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#todoroki shouto x reader
planetsano · 7 months ago
premature ejaculation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS 𖦹 he cums too fast.
CHARACTERS 𖦹 bakugou, kirishima, midoriya, todoroki, denki, tamaki.
Tumblr media
BAKUGOU — doesn’t want to talk about it because his ego is a little hurt.
He hasn’t nutted that fast since his first time.
Don’t poke him at him, though. Poor baby woke up with a raging hard-on that morning and didn’t have enough time to take care of it.
It was hard as a rock, pulsating, and resting against his lower stomach oozing clear precum.
The only thing he could think about that whole day was pinning you face down, ass up, while he fucked into you.
Lord, when he finally got you into his dorm, it was over. He was so fervent and eager that he couldn’t care less about stripping naked.
He hiked up your school skirt, pulled down those panties, pulled out his cock, and got to ramming.
Don’t worry, it feels fantastic, but you can’t help but notice he’s actually moaning. no dirty talk, no groans or grunts, he’s moaning like a little bitch.
Before you could tease him and say something slick, he pulled out so fast and jerked his cock until he painted your ass white, only letting a strained groan of “jesus christ..” escape his lips.
He notices your confused yet very entertained look as you looked back at him. Biting your bottom silently saying “well what was that all about?”
all he says is, “don’t say shit to me.”
KIRISHIMA — has excellent stamina, this boy could fuck you for hours without cumming. Real manly shit.
But all that is out the fucking window one night when he has you on your knees in a cramped bathroom at a party.
Number one, you guys were taking body shots. Number two, you were bouncing your ass back on him to some Cardi. (he’s for sure watching you twerk on him while taking sips out of a red solo cup, you can’t tell me otherwise)
But number three really got him. You whispered that you wanted to suck his dick.
That’s how you ended up on your knees in the bathroom, slapping his hard dick against your tongue. He’s swears you’re giving him the best head he’s ever received.
He’s gripping the bathroom counter so hard, damn near activating his quirk.
The second he feels you take him in your throat he cums.
“H-holy shit, baby— hold on, wait-!”
It’s too much. You look so hot with your nose his buried in his pubic hair while you’re looking up at him through your fake lashes.
You’re not upset, you’re actually feeling a little confident you got him to finish so fast.
“Goddamn, babe. That’s the fastest I- What are ya doin’?”
“You should really trim this bush, Eiji.”
(side note: his carpet does NOT match the drapes)
MIDORIYA — is embarrassed, to say the least.
Listen, he had a long week. He was stressed, tired and needy. It honestly felt like he hasn’t seen you in weeks because the both of you have been so busy with school and work-study there wasn’t really any time to see each other.
It made him sad, but he was so excited when he opened up his dorm’s door to see you standing there as cute as can be in your pj’s holding your pillow.
a couple of hugs and kisses later, you end up on his bed in a heated make-out session.
You’re on top of him, lips locked on his moving in sync while you dry-humped him.
He’s moaning and squirming underneath with his big rough hands alternating between gripping at your thighs and ass.
You’re about to go feral at this point, so you lift yourself from his lips with your hands resting on his chest.
You’re looking down at your flushed boyfriend with the most intense bedroom eyes and say, “want you to make me cream, zuku.”
Midoriya literally can’t take it anymore, and he cums in his sweatpants moaning your name so pretty.
You weren’t sure if he did what you think he did but pulling down the front of his sweats and looking into his boxers, you saw the sticky white mess he made.
Honestly, he needed that. Just clean him up and let him be. Cuddle with him a bit and tell him that its okay.
TODOROKI — has no clue why he came so fast. He usually lasts around 20 minutes. So why was today so different?
Maybe it was the fact you got him really worked up in the common area without you not even realizing it.
Frustrated, sho whispers to come back to his dorm to “help him with something.”
chile, he’s fucking you in missionary, your legs hiked up from the back of your knees by his hands.
His thrusts were sloppier than usual, but it still felt good.
You noticed he looked really flushed in the face, like really lost in the feeling. His mouth was open in an ‘o’ shape, and hair covering his eyes slightly.
After a couple more thrusts, he just? Pulled out? You were confused, so you called his name softly, seeing that he was looking down and panting.
When you looked down, you saw his cock twitching, probably the most you’ve ever seen before he shot his load on your stomach, completely untouched.
He mumbles a soft and breathless 'sorry, I don’t know what came over me’ before settling himself between your legs to go down on you. You really think he was gonna nut and leave you without your own high? He’s a gentleman.
DENKI — is the king of ’did you cum?’ and like our queen, Megan said, ’you know I ain’t cum boy if you had to ask me.’
you’re not too annoyed though, it was expected. He got hard during lunchtime when he saw you lean over the lunch table to give Mina the tiniest peck on the lips.
The boys didn’t believe the girls when they said they had no problem sharing a little sugar with their close girlfriends from time to time just because you were just that comfortable with each other.
Denki was shocked but still turned on. & on top of seeing two pretty best friends kiss, he was sitting right next to you, so when you leaned over the table, your skirt rode up, exposing so much of the back of your thighs.
The curve of your ass just looked banging, and you were thigh highs too? Oh, he was hard for sure.
He tells you about his dilemma when you sit back down, and you take pity on your dear boyfriend.
The next thing you know, he’s pounding you in a quiet unisex bathroom on campus that no one really used.
He’s maybe 3 minutes in before he cums inside of you. You can only roll your eyes when he kisses your temple, promising to make it up to you later.
All you say is, “whatever, kaminari.” before pulling up your panties. he really wasted 3 minutes of your lunch for a couple of pumps. But hey, that’s your king, right?
TAMAKI — is a sensitive little thing. inside and out.
Please don’t tease him because he’s trying his best, okay?
When you guys usually have sex, he lasts a good while but still tended to cum before you.
It’s okay, though, because he continues to rut into despite how sensitive he is to allow you to finish. you end up cumming a few seconds after he does.
This particular day though, you just wanted to play with him. the entire day, you were teasing him, touching him, whispering in his ear, playing with his ears.
He was on the verge of breaking point when you saw that and decided enough was enough. It’s time to fuck.
You both ended up on his bed with your hand lazily stroking up and down his shaft.
You whispered dirty things into his ear, making him squirm and buck up into your hand.
The fun didn’t last too long though because you say whisper he really likes and he’s shooting his load in your hand, a whimpering mess.
“tama… did you like it that much..?”
He can’t even look you in the eyes he’s so embarrassed. But it’s your fault for riling him up so much, of course he’s gonna finish fast!
Just keep rubbing his dick, his refractory period is insane. He’s sensitive but you know he likes a little overstimulation.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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uravichii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
attractive//cute things they do ~
character/s: bakugo katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shouto
genre: fluff
warning/s: there is absolutely no organization in this post :D
part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ー bakugo katsuki
in reference to my mannerisms post,
he always leans closer or tilts his head to your direction when you speak to him.
and once he's caught on to how much you liked this mannerism of his,,
he leaned in much closer to your face, and there's a devilish smirk forming on his face, satisfied with how he's managed to literally render you speechless that easily.
as if he's not flustered himself from the small distance between your faces.
katsuki always flexes his neck when he's stretching, unaware that he's basically just flaunting his toned jawline shamelessly 👀
and when you're sitting on the couch together, his arm is always splayed against the back of the couch.
so when you start to lean back, your head just hits his beefy arm, and he won't budge at all.
he'll curse you if you get up or if you refuse to rest your head against his arm.
his cooking or notー katsuki loves to feed you ;)
he knows exactly which food on your plate is your favorite and which ones you dislike
and without saying a word, he'll transfer food from his plate to yours bc he knows it's your favorite
and he'll also take every single piece of the food you dislike from your plate and gobble them all up while insulting your taste.
katsuki always holds you by your waist.
it doesn't matter whether you're cuddling or just walking side by side, his hand always seems to find its way to your waist
he does this especially to guide you when you're walking together.
for example,,
when you're grocery shopping together, and something catches your eye that is strictly not on katuski's grocery shopping list 🗿
and before you could walk far away from him, he'd click his tongue before pulling you by your waist, "oi, don't get lost."
and his hand just stays glued on your waist for the rest of the day <3
ー shinsou hitoshi
hitoshi can hold eye contact between you two with his tired (yet attractive) half-lidded eyes for a long time.
and he makes a little side smile afterwards, almost like a smirk.
you would think it's just him teasing you for not being able to hold eye contact like he can,
but really, he just can't not smile when he looks at you for that long.
hitoshi's really gentle with cats :))
he'll bend his knees down to pet the cat while also making that "pspspsps" sound
he'll carry the cat in his arms and cradle it like a little baby.
if you don't like cats or you're allergic to them, he'll keep a distance and say "yeah, i don't really like them either." while already having a cute name for the cat in his head and it's probably something similar to your name too.
he likes to rest his forehead against your shoulder usually when he feels tired.
and he also likes to let your head lay on his shoulder when you get sleepy.
and he'll pinch your nose or your cheek when it's time to wake up.
hitoshi's a passionate kisser.
furrowed-brows- inhaling-your-scent-while-he-deepens-the-kiss kinda kisser.
he loves giving you head massages :(((
when he sees even a tiny hint of you getting dizzy or carsick, he'll gently set your head against his shoulder and massage your forehead and scalp.
and it is ✨healing✨
overall, hitoshi -> ♾/10. would 100% recommend.
ー todoroki shouto
shouto does every chivalrous gesture there is.
there's opening the door for you, pulling your chair back before you sit, and offering you his hand when you walk down to the last steps of the stairs.
when he's tying your shoelaces for you, and you thank him, he'd slightly tilt his head upwards to meet your eyes
and he'd kinda make the 🥺 face unintentionally but with a tiny soft smile.
shouto always answers your calls no matter what situation he's in.
so when his phone rings even in the middle of his slumber, he'll still answer when he sees your contact name.
and only you get the privilege to hear his ridiculously attractive tired voice 😌
this happens a lot when he's with endeavor.
the instant he sees that you're calling, he doesn't even answer yet
he'll just,,"y/n needs me. 😐" and walks away🚶‍♂️
shouto always tidies up your hair, but he's always very careful with it.
if you regularly put your hair up in a ponytail, he'll always have one of your scrunchies worn on his wrist.
and if you ask him to tie your hair up for you, it'll probably take 30 minutes for just one neat ponytail bc he's just so careful with handling your hair.
he's very protective of you.
when he senses danger nearby, he'll take your hand and guide your way behind him, a protective arm set in front of you, guarding you from any potential harm.
aaand finally, back of the hand kisses from shouto.
because this man just makes you feel like royalty everyday <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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th0tfairy · a month ago
awkward moments during sex with bhna boys? 😐
Every moment is an awkward moment w them 😓
weird shit they do during sex
Deku: somehow finds a way to incorporate all might into it which is already overkill since his whole room and underwear and socks are all might merch and now he’s even mumbling to himself to last longer “pLuS uLtRaAa” before he nuts like 😐
Shouto: everything is abt pissing his dad off. He’ll literally go out of his way to manually decline every incoming call from his dad instead of just putting his phone on silent. And he makes sure to read every message sent but reply to none. He’ll be balls deep inside of you and still be preoccupied with making sure his dad feels intentionally ignored. Literally feels like he’s right there 😐
Bakugo: his mom walked in on u guys having sex once and his initial reaction was to fling your bra at her 😐
Kirishima: drinks a pre workout shake before sex and makes ur lovemaking feel like an exercise. Like he alternates his strokes into reps, u can hear him counting under his breath 😐
Kaminari: shocks u. He’s already staticky but when he’s honey he gets charged all the way up. Every time your skin slaps, it delivers a little shock w it. Your hair is always a mess after 😐
Sero: once activated his quirk and ended up taping your bodies together but he was so invested into his nut he didn’t even notice 😐
Shinsou: he’s weird abt ur pussy. Like he projects his adoration of cats on your vagina. If you don’t shave he reaches down to pet your pubic hair 😐
Hawks: he leaves crumbs everywhere. There’s wood skewers and empty sauce packets all over his apartment. Something was digging into your back while he was fucking u and it turned out to be the bone from a drum stick 😐
Dabi: burns everything. Burns your clothes off, burns his fingers into ur skin, burns ur headboard. Routinely sets off the smoke detector in ur house and tells the firefighters to fuck off when they arrive 😐
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zukuist · 9 months ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐚𝐫𝐞
200 followers special
includes: multiple characters (would add more tags but.. i reached 30 ;;)
your name is shortened to y/n, they/them pronouns
notes: thank you for 200 followers! this isn’t really going to be that long, but im just doing the characters i really like so ;; ALSO I MIGHT’VE GOTTEN KIRI’S ENTRY A LITTLE WRONG so ugh sorry ;;
shouto todoroki
from the start, he’s quite oblivious to certain things, (social ques, signs of romantic interest, etc.)
but when he’s observant with someone, then that totally means you’re special to him. does he realize how much he pays attention to you? hmm.. maybe?
he’s going to be the first one that notices you’re hungry, even if you don’t realize it yourself. he’s quick to grab a snack and break it open to you
same thing with being thirsty— if he notices that your water bottle is empty, he’ll quickly find the nearest vending machine and buy a bottle.
temperature is also no problem. he can immediately tell whenever someone’s cold; but he usually helps you first
too hot? he’s slowly putting down the room’s temperature
too cold? his left palm starts emitting some sort of heat in your direction, hoping it creates some sort of aid
if your shoelaces are undone, and/or he notices that there’s a button undone on your shirt— he’ll fix it for you
will ask to take your pictures on dates, and he’ll also help you pick out the best photo (not that any photo of you is short of any beauty)
in short— people will notice that he’s actually a big simp for you; because of how observant he is with you specifically.
katsuki bakugou
just because he’s simping for you doesn’t mean he’ll treat you any differently. bakugou will be bakugou, and you eventually learn how to adapt to that.
but even so, his simp habits slip out sometimes.
when he’s cooking, he’ll accidentally make too much to eat, and he’ll coincidentally put the extras in another box and hand it to you
he’s a good student, even with studies. but would he say he’s a good teacher? hm. probably not
but if he notices you need help, he’ll sigh, feining annoyance as he decides to tutor y’all, because those ‘idiots’ are hopeless
rolls his eyes when he sees food on your cheek, but he’ll grab a tissue and wipe it off for you— claiming how you’re so messy.
he’ll act like he hates hearing your ‘annoying ass singing’ but he’ll lean against the doorway and listen to you rock out to whatever song you’re singing to.
denki will call him a simp for looking after you, and bakugou will just yell at him to “SHUT UP” >:T
he secretly likes taking care of you. his words aren’t the softest thing in the world, but his actions make up to it.
izuku midoriya
as katsuki bakugou would call him; he is a nerd
he definitely meant that as an insult, but his input on detail makes it very useful in things like relationships
he remembers every detail of your quirk, your limits, potential secret moves.
it would’ve been stalker-ish, if it weren’t for the fact that deku does this out of admiration for his s/o
so if you so happen to collapse due to overusing your quirk— deku has a detailed plan on what to do. it’s almost scary.
he puts detail in a lot of things, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and so on.
deku’s also the type to plan things weeks before it actually happens. like.. planning out the perfect birthday gift
and with this, his memory is really good. so it’s very unlikely that he’ll just suddenly forget anniversaries and birthdays.
i hc deku as a bad cook, so he eats takeout food more than his homemade food
but he’s takes note of your allergies, your dislikes with food— and he finds himself mumbling small details to recall what you like
when you walk out in pretty/good outfits for dates
his face will break out into shades of red— suddenly rambling all the good details of your outfit, complimenting you while he’s at it
“y/n’s looks fantastic as always. i might die from their beauty”
if anyone calls him a simp, he’ll be really embarrassed about it. “me? a s-simp? is that a bad thing?”
just tell him it’s fine.
denki kaminari
a big simp
like.. really big
he worships the ground you step on, and hypes up everything you do
y’all know when irene from red velvet literally breathed in north korea, and the crowd just
yeah, that’s denki to you
it’s so blantly obvious that he’s simping over someone, and everyone’s just kinda used to it at this point
he’s just a big fanboy sometimes
whenever you’re sparring with someone, he’s always in the background like
“go s/o!!” 🤩
and he has tendencies to go a little easy on you like.. what’s he gonna do when you get electricuted??
but that doesn’t mean he’s never serious— nah.
there are times where he’s just a little bashful just being in your presence
sneaking glances your way, as he silently fanboys about you in general.
“s/o looks really good today. they always look good but !!”
when y’all weren’t together, the bakusquad was just tired of the constant romantic pining
it was really obvious that he was simping back then, and they’re not so sure as to how you didn’t say anything about it
mina always called him a simp
so yeah!! it was a big relief when you got together with him. he never makes you feel terrible, because he’s always your #1 hypeman.
eijirou kirishima
— THE HELPING SIMP (rip idk what to call this)
i didn’t really know what kinda name i went for this one but let me carry on
kiri upfront is very confident, and friendly. he never shows a mean side to anyone,
and there are rare cases of him being bashful
he’s kinda almost like a golden retriever? since he’s always nice and friendly to everyone
but then when you enter the room; he suddenly goes quiet, and he’s left alone with his rather loud thoughts about you
he didn’t really know how to properly approach you at first
but him being kiri, he’s still rather friendly to you (for now)
when he’s messing around, practically sharing one braincell with kami and sero
and then you suddenly walk in— he snaps out of his foolishness, and greet you with his very warm smile
“hey y/n!” he waves at you, and he hopes you don’t mention the teasing look on both kami and sero’s face
sometimes when he’s doing his close combat training, and he notices that he’s getting too close to you
he’ll be like “woah man, maybe we should move locations.” bc he doesn’t wanna hit you by accident ;;
kirishima prefers to not stand near you when his hair is all spiky. like he’s never conscious about it, until he’s around you
man poked sero with his hair before, and he doesn’t want to do that to you
kiri always looks at your hand, just to see if it’s occupied with something. his thoughts linger to what your hand might feel like
“their hand looks really.. soft. argh! i shouldn’t be thinking about these kind of things in public! im sorry y/n”
bakugou really only notices kirishima’s simping ways
bakugou always mentions the fact that kirishima goes really silent whenever you’re around—
and he’s secretly contemplating on having you around more so he can just shut up 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。
moving aside all of that, kiri always carries your things.
you’ll beg him to give you at least one thing, and he’ll say no because it’s “not manly to let someone carry all of this.”
if you’re sad, he’s the first one to cheer you up— reassuring you that everything will be okay.
kiri’s just wants to be at your service at all times! it’s manly to help people, right?
hitoshi shinsou
no one would be able to tell that he’s simping for someone
because unlike kaminari; he’s not like IM HITOSHI SHINSO AND IM ACTUALLY A SIMP
he’s a lot more discreet, and no one has really caught on, besides you and kaminari of course
he’s a lot less sarcastic with you, asking you about anything that’s happened instead of just being there
he prefers it to hear you talk. the way each word and syllable rolls off your tongue smoothly, and the way you use your hands to emphasize things
he’s amused.
oh and the way he looks at you? almost any normal person can sense the simp in him pop out (he’s so contained though)
he’s definitely the person that’ll get rid of any bug that’s terrifying you— even though he’d normally just leave it to them
he’ll do it, regardless if it’s the biggest fucking spider he’s ever seen, or the smallest spider
he’ll do it to make you feel safe.
he has these random spurs of compliments during the day
the source mainly comes from his staring habit
and they’re just so unexpected and out of the blue. hitoshi’s amused whenever he sees your reaction to his compliments
like.. you could be really frustrated about something, and he’ll just go “your eyes are pretty.” that’s his discreet method tO MAKE YOU TEMPORARILY DISTRACTED FROM THE ISSUE—
call him a simp, whatever. it’s true anyway so he doesn’t why should he be ashamed of it?
he’s discreet about it, since it’s your business and his business. but you can definitely feel his feelings loud and clear
neito monoma
— THE 180 SIMP
“i’m not a simp!”
[you enter the room]
*nervous laughter*
he had his last laugh, and he never thought he’d be this soft around someone.
especially if you’re from class 1-A like.. i became the thing i hated, ugh.
relentless teasing is amped but this is his way of making sure you remember him loud and clear
but he’ll never tease you in a condescending way— like how he torments the rest of class 1-A
that’s reserved for them 💅
always compliments you, that’s the first thing he does when he sees you—
and they’re never generic compliments either
“it’s nice to see you here, y/n! you make the world better day by day!”
“i’m still wondering what you’re doing in class 1-A, you’re much better than them!”
everyone secretly wonders how you got monoma to like you
monoma canonically likes pastels. spread the word
so sometimes, you’ll walk over to your desk— and you’ll just see this random pastel ornament sitting on your desk
you know who it’s from
whenever monoma starts becoming annoying, kendo will definitely use you as a weapon to make him shut up
he’ll be laughing at the expression on his face, thinking he’s absolutely winning at this
but the smile is wiped off his face when he hears “ok go on, i’ll tell y/n about your antics.”
“no, no! i’ll behave now, please don’t tell y/n.”
class 1-b literally use you as blackmail whenever monoma acts up, and it’s because of how different he is around you
like.. his personality takes a 180, (besides the obvious teasing) it’s alarming
©️zukuist 2021, bnha|mha belongs to horikoshi kohei. do not repost my work❕
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shotorozu · 6 months ago
encountering a ‘pick me’ girl
Tumblr media
character(s) : kirishima eijirou, todoroki shouto, bakugou katsuki (bnha)
warning : PICK ME GIRL, misogyny (?) pick me girl makes an off handed comment about your body but it’s not detailed at all
legend : [Y/N = your name] afab! reader, but they/them pronouns used, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff, angst if you squint
note(s) : i made 2 versions of this post so,, if you’re reading this— then i probably decided that i liked this one more than the other one i made,, anyways, i used real life examples 💀
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou
i’d imagine that eijirou would have an idea of what a pick me girl is— i mean, there were probably 2 of those girls in middle school
but has he experienced it first hand? nahh.
though, eijirou didn’t think he’d encounter one when he was already in a healthy and committed relationship!
eijirou is practically friends with everyone— and yeah, even the most unexpected. so, he’s bound to accidentally befriend a pick me girl
him, being the nicest one out of all of the characters in this list, will still be nice to said pick me girl, despite wanting to snob them to the core
because really— you can’t really fight fire with fire in some cases
but, he can be everything but lenient when the pick me girl starts insulting you for doing certain things, and for absurd reasons too
like,, how you laugh, and how you take care of yourself (for example— if you wear makeup, or how you style your hair)
which is odd! everything about you is everything but the things the pick me girl has stated so.. he cannot stand by.
the girl giggles to herself after that snide comment leaves her lip gloss coated lips. eijirou shifts uncomfortably— honestly taken aback by the anything but subtle insult that was thrown at you
“like.. seriously! it’s honestly quite superficial if you look at it like that. who the hell would put that much effort infront of your boyfriend? i’d assume they’d see everything AND everything but.. i guess not.”
you blink. superficial? now that’s a new one. the girl infront of you has been babbling insults sugarcoated in boasts the entire time, and you’re just wondering if it’s about time you guys leave but—
“well that’s unfair,” your boyfriend laughs, “i put the same amount of effort as this cutie right here,” eijirou pokes at your cheek, earning a quick laugh from you— which he can only thank the heavens for that
“but that’s different. it actually looks put together when you’re doing it, eiji.” the certain glint in her smile makes you want to wipe it right off with a dirty mop, “it’s impossible to look put together with expensive clothes, but being built like a—”
the sound of the sliding of a chair is quicker than your actions, and it easily cuts her off.
“i’m sorry, but we gotta go, it’s totally not cool of you to say those things about Y/N!”
“what? but i mean.. it’s true, right? i’m looking out for them! they’re literally out here l—”
“bye!” eijirou waves her goodbye with your hand, dismissing the sour expression on her face— as he dashes off with you
you’d question how he’s just so nice to people like that, but when he turns around, you could see the distaste in his eyes
“so that’s what a pick me girl’s like,” shaking his head, his expression lights up with such a quick manner “i’ll never make friends that are like that again!”
safe to say, eijirou’s friend list has been a a person shorter ever since that incident
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
oh, so that girl’s bold bold.
if she thinks she could get away with being a not so subtle pick me girl infront of bakugou katsuki, then she couldn’t be more wrong.
it’s absolutely revolting— i mean, he hasn’t displayed any romantic feelings towards ANYONE that isn’t you.
also, they’re quite gutsy if you ask me. so congrats for having guts??
i don’t think he’d be friends with a pick me girl. he’s very selective of who he’s befriending, so it’s probably your friend that’s the pick me girl in this case
he wouldn’t know what a pick me girl would be, but he’d probably know the description of one.
over some time, he’d grow some resistance to insults directed at him, but when someone insults his s/o
oh boy. that’s not good. remember when i said that katsuki was almost like your scary and intimidating dog
this is what i mean
knows he can’t make a scene, so his first option is to be dismissive asf— but if said pick me girl literally can’t get it, he won’t be afraid of shoving some explosions into her face
because his hands are rated e for everyone
“so you wanna be picked or something, is that it?” he hates how you literally have the resistance of a rock— which is something he always liked, but in this case hated. if it weren’t for you— he would’ve blasted explosions into her sorry excuse of a face until it’s beyond recognition (that wouldn’t be hero like, is what you’ve said in the past, but he disagrees.)
but seriously? ugh. he just wants to leave this horrid place, and make some dinner with you in the comfort of his home. why are you even friends with her anyway? she’s not even trying to be slick at this point.
“p-picked? i’m not understanding, katsu.”
“it’s bakugou.”
“right,” her laughter is like nails on chalkboard, “i’m just watching out for Y/N, y’know? there’s no point in wearing all of that.. on their face.” and she’s obviously referring to your obviously very well done makeup
“it’ll make your skin terrible in the long run! and really— i couldn’t really understand on why someone would wear that much, when you could survive with i dunno.. lip gloss at most?”
you would’ve actually said something as a rebuttal, but your boyfriend is quicker, and a lot more direct than anyone else in the area.
