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could i request a todoroki/kageyama (either one) smut w overstim, oral, DIRTY TALKK, & a daddy kink? you can do whatever you want for the plot, take ur time, or feel free to ignore if you dont wanna do it馃ズ

Innocence | Shoto Todoroki

— Category: Smut

Here’s the long awaited smut. I wrote this amongst doing the pairing and crazy anime rants and managed to make this long. I truly hope this is good, it’s my first time writing something like this.


Originally posted by thedragoon

Word Count: 6.6K

Warning: Daddy Kink, Male Masturbation, Oral (Both Recieving and Giving, Squirting, Creampie (I love creampie sue me), Slight Degradation, Spanking, and Dirty Talk

— ❄️🔥 —

Ever since Shoto saw you, he had been infatuated.

You always wore baby pink accessories on Fridays, your lips were always a glossy pink, and you constantly wore white thigh high socks. You were the epitome of adorable and your aura screamed innocence.

He wondered what your quirk was, or if you even had one. All he knew about you was that you were in UA’s general studies. Because of the blank canvas you displayed for him to view from afar, Shoto had to get closer in order to find out anything about you, anything at all that would feed his cravings for you.

On one particular day, he had made his move.

You were walking out of the school gates on a Wednesday, bouncing on your feet as you rendered what you would be doing right after you got home. As you imagined what movies you would watch to pass the hours, you were stopped by a large hand on your shoulder.

“Excuse me,” a voice said.

You glanced back and saw Shoto Todoroki. He was in Class 1A for the hero course. You knew him because he was popular with the girls in school. His reputation as Endeavor’s son wasn’t overlooked, and the impression he made long ago during the sports festival wasn’t forgotten.

“My name’s Todoroki Shoto,” he introduced himself.

With a beaming smile, you greeted him, “I’m L/N Y/N!”

Immediately, your carefree and bubbly personality drew Shoto in. You were so innocent, so fragile; you were definitely easy for anyone to manipulate. Glancing at your pink lips was enough to have his mouth drooling for a taste. For a moment, lost in his train of thoughts, he wondered how they would feel wrapped around his cock.

“I wanted to ask you if you would like to hang out this weekend,” Shoto said, picking his words carefully.

“Hang out?” You tilted your head to the side to display your obvious confusion. “As in… a date?”

“A study date,” Shoto inputted.

Your heart nearly dropped. It wasn’t like you were disappointed it wasn’t a date—even though it technically is. Shoto was a good looking guy, and for that, he was able to have many people swoon over him.

“If you don’t want to—” Shoto had began to take your eerie silence as a way for you to say that you weren’t interested.

“No! A study date is good!” You quickly said. “At my place maybe?”

That was rather quick, Shoto thought to himself. He would’ve thought that you would suggest a more public place, somewhere that wasn’t so secluded and private. However, he had to remember that your thoughts weren’t too complex. As a guy studying in a hero course, of course there wasn’t anything for you to worry about.

To you, Shoto had only good intentions and one goal. For Shoto, he was planning to ruin every part of your innocence, starting with large baby steps.


The weekend had rolled around the corner.

Shoto was rather restless. He couldn’t wait to see your beautiful face.

That Saturday morning, when he woke up, his dick was throbbing with the need to be released. It was because of you. His sleep was filled with wet dreams. His mind had painted lewd and sinful images of you quivering beneath him, moaning his name in such a pornographic way that had his cock yearning for your pussy.

When he had gotten up, he had walked straight into the shower and stripped. While the hot water poured down his skin, his hand had travelled down to the head of his cock. The pad of his thumb stroked over his beading head so he could spread his arousal as a lubricant.

When he had swirled the white seeds over the tip of his cock, he began to stroke himself to the image of his wet dreams of you.

The vibrant visions shone through his mind. It flickered in his brain like a changing channel. First you were under him, screaming his name, begging for more… the next second you were bent over a desk, your plump ass on steady display for him with your sobbing pussy crying for his cock. But the image that had urged Shoto to shoot out his seeds was the sounds of your silent mewls as the squelching sounds entered his ears as his body locked in with yours.

Shoto came, your name falling from his lips in hushed groans. You were so addictive, even if he hadn’t even had a taste of you yet.


The sound of your doorbell ringing jolted you up from bed. You had been reading on your phone again, something lewd and dirty that had your cheeks flaming bright red.

You quickly set your phone down on the bedside table, shutting it down before you got up to check the door. Since you were home alone, as your parents were hardworking people in a hero agency, you knew that the only visitor you’d get was Shoto.

When you opened the door, you took in Shoto’s neat and well-groomed appearance. His hair was combed down so there were no stray hairs left sticking out and he wore a navy blue turtleneck t-shirt with sleek black jeans.

“Shoto!” You breathed. “Hi!”

Shoto gave a soft smile, something he doesn’t particularly do often. That small gesture he did was able to have your legs turn into jello as you welcomed him into your home.

“My room is upstairs,” you told him.

You both ascended the stairs before heading into your room.

