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#todoroki shouto
yohengrad · 2 days ago
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Please, don't go away
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manfedzku · a day ago
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Todoroki really be doing this ✨ pose in front of Izuku… and Mineta even lampshades it!
Scandalous Todoroki! Why don’t you kiss him while you’re at it?
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Also, Izuku doesn’t laugh as the mistranslated leaks say but it’s canon that he tries to give his precious friend a smile ;A;
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kirikiriwhoops · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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I did it for Kiribaku, now it’s time for Tododeku 💚💙🍰
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class1akids · 2 days ago
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I love the visual of Shouto wrapping the fluffiest blanket around a finally sleeping Izuku as he talks about how his mere existence causes unease and anxiety for some people and about his resolve to become a reassuring hero despite everything. 
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haleigh-sloth · a day ago
Shouto is such a good character.
Interesting thing from this chapter—
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I think it’s worth noting that he called his brother “Dabi” this chapter.
Without any of his family around, because when facing Endeavor—
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it’s Touya.
So it’s like…when he’s not around his family, facing people outside of his family, he’s trying to establish himself as his own person. Separate from the Todoroki name and all that comes with it. But at the same time, when he’s facing his family, he’s keeping them together by using his brother’s name. And he’s trying to become more a part of his family, since he’s basically been a stranger to them his whole life. Kind of like what @/Hamliet says in this lovely post, Shouto is all about trying to be two things at once. He’s trying to be his own person, but his story is also about restoring and becoming a part of his family again, or rather really be a part of it for the first time.
I love Shouto. Give us more Shouto pls 🙏🏼
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captainofficesupplies · 2 days ago
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AS CELEBRATION FOR THIS POST HITTING 1K (seriously, what the hell?! It was a very messy doodle... and also very old art...) HERE'S A DOODLED REDRAW!
If you don't want to click the link, the original is below the cut!
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hamliet · 2 days ago
hello! what do you think of bnha 327 with regards to shouto?
Shouto is legitimately the only consistent part of this arc (meaning the narrative isn't chiseling away at his traits and goals to streamline a narrative of Ra! Ra! Heroes!), but it still hasn't delved suuuper deeply into him. I did like his set up this chapter, though, but it's just set up, telling us his goal rather than showing us him working through it. However, I do think this might be just to set up what we're about to see.
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Shouto wants to define himself as his own person, not as "Endeavor's son" or "Dabi's brother." But he also no longer wants to ignore that part of him; instead of cutting it off and pretending he came from nowhere, he wants to grow from it. This is mature and also a fairly complex (in a good way) arc, and I think Horikoshi can pull it off it he wants to. Shouto's all about being two things at once, after all. So I'm excited for where Shouto's focus might go.
Tumblr media
He's been repeatedly telling Enji he needs to focus on Touya, and given that the villains look likely to make a return next chapter, I'm hoping that focus is about to hit. (Progress might well include a setback, actually, or a challenge, because that's how stories go and the heroes have not exactly been proactive, so traditional setup would suggest they're ripe for a villain attack but... we'll see?)
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littlemisskeigo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I never thought that one panel could make me ship something, but after 327 chapters I finally understand TodoDeku
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patroclusism · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
After An Argument
Source Material: My Hero Academia
Paring: Izuku Midoriya, Bakugo Katsuki, Todoroki Shoto (separate) x Male Reader
Warnings: Getting into a fight, Ignoring someone after a fight
Summary: It may not have happened often, but every couple has fights. What would happen if you got into a fight with your lover?
A/n: Were the reasons you were fighting with them kind of bad, yes absolutely, but that’s not important.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often that you and Izuku fought. He was a kind partner, and he never did anything to you that would lead to a fight. Most of the time when you did fight, the two of you resolved the issue rather quickly, and you were both good at communicating your feelings with one another so there wasn’t a problem. Most of the time.
Sometimes Izuku was reckless. He usually had good reason to do what he did, or at least good intent, but that never stoped him from the outcome. And it especially never saved you from worrying about him. Izuku was someone you cared about so much and because of that you would’ve worried about him even if he wasn’t the way he was. He didn’t seem to understand that sometimes. He seemed to forget that you cared about him, and that you would be worried about him.
That was exactly what started this fight, but now you weren’t sure what to do. You and Izuku were both completely unsure what to say to one another. You both just stood there staining at the other. Izuku looked confused, and certainly frustrated. He didn’t even look angry, which was an emotion you were sure was present on your face.
“I’m sorry.”
Izuku said that, but you were sure he didn’t even know why he was apologizing. You huffed, pacing back and forth trying to come up with a way to explain to him why you were upset without shouting at him any more.
You managed to do that, and you explained it in a way Izuku seemed to grasp. He apologized sincerely that time. It was alright, Izuku intended to make it alright even if it wasn’t.