“just say you can’t do makeup and fucking scram,” katsuki’s ice cold glare finally breaks out of the act he’s been trying to hold together for you
“their makeup is fucking bomb as hell, compared to your ridiculous spider lashes, lady. come back when you’ve watched james charles’ entire fucking channel.” he harshly states in similar bakugou fashion, despite the lack of screaming.
and if you squinted hard enough, you could see tears welling up in her eyes. but katsuki tugs your hand before anything else could be said
“let’s fucking go, you need better friends.”
he makes you cut ties with all of them, and he practically scolds your terrible choice of friends— but he goes quiet when you tell him that you’ve been friends with her since middle school
“good fucking riddance. next time, i’ll punch them as soon as they say something outta line, got that?” and next time (hopefully, there won’t be a next time) you’ll actually lash out— or maybe,, you’ll let him loose for once.
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
now shouto might be,, socially unaware sometimes. but he can tell whenever someone’s trying to insult his s/o
like,, right away.
now— you both run into this person after a pleasant date, and she eagerly presented herself as your friend
so, her attitude catches him off guard because who’d have anything rude to say about you and towards shouto’s face? especially when it’s about something normal.
like,, wasn’t she your friend?? why is she even like this?
his hostility is very well known, so they should be scared.
he gets detached from the conversation, and he’ll immediately go cold— and shouto would probably go as far as walking away with your hand in his
doesn’t matter if he properly says goodbye or not— if a girl’s being rude to his s/o, they obviously don’t deserve his usually polite attitude. nope, that’s a luxury.
oh— and what more when they’re seeking for his validation. newsflash! said pick me girl won’t be get any from him.
shouto couldn’t stop the bitterness bleeding into his mouth, when the girl in front of him continued to babble and take up the valuable time he had left with his s/o
initially, she presented herself as your friend from middle school— but as of now? she seems to be more interested in him more than you, despite knowing you first.
she’d ask him a string of obvious questions with very obvious answers, like ‘is she treating you well?’ ‘is she acting correctly?’ and questions of the sort
“oh, sorry! i’d hate to cut this conversation short, but—” you finally decide that it was about time to leave, while shouto looks pretty,, deadpanned right now, you could tell that he was gradually starting to get irritated by your friend’s words.
“wait. thats.. kind of controlling, don’t you think? do you ever let shou make decisions?”
“uh.. controlling? since when??” you question at the accusation. this girl knows nothing about your relationship dynamic, and she’s already jumping the gun and making conclusions.
your gaze snaps back to shouto, who looks just as surprised as he could possibly be.
“yeah! it clearly looks like he still wants to talk” which is an obvious lie, shouto just wants it out of here “i wonder how you managed to snag such a guy like him,” she comments with a smile that looked anything above suspicion (yet, it makes your stomach churn)
you could see the way her hand gets gradually closer to him— and frankly, you’re not sure about what she was planning to do next, “you wouldn’t need to dress all expensive and fancy, if you’re with a girl with an already classy appear—”
“i think this conversation is over,” shouto grip is firm on the wrist that was attempting to grab his shoulder, shouto makes no attempt to even look at the girl infront of him “i don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it’s not humorous. at all.”
“what?” she stammers, drawing her hand back “i-it’s obvious they don’t know how to take a joke! this is why there are barely any good w—”
shouto’s next actions knocks her speechless, his hand rests at the small of your back, before gently guiding you forward— “love, what movie are we watching later?” he says, making an effort to press a quick, yet intense kiss on your lips
“oh,” you breathe out, surprised by this action. “don’t be so tense, love.” shouto comments on how tense your shoulders have looked, ever since she started running her mouth, “now.. what movie do you want to watch tonight? comedy? thriller?”
“you pick,” you laugh at the quick shift of topic. and when you look behind you, you could see shame and defeat welling up on her face. shouto finally feels like he could smile again, the bitterness dissipating from his mouth
after shouto questions you if that was what a pick me girl was, he makes sure that you guys won’t ever encounter such thing again
“you.. don’t have more friends like that, right? if you do— we could always do another friend list cleansing.” this statement makes you laugh but shouto is anything but joking
but being reminded of his reaction to that ‘pick me’ girl does puts a smile on your face.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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azucanela · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
bnha boys as ____ to lovers tropes headcannons + scenarios [gender neutral!reader]
Tumblr media
featuring: bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya, todoroki shouto
summary: which one of various “____ to lovers” tropes would they be? friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers?
warnings: cursing. mentions of violence. mentions of death. crying. 
note: pls i feel like this is bad but i was in a trope mood so enjoy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rivals to Lovers - Bakugou Katsuki
By far the most obvious choice.
Bakugou Katsuki has always wanted to be the best and in order to do that, he must surpass the existing best. While you aren’t as persistent as he is, you have your own ambitions that you’d like to achieve by the end of your school years at UA. So naturally, you’re one of the best in class. 
There’s no denying that especially at the start of the year, certain students stood out. Bakugou already had astonishing quirk control and academic skill, but that’s not all there is to success.
In comes you, someone who the press would actually consider tolerable when you inevitably became a pro. You weren’t explosive, or blunt, or rude. You were a well-mannered student with a good quirk and grades.
AKA Bakugou’s new worst enemy. 
You welcomed the motivation of a rival of course, nothing wrong with a little competitiveness, and when push came to shove at the sports festival, you came in first place. Cementing your place as one of the most promising students in the school.
And boy did Bakugou hate it. 
At this point, you two are just one-upping each other day after day, trying to surpass one another. Who got the best score on class finals? Who does better when it comes to plain sparring? Whose quirk would ultimately beat the others?
But most importantly, Bakugou respects you, and you respect Bakugou. While you’re rivals, its a relationship built on mutual respect for each other’s skills. 
Suddenly he finds that you are complimenting his skills, and you’re partnering together during projects because “no one else can keep up” and then training comes around and he insists that you’re the only one worth fighting. 
Things begin to shift, lines begin to blur, and now you’re friends as well as rivals. Spending time together outside of school for purely educational purposes of course, who studies at the library alone after all?
Suddenly you’re meeting his mom and oh no why are you meeting his mom? WHY is she inviting you over for dinner? Why is she insisting that he’s gonna cook, WHAT IS GOING ON. 
Bakugou is grumbling under his breath as he pushes the shopping cart through the grocery store, cursing his mother’s name as he stops in front of the produce. Y/N had offered to walk him home because their house was on the way, and somehow that turned into inviting them for dinner the following week when his mother saw them.
Stupid hag.
His brows are furrowed as he shoves the potatoes into the plastic bag a little too aggressively, about to move on when he hears someone call out his name, “Bakugou?”
When he turns around the last thing he expects to see is Y/N themself. There’s a pie in their hand, but they discard it in favor of jogging towards him, smile bright on their face. 
“What are you doing here?” Is all that comes out of his mouth, confusion evident in his face as he eyes them. Y/N’s clothes are... dressier than usual— probably because the dinner was in the next hour and that normally meant dressing nicer than just a pair of jeans— and it almost catches him off guard as he meets their gaze. 
“I figured I should bring something to the dinner so I stopped here.”
Bakugou huffs in response, eyes returning the produce before him as he picks up a head of lettuce and examines it. “Not necessary.” Is all he replies with.
Y/N raises a brow, “worried my store bought pie will outdo your...” they look into his cart, “potatoes?”
Bakugou looks to them dully, dropping the lettuce into his cart wordlessly and continuing on through the store. “At least buy a cake mix or something, put in some effort.” He looks back at them with a grin, “unless you can’t even make a simple cake?”
A small laugh escapes Y/N as they bring a hand to the back of their neck, sheepishly, “that’s one thing I know you’re better than me at. I can’t cook.” They meet his eyes, “at all.”
“Are you serious?” Bakugou is walking through the aisles, Y/N now alongside pausing to look through the glass until Bakugou’s hand comes to their forearm to continue dragging them along so they don’t get distracted.
“Completely serious.”
He scoffs, stopping the cart as they hit the baking section, “then I guess I’ll have to teach you.” Y/N looks to him, brow raised at his words, and he simply says, “how am I supposed to prove I’m better than you if you can’t even cook— It’s a fucking life skill how do you not know how to cook?”
Y/N rolls their eyes, gently shoving Bakugou, who in turn moves to turn around and glare until an older woman walks past and says with a smile, “you two are a cute couple.” Turning to the man beside her she taps him, “young love, isn’t it beautiful.” 
The old man beside her hums absently in response, eyes squinting at the product he’s taken from off the shelf, “of course, dear.”
While Bakugou is left speechless, Y/N’s mouth gapes open as they search for words. Do they just go along with what the couple said, tell them they completely misunderstood their dynamic? Y/N is at a loss for words and simply says the first thing that comes to mind, “thank you, ma’am.” Offering the woman a nervous smile as their hands come to press against Bakugou’s back in an attempt to usher him out of the aisle. 
Bakugou seems to come to his senses as the pair turns the corner, whipping around to look at Y/N, it’s then that Y/N notices the faint pink on his cheeks as he says, “what?” 
Y/N’s hands haven’t moved from where they were despite Bakugou’s movement, meaning they now rest flat on his chest, and it’s then that they realize how close they’ve gotten. 
Bakugou seems to notice to this, eyes meeting Y/N’s, he holds their gaze for a moment before blinking, once, twice, and turning back around. “Whatever.” He simply mumbles out, “did you come here by car?”
It’s a stark contrast from his usual persona, loud, arrogant. Y/N can’t help that their response is delayed, stammered out, “uh— I didn’t, no. I walked.”
He scoffs, “were you planning to walk to my house?” When Y/N doesn’t reply, Bakugou nearly whips around once again, “how have you managed to live this long.”
Y/N shrugs, “pure talent and luck.”
“Sure.” Bakugou replies, looking back at them from the corner of his eye, “I’ll drive you then.” 
Something has changed, Y/N can tell, and clearly he can too. A newfound tension in the air that can’t just be washed away by a little not-so-friendly competition. Except now “not-so-friendly” didn’t mean unfriendly it meant... something else. Something a little bit further than friendly. 
Oh dear. 
Tumblr media
Childhood Friends to Lovers - Izuku Midoriya
This one is pretty obivous too tbh.
Izuku has an alarming amount of loyalty and dedication. As soon as you express any interest in being his friend— unlike the rest of his childhood classmates— he is always by your side. Not that you mind of course.
He’s interesting, smart, and his mom cooks pretty well. Sure, he rambles a lot but that’s nothing a younger you can’t handle.
When your quirk shows up, he’s more excited than you are, he asks you loads of questions and gives you about a million suggestions on how to use it. 
And when you two hit middle school, he tells you he’s going to UA, with or without a quirk. Ever since you were kids that his been his plan, and sure as an elementary schooler it seemed nice and you wanted to be a hero too but could you truly attain it? 
Something about his persistence is inspiring, so you decide to follow your childhood dream as well. 
And suddenly you’re both in UA, Izuku has a quirk, he’s lying to you— after years of knowing him, it’s not hard to tell— and there are villains attacking at every turn. Everything goes downhill so very fast that you really can’t keep up with one another, even though you still attend the same school, it’s as though you barely see each other anymore.
And it sucks. It sucks a lot. 
It’s not until his run in with Shigaraki while you’re all out as a class that things really start changing again. Because it’s you he makes eye contact with as Shigaraki’s fingers graze his neck, and the horror in your eyes is inexplicable. 
Shigaraki takes notice of this, and suddenly he’s threatening your life, and Izuku finds that he isn’t as scared anymore.
He’s angry. 
Afterwards, you’re throwing your arms around him, holding him tighter than ever before, and Izuku can’t help the way his chest tightens as his arms wind around you as well. 
For the first time, he finds himself flustered by your presence. 
Izuku Midoriya doesn’t like lying. Especially not to Y/N, the one person who has been by his side since pre-school, but here he is, and it is not going well. Mostly because Izuku simply can’t lie to them, not when they could definitely tell he was lying from about a mile away. 
And worse than that, he was avoiding them. Izuku wasn’t dumb, Y/N would know he was lying the moment he opened his mouth and suddenly his secret would be out in the open. While it was Y/N, and he knew they wouldn’t tell a soul... Izuku couldn’t help the fear that consumed him at the thought.
But after what had happened with Shigaraki, it seemed as though they’d doubled their efforts to confront him, appearing everywhere. Even as Izuku sits in his room, he knows the knock on his door is them. He can’t help but bring the covers over his head, as though that’ll shield him from the inevitable.
“Izuku?” Their voice is muffled through the door but Izuku could recognize it anywhere, “can we talk?”
That’s a rather anxiety inducing sentence. But Izuku doesn’t really have time to consider his next reaction— be it jumping out the window or making a run for it— because his door is already being pushed open. 
“What are you doing?” A small laugh escapes their lips, and Izuku can’t help the smile that finds its way onto his face at the sound. Of course, this moment of peace is once again disrupted by the cover over his head being yanked down to reveal his face.
“Hi Y/N.” His voice is soft, apologetic almost. 
In response, they simply huff, brows furrowing as they shove him lightly, “why have you been avoiding me, asshole.” There’s no malice in Y/N’s words, just hurt. “Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”
They’re taking a seat on his bed, sitting at a distance as though coming any closer would offend him, and Izuku finds himself searching for words. He was a planner, he always had a plan. And he knew this was coming. So he had time to figure out some sort of lie, but he hadn’t. Now, he found himself spiraling in search of an explanation.
“If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to.” Izuku looks up, eyes wide in awe at Y/N’s words, “but quit avoiding me over it.”
Y/N isn’t looking at him, averting their eyes from his, suddenly interested by the hem of their shirt as they await a response. Izuku doesn’t really know when the waterworks start, but Y/N hears him sniffle slightly, drawing their attention back to him. “Okay.” He mumbles out, going to wipe away his tears.
Meanwhile, Y/N is almost alarmed as their mouth gapes open, hands reaching outwards to pull him into a hug. Izuku’s scarred arms wrap around them, his tears staining their shirt. “It’ll be okay.” Y/N murmurs into his hair.
Izuku hasn’t really had much time to sit back and reflect on the chaos that has been his life. He’s destroyed his body for a quirk granted to him by someone he’s idolized since his childhood, villains have attacked left and right— disrupting an already insane school life— and worst of all, that tightness in his chest is back.
Worst of all, Izuku is emotionally intelligent enough to know that the red in his cheeks isn’t from the tears, it’s from the fact that his feelings are toeing the line between platonic and romantic. 
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers - Todoroki Shouto
I feel like he is the only one that would ever “fraternize with the enemy.” Nobody else here would ever even consider speaking with the enemy in the first place, but Shouto is... Shouto. 
You’re both high school age, and yet somehow your lives are so different. You were in the League of Villains, and he was a UA student. It almost shocked him to see someone else his age on the battlefield with no remorse. 
You would both clash often, somehow ending up fighting against each other each time the League and UA came face to face. A part of Shouto wanted to hate you because you were well, a villain, but another part of him was curious. You’re both ruthless but the banter you have together on the field is almost equivalent to that of old friends.
Alas, his curiosities didn’t really matter seeing as you were a criminal.
Until... you had a mutual issue. That issue being the fact that in the midst of his third year work study, and your criminal work, you both got stuck under debris. If either of you used your quirks things could easily get very ugly very fast.
Of course, that didn’t mean you were planning on removing the knife you had to his throat. Shouto could tell that much as your eyes wandered around the small area you were now secluded to.
When push comes to shove, you really have no choice but to do so. You both come to a mutual understanding: there’s no getting out of this alive if you both destroy the debris shielding you from getting crushed in the process of a fight. So, a temporary truce is initiated.
Now, you have nothing better to do but talk. Though Shouto doesn’t seem very inclined to do so, you decide you’ll carry the conversation. Rambling on and on.
By the end of it, you’re expecting a rescue team and an arrest when it’s all over, not... mercy. He simply nods to the exit, wordlessly. He lets you leave. And it confuses both of you. 
So, afterwards you approach him, and the only reason he doesn’t immediately report it to the police is because he’s... curious. You tell him to join the League, given his childhood, it would make sense.
Of course, he declines, vehemently. You shrug it off, telling him to think it over. And suddenly your visits become more frequent, asking him if he’s changed his mind. The two of you finding yourselves getting closer despite the fact that this is the opposite of what Shouto wants.
Or at least, what he thinks he wants.
“We don’t have time for this.” He seethed, glaring at Y/N as their knife remained still against his skin. Small pebbles fell to the ground around them, the earth shook, the pair had fallen through the floor and ended up here. 
They huffed, eyes narrowing at him, “then what do you propose we do?” A bitter laugh, “because it looks to me like we’re on our way to death.”
“We wait until after we’ve escaped to finish this.” He exhales deeply, “don’t be an idiot. If we fought this place could easily come crumbling down.” Shouto tilts his head, “I was under the impression that you were smarter than that.”
Y/N scoffed, rolling their eyes as they swiftly pulled their blade from his throat, “fine.” Taking a few steps back, they take a peek behind them before taking a seat on one of the bigger remnants of the building that had just come crashing down on them. “What do we do now then?”
Shouto looks to them with suspicion clear in his eyes as he moves to take a seat as far from them as possible, though distance isn’t very achievable seeing as they were trapped in a much smaller space than he would’ve liked.
Y/N scoffed, “is that a joke? I’m not waiting for authorities to come and arrest me immediately after I’ve escaped.” They tilt their head back, eyes shutting, “this is insane.”
“Do you have any other suggestions?” Malice is clear in his tone as he shoots a glare at his enemy, they were both in the same boat right now, they had no other choice but to ride this out.
“We try to make our own exit.” 
“And risk the entire building coming toppling down on us?” Comes his monotonous response, dull look on his face that made it obvious he viewed the idea as nothing more than the ramblings of an idiot.
“Make an ice dome or something!” Y/N cried out, gesturing to his hands.
“Do you really think my quirk is that simple?” He hissed in response. 
Rolling their eyes, Y/N rests their elbows on their knees and their head in their hands. “Alright then,” they inhale deeply, “what’s your favorite color?”
It’s stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. He has no reason to reply to the question, and yet Shouto finds himself saying, “I don’t have one.”
Y/N explodes at this, whining about you can’t just not have a favorite color. And suddenly one question turns into two, and then three, and they’re about twenty questions and twenty annoyed answers in when Y/N finally asks if he thinks anyone is coming for them.
Shouto didn’t have an answer for that question either. How could he?
He’s witnessed searches like this with his own eyes, participated in them. Sometimes it took days for people to be found, even with quirks. And it could often take longer to safely extract them. Who’s to say they wouldn’t be here for another few days, maybe even a week before they were found? 
He wonders how it came to this, Y/N had been ready to kill him several hours ago after all. Though an experience like this one wasn’t necessarily normal either. Maybe the ramblings were their attempt at calming their mind, unable to find solace in the silence. He doesn’t care enough to ask, but there’s a single question that rings in his mind. One that his been there since he first met the young villain.
“Why do you work with the league?”
They’re his age, with a quirk that easily could’ve launched them into stardom within the hero world, and if Shouto had to guess, they were smart too. 
They scoff, shaking their head, “because I don’t like having to choose between two evils.” Hands tugging at the hem of their own shirt, “at the moment, my interests align with the League.” Y/N looks up, “just like our interests align right now.” 
Shouto doesn’t get a chance to reply as they begin to hear yells, calls for help, “we’ve found survivors!” 
Instantly the pair comes to a stand, and Shouto wonders if things are about to get violent again as a sliver of light becomes visible, until Y/N simply looks to him, blade materializing in their hand. A somber look on their face, one of regret. 
Shouto’s first thought is to tell the rescue team to run until Y/N speaks, “lucky for you, I’m not interested in attacking UA forty days from now,” they stretch their limbs, as though they’re preparing for some sort of athletic event, “the League is though.”
And with that, they’re gone. 
Tumblr media
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shotoh · 2 months ago
Hello! Not sure if your requests are open (please ignore if they're not) but I love the way you write smut I'm just w e t just reading your stuff and I was wondering if you could do one with Todoroki? He has a shy Fem s/o who is very quiet during sex. And when he asks her why one day she tells him it's because her last ex-boyfriend made fun of her moans and just general sounds she made all the time, so she goes silent. Cue Shouto doing everything in his power to get every single noise he can from her. Lots of praise, fluff, Dom!Sho™ and of course sin 😈 (again please ignore if you don't want to do this but I love your writing and I hope you have a great day)
let me hear you
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Despite the seemingly positive progression in both your relationship and your sex life, Shouto starts to question his ability to please you in bed after noticing how he could barely provoke even a noise past your lips. Little did he realize that there was another factor responsible for this occurrence—your rough past with your ex-boyfriend.
pairing: todoroki shouto x fem!reader
genre: angst, fluff, SMUT
word count: 12.2k+
warnings/tags: 18+, dominant!shouto, experienced!shouto, pro-hero!shouto, submissive!reader, shy!reader, characters are aged up accordingly, insecurities, mentions of past toxic relationships, blindfolds, sensory overload/deprivation, temperature play, quirk play, nipple play, praising, dirtytalk, hair-pulling, spanking, soft to rough sex, some degradation at the end (but not a lot), creampie
author’s note: so as you can tell by the length, this request got me inspired to turn this specific scenario into a whole fic, and as a result, it’s been taking me a while to get anything out to you guys. but it’s here and it’s done (finally)! sorry anon if you were looking for pwp… i actually have some other stuff in my inbox that i’ve been neglecting, so from now on, unless my motivation jumps for any reason, i’ll try to keep my answers short and simple! as in more in range of the “thirst posting” variety! so don’t be afraid to send anything in!
big shoutout to my girl rosie ( @shoutogepi​​ ) for beta-reading this for me! love you, babe, and im extremely thankful for your feedback <3
Tumblr media
Shouto had acknowledged from early on that you were a shy little thing.
When he first met you, you wouldn’t so much as look him in the eye if you could help it, too hesitant to start a proper conversation with him after growing very aware of his reputation. Any glance or thought of him would cause you to erupt in a fit of distress. You’d shake your head and make a beeline toward the opposite direction whenever you saw him coming.
Yet as much as you wanted to stop your feelings from getting out of hand, there came a moment when you both couldn’t deny the attraction that pulled you toward each other time and time again. The string of tension was wound tighter throughout every encounter at your workplaces; it was only a matter of time before it finally snapped.
Then came the pivotal day Shouto had admitted his interest in you, and in turn, you confessed that your feelings for him were mutual. Which led you to make this work somehow.
As the two of you progressed through your relationship, Shouto had taken extra care to advance at your pace. Dates and meet-ups were as frequent as both your schedules would allow for them. Through trials of time and effort, you gradually grew comfortable around each other, discussing even the most mundane things in your lives. Well, as mundane as a hero’s everyday experiences could get. With every exchange, you were making headway in closing the gap and allowing your budding attraction for each other to blossom.
Surprisingly, hand-holding and other physical forms of affection were a hurdle you both overcame quicker than you imagined. It became ingrained to the point that it hadn’t even occurred to you that your fingers were already intertwined while walking alongside each other, or that you made a habit of kissing his cheek—and him, the back of your hand—at the end of your dates until you consciously noticed it one day. You found it an accomplishment for an individual as shy as yourself and someone like Shouto, who mostly kept to a reserved lifestyle.
From then on, you conquered many barriers to bridge a foundation of trust and familiarity. You were thankful that you could freely express yourself around him without fear of judgment. So as the gap in your relationship naturally shortened little by little, it wasn’t long before you two became official and committed yourselves to no other.
In due time, those countless outings that helped flourish your development would eventually lead you to come over to Shouto’s abode.
On one particular night, after Shouto had finished his hero work, he dialed your number just before taking off from his agency’s building, and asked how your day was, only to find out you were stranded at your workplace. The train you usually took home was caught in a huge accident that had cut off most of the routes toward your apartment complex. Upon hearing that you were in the middle of securing a motel to take refuge in for the night, he immediately frowned and blurted out an offer before you could even get the rest of your words across his speakerphone.
“How about you stay at my place tonight?”
There was no way Shouto was letting you stay in some dusty, shady motel room while he had such a cozy space all to himself at home. And despite the circumstances, he had been meaning to ask you to visit his place for a while now.
To be frank, his home was way too big to be occupied by just himself anyway. He had always thought that it could use a bit of sprucing up in the form of people to fill the abundant space to make it more homey. Maybe roommates?
All that aside, he had to deal with your living arrangements for the night first. He sat silently behind the wheel of his car, waiting for your answer. He hoped he wasn’t breaching a level of closeness you weren’t ready to confront yet.
On the other line, you were more hesitant than you liked. You knew greatly that Shouto extended the invitation out of the kindness of his heart, with absolutely no ill-intentions.
No, that wasn’t the problem at all. What weighed heavily on your mind was the fact that this would be the first night you’d share together since becoming a couple.
Which meant that sex wasn’t entirely off the table, right?
Surely no one could blame you for thinking like that. He was a handsome young man, and you, a ripe, young woman—both who had particular needs.
If the newspaper headlines, magazine cover spreads, and billboard signs didn’t give it away already, Shouto was quite a sought-after man. He was a hero whom both women and men would love to succumb to a night full of pleasure with, and you should be thinking the same—revel in the idea actually. Considering he’s, well… yours.
Still… you had a cloud of uncertainty hanging above your head. You were no stranger to sex, but you couldn’t say your last encounters with it were the greatest. Not that you weren’t confident in Shouto’s ability to please a woman—it was simply an entirely different matter altogether.
In the end, you pondered the thought for longer than you probably should’ve.
“Y/n. Y/n?”
Hearing Shouto’s concerned voice resounding in the background made you realize you were holding him up. You shook yourself out of your daze, returning to the conversation. “Ah right,” you uttered sheepishly.