“My parents aren’t home,” you decide to state, “not for a while, so we can study however long we want and then maybe watch a movie for a break? I’ve got snacks in the kitchen if you want some. Maybe a drink too?”

Your hospitality was adoring and it warmed Shoto. He was feeling very comfortable already by your kindness and assurance.

“Maybe later,” he told you.

“Okay! We’ll just set up on my bed.” You walked over and began to take out your notebook from classes. As you dug in for your supplies, you said, “I’m actually surprised you wanted to study with me of all people. I didn’t even know you knew I existed, to be honest.”

Shoto was caught off guard by what you said, but didn’t let his laidback response falter for a second. “A lot of my classmates actually are pretty good on the general studies, but I figured it would be easier to have someone whose lessons revolve around just that.”

“Makes sense,” you hummed.

You set everything on your bed and climbed on. Since you were wearing a skirt, you had taken your large fluffy white blanket and covered it over your lap.

Shoto noticed it and gulped. The perverted side of him was hoping that you’d sit crossed legged with your panties on display. His mind began to run wild again as he brainstormed what type of underwear you used. Were they silk, lace, or cotton?

“So what do you want to start on first?” You asked, oblivious to Shoto’s eyes that was settled on your blanket.

“Oh, uh, math,” he replied.

And so your studying began.


Studying went on for almost two hours and the only thing Shoto and you had exchanged were answers and tips.

Shoto was becoming restless. He didn’t really want to study. He already knew the material that you were helping him on. All he wanted to do was fuck you… to taint your innocence… to make you his.

“Todoroki…?” Your voice rang in his ears like chiming bells.

He looked up from his notebook that was clench tightly in his hands. “Yeah?”

“Would you like something to drink? I’m going downstairs to grab some snacks,” you told him.

“Yeah, uh, water should be fine,” he replied.

You nodded before sliding out of your bed. You decided to click on your phone to check the time. In four or five hours, your parents would start coming home soon. You weren’t looking forward to it. You wanted to spend more time with Shoto, even if it was for something boring like studying.

After checking the time, you had walked downstairs, leaving the bedroom door behind you wide open. Once you were out of sight, Shoto stood up and walked to your phone. He wondered what you were checking, maybe the time, but you did have a clock hanging at the door.

Out of curiosity, Shoto tapped on screen of your phone and his eyes widened. Your phone was unlocked because it hadn’t been a few good seconds since you closed it. Shoto contemplated whether or not he should snoop. He was curious to learn more about you, and someone’s phone could reveal everything about them without failure.

Fuck it, Shoto thought to himself before flicking his finger up to slide open your phone. What he saw displayed across the screen had sent shock waves down his spine.


Shoto flinched before he realized it was just you. He turned around slowly, a small smile on his face as he held your phone up in his hand. When you realized what he was showing you, the water bottle and bag of chips in your hand fell to the floor and you dashed forward to snatch away your phone. Unfortunately, Shoto had picked his arm up to prevent you from successfully taking it away.

“T-Todoroki! Please!” You begged, your eyes ogling in a mixture of fear and embarrassment.

“Please, what?” Shoto asked condescendingly, raising a curious eyebrow.

“Please may I have my phone,” you said softly.

“That’s not what I meant, Y/N,” Shoto said. “Please… who?”

Your breath hitched. You couldn’t… he couldn’t mean what you were thinking, could he? Did Shoto Todoroki want you to call him daddy?

It would make perfect sense too, considering that the thing on your phone was an erotic novel of a woman who fantasized about calling her significant other daddy. To you, it was also a fetish, something that had your legs clenching together in anticipation. That’s why you had bothered to read it in the first place.

“I-I don’t know what you m-mean,” you stuttered nervously.

“Hmph.” Shoto was displeased by your reply, and in a blink of an eye, his free hand circled around your throat carefully. “Are you really going to stand there and lie to me, baby girl?”

Baby girl. Your stomach whirled in excitement and your pussy began to drip with arousal. Baby girl. The words replayed in your head and was ringing in your ears. Shoto Todoroki just called you baby girl.

Shoto was smiling victoriously in the inside when he noticed the reaction you had made. Your legs were squeezed tightly together, your breath was ragged, and your face was burning a scarlet red. The fact that he thought you were so innocent and pure was now thrown down the drain. You had a bit of naughtiness in you after all, and he had to be the one to experience it all.

“I-I’m sorry,” you quickly apologized. “I- It was just something to read in my past time, I swear I didn’t open it purposely!”

“Hm? But your reaction to my words says otherwise,” Shoto remarked. He gently placed down your phone back on the bedside counter before turning back to you. “And yet you still try to lie to me…” His eyes were cold as his blue and grey orbs pierced into your soul. “I should be teaching you a lesson.”


“That’s not what you should be calling me if you don’t want me even more mad at you, baby girl,” Shoto interrupted. “Now bend over your bedside table. I think I should punish you.”


“Do I have to repeat myself?”

You froze before bowing your head down in defeat. You knew what was coming next, but you had no choice to obey. No… you had a choice, but you weren’t choosing the other one. You wanted this to happen. You were already incredibly excited, and Shoto’s dominance that radiated off of him fueled your arousal.

