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don’t say that our love is dead
did yaoyorozu just… slap you? your cheek stung in pain as she snarled at you. “todoroki just got together with you for your quirk. why else would you two be a thing? you aren’t pretty, and you don’t have a good body. you aren’t enough for him.”
you stood there in shock, disbelief that momo, of all people, was doing this. it started with snarky comments. ‘you shouldn’t wear so much makeup,’ or ‘are you sure you want to eat that?’ you always let it slide, not wanting to upset your boyfriend’s close friend.
“he deserves someone better, me.” the words hurt even more then your cheek as she laughed at you, wiping your tears away. heading back to class, you sat down, trying to forget about the words she spat at you. the more you tried to forget, the more you believed her.
 ugly. annoying. bitch. trying not to burst into tears, you pulled out your notebook and began to get ready for class.
the next day, you walked in to see the entire class surrounding yaoyorozu, who was crying her eyes out. “what’s wrong?” you asked the class, but they all just glared at you.
todoroki pulled you aside, visibly angry. “why would you say that, y/n?” confusion written all over your face, you asked him why she was crying. “because you told her she was ugly, and she said that you harass her every day.” “but i- she-“ you were interrupted by one of her loud, obviously fake sobs.
“you should apologize to her.” he looked at you, disappointed, before running off to help her. everyone was blaming you for things you didn’t do, everybody thought you were an asshole.
staring at momo, you could see a slight smirk on her face before she broke down into more sobs. of course, everybody would believe her, because she was just the sweet, innocent, bubbly rich girl. you were the sketchy, mean, asshole that nobody liked.
feeling sick, you ran out of the class. but nobody had noticed, the spotlight was on momo and always would be. you walked back to the dorms and you locked your door. you didn’t want to deal with everybody gossiping and giving you dirty looks.
you cried your eyes out, all the pain, stress and anxiety was getting to you. you couldn’t do this. all the mean things she said, the people she turned against you. you were ruined. she continued to harass you, kicking you, spreading rumours, more than you could handle.
nobody would talk to you as momo continued victimizing herself. you were alone. even todoroki had believed her, and started to avoid you as well. you watched as they laughed together, and bonded closer and closer. eyes red and puffy, you you heard a knock on the door, you got up from your bed to answer it.
rubbing your eyes, they widened as you stared at who it was in disbelief. it was her. sighing, you looked up. “you won. you took my boyfriend, all my friends, and you made everybody hate me. so just please, please, leave me alone.” she scoffed, annoyed. “listen here. he’s my boyfriend now, you should leave UA. we don’t need another bitch like you.”
she raised her hand, ready to hit you, before another reached out. todoroki was standing there, grabbing her wrist. “t-todoroki… i-“ she mumbled. “yaoyorozu, i am not your boyfriend. i thought i made that clear.”
she tears up, screaming that it isn’t fair. “why are you protecting y/n? what do they have that i don’t?” todoroki only sighed, uninterested on what she had to say. she storms out, making another dramatic scene, leaving the two of you alone.
“get out.” you muttered. “y/n-“ “what do you want from me?” “…i’m sorry.” he whispers. “what could you possibly say to make this better?” you pause. “do you know how much it hurts? she harassed me every day, told me that i didn’t deserve you, that i was ugly, i wasn’t good enough. but i already knew that.” you cry.
“you trusted her more than me. your s/o. you can’t tell me that didn’t mean anything. so leave, because our love is dead.” 
a/n: part 2?
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Shoto: I’m asking for your permission to date your sister
Bakugou: what is this, the dark ages? You know what, since you asked, no, you can’t. Beat me in a duel first.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ BAKUGO !!
Classwork has really gotten interesting lately. Not because you and your peers are reading anything special, —but because the physical aspects have been amplified in order to prepare for the future. At the start of it all, you weren't sure UA was a good fit for you, nonetheless that Class 1A was a suitable starting point. But you quickly fell into the swing of things, and you fought hard to make a name for yourself in spite of any obstacles. As you built your confidence, a certain hot-tempered someone took notice, although he's hard pressed to admit it.
Even now with this haphazard plan jumbling around in his brain, he's not so sure this is the right way to go about things. But Bakugo knows that if he doesn't do it now, he might never do it at all. And if he's being honest, that part might frazzle him more than the thought of rejection. At the very least, he thinks you should know that. . . That he feels something for you, whatever the hell you wanna call it. He's tired of keeping it inside. Katsuki, of all people, is anything but used to shying away from his opinions, —and this one has been plaguing him for way too long.
"Hey, y/n!" He calls over to you.
You follow through with the punch you're landing on the training bag before turning to him.
"Yeah?" You ask, arms dropping to your side with a distant ache.
It's so commonplace by now that your brain hardly registers anything at all.
"We need to talk," Bakugo states, leaving little room for questions.
You can't say you're devoid of nerves, but he's been quite nice to you recently, so they've tempered off quite a lot. When you think back on it, you don't really know if he was ever mean to you personally. For the most part, he's always been. . . Nice? It's a word you struggle to connect with him due to his aggressive personality, but it seems to be the one that suits this scenario the best. His kindness has never been overt, but asking to spar with you might just be the biggest compliment someone like Bakugo can give. It means he sees you as someone capable of challenging him, and considering he thinks quite highly of himself, that's saying quite a bit.
"Oh?" You tilt your head to the side in confusion, "Is everything okay?"
His cheeks puff out for a moment or two before he responds. 
Ah. . . That was cute.
"I don't really know how to say it," he acknowledges, "so just. . . Just listen until I'm done."
The please he tacks on softly at the end is almost too soft for you to hear. You'd even call it desperate.
"Your performance at the Sports Festival was. . ." He pauses, searching for the right words.
"It was really good," Katsuki settles.
Now that he's thinking about it critically, it was there that he solidified his feelings, whether passively or otherwise. It was there that he felt his heart swell with pride for you, —much to his own bewilderment. He felt prouder of you than he did of himself, despite having won the entire thing. When he thinks back on that day, he feels slivers of anger, but the memories of watching you dominate in the first round from the bleachers really set him on fire. It soothes that ball of complete and utter rage inside of him, if only for a moment. It tempers him out for the first time in a long while, eases that ache inside that he tries his best to stuff down and ignore.
An ache that derives from his secret worry that he might never be enough.
"Oh, you think so?" You smile softly, and he feels himself melt a little, lips pulling upward before he can think twice about it.
"That means a lot, especially coming from the one who won the whole thing," you add.
"Winning isn't everything," he replies quickly.
Too quickly to filter his sentiments. Winning has always been important to him, —it's established him as a top contender for all areas of his life. It's been the thing he's fallen back on time and time again. No matter what anyone has ever said, Katsuki is a winner. He's the best.
But even when he wins, something inside always yearns for more. And sometimes it's more than he fears he could ever achieve. More than he could ever be.
"I didn't think you'd say something like that," you acknowledge, "—but I agree. And not just because I lost."
"It's still important to win, of course," he attempts to fix the mask that's slipped, —even now,— "but you did well, even if you lost. And that's good too."
"But not good enough?" You muse, half jokingly.
It goes over his head, to say the least.
"It's good enough," Bakugo says, tone low and firm.
It carries his characteristic bluntness, but lacks the aggression. There's something there that you can't quite place. . . Something you're not sure you're at liberty to ask about, not that you'd really know how in the first place.
"You're good enough."
His words take you aback. It's unlike him to say something so seemingly sentimental. Even so, you're left to wonder if he was saying that to you because he wanted you to say it back. Maybe he was talking to himself here as well.
Before you have the chance to say anything, he speaks again.
"I like you. I don't really know why, so don't go asking for details, —I just do. There's probably a lot of reasons, but I don't know how to say them, so just take it for what it is."
Take me for what I am. For what I'm yet to be as well.
You pause for a few seconds to process everything that's been thrown at you. You know you can't leave him hanging here, especially not after that. On the surface, you like Bakugo. He's a bit rough around the edges sometimes, but he's got his own ways of expressing gratitude and caring for those around him. He's got his own way of giving people compliments, —and he's way outside of his comfort zone right now. That much is obvious.
"Are you hungry?" You ask him, smiling gently.
He looks confused, but simply answers in spite of it.
"Kind of."
"Let's go get some dinner together, then," you suggest. "My treat."
He doesn't really get it, but if you're asking to spend time with him he figures that's not a rejection. Dinner together will give the both of you time to talk, —time to learn more about each other. After that, maybe those disjointed feelings of his will piece themselves together a little more.
Until then, you'll just enjoy his company. He's not a bad conversationalist once you get to know him.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ KAMINARI !!
Kaminari is a wreck. The closer he gets to you, the more his heart pounds, and he's convinced himself that you can hear it no matter the physical distance between the two of you. These feelings are scary and they make him want to run away from it all, so far that he loses sight of them somewhere.
He asks Mina for advice, but that doesn't quite go as planned. She tries to take over, —tells him he should throw some kind of party and convince you to come so he can ask you to dance with him when a slow song plays.
"Then you'll confess, and by the time you do, y/n will have totally already fallen for you!"
Denki's not so sure about that. He's also nowhere near confident enough in his own dancing abilities to hinge his entire plan on them. Not to mention the fact that, while he can be oblivious to things, he caught on quickly enough that Mina just really wanted a reason to throw a party.
Count Kaminari out for that idea.
He turns to the internet next: a place of vast ideas. He considers buying you chocolate in one of those big, fancy, heart-shaped boxes; but Valentine's Day has already passed for the year, making those much harder to come by. Not to mention that he was far too nervous to ask about your preferences, —because what if you immediately realized what he was planning on doing? What if you rejected him right there before he really had the chance to properly confess?
Kaminari doubts you'd do anything of the sort, and even if you did, he knows it would be put gently, but his fear of humiliation wins out on that one.
No big, elaborate party to slow dance at. And no chocolate.
Flowers then? Everyone likes flowers, right? Everyone except for Bakugo, maybe, Denki notes. That might not even be true, but he has a certain hunch, —not that he plans on asking his easily agitated friend about that anytime soon.
Still, Kaminari ventures to the nearest flower shop one afternoon and asks one of the workers there for some help. They give him a variety of options: —red roses are classic, but in recent years, people have been giving their loved ones roses in their favorite colors instead. The yellow ones are bright and pretty, but the blue ones seem so elegant and refined. And that's simply one type of flower alone! There's tulips, which seem a little more playful but are still beautiful and smell so sweet, peonies, daisies that range in sunset colors, even sunflowers. . .
In the end, he leaves with nothing, feeling lost and confused. He considers other options over the following days as well.
Maybe he could have Sato bake you something? But what if he picks the wrong flavor, just like with the chocolate?
Scratch that, —maybe a teddy bear will do the trick! But what if you'd prefer something different, like a rabbit, or even a unicorn.
No teddy bear. Jewelry? Something handmade? Fancy skincare products?
By the end of the week, Denki has a trashcan full of crumpled papers, all discarded ideas that he found something wrong with. If only he put this much effort into his school assignments. . .
A comment from some random person on an anonymous message board is the one to seal the deal. When he asks what he should do, they respond by telling him "not to be a chicken, just do it lol."
Just do it?
Somehow he'd never really considered that as an option. . .
You're shocked to find a note slipped inside your desk on Monday morning. It doesn't have a name, but it asks you to meet the author of it at a park nearby after school, —in the little garden city officials planted a few springs ago, and now pay people to upkeep in the warmer months. You do as asked, but are cautious. It's daytime, there are many people around, and you have your cellphone on you just in case of an emergency. Better to be safe than sorry!
"Kaminari?" You question upon your arrival.
The poor boy nearly trips over himself spinning around toward you. He'd expected you to come from the other direction. . .
"Y/n, —hi," he manages to say without fumbling for words. "Nice day, huh?"
"Um, yeah! I heard it was supposed to rain, but I'm glad it didn't. I'd have gotten soaked on the way here, —I completely forgot my umbrella back at the dorms," you admit.
