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#todoroki x izuku

Kirishima: How’s the most beautiful person in the world doing?

Bakugou: I don’t know, how are y-

Todoroki: *in passing* Midoriya is doing great, thanks for asking.

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Todoroki: Endevour was being mean to me again last night.

Midoriya: You know what? I’m going to be your dad now. And your mom. Your… dom. WAIT SHIT NO!

Todoroki: Daddy?

Midoriya: *swerves car slightly* No! Don’t say that again.

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“I didn’t know love should hurt that way”

SO!! I actually am really proud of this one!! it’s my first tododeku :(( I couldn’t help it they are so cute 😭 💕

and yeah, I take half of the phrase from killua in this hunter hunter episode where he is being a soft bean for gon, its wholesome let me be ok?

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Midoriya: What’s the matter Todoroki-kun?

Todoroki: Upset* Everybody keeps saying that I look like that Zuko guy from Avatar. I hate it.

Midoriya: I always thought that Zuko was kinda hot.

Todoroki: You know I’m starting to see the resemblance.

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