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#todoroki shoto
lerrryyyyy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When Izuku has two sleepy boyfriends who need cuddles to recharge~
(I've been wanting to draw a soft todoshindeku... then I saw this post and my brain went "they got a point")
Do not edit or repost my art.
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kacchanrawr · a day ago
Can I just talk about my favorite mha color spread?
Tumblr media
There are so many things I love about it:
The shift in the tone from the lighthearted Datte Atashino Hero and the brightness of the first fantasy AU color spread
Tumblr media
All Might is in his true form and looking a little ghastly(?), so there was probably a Kamino-like event in that world as well, explaining the shift in tone and his form
That is also supported from how Deku and Bakugo are holding two halves of All Might's sword. In canon universe, it is after Kamino and the provisional license arc when we get the "save to win, win to save" line from All Might, telling us that Bakugo and Deku are two halves of an ultimate hero
Sharing two halves of a sword screams bkdk soulmates. Also, the gold lining on the swords?
Tumblr media
Bakugo's winter outfit is so cool. Also, him having two swords now
Dekus's cloak! And his hair looks so pretty in this lighting
What's the story behind the demon half of Shoto's face?
From the light novel, we know Endeavor is a king, so why is he wearing a cloak and hiding like a fugitive?
Shoto and Momo are so pretty. Also the huge focus on those two in this colorspread? Todomomo rights
And if the stort here is about a quest saving Shoto or Shoto-centric, also Todobakudeku, Iidatodo and Kiritodo. (Shotobowl!)
The flavor of knight Momo and/or Iida x Shouto is amazing
Iida's slightly more beat up armor when you compare it to his neat one in the previous colorspread, just show that they've probably been through a lot of adventures
The rocks in Kiri's hair and outfit
Kiri and Iida's soft smiles
Hawks in that black outfit, with a hawk on his arm
Jeanist wearing something other than ugly bright blue denim
The dragon? The dragon Bakugo rode on in Datte Atashino Hero is Kiri, so who's this??
There are just so many stories you can take or make from this. In conclusion: best mha colorspread
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the-original-skipps · 13 hours ago
Poly!Bakugou x Reader x Todoroki || First Time Sleeping w/ them Headcanons ||
Tumblr media
Note: So I've been obsessed with these two I needed to get it out of my system 😩 just in love with the thought of being in relationship with the two of them ahhhhh
Warning ⚠️: First time writing for them, oocness, spelling, grammar
Tumblr media
When the three of you got together, it didn't slip into any of your minds about wanting to sleep together. So, you all slept in your respective rooms.
However, there was one time where you had a terrible nightmare which left you unable to sleep so you asked Todoroki if you could sleep in his room that night which he agreed to. You did consider going to Bakugou's room but you figured he'll not wake up or get mad at you for waking him up.
It was awkward when you both shared the same futon since Todoroki only had his own. Being so close to each other made it hard to fall asleep but eventually you both fell asleep.
Bakugou was not happy to find out that you went to sleep in Todoroki's room instead of his. So, you came up with an idea that maybe the three of you could sleep together.
The two boys recoiled and stared at you blankly before Bakugou started yelling about how dumb it was and that there's no way he'd share a bed with the half and half bastard.
After some persuasion and lots of convincing from you, they both agreed to sleep in your room. Which wasn't a good idea since your bed couldn't fit three people. That night was spent you being squished by the two males as they argued all night about the tiniest things. Still you didn't want to give up on the idea.
With much deliberation you figured that Todoroki's room would be the best place to sleep since he sleeps on the floor and there's enough space for the three of you. Bakugou really did not like the idea.
Todoroki brought over a giant futon where three could sleep in it. They both insisted that you slept in the middle while Bakugou on your right and Todoroki on your left.
Bakugou likes to sleep early so he insisted to get into bed by 8 pm. He immediately slipped into the covers and turned his back on you as he tried to sleep. However, you and Todoroki couldn't sleep right away so you both ended up talking which was interrupted by a very angry Bakugou telling you both to shut up.
None of you were used to sleeping with company so there was a lot of awkward silence where you all tried to sleep. Also trying not to accidentally one another.
Eventually, you fell asleep and the rest followed. You were woken up many times by Bakugou moving around in his sleep while Todoroki slept as still as a log. Neither of them snored, only softly breathing.
When you woke up that morning you found Bakugou draped over you while Todoroki slept on his side facing you. You couldn't help inwardly squeal at their two handsome sleeping faces but most of all you felt comforted having them both by your side.