I didn't even consider the weather, he thinks. Ugh.
"Anyway, were you the one that wrote this?" You ask, holding up the note between two of your fingers.
"Yeah," he nods, nervousness practically seeping from every pore on his body. "I. . . I have something to tell you, and I didn't know where else we could go, so I thought this might be the best bet."
And I wrote the note because I was still worried about rejection, and wanted to hold onto the idea that it could work for just a while longer.
"Well, I'm all ears," you say softly.
His heart is pumping so loud he's afraid it might burst, but he forces his lips apart to speak.
"I have feelings for you," Denki says, catching you by surprise.
 "Would you like to go on a date with me?"
His edges soften when you crack a bashful smile.
"Yes," you nod, your smile turning bashful. "I'd like that."
He's too elated by your response to grieve all the hours he spent contemplating it. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath until it all came spilling out in a relieved sigh.
Thank you, anonymous message board user!
"Oh! And before I forget, —what do you think about all these flowers?"
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ TODOROKI !!
Overall, Todoroki considers himself to be someone who has pretty good control over his emotions. Sure, that might stem from his rough childhood where he was forced to swallow down his feelings to please others, —but in the end, he's learned to regulate himself quite well, for better or worse.
Even so, you've spun him out. He's floundering, despite hiding it like a master magician. He can keep all of it locked away inside, push it down until it's almost out of sight and out of mind, but it creeps back up to the forefront every chance it gets. It's keeping him awake. And he's almost ashamed to admit it, as someone who's been fairly soured on the idea of "true love," —whatever that's supposed to feel like. He acknowledges that he's both young and inexperienced, but can't shake the thought of you.
Shoto doesn't want to let anyone down. Not even those he's come to resent. After all his hard work, he thinks it would likely be a waste to give it all up now. . . But is that really what would happen if he acknowledged his own feelings? Is the forming of bonds really something that makes you weaker?
Or is that just another residual piece of his father talking from inside him?
"Todoroki," Midoriya nudges the split-haired boy, bringing him out of his thoughts.
He blinks himself back to reality.
"Sorry, did you say something?"
"Y/n's looking for you," Izuku repeats, "not sure why though."
"Oh. . . Okay, thanks," Shoto stands, "—where should I go?"
"School gates, probably!"
Todoroki thanks his friend again before rushing off. He's not sure why he's going so fast, it's not like he won't have the opportunity to speak with you at another point if he happens to miss you this time, but. . .
The truth is that he wants to see you. He wants to test things. He wants to pull away from whatever strings his father still holds over him. Shoto would rather hand them over to you.
"Todoroki!" You call out as soon as you see him, "there you are!"
"Yeah, sorry, I'm a little out of it today," he admits. "Do you need something?"
"Nothing in particular," you shake your head, "I just wanna talk, is all. You seem a little. . . Dejected lately."
You noticed? Nobody else had, as far as he was aware. If they had, they hadn't brought it to his attention, nonetheless taken the time to speak with him about it. He's almost ashamed to have let you see him in that state, —but more than that, he's glad someone has cared enough to ask.
The Sports Festival was hard for him; not because he lost, but because he was forced to reconcile with many different aspects of himself that he wasn't sure he was ready to face so adamantly. Still, he gets the feeling that whatever he says, you won't judge him for it, and definitely won't repeat it to anyone.
"I've had a lot on my mind since the Sports Festival," he sighs. "I don't know that I'm ready to get into it, even with myself."
"You don't have to," you assure him quickly. "Even if you never tell me anything, that's okay. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright. I also. . . Just wanted to make sure you knew that I'd be here if you ever need someone to talk to."
To act on these feelings. . . Would that be wrong?
Todoroki smiles softly.
Bonds. . . Can also make you stronger, I believe.
"I appreciate that," he tells you. "Really. The way you care for people is admirable. I think it's one of the reasons I like you so much."
I am allowed to be honest with my feelings.
That takes you by surprise.
"Speaking of that, since school is over. . . Would you like to go get ice cream, or something? Just the two of us?"
This is not a sign of weakness.
"Y-Yeah!" You nod quickly, heart skipping a beat. "I know a place just a few minutes away!"
"Great," Shoto nods, relishing in the warm feeling that bubbles up from inside. "Lead the way."
This is a sign of strength.
Tumblr media
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shotorozu · a day ago
idk why but this reminded me of shouto:
Like he would have the most 😐 expression but at the same time screenshoting excessively LMAOOO, but he's so cute so ❤️🥰
(reader wears dresses in this lol)
omg yes 🤩 tbh i saw that tiktok on my fyp the other day and thought of shouto
anyways, shouto may not look like he cares a lot about outward appearances or clothes (well, he doesn’t— he knows it’s nice to well.. look nice, it’s just not a life or death thing with him)
he absolutely remembers every single outfit and detail you— (his s/o for six months and certainly for life) have worn during dates, because shouto’s the type of dude that’ll forget what recipe bakugou taught him the other week, but will remember what your outfit was like on the third date— even if it happened months ago.
he remembers stuff like that, you just don’t realize it yet.
shouto may not be picky with clothings, sure. but a big part of you still hoped that he’d largely react to you face timing him while wearing the same dress you wore on your first date with him.
as per usual, it doesn’t take long for shouto to answer his phone, especially if it’s you that’s on the other end, and when he does answer— with the majority of his face occupying your screen, indicating that he was leisurely scrolling on his phone, waiting for your call—
he’s quiet, which isn’t strange.
then it takes a second for him to register what you’re wearing, and with that calm, and straight faced default expression of his— he takes several screenshots all at once, as memories of his first date with you flood his mind.
you laugh at his reaction, realizing that he forgot that it tells you exactly when he screenshots something. the only thing you see is white, as he continues to screenshot what he’s seeing until you push him out of oblivion.
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A Snake and a Flame | Katsuki Bakugo
Tumblr media
A/N: First time writing for MHA! I've been super into Bakugo lately, and totally into his bad attitude personality. This loosely follows the story, but I know that I'm making Y/N two years older. But I don't want it to be weird because in the show their like 15/16 years old. (Yes I'm aware, first year students are younger). But this does have adult themes.
So let's pretend.. that their all of legal age, being awesome. Ok :)
Word Count: 2.8k+
You never could understand how people could look at you so differently than your sister. Sure your quirks were.. drastically different but it's not like you had any say in what quirk you got. Momo might have gotten creation and you got—snake monster but still. Fucking stupid.
You were blessed with the quirk of a Basilisk, yeah, like the mythical snake monster. It meant that you could change your skin into rock hard scales that could protect you through most attacks, and have things like poison breath, venomous saliva, and the deadly glare that with one look your enemy could burn from the inside out no matter the quirk. It really was the perfect quirk for a villain.
You weren't a villain, just everyone painted you out to be a villain or an asshole- same thing.
Your younger sister on the other hand was the golden child, Momo Yaoyorozu was the definition of perfection. From her looks and physic (even though you two were similar in that department), her grades had her at the top of her class, not to mention she's vice president of her class. Your parents couldn't be more infatuated with her. You on the other hand just seemed to be a burden even though it was never verbally said, the eye rolls and soft sighs told you everything you needed to hear.
You were two years older than Momo, enrolled at U.A High equally at the top of your class but only because of your pure strength and wit. You were definitely a force to be reckon with, with Momo she got the brains and you got strength. In the world of 3rd years, you were definitely a top student, but with your cold demeanor not a lot of people were too fond of you.
You still loved your sister no matter how much you hated her at the same time, so when you heard of the attack on the USJ and Momo's class was there, you were frantic. Not to mention all the phone calls from your parents. You found out when you were in training when Midnight came over and pulled you to the side.
You never interacted with Momo at U.A High but also, something like this has never happened to U.A High before. Villains? Attacking? Never. You quickly morphed back into normal as your scales disappeared from your arms and neck, your eyes went back to your normal eye color instead of the glowing gold ember color when you were in battle. You grabbed your backpack quickly as you headed toward her dorm.
You vaguely knew where it was, it was completely on the other side of campus but with classes still in session you quickly made your way across campus.
"Y/N! Have you spoken to Momo?" Your mom cried from the other end of the phone, you sighed and rolled your eyes as you rounded the corner of the 2nd year student's dorms.
"No Mother, I'm heading there now. They are on their way back from the hospital. I'll call you when I check on her." You huffed in annoyance at her crying.
"Y/N, you stay with her tonight. She's probably terrified. Your father and I will come get her tomorrow, we're on our way back from Tokyo." You could hear the desperation in her voice, and you knew now was not the time to fuck around. Especially since you were even worried about her.
"Mom, I'll call you back." You hung up before she could protest as you stared at the large 1-A in front of the dorm. You sighed knowing no one was there yet, you walked up the steps slowly almost as if the floors would break with a single step.
"Move out of my way idiot!"
Before you could even react to the obnoxiously loud voice behind you, you felt a strong hand shove you out of the way, making you stumble into the railing of the stairs quite roughly might I add.
"Dude! Not cool! Hello, she's a total babe!"
"Like I give a flying shit."
You rolled your eyes in actual shock at the way these underclassmen were speaking to you. You stood up and came face to face with a pair of red glowing eyes and blonde spikey hair. You clicked your tounge at him as you crossed your arms across your chest.
"Hey dick head, where's Momo" You hissed back.
The blonde stopped dead in his tracks next to you as you felt a warm gust of hot air surround you as he stared back at you. The vein in his neck almost looked like it was about to burst from his pent up anger. The fuck is wrong with this kid.
"What did you call me bitch?" He hissed back.
Oh my god who does he think he is?
The yellow haired kid who was following behind him looked like he might pee himself from the confrontation in front of him.
"Bakugo. Have some respect don't you know who she is?" The yellowed hair kid whispered / yelled in a pleading manner.
"Like I give a shit who she Is! She's in my way! And why the hell are you at our dorm! Are you a villain?" He smirks as he fully faces you, sparks popping in his hands.
Was this kid serious?
"No dipshit, I'm Momo's older sister. Y/N. Is she back from the hospital? I don't have time to play these games with you"
"GAMES? You think this is a game?! I'll kill you!"
"Let me at this bitch, I'll blow her to pieces!"
You sighed as you turned to face both of them and swiftly blew out a small amount of poison breath, not lethal by any means, but it'll make them tired, very tired. You smirked as you knelt down as Bakugo felt to his knees, well I shouldn't say fall. It's not like he wanted to go down easily, this kid definitely has some insane power inside of him.
"You bitch." Bakugo muttered, "what the hell did you do to us.." His muscles felt like they were frozen, he couldn't move.
"Nothing permanent sweetie, don't worry. Just a little kiss goodnight." You smirked.
"Y/N?" You heard that oh so familiar voice. Momo's.
You turned around quickly to see Momo standing in front of her with two other girls. They all had a few cuts and bruises on them but seemed relatively fine. You let out a deep sigh of relief, as you stood up and walked down the few stairs and over to her and pulled her into a hug.
"What are you doing here?" Momo whispered as she held onto you.
"Just checking in." You mumbled as you felt her entire body shake in fear in your arms. She was terrified but she wouldn't openly tell you, you knew that. Your relationship wasn't that good.
"Mom and Dad called?" Momo whispered as she placed her forehead on your arm.
"Of course, about 9 million times." You giggled softly as you pulled away. You could tell she was shaken, but you knew better than to push her. Even though she's not as strong as you, she was strong willed.
"What did you do to Bakugo and Kaminari?" Momo questioned as she looked at her two friends on the floor in front of their dorm. She sighed as she noticed the small twitching in Bakugo's hands. "Poision breath?" She questioned.
You could feel her disapproval radiating from her body as she sighed just like your parents, you shrugged it off. "Little prick over there kept mouthing off. So I had to shut him up some how."