Shoto watched as you submissively bent over the bedside table, ass up and nearly peaking from under your frilly skirt. He licked his lips in eagerness. Just watching you so vulnerable bent over in front of him had his cock coming to life.

“Read it,” Shoto finally spoke after a few seconds of deafening silence.

“W-what?” You stuttered.

“Read the book,” he repeated.

You gulped. With shaky hands, you opened your phone and began to read the paragraph you left off from.

She quivered from his touch as his fingers skimmed the folds of her pussy,” you whispered.

“Louder, Y/N,” Shoto scolded.

You nodded frantically and repeated yourself, louder this time, “She quivered from his touch as his fingers skimmed the folds of her pussy.”

Shoto hummed in satisfaction and he reached his hand to flip over your skirt. Your plump ass was on display for him, and the cotton pink panties you wore that was drenched in your juices seeped through the material. Shoto chuckled in amusement. “So wet and I haven’t even touched you yet. Tell me, baby girl, what part had you so horny?”

Your eyes blurred from the words of the books you were reading as you admitted, “When you called me baby girl.”

“At least you’re not lying to me,” Shoto muttered. You felt Shoto’s hand on your skin. The coldness of his flesh pricked at the contact and the goosebumps on your neck rose. “Continue reading.”

“O-okay.” You took a deep breath and continued. “The feeling of his fingers against her folds were—ah!”

Shoto’s fingers had glided against your folds, the cold digits collecting your arousal. Shoto grinned. He wasn’t sure if you had grasped onto the fact that he was using his quirk to make you feel the coldness of his skin. “The feeling of his fingers were…?”

“Were… sending sh-shivers down her spine,” you finished.

Shoto stroked the folds of your pussy softly and carefully. “So? Do you have shivers going down your spine?”

You bit your lips. What should you say? Admit the truth and say yes? After all, Shoto’s fingers were doing more than just sending shivers down your spine. It was making you weak by the knees. It was making you melt. It was making you hungry for more.

“Got nothing to say, baby girl?” Shoto asked. “This is exactly why I should teach you a lesson. You can never answer me properly.”

“Todoroki, I—”

Smack! The cracking sound of Shoto’s hand making contact to your ass pierced through the air. A stinging sensation engulfed the entirety of your flesh and tears stung your eyes.

“That’s not what you’re going to fucking call me, slut,” Shoto hissed.

Slut. Oh god, you shouldn’t even let someone talk to you like that, but for some reason it had the ability to make your pussy even more soaked than before.

“How naughty,” you heard Shoto grumble as his finger stroked the folds of your pussy, “you’re even more wet when I call you slut. I should just…”

Shoto’s hand came down on the other side of your ass. He sighed in satisfaction as you let out a yelp from the burning sensation delivered on your cheek. The red mark from his palm burned through your skin and you can feel Shoto’s quirk lingering from his left hand.

“Please,” you whimpered.

Shoto’s hands were heavy and powerful, so two spanks was enough to make you feel like you’ve been hit five times. You couldn’t take it anymore. Although they aroused you, the pain wouldn’t easily fade away. Having to sit on your ass would be difficult if Shoto kept up his punishment.

“Please, what?” Shoto asked once more, laying a hand on the red mark on your skin. His hand was burning through your flesh, waiting for a response that would determine if he would land another spank.

“P-please, d-daddy,” you stuttered.

Shoto’s breath hitched and his cock twitched in his pants. “That’s a good girl. Now what? Do you want daddy to make you feel good?”

You nodded frantically, desperate to feel him touch you again. “Yes, daddy.”

Shoto didn’t respond with words. He took the opportunity to act with his hands. You felt his fingers slither to your core once again, and this time, it dipped into your sopping cunt. You let out a strained moan, feeling the cold digits caress the insides of your walls.

“So fucking tight,” Shoto muttered to himself as his fingers dug deeper into your pussy.

The glistening slick of your pussy twinkled at Shoto while he began to finger you, his digits entering you repeatedly. You bit at your lips to suppress your moans, but pathetically failed when a mewl slipped passed your lips.

The insides of you pussy was warm, wet, and tight, it was driving Shoto crazy, simply just by fucking you with his fingers. He was taking it slow and careful, trying to let you enjoy the short blissful moments of having his cold fingers inside of you. Finally, after he noticed your knees begin to buckle, he moved his thumb to caress your sweet bundle of nerves.

“Ah! Daddy, not there, please!” You cried, feeling your insides twist with the overwhelming pleasure being stimulated by your clit.

“Why not? Isn’t this where you love it the most?” Shoto asked skeptically, only moving his fingers faster against both your clit and inside your pussy.

You sucked your stomach in, only amplifying the sweetness of your close orgasm. You tightly clenched your pussy around Shoto’s fingers, earning a satisfied groan from him.

“If only you could see yourself while I’m doing this to you,” Shoto muttered, watching as your folds brushed against his fingers. “You love my fingers so much, you’re able to cum from them.”

You whined, this time, thrusting your hips back against Shoto so that his fingers can go deeper. “Please, more…”

“More?” Shoto smirked and stuffed a third finger into your pussy.