Soon enough, Bakugou woke up and literally jumped off when he noticed how close he was to you. Him trying to yell at you while his face was flushed red.
Then Todoroki groggily woke up to the noise but tried to ignore it choosing to fall back asleep by unconsciously snuggling closer to you. It left you and Bakugou speechless for a while until Bakugou exploded for him to get up.
It was awkward and tiring in the beginning but eventually you all got used to the idea of sleeping together peacefully.
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grantyort · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Man Knew Exactly What He Was Doing
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pockyfairy · 2 days ago
𝕿𝖔𝖉𝖔𝖗𝖔𝖐𝖎 𝕾𝖍𝖔𝖙𝖔 𝖝 𝕱𝖚𝖙𝖆!𝕬𝖚𝖓𝖙!𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗
Includes: futa!Aunt! Reader, Sub! Shoto, incest, feminization, breeding, mention of masturbation (male), pillow humping, anal fingering, mirror play, Shoto has a lot of fantasies about you
Word count: 1.8k
Todoroki was bored. He’s almost an adult and during those days where he seeks change, he knew he needed something other than the usual schedule. Which consisted of mostly training his ass off.
Meanwhile, his father’s sister, aka his aunt, you, were looking for someone to occupy the extra room. He knew it would be considered lame to move in with his aunt, but not when your aunt looked like she came right out of a porn star magazine.
In Denki’s words, you’re totally ‘milf’ material. With your huge bust that no shirt could contain and your rounded ass that could perfectly bounce a coin, you were other-worldly.
But Shoto knew his limits, after all, despite your build, you had the same ferociousness as Endeavor.
Given the chance to move in with you, Shoto was ecstatic. He could have more freedom than usual, and your place wasn’t so far away from UA. Plus, your home cooked meals were to die for. But most of all, Shoto enjoyed his ‘bonding time’ with you.
Who knew watching a simple movie could be so hard. Well, it’s wasn’t particularly hard for Shoto, just his cock which swelled up the moment his aunt plopped down next to him in your tight lounge shorts and tank top. And if anyone could make eating so utterly sexual, it was his aunt.
Watching the way the sweet juices of the fruit you were munching on drip down your luscious lips, pink tongue peeking out to catch them before they fell off your chin. To his horror, Shoto could feel his pants tighten at the dinner table, the only thing running through his mind being the image of you on your knees, fingers holding something other than fruit and tongue licking up something far more sinful.
Living with his aunt was harder than he thought.
On the bright side, he didn’t have to waste his time loading up porn when the image of his aunt was still fresh in his mind. You had no shame. Especially with the way you were perfectly fine with coming into the shower while he was in there, only a towel covering your lower half. ‘It’s how I grew up with your dad’, you’d say. ‘Enji raised such an austere son’ you’d say.
He’s not austere, per se. How else was he supposed to act when he is unintentionally being seduced by a vixen everyday from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. If he were to give in to his desires, he was most certain you’d get pregnant by the end of the month, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you.
If presented with the situation, he’d absolutely ravish you. An example being his poor worn out pillow. It was perfectly pristine initially, but after humping it every night to the thought of you, his cum, sweat and tears which had stained it night after night, it had finally become his unofficial cumdump. Something he referred to it as when he imagined fucking load after load into you.
He knew what he wanted. And that was to get you pregnant, to see you all swollen with his child, breast heavy with milk, so that you can never leave him. You’d be his submissive little wife.
It was a nice dream. But rather short-lived.
He never accounted for you to express the same desire for him as he does you. He never accounted that you’d have the same dream as him. And his surprise when he found you in the middle of the bathroom, your body no longer obscured by a towel, an obscene organ hanging from between your legs, his jaw dropped and his mind went blank.
You turned around to face him, slightly taken aback. A sly grin replacing your lips the moment you saw your nephew standing in front of the bathroom door. “Well, Shoto dear. Finally decided to join me?”
Shoto’s mouth opened and closed like a gaping fish. “I- I- you’re-?” His hand gestured to the 13 inch monster that was slowly twitching to life under his gaze.
You gripped your cock in your hand, slowly stroking it, fingers trailing down the various veins that ran on it. “Hmm? Surprised? I’m not sure if you are. After all, it’s just something that’s here to aid me.”
Shoto gulped, his own cock beginning to stir to life in his pants as his eyes never left from yours. “A- aid you? With wh… what?”
You feigned a surprised look, an innocent finger resting on your lips. “Eeeh? You don’t know?” You stepped back until you were leaning against the bath tub, eyes watching the way his pants were straining, his cock begging to be freed. “It’s to breed you, of course.”