"You can't just use poison breath on people Y/N it's not very nice.." Momo pleaded, as she ran over to her friends.
Bakugo could barely move his mouth, but he snarled right back at Momo. "Don't fucking touch me."
You almost lost it, you and Momo might not have the best relationship, but you'll be damned if you let anyone speak to your little sister like that. Momo knew that, that's why she was holding her hand up to stop you from coming any closer.
"Uraraka, could you please help me get them inside?" Momo questioned as she stood up and smiled at the brown haired girl standing next to you.
"Sure Momo.." She trailed off as she glanced your way, definiently confused on the whole situation that just unfolded. She ran over to the two boys placing her hands on them gently. You watched as she walked inside with the two boys floating behind her.
"I'll fucking kill you bitch."
You smirked, entertained by his tantrum and winked in his direction catching the blonde's eye. "See you then sweet heart." You couldn't help but laugh as you heard him yell as best as he could as they floated inside.
Momo turned around to face you with an exasperated sigh. "Really? Bakugo isn't someone you want to mess around with."
"It's fine Momo." You mumbled as you approached her.  Bakugo hmm.. kind of cute.
You placed your hand on Momo's head as you smiled down at her. "I'm going to give mom and dad a call to let them know you're okay. If you want me to stay over I've already cleared it with Midnight. Just let me know. Okay? We might not talk that often but it doesn't mean I'm not still your big sister."
She nodded clearly defeated from today. "Can you stay?" She mumbled barely above a whisper.
"Sure kid. No problem."
It had been 3 hours since Momo fell asleep, she was defiantly scared of being alone but she would never openly confess that. You unfortunately were starving, not to mention thirsty. You left training and came straight here, completely forgetting about dinner. You glanced over to see Momo dead asleep, you carefully and quietly slipped out of her room. You glanced at your phone and saw 2:40 am, surely no one from class 1-A would be awake now.
You glanced around the empty common room, and sighed softly hoping there would be some sort of snack laying around. You opened the fridge and tried to find anything that had momo's name on it. "Seriously Momo, you don't have any meals prepped?" You mumbled to yourself irritated.
"You shouldn't be snooping in someone else's fucking fridge."
You jumped slightly at the sudden deep voice behind you. Standing up you turned around and looked at the blonde haired, red eye'd.. very shirtless, very physically fit man in front of you. His black sweat pants hanging dangerously low on his hips, showing his incredible physique off.
"You're drooling." He smirked as he walked over to the fridge door where your hand was and grabbed the handle aggressively and opened the fridge to grab his water bottle. Bakugo was standing so close to you, you felt a warm heat emitting from his body. You watched as he chugged the water bottle, a few drops of water slipping from his lips landing on his torso sliding down his body.
Yeah, he was hot.
"You got any food in this place hot stuff?" You smirked, knowing you caught him off guard by the way his eyes darted towards you when he heard the pet name. You stepped back a few steps before your back was against the counter creating some space between the two of you.
"Food? It's almost 3 am in the morning. Don't you fucking eat dinner." He grumbled as he filled his water bottle back up with water.
"I came straight here after hearing what happened to check on Momo. Dinner wasn't a priority."
Bakugo glanced over at you as he filled up the rest of his water bottle. He heard from Kaminari that you were a 3rd year, but also one of the top students solely based off your brute power. He also heard a lot of people were afraid of you from some incident when you were a first year student, so not a lot of people cross your path. However to Bakugo you didn't seem intimidating at all, a little cocky but that's nothing.
"Take a picture sweet heart, it'll last longer... Also your water bottle is full" You giggled as you noticed the water bottle over flowing with water.
"Tch. You're not hot enough for me to want a photo of you." He cleared his throat as he closed his water bottle. He grabbed a towel off the counter next to you and wiped his hands dry.
"Your wet hands say other wise" You smirked, you enjoyed toying with this guy more than you thought.
"Shut up you idiot." He snarled as he walked past you back towards his room.
"So no food huh?" You smiled as you leaned forward watching him walk away with his hands shoved into his pockets.
"Right side cabinet, red basket. Take ONE thing." He said as he walked away grumbling to himself.
Hmm.. you thought, Right Side, Red Basket.. You opened up the cabinet to see a small basket with instant noodles, snacks and a few other things like protein bars. You pulled down the basket to see a label on it called "LORD EXPLOSION MURDER" making you giggle. Of course that's what he labeled it. You figured since he was being nice you would only take a bag of chips to tide you over until the morning. You mentally thanked Bakugo before putting the basket back up in the cabinet and heading back to Momo's room.
Bakugo was getting dressed for class, his white button up sitting nicely on his broad shoulders. You were leaving Momo's room after a long restless night of no sleep. You had changed back into your black long dress that hugged all your curves perfectly. Your leather jacket resting over your shoulders, your black combat boots clunking behind you with every step.
You were passing the dorm rooms, and noticed Bakugo buttoning up his shirt in front of his full body length mirror. As you were passing his room, the two of you made eye contact and held it a lot longer than a couple seconds.
"Now it's your turn to take a picture babe." He chuckled as he finished buttoning up his shirt. He swiftly spun on his heel grabbing his bag before opening the door wider, leaning on his door frame he looked down at you.
"Probably weird since I'm older than you don't you think?" You smiled as you started back down the hall to leave.
You heard his footsteps catch up to you in no time as you two waited for the elevator together, Bakugo standing dangerously close behind you. Again you feeling the heat emitting off his body.
"You're a year older than me. That's not that weird." He mumbled as he reached around your body to press the button his arm lingering around you trapping you briefly between the elevator and his chest.
"Bakugo are you hitting on me?" You smirked as you turned around in his arms as you leaned up against the elevator doors.
"In your dreams angel." Bakugo smirked as he looked down at you. He was so close to your face that you almost lost your breath. His red eyes were glowing as he searched your face for any sort of indication that you were afraid of him. To you, whatever it was, maybe it was the sunlight hitting him perfectly, or maybe it was the warm welcoming heat radiating off his body. You felt eerily safe in this one moment next to this guy you met for the first time last night.
"I can't wait to fall asleep then." You smiled instantly as a pink hue graced his cheeks as he pushed himself away from you.
"Tch. You're fucking weird." He mumbled as he looked away from you not expecting to start blushing at your comment. You were bold, something that he was not used to.
The two of you turned around to see a green haired guy walking out of his room with a shit eating grin across his lips. You couldn't help but giggle at the name that left his lips. "Kacchan?" You questioned as you looked up at Bakugo.
Bakugo rolled his eyes as he stepped away from you, reveling you to Midoriya who looked incredibly surprised to see you standing next to Bakugo.
"Oh hello.. who are you?" Midoriya questioned as he stepped onto the elevator with both of you.
"I'm Bakugo's girlfriend."
Midoriya and Bakugo equally had a shocked expression across their faces one angrier than the other.
"What! You idiot! No you're not! Fucking crazy bitch!" Bakugou yelled in shock at your confession. "I don't even know your name!"
You laughed; as you turned on your heel while exiting the elevator looking at both of them. "I'm Y/N Yaoyorozu. Momo's older sister. I just came to check on her after you guys kicked some ass last night. And don't worry." You paused as you flashed your canines. "I'm not his girlfriend.. yet"
You couldn't help but laugh as you heard Bakugo cursing your name as you left the 1-A dorms. Who would have guessed Momo had such a cute classmate let alone someone you could easily mess with. Maybe this semester wouldn't be so bad after all..
I definitely did not edit this, so there are bound to be spelling errors. I'm so sorry I haven't written in so long. So I really hope you guys enjoy this! Let me know if you do :)
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nxxoiv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⇝ pairing: Todoroki x fem!reader.
⇝ word count: 438
⇝ rating: r13
⇝ genre: fluff
⇝ summary: Todoroki is a good boyfriend who helps you out with your period cramps.
⇝ warning(s):Flufffff, Periods (Not much of a warning unless you don't like Blood, Slight moaning
⇝ author’s note(s): hellooo my loves ! as a celebration of me Having all A,s, i bring you my very first written imagine !! i love the idea of shoto help us with the cramps! so i hope you enoy reading as i did writing !!
Tumblr media
"Uuuuuggggghhh." I groaned loudly, curled up in a fetal position on my bed. Shouto eyed me warily for a moment before speaking up.
"Are you alright?"
"Nooooo." I moaned, rolling over to my other side.
"Well... What's wrong?" He asked awkwardly. Poor thing still hasn't lost his inability to make conversation even though we've been dating for four months.
"My stomach huuuurts." I pouted and rolled over again. I couldn't keep still, trying to find a position that would alleviate the pain somewhat.
"Oh, are you sick? I could bring you some medicine or something." Shouto offered sweetly.
"No, I'm not sick. I have cramps and medicine doesn't work for it. Plus, my heating pad is broken." I grumbled dejectedly.
"Oh I see." There was a pause for a moment as I rolled around and squirmed in pain while he sat at my desk quietly.
"I could... I could try heating my hand up for you." He trailed off hesitantly. Although he had decided to start using his left side, he still felt it was dangerous and he had less control over it.
"Would you!?" I sprung up excitedly. He looked away nervously and nodded.
"I could try."
"Aahh! You're the best Shouto." I smiled warmly and forcefully pulled him onto the bed with me. He let out a noise of surprise as he fell on top of my body. "Alright, now cuddle me." I grinned excitedly.
"R-right." A light pink dusted his cheeks. If I wasn't in so much pain, I could have squealed at how cute it was. He climbed off of me and I rolled back onto my side. He gently cuddled up to my back, wrapping his arm around my waist.
"Okay, here I go." Slowly, I felt his hand heat up to a nice, warm temperature.
"Hmm... that's much better." I sighed happily with a content smile on my lips, grabbing his hand to press it harder against me. "Actually..." without another word, I thrust his hand under my shirt so that it could make direct contact with my skin. Even though he tried to hide it, I heard Shouto let out a small squeak of surprise and embarrassment in the back of his throat.
He soon relaxed and pulled me closer to him, resting his chin on top of my head.
"You're the best, you know that?" I mumbled, smiling lightly.
"I know." Although his tone was monotone, I could tell it was meant as a joke and I giggled.
"I'm going to bed." I yawned.
"I'll be there shortly." His deep voice rumbled in his chest, lulling me gently to sleep.
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thegrimreaper-probably · a day ago
╰☆☆ When they find out your quirk! ☆☆╮
~ He most likely thought you were quirkless at first. (Which he doesn't know how you got in 1A)
~ When he does find out he's like 'Are you ___ secret love child?'
~ He'll ask some questions to get a better understanding of it. (or to see if ___ secret love child)
~ If someone make fun of your quirk he'll just ice them and walk away. *cough* Bakuhoe *cough*
~ No matter what, he still love you and won't treat you any different!
~ He'll try to ask you what it is but you always say 'When I need to show you I will! Now let me freaking watch the movie!'
~ You guys meet when he had to go underground hero work, (you just want to be underground hero) but no one told him your quirk!
~ He'll try to trick you or look up your hero name and see what fans say your quirk is.(He might see you shipped with someone else and get all jelly.)
~ When he does find out he think it a great quirk!
~ He'll make more nicknames for your quirk like n/n he'll still loves you even if he think you shouldn't be an underground hero.
~ He won't really care what it is or if he knows or not.
~ When he find out it's because of the fight you had with Handface.
~ He watch it till he has to step in to calm you down.
~ He'll bring you into his room and say 'One that was badass and two don't fucking do that again unless you want to die.'
~ once your completely calm he'll let you go back in the bar.
~Toga will ask 'Hey n/n what your quirk?' Once you tell her everyone most likely won't get you upset.
~ But at the end of the day he'll cuddle you as his way of tell you I love you
~ She'll ask a ton of time what is it! When you snap at her and yell at her what it is.
~ You realize you just made the worse decision in your life.
