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#todoroki shouto

Midnight was with a box in hands with “lots” written on it.

“Now we’re going to do drawing to determine the pairings. So, contestants we’re going to continue with recreational events before beginning the tournament. The 16 participants from the tournament can choose to abstain from the recreational events if those so choose there’s no problem if you’d like to rest and save your energy. So, we begin with the team that got first place”

Midnight was interrupted by the tail guy, he raised his hand and said that he didn’t want to participate. While giving his reason everyone looked at Shinso.

Y/n puffed her now red wings and protected him from their stares.

Hitoshi smiled at that and petted head her “My hero” he said while smiling lightly.

She blushed and her wings got light pink at the tips. “You are my friend of course I’m your hero, and he shouldn’t give his chance like that! You did everything to win, they should too!”

He nodded at that, “Yeah I understand you, and how you feel, but they don’t get it, so whatever” he shrugs his shoulders.

“But still…” she sighs and looks around making sure that no one else was still staring at him

Another boy from class B also resigns.


“But the final decision still is at midnight…” Aizawa commented with his usual tired voice

For a second Midnight was with a dark look on her eyes “What innocent words.” But she smiles brightly while snapping her wip on the air “I… LIKED THEM I ACCEPT SHOUDA AND OJIRO’S RESIGNATION!!!!”

After that every participant name appeared on the screen, the winged girl could see that  Shinso would go against Izuku.

She poked Hitoshi’s cheek and puffed her on “If you don’t get him with your quirk your dead, you know that right?”

“Yeah, yeah” she slapped her hand away lightly “We both know that I can easily get on someone’s nerves, and by how the tail guy is talking with him, it’s easy to know he’s weak points”

“I know that! But still! You need to be ready if-”

“Look! I know that you care for me and stuff, but keep your worries at bay, I know what I’m doing” he started to walk away, but she grabbed his arm

“I know that! But you should make a plan if he-” yanked his arm back

“I know that my quirk isn’t as incredible as yours but you don’t need to be worried about me all the time I am not a baby!” he snapped at her, still not facing her.

“I just-… wanted to help…” she stepped back

“I don’t need pity from you, I can do this with my eyes closed” he waked away from her to talk with Midoriya.

Her wings got between blue at the tips, showing to the world the sadness that she was feeling.

Bi-colored eyes stared at her wings intrigued, her face didn’t show many emotions besides the positive ones, but her wings were a wild card, showing every single emotion that her face didn’t show.

Looking at the names she saw who was going with whom.

Midoriya Vs. Shinso

Todoroki Vs. Sero

Shiozaki Vs. Kaminari

Iida Vs. Y/n

Ashido Vs. Aoyama

Tokoyami Vs. Yayorozu

Tetsutetsu Vs. Kirishima

Uraraka Vs. Bakugou

‘Oh! I will go against the fast guy! Then… if Shinso wins both Midoriya and Todoroki we will have to fight… But I really don’t think he will win against Todoroki, since his power already has been discovered… I shouldn’t think so low of him but… Todoroki is so smart’

“Uraraka?” Y/n look at Bakugo and them at Uraraka’s pale expression and pats her shoulder

“Good luck” Y/n gives her a small smile and nods at her pale faced friend. “You will need it”


While everyone was trying to calm their nerves or preparing for the next battle Y/n was walking around the outside, and while at it she felt someone near, around the corner. That person was feeling anger and sadness, when she turned the corner she was meet with that same bi-colored eyes.

“What are you doing here?” He looked up at her

“I was just… walking around… and felt that someone was angry and sad, I though that I could help… sorry”

“Why are you apologizing? You literary came here trying to help someone” He tilted his head confused.

“O-oh! That’s true! Well… Do-… do you want help? Maybe I could lend you my ear and hear you out, or just-… I don’t know… maybe we can talk-”

“No, thank you, if you win against Iida and against the 1-B girl we will fight against each other, I will not lose” He got up but before he could go away she held him back

“I ALSO WON’T LOSE!” her wings got full golden with pride and braveness, but the ones on the bottom refused to be any color but blue.

“I will see you at the arena then” he bowed politely and went his way.










There new chapter, lov u all and I won’t explain each fight, I will just tell her reaction, I never made fighting scenes before, so please be nice to me in the next chap
(Next chap Sunday woohoo)

810 words

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Shoto: *phone dings* Oh, its my brother

Koruki: *gasps, wrapping his arm around Shoto* Did he get me the stuff??