He almost let out a groan, feeling the pre-cum ooze out of his slit when he envisioned the image of such a immoral act, making him give out an impulsive response, surprising even himself. “It’s only fair right? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing to me every night in your filthy fantasies? I can hear you, y’know.”
You heard him? So why did you wait until now? He wanted to apologize, wanted to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness. He knew better than to get on your bad side. Your temper was known to be worse than Endeavor’s. But, he didn’t want to. Why should he beg for forgiveness when you were the one that caused him to have such thoughts in the first place! Why should he have to hold back from fulfilling his dream just because you had an extra organ!
“You’re not guilty, are you, disgusting brat?” You spat, not even trying to hide your disdain.
Shoto could feel the tears well up in his eyes. But he couldn’t cry. He won’t. Not in front of you. “Aren’t you even gonna say sorry, huh? How are you even gonna make up for violating me?”
He had a few desperate ideas.
He began to drop his cloths onto the floor. He was left bare under your watchful gaze, as he walked up to the bathroom counter. He leaned over and using both of his hands, parted his ass, giving you the perfect view of his pink hole. “Please… fuck me.”
You couldn’t hide the shock on your face. “Wh- what? You’re gonna let me fuck you as a way of saying sorry?”
He craned his neck, trying to look as inviting as possible. “Yes. Please. Fuck me. Breed me.”
You moved forward until you were pressed against his back, fingers probing at his hole. “As you wish.”
You gripped his jaw, bringing his face towards you for a kiss. Your tongues mingling together as your fingers continued to circle his tight untouched hole.
Running your tongue along the ridges of his teeth, you trailed the hand on his ass along his spine. Once you reached his nape, you broke the kiss, your finger immediately replacing your tongue. “Suck em.”
So compliant, he was. So eager to please. The wet muscle swirled around your digits, incessantly trying to complete the simple task, all to impress you.
You brought the moist digits back to his hole, this time slipping past the rim and massaging his tight walls.
Shoto threw his head back the moment you found his prostate, his cock swinging when he jerked.
You pressed down on the sensitive bundle of nerves, your mouth placing soft butterfly kisses along his defined shoulder blade. “Feel good, Shoto?” You asked, mouth not halting its assault on his body, determined to leave a couple of marks.
“Yes.” He could barely whimper it out. All that was in his head being your probing fingers that were still moving inside him. He wanted, no, needed to be filled by you. “Please…”
“Hmm?” You looked at him, the mirror in front of you providing you with a beautiful view. One of him flushed and shallow-breathed as new feelings and sensations all bombarded his virgin body. “What is it?”
“Need you. Inside. Please.”
He wiggled his ass, clenching his hole and sucking in your fingers even further. “You want me to fuck you? Is that it?”
“Yesss. Please, please please.”
“Well… since you asked so nicely.”
Shoto watched in awe and slight fear as you lined the monster along with his hole. The tip was already pushed past his rim but he felt incredibly full. Inch by agonizing inch, you finally bottomed out, your cum-heavy balls pressed up against his perky ass.
“Your pussy feels so good, Shoto.”
“S’ not a- not a pussy.”
“It’s not? How come it’s sucking me in so eagerly then?”
“I- I… don’t know.”
You patted his ass, eyes never leaving the place where the both of you were connected. “It’s a pussy, a Shoto. It’s your slutty disgusting pussy. And I’m gonna cum in it.”
You pushed your hips back until only your tip remained, and snapped back forward. Shoto cried out underneath you, his cock swinging at the abrupt movement. You ground yourself hips against his, your hands coming to pin his behind his back when he reached down to tug at his cock. “Gonna fill you up, Shoto. M’ gonna make you pregnant.”
Your cock felt so good inside him. It wasn’t supposed to. He was the one supposed to be in charge. He was supposed to make you beg. He was supposed to fill you up and and make you drunk on his cock, not him.
But right now, those thoughts were replaced only by you and your cock. The only thing running through his mind was finally getting filled up by you, he need to feel your cum slushing around inside him. He needed to be claimed as yours. He was yours. The only thing now was to make it official.
“Yes, yes. Fuck, yes! Mommy, please! Cum in me! Gimme your baby! Want your baby! Want to be your little slut!” He babbled mindlessly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head in the throes of ecstasy. He could feel his mind slowly losing sanity when you picked up your pace. Your thick fat cock ramming into him at full force, his own weeping with pre, and flushed an angry red.
