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Probably Shouto would be my comfort character, just look at that sweet boy. He’s the only one I’ll let hug me. 🥰

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Title: I Don’t Want to Pretend Anymore
Pairing: Todobaku
Word Count: 7053
Warnings: Food mention, kissing, cursing (it’s Bakugou)

A/N: I loved writing this so much. I hope you enjoy! <3 Also, I’m super tempted to write some mini-sequels and/or Bakugou’s POV parts for this so keep an eye out ^^


“So, the holidays are coming up soon,” Rei says, setting a mug down in front of Shouto before taking a seat beside him at the table.

Shouto takes the mug and sips from it, letting out a soft breath as warmth spreads through him. “Yes. I’m looking forward to them.”

“And I was wondering…” Rei trails off, waiting until she has Shouto’s eyes on her to continue. “Is there anyone you’d like to have over with us this year? Like one of your friends or a partner?”

Shouto likes the friend mention. He likes that it could be that simple to have one of his friends celebrate the holidays with them, but he knows what answer she really wants to hear. The problem is he’s not dating anyone at the moment. It’s not for a lack of feelings. More like he’s afraid that he’d ruin the tentative friendship they have if he confessed.

He takes another sip to stall for time but he really hates the thought of disappointing her in any way so he nods. “Yeah, I do. I’ll have to see if my partner can make it.” He internally winces at the bold-faced lie but any regret vanishes the second his mom lights up.

“Oh, that’s wonderful! You found someone?” Rei asks.

Shouto blushes a little, instinctively thinking about his crush. “Yeah…” He looks down at his mug. “It’s still kind of new so that’s why I haven’t brought it up.”

Rei sets a hand on his arm and smiles at him when he looks back up at her. “It’s alright, honey. Hopefully, they’ll be able to stay over and we can meet them.”

Shouto nods, returning her smile and relaxing some when the conversation moves onto other things. He shrugs off any doubts of how he’s going to pull this off, instead enjoying having his morning coffee with his mother.

They separate after talking for a little while and Shouto heads back up to his room, immediately face-planting onto his bed and groaning softly into his pillow.

What has he gotten himself into?

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I’m matching you up with Todoroki!

You may think “why the hell am I paired up with TODOROKI out of them all?” But think of the dynamic. He’s so,, aloof, and somewhat detached, meanwhile you’re a gremlin who strives to do great simply out of spite. You may start up even disliking him because he does so well but he seems to care so little, PLUS he doesn’t get humour like, at all. But after he warms up to the class, I can see you two having a friendly rivalry. You’re good at reading people, and Todoroki is a brick of a novel for you to read. It’s a nice little challenge, and I think he’d feel,, attached towards you, especially when you show him just how much you’re willing to try to read and understand him sometimes.

When you two finally sort out your feelings (this might take a LONG while. In the end I could see you simply getting sick of playing cat and mouse and outright confessing in the bluntest way possible just to get it over with), I think you’d bring the best out of each other. Todoroki’s sense of overwhelming cool gets to you at times, and in exchange you help him with his emotions and how to express them in a healthy manner. Please your dynamic would be everything. Dull moments are rare when you have Shouto by your side. Like come on, he’s personified entertainment.


- Nothing Else Matters, Metallica

- Have a Cigar, Pink Floyd

- Do I Wanna Know?, Arctic Monkeys

- Cracked Actor, David Bowie

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No one is talking about it and I feel it needs to be mentioned


Seeing a lot of this and not enough of focus on this:


Not to mention Todoroki’s shocked expression below it.

I have a feeling someone is visiting him in the hospital for the first time.


Mama Rei Todoroki was being released the day Dabi announced that he was a Todoroki. Why wouldn’t she come with her kids to see her son?

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Alright kiddos, it is time for! The last chapter of the opening arcs / battle trial! Wherein we continue Katsuki’s mental breakdown! <3

I’m considering doing some kind of end-of-arc(s) summary / personal thoughts thing after this as a way of sort of compiling my thoughts on the story as a whole so far, as well as just being open to answering your general ideas and open questions / suggestions about the story and characters and whatnot so far (and I guess to come?) So have at it, I want to know what you all think about these first eleven chapters as an introduction to the series / characters / plot / whatnot.

[No. 11 - Bakugou’s Starting Line]


That is… a lot less damage than I thought there was. Like, it still looks pretty bad, but not to the point of ‘it’s going to collapse if someone breathes funny’ bad like I was thinking before. The active explosion of the panels before this probably added to that impression. Also, the building is a LOT smaller than I thought it was?