You heard his deep, lighthearted chuckle in your ear. “When you weren’t answering, I almost thought my phone died,” he joked mildly. “So are you okay with coming over? If not then I can drive you to somewhere I think is fairly–”
“N-No, it’s alright, I’ll take you up on your offer tonight.” As you gave your final answer, your voice floundered, trying to make up for your negligence in responding.
There was a stagger of silence, and unbeknownst to you, a smile enveloped Shouto’s lips as he reclined back in his car seat. “Okay, stay put then,” you could hear him start the ignition of his vehicle, the moderate purr of the engine revving in the background before it was overshadowed by the pleasant lilt in his tone, “I’ll be right there to pick you up.”
Not long after your conversation, Shouto pulled up on the side of the curb next to your building, prompting you with a text that he had arrived. Coming onto the sidewalk and seeing him hold his hand up in a gentle wave upon making eye contact with you had butterflies fluttering in your stomach like a young school girl. The sight reminded you of when Shouto would drive over during your lunch breaks to whisk you away for a pleasant chat in the afternoon, or when he’d directly pick you up at your apartment for your planned dates. You supposed this could be considered a date in itself, except unlike the other occasions, you wouldn’t be going back to your apartment afterward.
Then as Shouto whirred in the direction of his residence under the dim-lit roads, the night went on just as you expected it to.
With the thought of having sex with him lingering in your head, the atmosphere in Shouto’s lavish house was suffused with an overwhelming amount of sexual tension.
Though his proposal was an innocent one, it didn’t take long for the man to mirror your indecent thoughts. While you made yourself at home, his scent unknowingly intermingled with yours. You walked out of the shower, wearing only a t-shirt of his that he deemed appropriate enough for you to use tonight, since it acted as more of a long dress than anything. Little did he realize the image of his baggy clothes hanging off your shoulders—exposing your bare collarbones and legs to his prying eyes—would spur him to interpret the situation differently.
When you emerged from the bathroom—skin dewy, tepid, and wrapped in the subtle woody notes of his bath products—you spotted him eyeing you intently at a distance. Aware of the prolonged eye contact, Shouto’s gaze dashed elsewhere and he excused himself to the kitchen to see if he could scramble up something for the both of you to eat, but not before telling you to help yourself to anything in his home.
“I’ll see what we’ll be having for dinner tonight. In the meantime, make yourself comfortable.”
You nodded, a tender smile lifting your face at his hospitality. “Thanks, Sho, and also thank you again for letting me stay here. To be honest, I feel a bit spoiled being in a place like this.” You shied away and teetered on the balls of your feet as you held your hands behind your back.
To Shouto you looked so innocent and sweet—he’d always thought that way about you, but in this instance, there was an underlying layer of allure you held that threatened a lot of his willpower.
From the kitchen, he caught his eyes straying from his cooking, instead wandering in the direction of the living room where you were idling on the couch, your legs tucked beside you. The hem of your (his) shirt brushed against your bare legs with every shift in your position, and it was honestly so goddamn distracting how the fabric would ride up and tease him with subtle displays of your skin. He swore at one point he spotted a flash of color from beneath the hem, but he immediately looked away before he could process the sight.
Despite trying his hardest to push temptation away, he couldn’t deny his desire to embrace you in his arms and press his lips across every inch of skin hiding underneath that loose piece of clothing, dreaming about tossing it off your body for good.
“Calm down, Shouto,” he quietly chided, refocusing on his cutting board before he’d end up hurting himself by accident. He felt like he was leveraging your trust and encroaching on a threshold that he had no right to cross yet—shamelessly sneaking glances at you while you were so vulnerable. Being too distracted, he didn’t pick up on your feet stepping into the kitchen, not until you suddenly spoke up out of curiosity.
“So what are you making?”
His knife hit the wooden board with a single brisk noise that echoed across his kitchen. He turned around, discovering you standing behind him, peering over his shoulder.
“Just some simple rice, salmon, and miso soup. I’m not that great of a cook but I know the basics at least.” He set his knife down as you neared him and placed yourself at his left to get a closer look. Being evidently taller than you, if he even glanced down from this particular angle, he could get a glimpse at the peek of cleavage exposed from the fabric slipping down your shoulders. At the thought, his body had gone on autopilot, and his movements were rigid and extra guarded in your presence.
Your doey eyes gave him a look of uncertainty. He swallowed thickly, “I hope you’re fine with it.”
“Oh, yeah I’m more than fine! It’s just that you seemed like you were having some trouble over here,” you mentioned, peeping over at his station and witnessing his face furrowed in intense concentration, to which you assumed he must have been struggling with the task at hand. His eyebrows were scrunched, the skin between them folded inward as a gritted frown settled on his lips just before his pearly white teeth lightly bit down on the lower skin out of frustration.
Of course you were concerned for him, but was it weird that you also found the whole picture kind of sexy? You couldn’t help but shift your legs around when you were sitting in the living room, finding it incredibly hard to sit still, feeling a desperate need for friction in between your thighs over the idea that you really had a man like him all to yourself. So you half-approached him as an act of concern, your fantasy from earlier slowly consuming the forefront of your mind. Not only did the engaged expression painted on his suave features capture your interest, but the sleeves of his button-up shirt were folded up, allowing you to ogle at the veins and hardened expanse of muscle ripped down his arms.
You placed a hand on his arm, your voice becoming hushed and sweet—practically lascivious by how Shouto tensed up. “Do you need some help?”
Despite the nature of your question, there was an absence of worry in your tone, replaced by heady desire that slipped through the brittle cracks in Shouto’s resolve. From a brief glance at your pouty lips and the lust forming in the highlights of your eyes, he knew you wanted to embark on that next step in your relationship just as much as he did.
“Yes. I do.”
Before you could even process the rapid turn of events, Shouto’s hands were already on you, shoving you to the nearest flat surface available. He whisked you into his arms, his hands finding purchase beneath your ass where he palmed at the material of your panties, mindful of the chiffon texture. What a vixen. If it weren’t for that accident with the train earlier, he would have assumed you were planning this.
Feeling your back come in contact with a wall, your arms strung around his neck. Your body hovered off the ground, legs winding at his waist to pull him closer and feel his hard erection grind against your crotch through his pants.
Shouto continued kissing you, his breaths hot and heavy every time your lips met. Yet as your mouths merged and he felt every inch of the soft skin of your pretty lips, he couldn’t decipher whether you found elation through what was transpiring. Though your breathing was ragged, the noise that departed you was nothing short of an incredibly light whimper.
He detached his lips from yours out of worry, despite you making an effort to chase after them. When you realized he wanted to take a pause, you relaxed against the wall, still clinging onto the man as you regained your breath. Shouto took this moment to scan over you. Your cheeks were hot and your expression was flustered—eyes hooded, lips quivering, and wordlessly pleading him for more of his touch. By how you didn’t put up any resistance, he took it as a sign that he was allowed to continue.
But he wanted to be entirely sure. “Are you okay?”
Blinking at him, you were surprised he would have to ask that, but thought of it as characteristic of Shouto to dwell over the matter of taking things at your pace. After you nodded, you spotted a sliver of relief wash over him. His face softened as he readjusted his grip to maneuver you off the wall. He closed some distance between your faces, but did not come for your lips just yet to utter a question, “Shall we take this to my bedroom then?”
This time you didn’t have to say any reply, only gliding through the empty space between your lips, kissing him fervidly to determine your answer. He immediately reciprocated, tilting his head to link your mouths perfectly together. You kept yourselves like that throughout the trip to Shouto’s room and were thankful that he knew his own home like the back of his hand, navigating the expanse swiftly and carefully. Your dinner was long forgotten and before you knew it Shouto dropped you gently on his futon. His body hovered over yours, practically consuming it as he lowered his head to deepen the kiss, his tongue inviting itself to brush against every crevice of your mouth.
Throughout the slow and deliberate dance of your lips, the two of you discarded your clothing until nothing but your underwear was left to separate you from feeling each other at your most intimate. Shouto was glad the night had progressed to the point where he could finally manifest his imaginations and trail his hot lips across your bare skin.
“You’re so pretty, love. And so tempting. Do you realize what you were doing to me earlier, showing off your beautiful legs—exposing your skin that looked like it was begging for me to kiss?” he asked, not expecting a proper answer, but more so a pleasurable, dulcet sound. One that you didn’t want to give him just yet as he continued speaking racy praises into your ears. “I can’t believe it took me this long to finally worship you like this.”
Even as he nipped at every inch of skin his eyes could see, he couldn’t pull many noises from your lips. It was a sign that made doubt crawl in his head, worried that he was coming onto you too fast. However, as his fingers dipped under the waistband of your panties, he was pleased at the wetness pooling between your thighs. He could practically hear his fingers squelch while playing with your folds, and was content with your face contorting into a look of obscenity the more his fingers prodded you.
Your teeth were gritted, feeling the temperature rise quickly in your belly. You brought your hand to your mouth to block out any noise that would leak out as Shouto began spinning his pads against your clit methodically. It was a detail the man noticed, but didn’t bother to comment on out loud, thinking it was rather cute how you were trying to suppress your moans.
His other hand pushed your bra up to reveal your tits to the air, kneading one mound to add to the sear growing in your abdomen. You forced down a squeal despite the tantalizing sensations of having your entire body played with.
“You’re sucking me in and squeezing around my fingers so well. Such a good girl... You’re gonna cum any moment aren’t you?” He gandered down at you, loving how your face scrunched and you moved your hips in tandem with his actions. You offered a frantic nod, caught in the ecstasy of him repeatedly hitting your sweet spot until you eventually felt the heat in your abdomen about to boil over.
“Let me hear you…” he uttered at the last second, but you must have been too ensnared by the sensations to bother listening, biting at your bottom lip while writhing underneath him.
Then one single thrust with his thick fingers finally set you off. Your legs thrashed next to him and you arched your back on the futon, the act of containing your moans making your body lash out more than usual as you came on his fingers. The lone sound that dropped from your lips was nothing but empty noise. Your mouth opened only for nothing to come out, concealed by your need to silence yourself as your hand curled next to your lips and your eyes were shut tight.
Again, your lover did not want to make you feel self-conscious by making any remark on how… much more quiet you were than he expected. He was just glad that you felt plenty of relief and rapture, finding his own pleasure in your cum soaking his fingers, pulling them out of your messy cunt to inspect the sheen glossing them.
Even if your voice didn’t choose to give it away, your reactions surely conveyed your descent into bliss. They were such a treat to gaze upon, Shouto almost wanted to frame each one. He would have to settle with the fact that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d get to witness them... considering he still had a throbbing hard cock tied down in his briefs.
“Did that feel good, baby? Are you alright?” His voice sounded tender and his actions reflected that same gentleness, massaging up and down your shaking thighs.
Still undergoing the effects of that intense orgasm, it took you a while to register his words, but once you did, your shyness took over and your voice murmured out, “Yeah, it was great…” Your affirmation brought back that relieved expression across Shouto’s face that looked down at you with a warm smile, white and red bangs clinging to his forehead.
Not wanting your demureness to get the better of you, you scooted up to pull your panties off, dangling them on one ankle before tossing them to the side. Garnering some courage, you spread your legs and fully exposed your sopping center to his greedy eyes that went wide at the sight, akin to a wolf finally spotting a delicious morsel of meat.
“Please, I want you to fuck me already.”
He gulped at your request but soon fell back into place, that stunned look melting into fervor as he crawled above you.
“Oh, I will, love. I’m gonna make our first night together one you’ll always remember.”
And he did just that, pounding you into the sheets until your head spun and you could think of nothing but his body devouring yours and his length penetrating every crevice inside your pussy.
Though Shouto couldn’t draw the noises he had been anticipating from you, he was satisfied nonetheless. His cum had coated your walls in thick white that overflowed from your folds after you told him at the last second that you were on birth control. Hearing that was enough to drive him to his peak and he released with a loud grunt that overpowered the fragile silence encompassing the room, making up for your lack of moans. The sound rang in your ears and you were shocked by how sexy his voice was—the gravely yet rich rasp in his tone a sublime conclusion to a night snarled by passion. In the back of your mind, you were glad your lackluster noises didn’t distract you from his.
Unaware of the self-deprecation muddling your thoughts, Shouto succumbed to exhaustion beside you, his energy depleted sooner than normal after a long day of hero work and a lack of food in the tank. It wasn’t his fault he had an appetite for something else, and after having his fill, you were staring at him with droopy eyes and a lazy grin, looking just as, or even more, tired than he was. He’d have to make it up to you with a hearty breakfast in the morning.
Not long after did you doze off into slumber next to him. Curling into his chest, he drew you closer and tossed the sheets over your naked body. Shouto wanted to admire your vulnerable state for a while longer before he’d follow behind you, but as he caressed your hair and kissed your forehead, the scene of what had transpired replayed in his mind. He recalled the times you blocked out your voice, not letting a single note slip past your lips— even when it seemed like he was doing a stellar job at getting your body to surrender to ecstasy.
But as the thought dawdled, Shouto suggested to himself it wouldn’t be good to overthink it and ruin the mood when you were blissfully asleep next to him. It wasn’t like it was necessarily a bad thing that you kept your voice to yourself. It was all a matter of how others reacted to different situations. People could be quiet or loud during sex and perhaps you chose to express yourself in other ways while being intimate with your partner. At least, that’s what he hoped before his head sank in his pillow and he closed his eyes, waiting for morning to rise.
Since closing even more of the distance between you that night, you and Shouto made sex an avid part of your relationship. It felt like you two couldn’t go without it, exchanging yearning looks in between moments before coming at each other like animals and tangling yourselves in your limbs. You were even bold enough to fuck in Shouto’s office on one of your lunch breaks, initially dropping off a bento for him at his agency in case he dismissed eating for overworking himself again, only to discover your efforts were pointless as you both ignored your food altogether and found your fill in different ways.
Whenever you went at it in such compromising locations, Shouto was somewhat thankful you muted your noises. But that brought up another constant ever since that night, one which overtime, increasingly became an enigma to him.
In a span of a month, all he could manage to get you to utter while stuffed with his cock was a squeal. Even then, it was relatively muffled in comparison to the enthusiastic reactions he received from his previous partners, who were always babbling nonsense after losing themselves on his cock.
Shouto was never bothered by this fact enough to lose sleep over it. However, it was jarring to him whenever he heard his own voice above yours, and the notion of whether he was the only one finding pleasure in bed together rose for him to question his ability to satisfy his partner. The tendency to ask how you were doing after seemingly making you orgasm through any method of fingers, tongue, or both, developed into a habit marked by doubt. Out of need for a sense of security, he established a safeword for you to use whenever it was necessary, without needing to explain his lackluster performance or otherwise; he’d honor your request wholeheartedly if that were the case. Luckily, no opportunity ever emerged for you to have to use the safeword thus far, which left him stumped. So what exactly spurred you to stay so silent?
Pondering this to himself wouldn’t help him find any closure. He had to be direct with his approach and that meant spilling his thoughts to you.
That very chance appeared on one of your outings together, where you sat with a cup of tea and coffee within the serene atmosphere of a cafe, discussing the current trends with work and friends. He brought up the question casually in conversation, being deliberate with his wording as to not pose concern and perhaps make it a bigger deal than it really was.
“Y/n, we’ve been together for some time now and I’m glad that we’ve gotten so close with each other…” Shouto’s voice lingered off as he watched light ripples cascade the surface of his drink. His misty turquoise and silver eyes trailed over to you bringing your cup of tea to your lips. He drew in a breath to ready himself for what he wanted to say. Meanwhile, you gulped hard for the warm, earthy liquid to ebb through you, hoping it would soothe the jitters you felt upon hearing his words.
Shouto cleared his throat, attempting to look you straight in the eye. “But I’ve noticed that you’ve always been really quiet whenever we have sex. And it’s not exactly a big deal or anything, but I was just wondering why that is?” He paused for a second, the other question he wanted to ask teetering on the tip of his tongue. Hesitant mismatched eyes slowly averted from yours and his fingers curled into his palm on the table. “Am I not as good as you were hoping?”
Hearing his remark, your tea nearly went down the wrong pipe, and you almost choked in response. You quickly set your cup down to stammer, “N-No, not at all! You’re great, Shouto! Terrific actually!” You clarified almost too loudly, scanning over your surroundings to see if anyone was bothered before straightening yourself and adjusting your volume accordingly.
“I’m sorry if I’ve been making you feel this way. It wasn’t my intention at all.” You searched his face, reading the hesitance all over his features that began to ridden you with guilt. “Like I said, you’re more than I could ever ask for in a boyfriend, Sho. You’re so kind, patient, and mindful of all my needs that I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve you. I guess, right now, that statement isn’t far off considering I haven’t been very aware of how you’ve felt lately.” Too ashamed to look him in the eye, you twiddled with your thumbs and kept your head down.
“And… Well… There is a reason why I’ve always chosen to be silent during sex.”
You pressed through your uneasiness to peel off the layers of your past relationships, confessing how your last ex-boyfriend told you that you’d be better off staying quiet when you fucked so you wouldn’t “ruin the mood”. You vividly remembered all the mean comments he said to you, where he mocked your voice and the noises you made. It discouraged you from even opening your mouth sometimes while having sex with him. Even when you spoke to your ex about how his words made you feel, he simply scoffed and brushed everything under the rug as a joke, stating you were too sensitive. Needless to say, you ended that relationship quickly. However, the damage had been done and his words unconsciously stuck with you, affecting your habits.
While in the middle of explaining your history, you hadn’t noticed Shouto’s fist shake beneath the table, his reluctant face slowly contorting in anger as he gnawed at the inside of his cheek. It was when you spoke in great detail about what your ex said to you that he snapped.
“He said what?” he seethed. He was too blinded by ire to regard his cup of coffee boiling with bubbles from the heat radiating off his body.
He wanted to believe that if anything, your bashfulness was what was preventing you from letting your voice run loose. But to instead discover that someone had diminished your confidence enough to invoke a habit like that? Shouto was fuming.
You were stunned by his tone and even more so at his escalating ferocity. Gauging his anger, you wouldn’t be surprised if he went out to go find your ex and give him a piece of his mind this instant.
“Wait, Shouto, chill out!” you warned while frantically waving your hands at him, overhearing a patron in the cafe comment on how hot it suddenly was.
Blinking in realization, he swiftly activated his ice side to dispel the heat, returning to his normal temperature. He exhaled a frosty breath of air. “Sorry,” he muttered, rubbing his neck. You told him he didn’t need to apologize for anything.
“There’s no reason to get worked up about it anyway, he’s not worth the energy. And besides, he’s out of my life now so I should just forget about him.” You attempted to muster more confidence in your words, but found your resolve fleeting. Your eyes dropped to your tea and you took a sip to mitigate the silence afterward.
Shouto thought to himself that it must have been easier said than done when remembering how insistent you were in holding yourself back in bed, whether you were conscious of your actions or not. The white and red-haired man gripped his cup of coffee, swirling the umber liquid with a single gyration of his hand.
“I’m going to be honest,” Shouto began.
You held your breath, another guzzle of tea traveling down your throat. Somehow the assertive side of Shouto made you nervous at times like this.
“Your ex is nothing short of an asshole.”
Then as fast as your hesitance came, you were instantly relieved and released the breath you held. You were glad he shared the same sentiment.
A heavy sigh left his lips in the wake of his words as he set his coffee down. “I don’t think anyone deserves to have their partner mock them over something they can’t control. Plus, who does he think he is to say those things to you...” He was blunt about his distaste for your ex and didn’t bother to suppress his expressions when speaking about him. That alleviated a lot of the trepidations that crept over you at the recollection of your past.
It was like you had always thought—Shouto was such a breath of fresh air next to your former partners. You genuinely couldn’t believe someone could be so nice and understanding before he popped into your life. That being said, you felt guilty that he’d been questioning his worth as your boyfriend because of this, going as far as to doubt his competence in bed by how he could barely excite a proper moan off your lips, when you have felt nothing but bliss the entire time with him.
“I’m sorry I never mentioned this until now,” you murmured, your voice dwindling. Your hands enveloped the ceramic holding your tea, warming your palms and casting a blanket of security in an otherwise awkward position. Sensing you faltering into your docile nature, Shouto pried one of your hands off the cup and encased it in his own. His left side offered you another source of solace that beckoned your eyes to him.
“Regardless of what anyone thinks, I want you to know that that doesn’t matter to me. Whether you’re quiet or loud, soft or rough, or anything else.” He caressed his thumb against the back of your hand, inching it closer to him. “All I care about is that you’re you, and as a couple, we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves in front of each other, right?”
Then as a final sign of his sincerity, his lips met your skin, grazing your knuckles against them ever so lightly but just enough that you felt the disparate coldness that made your skin tingle and your heart react all the same. His words immediately pierced through you, helping you to open your eyes and remember just what your relationship stood for after countless moments spent unconditionally loving each other. A softened smile graced your lips that glowed before Shouto’s eyes, to which he couldn’t help but replicate, the newfound light in your pupils dazzling and infectious.
Basking in his affirmations, you gently drew your entwined hands to your side so you could return the favor and place a delicate kiss on the edge of his pinky finger. “Thank you, Sho. You have no idea how much your words mean to me.”
Eyes lidded in relief, he was glad everything was resolved and your insecurities were washing away down the stream, as were his.
Which meant it was fine for him to tease you a bit, right? He had to take advantage of the opportunity while it was fresh, the impish bone in his body acting impulsively. Rising slightly from his seat, he slanted across the table to wane the gap and hover next to your ear.
“You’ll let me hear them next time, won’t you? All your pretty noises?” he whispered huskily, making sure you knew those words were for you and you alone. According to how your eyes immediately fled toward your lap—unable to will yourself to return your gaze straight at him—you got the message.
“O-Of course…” you replied softly, nervous yet unable to ignore the excitement that pumped through your veins, thinking about what the future might entail from here on out. Shouto reverted to his side, easing away from your space.
After downing the remnants of his ground coffee, he reached for his wallet to pull out a hefty tip to leave on your table. Walking over to your seat, he helped you up, your hands naturally lacing together. He leaned over to adorn a kiss against your hair, whispering about how he would look forward to you keeping your promise, then escorted you both out of the cafe.
It was no surprise to the pair that “next time” came very, very soon.
In a short span of only a couple hours actually, after you’d concluded your business throughout the day and found yourselves at Shouto’s residence once again.
You could hardly wait until you were beyond the borders of his home, struggling to keep your hands to yourselves the entire drive there ever since that flicker of passion sparked in the aftermath of your date. The second you crossed that threshold, Shouto pounced on you before you could even pull your heels off, pushing your back against the closed door.
You instinctively opened your mouth to allow his tongue to prod your cavern and dance against yours. Your motions led to teeth clashing and irregular breaths blending together in a tempest that grew more rampant with every second you clung to each other in the entryway. You both possessed a desperate need to feel the other’s warmth within your palms, pawing at the clothes on your backs as you ached to be rid of them.
Languidly dragging your bottom lip between his teeth, Shouto nipped at the fragile outer layer with enough pressure that rushed heat to the surface, and released it from his mouth to observe its plushness bouncing back.
After detaching your lips—albeit with notable reluctance—his forehead rested on yours. His arms were at either side of your head, trapping you as you both broke out into rough breaths. He brought his thumb to your mouth, pressing against your bottom lip that felt scorching beneath the pad of his finger.
Peering at him, you watched delirium swirl in the icy hues of his eyes that observed every detail he could behold. He looked as if he was devouring you with his potent stare alone, marveling at his treasure with the most wanton expression on his handsome face. To have this much of an effect over Shouto still after months of being together set a flare off inside you.
Thoroughly recalling that conversation from the cafe, you were starting to grow braver with every minute that passed. Your shy nature withered at your boldness, triggering you to part more of your lips as your hazy eyes locked with his firmly.
“Shouto~” you moaned. The airy wisp that teemed from your lips was soft yet very much audible to Shouto’s ears. His senses perked up at the sound of your voice registering to him cleanly and he swore the friend in his pants twitched at the sweet utter of his name.
Fuck, what did he have to do to hear more? Shouto had asked himself this, but his body was very aware of the answer, already moving on its own, urged by the dull ache between his legs.
“C’mere–” Shouto left his actions to do most of the talking, too impatient to get his words across. He tugged you off the door, embracing you in his arms before you were easily hoisted over his shoulder.
Giddiness bubbling, you giggled at his display of strength. You were no stranger to this scene, where Shouto’s eagerness found you both in his bedroom at breakneck speeds. However, this occasion was different from the others.
The flames of arousal had flickered in your veins, weaving their way through your entire system. You both knew the blaze would grow until you were practically delirious with arousal and begging with desperation in your voice for that fire to be doused by only him. No one else. Shouto counted on it—counted on you to plead and scream for him by the end of the night. You made a promise after all, and by your show of neediness at the door, you were willing to give him just what he wanted, what he craved.
It was all a matter of how many saccharine sounds he could provoke off your lips. When he had entered his bedroom, he already had a clear idea just how he was going to get every noise he could think of out of you. But first…
Shouto slid you safely down his shoulder, where as soon as you touched the ground he resumed devouring your lips.
“Mmph–” Spit pooled in your throat, your tongue and body suppressed in a whirlwind that forced you backwards. You stumbled onto soft bedding that was, to your surprise, more elevated than you were expecting. The man grinned against you, foreseeing the mild amazement on your face. When you separated with a thread of spit connecting your lips, you pawed at your surroundings, immediately grasping the expansive king-size bed below you that was slightly raised on a wooden platform frame.
Reading the reaction on your face, the man above you chuckled. “You like it? I had it installed a couple of days ago.”
You had to admit that this spacious mattress was definitely an upgrade from Shouto’s futon, which was originally supposed to fit only one adult man. Still, you made do with what you had at the time, and though certain positions were limited with the space you were given, you hadn’t ever complained.
As for Shouto, the new bed was a rather impulsive decision, one that was spurred by the many nights he shared with you, tucking you in at his side until morning came. He couldn’t help but splurge on it. To him, it would all be worth it in the end.