~ Now she'll ask what you can do, if you can do this, what happen when you do this, what your drawbacks are, does it make your blood sweeter and so on.
~ There is no taking back what you just did. If she asks one more god damn question you might just kill her.
~ 'Babe? If you do _______ what happens? I need to know!'
~ You snapped and you can bet that Dabi is trying to make you snap again to kill Shigaraki.
~ Toga will never ask you a question again, but she thinks it really hot when you snapped.
~ If you get insecure about your quirk she'll, one ask who made you feel like that, two kill them very painfully and three cuddle you and tell you she love you till you feel better(might wait till you fall asleep to take some of your blood)
First headcanon how is it? Btw request things! It can be anything! I'm real chill about it though like if you don't feel comfortable you can dm me, love ya bye!
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plutospanda · 18 hours ago
Only One Bed | Shoto Todoroki
✰ Pro-hero! Todoroki x reader, aged up characters
Tumblr media
visit my masterlist
Rain pattered on the hood of the taxi. It was dark, the only light coming from the two lights outside the motel. I was tired, for the past two weeks I’d spent my time tracking down a villain with Todoroki, one that proved to be a bit of a pain in my ass. 
Todoroki was tired, I felt his fatigue all to well right now. I was relieved when he suggested finding a place other than our cold, and now probably wet, hideout. He paid the taxi fare while I gathered our belongings, dragging them inside. I heard him thank the driver, giving him a respectful bow, before he followed me into the motel. 
I stood by our items while Todoroki got us a room. I saw him argue a little with the front desk, then sullenly walk back to me. He held up one room key, and I could see a slight dusting of pink on his cheeks. 
“There’s only one room,” he started. I shrugged, but he spoke again. “It’s only one bed...” 
I felt my cheeks burning too now, “there’s nothing else?” I asked. 
“They don’t have any other rooms, all full. I asked about a cot or matress, but they don’t carry any here.” He explained. 
Although it wasn’t ideal, it was still better than our hideout and we were already here, so after some awkward exchanging of words, Todoroki picked up the luggage and brought it to our room.
We had come to a deal, we sleep here for the night, and never speak of it again. We were adults now, Pro Heroes in fact, so this should be nothing.
I changed first, using the bathroom and brushing my teeth. I usually slept in less clothing, but tonight I pulled on pyjama pants and a soft crew neck sweater.
Todoroki went afterwards, changing into his own boxers and a shirt. He was blushing when he came out, and his shirt lifted up slightly when he reached his arm up to scratch the back of his neck.
“Uuhh,” his voice was soft, slightly shaky. “I hope you don’t mind, I usually get warm during the night.”
I nodded before slipping underneath the covers. “It’s okay, let’s just get some sleep and then forget about this by tomorrow night.”
He chuckled a bit and made his way over to me. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He asked.
I nodded and then turned out the light once he was under the covers. “Good night, Shouto.”
“Good night, Y/N.”
Slowly sleep came to me, my mind foggy and forgetting the whole situation. When I’d woken up, suddenly I felt hot.
A large arm was wrapped around my body, and I had found myself pressed tightly up against someone. I felt soft breathing on the nape of my neck, and I felt the urge to turn and look at my sleeping partner.
I wouldn’t lie, I did think about waking up this way. Shouto had been a good companion and he was an amazing hero, not to mention he was attractive. I tried to brush the thoughts away and wiggle out of his grip.
Once i was free, still laying next to him, I looked back. His eyes were close shut, split hair was messy and spots of white had been infected with the strands of red that reflected. I felt myself smile, and reach a hand out to touch him.
It wasn’t meant to happen, but I felt my hand brush the strands of red back onto their side, then my palm traveled to his cheek.
“You have soft hands,” I heard him say. My eyes grew wide, cheeks tinted with embarrassment as his eyes opened. A small smile made its way to his lips when I yanked my hand away from him.
“Sorry,” I whispered. “I didn’t mean to, it’s just the strands they were….” I trailed off as I saw his eyes open.
“Can I tell you something?” His arm traveled back to my waist. I nodded, subconsciously moving myself closer to him.
“Anything,” My eyes flickered to his lips.
“You’ve been my partner for years,” he started. “Our agencies have teamed up on multiple missions, more than any other agency.”
I looked back up at his eyes.
“There’s a reason for that,” he spoke calmly. “It’s because despite the way my heart pounds and I can’t focus while you’re around, I just can’t stop thinking about you. When I’m on a mission, on the train, even when I sleep.”
“Todoroki,” I whispered. “Whyre you telling me this?”
“Because, even though we’re just partners, I needed you to know. If this makes you uncomfortable, we can stop, just say the word.” It was his turn to look at my lips. “But Y/N, I’ve wanted to kiss you since we were students at UA, and I really want to kiss you now.”
I closed the distance, bringing his lips to clash with my own. His arm pulled me closer and my own hand touched up his stomach.
After a few seconds, he pulled away. His hand gripped my waist, eyes still closed and lips slightly parted.
“I’ve waited a while to do that,” I told him, a soft chuckle leaving my lips. I saw a smile creep onto his face and his eyes opened finally to look at me.
“Me too,” he said. “You still want to forget about this by tonight?”
“Definitely not.”
Tumblr media
it’s been a while since i’ve published but i’m trying to get through some of my drafts! take this in the meantime :)
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
— Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shoto, Todoroki Touya, Todoroki Natsuo, Shinso Hitoshi x f!reader
cw. mild suggestive — rbs are appreciated | m.list
Tumblr media
"So good" you murmur chewing on the last bite of the mochi, Bakugou chuckles as he looks at you across the coffee table.
"What?" you ask, wrinkling your nose and trying to study him better as you lick your fingers clean. He leans over the table slightly and slowly runs his calloused thumb over your bottom lip to sweep away the creamy red bean sauce that's littering your lips.
"There you go" he whispers licking his thumb not taking his eyes off of yours, a smirk on his face as he watches your reaction with a raised eyebrow.
"Th-thank you" you mumble, your mouth slightly wide open as he continues your conversation as if nothing has happened.
Tumblr media
After yet another run around the park, Shoto stops beside you on the bench, sweaty hair falling messily over his forehead covering his scar.
"Thanks," he takes long breaths as you hand him the water bottle, "a few more laps and then we can go home," he says with a wide smile, sweat dripping down his neck.
Shoto grabs the hem of his shirt and wipes his face, his abs glimpsed underneath are shiny and tense as he tries to catch his breath after the exhausting workout.
"Are you okay?" he asks with a smile when he sees you gawking, your bottom lip clenched in the grip of your teeth.
"You ... you still have sweat dripping here ..." you mumble, pointing to a random spot on his face.
You'll never get tired of seeing your husband six pack.
Tumblr media
The music is loud in the club, his blue eyes unbelievably bright as he hands you your glass and takes a sip of his own.
"Thank y-you" you stammer, trying to overpower the noise around you, but Toya doesn't seem to get it.
He leans over you slightly, his head tilted to the side to listen to you better, "I... I  just said t-thank you" you babble, his face only inches from yours that you can smell his scent.
A smirk pops up on his face, his spiky hair tickling your cheek as he places his lips to your ear, "I heard you earlier, I just wanted to get a better look at you" he whispers returning to towering over you.
Tumblr media
"You didn't have to drive me home" you murmur as he enters your street.
His eyes fixed on the road and a gentle smile on his face, his hand lightly squeezes your thigh and makes your hair stand on end, "it's a pleasure" he murmurs gently.
"Here?" he asks stopping in front of a house and beginning to maneuver.
He brings his arm behind your seat and turns the steering wheel with the palm of his hand as he backs up and parks in front of your garage. His jaw exposed as he looks over his shoulder, maneuvering precisely and smoothly.
"Do you ... do you want to come in?" you ask awkwardly, trying to relax as Natsuo's gaze falls on your thighs that you're clutching together.
A wide smile on his lips before he turns off the engine and moves a strand of hair behind your ear, "I'd love to" he meows, leaving you breathless.
Tumblr media
"Is everything okay?" your voice is concerned when you see your husband tense leaning against the kitchen counter.
He smiles and shakes his head, "nothing, just a long day" he says lifting his arms and stretching. Light sighs and a groan of relief come from his lips.
His shirt lifts slightly showing his tight muscles and you can't help but smile at him as you take his hand.
"Come on, I'll help you relax" you stammer leading him towards your bedroom, noticing a satisfied smirk on his face.
Tumblr media
🏷. @cryszus @ingcnoti @dukina @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @semisgroupie @hannas16 @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @manjiroarchiviste @tojidilfs
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ovual · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
characters: midoriya izuku, katsuki bakugou, shoto todoroki, eijiro kirishima.
synopsis: bnha boys being pervs.
cw: everyone is over 18. dark content. objectification. usage of toys. non con pictures. male masturbation. slut shaming. phone sex. kinda.
an: minors dni. I overwrote a lil in bakugous part lol.
Tumblr media
Midoriya is filthy. You’re the only one he thinks of when he’s stroking his cock late at night. He wishes you were here to watch him hump his hand like a dog in heat—what would you say? You’d surely think he was fuckin’ gross, right? Poor guy can’t help it. You always look at him with such warmth and amenity, it drives him crazy—it makes his cock throb. Right now, he’s disgusted with himself but he can’t stop, it’s a constant cycle. Precum oozes out his slit and his breathing becomes heavy, he wonders how your hand would feel in contrast to his—Yours would be much softer, smaller. He’d like to pin the blame on you for making him feel this way but he knows it isn’t your fault. It’s his own fault for having such lewd thoughts about his sweet, fellow colleague. His cock twitches in his hand and his balls tighten, ropes and ropes of cum spurt all over his abs n chest. He slowly exhales the breath he has been absentmindedly holding in.
Bakugou is slick, sly. He always has that “Fuck off” attitude around you, he shows no soft spot—he treats you like the rest of his colleagues, in his eyes, you’re another extra—as he has stated multiple times over and over and over again, you foolishly believe it all. You’re inclined to believe it. It’s all an act though, behind that gruff and nonchalant persona is a total pervert. You make everything so easy, it’s like you’re trying to let him catch a sneak peek of your panties. Why else would you go up the narrow stairs before him?? short pleated skirt swaying with each movement of your hips, pink panties on display for him to see. He hastily pulls out his phone—god he’s shameless, is it really his fault though? He snaps a blurry picture, quickly, before you can realize it. He makes good use of that picture when he gets home. He boldly thrusts his leaking cock into the tight fleshlight, his cock is wet n’ sticky n’ it’s all your fault. Despite how badly the picture was taken he can clearly see the outline of your pussy—it drives him nuts. He wants nothing more than to have you sprawled out on his bed as he rapidly thrusts his cock into your pretty lil’ cunt.
Much like bakugou, shoto doesn’t particularly pay much attention to you, he tries to keep his distance. He tries but sometimes he slips. You often catch him staring at your exposed legs or whenever you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, his eyes are almost, always glued to your tits. Shoto tries to do it discreetly, but you always notice—you don’t really mind, it’s cute to watch his bulge strain against the rough fabric of his jeans and watch the heat rush to his face after being called out. He doesn’t know if he should be ashamed for looking or be ashamed because he got caught—Either way he has a clear picture of your breasts deep in the back of his mind. Whenever he’s alone, they’re the first things that come to mind—honestly the thought of your breasts—alone, gets him hard in seconds. He imagines his cock in between them, gettin’ them all wet and sticky with his cum. He imagines his slim fingers playing with your pretty, hard nipples, it’s embarrassing how fast he cums all over his hand. You get him so hard, you should take responsibility for it, right?