You screamed in surprised, feeling Shoto’s finger stretch your caverns. “Daddy, I—please,” you mewled. “I’m c-close.”

“Don’t cum,” Shoto’s cold voice vibrated through the air.

“P-please,” you sobbed.

“No. You’re not going to cum until you finish reading the part where your protagonist of that book cums,” Shoto replied. “So if you want to release, read the book.”

You could barely talk and yet Shoto wanted you to read. He was playing with you… toying with you, and you knew it. But you wanted to cum so bad, so you had no choice but to listen to Shoto. If you just came right on the spot, who knows what he would do.

You continued reading where you left off. “She trembled when he began to insert a finger into her throbbing core. His digit easily sank into her wet pussy, stroking and teasing her insides, egging her to release.” You screamed when Shoto’s fingers curled up, the tips of his fingers brushing over the soft sponge of your g-spot.

Nonetheless, you continued.

The pleasure was incredible. When he-when he inserted another finger, it felt like her virg-virgin walls were stretching to its limit,” you read through stutters. “Finally, when his other fingers came to contact with her clit, she felt the insides of her twist with the unfamiliarity of immense pleasure.

That was exactly what you were feeling now. Shoto’s fingers were working you so well, and the soft caresses on your clit had your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Your vision was blurring quickly because of the difficulty of holding back your climax, so you began to read quickly, hoping to finish at the part where she cums.

He began to finger faster, hoping to make her release onto his fingers. He wanted to see his little girl cum undone on his fingers, screaming his nickname.” Your mouth opened as you shivered, trying to move away from Shoto’s fingers. You were close—so close, impossibly close. You couldn’t hold back anymore, in just a few more seconds, you were done for.

“I don’t think you’re done, baby girl. Are you trying to disobey me again? Do you want to know the consequences?” Shoto questioned.

You moaned in response and began to read. “’Daddy, please,’ she begged. "P-please, make me c-cum.’ He chuckled at her p-pleads and-and circles his fi-fingers around her clit faster. ‘Cum,’ he told h-her.”

You arched your back and your hands gripped your phone tightly. Your walls were wrapping around Shoto’s fingers tightly in attempt to not cum. You were close… just a few more, you told yourself.

And s-so, she ca-came by his words—Daddy!” You released before you could even finish your sentence, your juices coating Shoto’s fingers and your walls clenching tightly. You dropped your phone back on the bedside table and you dug your nails into the surface as you came.

“Good girl, I’m surprised you were able to hold yourself together,” Shoto praised. “I think it’s time to reward you.”

Shoto turned you around and laid you gently onto the sheets of your bed. You mind was a bit hazy, still not having calm down from the orgasm you had just had after a long time of holding it. Shoto found your dizzy expression adorable as he slowly pulled your legs apart, showing the bright glow of your pussy.

Shoto licked his lips in anticipation. He couldn’t wait to taste you, to feel your your creams against his tongue as he ate you out. Despite having your juices coating his fingers, he instead wanted to taste them fresh from its source.

Shoto crawled into bed with you and you watched his head slowly dipped between your legs. His lips began to touch near your core, just right on your inner thighs as he kissed you. You unintentionally arched your back and Shoto’s hands quickly shot to your stomach to hold you down.

“Don’t move,” he commanded.

You only hummed as he looked at you with lidded eyes. Then, he dipped down to your lips and swiped his tongue over your slick core. A strangled whine left your lips as his tongue began to massage your needy cunt.

“Daddy,” you moaned, your hands going down to grip Shoto’s smooth locks.

Shoto let out a groan when you tugged on his hair, sending vibrations through your pussy and into your core. Shoto continued grinding his tongue up and down your folds, occasionally tickling your sensitive clit. Your hips bucked and your legs stiffened whenever you felt his nose caress below your aching clit.

The taste of your pussy was addicting. For Shoto, it was a drug he was sure he’d never want to stop taking. He continued eating you out, making sure to collect the wet glands that gushed down your walls and near your anus. When you felt the muscles of his tongue brush over your tight second hole, you let out a mewl. It felt so strange and weird, but you didn’t have the energy to push him away.

Shoto watched as you slowly edged closer to your second orgasm. He began to stick his tongue into your sopping hole while his finger circled around your pulsing clit. The familiar feeling of your sensitive spot being played with was spiraling you back into the state of bliss.

Your eyes rolled behind your head and you tugged on Shoto’s hair desperately. Shoto moaned and took your clit into his mouth and began sucking on it. He flicked his tongue back and forth while his mouth swallowed the bundle of nerves whole.

“Da-daddy!” You screamed, releasing your juices into Shoto’s mouth.

Shoto’s dick strained even harder against his pants, already staining his underwear with his own precum as he watched your face contort in the most sinful expression. He began to lap up your juices, swallowing every last drop while savoring the sweet taste. After slurping up your cum, he licked your pussy clean before picking himself up and smiling.

“You’re such a good girl for daddy,” Shoto cooed, caressing your legs as you twitched. “Sit up for me, could you?”