And speaking of Katsuki’s mental breakdown! He’s just standing there in complete shock while Tenya is comforting a vomiting Ochako, and Izuku is passed out on the floor. Someone points out that the losing team is almost unscathed while the winners are down for the count - they lost the battle but won the war, so to speak. Tsuyu points out that it’s just training though.


(to the tune of ‘Final Countdown’) It’s a mental breakdown~ (kazoo solo)

But in full seriousness, this is the first true moment we see of his worldview being smashed open. Like, he was definitely shaken with Izuku’s actions back with the sludge villain, but Katsuki was just more quiet and sullen. Here? Here he’s just had one of the pillars he built his entire mindset around - that Izuku was weaker than him - torn down as violently as the wall he blasted open. He is not okay with this. He’s sweating, he’s shaking, he’s probably about five seconds from collapsing to his knees and screaming. 

Fortunately, he’s mostly knocked out of his own head by All Might showing up and placing a hand on his shoulder, telling him to head back so he can get graded. Katsuki doesn’t really seem to be listening as All Might goes on about how whether one wins or loses, they can come out ahead by learning from the experience - instead he’s watching as Izuku is taken away on a stretcher by two transpo-bots to the nurse’s office. 

In the monitor room, All Might announces that the VIP of the battle was Tenya, much to said boy’s surprise. Katsuki is looking pretty gloomy and stuck in his head, while Ochako is still struggling with the lingering nausea. Tsuyu asks why the VIP isn’t one of the hero team who won, and All Might asks the class if any if them can guess at his reasoning. 

Momo raises her had and says she does, and then explains that Tenya had best adapted to the scenario. Katsuki’s actions were motivated by a personal grudge, and his use of destructive attacks indoors was foolish. Izuku’s performance suffered from the same faults. And Ochako lost focus halfway through and her final attack was haphazard - if the weapon had been real, the attack would be unthinkable. Tenya, on the other hand, formed an actual counterstrategy, and thought about what the struggle would be like. His only fault was being too slow to react at the end, and the hero team only won because it was a training exercise with exploitable restraints. 


Tenya is touched. Meanwhile, the rest of the class is stunned silent, with All Might shaking because she said it better than he could. He hesitantly adds that Tenya was a bit too stiff, but otherwise she was correct. She huffs and says that they need to start at the bottom and work up - if they don’t cheer each other on, they won’t even become top heroes. Her name is also introduced here, as well as the fact that she’s the number one recommended first year.

How’s Katsuki doing?


Eh… we’ll come back to you in a bit. For now, the other battle trials! Shouto and Shouji (hero team) versus Ojiro and Hagakure (villain team), in a new location. The heroes are both quiet, while Hagakure is getting hyped up and taking off her gloves and boots to go full stealth mode. Ojiro is a bit flustered at that, thinking that it makes sense for someone invisible, but that it feels unethical.

(Which is, I’m guessing, that comment that her ‘hero costume’ is being buck naked, which honestly, I refuse to believe. If the support companies can make a costume for someone who goes impermeable (which, by its own definition, would mean light goes through as well, ergo ‘invisibility’), then she can get one as well. I think she’s just a troll who says the costume is nothing to fluster others - I mean, considering she does like hidden camera shows, and they tend to do those weird stuff to surprise or discomfort people, it would fit in line with her character.)

Anyways, when the hero team is sent in, Shouji is listening in just inside the building with several arm-ears, right before they shift into really concerning-looking mouths to relay information. Shouji tells his partner that one is on the north side of the fourth floor, while the other is on the same floor barefoot - clearly, the invisible one is trying to ambush and capture them. Shouji also gets a title card and an explanation of his quirk, Dupli-arms: he can replicate his own body parts at the tips of his tentacles!

Shouto warns Shouji to get out, since it’s about to ‘get frosty in here’. Their opponents think they’re playing a defensive game, but it means nothing to him. He then proceeds to show off just what he means by ‘frosty’.


Yeah, that’s a bit OP there. Poor Ojiro - and definitely poor Hagakure, who got frozen to the floor with bare feet. Shouto walks in and says to bring it on, but that fighting without the soles of their feet will be painful. All Might and Kirishima are shivering in the monitor room from the cold, with All Might noting that neither Shouto’s ally nor the weapon were harmed when he immobilized the enemy; Kirishima says that he’s too strong. 