Kirishima doesn’t pay any attention to what you’re blabbering on about, he’s simply nodding to your soft-spoken words with a grin and hazed eyes as his hand laps over his length. You’re so pretty, so soft-spoken—you get his cock incredibly hard. He’d never admit it out loud but you’re all he thinks about, day and night. His large, calloused hand strokes his cock, slowly. Kirishima is quiet—he bites his lip to prevent any moan from slipping out. You notice but don’t say anything. His hips thrust up into his hand, the vein running on the underside of his cock, throbs. Would you ever forgive him if you found out? His fingers graze against his leaky tip, it’s almost enough to push him over the edge of heaven. His jaw clenches and his balls tighten, thrills ripple inside his stomach like harsh waves hitting the beach on a sunny day. With a muffled groan, cum sprays all over his hand. he only sighs before turning his attention over to you.
Tumblr media
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misszennya · 11 months ago
my parents would be very disappointed on me if they knew that my mental stability depends on a fictional character...
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angelplummie · 4 months ago
non sexual boob touching with the 1A boys :( (P2)
izuku coming home after training, exhausted, achy and creaky, and resting his entire big boy weight on ur body. you wheeze but don’t tell him to get off, instead u stroke his hair and continue scroll on ur little tink tonk app while he puts his face immediately between your boobs. even grabs em and smushes them into his face. makes a little groaning sound, he is so tired and ur boobs are the only thing that can fix it.
“u alright there izuku?”u ask when he doesn’t move for a couple minutes. he just makes a dismissing grunt and peaks up from ur chest, “i love ur boobs.”
you can’t help but laugh and play with hair some more, finally adjusting to his bulk on top of u. he will stay there until ur going to pee urself or the sun explodes, which ever comes first.
shoto will always cop a feel in his sleep. dead of fuckinh night you wake up to this dudes cold ass fingers squeezing that shit like there’s no tomorrow. the first few times u push his arm away but eventually u get used to it and sleep thru, and then u wake up with the birds chirping and the sun shining and his freezing cold hand still on ur titty. at first u though maybe he was being slick and “doing it in his sleep”, but c’mon, if shoto wanted to he would, call him what you want but he is an honest man above all. when he wakes up, he gives it an experimental squig-squig. he looks to the side and oh, that’s what that was. he gives it another squig-squig and makes a sleepy little laugh, like a mangy teen boy thag just searched ‘naked girls’ for the first time,
“nice,” he will murmur.
dirty little man.
katsuki is a guarded little guy, until it comes to you. your presence is just about the only place he isn’t embarrassed to be silly or affectionate or care to much. he doesn’t have to worry about his image with you, because he’s already let you in, and you already love him, so there’s no pretending to do. so, when you say some dumb shit, he doesn’t stop to berate you like he would with other people. which is why he does pretty much anything you tell him to. one day, you were hanging out with each other in your room. he was lying on the bed, reading a book, and you were looking at yourself in the mirror.
“katsuki, i think my boobs are getting smaller.”
“oh yeah?” he didn’t even look up as he answered.
“yeah, can u come check?”
without a second thought, he sets his book down and gets to his feet, meandering behind you.
“hold em and make sure”
and without a single thought bouncing around in his skull, he puts his big man hands on your titties. he cups them and shakes them a little, giving them a little squeeze.
“well, they feel the same to me.”
“ok, that’s good. thank you.”
“you can lie back down now.”
he starts like you just slapped him and scrambles away, letting go of ur boobies and throwing himself back onto bed.
how embarrassing. he is worried he will die.
reblogs appreciated! masterlist
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mango-mothss · 2 months ago
Slapping Headcanons || MHA Boys X Reader
A/N: These hands are rated E for Everyone.
Warnings: Implied fem reader for Iida, Mild smut themes for Izuku, Bakugou and Shoto’s are pretty mild as well, Eijirou is where it gets into the more smutty part. Denki’s includes degradation, riding, cream pies, and just general masochism. Implied smut with Iida. Dabi’s has major dom/brat themes, mentions of teasing in public, and punishment. Also implied smut.
Characters: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hawks
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Izuku Midoriya
With Midoriya, it was an accident.
We all know this boy is too pure to exist
What could he do to make you slap him
You were talking to a friend when he snuck up on you, he thought it was adorable that you were so excited
You were flailing your arms around and punctuated your sentence with them in the air
And you hit something
Really hard
When you turn around, Izuku is standing right there, a red handprint on his face
His brain altogether stopped working
Did I… like that?
Yes, yes he did
“Oh my god, Izuku, I’m so sorry! I totally didn’t mean-“
“It’s alright! I’m fine! See?”
Won’t bring it up again until he’s sure the two of you are completely alone
“Will you… hit me?”
His face is as red as a tomato
“Y’know… like you did earlier, just. On purpose.”
You bring a hand to his face, rubbing his cheek, before bringing it away all of a sudden
“Are you sure?”
You bring your hand back and slap him. It leaves a sting in your hand.
“Harder. Please.”
Katsuki Bakugou
With Bakugou, it wasn’t an accident.
He pissed you off. He was being mean, ignoring you for too long.
“What’s wrong, Kats?” Kiri would ask.
“(Y/N). I haven’t seen them anywhere.”
“I’m right here, asshole.”
“It’s almost like I can hear them.”
Kirishima, who definitely didn’t want to get in the middle of whatever this was, backed away slowly. He knew better than to get involved.
At some point, you were fed up with this silent treatment.
“Kats. KATS.”
He just scoffed.
“Fine. You wanna play this game? Ignore this, bitch.”
You smacked him. Hard. Katsuki was used to being slapped but never by you.
“Oi, the fuck are you doing?”
You let out a little “hmph,” and walked away. You got your point across.
As soon as you rounded the corner, a smile fixed itself on his face. He was glad that you had the courage to stand up to him, and he loved seeing your attitude shine through.
He apologized later that day.
Shoto Todoroki
With Todoroki, it was sort of an accident.
To be fair, you didn’t know this is what truth or dare would turn into.
Mina invited you, most of Class 1-A was playing truth or dare in the common room.
Todoroki sat opposite of you.
Bad choice.
He smiled at you, giving a little wave
Todoroki was comfortable for you, and you him. You got along more than anyone else in the class
So when Izuku dared you to slap the person across from you, you didn’t know what to do.
Izuku, however, knew exactly what he was doing.
Just hours before this game of truth or dare, Todoroki admitted that he’d always thought about being slapped by a pretty girl
And he knew how you looked at Todoroki
You stood up and Todoroki followed suit, meeting you in the middle
He gulped, then nodded quickly.
Your hand came back and then landed with a loud SMACK.
You soothed the red that was spreading on his cheek, leaning in to whisper.
“Sorry, love, but I don’t back down from a dare.” You winked at him.
He was flustered, but he was trying his hardest not to show it
He was failing.
Eijirou Kirishima
With Kirishima, it was not an accident.
I don’t know what it is about Kirishima
But I can see him straight up asking you
“Will you slap me?”
“It’s for science,” he’d say, a goofy grin across his face
“What kind of science?” You knew what he was getting at, but you weren’t going to let him have it that easily.
“Here, let me-“ He cut himself off, grabbing you by the thighs and hoisting you over his lap.
“Now just. Slap me.”
He didn’t have to tell you twice
You smacked him hard across the face, a red handprint left on his cheek. “That good?”
“Eiji, are you sure?”
“Please, harder, (Y/N).” You could feel him starting to harden under you, obviously very into this.
You hit him again, this time hearing him hiss. “Shhh, baby.” You took his face in your hands and kissed his cheek.
“Eijirou, if I hit you anymore, you’re going to bleed.”
“Maybe I want to.”
Denki Kaminari
With Kaminari, it was an accident, but not in the way you’d think.
You were having sex with him. Riding him. Today he asked you to be mean to him, call him names, and hurt him.
You knew Kaminari had masochistic tendencies, but you didn’t know how far it went.
And you wanted to see how far the rubber band would stretch before it snapped.
“Pathetic whore. I bet you can’t even get off without me, can you?” He was a drooling mess, had been since the second orgasm.
“Look at me, Denki.”
He was too far gone.
“I said,” SLAP “Look at me!”
His eyes focused on your face for a few seconds, the same way they always did when he was trying to hold on for you.
“Let go, baby.”
He nods, his body shaking underneath you as he releases, cumming inside.
“Feel good?”
“That was hot,” he says, trying to catch his breath. “My cheek hurts.”
You soothe his face as he pouts, pulling your hand back to kiss the knuckles. “I love you,” he says softly, looking you in the eyes.
“I love you too, Denks.”
Tenya Iida
With Iida, it was not an accident.
Iida had pushed one too many buttons with you.
He didn’t mean for the things he said to come out like they did.
It just happened sometimes.
He was raised very respectfully, came from a house that taught him to respect women.
So when he said that you shouldn’t go anywhere without someone
He didn’t mean for it to come out as
“You’re too fragile and weak to handle yourself.”
“Iida, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, (Y/N). You need someone with you.”
You huffed. You were about to leave when you heard him mutter, “Lowest in the class….. can’t handle herself…”
You marched right up to him and slapped him across the face.
“Don’t you ever talk about me like that again.”
He was taken aback, to say the least.
You left before he could apologize
And he did make it a point to apologize to you.
“I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” It was way past curfew, and he probably shouldn’t be at your door.
But you invited him in anyways.
“I just don’t want you to be hurt.”
“Thank you, but I’m sure I can handle myself.” Your face was stern. You folded your arms over your chest, sitting on the edge of your bed.
“But (Y/N), I just. I care about you so much. More than anyone. I care about you more than I thought was even capable, and I’m so scared to lose you.” He sat down beside you, brushing the hair out of your eyes.
You kissed him before he could talk anymore, fisting your hand in his shirt and tugging him towards you.
He fell on top of you, hands holding his own weight up beside your head as he stared down at you.
Needless to say you didn’t get much sleep that night.
Tomura Shigaraki
With Shigaraki, it was an accident.
This one is technically not a slap but I thought it was funny
You were gaming. He was just trying to get your attention for a meeting.
You couldn’t even hear him calling you.
“(Y/N), we have a meeting.”
Your eyes were glued to the screen.
“(Y/N), it’s time to go.”
“YES. TAKE THAT, FUCKERS!” You threw your controller across the room when you flailed your arms in the air, and it landed right on Shigaraki’s face with a loud thunk
“Oh my god, babe, I am so, so sorry.”
His hand moved to scratch at his neck, a scowl painting his features
“It’s fine. Let’s go.”
You felt bad all day about what happened
And you made it up to him with extra kisses, cuddles, and love in general
He forgave you
After he had his time to pout and sulk
And milk the attention he was getting from you
With Dabi, it was an accident. You told him that over and over, but he knew it really wasn’t an accident.
You were being a brat
Very plainly
And you decided that today would be a good day to test Dabi’s patience
It was not.
You were teasing him in public again, something he was very familiar with
And he was lecturing you over it, deciding the way he should punish you
He saw you roll your eyes
“Y’know, I think this would be a lot more fun if you let me take control once in a while.” You loved your position as a brat, but you loved to tease him even more.
“You don’t get to make that decision, now do you?”
You rolled your eyes again.
“Try it again, bitch.” His hand was on your throat in a matter of seconds and your back was against the wall
And then
As if your fight or flight response was activated
You slapped him
The hand that was around your neck moved to rub at his face. He sighed.
“I- I’m sorry, I didn’t-“
“Oh, no no no, baby,” he tutted. “you did this to yourself. You have to pay the consequences.”
He picked you up by the waist and slung you over his shoulder, carrying you away
You weren’t walking the next day.
With Hawks, it was definitely not an accident.
Something you had to grow accustomed to with Hawks was his flirty personality
Half the time, he didn’t even know he was flirting.
You and Keigo were engaged, but you both decided not to go public with the information
He had a public image to maintain, and you didn’t mind that
Some of which you got pushed aside for
One day where you were particularly feeling ignored by him, you went out to get yourself some boba
Hawks was standing in the middle of a crowd of girls, many of which were flirting to no avail
He took pictures and signed autographs, and you weren’t too interested
“So, Hawks, are you seeing anyone right now?”