You tried your best to pick yourself up, but it was so slow. Your head was spinning, almost letting you fall back, but you held yourself steady by Shoto’s shoulders.

When you were sitting up properly, Shoto situated himself between your legs. His two fingers tilted your head up from the bottom of your chin and he dipped down to capture your lips in his. You could taste the sweet nectar of your sex on your tongue almost immediately as Shoto kissed you with heated passion.

Your tongues danced together in harmony, but the dominance was all with Shoto. Shoto was relishing at how perfectly your lips fit with his as he kissed you delicately. While your mouths massaged each other, he began to move his hands down to your hips.

When Shoto pulled away from your lips, you slumped against his chest, hands resting on his pecs. You were exhausted and the heated kiss had taken every last bit of your breath away. However, Shoto was far from done.

Shoto lifted you up and situated you on his lap. You could feel his throbbing erection nearly tearing through the material of his jeans as it pressed against your naked core. You whined in protest, voicing that you had enough and that you couldn’t take any more.

“Hm? What was that, baby girl? You’re just going to leave daddy like this after he makes you feel good two times?” Shoto questioned, tucking a loose strand of your hair behind your ear.

“B-but I can’t take it anymore,” you told him.

“Then try using your mouth,” Shoto suggested.

You let out a shaky breath. “I… I’ve never tried… doing that before.”

You were nervous, there’s no doubt about it. Shoto was quick to realize that, if you ever had a partner before, the only thing you both would have done was missionary sex. It would explain why you were only used to getting one orgasm.

“I’ll guide you,” Shoto said.

You nodded. “Okay.”

You began to move yourself down between his legs and situated yourself in a position where you were bowing on your knees. Shoto loved the position you were in. You looked so vulnerable in front of him, so ready to please your master at any cost.

You glanced up at Shoto, waiting for him to tell you what to do next.

Shoto nodded his head at his pants. “Unbuckle my belt.”

You listened obediently, moving your shaky hands to undo the buckle of his belt. The sound of the metal rattling as you shrugged them off rang through the air until you finally successfully pulled it out together with Shoto’s jeans. Shoto now sat in front of you with a bulging erection, his black briefs waiting to be shoved down to reveal his aching cock.

“Don’t be shy, baby girl,” Shoto whispered, stroking your hair softly.

“Yes, daddy,” you replied in an innocent tone.

Your hand pulled down the waistband of Shoto’s briefs and Shoto’s hard cock slapped against his stomach. Shoto hissed, feeling the sensation of his cock finally being free from the constricting restraints.

Your eyes widened slightly at his size. His girth was not too wide, but he was definitely long. Imagining him shoving himself inside of your pussy had you clenching your legs together in anticipation.

“Use your mouth,” Shoto said.

You nodded. Before taking him into your mouth, you grabbed his length with your hand, earning a sharp intake of breath from Shoto. He watched as your tongue darted out to collect his bead of precum that was around the head of his cock. The feeling of your moist tongue against his cock sent shivers down his spine and his hand went to collect your hair so you could properly begin.

“Make sure you don’t use your teeth,” Shoto informed you as you began to start with careful kitten licks against the slit of his cock.

After a while of lubing the head of his cock, you began to take him in inch by inch. Shoto groaned, the feeling of your hot mouth swallowing his cock carefully. It took everything in his will to not shove you down to swallow the entirety of his length, so instead, he hummed praises and approval of how good you were doing.

“That’s it, baby, that’s perfect,” he croaked.

A breathy 'fuck’ left his lips as you finally took him deep into your throat, the head of his cock ticking your esophagus and your nose brushing against the half white and half red pubic hair. The smell of his masculine odor fogged your nose and you moaned, sending shaky vibrations down Shoto’s long cock.

“Holy shit,” Shoto hissed.

If you hadn’t told Shoto that it was your first time giving a blow job, he would’ve thought you’ve done it many times before. He watched you with calculating and lustful eyes as you repeatedly took his cock deep into your throat. He could feel his balls tighten with the need to release, so he bucked his hips forward in attempt to soothe his desire.

You gagged around Shoto’s cock and immediately got up, taking a quick breath of air. Tears had stung your eyes from the sudden buckle of his hips and your breath was caught in your throat.

“Sorry,” Shoto breathed, “I kind of lost control.”

“It’s okay, daddy,” you assured. “I just… wanna make you feel good.”

You gazed up at Shoto through half lidded eyes. Shoto gritted his teeth together. You had no idea what you were doing to him. The littlest gazes and the small things you said had the ability to drive Shoto mad with desire.

“I want to make you feel good,” you repeated. “So do whatever you want.”

Shoto’s eyes widened slightly with shock. Do whatever he wants? It was as thought you were asking him to go rough on you, to not hold back his primal instincts to fuck you like a little slut.

“Whatever I want…” Shoto smiled. “Strip every last bit of your clothes, baby girl.”

You obeyed his order and began to take off your shirt, displaying the plain white bra you wore. Shoto’s eyes wandered the brim of your breasts as it threatened to spill out of the bra you wore. When you finally unclipped it, your boobs fell out, revealing the hard and perky pebbles of your breasts.