Katsuki is a hothead, who doesn’t ever think before he speaks. You are bound to fight with someone like him , your “fights” are normally one sided however, with Katsuki being angry and you calmly responding to whatever he was saying. But, when you two really fought, it quickly escalated into something bigger.
Katsuki didn’t think before he spoke most of the time, and one person could only take so much of that. You were subject to Katsuki’s insults and slights quite regularly, and you knew he never actually meant any of the things he said. But this time he had gone to far. Whatever Katsuki said really hurt you, and you retaliated poorly. No one could blame you of course, but the screaming match that could be heard after that was definitely not the way the situation should’ve been dealt with.
Insults and accusations were thrown around, and finally doors were slammed so you two could get away from each other. You were pissed, and wanted nothing to do with your lover in the days after that, and you intended to make sure he was aware of that.
Katsuki seemed to have the same sentiment, for he was also making it very clear that he intended to ignore you. Neither of you even looked in the direction of one another for the coming days. You would be lying if you said you didn’t miss him, but you weren’t ready to forgive him so there was nothing to be done.
A few days after your initial fight, and what felt like years of ignoring each other, Katsuki was the first to break. His glanced directed at you didn’t go unnoticed, but you did your best to continue ignoring him. That only frustrated him more, and by the end of the day he’s rushing over to you so you can talk.
A scowl is found on his face, but it doesn’t match the mixture of emotions in Katsukis eyes.
“I’m sorry.”
Even if you wanted to continue to be mad at him, Katsuki wasn’t giving you much room to be mad at him. So with a sigh, you forgave him.
Shouto is normally extremely mindful of what he says and does. He would never intentionally upset you. But Shouto wasn’t the greatest when it came to talking about things with you. He wants you to be happy, and sometimes he thinks the best way to do that is to not tell you things. That is clearly not the way he should’ve been going about it.
Shouto had been keeping things from you for who knows how long, and you were beyond frustrated when you found out. You raised your voice, not enough to be a shout, but enough to convey your anger. Shouto stayed quieter, he tried to explain himself, but his reasoning was flawed so you chose not to listen anymore.
You locked yourself away in your room to cool down. Finding anything you could to distract yourself or just entertain yourself while you stayed locked away. You didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially not Shouto, not right now at least.
Your time alone was cut short however, when there was a knock on your door. Begrudgingly, you opened the door, and standing there was Shouto. He looked away, uncomfortable by the look you gave him.
“I’m sorry.”
You weren’t completely ready to forgive him. But Shouto promised to talk to you more, and explain why he had been keeping things from you. Although you hadn’t wanted to listen initially, you heard him out. Shouto hadn’t wanted to fight with you, and he never meant to do any harm.
You hadn’t said anything throughout his whole explanation, and he was beginning to think you were ignoring him. But with a nod of your head you reached over to take Shouto’s hand. And it was clear to him that you were going to forgive him.
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class1akids · 2 days ago
I like how this chapter does characterize Shouto, even if we don’t get anything new. It reconfirms his goals, shows that he is aware of how his own presence might not be entirely welcome by the refugees, and it gives him a moment to be protective of Deku, telling the others to let him rest and tucking him in with a blanket. It was nice to see Shouto still well integrated with the class while also giving us some tender moments. Also, Shouto would be the best blanket-tuck-inner ever, I bet he pre-warmed it before covering Deku up. I want pre-warmed blankets.
Oh yeah, I absolutely loved it too.
Many people noted that Shouto didn't get a big friendship moment with Deku, but I think this chapter really highlighted Shouto being Deku's "precious friend".
It also suits very much his philosophy of actions > words. He really is putting that "reassuring" hero into practice at least with his friends - wrapping Deku into a blanket.
I also liked how openly he talked to them. He was out of earshot when they talked about why Endeavor didn't come into UA and Satou looks startled when Shouto shows up with the blanket and Momo immediately tries to change the topic.
Tumblr media
I have a feeling that they didn't really know how to broach the topic with Shouto - so it's good that Shouto says out loud how he's tainted with the unease Endeavor and Dabi have been spreading and how he still just wants to become his own person - a reassuring hero who is not defined by his father or brother. He's facing his classmates and I think that just shows how long he's come in feeling like he belongs with them and that he can trust them.
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fever-dreamer97 · 20 hours ago
Villain TDBKDK
Bakugo: I’m gonna win this game, Icyhot. I have a gun in you right now.
Todoroki, not fazed by the red sniper dot on him: I predicted that and I also have one on you.
Bakugo, not fazed by the red sniper dot on him: I predicted that, so I also put one on the nerd.
Izuku: Wait what?! Why am I part of this?!
Todoroki: It’s okay Midoriya. I know the ones on me and Bakugo are just laser pointers.
Bakugo: Heh, except Deku’s. That’s a real gun.
Izuku: What-*gets shot* SON OF A BIT-
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