“You want to be my little slut, Shoto? Want nothing but my cock, right? You’re gonna be my little wife from now on, aren’t you?”
“Yes! Yes! Gonna be your wife.” His tongue lolled out, and you watched as he finally came. His untouched cock staining the cupboards of the bathroom counter. Your own orgasm getting triggered when you felt him clench undeniably hard around you, and you finally let go. Your thick sticky cum filled up his tight hole, tummy slightly distending from the sheer amount of it.
Slowly, you pulled out your softening cock, watching the way his loose and gaping hole pushed out some of your cum. Your nephew dropped onto the counter, his body void of any energy yet utterly satisfied.
Maybe moving in with his aunt was a good idea after all.
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mintandcoldwater · 2 days ago
Yknow what makes me laugh? Like. It full on never fails to make me cackle-scream-nearly be in tears? How Bakugou must've felt when he realized that Todoroki was a fucking idiot. Sure, he's got battle sense and is powerful and what not, but, bless his poor soul. Shouto is also so fucking dumb, im crying. Bakgou mustve felt like throwing himself into the sun
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hunniiskies · a day ago
flowers | k.bakugo,s.todoroki
sfw, wc 400
Tumblr media
Doesn’t really think to get you flowers until you make a passing comment on how you’d like some to brighten up the house.
Completely out of his element when he visits a nearby flower shop and scares the worker half to death when he starts asking about recommendations, once the worker finally calms down they’re quick to rush into action asking a bunch of questions on what exactly Bakugo is looking for.
He’s pretty lost the whole time kinda just standing there nodding confused at what the worker is saying when he spots an interesting premade bouquet and just points toward it “I want that one.” he says and the store clerk just frowns at him.
Insists on making him something like that but with a custom twist, Bakugo doesn’t really see the point since they’re going to die soon anyways. But he listens anyways since he wants to make you happy.
Gets embarrassed when you react so positively to the bouquet that he’s planning to already get you another.
When he sees that you’ve hung up the bouquet so it’s hanging upside he kinda just freezes and wonders what you’re doing, when you explain that you’re drying them out so you can keep them for as long as possible he wonders why he hasn’t gotten you flowers sooner.
Over time he buys you so many flowers that you have a bunch of dried bouquets all over the place.
Tumblr media
Occasionally brings you home flowers on his way home from work or whenever he passes a flower shop.
When he walks into the shop he immediately heads for a shop clerk to help him and get a custom-done bouquet for you.
Carefully picks out each flower and makes sure he chooses your favorite colors and the nicest looking flowers they have available that day.
Would much rather buy you some sort of flower motif item that you can wear on you and keep forever but likes getting you flowers anyways since he loves to see your surprised smile.
Doesn’t understand why you want to dry the flowers, if you like them so much he can just buy you more?
You insist on at least keeping a few of your favorites and who is he to deny you when you look so happy.
He’ll help you with hanging them to dry and always smiles when he sees a few lone flowers randomly placed around the house.
Tumblr media
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roll-da-credits · 2 days ago
Can I request day 20 for Shouto? Reader insert. So in this story, reader and Shouto have some fun in the beach/pool (they aren't dating yet) and when they accidentally kiss when they slipped or something. They confess something like that😅 Thank you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 20 - Pool/beach Shouto x reader
Join my September event
Tumblr media
"Do you think you'd be able to freeze the ocean over?" you thoughtlessly asked the boy beside you, pointing towards the ocean waves.
Though the moment you looked to the side over towards him you had to stifle a snicker from escaping your mouth. Shoto, beside you, looked to actually think about his answer. You were about to brush it off, but he looked so serious you wanted to hear his answer.
"I don't think that'd be very possible, since my body temperature would drop too much before I could do it, and then I'd have to use my fire to get it back to normal." You chuckled slightly, realizing you could tease him a bit more.
"Guess you're not that strong," you mused, "Didn't you lose to me a while back."
Shoto's fast retort shocked you. Not only was he not usually one to retort, but he also was never the teasing type. But seeing a sly smile on his face made you think twice.
"I told you I was tired that time!" at that he smiled even wider, knowing you were just making excuses.
"Are you two not going in the water?" From behind you, Midoriya popped out.
One of his hands holding a rolled-up towel, the other holding a tube of sunscreen. You smiled at the green-haired boy and shrugged.
"Not a big fan of big waves, I'm not the best at swimming in them."
Shoto looked over towards you with a perplexed face.
"It doesn't seem that big of waves, why don't we just swim on the side?"