“So beautiful,” Shoto said. “Come closer.”

You shuffled closer on your knees toward Shoto. Once your stomach was pressing against Shoto’s hard cock, he dipped his head down and captured one of your breasts into his mouth.

His tongue swirled around your hardened nipple, swiping and playing with it. With his hand, he grasped your other and squeeze roughly. The erotic actions Shoto performed had you mewling and rolling your head back.

A gasp escaped your lips when Shoto bit onto your nipple, tugging and pulling at the swollen pebble. Your pussy was dripping even more, and to relief the aching need to feel something, you thrusted your hips against Shoto which had his cock gliding against your stomach.

You gasped at the moist length against your bare stomach and Shoto groaned in response, his hands quickly shooting to your hips and his nails digging into your soft and plush skin.

“Daddy, please,” you begged.

“Desperate already,” Shoto groaned, but he didn’t dismiss your pleads and slowly guided your body over his cock.

He freed one of his hands from the grip of your hips and used it to adjust his cock to your entrance. Swiping his head over the slick and moist entrance of your pussy had Shoto groaning with need. Without further ado, he carefully sunk you down.

“Ah!” You gasped, feeling his lengthy girth stretch the tightness of your walls. “Daddy, s-slowly p-please.”

“Is this your first time?” Shoto asked.

Your face grew red when you met his eyes that were clouded with pure lust. “N-no, but…”

Shoto smiled. “I don’t know if I should be displeased or thankful that it isn’t your first time. But because it isn’t, there’s no need to go slow. You did say I could do whatever I wanted, didn’t you?”

You whined. Of course you did.

You let Shoto have his way with you. He sunk you lower down into his cock until you were perfectly situated on his lap. His tip was already fully pressed against your cervix and your walls continuously contracted around his cock.

“Ride me,” Shoto demanded.

You nodded and began to thrust your hips back and forth, feeling your clit run against Shoto’s pelvis. Shoto hissed and stopped you.

“Not like that,” he said. “Up and down for me first.”

You bit your lips and did as you were told. You pulled yourself up before slamming back down onto Shoto’s lap. The feeling of his cock pressing against your cervix had your stomach tightening as you continuously bounced on top of Shoto. For him, it was feeling all so erotic, the sight of your tits bouncing as you did to fuel his arousal as you rode him.

“You look so beautiful riding my cock, Y/N,” he said softly, using your name this time. “Fuck, you definitely know how to ride my cock good, don’t you?”

“Y-yes, daddy,” you responded, squeezing your eyes shut.

You began to slow down, already growing tired, so Shoto began to guide you. He pulled you up before tugging you back down in a way that you also thrusted forward. The length of his cock would occasionally brush onto your clitoris that stimulated more of your pleasure, and it was already having you teetering to the edge.

“Plea-please, I’m cl-close!” You squeaked, gripping onto Shoto’s shoulder as he guided you over and over against his cock.

“Cum for me, baby girl,” Shoto cooed, “cum all over my cock like the good girl you are.”

You moaned before one last push to the edge had you climax. Your juices coated Shoto’s cock and he groaned as the slick wetness of your walls made his thrusts easier to move into. You whined, trying to move away, but Shoto remained his grip tightly on your waist as he still desperately fucked you.

“I can’t anymore,” you said in protest.

“Not yet, baby girl,” Shoto huffed, thrusting his hips upward to dig himself deeper into your wet cunt.


“Shit, not like this.” Shoto flipped you under him with ease, your legs wrapped around his waist, and he began to fuck you, thrusting into you fast and rough, trying to chase his own orgasm.

You screamed in both pleasure and overstimulation when Shoto’s finger ran down to your clit and began to play with your pussy. The pressure of both his cock and his finger dancing on your clit had you seeing stars and scratching your nails down his back. He was fucking you relentlessly now, not giving up, not listening to your pleads.

“Daddy! Daddy, please!” The tip of Shoto’s cock brushed over your g-spot repeatedly, and with one last thrust, you came and so did he, his hot strings of cum shooting into your deep caverns.

Shoto gasped. “Y/N… holy shit.”

When he pulled out, not only was his white sticky substance pouring out from your cunt, your pussy spasmed violently with your liquid juice. You were squirting, something you never experience before, and your body was racking and trembling with overstimulation.

Shoto watched with amused eyes and his cock hardened again. When you had finally calmed down, your body relax, but your pussy still twitched from releasing so much. When you looked over to Shoto, you still noticed the wild and lustful glint in his eyes that told you he was far from done.

“Please…” you mewled. “I can’t… I can’t…”

“Just one more, baby girl,” Shoto cooed.

Your body was already worn out and your stomach was tight with pain from orgasms. You don’t think you could handle anymore, but your body flipped itself over and you had yourself bent over for Shoto to fuck you once more.

Shoto hummed with approval, noticing how obedient you were and how earnest you were to please him. Shoto gripped your ass cheeks and spread them wide, looking at the pucker of your tight anus. One day, he thought to himself, he would also taint the innocence of your second hole.