Hagakure’s hurting where she’s frozen, and Ojiro is freaked out and not even trying to break out as Shouto walks past and puts his left hand of the weapon, giving his team the win. Shouto apologizes to them as the ice steams away, Ojiro shocked to see how quickly the building is warming up. As Shouto finishes melting the ice, he declares that they are in different leagues - and we get his title card!


Number two recommended first year, quirk Half-Hot, Half-Cold (which I think is supposed to have some greater pun or sound better in Japanese? [Hanrei Hannen] I suppose does roll a bit better, but hmmm…) His right side can freeze things and his left can burn. His range and limits are unknown - what a beast! 

(Katsuki, meanwhile, is biting his lip to keep himself from saying anything - likely another blow to his preconceived belief that he was the strongest right while he’s trying to come back from the last one.)

We get a brief summary of what the other teams did: Sero and Kirishima played villains and defended with Sero’s tape as traps around the room. Tsuyu went along the walls while Tokoyami had his quirk primed to attack. Jirou scouted with her quirk while Kaminari kept a charge prepped in his hand, and Mina threw a ot of acid around, a bit of which burned Aoyama’s cape. 

We transition to the end of the class, with All Might telling everyone well done, and that besides Izuku, there were no serious injuries. He complements their teamwork and says they all did splendidly, considering it was their first exercise. Someone in the class mentions that after Aizawa, a straightforward class that that was almost a letdown. All Might walks away, saying that the teachers are free to have no-nonsense classes if they like, and that he’s off to give Izuku his evaluation, letting them know to get changed out of their costumes and head back to the classroom before he runs off in a hurry. Mineta notes he seems to be in a hurry, but that he’s also so cool.


All Might glances back, seeing Katsuki in the back of the class still in a gloomy state. He thinks about how Katsuki is ‘a bundle of conceit’ and how the most inflated egos are often the most fragile. As a teacher, he needs to give the boy some counseling, but for now, he has to save on his time, due to only having enough strength to get through a single class.

Which, considering All Might’s limit before USJ is three hours, seems a bit weird, so let’s do some math.

The villain teams have five minutes to set up, and the heroes have fifteen to get to the bomb after that - twenty minutes. With five rounds, that’s an even hundred minutes for the exercises, not counting those that ended early. With all the time saved from Shouto’s instant take out and assuming average times for the others, we probably have more like eighty minutes spent on those exercises. Of course, we can then add time for getting to and from the buildings, as well as the assessments of each match and determination of the VIP. So that can probably bumped back up to 100 minutes, maybe closer to 110? Which would just fit within the bounds of a double-class period for Japanese schools (which are fifty minute classes with ten minute breaks in between). 

Japanese classes have four periods before lunch and three after. The ‘canon’ schedule has heroics lessons happen THROUGH lunch period, which makes no sense when they need that energy in order to be able to fight. I am also skeptical of fighting right after lunch, when that makes it more likely for them to throw up if they take a bad hit, ergo, the reasonable time period for these lessons is the last two periods of the day - thus giving the kids about an hour for food to digest and energy to get into their systems.

I think this is also added onto with how Izuku doesn’t freak out after this over missing a class, which makes sense if it was the last one. Plus, well, scheduling the most exhausting and injury-prone class at the end of the day means that anyone who needs to rest a while actually can without missing important things - and that the kids won’t be too tired to pay attention to whichever teachers they would otherwise have afterwards.

…right, my original point. All Might is supposed to have three hours, but gets stressed out after using just two hours here. I can get that maybe it’s three hours total, but holding it for two continuously without chances to ‘unflex’ and rest for a bit might be straining on him still? Or maybe he just spent some time that morning doing hero things and so ran out of time a bit early. 

Anyways, I think I’ll end this off here, since it’s about halfway and we did get through quite a bit. Next time, we finish off the opening arcs of the series, and then I guess I do some Q&A / personal thoughts so far / narrative analysis / whatever? I guess send in questions or thoughts or whatever you guys have, and I’ll answer them after the next post. 

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awe yeah!! sorry this took so long!

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man hes so fine- anyways back to yhe story ;)


“y/n, sweetie, we have good news!” you heard your parents chime from outside of your door.

“yes! you’re getting married, isn’t that great!” your father opened your door and your parents stepped into your room.

“huh?” you hid further under your covers when you saw a tall, blank-faced man standing behind them quietly. 