With plans of how to make good use of the new bed floating in his mind, Shouto’s grin edged on a smirk as he crept closer to your ear.
“Why don’t we try and break it in?”
His deep voice dripped with a suggestive lilt that made your thighs almost clench together, if not for the fact that Shouto was already situated between them. Instead, you felt a pang between your legs. Your cunt undoubtedly ached for him, sticking to your panties with slick.
Shouto crawled backwards until he was low enough to reach your ankles and pried your shoes still clinging to your feet, dismissing them to the floor. Remaining where you were, you watched him nip at the skin of your legs, carving an upward trail. His painstakingly scrupulous journey began at your ankles, traveling to tenderly kiss your shin. He followed the path up until he eventually reached your soft thighs.
You shivered at every wet caress against your skin, noting the alternating temperatures of each kiss that kept you guessing. “Sho…” you sighed while fighting off the impulse to bite your lip—a habit of yours since your encounters with your ex.
“Mm,” he hummed in content at your quiet plea, continuing to nip at your thighs as he switched between them. Hooking his hands under your knees, he pulled your legs apart and your skirt rode up your hips to reveal the wet patch on your panties. At the sight, Shouto licked his lips.
The instinct to dive down and drag the flimsy fabric to the side so he could give himself free range to go to town on your cunt was more tempting than words could really describe. But where’s the fun in taking things too fast? Shouto was a patient man and he planned on dragging the night out just for you.
For the time being, he settled with planting a kiss on your clothed slit, sparing it short-lived attention. You were about to rock your hips against him, but he pulled away too soon and left you whimpering as you shuddered at the fleeting sensation of his mouth against your damp panties. Seeing the disappointment on your face, Shouto sent you a reassuring smile while rubbing gentle circles on your outer thighs.
“Wanna take my time tonight... So be good and let me hear you like you promised. Give me the pleasure of hearing all your moans and screams while you’re stuffed with me.”
Your eyes widened, flustered upon hearing his request, but you soon realized something.
Let me hear you.
You remembered those were the words that Shouto spoke to you on the night you first had sex together, and how at the time, you pushed them away and did nothing but made your voice even quieter. But after today, you were determined to make amends with yourself and make up for all those times you relinquished him the full satisfaction of hearing his partner.
With all that said, you nodded fervently in reply. Making out the hardened resolve hidden in your eyes, he got to work at returning your enthusiasm, finding the zipper of your skirt and removing your clothing off your person.
Throughout his show of undressing you, he made sure to keep your mind occupied on his ministrations. His lips found home on any area they could touch while his hands sought to get more of your clothes off. He relished every needy whine he pulled from you throughout the process, worshipping your body until you surely developed a cavity from his honeyed praises. You noticed he was adamant about keeping your panties hugging your lower-half, only going as far as to remove your bra after your blouse floated off somewhere beside you.
Once that was done, you were left exposed before him. You were expecting Shouto to follow suit, but he suddenly stood from the bed and trailed over to his nightstand. He jerked the top drawer open and rummaged his hand inside. You sat up, staring at him with furrowed brows. He wasn’t going to pull out a condom was he? There was no need for one—you’d established that you’d been on birth control since the beginning of your relationship. Plus, nothing would please you more than to hug Shouto’s raw, hard cock in your welcoming walls.
“Aren’t you going to undress?”
He continued his short search in the drawer, not meeting your eyes yet as he replied, “Oh, I will. But I don’t think it’s really gonna matter.”
You cocked your head. “Why?”
Your question was answered through Shouto completing his search as he pulled something out for you to see.
“Because I want you to wear this tonight.”
Your eyes locked onto a strip of lace fabric dangling between his fingers, an elaborate design sown on the material similar to a pattern you’d find on a set of lingerie.
“You want me to wear a blindfold?” You voiced the situation as you saw it.
He grinned at your obvious bemusement. “I read somewhere that shutting down one of your senses helps to amplify the others,” he went on to explain, pinching the black satin straps on each end to flatten out the material, “and of course, it adds an extra element of surprise, don’t you think?”
As he approached the bedside, you glanced back and forth at him and the blindfold, acknowledging that he was making a daring effort at spicing things up tonight. It was likely part of his ploy to wrestle your noises out.
There was silence where you should’ve responded. Shouto knelt on the edge of the bed. “Well baby, are you up for using this? It’s fine if you aren’t.”
“No, no, I’ll put it on. It seems like a fun idea,” you said earnestly. You weren’t letting a measly blindfold impede you tonight. That aside, you also held truth in your words. The prospect of obstructing your precious vision while Shouto had his way with you was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
Right before he lifted the blindfold toward you, Shouto stopped himself. “But first, what’s the safeword?” he diligently reminded you.
“Nea... Neapolitan.”
A smile graced his lips, rewarding your answer with a kiss on your temple. “Good girl.” He then prompted you to turn around so he could tie the lace material over your eyes.
In an instant, you saw nothing but darkness as pitch black consumed your vision. Your other senses began to fill in the emptiness left by your lack of sight, the sounds surrounding you amplified from even the quietest of rustles. Goosebumps ghosted your arms at the soft sheets suddenly embracing your back while Shouto’s rough hands situated you to lay your head against the pillow.
Your arousal heightened at every detail your enhanced senses could pick apart in the darkness. Just hearing the light shuffling of Shouto’s clothes being tossed off his built body while in the void made it unbearable for you to stay still. Your imagination kicked into gear to fill in the murky gaps, forming the image of his toned, contoured body that you’ve been so acquainted with. You could hear your heartbeat quicken at the thought.
You hadn’t realized that your hand started acting on its own accord, embarking up a route toward your breasts with a goal of relieving your deprivation. But Shouto didn’t grant you any gratification through self-pleasure. Grabbing your wrist, he cut your path short.
“No touching. That’s my job tonight.” His voice husked, the domineering edge making you pliant on command. You gulped and obediently withdrew your hand.
It wasn’t long until he fixed himself above you, the mattress dipping with the weight of his arms close to your body. Even with your sight stolen, you could register Shouto near your face, taking his time admiring your form beneath him. His icy breath ghosted your trembling lips.
“If you get uncomfortable, just say the word and I’ll stop right away. But until then, don’t expect me to go easy on you, love.” He offered a warning before diving into the heat of action.
A whimper escaped you amidst Shouto blazing his lips in an icy-hot trail down your jawline and your neck. You swore that a path of steam must have floated off your skin at the chilled nibbles that quickly fused into a searing sensation. The sudden transition from cold to hot left you squirming under him. You tilted your head into the pillow, panting out broken breaths. As a result, Shouto gave extra attention to the area, mapping the expanse of your neck.
“Focus on me. It’s just you and me tonight,” he commanded, glancing up to watch you at odds with yourself and these simulations. Then a solid gasp tore from your lungs as he sunk his teeth in your neck without warning, applying enough pressure to break skin and undoubtedly embed a mark. You focused on the sharp pain puncturing you before it steadily dispersed, your head digging into the pillow as your mouth parted with a squeal.
Shouto brushed his fingers around the spot he bit, admiring the hickey that was now embellished there. “You can’t see it, but this mark looks so pretty on you, sweetheart,” he said without a hint of dishonestly shrouded in his words. “I hope you don’t mind if I give you another one…”
“Ah–!” You couldn’t even voice your fondness for the idea as the icy-hot man went ahead and dug his teeth in the crook of your neck again, making your mouth only good for wailing sounds of pleasure. Your arms weaved around him, a hand in his hair to secure yourself while blinded.
“Hm, that was a good one…” Shouto murmured, focusing on your sounds. “But I’m sure you got more than just that.” Learning about what your ex had the gall to say to you had made him determined to rectify that idiot’s mistake and snatch your noises all for himself.
He proceeded planting open-mouth kisses toward the valley of your breasts, landing on a curve of soft flesh.
“When this is over, I’m gonna make all your exes nothing but a bad dream,” he muttered with your tits in his face, silky strands of dual-colored locks fanned out and tickling your skin. Finding your chest quite comfortable to lay on, Shouto nuzzled himself between them. At one point, you thought he was simply going to remain there and bask in the atmosphere, however, that belief was quickly squashed with a hitched breath stuttering your lungs. His left hand engulfed one of your breasts, kneading the tender mound with a heated palm.
“Make them wish they were here and regret every lie they ever said to you.” He continued musing sweet promises to your ears, but your mind was locked onto him teasing your breast. His thumb and index finger tantalized the hot pebble between them—twisting, rolling, and even pulling with a delicious amount of pressure that made your teeth grind together and for you to grip more of his red and white hair.
The thought of leaving your other tit unattended while its twin was receiving all the attention left his palate bitter. Maybe he could wash it off with a taste…
His tongue ran along the arc of your other mound in a circular motion, slowly moving toward the erect nub in the center that grew increasingly sensitive the closer he got. The tip of that mischievous tongue had dropped in temperature upon reaching the outer ring and languidly traced your areola. Your fingers that were woven in his hair tightened, dragging at his scalp. His ministrations had earned him an raspy moan as he flattened the appendage wholly against the exposed nipple, gliding over it with coolness clinging to the muscle that evoked a long whine past your lips.
Your body curved off the bed and delivered more of your flesh in his mouth. At your generosity, he sucked away, ravishing the stiff bud while staying consistent with his work on the opposite one, pinching harder with his tepid digits.
His pace was hungry and erratic, manipulating the hot and cold that struck your body like unrelenting waves against rocky shores. The sensations were becoming unbearable, especially with the blindfold amplifying every simulation that attacked you. Your senses were climbing at their peak and as a result, you foresaw a flame kindling in your belly.
“Wait—fuck—Sho, if you keep playing with my– I might– Shit!” Broken curses spilled off your tongue, coming to terms that it was futile to stop your orgasm from sneaking up on you. An explosion of nerves were crackling under your skin. Your mouth hung open to let loose a drawn-out cry that was loud enough to ring in Shouto’s ears, much to his delight—one of the first he had the privilege of hearing thus far. That beautiful sound alone told him exactly what happened. He sat up, a peculiar look in his eye.
“Did you just orgasm from me playing with your nipples?”
You laid still, your lips pursed in a line. Your mortification was written on your face—readable even with that band of lace hiding your expressive eyes. Realizing your answer, Shouto’s lips curled, pride swelling in his chest. He was by your side before your self-consciousness could overwhelm you, with nothing to gauge his reaction in the darkness.
“Fuck, is that sexy. Your sounds are so so pretty. You’re just so full of surprises tonight, sweetheart. It’s almost like I’m the one that’s being blinded here.” He bent down to keep your mouth company while shaping your sensitive tits in his hands, massaging them affectionately to ease the tension knotted inside them.
You couldn’t help your curious nature from uttering a question between kisses. “Have you ever… made anyone else cum like that?”
He moved to favor your cheek, a finger edging beneath the waistband of your panties. “No, baby. You’re the first.”
Hearing that washed away both the jealousy and uncertainty churning inside you. You were aware that Shouto had also been with others prior to you, not at all surprised when he disclosed that information at the start of your relationship. And though your time together grew to be the longest of all your old flames, you couldn’t help but occasionally compare yourself to his former partners. Learning that there was one unique aspect you shared with Shouto made you happier than you could admit.
Your blithe musings were quickly torn by the sneaky set of fingers prodding further inside your panties. Gliding his lithe yet calloused digits through your slippery folds, Shouto gathered a glossy coat around his fingers. A strained whimper leaked off your tongue. Your throbbing pussy was finally given relief after screaming to be touched since the very start.
You could hear how obscenely wet you were, your inner thighs soaked with slick arousal that made you want to bury your face in the pillows and fold them over your ears. You were at least glad the blindfold offered some form of blissful ignorance.
“Shit. You absolutely ruined this pair, love. No point wearing them anymore.” He hooked onto the panties and pulled them off, the material wringing as it rolled past your legs. His heterochromatic eyes roved over the dampness saturated at the crotch, appraising how soiled your underwear had gotten through your contactless orgasm. “Maybe I should keep these as a souvenir.”
You couldn’t determine whether he was joking or not. Regardless, it was hard not to react to the lewd implications of his words. “Oh, you…” Despite his clean princely image, Todoroki Shouto could be so dirty when he wanted to be, always knowing just how to push your buttons to get you hot and bothered.
His middle and ring fingers ran along your inner labia, purposely circling your entrance. He was so close to where you needed him to touch you, but it seemed like he was beating around the bush.
A desperate plea eluded you. “Sho– Please…”
Amused, Shouto watched your lips quiver as you tried calling out to him. “You want me to do something, baby? Go on then, tell me.” He cooed encouragement that compelled you to reveal your desires.
“Touch my clit…” Listening to the words that departed you, your voice evaporated into a whisper. Your dripping cunt was aching and closing around nothing as you throbbed with want. “Please, I… I need it.”
“You need it, huh?” he reiterated and you were quick to return that question with a frantic bob of your head. “If that’s the case then I’ll do more than just touch.”
Not a beat later did you feel something slippery join your engorged clit. You squirmed upon contact, discerning the skilled flicking motions to be his tongue on you again.
“Goddddd…” you drawled, the purposeful licks against you slowly making you come undone. Shouto reveled in you thrashing from the ecstasy coursing through your body. He relished every note of your wanton song as he toyed with the sensitive pearl in his mouth. At one point, he had caught you folding the sides of your pillow into your face, leaning your head into the cushion, and obstructing your noises from him. Of course, that wouldn’t fly with Shouto.
He paused his feasting to draw your hands away. You were confused as to why he stopped and where your hands were being led toward until you felt silky locks between your digits again.
“Your hands belong in my hair, got it? I don’t want them anywhere else.” His words vibrated on your clit, sending electric shocks of pleasure throughout your body as he expected you to pull on his scalp, especially when his fingers finally joined the fray. “You’re already wet enough for me to put two fingers in. Maybe three?” He tested the waters with two fingers inserted into your folds and you gasped at the immediate stretch upon entry. A chuckle reverberated from his lungs. He stuck to only two for now, tongue flicking against your bundle of nerves. He skillfully slipped his digit in and out of you, spreading your legs further apart whenever you tried to clamp them around his head, balling your hands in his strands.
“Fuck do I love this pussy… You’re so damn beautiful, fuck!” He couldn’t help but pour out praises when you were becoming such a hot mess for him, grinding your wet cunt on his tongue, and drowning in delirium that made your eyes on the verge of rolling back. Now with three of them inside you, his fingers opened you up, preparing you for his erection that was weeping, eager to be embraced by that pretty pussy of yours.
“Shit..! I-I can’t–!” you muttered between moans—a warning that your second orgasm was approaching quicker than the first. This time, Shouto had the mind to take the hint, smirking against your slit. To your astonishment, all sensations were suddenly ripped away from you, reducing you to feeling frustratingly empty and that knot in your belly to unwind altogether.
Pitch blackness still clung to your eyes as your upper body rose from the bed in retaliation. “Sho! What the fuck, I almost came!” Irritation laced your words, an exasperated look overtaking your features. You were sure he could make it out even with the damn blindfold covering half your face.
Expecting such a reaction, Shouto let out a quiet, dark laugh. You were coming out of your shell in more ways than one tonight. His hand snuck beneath your chin to yank you closer so you could hear every harrowing word off his tongue.
“Sorry to ruin your fun, but I want you on all fours. Right now.”
You could tell he had flipped a switch from his tone alone. Silently gulping down the thick lump in your throat, you turned around in place. You didn’t dare take the blindfold off just yet, maneuvering your body into position without question, no matter how awkwardly you were moving.
Ass poised in the air, hands and knees resting on the sheets, you had no idea how you appeared before his eyes. Judging by the breathy intake of air you heard behind you, you wanted to say he was satisfied.
Oh, was he satisfied alright. More than he could’ve ever asked for. “Ooo.. fuck me…” His palms laid flat on your ass, hands molding into your flesh and rubbing your plushness that spilled between his fingers. “A perfect ass, along with such a–” his thumbs ran toward your core, spreading your folds for him to see your drenched and twitching cunt, “perfect pussy.”
Your nails delved into the sheets, mouth gaping open when you felt something hard and veiny rut against your slit. You could manifest every ridge of his cock in your head, feeling it brush along your clit that was still sensitive from his tantalizations.
“Ah..!” A yelp fled your mouth, released by the sudden smack that stung your ass. That jolt of pain subsided underneath the caresses of his cold, right hand. Shouto rolled your flesh in his palm, gazing down with hooded eyes at your vulnerable form that urged for his cock to ruin you.
He licked his lips. “I’m gonna wreck you, sweetheart.”
“I-I– Mmph... ” Your words locked in your throat, overturned by the head of his cock slipping into your awaiting pussy. “Oh fuck...” you cursed at the stretch, your folds flowering slowly as you spread more of your legs to try and accommodate his size. You thought you would’ve been used to his girth by now, but to your amazement, Shouto’s cock deliciously sprawled you open time and time again.
“You’re so... so damn tight…” Biting his lip, the white and red haired hero suppressed the instinct to roughly thrust forward, but damn, were you making it hard. His head was dizzy with desire and need as his cock stuttered, sheathing itself between your warm, constricting walls.
At the same time, your entire body quivered in delight, feeling so full of him. Your skin dewed with sweat, anticipating the pounding that was about to come, to the point where you couldn’t bear the suspense anymore.
Luckily for you, Shouto somehow read your mind, moving his hips back and then forward to set the tempo. You drawled a sigh of relief, greedily sucking all of him in. You swore you were steadily getting drunk off his plunging cock, thoughts escaping you carelessly.
“Mmm, more…” you chanted.
“More?” Shouto quirked a brow, zoning in on your request.
“Yes, more. Harder. Faster. Please, I need everything you can give me.” You’ve never been this vocal in bed with him before, usually placing your trust in him to take care of you since your voice would only fail you in those situations. Yet this time, you were eager to play with fire, no matter how much you’d burn. “Thought you said you were gonna wreck me? Do it then.”
Threatening shadows glazed over his turquoise and gray eyes, your challenge awakening a fiend inside him.
Harder? Faster? Such an insatiable little thing. Shouto was going to give you all of that and more.
“You asked for this,” large, battle-hardened hands connected against skin, urging another enthusiastic squeal of yours to resonate in the air, “fucking slut.”
His unbridled vigor rocketed into motion, hips snapping forward and pistoning your sloppy cunt that obscenely clamped around him. Taken by surprise at his escalating speed and power, your body lunged forward. Your mouth hung wide in an ‘O’ shape, singing a lewd mantra of moans that grew louder with every strong thrust rippling through your body.
“Agh..! Mm.. fuckfuckfuck–!” Any noise that brimmed from your lips echoed across the spacious room, bouncing off the walls and pleasantly resounding back into Shouto’s ears. He rooted the euphony deep in his mind, planning to put it on repeat later for his own gratification.
Damn, what kind of a dumbass was your ex to say what you were spewing out of your mouth while being jackhammered by cock was anything but sexy. As far as he was concerned, no one was ever good enough for you to begin with.
“Everything about you is so fucking beautiful… Your body, your moans, this greedy little pussy… All mine.” His thoughts escaped him, echoing an unwavering statement. “No other man is gonna matter except me, you hear?”
His cock was stirring too much of your insides and turning your brain to mush for you to properly comprehend his words. Your upper body gradually sunk into the mattress, tongue lolling out of you as your eyes rolled back into your lids, cloaked beneath the lace. Your lack of response earned you a blaring slap against your asscheek. Blood spiked at your rear, splitting you from your fucked-out trance.
Moderate heat enveloped his left palm as he delivered one more impact against your ass to fully seize your attention. You shot up with a piercing yelp, the pulsating ache flashing a gleam of red in the corner of your surrounding darkness. Gripping the back of your head, Shouto mildly tugged your scalp.
“Keep screaming so I know whose whore you are. Don’t even think about stopping.” He breathed chills next to the shell of your ear. Your arms shook at the weight of his words, squishy inner walls clenching in shameless response around his length.
“Mm… Mm-hmm...” you forced a whimper.
Each considerate thought in your head shattered as quickly as it was formed thanks to the unrelenting thrusts snapping against your ass. You willed the next statement out as best as you could, pulling your slurs apart. “Yours… Only yours… I-I love you, Shoooo…”
Endearment consumed him and Shouto couldn’t stop his lips from brushing your cheek, darkened exterior mellowing in the light of your sincerity.  
“Oh baby, I just want to make you feel good… God, you especially make me feel so amazing. Your cunt keeps squeezing on my cock like it was made for me, what did I do to deserve you?”
His saccharine praises drowned in the waves of your sputtering as you uttered filth into the hot stuffy atmosphere, which was further met by the echoing of skin against skin and Shouto’s guttural snarls.
His hands were secured at your hips to leverage himself as he pounded into you vigorously. You clutched on the sheets for dear life with tears dampening the fabric wrapped around your shut eyes. The knot in your stomach that had loosened up when Shouto rejected you from your impending climax before this was tangling into a searing tight ribbon. “Sh-Shouto, please I wanna cum—please make me c-cum..!” you begged without a care, voice loud and clear.
Taking your request into consideration, he caressed his rough hands up your hips and waist. “Since you’re doing such a good job being vocal tonight, I think I should give you your reward–” His pace thundered into a merciless rhythm, heavy balls hitting the underside of your pussy as he rutted deeper and faster into your walls.
“Fuck, fuck, don’t stop!” you droned continuously, intoxicated by the blistering tension intensifying in your lower-half.
“Cum on my cock while I paint you sticky white. Scream my fucking name for me– Let me hear you.” Fingers embedded the skin of your hips, likely leaving bruises as he kept up the frenzied tempo of his thrusts, hitting that heavenly zone that made your back arch.
“There! There! Yes, yes, yes–!” Your chants inevitably died on your tongue, melting into incoherent stammers of approval until a deafening scream rippled from your tired lungs. The sound was unlike any you’ve unleashed before. After so much time containing yourself from fully embracing the feeling of sweet release and euphoria, you swore you were on the verge of blacking out from the intensity.
Lights flashed in the darkness consuming your vision, igniting like fireworks in every corner of your eyes while sparks bursted beneath your skin. Your limbs gave way for you to tumble onto the sheets, letting yourself be held up by Shouto who used you to achieve his own climax.
Witnessing such a beautiful, genuine sound from your parched lips while you gushed fervently around his cock, it didn’t take long for him to reach his peak. “C-Cumming!” He smacked his hips into you one last time to still himself, cock twitching within your pussy. Dumping his thick seed inside you, he filled your walls until there was no space left and his cream trickled out of your folds.
“So perfect, you’re so damn perfect, sweetheart. I love you so damn much.” Shouto used what energy he had left to muse nothing but affection for you, removing his softened length while soothing your body with tender touches. He admired your spent body beneath him that couldn’t summon an ounce of strength to even move. He took it upon himself to clean you up and take care of you, reaching for a towel to dry off the moisture clinging to your skin and finally relieve you of the blindfold to restore your sight.
Beams of light trickled your corneas, having to blink in numerous succession to adjust to the bright environment. Once your focus returned, you met Shouto’s grinning, handsome face, glad to be graced by it after what felt like an eternity. He swiped his thumbs below your eyes to rid you of the tears that had ended up streaking down your face. You held one of his hands that was attached to your cheek, turning over to kiss his palm.
As soon as you wiped yourselves down, he joined you on the bed, drawing you to his side so he could lovingly devour you with cuddles and pecks.
“That was…”
“Amazing?” he finished for you, running a warm hand up your arm and giving it a squeeze.
“Yeah, and more actually.” You giggled mirthfully, basking in the afterglow of sex as you nuzzled yourself in the crook of his neck.
Shouto petted the top of your head, but kept the conversation going. “You know, after all that’s happened today… From our talk at the cafe to the mind-blowing sex just now, I think it’s about time I gave you something.”
You glanced up at him with a curious quirk of your brow. “Hm? What ‘something’?”
“It’s something I’ve been meaning to hand over to you for a while now.” He rose from the bed, scooting off the sheets. “Close your eyes for me.”
“Heehee, you could always blindfold me again.” Your joke earned you a chuckle.
“Tempting, but I’ll leave that again for next time, love. Now if you would…”
You followed his request, lidding your eyes to fuel your evergrowing curiosity. You honed in on where Shouto’s steps took him, realizing he was still by the bedside, rummaging around the drawers. Then you heard a rattle of metal and him rustling back onto the mattress as he placed a cold, steely item in your hand.
You didn’t have to open your eyes to figure out what the object was by the jagged ridges rubbing against your palms. But your expression of astonishment didn’t diminish at the reveal either way.
“This is–”
“The key to my house.”
Those words could have only meant one thing.
You trailed from the key to Shouto’s face, silently asking if he was serious. A smile lifted his lips, hand wrapping around yours to curl your fingers into the key, making sure you registered the fact that yes, he was dead set on his offer to you.
“I want you to live with me, Y/n. This big place means nothing to me if I can’t share part of it with you,” he told you earnestly, a finger brushing your cheek to caress your jaw.
Shouto laid back on the expansive bed, but never tore his eyes away from you as he gazed at you expectantly. Through everything that had happened, you knew there was only ever one answer you could give him.
You dove for his lips, linking yourselves together while tightly gripping the golden key in your hand.
“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”
Tumblr media
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rat-zuki · 9 months ago
Head empty only thot is Dilf Shouto
i’m going crazy over the idea of dilf!shouto. happy birthday, dilf!shouto! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shouto swore he’d never be like his father, and he isn’t. He’s better, he has control, he’s responsible, he’s considerate of those around him. Most importantly, he channels his negative feelings in a way that’s positive: you.
You swept him off his feet the moment he laid eyes on you, completely and wholly entralling the aged hero. Sure, he has status, money, fame. But he doesn’t have you; chipper, young, fuckable you.
So, the first time he gets you in bed, he’s sure to do his absolute best. Thick striations of back muscle twitching and flexing as he forces the girthy head of his cock into your little hole.