Shoto’s finger went to sink into your sopping cunt that was mixed with the clear glint of  your juice and his own semen. After a while of sinking his finger into you, regardless if you were twitching and unconsciously pulling away, Shoto positioned himself behind you.

Without a warning, Shoto slammed his cock into your cum filled pussy and began to fuck you. His skin slammed against yours over and over again, piling another knot in your stomach that had you moaning and screaming for a release, more so Shoto’s own release.

“Fuck, whose pussy is this now, huh, baby girl? Tell me,” Shoto huffed as he slammed his cock back into you.

“Y-yours, daddy!” You managed to scream.

“That’s right,” Shoto said. “And who’s able to make you cum more than you can handle?”

“Y-you!” You yelped.

“Fuck,” Shoto whimpered.

The sound of your genital squelching as he fucked you was getting to him. Now, he could really feel him needing to cum for the final time. He was so close, and so were you.

“I’m so close, baby girl, are you going to cum for daddy?” Shoto asked.

“Y-ye-yes, da-daddy,” you cried.

“Good. Cum for me,” Shoto urged you.

His balls tightened as he braced himself for your release. When you did, Shoto did his final thrust, his cock digging deep into your cunt and shooting his white seeds into the deepest part of your pussy.

The warmth of his cum spread all over your walls, filling your cunt up. When Shoto removed his cock, the cum began to drip out and spill onto the sheets of your bed.

If someone walked into your room, they would surely smell the deep scent of sex floating in the air, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as you fell into your bed. At the edge of your lips was drool, slipping down your chin from the rough and long fucking Shoto just gave you. You were worn out, tired, and incredibly overwhelmed. All you could do was lull yourself to sleep as Shoto pressed a loving kiss on your forehead.

Shoto stood up from your bed, taking up his briefs and pants and slipping them back on. He didn’t want to leave you alone like this, but he figured that it was time for him to head back since your parents may be finding their way back home by now.

As a courtesy, Shoto had cleaned you up and removed your stained sheets, dumping them into your dirty laundry. He was able to reorganize everything before he finished off by writing a note to you.

If you want to see daddy again, just give me a call. - Shoto

At the end of his name was a fairly drawn tiny heart, darkened by the red tip of his inky pen.

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how they cuddle/ sleep with you

requests: OPEN

warnings: none!

a/n: this is my first headcanon that no one asked for! i hope y’all like it 🥺👉🏽👈🏽 feel free to request some you want me to do!



Originally posted by makethiscanon


  • okay we all know this boy is touch starved
  • so he wants to hold you as often as he can
  • not so much in public but in private.. get ready to be smothered (with love)
  • i wouldn’t say he’s clingy but,,
  • he’s clingy
  • as we know, todoroki gets sleepy pretty easily
  • like he’s dragging you to his/ your dorm for a post-training cuddle session and nap
  • now on to the part that matters
  • shoto is a quiet person, same applies in bed
  • he just likes laying between your legs, his head on your chest and listening to your heartbeat
  • or if you’re on the more talkative side, he has no problem listening to you
  • whether you’re venting or just talking about your day he’s there to lead an ear
  • even though he might not be fully listening, he grasps the noteworthy parts
  • now imma be honest with you, he’s out cold maybe 5-10 mins into cuddling
  • if you play with hair he’s down for the count in like 2 mins max
  • i personally don’t peg todoroki to be someone who snores loudly or someone who snores at all
  • maybe if he’s dog tired or sick you might get a light snore out of him
  • but for the most part, he doesn’t make a sound
  • sometimes you have to check his pulse to make sure he’s alive


Originally posted by foolishchesspawn


(why aren’t there more gifs for him? 🥺)

  • ugh my under appreciated boy 😔🤟🏽
  • i feel sero is a person whose really into.. vibes?? idk
  • like he’ll light candles/ incense just to set the mood
  • it took me way too long to write incense correctly
  • let’s just get one thing out of the way,,
  • you guys cuddle and sleep together in 👏🏽 his 👏🏽 hammock 👏🏽
  • i am not taking criticism at this time
  • ngl it takes y’all a few times to get into it without falling out (and no you guys don’t improve as the relationship goes along)
  • but once you guys get into a comfortable position (which is usually you sitting in between his legs), now the real fun begins
  • sero is a talker, he will talk about anything and everything
  • not to be rude or anything but his voice is great background noise, like he literally puts you to sleep with his voice
  • you’ve had to apologize a dozen few times for falling asleep while he was talking
  • and you’ve had to explain to him on a couple dozen circumstances that he was not boring you
  • on the rare occasion you don’t fall asleep, you just watch him play on his switch or vise versa
  • honestly cuddling with sero is chill asf
  • at least until he falls asleep
  • when i tell you this dude snores,, were talking about ‘chainsaw’ type snoring. MY GOD
  • you don’t mind it too much cause you sleep on his chest and his head tends to loll back so his snoring is somewhat away from you
  • ofc that position messes his neck up when y’all wake up but he continues to do it anyways
  • one surefire way to make sero flustered and/or go to sleep: trace. his. elbows.
  • yes you read that right no need to reread it
  • i say this because it’s basically a headcanon from the fandom that sero is pretty self conscious about his quirk and himself as whole
  • if you trace his elbows and whisper sweet nothings in his ear about how good he was during training that day or just about how great of person he is..
  • he’s putty in your hands
  • he definitely sleeps better on those days