"Well, whatever you two decide I'll be in the court trying to beat Kirishima and Kacchan in volleyball with Iida," Midoriya already looked tired at the thought of going against the explosive boy, though you could tell he was excited.
Though, before Midoriya would run towards the court, you could've sworn he shared a weird glance at Shoto. You brushed it off and grasped Shoto's hand in yours, ignoring the heat rising up towards your face.
"You're right, let's go to the water!!!" you exclaimed pulling him with you towards the ocean.
Within seconds the two of you were in the water splashing one another. Uraraka and Momo soon followed, behind them, Denki and Jirou also joined in the fun.
In the end, the majority of 1A students were in the water randomly playing around. Some splashing water to others, some pretending to be sharks with a fin attached to their back (Kirishima), some falling for the fake shark fin (Denki), and others laughing at the person falling for the fake shark fin (Jirou).
You were, of course, having your dose of the fun. Though sticking relatively close to Shoto, just so the two of you could have some sort of interaction even when having this much fun.
Your smile widened when you turned towards him and saw him laughing with the rest of the students. As you look towards your class, you couldn't help but feel content.
It wasn't every day UA students were able to be what they were, normal teenagers. You signed a part of yourself away when you had decided to be a hero. You knew you'd have to sacrifice your teenage years and your privacy once you started to train as heroes, but it still felt amazing to feel normal.
To feel like you were just a group of students from school, who just came home and decided that they were too tired of the classes. So, they decided to take a break by playing in the ocean before going back home towards their own homes.
Your mind had drifted so much that you hadn't had realized the wave pushing you slightly back every now and then. So much so you were now a few meters away from the rest of the group. Thus being the first one to be faced with an abnormally giant wave.
You heard Shoto call out to you, but the moment you turned around to look at what he seemed so terrified of, it was too late. The wave towered above you and your chest immediately tightened.
You knew how to swim, but the ocean's wave was ruthless. Making you panicked and fearful, too much that it clouds your ability to swim.
As the wave started crashing down, you closed your eyes and mentally prepare for impact.
But it never came.
The only impact you felt was a weight on top of your body, the most noticeable weight being the one on your lips.
As you opened your eyes, you slowly start to realize what was going on. Right on top of you was an equally wide-eyed Shoto, completely shocked that his lips were on yours. Behind him was a large wall of ice that took the impact of the wave, letting the water go run beside it.
You heard Iida's and Bakugo's yelling voices, and immediately Shoto pulled away from you, melting away the ice wall behind him and helped you get to the shallower side of the beach and sit down.
Seeing as you were still shaken up, Shoto didn't say anything. though Bakugo did.
"Oi nerd, are you ok?!" he yelled from afar, all you could do was give him an exasperated smile and a thumbs up, the shock slowly wearing off.
"Y/n-" "What happened?"
Before Shoto could say anything more, you cut him off immediately. Looking at him with a confused smile and an amused tone. You could tell Shoto relaxed instantly. You knew he probably felt guilty for suddenly kissing you, but as you didn't mind it, to be honest, enjoyed it, you decided to make sure he didn't feel too guilty about it first.
"You were blanking out but a big wave came in, so I quickly made the ice wall and turned you in front of me. So if the wall didn't work I'd still be the one to get impacted by the wave and not you," he chuckled out nervously, "It seems like the impact cause you to fall back, then I fell on top of you."
His face turned redder than the left side of his face. You would snicker at his flustered face if you didn't feel bad for him.
"Don't feel too embarrassed," with a deep breath you buried your fear of rejection into your heart, "I liked it."
You spoke the last sentence so quietly you wondered if Shoto actually heard it. Considering his wide eyes and his face actually getting redder. You could tell he heard it.
"I-" he paused, "So, you didn't mind it?"
You wanted to hit him for being so dense.
"Yes," you looked at him, "I didn't mind it, I liked it, I like you."
The two of you stayed silent for a short moment after that, just looking at each other's eyes. You forced yourself to keep looking at his heterochromia eyes, despite the growing fear and embarrassment.
"I like you too," he spoke finally breaking the silence.
Your face erupted into pure joy, a bright smile decorated your face.
"See I told you they'd confess first! Pay up Denki!!!" you heard loud laughter from your side.
You saw Kirishima grinning ear to ear, hand outstretched towards Denki who went to his towel to grab 300 yen.
"Damn it Todoroki! Why couldn't you have confessed first?! That was the best coincidence!!!"
Denki yelled at the two of you. Making you abruptly stand up from the sand from shock.