You can barely handle it either, even after hours of teasing, dragging you around the city, grinding that sweet pussy all over his thigh. You’re something else. Small, precious, and unattainable.
But as you claw fire into his flesh, fingers desperately reaching out to tug at his bicolored locks, one simple word has his world flipping on his head. Something deep, something traumatic, something unshakable rising to the surface like a hidden beast. Your lips part, hips squirming under his hold,
“Daddy, please,”
That’s all it takes for Shouto to snap. He completely loses it, his cool, his control. Once was the stoic, calm hero. Now he’s hungry, he feels ravenous, needs to prove something to someone, but the only one here is you.
He shoves those cute thighs of yours up, flat aginst your chest, ankles past your head in an uncomfortable, choking stretch. Mouth gaping like a fish, you want to question him, but all wind is lost as he plunges that fat cock of his into you all at once.
Prickes of his trimmed hairs, happy trail, grinding into your slit greedily, pulling more and more of Daddy, Daddy like you don’t seem to get it through that head of yours; what you’re doing to the poor man.
He huffs, shoving his hair out of his eyes as he glares down at you, “I’m your Daddy, yeah?” You find it in you to nod in between thrusts, legs quivering like mad.
“Daddy’s g’na take such good care of his—“ He has to pause, gasping at the way your tight cunt milks him, harder than any woman he’s fucked in the last twenty years. “Such good care of his pretty baby, shit.”
“G’na do everything for my baby.” You’re absent, completely fucked out as he rails you like a train, tears streaming down your face as he makes you cum over and over again, the sheets beneath you growing cold and wet and sticking to you so disgustingly.
He makes you cum nearly five times that night, or who knows how many. You can’t recall, besides the fact that you actually passed out with exhaustion, waking up in the wee hours of the night smothered by his warmth.
When you finally rise, with light streaming around the room, you find yourself alone in Shouto’s enourmous bed. But beside it, on the table, lies a note that you shove aside in favor of the pretty, black credit card glowing next to it.
The note reads: For my baby. From, Daddy.
Your heart swells. That’s right, he’s your Daddy, after all.
Tumblr media
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touyaz · 3 months ago
includes: bakugou, shouto, hawks, dabi, shigaraki x gn reader
small moments of intimacies; a glimpse into holding their hearts.
A/N aka what it’s like dating these touch-starved boys, my dearest darlings ♡ minors, ageless & blank blogs pls don’t follow me bc i mostly post smut + dark content! you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
♡ him gently guiding you with a hand on your elbow or lower back, always keeping you in his line of sight when you’re out together
♡ helping each other dress: you fixing his tie, him zipping up your jacket; you wrapping a scarf around his neck, him kneeling in front of you to redo your laces
♡ him burying his face in the crook of your neck, soft breaths warming your skin as he closes his eyes and lays there with his arms wound around your body
♡ learning how to give a massage just so you can treat his arms, his hands, his shoulders, when he overworks his muscles
♡ kissing the tip of his nose and watching his cheeks flush right after as he looks away
♡ sitting beside him, your head on his shoulder, his head on yours, sharing earbuds as you rest for the moment
♡ soft kisses to his wrist and the palms of his hands, drawing over the faint scars there with a feather-light touch
♡ peeling oranges and feeding them to him; placing the sticker that’s on the fruit on the back of his hand
♡ holding his face in your hands before kissing his forehead and down the slope of his nose; nudging his nose with yours before pecking his lips
♡ him having a list of things you enjoy on his phone; him gifting you random items purely because they remind him of you, like a handmade ring or a pretty shell
♡ looking at him only to find him already gazing at you fondly; him smiling at you when you make eye contact
♡ him laying down with his ear to your chest, falling asleep to the sound of your breathing with his arms wrapped tightly around you
♡ tracing over the scars that litter his body, tenderly kissing along each one
♡ sitting behind him in the bathroom to tend to his wings, delicately treating the plume of feathers before blow drying them to keep him warm
♡ drawing over the markings on his face before kissing his eyelids
♡ standing behind him as you dye his hair together, listening intently as he guides you through the process; him peering up at you with a soft, grateful look in his eyes whenever you’re too focused on his hair
♡ him laying down with his head on your lap, dragging your hand to his head so you play with his hair
♡ feeding him strawberries and wiping away the juice when it trickles down his lips
♡ his hand searching for yours whenever you share a bed, his ankle knocking against yours when he twines his legs with yours 
♡ teaching him how to cook, and doing simple tasks together — cutting the vegetables with your hand on his over the knife, stirring a pot of sauce with your hand wrapped in his around the spoon
♡ sitting behind him and brushing his hair, combing out the tangles and weaving your fingers through the strands to gently scratch his head
♡ him looking down at your hands, comparing their sizes, running a finger along the lines of your palms in wonder
♡ interlocking pinkies when you sit besides one another
♡ making eye contact whenever he speaks; turning to face him whenever he talks passionately about something
♡ holding his hands in yours as you massage cream into them; asking him to lay down so you can circle the areas around his eyes, gently rubbing lotion into his skin
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todosweetheart · 5 months ago
The ways he says “I love you” without saying “I love you.”
Pairings: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader, Midoriya Izuku x Reader, Todoroki Shouto x Reader
Genre: Fluff, HC
Word Count: 1.6k
Bakugou Katsuki:
He’d grumble every time you took him out on a date, but he’d never straight up reject you. He would never admit he was having a good time, but he can’t deny the way his heart would flutter every time you gave him that beautiful smile and laughter. He’d tuck in a strand of your hair behind your ear and buy you whatever you want. Whenever you said you could pay for it, he’d reply back with:
“Aren’t I your boyfriend? No way in hell I’m gonna make my s/o pay for stuff.”
He calls you idiot or dummy, but he never means it. He suppose it was his own weird way of projecting his feelings for you. If you get offended by it somehow, like when he calls you an idiot and you weren’t in the mood for it, he’d immediately follow up with it with something semi-nice. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt your feelings anyways. 
“Hey, idiot, why do look all mopey and shit?” “Tch, I didn’t mean it like that. You just need to stop being a loner and tell me when you’re having a hard time.”
After a night of intimacy, he likes to trace the soft skin of your back gently. He’d cover your shoulders to protect you from being cold from the breeze. And for a moment, he finally lets himself be vulnerable with you. He hates showing his weakness to others, but he doesn’t mind it, so long as it’s just you and only you. He’d allow himself to feel safe in your arms, watching the way your eyelashes flutter softly to sleep, and thinking about how he would do anything to protect you. He would never let you see it, and you’d have to catch him by surprise, but he’d smile gently at you, a rare, yet soft expression as he relaxes next to you for that night and throughout the entire morning.
He used to always say he was going to be number one hero, and his competitive nature always made him strive to be the best. After he met you, however, the notion he always claimed to be had changed slightly. He was going to be the best. But he was going to be the best so he could protect you. He refused to let you come into harm, and he finally understood what that dumb Deku finally meant when he said he wanted to be a hero who could make others smile. He wanted to protect your smile, your love, your happiness. He would do anything to protect you, even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way. He’d give you that dumb grin whenever he got hurt for your sake.
“You’re an idiot for letting yourself get hurt!” You’d say with tears in your eyes after he protected you from getting hurt. “Yeah, but I’m your idiot, right?”
Midoriya Izuku:
Midoriya liked when you kissed his scars. It made him shiver at the raw emotions that he felt from you. He thought that they were so ugly, that his skin was flawed from the amount of times he’s hurt himself. But you saw what they actually meant. They showed the hard work and dedication he had put into becoming stronger so that he could protect everybody. They showed the times he’s fallen down but continued to get back up. They showed his tenacity and dedication to heroism, his will and courage to move forward. He’d be a blushing mess, but he’d let you kiss him all over. He could never get used to how forward you are, but he didn’t mind it. He didn’t mind your touches at all. And he wanted to do the same for you too. He’d kiss all of your scars, and everything else you seemed insecure about. He’d be a little bold, just for you, and he wasn’t going to lie to himself. Your reactions were very cute to him too. 
“Let me kiss you all over, y/n. Let me do this just for you.”
You always praise him for his accomplishments. Even when he fails, you manage to always turn it into something positive. He wanted to be like that for you too. He wanted to be your strength, someone who you could turn to whenever you were struggling. You were able to uplift him whenever he felt down. You were able to wipe away his tears whenever he was upset. That was why he always praised you back too, even if it was for the littlest of things. If you got a good grade on an assignment, he’d celebrate by getting your favorite dessert. If you hit your goal for the week, he’d cheer you on and celebrate by going on a date. If you were ever sad, he’d do whatever it takes to make you smile again. After all, you were considered a hero to him. He wanted to be that to you too.
“I want to be someone you could lean on, y/n. I want to be your hero!”
Izuku was always apologizing. He apologized whenever he made a mistake, apologized when Bakugou always yelled at him, apologized when things never went another person’s way. He was always apologizing to you too whenever he felt like he had disappointed you, even though you never voiced it. He always said thank you too. He liked to thank his friends and mentors for supporting him. He liked to thank people bashfully whenever he was complimented. He liked to thank people when they do nice things for him. He was a grateful person, yes, but the person who he had always been the most graceful for was you. You’ve seen him in his highest and lows. Through the good and bad, worse and worst. Even if he made mistakes, even if he wasn’t the strongest person in the world, even if he wasn’t the best looking or the most athletic or had the most money. Even if he had all of these insecurities, you continued to love him. You love him despite the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. That was why he was grateful that you chose him, and not anybody else. 
“Thank you y/n, for staying by my side through everything.”
Todoroki Shouto:
Todoroki liked your touch. He was not a touchy feel-y guy, but after being touch starved for so long, he was able to get used to the feel of your skin against his. Sometimes he’d just bury his face into your chest, breathing in your scent that he loves so much. He just finds it so comforting, and he’d love it when you wrapped your arm around him in return. It’d remind him of the time he spent with his mother when he was a child, but this was so much different. You were the love of his life, the person who he found solace in their presence with. This love was so much different than the love he felt for his family. It was passionate and raw. It made him feel things that he has never felt before.
“Don’t move. Just stay right there for me.”
Sometimes he’d just look at you without even realizing that he was staring. He liked to analyze all of your little niches and habits, ingrain them into his memory so that he will never forget. It’d be a bit of a surprise to him if you ever deviate from your normal behavior. Sometimes when you’re sad or upset, you’d stop humming to yourself, maybe even smile a little less. He wanted to be better at recognizing these subtle changes, as he know he can be a little dense when it came to other people’s emotions. After all, you were important to him, and he wants nothing more in life than your happiness. He would hold you close to him if you were ever upset, embrace you so that you knew he was there for you. Apologize that life wasn’t going the way you wanted to, ask you about what he could do to make you feel better.
“I’m sorry you feel down, my love. What can I do to see that beautiful smile once again?”
All he ever wants is for you to be happy. He’d always put your happiness before his. Whenever you two cuddled, and his shoulder or arm had started to feel stiff for being stuck in the same position for so long, he’d bear with it just for you. It’s because he didn’t want to wake you and disturb you from your sleep. He’d always put you first before him, but you soon taught him that it was okay for him to be happy too. It was okay for him to be a little selfish. That was why he started to crave for your attention more. He started to hold your hand when there wasn’t any particular reason to hold it. He started to kiss you whenever you said something sweet, push you down onto the couch so that he could have all of you. He wanted more. He wanted you all of the time. He’d pant, looking down at you with flushed cheeks. 
“You make me greedy, y/n.” Kiss. “So, so greedy.”
Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say anything, and you’d understand what he wanted. Those were the times when he felt genuinely surprised. It seemed like you knew him better than he knew himself. He’s always struggled with voicing out his own emotions, and he always internalizes them, but you always managed to crack his resolve. It was the way you spoke to him, the way you connected to him that others have never been able to. Even when you two were in silence, he could appreciate your presence. Because you were the only person who understood him, who understood that he didn’t necessarily had to speak all of the time. It was comfortable. You made him comfortable. And as he reached out to caress your cheek while you were reading some book, or even scrolling through your phone, he’d smile gently at you. And then you’d smile back, not needing to say anything else. He knew, at this moment, that everything was going to be okay, so long at you were there with him.
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doinmybesthere · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ttodoroki shouto x f!reader
technically a continuation of this but you don't need to read it to understand.
summary - shouto's been gathering the courage to ask for some of your attention for some time. today's the day.
a/n: porn w very little plot, overworked self insert reader, praise/degradation, sir dom shouto, collar, choking, sub reader
wc - 4k
Tumblr media
By the time he reaches his apartment building across town, twilight has come and gone, the sky inky and dark, the snow falling harder. He stomps his boots off on the mat as the doorman opens the door for him, and he enters the ornate lobby. It’s restored from the early 1920s, decidedly ugly pink marble covering the walls and floors, with bright bronze accents. He nods to the person at the front desk, and turns the corner to the elevators at the same time that you enter from the other side, carrying a huge stack of papers. Clearly, you’d spent some time outside, snow was lodged in your hair, the melting wetness changing it’s texture, and your bare hands are white knuckled around the papers. His heart thrums, but he walks to you on instinct and adrenaline alone, unwilling to deny himself the pleasure of your company any longer,
“Please, may I help you?”
“Ah, sure,” you hand him some of the papers shyly, but he takes them all, leaving your hands unexpectedly free. “You’re um, you’re the hero right?” He blinks at you, are you, unsure as to his identity? “I um, I don’t get into that stuff much.” You admit sheepishly. “I work a lot...”
“I’m just Todoroki Shouto.” He says, willing himself to not be so stiff for once in his life, to relax a little, to be normal. “On the fifteenth floor.”
“I am too!” You say, giving him a warm smile that melts all the ice in his bones and turns his legs to jelly. “F/n L/n.”
“Ah.” He says, like he didn’t already know that, like he hadn’t fallen in love with you the first time he’d seen you in the hallway, moving yourself in, refusing anyone’s help with even the heaviest boxes. You were stubborn, he could tell. A challenge.
“How was work?” He asks, as the elevator doors seal.
“Ah,” you lean against the wall and close your eyes. “I almost quit actually. But I didn’t. So it was a normal day.” He laughs lightly, and then pauses,
“Ah, sorry,” he squints at you, “You have an eyelash, I don’t want it to fall in your eye.” You swallow, and lift your face to him, what a good girl, the words flying to his brain before he can stop them. He sets your files on the floor, holding your jaw steady with his free hand, his thumb pressing into the plush of your cheek.
“Did you um,” he feels the warmth of your skin under his touch, you don’t dare make eye contact with him, “Did you get it?” He collects the eyelash and releases you, briefly wondering if he should have let you wish on it, but knowing that the warmth of your breath on his skin would have absolutely set him on fire.
“Yes.” He says, leaning back and picking up the files. There’s an awkward pause. “Your hands are shaking.” He says, glancing at you again. You swallow.
“Ah, because,” anxiety and bile builds in your throat as you summon some courage, and plowing forward, “Because I want to invite you um, in for dinner.” You say, hands shaking so hard you shove them in your pockets.
“What’s stopping you?” He asks smoothly, wondering what he can do to calm you, to provide you psychological safety in his presence.
“I really don’t want to cook,” you say, laughing sheepishly, “And um, inviting you in for takeout seems, um, like I don’t, I mean,” you stammer, “I, I, guess, what I’m trying to say, is that I’d-”
“Come to mine.” He says, cutting you off. You let out a long breath, visibly relaxing.
“Thank you.” He nods, drinking in the small smile your lips curl into, watching you fight it, then it wins you over, you notice him looking and you bury your face in your palms. “Sorry, sorry,” you hide and he rolls his eyes as the elevator doors ding open. He leads you down the hallway, allowing you to self immolate while his hands are full, opens his door, and sets your files on his counter, and turns back to you.
“And ah, no more of that, it’s alright.” He peels your hands away from your face, and you don’t jump at the odd temperature difference.
“I was thinking maybe I should go back to my apartment, and um put on makeup or something.” You mumble. He shakes his head.
“You look beautiful right now.” At his words, you fall apart again, hands flying to your face and then dropping again when you remember yourself.
“Sorry.” You say quickly, and he gives you a warm, reassuring smile. He takes his coat off, and you start to follow suit, but he comes behind you and slips the soaked fabric off your shoulders, folding it under his arm.
“Did you walk home?” He asks, and you nod. “It’s snowing hard.”
“I lied.” You blurt out. “About having a normal day at work. It was um, it was a bad day, a bad day at work. Didn’t quit though.” With nowhere to hide, your hands tremble again, a product of nerves and caffeine.
“How much coffee did you drink today?” He asks, moving towards you slowly, as if you’ll spook at sudden movement.
“Lost track.” You admit, and he shakes his head. “I didn’t eat anything though, so um, just, that probably didn’t help.” He frowns, hands resting on your upper arms.
“What if,” he suggests in a calm, smooth voice, “I order some food, you sit there, on the couch, and drink the glass of water I’m going to bring you.” You visibly relax and nod. “Good.” He says, gently directing you to the most comfortable spot on the couch, taking a throw blanket and tucking it around you. You take a deep breath.
“What happened at work?” He asks and you close your eyes.
“I um, I’m not a manager, but I manage three departments.” You take the glass of water he offers, as he sits down next to you. “And I had my review today, basically, and they told me that, ah, that I needed to be better at managing three departments, and I brought up that I am not paid like a manager, nor am I actually supposed to be managing those departments, and they didn’t, ah, take that well.” Tears burn in your eyes, “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry,” you go to stand, “I shouldn’t, you don’t even know me, I-” he rests a large hand on your shoulder, guiding you to the couch.
“It’s alright.” He says, “I had, ah, a rather interesting day, and I would prefer your company to being alone, if that’s fine with you.” You blink a couple times. “And as long as you’d prefer my company to being alone, I’d like to have you stay.”
“It is, um,” you smile at him, “Definitely preferable to being alone.” You take another sip of water, feeling your humanity return as you relax a little. “What was your day like?” He groans and rubs his eyes.
“Oh god, I did something.” He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “You’re going to think less of me if I explain it though.” You giggle, and it’s such a sharp bell tone that he sits up, immediately more awake and alert. “You have a beautiful laugh.” He watches you fight your smile again, but this time, it wins, and your face glows with gentle joy.
“Thank you.” He’s treated to more music when you laugh again, watching a memory overtake you, “I’ll trade you an embarrassing story for an embarrassing story, if you’d like.” He thinks about it.
“Can I get you a drink first?”
“Depends on what kind of whiskey you have,” your teeth graze your lower lip momentarily, “I’m picky and awful.” He inhales deeply through his nose, standing.
“I prefer scotch.” He admits.
“Oh!” You sit up, excited. “Let me run next door quickly, I have something you should try if um, if you have glasses, because I only have mugs.”
“You’ve been drinking whiskey out of mugs?” He shakes his head, tutting quietly. “And I took you for a woman of culture.”
“That,” you say, an almost playful smile on your lips, “Was your first mistake.” He nods and watches you leave in your tight work skirt, trying not to imagine how hands on the plush of your skin would feel under his hands.
You dash through your cluttered apartment, scrambling out of your work clothes into leggings and a tank top, choosing not to grab a flannel at the last moment, remembering his soft throw blanket. You smooth your fingers your hair and kick off your work shoes, refusing to look in the mirror, he’d said you looked fine, you’d trust him. You grab two bottles from your cabinet and walk back over to his apartment, knocking on the door. He opens it, and takes you in for a full second, still disheveled of course, hair a little wild from the snow, but holy shit, in this he could finally see your body. It takes his full willpower to keep his eyes on your face and not your clavicle, not the cut of your bra strap into your skin, not the shape of your thigh in the leggings.
“You look lovely.” He says, taking the bottles from you and flicking the light on in his kitchen, “You drink powers?” He narrows his eyes at you, “This is strong stuff.”
“Okay well, it’s for special occasions, it’s kinda peaty. I prefer the other one, it’s ah, actually whiskey created for people who normally drink white wine, it’s got um, notes of apple and champagne in it.” You trail off, he’s staring at you. “Um,” you breathe, and he reaches out and tucks some of your hair behind one of your ears.
“Sorry,” He says, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” You swallow.
“That’s alright,” you breathe, “I don’t remember what I was saying.”
“Which one do you want, the powers or the knappogue castle?” He asks.
“Knappogue Castle please.” He pours for you, and hands you the glass, one single huge ice cube taking up most of the cup space. He does the same and walks you back to the couch.
“You have to speak first.” He says. “I can’t, I can’t tell this story sober, you’ll understand when you hear it.” You heave a big sigh.
“Ah when I was in college, and you were an intern at your fathers agency, my brother bought a poster with your face on it.” He chuckles, but you hold up a hand. “But I, despite seeing that poster through his open door for years whenever I was home, didn’t recognize you when I was moving in.” You take a deep breath. “I’m so sorry, my heart’s racing.”
“Is it the caffeine?” He offers, and to his delight you scoot a little closer to him on the couch. “That’s not so bad.” He pauses. “When you saw me and you didn’t know who I was what did you think of me?” You think about it.
“Um, handsome.” You mumble, looking away, and he reaches out, closing the distance between the two of you,
“You don’t have to look away from me when you’re being sincere.” He says, catching your chin and gently guiding your gaze back to meet his.
“Yes, I do,” you breathe. He takes another sip of his drink, shrugging. “Anyway, your turn for an embarrassing story.”
“I was hoping yours was longer.” He says, an almost smirk on his face. You just shrug, and he throws caution to the wind, better to lay his cards on the table than have an unsatisfying sexual experience down the line. “A friend of mine,” He says, leaning back on the couch and holding eye contact with you, “Required some assistance with his girlfriend.”
“Assistance?” You repeat, taking a sip of the whiskey, feeling it warm you.
“Ah, I suppose I have a bit of a reputation,” he says, wondering how much to share, and you raise your eyebrows, “As ah, as a disciplinarian.” He watches you think for a moment, and then understand.
“Oh!” You smile at him, “Really?”
“Yes,” he sips his drink, “And my friend wanted help, being I guess, more strict with her, in the context of sex.” You smile at him, your chin coming to rest in the palm of your hand.
“So how did you help them with that?”
“I think it might be a betrayal of their confidence.” he says, “But ah, just communication. Things like that are about trust.” He watches you nod slowly, hiding his sweaty palms. “Tell me what you’re thinking?” You laugh.
“Ah, you said you were a disciplinarian and my imagination is running wild.” He smirks.
“And is there something you’d like me to do about that?” He says, and you open your mouth to respond, then close it, biting down hard on your lower lip.
“What if,” you cock your head a little, “What if I asked you to decide for me?” He laughs quietly.
“Come here, then.” He says cooly, lifting an arm up. You move across the couch and settle under it, he nestles you against his chest. “Isn’t that better, than sitting so far?”
“Yeah,” you mumble, “I like it better like this.”
“Did you have plans for the rest of the evening?” He asks, as you breathe in his scent, some complex leathery cologne, clean laundry.
“No.” You answer. “Did you want to um,” he cocks his head and looks down at you, “Did you want me to stay?”
“I would like that, yes.” He says, moving his arm lower, from your shoulders to his waist, he runs his fingers along your silhouette. “Sure you weren’t the one with a poster of me?” He says, teasing gently, but you lift your face to him, eyes wide and innocent.
‘“No I promise!” You shake your head, and he watches your face as you think of the thing you want to say. “So I don’t get any clues, about your whole deal?”
“I think I’ve given you plenty.” He says, his grip on you tightening. You take the last sip of your drink and set it on the table. “Would you take mine as well, please?” He says, and you take his empty cup, huge ice cube half melted, and set it on a coaster. “Alright,” he says, taking you by the waist and lifting you, setting you down so that you’re facing him in his lap. “I was going to keep torturing you but I can’t, you just used a coaster without being asked which is tantamount to a proposal of marriage in my eyes.” You giggle again and a warmth spreads across his chest.
“So whatcha gonna do?” You smile at him, cocking your head.
“I’m thinking,” he pauses, “That depends, on how well behaved you are.”
“I don’t um,” you shudder as he reaches up and cups your face with one of his hands, stroking your cheek. “Traditionally require a lot of discipline.” He guides you down to meet his lips in a kiss, taking full control immediately, rolling his hips against yours carefully, then sitting up, laying you down on your back on the couch, kissing you passionately. You feel his lips move down your neck, and you gasp,
“Can I, can I ask you for something?” You say, and he lifts his head, looking you in the eyes. “I don’t want to make a single decision for a few hours, is that alright?” He laughs a little, breathing irregularly.
“Yes, kitten,” he says, “I can do that,” he watches you squirm with pleasure at the petname, “Familiar with colored safewords?”
“Red for stop, yellow for slow, green for fine.” You repeat, and he leans in, impulsively kissing you, slotting a thigh between yours. He takes both of your wrists in one huge hand and holds them over your head, letting you grind against him desperately, he presses his knee against your sex, a beautiful, broken moan falls from your lips into his mouth.
“So beautiful,” he says, breaking his own rule about unearned praise, and god, when he stops holding your wrists, you keep your hands above your head, like a good fucking girl. He keeps kissing you, lifting your tank top up, over your shoulders and face, knotting it around your wrist as a makeshift bind, then he freezes,
“Oh, um,” You blink up at him and he shakes his head.
“I’ve been thinking about doing this since you refused to let me help you move in,” he says quietly, “Do you remember that?” Your face warms.
“I wanted to be able to say I’d done it for myself!” You protest.
“It took you two days!” He shakes his head at you. “I was just thinking, that, when I thought about,” he pauses, deciding how much to reveal, “Making you ask me for things,” you giggle, “I didn’t imagine it on my couch.” He frees your hands and climbs off you, offering you a hand. You let him pull you into a standing position, pressed against his chest.