Originally posted by haruicchi


  • tbh i believe kirishima is way too energetic to ever cuddle willingly
  • but if you ask him to, ofc he won’t protest
  • there’s just so much more he wants to do with you besides cuddling
  • like hiking, going for a jog, playing video games, helping him study
  • you get the point
  • i also see him as the type to not realize how tired he is until he actually lays down
  • that’s why you have to drag him to bed
  • leave it up to him he’ll stay up all night (which has happened more times than he’d like to admit)
  • but once you finally get him to settle down, he is stuck to you
  • good luck getting up if you gotta pee
  • you guys tend to cuddle with your back pressed against his chest and his face in your neck and hair
  • he will sniff you, he just likes the way you smell okay?
  • kirishima also likes to press soft kisses against your neck and shoulder
  • he so cute omg
  • when he finally falls asleep, he snores, it’s not as loud as sero but it’s not light snoring either
  • he’s kinda in the middle
  • i see kirishima being a sleep talker for sure
  • this redhead says the most outlandish things
  • “no i don’t accept your proposal mr. bear, that’s bestiality”
  • lmao what? and god forbid if you answer back
  • “why not kiri? i love you!”
  • “you make a good argument but the world wouldn’t accept our love”
  • 100/10 would recommend sleeping with kirishima, it’s a great time


Originally posted by jirouus


  • sleep? who is that, we don’t know her?
  • it’s basically canon at this point that shinsou suffers from insomnia
  • obviously some days it’s easier to go to sleep than others
  • on those bad days, he simply just enjoys watching you sleep
  • woah that sounded creepy
  • tbh he gets a bit jealous that you can fall asleep with apparent ease
  • you always try your best to help him go to sleep
  • like giving a warm glass of milk, getting him on a better schedule, asmr 👀
  • but he explains to you insomnia just doesn’t work that way unfortunately
  • on good days though, he likes facing you so you’ll be the first thing he sees when he wakes up
  • oof he’s such a hopeless romantic
  • he’s another one that like when you play with his hair
  • but you don’t do it often because he doesn’t take care of his hair (he has soo many knots)
  • if shinsou’s feeling up to it, he’ll sit between your legs and let you brush and detangle his hair
  • it’s a good method that helps him fall asleep 90% of the time
  • going back to the bad days for a min
  • you always try to stay up with him despite his protests for you to get your rest and to not worry about him
  • like hell you won’t worry about him
  • this either ends one of two ways;
  • #1 you stay up the whole night and end up sleeping in all your classes (which he feels guilty for)
  • or
  • #2 eventually sleep catches up with you and you knock out
  • whenever #2 happens he plants a small kiss on your forehead and whispers “thank you”


ugh i’m soft 😩

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I normally headcannon todoroki as just, having an abundance of random facts to help people and would be extremely good in bed because he knows where all the right spots are

All because of that scene with momo yanno?


That one ^^

But…then I realized..

What if he only knows that because Enji caused him to vomit so much he needed that information for himself?


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yay! i haven’t posted HCs in a long time but here goes nothing

Summer Camp AU

* Shouta and Hizashi are camp counselors at Yuuei Summer Camp

* It’s an…. interesting summer…

- Basically imagine a Camp Camp AU if you’ve ever seen Camp Camp

* The trouble all starts with a purple haired boy who is determined to make the counselors lives hell.

- Said purple demon would be named Shinso.

* Shinso brainwashing kids when he’s mad at them and making them embarrass themselves

* Shinso brainwashing Bakugo.

* Shouta is too tired to deal with this.

* Hizashi bribes the kids with candy and sleeps with one eye open because he doesn’t actually have the candy

* Throughout the course of the summer the goal is for the kids to be able to work on their quirks out in the wild where nothing can go wrong

* Things go wrong

* The local peppermint boy ‘accidentally ’ sets one sparky boy’s bed on fire when he laughs at the green haired boy who doesn’t have a quirk

* Kaminari almost electrocutes half of the kids + Hizashi when they’re swimming in the lake when he sneezes

* Kaminari continues to blow the fuse box and leaves them without power for two days after every big storm

* Kaminari has probably consumed more plastic than double the number of students they have combined because he couldn’t unwrap his fruit snacks but he was very hungry

- This results in multiple visits from the camp nurse Recovery Girl and very many interesting conversations with parents

* Shouta didn’t sign up for this.

* Vlad King and Nemuri are also counselors

* Ft random camp challenges that pit the Owls (Class A) against the Hawks (Class B)

- Bakugo complains about how his group got the lame name and Monoma laughs

* Rowing tournaments, tennis matches, relay races all of the other campy things

* Shinso repeatedly trying to escape camp and just narrowly failing each time to Hizashi and Shouta’s relief

* Iida frowns upon his actions

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