Shoto: Yeah, he said he got you the clown costume, the power drill, and 12 gallons of blood.

Koruki: Wow! Where did your brother find 12 gallons of fake blood?

Shoto: Oh…. You wanted fake blood?


Shoto: I’ll call my brother…

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Premise: Midoriya Izuku does indeed have a Quirk, but nobody realises. He’s got a fully jointed toe, so nobody questions it. All Might double-checks multiple times during his training, but nope. Can’t find anything.

People only realise that Midoriya has a Quirk during the Sports Festival when he’s up against Todoroki. After finally convincing him to use the fire half of his Quirk, the battle gets more difficult. Midoriya is breathing hard, flames get too close and -

Broccoli Child physically slurps them up.


Quirk: Flame Vacuum. Midoriya Izuku can inhale flames out of the air, effectively extinguishing them. Overusing his Quirk causes him to cough and become short of breath.
[A combination of his mother’s object attracting quirk and his father’s fire breathing]


The best bit? Broccoli Child’s Quirk works on anything burning. Y’know what an explosion is? Accelerated volume increase in a constrained area. Y’know what causes an accelerated volume increase in a constrained area? Oxidation. Which often causes a heat and light reaction commonly known as ‘burning’.

Broccoli Child can swallow Splodey McBangBang’s explosions. Not fully from a distance, mind you; but at close range, he’s essentially Fire Eraserhead, since the explosion can’t go off if its ignition keeps getting swallowed.

Aizawa is tired. The classroom is lightly toasted. Kaminari is thrilled that electricity doesn’t count as fire.

As always, you are welcome to adopt a plot bunny

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Shouto tells Momo to stay behind him. Automaticlly taking the lead and ‘protecting’ her. Momo dosen’t need Shouto to protect her, she’s got her own quirk and strength. She’s studying to be a Hero as well and I can’t help but wonder if Shouto did this because of his home situation? 
I don’t think he would purposelly underestimate Momo or protect her but if Fuyumi has to frequently get behind him to avoid enji then its a habit by now. Or if he see’s himself as some sort of protecter for Fuyumi/Rei because if enji is focusing on him then he isnt paying attention to the rest of the todoroki’s.
Anyways I’m glad Aizawa corrected this and brought it to his attention that he was pushing her to the side and speaking over her. 

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It’s more like a gender neutral!reader/senpai, since I like to write like that. They ended up being pretty short, but I hope you don’t mind.

~Todoroki Shouto~

•He first saw you at the sports festival and was in awe by your skills

•He isn’t really the type to approach people, so he just admires you from afar

•But when he realizes he actually has a crush on you he is kinda baffled by it

•Honestly, he doesn’t really act on it at all, partly because he wants to focus on becoming a pro-hero and partly because he has no idea, how he should act on it

~Bakugou Katsuki~

•You’re more like passing acquaintances than good friends

•The two of you met when you sat at the same table in the cafeteria, and you and your friends asked his opinion on something

•First he is confused, then he is annoyed

•Because why the hell is he feeling this way? And why towards you?

•Sure, you’re attractive and seem to have a great sense of humor, but whyyyyy

•Bakugou doesn’t act on it at first, but when he feels like it’s getting really annoying and he can’t get you out of his head, he sits next to you in the cafeteria and kinda tries to chat with you

•It’s a pretty bad attempt at getting to know you, but you find it funny and humor him

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This means Dabi could also escape Aizawa’s capture the same way.

Maybe Dabi has committed crimes and it’s just hard to catch him. Because fire quirk.

Shouto quit smart mouthing your teacher.


Also, Aizawa is in fact a ninja lol. He’s very badass and that’s amazing that he just has counterattacks like that. I suppose he has to in a world that relies on powers so often. People won’t be expecting it.

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Okay Aizawa definitely knows what happened and is making a point!

Aizawa: you know what I mean right Shouto? You would never say, fight the Hero killer?

Shouto:*slurping noises*.

Aizawa: FFS!

Or he has no idea and actually thinks his student were responsible. Which is also hilarious.

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I’ve seen a bunch of posts about this already but-

We all need some Todoroki appreciation over here!


Y’all, he’s carrying probably about 200 kg? 400 pounds, in other words. He catches Midoriya with his back- god. This kid. THIS KID.

He’s so panicked tho-

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