“oh my, sorry about her, mr. todoroki, she’s a bit shy. sure she’ll warm up soon enough,” you heard your mother say to him.

when he walked over to you and sat down on the edge of your bed, you cowered into your sheets. the words coming out of his mouth sounded like gibberish except for a small portion of his scattered english.

a few days later, and you were shipped to a very beautiful mansion in japan. although you’d rather be in your room, you couldn’t believe your parents married you off to some rich family miles away. and for your quirk?? it made you anxious just thinking about it.

you’d spent the first few days in your new home hiding away in your room, even if you both couldn’t communicate well besides his small knowledge of english, it was understood you needed space.

you were soon pushed out of your room by the hunger that gnawed at your stomach, and you began the hunt for your kitchen.

you found it pretty easily, and it was amazing. it had tons of counter space, a bar area, and a double oven, among many things. 

“hello, y/n,” you heard the voice of a robot behind you.

when you whipped around about to attack some robot with your butter knife, you stopped. there stood your ‘husband’, holding his phone out with google translate on the screen. his expression was blank as he held out his phone to you.

was he expecting you to talk back?

you weakly smiled at him when he handed you the phone, and you typed in a small response. 

“hi, fiance i guess. i’m sorry for bumping into you,”

he read it and a small blush appeared on his face before disappearing almost immediately, almost too faint for you to see.

“no need to worry, y/n. but why have you been avoiding me, i think it’d be better for us to talk before my father tries and forces us to.”

your eyes widened, and your stomach turned. tears started pricking at your eyes. you felt sick, horrified. 

was he angry?? 

you immediately shook away from him, carrying your pb&j with you as you ran back to your room. 

when you turned your head to look behind you, you saw him studying you from further down the hallway. you couldn’t tell if he was disappointed or angry.

nonetheless, when you heard him try and turn your door, you shot up from your bed and into your walk in closet.

“y/n,” he stepped into your room, “i am sorry, please come out.”

you were shaking, unsure of what to do when he slowly entered the closet.

“please, please don’t hurt me,” you begged, tears tumbling out of your eyes while you backed up as far into the wall as you could get.


“i’ll do anything, just don’t hurt me, please,” you wept, your voice shaking.

he sat beside you, a deep sigh escaping his lips.

“i wasn’t planning to, y/n. i just want to help make this comfortable for you,” he frowned at you and wrapped his arm around you, softly pulling you into his side.

you resisted, trying your best to get up and escape him, but he persisted. after around a minute of pulling at his arm, you gave up and began sobbing into his chest, his shirt gaining a wet patch from your tears.

after around 10 minutes of his forced affection, it felt a bit more comforting than you would’ve guessed.

“i’m sorry, mr. todoroki,” you stared at the ground. you didn’t even know his first name, how were you already married to this man and you didn’t know one thing about him.

“shoto,” he gave you a thumbs up, “is it ok if we go for dinner tonight? optional,”

“i guess,”

over a few months, you both learned each other’s languages, and bonded a bit. it felt relieving to not have to scramble and run from him constantly. the affection genuine and wanted now.

“y/n, come over here, i have some news,”

you lazily walked to your boyfriend that was sprawled on the couch.

“what’s up?”

“i love you,” he stuck his tongue out at you and pulled you into his arms, your only response being a yelp at the unexpected affection.

“i love you too,” you huffed, getting as settled as possible in his grip on the fairly large couch, “thank you for your patience, sho,”

“of course, i knew you’d come around,” he smiled proudly, his usual indifferent expression fading for a moment. 

“tch what’s that supposed to mean?”

“nothing,” he ruffled your hair and kissed your cheek, enjoying the goofy smile that formed on your lips from the contact.

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Honestly I’m still learning how to do digital art, and I don’t even really have a style yet, but here’s a todoroki

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red todoroki manga icons !!


(might do more of these)

anime: my hero academia

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These pieces happen to be some of my favorite collaborative efforts from Horikoshi-sensei and the animation team. By themselves, they are eye-catching enough, yet when put together, they tell a very bittersweet story. I’m sure someone else must’ve posted these together but couldn’t find it.


BNHA anime, opening credits 4, Odd Future


BNHA chapter 96 color page by Horikoshi


BNHA illustration by Yoshihiko Umakoshi


It breaks the trend as they are not wearing their hero costumes, but let’s not leave out my boi. Again, by Yoshihiko Umakoshi.


And if that wasn’t bittersweet enough for some of you, let me just:

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