“No,” he said simply. That wasn’t what struck a chord, with you.
“You could be seeing me,” the girl said. And then
He winked at her. “I could make arrangements for that.”
You waited for the, now screaming, crowd to leave before approaching him
“She was flirting with you.”
“I thought we agreed that it wouldn’t be good to go public.”
“You didn’t shut her down.”
“I thought you didn’t want to go public.”
You slapped him across the face.
“It’s not about whether I wanted to go public or not, it’s about the fact that you flirted back with her.”
Hawks brought the prettiest flowers he could find that night. As well as your favorite candy, a stupid rom-com, and his cat, Peanut (you can’t convince me he named his cat something normal) in hopes of making you feel better
He apologized a thousand times, and you finally gave in, throwing your arms around him
You could never stay mad at Hawks.
“I think we should announce that we’re engaged.”
“Really? You think it’ll be good for your image as a pro?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know much of anything anymore. But I do know that I want everyone to know that I found the most beautiful person to love.”
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been too active recently, I’ve been struggling with motivation, but I’m doing better now! Hopefully there will be even more soon!
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sakusins · a month ago
Tumblr media
“i’m cold,” you murmur, and dabi grunts quietly from his side of the bed. 
and really, it’s technically not even his bed, let alone his side—he’s not exactly the “share a bed” kind of guy—but you’ve convinced him to stay the night as it pours outside mercilessly (which is a miracle in itself that he agreed.) you’ve also argued that nobody sleeps in separate beds when their boyfriend is staying over, and now you’ve landed him here. 
he doesn’t turn, doesn’t even move a muscle as he speaks. “so what am i s’posed to do about it?” he mutters, making a pout paint across your face. he knows it’s there without actually looking, and he knows what you want, but he’s not going to indulge you in it. 
there are miles upon miles in the few inches that separate your bodies—and there are always miles that separate you and dabi, even in the short distance on the couch where he sits beside you and the small gap in the kitchen as he hovers from behind. but you suppose distance is an ache easier to stomach than rejection, and maybe deep down, he falls on the same side of the coin as you when it comes to longing. 
“you’re the one who made it so cold,” you huff, shivering slightly under the covers. dabi is clad in his usual white t-shirt, not even halfway under the covers, and you think he might as well use his body heat for good if he’s stuck with it. but he only grumbles under his breath as he glances at you over his shoulder. 
“fine, then. make it warmer,” he waves off. 
“no, you’ll overheat in your sleep,” you say stubbornly, lips still curled into a pout that he can hear through your words. 
“i’ll be fine—”
“just come here,” you say, tugging him by the arm and slotting your body perfectly against his side.
 it shuts him up, makes his figure go rigid as he feels your skin press against his, and it’s warm—but it’s not the warmth that makes his body protest. it’s the kind that makes old wounds close and new aches numb, and for a moment, it’s enough. he’s enough when his arm hesitantly wraps around your waist, when your lips plant a tiny kiss to the decimated skin that you should find horrifying, when your ice cold fingertips smooth over the expanse of his overheated flesh—and he faintly registers that those are hearts you’re tracing, and it’s enough. 
for now, it’s enough to let himself feel this, feel you. 
“how’s this any better than turning the heat up?” he scowls, but the way his cheek lays against the crown of your head answers his own question. 
“because now i get cuddles,” you murmur happily. 
“and i get a dead arm when i wake up,” he grunts. 
you huff, and you’re just a tad bit spoiled, he thinks. a little too well versed in getting him to tell you more than he initially plans, or staying a few moments longer than he initially says, or getting a few extra smiles than he initially gives. and he lets you get away with it, lets your honeyed words and the cool breeze of your breath against his skin pick away at his resolve. 
“it’s fair compensation for my grocery bill,” you shoot back, and there’s nothing but achingly sweet fondness in your voice, “who knew you’d have so many demands for the shopping list?”
“your wallet won’t suffer if you just steal shit like i do. i don’t even have a wallet,” he grins, and there’s something about the way you giggle that makes him wonder if the birds ever stop singing their songs when they hear you. 
“that’s the difference between you and me. the great divide, if you will,” you poke his ribs teasingly, and he feels laughter knit into each bone, tucking itself seamlessly like it’s belonged there in the first place. it rumbles through his chest in a low chuckle, under your cheek and into your smile. 
“not everyone can be as cunning as me, doll.”
and then you do that thing that you always insist on doing—the one where you cup his face and turn his head and look into his eyes, every shade of your affection meeting the cerulean of his orbs. he should look away, but he can’t. doesn’t think he ever will. 
and maybe, he doesn’t want to. 
“cunning enough to make it cold so i’ll cuddle you? yeah, i’d say you’re real good.”
“don’t flatter yourself,” he rolls his eyes. and with a fleeting glance to your eyes again, he feels the fire that crackles painfully over his skin flicker out as you lean to press a kiss to his mouth. it’s short—too short, but relief spreads over every inch of him. 
“if you cuddle me tomorrow too, i’ll let you empty my wallet all you want,” you whisper—almost like it’s a secret.
“lame offer. i already empty it all i want anyway,” he says instantly, but if the way his arm tightens around you is any indication of his answer (and it is), you think for once, you have dabi right where you want him. 
you pout, making his smile reach his eyes as he smirks. “i’ll stop letting you then.”
“you won’t,” he murmurs, “yer too weak.” and for once, he leans in for the kiss first, thumb circling over your cheek and arm pulling you into his chest.
Tumblr media
idk this is pretty cheesy but he makes me happy in a rly sad way
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escapenightmare · 5 months ago
when you catch them staring at you.
Tumblr media
izuku flushes a bright red, a shaky smile adorning his face. he lifts the hand that wasn't holding his pencil up and gives you a small wave despite the fact that his hand itself was shaking due to his nervousness. he wants you to forget all about it, because god that was embarrassing.
shoto feels his heterochromatic eyes go wide, and then blinks to cover it up. the tips of his ears are a slight pink out of embarassment, but he still gives you a small smile before going back to paying attention to the lesson that was being taught.
bakugou had an unreadable look on his face but as soon as you notice, a red spreads across his face. he looks away with his eyes wide, looking as if he'd seen something he shouldn't have. doesn't look your way again and will instinctively deny if you ever call him out on it.
denki grins in spite of his entire face being red. he looks around to see if anyone's paying attention to him before bringing his hand up to wave at you, then he points at the clock in front of the classroom, looking back at you with bright eyes filled with excitement. he's embarassed, but he knows how to cover it up.
kirishima gives you a toothy smile, feeling a little embarrassed and shy since he got caught staring at you with literal heart eyes, he averts his attention back to class when you wave at him and he waves back, his smile becoming even brighter.
sero sits up straight when you turn your head and catch him in the act of staring at you like a lovesick idiot. he forces out a smile — mentally bashing himself as he thought you would think he's a weirdo now. but when you return it, a genuinely grin replaces the fake smile before he goes back to taking notes.
tamaki who thinks he might just pass out or wishes he could just slink back and disappear under the earth. his eyes are wide like saucers, he feels like his heart just stopped. but then you smile, and he blushes, giving a painfully obvious shaky smile before he turns around and looks down at his completed notes in embarassment.
Tumblr media
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katsuphilia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, takami keigo
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: repost from my old blog ; i wrote this months ago and it’s so bad and i don’t have the strength to read over it so y’all look the other way when there’s horrendous writing parts
Tumblr media
Once again, the stinging reality that Midoriya was improving steadily, and he was falling behind was making Bakugou realize that things were not what he’d planned for them to be. It was difficult watching the helpless boy from his childhood slowly grow to outdo him, growing more and more closer with the very man that was his inspiration, while he seemed to be at a dead end.
Nothing Bakugou was doing was getting him where he wanted to be, and the frustration was bubbling over, and not even you could seem to help soothe the bitterness he was feeling. The final straw was when all of his classmates, including you, had left with their provisional licenses secured—save for Todoroki, but that did little to ease his conscience. It was like salt to the wound to watch you smile with glee at your results as he dealt with the aftershocks of his failure.
He wanted to be happy for you, he really did try to muster up a small smile just for you at your excitement, but anger was an all consuming feeling, and Bakugou couldn’t stop from feeling angry that slowly, he was becoming more and more prone to failing.
You could sense that the provisional license exam was a large blow to your boyfriend’s pride. You saw the way his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes when he offered you one, and the bus ride home didn’t consist of his usual quiet rambling that only you got to hear. Instead, he simple chose to look out the window, not moving or reacting when you rubbed his arm gently.
Bakugou was struggling internally, you could see that ever since he’d been rescued from the league. His ego had been painfully bruised, along with his self esteem. It was heartbreaking to watch him be so frustrated with himself, they guy who once carried himself so proudly was picking himself apart to try and find the flaws that you knew weren’t there. He was perfect, going through a bit of a rough patch, but he was perfect nonetheless in your eyes. So when you all reached back to campus and made your way to your dorms, you followed him into his, hands interlocked. He didn’t say much, his demeanor still quiet. It was only when you’d made it inside did you speak up.
“Baby, don’t let today beat you down too much, it’s okay—”
“I’m fine, y/n.” He cut you off as he made his way to his bed, collapsing down and laying with his arms behind his head as he stared up.
“I can see you’re not,” you started gently. He didn’t move. Coming forward, you sat next to him, hand beginning to stroke through his hair. His jaw clenched as he closed his eyes. “Katsuki talk to me.”
“Y/n, I told you I’m fine. I don’t need to talk to you like you’re my damn therapist.”
“No, but you should talk to me like you’re my boyfriend. There’s been a lot on your mind, I just wanna help get somethings off your chest, you—” suddenly, he sat up, pushing your hand off of his head. Glaring at you harshly, his breathing was heavy.
“Y/n, I said I don’t fucking want to talk! What did you not get from that? Stop acting like you get what’s going on and stop being so damn clingy, I’m trying to sit in peace okay?” You stared at him shocked, retracting your hand away. Blinking back tears, you slowly nodded, shuffling off of his bed.
“Okay. I’m… I’m sorry Katsuki. See you later,” you said quietly before exiting his room and closing the door behind you.
You avoided him for the most part the next day, coming in right before class began so you wouldn’t have to interact much while waiting for Aizawa to come in. Though he didn’t make a move to come up to you himself, you could sense his stare burning holes into you, waiting for you to acknowledge him.
And he knew yesterday was a bit uncalled for, and he also knew he had to apologize, but he wasn’t counting on you avoiding him. His hand itched to reach for your wrist, to pull you out of the room and speak with you, but he waited a bit longer, seeing if you were just late this morning and weren’t actually avoiding him. But you didn’t instantly walk beside him during today’s class activities, and you didn’t sit with him during lunch, and after class, when everyone went back to the dorms, you didn’t follow him up to his room, opting to sit and lounge with the rest of your classmates.
His mood turned increasingly sour throughout the day, not happy with the way you interacted with everyone around except him. Finally giving in, he sighed deeply before pulling out his phone.
Hey, where are you? Come up to my room (read)
Y/n seriously come on (read)
You haven’t spoken to me all day (read)
He slammed his phone down, seething in his bed. Slowly, his head dropped into his hands as he thought back to yesterday.
He’d called you clingy. It was almost funny considering the idea of you sitting next to him and playing with his hair sounded really nice right now, but of course things just never went accordingly. They never seemed to anymore for him. You were probably having a grand time with everyone else, away from his company. Suddenly, the image of you sitting in between Midoriya and Todoroki, or even Kaminari, or Sero, or that bastard Mineta flashed through his head, as he imagined you laughing with your head thrown back at something they’d said.
And once again, he was grasping his phone, spamming you with texts to come up to him room right now, to answer your damn texts. Eventually, after minutes of blowing your phone up, his door slammed open, you looking at him in pure rage. He only glared back.
“What in the world is your issue Katsuki?”