“Is there like, a dungeon or something I should-” He cuts you off with a kiss, delicately holding your face against his,
“When you’re not panicking,” he murmurs, ‘You’re funny.” He watches your face light up, and then you look down. “We’ll work on accepting compliments.” He says, taking your hand and interlacing your fingers, and leading you down the hallway.
He pushes open the door, and gives you a second to react.
“Why is your bedroom so much bigger than mine?” You whirl on him. “We’ve got the same floor plan.”
“We do not.” He says, pulling his shirt over his head while you marvel at the size of the room. “Technically my apartment is two apartments.” You whirl on him, clearly with something to say that flies out of your head when you see him, chiseled like adonis, a few tendrils of his white hair falling out of their perfectly parted style onto his forehead.
“Oh my god,” you blink a couple times. “You’re um, you look like-”
“It’s just my job.” He shrugs. “Come here.” He revels in the way you dart to him, putting a hand on your shoulder and guiding you to your knees. He unbuckles his belt and then slips it around your neck, holding the end of it gently, watching your pupils dilate in the low light. “Color?” He asks and you blink a couple times.
“Ah, uh, green.” He nods, and reaches down, cupping your face in both hands, stroking your cheeks before bending down and kissing you softly. He gently leads you to the bed, and lifts you effortlessly, placing down on his luxurious duvet.
“Relax,” He says, “I can feel your heart racing,” his hand circles one of your wrists, “You’re safe, I’m going to take good care of you, alright?” He peels you out of your leggings, rubbing soothing circles into the inside of your hips.
“I trust you.” You breathe, and something inside him warms.
“I hope you know I take that seriously.” He climbs onto the bed, still just in his pants, “And I’m going to help you relax, just focus on breathing.” You let out a low whimper as he hooks his arms around your thighs, tugging your panties down and tossing them onto the floor. “Slide a pillow under your head and stay still.” He orders, still cool and calm but there’s an edge to his voice.
“Yes sir,” you whisper, obeying, and he rewards you by rubbing a soft circle into your thigh. You shiver, his breath is cool on your skin, he watches it prick into goosebumps at his touch. You let out a long breath, very slowly as you feel him press a kiss to the inside of your thigh before gently parting your folds with his face, holding eye contact with you as he starts eating you out slowly. Already, he can tell that despite your best efforts, you’re not skilled at staying still while receiving pleasure, but oh you sweet thing, it’s incredible to watch you try. You curl your hands into fists, trembling with effort. When he sucks gently at your clit you buck your hips and moan, a saccharine ecstasy he commits to memory, but he watches you tremble, trying to hold still as your thighs shake in his hands. He feels himself wanting to break his own rules, wanting to praise you for simply existing, tell you how good you taste, how good you feel under his hands, how beautiful you looked, and sounded.
“Oh, oh my god,” you cry out, and he has to tighten his grip on your thighs to keep them open as he slides his tongue inside you, “Shouto, fuck, ‘m gonna, please can I cum?” Your plaintive desperation hits him hard, all the blood rushing from his brain to his cock.
“Go ahead,” He murmurs into you and is rewarded with your soft keening of his name. Your voice sends shivers up his spine, and he resists the urge to overstimulate you, as immediately the sound is endeared to him, your Shouto, shouto, shouto becoming the only thing he wants to hear, maybe ever again. He traces comforting patterns on your thighs as your cunt gushes around him. “What a good girl,” he breathes, and his heart swells as you sigh with satisfaction. He scoots up on the bed, wiping his chin on his hand before kissing you tenderly. “Do you feel better?” He asks softly and you look up at him, eyes full of a soft trust.
“Yes, thank you.” You reach for him, but then shy away and he smiles, “I want to um, to make you feel good,” you whisper, like you’re sharing a secret in a crowded room. “But I don’t know if I need to ask permission, to um, to touch?” He reaches up and brushes some hair out of your face.
“What were you thinking,” he murmurs, “To make me feel good?” You crumble then, so shy, so soft and sweet, covering your face with your hands and mumbling,
“I um,” you look up at him in the darkness of his bedroom, “I was hoping you’d um, you’d want to fuck me?” Adorable. You can’t even look him in the eyes. He leans in, kissing you softly.
“Do you think you can stay still for me?” He asks, one hand still holding the makeshift leash around your neck. You shake your head honestly. “Don’t worry,” he breathes, “I’ll take care of it.” He takes your wrists, removing the tank top and gently affixes them to his headboard with the belt, testing them a little. “Too tight?”
“It’s fine, sir.” You breathe, a fresh wave of warmth on your face as you feel the stickiness between your thighs. He presses a kiss to your forehead, slotting himself between your legs.
“So polite,” he muses, you feel the head of his cock press against you, “Birth control?” You nod.
“Yes, sir.” He chuckles darkly.
“Perfect.” You feel him ease inside you and he watches your slow intake of breath, “Too much?” He asks, and you shake your head. “I’ll start slow,” he promises, already wondering if it’s one he can keep, you feel, perfect, warm and wet, sucking him in. You whimper as the tip of his cock grazes your cervix,
“S-so big,” you choke out and he nods, kissing you again as he slowly starts to roll his hips against yours, wanting to feel you moan against him as he discovers the best angle to make you- “Fuck,” you gasp, “Fuck, Shouto, right there, right-”
“Gonna cum for me again,” he grunts, “You wanna cum again?” His voice gets hard and mean, “Greedy little slut,” you whimper at the degradation.
“Please,” you babble, feeling him so deep inside you, straining against his belt, lifting your hips to meet his, with every heavy slap of his body against yours you teeter further towards the edge of your pleasure. You clench down on him hard and he buries his face in your neck, swiping his rough tongue on your soft skin before biting down hard. You gasp, your back arching,
“Cum for me,” he growls in your ear before his teeth close on it and you bite back a yelp, “C’mon,” He grunts, “I know you can do it, I wanna feel it, wanna feel it on my cock.”
“I’m so close,” you whimper, and he reaches down, rubbing gently at your puffy clit. That seems to send you vaulting over some kind of edge, your back peeling off the blankets as you suck in a sharp gasp. He feels you clench and flutter around him, biting back his own loud groan at the delicious sensation, but unsatisfied with your pleasure, he said he’d help you relax and goddamnit he was going to do so. He rolls his hips against yours, reaching up and wrapping a hand around your neck, waiting for you to float back to earth.
“Color?” He asks, squeezing gently, and you, oh you perfect little thing, gasp,
“Green,” you squirm underneath him, “Can take it harder, ‘promise, Shouto, I can-” You’re cut off when he tightens his grip on your neck and you’re hit with another intense wave of pleasure. It’s so dizzying you barely hold onto reality, eyes watering. He picks up the pace, fucking you so hard your breath is coming in short sharp gasps.
“Fuck,” he snarls, finally losing some of his icy composure, “Fuck, you’re gonna make me fucking cum, squeezin’ me so tight,” he grunts, “Jesus christ,” you barely hear him, barely feeling belt on your wrists, his hands on your face, on your waist, on your chest, his lips on your cheek, your ear, drawing more gasping, desperate breaths from your body. You feel his own thrusts stutter as he reaches his own high, pulling out at the last second and cumming into a tissue he dexterously snatches fron his bedside table. You open one bleary eye, and he flops next to you, working at the belt around your wrists until you’re free to wrap your arms around his neck, and lock your legs around his waist.
“Are you comfortable?” He asks quietly, and you nod, face buried in his neck. You hum softly, happily, and his heart swells.
“Thank you.” You whisper, and he snorts derisively.
“Do you thank men after they fuck you, or am I special?” You pull away from him so that you can look him in the eyes, and lift a hand to his face, cupping his cheek.
“I think you know the answer to that.” You say softly.
“Can I take you to dinner,” He asks, hope rising and falling like his shallow breaths as he waits to find out if you’ll slip out of his life as quietly as you came in.
“Hmmm,” you think about it, giving him a delightfully musical sigh. “What about takeout, like you suggested earlier?” He nods, taking one of your hands and bringing it to his lips.
“Your fingers are so cold,” He tucks your body into the warmer half of his own. “Is that better?” You nod, still barely awake, barely conscious in your fucked out stupor.
“It was nice.” You mumble, and he can feel your lips moving against his bare skin, which erupts in goosebumps at the sensation. “Not to think for a little.” He leans down and presses his lips to your forehead. “But I’m afraid that this means I’m vulnerable now.” You confess, before you can stop yourself, “And I’m uncomfortable with that vulnerability.”
“Are you sure you’re not uncomfortable with all vulnerability?” You blink at him in the darkness, it’s snowing hard outside his window.
“Maybe.” You say and he gives you a little squeeze.
“That’s alright,” he presses his lips to your forehead, “I’ll help you, alright.” You shiver, and snuggle closer to him. “You don’t have to spend it with me, but you have to take a vacation.”
“Really?” You ask softly, looking up at him and he nods.
“Really.” He kisses you softly, “Now what do you want for dinner, or would you prefer I decide for you?”
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planetsano · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: giving and receiving hickeys/love bites.
WARNINGS: hickeys, love bites, bruising, nsfw.
CHARACTERS: bakugou, kirishima, todoroki, midoriya, denki, tamaki, mirio, shinsou (new).
A/N: perhaps I went overboard with this but whew this was fun to write y'all. enjoy!! <3
Tumblr media
— bakugou
you would think he's a fucking psycho from how he wants to bruise up your neck and collarbones. it's not just sucking on your skin. He likes to bite too.
it's a pride thing, I feel like. he doesn't just stop at one or two. He really goes crazy on your neck. six, sometimes eight hickeys all in one sitting. he's a menace 😭
you have to stop him before he gets too out of hand because one-time izuku, bless his heart, thought you got into it with a villain. you had to explain that you were fine and that his hardheaded-ass friend was the reason behind your bruising. he still didn't get it.
"Huh? I don't understand.."
"Midoriya, sweetie. You cannot be serious right now."
Zuku wasn't your only embarrassing encounter regarding your neck. there's so many.
you tell bakugou about your humiliating stories with everyone and he just laughs. you wouldn't even have them if it wasn't for him!!!
"Ugh, you get on my fucking nerves. Move." You push past the blond and he scoffs. now he has to give you some dick because you have an attitude.
he doesn't like receiving as much as giving, but if you're lucky, once in a blue moon, he'll entertain you.
he stops you at three, which isn't fair at all but, you make sure those mfs are obnoxiously visible. right on the sides of his neck, nice and red.
listen, those black tank tops he wears around don't hide shit. he'll forget you put them there, but he doesn't necessarily care if people see them. he's glad to know that people know he's getting some ass. your ass, respectfully.
the boyz 🥶😈💯 like to tease him.
"Hey, Bakubro. Good study sesh with (Name), huh?" Kirishima says, earing a burst of stifled laughter from Denki and Sero on the couches.
"What? Yeah, sure." Bakugou said and took a swig from his water bottle.
"Must've been really good judging from your neck, man," Denki added, getting outright laughter from the other two. Bakugou was irritated.
"Fuck off. You still have to use your right hand to blow your wad." Bakugou grumbled, plopping himself down on the couch.
— kirishima
he's always having fun when he's marking you! he's real generous too, and he likes to leave three or four. all placed randomly on your neck, and they all end up being his colors. he's so proud of his work.
will 100% look at you in class the morning after and say, "you look pretty in red, babe."
your flustered face and playful punch to his arm make him feel so manly.
the only :// thing with his hickeys is that he has to be careful because of his teeth. one time, he accidentally drew blood the tiniest bit of blood. it didn't even hurt, but he was so embarrassed and felt awful ;(
you had a reassure him that you were okay and you loved his teeth, sharp and all. he was your baby shark 🥺
and who else were you going to ask to quote this video? please.
kiri shows a lot of skin, so he'll be a little flustered when he puts on his hero uniform, just because everyone can see where exactly you placed your small love bites. they're not exactly "innocent" spots either.
there's seven, starting from his chest down to his pelvis. its safe for anyone to assume his patience was rewarded in some head. you were already down there anyway, so why not?
he's not too flustered, though; he'll laugh off any comments he gets on them. it's all in good fun.
"Nice happy trail, bro." Denki laughed.
"Shut up." Kiri pulls him into a playful headlock
when he sees you later, he'll come up behind you and smack your ass. hard.
"Ow, Kiri," You rubbed your backside. "What was that for?" You were all pouty, but you didn't mind too much.
"This." He lifts up his shirt showing revealing your work.
— todoroki
he would entirely leave a hickey by accident. it started as a regular cuddle session leaving little kisses on your neck. but your cute little whimpers urged him to keep going, then those little kisses turned into sucking on your neck while his hips rutted into yours.
todo will notice it two hours later when he's helping you with some homework.
"Oh, it's getting darker.." Todoroki leaned in closer to your neck, examining the mark on your skin. He noticed that it was lighter in color earlier, but now it was turning almost bruise-like.
(low key would start to panic because he's not sure if he hurt you. he would just die if he left a permanent mark on you. ✨ trauma ✨)
"Hm? What is?" You turned your attention to him from doing your homework.
"Where I kissed you earlier." He replies.
"Yeah, Sho. It's supposed to, you left a hickey."'
"A hickey?" He's confused.
"Mhm," You pecked his lips. "Now help me with this question."
"It doesn't hurt, right?" His question raises some of your alarms and you get serious.
"No, baby. It felt good, remember?" You gave him a reassuring smile and a gentle pat to his cheek.
he wants to give you more.
a fucking pillow princess. he's the type to like receiving them over giving them. there's nothing wrong with that though! your lips just feel so good on his neck; he can't help but to just lay there and take it.
he doesn't care at all if people see them. he's super blunt about questions too not picking up on the fact that he's being teased.
"Todoroki! What are you marks on your neck, hm? Bug bites the size of (Name)'s mouth?" Mina giggles. The few of his classmates around him chuckling.
"They're not bug bites, but they are from (Name)." Todoroki says calmly and resumes eating his soba.
everyone: 🤕😐😶
— midoriya
he doesn't do this often, but when he does, he leaves a single cute one. it's somewhere placed out of sight, maybe like at the base of your neck or maybe your collarbone.
zuku gets excited because only he knows where he put them. if you move a certain way or you have on clothing that doesn't cover his marks, he'll blush so much.
I think further into the relationship you get with him, the bolder he'll become.
he's a closeted pervert, so he'll leave some on your inner thighs and ask if he can take a picture, nd promises to not show anyone.
pls just let him 🥺
oh my god, his first hickey was from you, and he felt SO scandalous. everyone teased him about it, but it was all in good fun!
it was just so funny to see someone like sweet little midoriya with something like a hickey on his neck.
honestly, the mark told all his business. the business in question is that he was getting his dick wet on the regular now. RESPECTFULLY.
"Hi, baby!" You greeted happily with a quick kiss.
"Hey, honey." He smiled.
"Oh- Is that from me?" You furrowed your brows and leaned in looking at the mark on his neck.
"Yeah," He chuckled and looked off to the side.
"I have a sticker to cover it up-"
"No, it's okay! Thank you though." He smiled and grabbed your hand to walk you to class.
he's obsesseddddd.
— denki
he loves shit like this!!
he really enjoys the fact that everyone knows that you're his. you literally have the his hickeys to prove it.
denki is another one that will go insane on your neck if you don't stop him.
if you don't rest in peace bc your neck looks like a crime scene <//3
bakugou will say some slick shit like "damn, are you dating a mosquito or what?"
you: "boy mind ur business 🙄"
loves receiving just as much as giving, if not more. he feels like hot shit walking around campus knowing that he's got last night's post orgasm affection all over his neck.
he wouldn't be obnoxiously showing them off but instead he's just in a good ass mood, better than usual.
all in all, pika just loves you a lot. & this is just another way to express how much you guys L word each other.
— tamaki
he doesn't leave any on you much because he's too embarrassed most of the time; this is extra true when you guys first started dating :(
but like midoroya, I think the longer you guys are together, the more comfortable and confident he'll become.
so when he is feeling bolder, he'll leave two, maybe even three on your chest. (it's probably an excuse for him to suck on your boobs, he loves them)
he gets all flustered when you're wearing a top that shows off your chest because now they're visible, and his friends are asking questions.
save him.
another pillow princess, once your lips are on him, he's literally putty in your hands.
a whimpering mess. no, just a mess in general.
one time you were sucking on his neck, and he came in his pants. the poor baby was so embarrassed he couldn't even look you in your eyes for an hour. it took a lot of consoling him to get him back to normal, but at least he got a cute little love mark and an orgasm out of it. <3
he really loves hickeys, though, especially since you seem to have a liking to giving him a handjob while your lips are getting to work on his hip bone.
"Tamaki, raise your arms for a second?" Nijire asked. Mirio, who was standing beside her, nodded. Tamaki looked confused, and he reluctantly raised his arms for his friends.
when he did, the bottom of his shirt lifted to reveal the line of hickeys he had going across his hip line. then the realization hit him like a truck going 120 mph.
"Wow! (Name) really gets to work on you, huh! Good job!" Mirio says in his usual cheerful voice.
tama nearly died from embarrassment. no literally, he was on the floor. poor thing.
— mirio
this sunshine loves to mark up his little baby!! he doesn't go overboard though! just a couple on your neck, real cute stuff.
sometimes he'll leave some on your thighs too if he's feeling extra spicy. he's gotta be in a certain kinda mood though.
honestly he likes hickeys because he's a real tease. like annoyingly so. he'll spend five minutes on one between your thighs knowing damn well you want him to start eating you.
"Mirio. Stop playing with your food 🙄" - You.
he's a big boy, we all know this. so your favorite place to leave them is on his broad chest. it's free real estate.
he looks so good walking around your dorm room shirtless and in his UA sweatpants. his chest just litered with hickeys from you.
"Whatcha lookin' at, sunshine?" He grins at you pulling his sweats up some.
"Nothing, Togata." You shake your head and giggle turning your attention back to your phone.
"Take a picture it lasts longer." He teases.
You actually take a picture. it comes out cute actually, he's doing a strong man pose with his head tilted high.
it goes on your private story on snapchat.
— shinsou
he really fucks with hickeys. the whole concept and the act of doing is just so hot to him. he does this often, probably more so than the other boys. it's just his vibe.
you guys spend your lunch making out & dry humping in a janitor's closet. your classmates already know what's up when you come back from lunch with fresh new red-ish and purple marks on your neck. but that doesn't stop you from scolding him.
"Toshi," You whined. "Why did you do them so dark? People are gonna know." You rubbed your neck as you looked at your appearance through your phone's camera app.
"You look pretty with them. Don't whine." He kisses your forehead and flattens out your hair.
just the thought of you sitting in class fiddling with your gold "𝒽𝒾𝓉𝑜𝓈𝒽𝒾" necklace with a marked up neck just makes him go "whew 🥵"
you like to give him one or two just as a little "remember me <3" after a night of getting piped. you put one on that spot right behind his earlobe and the other right on his adam's apple.
sometimes when you're feeling extra needy, you'll make a mini trail from the underside of his chin to the base of his neck.
he'll let you do it all. he just scrolls through his social medias with a bored look on his face while you get to work on his neck.
he's so hot omg
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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th0tfairy · 5 months ago
bnha boys when ur dad walks in on u having sex 😰
Bakugou: he’s still pounding into u as he holds eye contact with ur dad while u wither under the sheets. “the FUCK you looking at ?”
Shouto: asks him to step out for a minute, he’ll be done soon.
Kirishima: sticks his hand out while he’s still inside of you like, “nice to finally meet you, sir”
Deku: literal seconds from bursting into tears like “you have a DAD⁉️”
Sero: waves awkwardly as he pulls his shirt over you and covers himself with the sheets 😬
Denki: “hello future grandpa” he greets, as he puts his fist out for ur dad to bump😓
Hawks: says “yikes” before proceeding to nut on your back
Dabi: “no offense to ur mom, but now I know where u get your good looks from”
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zukuist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“really random things that’d happen because he’s your boyfriend.”
fandom/s: 僕のヘロアカデミア // boku no hero academia [bnha]
includes: s. todoroki, i. midoriya, k. bakugō, h. shinsō
your name is shortened to y/n, gender neutral!
side note: i’ve been gone ik, but im alive 🌞🤸‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
doesn’t need sweaters most of the time, but because he’s heard of other people talking about their lovers wearing their hoodies, he splurges, and buys a bunch of them and managed to occupy 80% of his closet
you saw all of those new hoodies, and thought free real estate 🌞⛹️‍♂️ shōto has zero regrets.
can make amazing soba, but everything else is a hit or miss.
with that being said, he offered you some kaarage he made for the first time, and it was SUPER bad, even burned. 😟
so whenever he fails at cooking, he makes you spit it out on his HAND 😟 which has a tissue on it.
anyways, you still went 😷🤨 like ‘wtf sho?? why do you allow this’ and he replies with “i don’t want your tastebuds to be ruined.”
offers to do your hair after detangling/brushing or sorting them (regardless of length) and messed up the other half of your head (how fitting)
literally EVERYONE knew who did your hair, and they clowned shōto for it. he thinks he did a good job though, and you’ll agree with him.
can and will stalk take a few looks at your social media. you only know he’s updated because he knows information that’s only been shared on your social media
like.. you’ll be talking about taking pictures at a boba shop, and shōto will say “oh, the one where you’re holding a cup of boba with two fingers?” and you’ll be like 😃✋ “you know that??”
shōto unintentionally, but frequently initiates thumb wrestles. i said it. he will not play fight with you since he doesn’t underestimate his capability, but thumb wrestles 😎 am i right?
waits for you, always. i think he always did, even when you guys were in the ‘close friends’ stage. will wait for you after school, after extra curriculars/classes, when your shoelaces are untied.
speaking of that, shōto is your official ‘shoe lace tier’ your shoelace is untied? he’s one step ahead of you, because he’s already tying them.
(for megumi fushiguro lovers) the two of you were watching jujutsu kaisen, and he saw that you really liked megumi’s character
so the next day, he showed up with sea urchin hair like it was just another day in his life 💀
the two of you touch foreheads a lot. it’s a recharge for him, and he did it a lot when he was too shy to kiss you (pre- first kiss)
Tumblr media
eats all of your leftovers. this boy’s appetite’s huge, so if you’re someone that gets full easily (lol me)
then izuku will finish your leftovers with no hesitation.
feeds you snacks slowly and slowly throughout the day. since he knows that eating faster will probably make you full AND have an upset stomach.
knows exactly what you want whenever you guys order food online, or get something to eat at a restaurant. he just knows at this point. oh, and he’ll be doing the ordering for you, it’s super cute 🥰
(this headcanon is dedicated to mah bestie, @shotorozu) but if you have fake nails and have TROUBLE with opening stuff, he’ll do it for you
he’ll also be the type to get his pinky done, when you’re getting your nails done. because y’know, matchy 😎 the nail artists all coo about how cute that is, but if only they knew how fast they’d get destroyed in fights 💀
peels fruit for you, but it’s never smooth, and it’s probably rough on the edges, so you end up smoothing it out. then it becomes normal for the both of you. izuku peels off 95% of the skin, and you just smooth it out to make it look pretty.
izuku with natural hair, yes. you saw him hold a straightener near his precious curls, and you SCOLDED him for it. he felt super guilty, so to compensate, izuku handed you all of the work.
but that’s pretty much it. you only take care of his hair, making sure he doesn’t fry it. and he does everything else.
cannot cook, even if it was the end of the world. so whenever he tries, he’d never let you get a bite. poison control is on speed dial, if you do manage to eat some. zuku’s just watching out for you 😔
holds all your shopping bags, despite protest. does not matter if you don’t want him to, or if you make him. did you forget who this man is?
man dresses like a sock puppet, so if you wanna help him, then you are more than welcome. boyfriend! izuku knows you won’t set him up. so please don’t
sometimes gets weird dreams because of OFA, so he’ll shamelessly sneak into your bed and cuddle you
the amount of times you have rolled over, and he’s been there like 🙋‍♂️ is astonishing.
(for cheese haters) aoyama tried feeding you cheeze, and when he wasn’t looking, izuku just swooped right in and CHOMPED on it, saving you.
crying in front of him basically signs you up for a couple’s crying session. sincerely, he’s trying to improve his crying habit, but seeing you cry is a tearjerker.
gets into astrology, finds out his sign just in case you ask. . . finds out his entire chart too, and now he cannot be stopped. he’s the astrology junkie now.
Tumblr media
he usually likes it when he walks in front of people. but, for you, you have to walk in front of him, or just don’t walk at all 😾👺
opens doors for you just because he wants to, but katsuki will never admit that, and will always say “you’ll pull on a push door, and embarrass me. i’m opening the doors.”
you’re his food tester, and unlike the rest, his food ALWAYS tastes good. he’ll never do you wrong.
his reasoning for this is “i trust your judgement. now eat, or else” but it’s also because he loves seeing your reaction 💀 ego boost? ego boost.
(also dedicated to my bestie, @shotorozu) but stares at your nails, if/when you get them done. says they look like ‘a pain in the ass’
but when you ask him if you should take them off, he gets mad 👹 like WHAT make up your mind 🙄
when katsuki sees that you’re cold, he throws his sweater on you. also warmed it up with his quirk, so it’s extra toasty.
when he sees that you’re a little too warm, he drags you to someplace private, yanks your shirt off and replaces it with his tank top.
also waits for you when you’re tying your shoelaces. says he won’t, but when you turn around he’s right behind you, waiting.
doesn’t look like the type, but he will watch documentaries with you. the ones with some tragedy in them, of course.
katsuki was like “why do you wanna watch this shit? a whale documentary, really?” *ends up watching blackfish three times, and complains about sea world each and every time.*
loves holding your hand but man’s hands are sweaty. so he makes the both of you start off slowly. despite you saying he won’t blow your hand off, he’s extra cautious.
the two of you link pinkies, then immediately, pinkies and ring fingers. then three fingers, and finally, real hand holding.
he likes taking care of you, but you end up babying him too. brush his hair, kiss his forehead, whisper kind affirmations. he complains a lot, hating how he’s super vulnerable, but he knows how much he wants, and needs it.