"You both knew we liked each other?!" you yelled at them, after a few snickers from the rest of the class Denki answered, "Everyone knew dude!"
"It's not that hard to see, you both are just REALLY dense!!!" Kirishima continued what Denki wanted to say.
You dropped back to the sand with a sigh.
"I can't believe it," you spoke to Shoto, "Was it really obvious?" You turned towards him.
Shockingly enough, Shoto shook his head.
"I don't think so, I've wanted to confess for a while but I was scared you'd reject me." he smiled softly towards you, clearly still a bit shy about everything.
You smiled.
"Ahhhhh," you sighed in contentment, laying down on the sand, not caring for the lack of a towel, "Well this was the best beach trip I've been to."
There was a small silence between the two of you before Shoto laid down as well beside you.
"I'd love to take you on more."
"Is that a date?"
"It is what you want it to be."
"Then it's a date!!!"
Tumblr media
Hi there! I'm not actually really liking how this turned out, surprisingly enough its been a while since I wrote for this icy hot bastard. So if he turned out slightly OOC I apologize. Anyw, thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoyed it!!! (I apologize for being late)
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kirrtash · a day ago
Tumblr media
What am I doing? I have no clue. I got the flu and mha characters are fun to draw 🧡
Is this tododeku? Does it count?
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peppermint-fruit · 2 days ago
Y/n: Natsuo, I’m asking for your permission to date your brother.
Natsuo: What is this, the dark ages? You know what, since you asked, no, you can’t. Beat me in a duel first.
▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ tagging: @chaotic-chai-lover
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fr-ogii · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
being in a poly relationship with
katsuki bakugo + izuku midoriya + shoto todoroki
x gn!reader; poc friendly
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ you and shoto always choose the movie. katsuki gets too upset when his choice is poorly received and izuku changes his mind too often. you and shoto are the only ones who can properly pick the movie (and shoto’s movie picks are always top tier)
⇢ when you move in together, each of you has your own room. your styles and interests were too different to not have your own room. and it’s not like having the money for a 4+ bedroom house is hard to come by when at least three of you are pro heroes and todoroki was the son of long-time number two/one hero.
⇢ katsuki’s room is surprisingly minimalistic. a few dirty clothes are tossed here and there but there is no lingering smell, fortunately. he has a cd player attached to the wall and all of his cds are stacked next to it. he mainly listens to kpop because there is absolutely no way mina didn’t introduce him to mamamoo and get him hooked, but he also has a couple country taylor swift albums.
⇢ izuku’s room still houses all might merchandise, don’t worry. however, his room is now littered with mainly dynamight (/ground zero) and shoto merch. if you’re a pro hero he would definitely own your merch and body pillow. he’s started keeping locks on his dresser drawers because all of you steal his sweaters. he doesn’t dislike seeing you in them but he rarely gets them back and he’ll eventually run out of them.
⇢ todoroki has an ariana grande poster on his wall. it is canon, dont even look it up because i’m right (/j). he’s grown out of the traditional japanese theme, mostly. the dresser is still the same but tatami mats had to be changed out. izuku loves moving around furniture so much and the tatami would have been damaged with all the sliding he does. the bed was also replaced because it was too small for all of you to cuddle in. todoroki takes cuddling very seriously.
⇢ izuku tries to help shoto make his tumblr aesthetic but katsuki has to step in because he ruined it completely. he literally made the entire thing green somehow ?? not even just shoto’s blog, the entire thing.
⇢ katsuki’s actually really good at making things pretty
⇢ you all go on dates to the gym. izuku loves getting dressed up with you while katsuki tells you both “it’s a gym, not a fashion show, you dumbasses” and shoto just ties his sneakers.
⇢ izuku gets really into it once you all get there, heading straight for the mats in front of the mirrors so he can stretch first. shoto follows behind and katsuki heads to the weights. you just do whatever you want, filming tiktoks showing off your attractive boyfriends is probably your favorite activity on the list, followed closely behind by talking with the person working the front desk.
⇢ you don’t usually work out at the same time your boys are there, but will if they invite you to work out with them. sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. either way, you have fun spending time in the same vicinity they’re in.
⇢ hikes to a picnic is one of bakugo’s favorite of your dates. it’s one of shoto’s least favorites but he tolerates it for the rest of you.
⇢ as long as shoto gets dibs on the soba, he usually keeps his mouth empty of complaints.
Tumblr media
might do a part two to this because i feel like i have so much more to say
Tumblr media
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yugiohz · a day ago
Tumblr media
partially keeping up for HIM <3
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