“Gee I wonder, you dumbass. Maybe it’s that you haven’t spoken to me all day huh?”
“Well maybe I wanted to let my boyfriend have his precious space since I’ve been so clingy as of late.” He sighed, running a hand over his face.
“Okay, I’m sorry I said that. Now come over here you moron.” But you stood in your place, eyebrow raised at his failed attempt to fix yesterday’s events.
“I was enjoying time with our classmates. I don’t particularly feel like coming ‘here’ Katsuki.” He glared at you further.
“Y/n, you haven’t ‘enjoyed time’ with me at all today. Stop being so damn stubborn and just get in here.”
“I don’t want to spend time with you.” He freezes a bit, staring at you incredulously. Finally, he laughed bitterly, standing up.
“Oh yeah? You don’t? Why are you with me then huh? Since you don’t wanna spend time with your own damn boyfriend.” Rolling your eyes, you shut the door behind you, stepping closer.
“You’re the one who blew up yesterday for saying like one sentence to you! I was just trying to help you, but you decided to be an asshole, and now I’m giving you what you want! Make up your damn mind!” He tugged at his hair, breathing heavily.
“Okay! And I said I’m sorry, what else do you want?”
“You can’t just say a half assed “sorry” after you snap at me like that and expect everything to be okay! That’s not enough!” It was dead silent for a moment before he turned away from you, collapsing onto his bed, hunching over his knees and glaring at the ground.
“Yeah nothing seems to be enough these days. No matter what I do,” he muttered bitterly. Waving you towards the door, he looked to the side. “Go on, go have a good time with everyone else.” And just like that, as much as you hated to admit, you heart ached to run a hand through his hair and place a soft kiss on his forehead. So, walking up to him slowly, you gave in. His arms instantly came to your waist tightly, pulling you into an embrace, face pressing into your stomach.
“Katsuki, things are getting a bit rough on you, I get that, you’ve been through a lot. But you’re bottling it up and snapping at the worst times. You can at least talk to me you know.” His fingers tightened around your shirt.
“Yeah, I know,” he whispered. Sighing, you rubbed over his shoulder with your free hand.
“Babe, you know you’re still doing a wonderful job right? You’ll make an exceptional hero, but you gotta start working on your attitude a bit, look where it led you in your exam.” He grunted, finally pulling his head out of your stomach.
“They were just being babies I wasn’t even that bad.” Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes at him.
“Katsuki you’ll never change.” Finally letting a bit of his usual self slip through, he smirked at you.
“Is that really so bad?” Once again, your eyes rolled.
“It’s the worst.” He laughed, finally giving you a soft smile—one only you got to see every so often.
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“Good. So then you’ll spend time in here than with the dumb extras. So sit down.” He was utterly the most tiring boy you’d ever met, but still, you climbed into bed with him, laying in his arms as you faced him. Leaning up, you kissed his cheek. Once more, he smirked.
“I knew you’d cave, you’re dumbass can’t go one day without me.”
“I still have texts of you blowing up my phone desperately pleading for my company.” Glaring at you, he reached over and flicked your forehead.
“I didn’t plead, you’re just an idiot. I demanded. I never plead for anything.” Laughing, you buried yourself into his chest, breathing in his scent as you lay there with him.
Tumblr media
“Shoto, you haven’t said much all day, what’s wrong?” Sighing, he looked at you as you lay beside him, head resting on his arm.
“Nothing y/n, I’m fine.” You could tell something was indeed wrong. Your boyfriend was quiet, that was true, but Todoroki wasn’t normally as silent around you as he was right now, making you a bit concerned for the sudden change. The recent stress of juggling his studies and training and his extra classes to retry for his provisional license had left him a bit stressed, and today was not particularly his day.
After returning from today’s class with Bakugou, he was a bit on edge as you followed him up to his dorm, happily chatting about your afternoon and telling him stories of the encounters you’d had with the other students. Suddenly, your touch wasn’t as soothing, instead it was aggravating, and hearing you ramble wasn’t endearing, it was only making him more frustrated. All he wanted was to be left alone, to sit in peace as he caught a break from his now very hectic schedule.
“Sho, you’ve been much quieter than usual. Why’s that?” Once again, he sighed, this time slightly rolling his eyes. Pulling his arm from under you, he sat up.
“Y/n you haven’t left me alone all day today, is me being silent really that bad? I’m sure you’ve spent enough time with me today.” Looking at him confused, you sat up as well.
“We haven’t really spent a lot of time together recently. You’ve been super busy with your extra classes for your license so I thought today would be nice to spend together, we’re both free for the rest of the day.” Blinking at you, he spoke up after a moment, looking you dead in the eye.
“Y/n, you’re always really clingy. We’re in the same class, it’s not like we don’t see each other often.” Looking at him shocked, you felt your face heat up a bit in embarrassment. Feeling your heart sink, you thought back to your actions throughout the day. You didn’t think you’d been particularly clingy, not thinking that Todoroki may have needed space. Looking at your lap, you played with your fingers.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You could’ve just told me if you weren’t in the mood to hang out.”
“Well it’s not just now. There’s no need to always hold on to me in someway, I need space too okay?” He didn’t mean what he’d said in that last part, it didn’t hold any truth. He loved the affection you displayed, it gave him a sense of comfort he didn’t get quite often growing up, but the rising level of frustration from his stressful day had caused him to snap at you harsher than he should have. Flinching a bit at his tone, you nodded slowly.
“Okay, well uh… I’ll leave you alone then.” He nodded at you, watching as you gathered your belongings and left the room. You didn’t want to be a bother to him anymore, feeling guilty that you’d made him so uncomfortable through your affection. Deciding you’d try to be better about it so Todoroki wasn’t as irritated, the next few days consisted of much less interacting between the two of you. Though you missed his touch and the proximity that used to be between the two of you, you were at least satisfied that your boyfriend would be more comfortable.
Except he wasn’t. Todoroki Shoto was beyond unhappy, you hadn’t kissed him much at all in the last few days, you sat across from him at lunch instead of right beside him, you’d been interacting with everyone else more than him, and you hadn’t been speaking much, constantly glued to your phone during the few times you both were alone when he insisted he come up to your dorm.
He wanted you to pay more attention to him, but all you did was offer him small smiles and short answers to his attempts to spark a conversation. Feeling fed up, he crawled over to where you were sitting on your bed, sliding his way under your arms and in between your legs, laying his head on your chest. You stared down at him for a moment before continuing to scroll through your phone, your free hand sitting on the bed beside your legs instead of in his hair like usual. He was beginning to get increasingly upset.
“Yeah Sho?” He hesitated for a moment.
“Are you okay?” He felt you nod.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why? Are you okay?” Shrugging he slumped further into you.
“Yeah, I guess.” You only hummed in response, before continuing to like pictures through your feed. After a few moments, he began to have doubts. Had you begun to realize he wasn’t what you wanted? Was this your subtle way of hinting you’d gotten bored of him? The weight of thinking you had slowly begun to fall out of love with him was crushing, he didn’t want to let go of the one person who made him feel safe and valued. Looking up at you, he asked you the question that was beginning to fill his mind up with dread.
“I love you,” he said quietly.
“I love you too.” His heart sank. You didn’t kiss his forehead like you always did. Gripping your shirt tightly, he looked up.
“You promise?” Looking down at him, you began to frown, wondering where this was coming from. Finally, finally, you ran a hand through his hair, making him bury his head back into your chest.
“Yeah, I do promise. Where’s this coming from Sho?” Grabbing your other hand, he pulled it to lay on his back, giving you the signal to start rubbing it. Slowly, you did, waiting for his explanation.
“Why are you acting like this?” Looking at him confused, you tilted your head.
“Like what Shoto? What’s going on?” He looked up at you, eyes wide and sad.
“Like you don’t want me around.” Finally understanding, you cupped his cheeks, leaning in and giving him his long awaited kiss on the forehead.
“I was just giving you some more space, like you asked.” His face dropped even more before he buried it into your neck, laying fully on top of you.
“I’m sorry, I was just frustrated that day. I missed you the last few days.”
“Shoto, it’s okay, if I’m too overbearing for you sometimes you can tell me. I won’t coddle you as much.” He frowned at your words, guilt eating him up for making you feel like he didn’t enjoy your doting, and for saying something he didn’t mean solely because he’d been having a bad day. You always made him time for him and made him feel special, even on days he could tell you weren’t feeling the best. Slowly pulling his head out of your neck, he faced you, shaking his head.
“No, I’m sorry y/n, I really didn’t mean it. I just snapped, it was a rough day. I miss you being the way you were before, a lot. You’re not overbearing.” Feeling your heart swell a little, you scratched at his scalp gently, while your other hand ran over his back and shoulders.
“It’s okay Sho, I’m not mad. You can just tell me when you’re having a bad day and you want to be alone though, okay? I won’t mind if you need some time to yourself.” Nodding, he relaxed into you as you pulled a blanket over his form, kissing his forehead once more before finally paying more attention to him, softly telling him about your day.
Tumblr media
Takami Keigo’s tired.
Poor thing’s been worked to the bone, down to his very last feather. And this week had been a particularly nastier one in a while, the public had been swarming him more, the media was exceptionally focused on him as of recent, and the undercover work coupled with typical hero work was more grueling than usual. All he wanted to do was collapse in bed and sleep away the stress that had pent up, to ease the tenseness in his muscles, and to forget about the rough week he’d been having.
He flew into his window, after a long unforgiving day of duties, looking forward to some time to himself. Only as he stepped in, he was greeted with a sight that usually made his heart skip two beats, but today, it made his demeanor even grumpier. Seeing you in his kitchen cooking a meal usually made him feel a sense of completeness, a feeling he’d longed for as a child, the domesticity was something that filled the holes and stitched the tears his childhood had left behind.
But for some reason, today he wasn’t too thrilled to see you. You being here meant having to spend time and energy with you, energy that he really didn’t have today. Walking over, he glanced at you wearily as you beamed happily at your boyfriend.
“Hi Kei! I’ve been waiting for you to get home. Go wash up, dinner will be ready in a bit.” Sighing deeply, he took off his coat, gloves, and goggles, setting them on his counter before rubbing a hand tiredly over his face.
“Y/n are you serious right now? Look I love you, but this is a bit much don’t you think?” Tilting your head in confusion, you glanced at the food on the stove.
“Oh, do you not like this dish? That’s okay, we can order something, or I can make something else if you wanna wait—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy for this,” he grumbled. Eyebrows furrowing further, you racked your brain for what he could mean.
“What do you mean Kei? Are you not hungry?” He shook his head, looking at you through narrowed eyes.
“I’m exhausted. You know that. I can’t have date night with you right now, I just wanna take a nap,” he muttered, rubbing his temples. Frowning, you tried to explain.
“Oh no, we’re not hav—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy to spend time with you right now. What are you not understanding? Can’t you see I’m about to fall asleep where I’m standing?”
“Kei, I’m not—” he cut you off yet again.
“God y/n, why can’t you just leave me alone? You’re so god damn clingy all the time like get a life! I have other things to do,” he spat at you, venom lacing his tone. Recoiling, you stared at him astounded before feeling your eyes start to water. Clearing your throat, you awkwardly nodded, quickly turning off the stove and gathering your things to leave.
“S-sorry Keigo,” you whispered before making your way out your apartment. You wiped away tears as you made your way to your own apartment, hurt by your boyfriend’s outburst. You knew this week had been a rough one for him, and you also knew he was tired and grumpy when he came home. Hoping to make a nice meal for him so he could eat something homemade and finally rest like he deserved, he’d quickly thrown the idea out the window, ruining your attempts to care for him through his bad attitude. Sniffling, you frowned, deciding that if it was alone time he wanted, it was alone time he’d get.