Tumblr media
the two of you played fight once, and he ended up pushing you off the couch HARD.
hitoshi underestimated his own strength, and he felt super bad about it. you ended up comforting him, after he soothed your pain.
he was a super vague teacher when it came to teaching you how to ride a bike (if you don’t know how to) hitoshi was the type of teacher that would teach like “step one, get on bike. step two, lift feet. step three, bike.”
with that being said, he’s basically glued to your side when you’re sitting on his bike. lets his hand go just to tease you, but he’d never actually let you fall down.
looks really lost when you guys go shopping. isn’t really flashy when it comes to his sense of style, so hitoshi will let you up his fashion game.
also ran into a bunch of clothing racks because he was too busy admiring you trying on more clothes.
allowed you to do his eyeliner once, and made the grave mistake of rubbing his eyes 😶 went to class looking like a horror movie villain, and scared kaminari 💀
on the weekends, the two of you constantly alternate between no sleep, or lots of sleep. usually depends if hitoshi wants to copy you, or if you want to copy him.
burrito blankets with shinsō hitoshi are FREQUENT. he daf that it’s compacted or hot, he will take this time to be even more closer with you.
learns how to do your hair (if you allow him, doesn’t matter the length) he’s kinda boss at it
waves his hand across your face whenever he wears rings, because he just KNOWS how much you like them.
the only time he ever used his quirk on you, is when you were in desperate need of sleep. it’s a touchy topic, but the peaceful look on your face was worth it.
enjoys holding hands with you, but if you REALLY wanna make this man’s cheeks burn red, then while holding hands, shove your hand in his pocket.
Tumblr media
© zukuist 2021, bnha || mha belongs to horikoshi kohei. do not steal, reupload ❕
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shotorozu · 13 days ago
how they look at you
Tumblr media
— ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦ 5k followers milestone
character(s) : multiple characters (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] gender neutral, quirk’s specifics not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff. really fluffy. (x reader)
note(s) : this is part one of my 5k followers celebration! will be posting more later :)) i am finally relieved from my projects, so i can go back to my regular posting schedule 🤩 also i was going to put in mirio and monoma, but it just didn’t work 😨 (but i might add them in a second part who really knows)
mha manga spoilers for those who don’t know dabi’s government name (if it wasn’t obvious already 💀💀)
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
↛ hard, rough edges are immediately softened, relaxed. and at first, katsuki was not at all aware on how his face would visibly— yet subtly change when his vermillion eyes are affixed on you. beats himself over it, and damns himself for allowing himself to be like this, and tries to have it under wraps, because there’d be ‘no going back after this’. contrary to popular belief, he can’t seem to care in the moment, even though he probably wanted to care, when he watches you pin colorful hair barrettes in his wild, ash blonde hair. when you laugh at his scowling reactions, when you straighten out his messy collar, and when you’re just thinking your head off— staring into who knows what. he swears that his face doesn’t actually change, and katsuki’s just partially right. everything does look the same for some people, but his eyes, everyone. his eyes look so relaxed, like he’s not forcing them into a squinting scowl, a seemingly permanent glare. yet, it appears on his face so subtly. but that’s the thing, every single change in his face is super noticeable, it sends everyone that cares enough into heavy debate (verbally, or non-verbally)
todoroki shouto
↛ he looks at you like you’re his safe haven. when he looks at you, his eyes soften, and he looks at you with such interest— for a moment, he forgets all the things that happened to him. all of the times he had to train at such a young age, and all of the times he slept tensely in his bed. his shoulders stop tensing as much, and it feels like he can truly relax— even if it’s just at the sight of you. shouto’s strong, yes, and he’d like to protect those dear to him, but sometimes he forgets he needs to be protected too. so with you, he looks at you to remember, to reassure himself that he’s safe, and he’ll always have the safe space he loves so much, as long as he spends the rest of his days with you. though he’s aware he should be working on himself more than anyone present in that room, you unknowingly help him, and he’ll thank you for it over and over again, even if you don’t get why he’s doing so, and even if you think he doesn’t need to be thanking you. people will point his blatant favoritism out, on how “you actually look invested when Y/N talks to you” and he can’t say he denies it. why wouldn’t he want to treat the person he loves like royalty?
midoriya izuku
↛ with hopeful eyes, he scans you with learning intent. as if multiple pages in his notebook aren’t dedicated to you. if it was impossible to learn even more about you, then izuku proved you wrong— because it is possible. when he was younger, his observant habits were always poked fun at. classmates would always shoot him disapproving looks whenever he’d get too observant about something— so from that point on, he tried keeping it down. however, you encouraged him of these habits, and listened. and with that, he can’t seem to stop. with emerald eyes, izuku stares at you with a gleam of hope, like there’s another hidden detail about you that he could familiarize with, and then engrave it in his mind, and notebook of course. he feels utterly blessed to have someone like you, and to show his gratitude, he wants, hopes and needs to learn more stuff about you. izuku wants to know what makes you sad and down in the moment, he wants to know your favorite shows, and the things you’ll absolutely criticize because of your own personal opinions. you would feel awkward, being observed like this, but with that gleam in his eyes? you can’t find yourself complaining.
kirishima eijirou
↛ his breathing is calm, eyes trained on you with a certain glint— a respectful one. if you thought his words were enough to display the amount of respect, and admiration he has for you— then you are certainly wrong. the ‘so manly!’ and ‘awesome!’ comments was definitely the obvious display of respect, but his stare? it says thousands of words without actually saying anything. sure, the starry eyed look he’d give you’s also pleasant, the one everyone’s used to seeing, but this hits differently. his vermillion eyes stare at you, with an unforeseen amount of calmness, and respect. there’s proof of respect in his stare— like how he tries not to stare at you for too long, as he’d beat himself up for staring at you for even just a second too long. though he’d like to stare at all of you for as much as he liked, he’d really only stare at your eyes, and the occasional lips when he gets too absorbed. yet, he immediately snaps out of it, when eijirou realizes how not so manly it probably looks— as he’s aware of how some people can get rather uneasy with unwarranted staring. but, is it really unwarranted— when he stares at you so respectfully, just like ‘the boy next door’ trope? you should definitely tell him that he doesn’t need permission to stare at you.
shinsou hitoshi
↛ through tired eyes, hitoshi stares with amusement. you’d think that amusement would be something he wouldn’t feel that often, as his top priority was getting into the hero course, but you couldn’t be more incorrect. he’s only ever amused when he sees something particularly ridiculous, or his friends being goofy, or when they’re GENUINELY in awe due to the nature of his quirk— that’s what hitoshi assumed anyway, up until he encountered you. it’s natural to be interested in someone that just crashed into your life, and changed your perception on some things, and made you feel new things. with a insomniac gaze locked in, he stares at you in amusement whenever you get excited over your favorite animal, whether it’s a cute little cat, or something much more bizarre than that. when you encourage him to send that cute cat picture to his mentor with enthusiasm, and most especially— when you’re subtly, not so subtly reach for his hand, that’s only inches away from yours, or when you attempt to use those cheesy pickup lines on him. his amusement may not be inherently obvious to everyone around, but the people he keeps in close range definitely know, and they would’ve guessed that he didn’t take you seriously, if they didn’t know who hitoshi shinsou is as a person. it’s solid that he takes you seriously— but man, you’re hypnotic. it’d be hard not to stare at you like that.
kaminari denki
↛ absolutely dumbfounded, and with eccentric, “stupidly in love” eyes. you know that one interview with jhené aiko— the one where she practically hypnotized the interviewer? yeah. that’s you and denki. (she made him stutter but you get what i mean) not a single thought flies through his head when you’re around— and you simply thought it would go away, or at least meddle down the minute you guys reach your 10 month anniversary, but you are incorrect! unlike three of the characters mentioned before him, everyone can tell when denki decides to stare at you. from the way his jaw slightly drops open, and how it looks like there’s not a single thought that runs through his head. especially when you run a hand through his hair, when you feed into his antics, and sometimes— when you’re just across the room, there by yourself. he stares at you with semi glossy, lidded eyes— and only idly nods when someone tries to draw his gaze away from you. he’ll follow your every move, it means he could still dumbly admire your existence. oh, and also— denki kaminari stares at you like how he breathes in air supply (very factual), and he’s very grateful to be literally blessed by you. and, someone please close this man’s jaw, because it might attract some flies 😭 /j
amajiki tamaki
↛ a sigh of relief escapes his lips, as he stares at you. despite the shyness, he’s relieved. arguably similar to shouto’s— but they’re quite different. it’s a given that the suneater doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with other people that often, and you know what? you won’t pressure him to do so, even though you’d like to make eye contact with him, considering how special he is. tamaki’s stare is quite progressive— as he went from shying away from you out of fear of doing something wrong, to looking at you without hesitation or doubt. when tamaki finds himself staring at you, it finally feels like he can breathe normally without tensing up, because you’re there— you’re still here, safe and well, and that his ‘incompetence’ or ‘hesitation’ didn’t cost him your safety (you tell him that he’s never incompetent, and everyone hesitates every once in a while.) nonetheless, he’s still shy. choosing to stare at you when everyone’s distracted, or when no one’s watching— because it’d be difficult to explain why he exactly looked like that. his friends find it all sweet, and they honestly encourage him to stare at you more. no matter how many times your friends, or even you tell tamaki, he still thinks it would be incriminating, or just flat out rude if he did that out of the blue. you just hope that one day, tamaki realizes that it’s the exact opposite. you too, are relieved— when you catch tamaki staring at you like that.
aizawa shouta — eraserhead
↛ a feeling of rest that was once a rarity, slowly dissipated into something regular whenever he looked at you. it’s pretty factual that aizawa shouta is a workaholic. at this point— he’s practically a father of 22 children at 31 years old, and to add onto that, he’s still balancing his own personal problems. basically, he’s in a seemingly never-ending, constant state of fatigue, and can anyone really blame him for not wanting to step into the dating realm? it’d tire him out more, and he’d never give his partner the proper attention needed in a relationship. to shorten it, shouta was fine with being alone romantically— since it’d fatigue him and his partner more, until he met you. the pro hero didn’t think it was possible to have the fatigue sucked away from him just by staring at someone, even if there was a quirk that did exactly that— it felt as if he was just born tired. however, you just seemed to prove him incorrect. oh, he needs to grade the electric kid from class 1-A’s essay, but he’s tired? he’s gonna take a look of you passed out on your desk, for motivation and because you look cute but he’s not going to say a thing. oh, he had to stop midoriya from his self destructive tendencies for the umpteenth time, is honestly growing tired of it? one look, and he could go on for just a bit longer. he tries not to stare at you like a smitten highschooler due to the need of professionalism though he feels like one, but even aizawa shouta himself lets his guard down sometimes. shouta thought the feeling was all a placebo effect at first, but he grew to realize that the sudden lack of fatigue’s definitely real.
takami keigo — hawks
↛ it’s seemingly in his character that he stares at you proudly. he tries not to mention his relationship alot, because i don’t think keigo’s always this constantly cocky and charismatic guy,, but that’s how the public views him anyway. regardless— even if his demeanor’s authenticity is debatable, the fulfilling feeling that grows in his chest is definitely not fabricated. a part of him wants to show you off and brag about your existence, until he physically cannot— but that’d make you vulnerable to the wrong people. so, he’ll just have to stick with vague answers and small smiles. even if he can’t openly brag about you, the way he looks at you speaks volumes instead. doesn’t mention you too much, but when someone asks about you, his lovely partner, he can’t help but feel and look proud— almost smug. whether it be of you, because of how far you’ve progressed, or himself because he managed to have someone like you in his imperfect life. or, let’s just say you’re coincidentally on tv with keigo for whatever reason— whenever you speak and keigo so happens to be in the same frame— he just nods, and stares at you with this heart throbbing smile, utterly proud. sometimes, he can be seen looking all giddy, while he’s up in the air— but that’s because he’s looking at a picture of you. this has caused keigo to be in one of those youtube videos that are titled “hawks admiring this mysterious but attractive person for 6 minutes straight” 💀 he thinks he’s being subtle, and he kind of is, but the fans know
↛ revolted, and repulsed upfront— but really stares like there’s everything, and nothing to lose. he didn’t know what you were doing to him— after all, he’s just looking at you, and he’s feeling like,, this. it honestly repulsed him. dabi concludes that he’s getting side tracked from his true intentions and goals, and he’d like to burn you out of his life, shut you out— he’s familiar with it after all. he’s really just selfish like that. but, is this selfishness coming from his hidden desire of you? or is it coming from the selfishness of achieving revenge? maybe both. nonetheless, he doesn’t actually do anything to you, because no matter how many times he’ll lift his palm up to release the flames, he can’t find it in himself to do it. if he did, how else was he going to catch glimpses of you around the hideout, or in his trench coat, that has honestly seen better days— if he had done exactly that? dabi, a villain way beyond repair to most, stores his vulnerability behind a heated look, which you honestly can’t seem to decipher, because it looks like he’s about to engulf your entire body in flames at any moment— but, when you’re asleep, in the depths of slumber, that’s when his true stare that’s reserved for you crawls out, the vulnerability. dabi concludes he never really had anything to lose, but suddenly— there is everything to lose, all because of you. it’s sickening. he only decides to look at you like this, when you’re not conscious to see it, but maybe someday— he’ll show you, and reveal even just a tiny speck of that different stare of his.
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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azucanela · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
fake dating trope headcannons + scenarios [gender neutral]
Tumblr media
characters: denki kaminari, izuku midoriya, todoroki shouto
request: hi i saw your headcanons / suggestions are open so feel free not to do this one! but maybe fake dating trope with todoroki ( and whoever you want ) <3
warnings: mild mentions of violence. endeavor.
note: hope this is good ! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a JOKE. Messing with everyone, it’s an inside joke between the two of you. Flirting during your interviews, constantly hanging out with a questionable amount of affection for two people that are “just friends” and such, messing with your fanbases and your friends alike. 
You and Denki have a twitter hashtag dedicated to your relationship, people are speculating if it’s real, how long you’ve been together, when you’ll make it official, etc. There’s fanart, fanfiction, everything you can think of. One time you saw a video that was just, “take a shot every time Pro Hero Chargebolt looks at Pro Hero Y/N like he’s in love.”
In this instance of “fake dating” I think Denki would definitely fall for you first. He’ll definitely hide those feelings behind your little charade though, until the inside joke starts extending into the time you two share together when no one else is watching. 
He’s still gravitating towards you on the couch when everyone has left after dinner at your place, pressing kisses to your cheek when he leaves even though everyone else is gone already. There’s no need to continue acting like this but he does. 
The fake dating thing really starts hurting him because you don’t really like him but its nice to pretend you do in those moments, that it’s all real even though its not. He starts to wonder if maybe he should suggest a fake break up but Denki can’t bring himself to do it because even if he can’t really have you this is better than nothing. 
I think if he confessed to you its because he wants closure, and he’s gonna make it completely clear he doesn’t expect you to reciprocate those feelings and he doesn’t expect your inside joke to continue any longer. 
100% would prefer if you confess first, he would be so happy and elated if you feel the same about him, he is gonna go around and tell people you guys are DATING and everyone is just so confused but to Denki that is everything. 
Tumblr media
Denki can’t help but tangle his limbs with Y/N’s, head tucked into their neck as their hand rakes through his hair. “Denki, you’re the only one still here, shouldn’t you be getting home?”
Red solo cups are strung along the apartment, on the floor and on counters and tables. The bowls once filled with snacks are empty and theres a suspicious number of pizza boxes. 
“Who will help you clean up?”
A laugh escapes Y/N as they begin to sit up, much to Denki’s chagrin, “not you, that’s for sure. You’ll just sit on the couch and watch.”
He huffs, arms clinging to Y/N like if he lets go they’ll never come back. Probably because Denki is convinced that is exactly what will happen. He’s grateful they never ask about his antics, the way they even after everyone else as left— he’s still glued to them like an actual boyfriend would be. 
“You gotta let go Denki.”
Instead, he buries himself deeper into their neck and asks, “what if I don’t want to?”
Y/N pauses their movements, probably because the lines have blurred with their little inside joke and if you think long and hard enough the question is a lot deeper than Denki intended. He finds himself scared to let go, to look up and see the look on Y/N’s face now that he’s said that, even if it isn’t in the context he had expected to. 
Instead, he feels Y/N’s body relax against the couch as they say, “fine. Five more minutes.”
Maybe he wasn’t the only person who didn’t want to let go. 
Tumblr media
The only reason I think Izuku would ever get into a fake relationship is because he determines that the only way to get a certain villain out of hiding is with his “s/o” as bait. The villain wants to take everything from our darling Deku so if he has a partner then they’re bound to strike and give Deku and the rest of his agency a chance to finally take them down.
You, being a fellow Pro-Hero, offer to help Izuku in these escapades. And he honestly wouldn’t agree to work with you unless he already respected you and your skill so that’s a start. 
So, you guys begin advertising this false relationship however you can, which is fairly easy cause people probably already shipped y’all, but it starts off small. Hanging out publicly, holding hands, going to interviews, and finally talking about your relationship to the news stations, doing everything you can to rub it in the villain’s face that Pro Hero Deku is happy. 
And Pro Hero Deku is in fact happy. Very happy. Because now that he’s spending more time with you he is suddenly very much reminded of the embarrassing crush he had on you during your school years and why he liked you. Basically Izuku falls for you HARD because of your fake dating facade. 
And suddenly, he’s not comfortable with the idea of putting you in mortal danger, oops. He is well aware that you can handle yourself but the possibility that things go horribly wrong exists in his head 24/7, and Izuku is an overthinker so that can never end well. 
After the whole villain thing is handled he’s gonna get on his KNEES and APOLOGIZE as he confesses his undying love for you and you’re just gonna: :o
A complete and utter rambling mess, you’re gonna have to tell him it’s okay. If you reciprocate his feelings then he may very well cry tears of joy, completely worth nearly getting murdered to capture a villain.
Tumblr media
Izuku could vividly remember the crush he’d had on his colleague during their school years, the crush he had thought he’d gotten over, up until now that is. The entire past two months had simply been a reminded of everything he’d loved about Y/N, their strength, persistence, and intelligence. 
And it seemed he hadn’t been the only one reminded of his crush, "I can’t believe you got with your high school crush, that’s so manly!” Kirishima evidently recalled it as well.
Y/N, who is seated beside Izuku, raises a brow in question. “High school crush?” They look to Izuku, who had buried his face in his hands in an attempt to hide the red of his cheeks. “That’s funny, I liked you too in high school.” 
Izuku can’t help but look up from his hands in shock, mouth gaped open as he looks to Y/N, who offers him a bright smile. “What?!”
“So manly!” Kirishima repeats in awe, slapping Bakugou’s arm repetitively in excitement. Bakugou looks to him incredulously and nearly swats at him until Y/N speaks up.
“Is that so hard to believe? You were really impressive as a student and not to mention good-looking.” They wink at him, a small laugh escaping them as they return to the conversation at hand while Izuku practically turns to dust beside them.
Maybe deciding not to tell their friends that it was a fake relationship was a bad idea. But he doesn’t have time to dwell on that as he reminds himself that they were out in public trying to sell that they actually were dating. 
They probably just thought it was a part of the act, right?
A part of Izuku hoped they didn’t.
Tumblr media
Purely to spite his father. He’s going to ask you very bluntly if you’ll agree to pretend to date him to do so, and as his loyal friend you do in fact agree. Chances are you are quirkless or just not on the list of potential suitors his dad has lined up for him. Todoroki’s only goal is to piss off dear old dad here.
He’ll take you out on fake dates, bring you to family outings and vacations, post you on social media, Todoroki does it all to show you off. He even gives you his dad’s black credit card and tells you to spend to your hearts desire— or at least until Endeavor gets a call from the bank. Todoroki spares no expense.
Todoroki isn’t the type to fall for you easily, this was meant to be a business transaction and he treats it as such. There are no moments where your fake dating facade extends anywhere but when you two are around others, he isn’t touchy when no one is around, he’s just your good friend Shouto again. You’re doing him a big favor and that is it.
You probably fall for him first and HIDE those feelings deep deep deep down. Ignoring them even as Todoroki smiles at you sweetly and makes it hard to do so. Todoroki doesn’t show any signs of stopping until you bring it up and ask when it’s all going to end.
His answer? Whenever you want.
And then it kinda hits him, this is fake, it’s a favor. And the prospect of losing you is not necessarily one he particularly enjoys. It’s just one slip up, kissing you as he leaves your apartment even though no one is around, and then it hits him‚ he made a mistake.
At this point, two things happen. Either he is going to be very upfront, he will tell you he thinks he has been “compromised” and has developed feelings for you— Todoroki will apologize for developing feelings— and that your false relationship should end.
Or, you confess. Please do everyone a favor and confess because that is really the only way things go anywhere. While Todoroki probably will temporarily take a step back from you to reevaluate everything, he’ll come back and say he likes you too and all will be well again.  
Tumblr media
Todoroki had felt Y/N’s eyes on him since he entered their home to pick something up. Every time he tried to meet their eyes, they’d look away, but he could tell they wanted to ask him something. So why didn’t they?
Sighing, Todoroki rests his bag onto the floor and turns to them, “what’s wrong?” It’s a simple question that probably has a much more complicated answer. 
Y/N seemed shocked by the sudden question, like they were caught in a lie, “it’s nothing.” 
Todoroki says nothing, simply staring them down, not moving an inch. Y/N is well aware he’s waiting for an actual answer but they don’t really know what to say except, “when does it end?” Looking away from his piercing gaze, they bring a hand to the back of their neck, “this.” They add, an attempt at clarification— not that Todoroki needed it. 
Tilting his head, Todoroki’s eyes remain on Y/N as he replies, “whenever you want.” 
No pressure or anything in that, everything riding on Y/N. They’re practically frozen in place as they watch him grab his bag from the floor, walking down the hallway to the exit of Y/N’s home. Y/N seems to realize this as they stumble forward, reaching out to nobody as they cry out, “wait I’ll— I’ll walk you to the door.”
They’re chasing him down like they’ve got something to lose, and maybe that’s because it feels like they do, like they just unintentionally ended something. It isn’t long before Y/N catches up to Todoroki seeing as he had stopped just before the door, their eyes meeting his. 
Y/N clears their throat, reaching past him to open the front door, “bye.”
Todoroki nods, and Y/N thinks that’s all he has to offer until he brings a hand to their face, brushing a strand of hair away before his hand came to rest on their cheek. Y/N doesn’t really know what they expected, just that Todoroki’s lips met theirs and that was that. 
Nonchalantly, he simply says, “see you tomorrow.” And out the door he goes.
It had never truly occurred to Todoroki what the end of their arrangement could mean, not until now that is. And maybe that’s why he just made quite the mistake in forgetting that no one else was around.
Tumblr media
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todoscript · 5 months ago
how he would ask you out
Tumblr media
request: pls some headcanons of how the boys (shinsou/tamaki/shouto) would ask the girl they like out 🥺
characters: shinsou hitoshi, amajiki tamaki, todoroki shouto
genre: fluff
word count: 3.3k+ total, 900-1200 per character
tags: pining, confessions, fem!reader
author’s notes: sorry if this sounds rushed?? i can’t write 
copyright 2021 todoscript, all rights reserved. i do not allow my creations to be published or translated anywhere else.
Tumblr media
two years after his enrollment into the hero course, shinsou had finally came to terms with the feelings he’s been holding for you for quite some time now.
what began as just friendly encounters and kind gestures felt like something more to him. after all, you were one of the key people that led him to transition smoothly into the class, with your helpful demeanor and coming to his aid whenever he was stressed and troubled by the new environment.
you went out of your way to organize study sessions and small arrangements to mingle and get to know the other students better.
you reiterated to him that if he ever had any questions about anything, he could always come to you.
initially, shinsou thought he was being a burden—that he was just heavy baggage that tied you down.
however, you assured he was anything but, and stated that you were more than happy to help him, even going to say you enjoyed spending time and getting to learn more about him.
at your response, shinsou was appalled at how genuine you were.
appalled… but also very grateful.
eventually, there came a point when he realized there was no mistaking the affection he felt for you—not when he subconsciously noted every one of your habits and intricacies, able to tell whatever emotions were running through you at a simple glance, or when he would stop to admire the way you decided to style your hair differently or changed your look, thinking you seemed even more charming that day by the confidence you exude.
no, at that point, he’s sure it was painfully obvious. so obvious, in fact, that kaminari and mina had chosen to skip today’s group study session in favor of letting the two of you have your “alone time”. whatever that could mean.
shinsou had grimaced over their excuse of “being too busy that day” when you had told him the reasoning they gave you over text, despite knowing their next exam was only a couple days away. recalling just how nosy and enthusiastic they could get when involved in these kinds of affairs, he had an inkling of what exactly those two were planning. you, on the other hand, seemed completely oblivious to their schemes.
however, what did latch onto your mind was the thought of spending the day with only shinsou, in his very room, sitting across from each other with your textbooks open in front of you. though you should be more attentive to your studies, you couldn’t help the palpitations beating loudly in your chest and your wandering eyes that snuck glances at him after every question you answered.
unbeknownst to you, shinsou mirrored your actions all the same, reciprocating the flustered behavior, albeit a bit more subtly.
keep calm, hitoshi. why are you getting all worked up? he would say to himself, putting on his usual facade.
although he came off as relatively calm and collected on the outside, it’s difficult to keep his emotions in check when actions never lie.
that was especially true as he reached his hand out for the eraser you two were sharing between each other. with his eyes continuing to gander down at his notes, he hadn’t noticed that you were lunging for the same thing—not until your fingers had suddenly touched and you both pulled away at a speed equivalent to making contact with fire.
his stare unfaltering, shinsou was surprised to discern the embarrassed look on your face that immediately fixed itself as you rummaged through your pencil pouch. a second later, you pulled out another eraser, one that was notably smaller than the one you were sharing.
