, she didn’t grow up knowing who all might or the symbol of peace was. so when she was in the hospital after getting rescued, all might saved up a bunch of energy to see her for like a minute in his hero form, and she just didn’t know who he was. she didn’t have a symbol of peace to lean on, so she just thought he was mirios dad,,

thanks for reading!!!

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