“um.. i’ll just use this,” you offered, and shinsou rubbed the back of his neck, the whole situation more awkward than it needed to be considering you never had any trouble sharing your supplies with each other before.
through some examination of your demeanor, shinsou had made a… bold enough claim, thinking that maybe—just maybe—you held the same kind of affections for him as he did for you.
it’s like he recalled earlier—actions never lie—and shinsou didn’t let the quiver of your lips or the intense concentration at your work to avoid meeting his gaze go past his head. that’s what spurred him to finally act on his desires.
without warning, he leaned forward on his seat to lay his hand over yours that caught your attention. you met his eyes, astonished to say the least, but more so concerned by how your eyes widened before you were about to open your mouth to ask him what was wrong.
the violet-haired male beats you to your words, voice resonating firmly, “y/n.”
you blinked. “y-yeah..?”
“i know this might be a bit late coming from me, but,” you could feel his hand tighten atop yours, “after exams, do you want to catch a movie together? just the two of us?”
shinsou fought the urge to look away, bashful at how he made his declaration for your time. the warmth surging under his skin was alleviated at the smile that slowly curled on your lips as you rotate your wrist, your palm touching his. the expression washing over your features told him you’ve been waiting for him to ask you this for a while now.
“i’d love to.”
Tumblr media
ever a shy and introverted individual, tamaki has never had the heart to ask you out despite years of harboring a crush on you.
every time the thought had crossed his mind, he’d reason poorly with himself that you wouldn’t be interested in him in that way.
it didn’t help that his low self-esteem only deepened that thought that had now rooted itself in his brain.
at such a prestigious school like u.a., you were bound to find someone far more compelling than him—someone with guts, confidence, and great social skills. not a guy like him who conjures the image of potatoes at every anxiety-inducing encounter he comes across.
he was relieved enough to settle himself comfortably as just your friend—a title that allowed him to stay close and keep within your circle, all the while subjecting him to simply admiring you from afar.
but his eyes that held a hidden longing for more weren’t overlooked by a fellow student of his. or to be precise, the ever curious and free-spirited, hadou nejire.
always aware of his surroundings, it was hard not to notice that peculiar stare she’d aim at him during moments where he might’ve just finished speaking to you, or when you’d pass by and his head would naturally drift in your direction.
it was like she was picking apart every detail laid on him and it made tamaki absolutely restless.
tamaki’s suspicions and anxiety were later raised during one instance at the lunch table. he was at his usual seat next to his other big three companions, mirio and the aforementioned nejire, who was eyeing him with a gleam in her eye.
even with his self-consciousness, tamaki did his best not to pay any mind to the undesired attention and munched on his plate of takoyaki—the octopus nestled in the batter sure to come in handy later in training that day.
to his dismay, you passed by their table with your tray of food in hand, and nejire did not waste any time calling you over in that cheery tone of hers.
she invited you to sit down with them. you gave her invitation some thought before ultimately placing yourself in the free spot next to mirio, with nejire and tamaki already seated across from you.
the girl was all smiles and hums while tamaki was in a state of distress, both at his friend’s odd behavior, which was starting to spell trouble, to having you pulled into all of this. mirio was just being mirio, welcoming as always.
you greeted everyone at the table, making eye contact with mirio and nejire, but tamaki evaded your line of sight. he simply waved his reply without breaking away from his balls of takoyaki.
luckily for him, you didn’t give his lack of words much thought and started digging into your own lunch. it was then that nejire found it appropriate to start up a conversation.
“y’know, y/n, i’ve been meaning to ask you this, from one girl to another,” she mused, finger waving around playfully, “are you interested in anyone here?”
upon hearing her question, tamaki almost choked on his bonito flakes, his cheeks puffed and eyes blown. meanwhile, your chewing slowed as you gave your answer some thought.
“uh… well–”
“i’d say fujita from class d is quite the looker! think you’d be interested in them?”
after swallowing the food in his mouth, tamaki began to subconsciously listen in on the conversation. he paid close attention to your responses with bated breath, a small part of him anticipating your answer highly.
“fujita’s nice and all, but i don’t think we’d really get along as a couple.”
tamaki mentally sighed, relief evident all over his face. it was then that mirio had started fitting the pieces together after watching his close friend’s brow wrinkle throughout the entire exchange before finally relaxing at your words. crossing his eyes with nejire’s only confirmed his suspicions as the girl sent him a wink.
as a friend, mirio wasn’t about to let nejire’s operations fall flat. getting up from his seat, he motioned tamaki to come with him.
“i heard they have extra yakisoba bread right now! we should go check it out!” he said as a guise to give the other two time to themselves, free from tamaki’s prying ears.
unaware that mirio had caught on so quickly, tamaki didn’t object to tagging along with him. mostly because he thought of this as an opportunity to get some fresh air and calm his racing heart, finally feeling the effects of the blood rushing to his face.
with tamaki supposedly out of earshot, nejire was free to go about her questions however she wanted.
“okay then, if not fujita, then who? there has to be someone, right?” the girl scooted further in her seat out of pure curiosity. “tell me, is it perhaps someone in our class?”
it was your turn to be stricken by her boldness. you tried picking at your food, stuffing it into your mouth to avoid answering, but nejire’s tenacity outmatched you.
finishing your lunch, you opened your mouth to speak, “actually, the person i’m interested in is pretty close to you…”
nejire feigned ignorance, innocently placing a finger under her chin. “who? mirio?”
“ah no, it’s tamaki, alright?!” you ended up blurting, voice hushed but frantic.
bingo. hearing exactly what she wanted, nejire returned to her original position, a triumphant grin plastered on her lips. replaying what you said out loud in your head, you buried your warm face in your hands.
unbeknownst to you, tamaki had ended up hearing the whole exchange around the corner coming back to their table as mirio lightly snickered at his revelation of an expression.
the blond patted his shoulder. “go on then, you know what to do.” he threw tamaki an encouraging thumbs-up.
the boy gulped in response before inhaling a deep breath of air to prepare himself for what would arguably be the most important yet stress-inducing moment of his life so far.
noticing you getting up to discard your tray, tamaki—through a final push from mirio—went to make his move.
hearing him suddenly call out to you, you were caught off-guard. after admitting to your crush on tamaki to nejire, you felt your cheeks get hot just seeing his face right afterward.
“oh hey, did you get your hands on those yakisoba breads?” you scraped up a way to start the conversation.
“right... that… mirio managed to get the last one in the cafeteria,” he answered. then he brought his hand to rub his elbow, fidgeting in his spot as he found it difficult to look you in the eyes again.
“tamaki? something wrong? are you upset that he got the last yakisoba bread?”
he shook his head. “no, i… it’s just… i’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time now, but never had the courage to say it to you because i didn’t think you ever liked me that way. but…” he finally mustered the determination to face you head-on. “would you go out with me, y/n?”
at first, you were speechless—absent of words as you relayed his request in your mind over and over again. then, your eyes softened, lips easing into a smile as you reached out for his hand.
“i thought you’d never ask.”
Tumblr media
it’s no surprise to many that when it came to asking someone out, todoroki didn’t exactly know the first thing to do.
mostly because he’s never asked anyone out to begin with.
you were the first person he’s ever felt these kinds of emotions for, and to be frank, he wasn’t sure what to make of everything that had been going through him when that root of infatuation had started to bloom inside him.
rather than sulk or contemplate on his thoughts for too long, he surmised it was best to simply come clean and ask for advice.
but when he confessed to what had been on his mind lately, he wasn’t expecting such a vigorous response from his friends.
“i’ve been thinking about asking y/n out.”
there was a layer of uncomfortable silence amongst the group before all hell eventually broke loose.
midoriya, uraraka, and iida immediately sprung from their seats in the common room, yelling “what?!” in unison. tsuyu and her frog-like mannerisms were more idle, but still surprised nonetheless.
todoroki was unfazed by their reactions, actually expecting it to go that way considering he’s never brought up any topics of that nature before. at the very least, he’s thankful he decided to say this when it was just the five of them. compared to what the whole class’s reaction would have been like, this was incredibly tame.
todoroki was used to always listening to what others had to say and never being the subject of the conversation when it came to dating.
but now things were different. he was openly admitting to them that he was regarding someone romantically. that he possibly sought a relationship with this someone—wanting to be committed to them and become the very best person he could be right next to them. to the four, this was coming completely out of left field.
after everyone simmered down and let the news sink in, the dual-haired boy resumed his thought,
“but i’m not sure how to do it.”
though the entirety of the group never had any experiences when it came to dating, they knew enough from media and pop culture to get an idea on how to help him. more than todoroki could imagine on his own anyway.
“i know! how about we go with the romantic and suave approach!” uraraka suggested. the rest asked her to elaborate.
“it’s simple! it starts by you leaving a note on her desk right before class, saying to meet you on the rooftop of the school! before the designated time, you should wait there for her with a bouquet of flowers, and then when she arrives, confess your feelings and ask her out!”
midoriya rubbed a finger against his cheek, skeptical. “i don’t think that sounds as simple as you’re making it out to be.”
tsuyu chimed in beside him. “those kinds of ideas usually only work well in books, ochako.”
pursing her lips, uraraka gave her plan a once-over, and realized it did seem a bit more involved and out of character than what todoroki was used to.
despite sharing a few more ideas with one another, they couldn’t narrow it down to any perfect one.
that was when iida clapped his hand, bringing everyone’s attention to him.
“alright, i think we’re starting to blow this whole ‘operation’ way out of proportion,” he said.
“if you’re honest about the way you feel about her and show it sincerely, i’m sure she’ll consider your feelings. you don’t have to do anything extravagant when it comes to asking someone out.”
listening throughout every word, todoroki nodded. meanwhile the other three were astonished that their class representative could be so whimsical when it came to romance, which in turn, iida was conflicted by. however, at the very least he was glad they could help out a friend. and so, todoroki went about his day with their discussion in mind.
he found that in many occurrences, whenever he crossed by you and thought of it as a chance to ask you out, there would always be someone to come in and take your time away. leaving him to stand there awkwardly before dismissing the fated question for later.
eventually, the sky dimmed and evening arrived, and by then, the whole class was already back at their dormitory and about to have dinner.
through some rather convenient circumstances, you two were actually assigned on kitchen duty that night.
“it’s been getting pretty cold lately so i was thinking we should cook up a hot pot for everyone.” you gave your idea to him as you pulled out some ingredients from the fridge, waiting for his reply, but it came a few seconds later than you were expecting.
“right. sounds like a good idea,” todoroki answered a tad late. upon realizing it was only going to be the two of you making dinner tonight, his mind was occupied by what he and his friends spoke about earlier.
that was when he started overthinking the situation and absentmindedly half-assed his work.
“todoroki, the cut on the tofu is slightly uneven.” you reviewed his cutting board. looking down, he saw the inconsistent slices of tofu limp in front of him. if bakugou were the executive chef for the evening, he would’ve had to hear an earful from him.
“sorry…” he apologized quietly, reaching out for another cube of tofu to cut.
“is everything okay? i know you’re still learning how to cook, but i’ve seen you show some significant improvement on your knife skills recently.” you voiced your concern for him.
the white and red-haired boy stared at the white bean curd while hearing your worried tone and couldn’t find it within himself to continue the task. it was now or never he thought. he laid the knife flat on the cutting board.
“actually, i wanted to ask you something.” he turned toward you. “do you… want to go out with me?”
nothing but the sound of the fire running on the stove could be heard in the kitchen. todoroki didn’t move his eyes away from you, watching you nearly drop the plate of siu choy and shiitake mushrooms out of shock as your mouth was hanging open.
when you caught onto your bearings, you let out a small laugh. “oh… i… wasn’t expecting that,” you admitted honestly, placing the ingredients on the counter safely.
the boy furrowed his brows. “is that a no?”
“n-no! i mean that isn’t my answer! i–” you fumbled with your words, cheeks warming up now that his confession had finally sunk in. in the meantime, todoroki found your reaction quite amusing. the corner of his lip quirked into a grin.
“what i mean to say is that yes, i’d love to go out with you.” you accepted the offer wholeheartedly. todoroki would be lying if his heart wasn’t throbbing from anticipation. he’s glad he’s able to rest and put that aside.
“now let’s continue making this hot pot together!” you cheered, smiling widely and he found comfort in your words before resuming slicing the tofu.
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callmemrsbakugou · a month ago
Long Gone (5)
Pairing: Todoroki Shoto x Reader
Warnings: mature content, mentions of infidelity, divorce, hints of violence and anger management problems
A/N: Sorry it was later than usual! The taglist is closed but thank you guys 🤍🙏🏻
Tumblr media
You try to think back on your marriage to figure out where it went wrong. Before getting married, you've been with Shoto for two years. On your third anniversary, he took you home to their manor where you were surprised with your friends and families to witness him get down on one knee. You were head over heels in love so of course, you said yes.
Shoto was the perfect man and he gave you the love you thought only existed in books and movies. He lavished you with gifts and anything you could only ever dream of having. In return, you dedicated yourself to him. Bowed to his every whim.
So when Todoroki asks you to quit your job as head of operations in the country's most well known company for hero support, you agreed in a heartbeat. After all, he says it is for your safety, that he'd feel more comfortable doing his work knowing you're safe at home.
When Todoroki wanted you in gowns and couture, embellished with jewelries that could buy cars and houses just to attend a gala, you do so despite your disinterest for flashing wealth.
And when he said he wanted a baby, although you felt like you both still seem so young and unprepared for such responsibility, you jumped head first knowing you'll be doing it together.
Because you wanted to give him the world as he had done to you. Because you wholeheartedly trusted your marriage. Because you believed in him when he said he wants you for life.
And it was good for the first year.
Shoto was a great dad. He loved the parenting stuff that most people hated. He tends to Yukio's late night cries without complaint, changed his diapers tirelessly and was incredibly patient through the fits. He's also the kind of dad that tears up and apologizes to his kid when it's vaccination time. Sometimes you'd catch him smiling at Yukio's sleeping form and realize just how lucky you are with the man you married.
If someone had told you that a year later your husband would grow cold and cheat on you, you would have punched them in the nose.
So what happened? Where did it go wrong? You ask yourself as you stare longingly at a complete happy family feeding the giraffe. Your heart aching at the thought that Yukio would no longer have that.
"Mom, can we get ice cream?" Your son tugs your hand and points at the stall. You snap out of your trance and smile down at him. "Sure, honey."
You grabbed your wallet from your purse to pay for the ice cream for just a minute and as you turn around, your son was no longer beside you. Your head whips around frantically and a gush of relief floods you seeing him a couple of steps away, talking to a stranger who was crouching in front of him.
"Yukio!" You were breathless as you scooped him up in your arms. "Please, don't run off like that." The little boy seemed shocked by your panic and he was quick to touch your cheek and give you a reassuring smile. "Sorry, mom. I just wanted to say hi to uncle."
Your expression morphed into that one of a mix between surprised and confused. A tap made you turn and a man looms over you, making you crane your neck.
"Hey, Y/n." He greets, his voice deep and raspy but his eyes warm with genuine pleasure seeing you. Your mouth falls open, hardly recognizing the man.
"Dabi?" You blurt out, eyes widening as you look him over in disbelief. You hadn't seen him in a while. His hair is back to platinum and his face.. his neck, arms and hand. They look.. healthy. The scars are all gone, the staples that used to hold his skin together no longer piercing his skin. Although he still sports an earring on one ear.
"I actually go by Touya now." He chuckles. "Trying to get my shit together and all that jazz." He then walks to you, closing your parted mouth using his middle and index finger. "I know," he rolls his eyes, "I barely recognize myself either when I look in the mirror. That's why I was fuckin' surprised when this squirt did." He laughs again as he ruffles your son's hair who was complaining to him for saying the f word.
Your brows furrow but a smile stretches your lips. He looks really good. "You look great, but how-?" You shake your head and Touya wets his lips as he let out a shrug. "It's kinda a long story. You two up for some snack? I can tell you about my life changing story over a bowl of cold soba." He then turns to your son, eyebrows wiggling, knowing it is one of the kid's favorite foods. One he got from his father.
Yukio starts cheering and bouncing in your arms and heavens, he's growing so fast that you're barely managing to carry him. Touya notices this and he took Yukio from you and placed him over his shoulders. Yukio of course is more than thrilled. "Mommy! I'm so tall, look!" He giggles, holding out a hand to you which you took, musing him with a, "You are! Wow!" as the three of you walk back to the parking lot.
To the onlookers, you looked like the picture of a happy family in the zoo.
"Endeav- Dad," he corrects himself with a smirk and a small shake of his head, "He made me see this girl from UA, Eri. Eraserhead's adopted daughter. Good kid." Touya takes a sip from his drink then continues to explain, "She used her quirk to bring my body back to its previous state. It was painful as f- hell." You crack a smile as he sneaks a glance at Yukio who was too busy coloring the little book provided by the waiters as you all wait for your order.
"It felt like my insides were being torn and put back together over and over. Somewhere in the process, I passed out. And when I came to it." He pulled the sleeves of his dress shirt and showed you his forearms and hand, "The scars are gone."
"But what about when you use your quirk? Does it hurt?" You couldn't help but ask. There was a solemn look that flashed in Touya's eyes before he smiled and spoke. "I don't use my quirk as much anymore. It's not really needed in my new line of work." He winks. "But my siblings and I are inherently resistant to extreme temperatures. So even then, it did not hurt when I used my flames." He then averts his gaze as he mutters, "The only reason I turned out the way I did before was because I pushed my quirk and myself. Abused was more like it."
You were aware of this. From what Shoto has told you and from what Touya himself did years ago to get back on your father in law. It still amazes you how they worked past all that.
Touya sees a sad look flash on your eyes as he looks back at you and he was quick to put on a coy smile. "Is it a good look on me, though? Or do you prefer the one when you last saw me?" He asks playfully, twitching his brows making you laugh a little.
"Your old look was badass but I like this one." You say with an equal teasing tone but one filled with sincerity. The last time you saw him was at a Christmas getaway over a year ago arranged by Fuyumi. Dabi, then, was fresh out of prison. He was still aloof but he was working on his relationship with the rest of the family. With you, his niece and nephews though, he was always pleasant.
"You look happier." You say aloud unintentionally but Touya nods thoughtfully, a faint smile on his lips as he says, "I am, Y/n."
And he is, Touya thinks. Finally able to let go of all his anger, his parents are trying to make up for all the fucked up shit they let happen to him as a kid, and him having another chance by living his rightful life as Touya, and reshaping the hero world by working with his dad and a couple of heroes that now see the flaw in the system too.
"I miss your face rings, uncle. Now you look, uh, normal." Yukio says out of the blue, making you and Touya look at him before bursting into fits of laughter.
Touya's laugh was something that made your heart feel warm. It made you think that if he can be happy again, after all that he's been through, then maybe there's hope for you too.
"I miss them too, pal." He says, touching the kid's head. "Your mommy did say it used to make me look badass."
"What's badass?" The kid asks and you both stare at each other like a couple of grown adults that apparently, don't act or talk like one in front of a growing kid.
As Touya walks you and Yukio back to your car, he couldn't help but notice the change in your demeanor since he last saw you. You would space out and everytime you walk by a family, your stare would linger a bit longer and your face would grow somber. He also noticed your missing wedding band and engagement ring on your left hand. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. Touya knew better than to ask though, if you wanted to tell him about it, you would have. So instead, he kept the conversation light and tried so hard to make you laugh and smile.
"It's nice seeing you today, Touya." You turn to him after putting Yukio in the car seat, sinking in his arms when he opens them to you tentatively. "Yukio had a lot of fun thanks to you." A chuckle escapes him as he shoots a glance at the kid who was now fast asleep, knocked out from all the walking, playing, sight seeing and eating they did. "I am the fun uncle after all." He says, to which you were quick to retaliate a defense on behalf of your other brother in law. "Both you and Natsuo are."
"At first, I wanted to roast my new boss alive for sending me on a stake out on a fucking zoo," he says making you snort at how he mockingly says the word 'boss', "but seeing you and that squirt made it worth while."
"Hey, no more roasting." You say with a stern look but this only made Touya laugh. "No promises." He says as he leans in to kiss your cheek.
"I'll see you on Yukio's birthday?" You ask expectantly. Touya made a face, "Eh, I'll have to check my schedule. I got a real job now, you now." When your expression grims he bursts out cackling. "I'm fucking with you, of course I'll be there. I'm family again, aren't I?"
"You always are to me." You say, punching his arm playfully. The response made Touya smile. Suddenly he recalls the stranger his brother brought home. The one who fearlessly sits next to him when everyone seems to walk around eggshells with him. The girl who coaxed Fuyumi's kids to play with their rugged looking uncle who was covered in scars with years worth of trauma. The person who made his family feel like family again.
"I know," he says, gaze softening as he pats your head. You smile as he opens the car door for you, thinking you have smiled and laugh today more than you did the past year. And it's all thanks to him.
"Thanks again, Touya." You murmur before he closes the door gently, you watch him wave goodbye as you drive off the lot.
There was a bitter taste in Shoto's mouth as he gawks at the stupid paparazzi shots of you. He didn't even realize that the guy in the photos was his brother, Touya. In his defense, he looked completely different and he hasn't seen him in a while. And if he's being completely honest with himself, seeing you hugged and kissed, albeit innocently, made him see red.
Shoto couldn't explain why seeing you smiling and laughing with another person made him absolutely livid. Just minutes ago he was so fucking ready to hunt down the man you so shamelessly walk around in public with his damn son. It brings him to a realization that the possibility of you being with another person in the future made his stomach turn.
His head snaps up, his breathing heavy as he comes into a conclusion.
He's fucking jealous.
Shoto's hand ran through his hair out of frustration. The hell is he feeling jealous for? Isn't he the one who cheated first? Wasn't he so damn sure he no longer loves you that he wanted a divorce?
He snaps out of his daze as his phone starts ringing in his hand. "Shit." He grumbles as he taps the answer button. "Not now." He starts before she can talk. Momo stops short on the other line, blinking. "You already saw?"
"Yes. My phone has been blowing up because of it." Shoto's jaw clenches.
"I can't believe her. Is she trying to get back at you?" Momo asks exasperatedly. "And to bring Yukio along? Didn't she think about-"
"Yaoyorozu, stop." He exhales through his nose as she keeps going. "This is the reason why she's stalling the divorce. She wants to get back at you! I've warned you, haven't I? Y/n is a scheming sly bitch-"
"I told you to fucking stop." Shoto hisses. "I've been married to Y/n for almost 5 years. Stop making her out as someone she's not."
"Sho, you need to believe me-" she starts but the nickname struck a nerve. Only you call him that. With his patience wearing thin, he exhales sharply and says, "I can't talk to you right now, Yaoyorozu. I'll just see you when I can." Without waiting for a response he ends the call, leaving Momo speechless on the other line, her grip on the phone tightening.
Your once good day was now ruined.
As soon as you slam the door closed behind your back, you haphazardly wipe the angry tears that have formed in your eyes. What the hell was Shoto thinking? That you would go do something as petty and as careless as that?? Did he really think that lowly of you?
If you were skeptical about everything before, tonight and how Shoto acted towards you practically made your mind up. You take out the files for divorce and begin reading through them, taking out a blank paper as you jut down revisions of appeal you want to present the next time you meet with your lawyer.
Tears speckled the files in front of you as you come to terms with the fact that the man you loved was truly no longer there anymore. You want as little interaction and connection with him as much as possible. Leaving everything that wasn't yours prior to marriage. If he still insisted you keep them, you'd ask your lawyer to put it under your son's name instead of yours.
There’s no way in hell you’re staying in this manor. Your home that was once filled with joyful memories that Shoto defiled by bringing another woman. 
You also wrote down that he should be investigated too for anger management problems. You can't have him like that around your son. His grip on your arm and cheeks still stings. God forbid he dare hurt Yukio like that one day. You’d have to kill him with your bare hands if he ever does.
A soft knock on your door had you looking up. Thinking it was Ken-san probably checking on you, you mutter, "It's unlocked."
When the door swings open though, it was Shoto.
An exasperated sigh escapes you. "What? Got any more accusations for me?" You spat. Leaning back against the chair as you look at him dead in the eye. Your husband's mein was completely different from earlier, you notice. He actually looks guilt-ridden as he stands there, frozen. 
As the silence stretches on, so does your vexation. "What do you fucking want?" You shriek, eyes stinging with tears again. You see him swallow hard before stepping into the room, closing the door behind him.
"Can we talk?" He asks, eyes practically pleading. You scoffed and shook your head though. "No, get out." Discreetly wiping the tear that escaped the corner of your eye as you closed the files at your desk.
"Alright. I understand." You hear him mutter but your brows furrow as you see him in your peripherals, continuously  approaching you despite having said that. You glare at him as he kneels beside you, his calloused hand touching your arm. You were about to pull away when you started to feel him use his quirk, coolness emanating from his skin to yours.
"I'll leave after this." He says, not meeting your gaze. "I-I didn't mean to hurt you like that. Or say those nasty things.. I was just. I thought-" he sighs, giving up along the way as he admits, "I was wrong."
You looked away before your heart could soften again. You pull your arm from his hold that undeniably feels a lot better and shake your head dismissively. "It doesn't matter." You say. "Just leave me alone."
Shoto stares at you longingly. Long for the old you, rather. The one with a forgiving heart, the one who always made room for his mistakes, the one who loved him endlessly.
Now all you are to him are cold stares and words of resentment. And he could not even blame you for that when he knows all too well that  it is all his damn fault.
"Y/n," he murmurs, slowly reaching for your hand again. Just as you have that morning when you asked him to reconsider ending your marriage.
He wanted to apologize, to let you know how regretful he is for treating you the way that he did earlier. Hell, for the past year. Shoto wanted to selfishly beg for his old wife back but the empty look in your eyes as you looked down at him told him it would be fruitless.
Because now, Shoto realizes, he's truly lost you.
That his Y/n is now gone.
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