Evidently, Takami Keigo did not handle the silent treatment very well. He also did not handle no longer being the center of your attention very well either, absolutely losing his mind two days into your resolve. The first day consisted of his usual good morning texts and updates from his work, not really noticing you weren’t responding to him until later. He really began to realize that you weren’t answering when his phone calls went to voicemail, getting restless that he hadn’t heard from you. But the last straw was when not only had you ignored his offer to come over to his apartment, but you also didn’t answer his knocks at your window when he flew to your place.
Eventually, he was able to follow you into your apartment after catching sight of you outside doing errands, refusing to leave you alone till you gave him the attention he craved. Except now, he wasn’t whiny and bratty anymore, now he was beginning to get hurt over your insistence to ignore him.
Trying to kiss you, Keigo frowned when you dodged his lips. He pouted at the lack of attention sent his way.
“Y/n, come on, why won’t you speak to me?” Silence. “Baby? We haven’t spoken at all in the last two days, I miss you!” More silence. His wings drooped along with his shoulders and his heart plummeted. “Y/n? Don’t… don’t you miss me?” Nothing. You didn’t say a word as you continued to make dinner, enough for one, Keigo noted. Gently grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards him, he looked at you heartbroken. “Y/n, what’s going on?” Looking at him with narrowed eyes, you tugged your wrist out of his grasp harshly, giving him a glare.
“Why can’t you just leave me alone? Why are you being so god damn clingy?” Hurt flashed across his face.
“Wha—” oh. Now he remembered, you were upset over the not so nice words he’d snapped while he was exhausted.
“I came to your home trying to make you a meal so you could eat and relax, and you sat there, didn’t even let me explain, and called me clingy and told me to get a life. Well I got one, and clearly that’s not enough to make you happy either, so what do you want?” Looking at you sadly, he tried to grab your hands, face dropping when you didn’t allow him to.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I was just really tired. I didn’t really think before speaking.” Still not happy with him, you continued to make dinner, not paying him any mind. He stood behind you for a moment before wrapping his arms around your waist despite your protests, burying his head into your neck. “I’m sorry y/n, really. I don’t appreciate you enough, you always take care of me. No one’s ever done that before. You’re not clingy, I’m losing my mind over two days without you. Please don’t be mad?” Sighing, you rolled your eyes at yourself for how fast you gave into him. Turning, you held your arms for him to fall into, his head drooping to your shoulder. Clutching you tightly, he relaxed when your fingers carded through his blonde locks.
“You were exceptionally mean to me you know,” you whispered. He nodded, hugging you tighter.
“I know. I love you though,” he offered. Chuckling, you kissed the side of his head.
“I love you too.”
“Enough to make me dinner?”
“Maybe not that much.” He looked up at you, pouting. Laughing, you pecked his jutted lips before conceding. “Okay fine.” He beamed, returning to his previous position of hugging you from behind as you made dinner for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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vagabondings · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bakugou x f!reader x todoroki
summary: when you’re stuck on surveillance you let it slip that you’ve never orgasmed with a partner. your fellow up and coming pro heroes take that challenge personally.
a/n - repost from old account. d/s dynamics, sub female reader, dom character. smut w no plot really, praise, degradation, bakugou curses a lot, hard dom bakugou, mean cold dom shouto, aftercare, they’re both such menaces tbh, overstimulation, quirk play, this is honestly filth, daddy kink, use of sir, uhhhhhh bakugou and shouto kink shame each other but it’s all in good fun, exhibitionism if you squint, and some mild Deku slander, reader and bakugou and shouto in their mid twenties.
wc - 4K
MINORS DNI - please have an age in your blog if you're going to like, comment, or reblog this fic. thank you!
Tumblr media
You stretch your shoulder, rolling the sore joint and wincing.
“Are you injured?” Shouto asks, putting down the binoculars for a second. “You look like you’re in pain.” You flush.
“Yeah I um,” you couldn’t exactly say that you and Deku had been fooling around in the agency locker room, and he’d bent your back at a clumsy odd angle, trying desperately to make you cum with no success. “Injured it.” You finish lamely, staring down at your palms.
“You and that fuckin’ idiot get hurt doin’ it in the broom closet?” Bakugou jeers and your face burns.
“It was a one time thing.” You mumble. “I just, I broke up with my boyfriend, and Midoriya’s so sweet, you know, I thought, maybe,” You realize both men are paying distinct attention to you now, “Sweet would be, better. Than my ex.” You shiver uncomfortably and turn your eyes back to the warehouse the three of you were watching. “Ah what time, was the drop off supposed to happen?” You ask, a little flustered, wanting to change the subject.
“Not for another few hours.” Shouto confirms. “We’re here to report movements in case it happens early.
“They really need all of us here for that?” You raise your eyebrows, leaning forward, bouncing your leg nervously.
“Whatsa matter,” Bakugou sneers, “You got a date or somethin’?” You laugh lightly.
“As a matter of fact I do.”
“Nice guy?” Todoroki asks politely.
“It won’t matter.” You sniff delicately, working on your shoulder. “I’m just gonna rebound, I’m gonna get it out of my system.”
“Deku not enough for you?” Bakugou laughs as you look away pointedly. “Course he wasn’t.”
“Izuku is a lovely individual who has many talents.” You say, oozing diplomacy, but next to you Todoroki rolls his eyes. “He is!” You protest, “It’s me, I’m the issue.” He relaxes a little, leaning against the car door, head propped up on his palm.
“The issue?” He probes, gently. You sigh, taking the binoculars out of your lap and putting them over your eyes and searching the building again.
“What’s the issue?” Bakugou is less artful than Todoroki, spitting the words out angrily.
“The issue is me,” you snap, “Happy, I’m the issue, I can’t finish with a partner, I’m fucking broken, or something, okay?” There’s a silence. “Jesus christ,” You groan, holding your face in your hands, “And I can’t fix it, I just, like I can enjoy sex without it, but I’ve never, you know-”
“Cum?” Bakugou finishes for you, the word sounding unspeakably filthy in his low growl. “‘S a shame.”
“Do,” Todoroki looks mystified, processing, “Do you fake it?” You nod miserably.
“At least I’m good at that.” You lift your head, sighing, staring at the building in front of you. “Let’s just work, okay?” You force yourself to focus, counting the bricks in front of you, the cracks in the sidewalk, the broken windows in the warehouse. Todoroki and Bakugou exchange a glance and speak at the same time.
“I could-”
“If you want I’d-”
You swallow before speaking, trying to bring some moisture to your dry mouth, looking nervously first at Bakugou, who just smirks, and then Todoroki who at least has the grace to look a touch sheepish, though it’s quickly overtaken by a quiet confidence.
“I don’t,” you mumble, “I mean that’s not a good idea, while we’re um,” you gesture towards the building, supposed to be watching for the meetup.
“Meetup’s not for a few hours.” Bakugou leans over, “C’mon princess, I can’t stand the idea of ya sufferin’ like that.”
“Excuse me,” Todoroki reaches across you and puts a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder, keeping him from getting any closer to you. “I don’t think she said yes to you, specifically.”
“I didn’t say yes at all!” You squeak, “It’s already unbelievably embarrassing that you know this about me.” You soften, “And um, I know I’m not like, that I don’t look like,”
“You’re fuckin’ stunning.” Bakugou growls, “I don’t wanna hear any of that shit.” His hand ghosts your thigh. “Listen,” He speaks to Todoroki, “You don’t think you’d do a better job than me,”
“I know I would.” A decidedly gentlemanly smile spreads across his face, “It’s not like your quirk is of any help,” and he glances at Bakugou’s hands, “And frankly those don’t seem suited to such a delicate task.”
“Nothin’ delicate about it.” Bakugou snarls, “Keep talkin’ shit bastard, see what happens?”
“Um,” you push each of them back to their respective corners of the front seat of the truck. “That’ll be quite enough of that. W-were working.”
“Why don’tcha let us both try,” Bakugou rasps in your ear, the feeling of his breath causing the skin of your neck to erupt in goosebumps and your thighs to clench together.
“You’re not broken,” Todoroki counters, resting a hand posessively on your thigh, “Other men are just incompetant.” He slips his hand underneath the skirt of your hero costume.
“I mean,” you squeak, squirming at their possessive touch.
“Winner takes ya to dinner, fuck your date.” Bakugou offers. You sigh, so nervous your hands are shaking, knee bouncing in the seat under Shouto’s cool touch. It’s not like either man was unnatractive, you’d thought about either of them touching you before, lying in your bed at home, eeking out a little satisfaction with your own hands. But you’d never imagined them, together?
“Um,” You close your eyes, “Okay, but we never talk about this again.” Bakugou yanks you possessively closer to him on the seat, and Todoroki immediately protests.
“Who said you could go first?”
“What the fuck are you gonna do about it bastard?” He snaps. “I’m not waiting till you’ve overstimmed the fuck out of her with that bullshit quirk of yours.” Todoroki flashes his palms.
“Just don’t be so rough with her,” He hisses at the blonde, whose eyes are narrowing as he edges your soft thighs apart. “And if you want us to stop, if you’re uncomfortable, say stop, and we will.” You nod nervously.
“Say out loud that you understand.” Bakugou rasps.
“I-I understand,” you say quickly, “But I really think you’re overestimating your abilities here.” Shouto laughs harshly and Bakugou scowls.
“Focus on surveillance, bastard,” He snaps, and you look around, the alley the car was parked on was empty, thank goodness, the sun sinking low in the sky, painting the three of you with a soft golden light. “And you,” Bakugou snatches your chin in his free hands, “You focus on me.” You nod slowly, holding his burning gaze. His grip on your chin relaxes as he guides your mouth to his. “Relax for me.” He orders, feeling your pulse race, hot under your skin. “Relax,” he repeats, “Daddy’s here.”
“Really?” Todoroki raises his eyebrows and Bakugou snaps.
“I didn’t ask for color fuckin’ commentary.” He takes your leg and hooks it over his, moving his hand slowly up your thigh, pulling away from the kiss so that he can watch your reactions carefully. “Plus,” He smirks, “She likes it.” Your face burns.
“Ya looks so cute when you’re embarrassed,” he laughs, “Whatsa matter,” his fingers brush your lace panties, cool on your hot skin, “Afraid you’re gonna make a mess, squirt all over daddy’s fingers?” You let out an involuntary strangled moan, back arching against the seat, and he laughs again, “I’ve barely touched you,” He slides your panties to the side, looking up to Todoroki. “Little slut’s soaked.” Shouto leans forward, and Bakugou runs his fingers up your slit then withdraws them, showing him the slick glistening on his fingers, you whimper softly and go to cover your face with your hands.
“Oi.” Bakugou says, scowling, “None of that, I wanna see your face.” He reaches over and pries your hands from your face, “Open your mouth,” you part your lips and Bakugou shoves his fingers inside, you suck instinctively and Todoroki coos,
“Good girl,” You shudder at the praise and Bakugou frowns at his rival. “She is, though,” Shouto protests, rubbing gentle circles on your thigh, “Stay still for him, alright?” You nod, trying to relax as Bakugou’s hands move lower on your body again, this time, his deft fingers part your folds, and you let out a shaky breath as he finds your clit without looking, nearly based on your reactions to his touch alone. You let out a soft cry when he starts to circle it,
“Fuck, Bakugou, I-”
“Is that what you call me?” He snaps, free hand tipping your face to his, “Slut.” You swallow, eyes closing as the pleasure starts to wash over your body, every light brush of your clit feeling like an electric shock, causing all of your muscles to tense.
“S-sorry, Daddy,” You choke out, staring directly into his eyes, and Bakugou’s willpower nearly snaps at the soft look of innocence on your face, a victorious smile spreading across his face in the light of the setting sun.
“What do you want?” He asks, deep voice dripping with his own desperation, “Beg me for it.” You take a shuddering breath in, aware of Todoroki’s presence in a way that Bakugou doesn’t seem to be, but his cool hand on your thigh in contrast to Bakugou’s rough burning touches is grounding you in reality.
“W-want-” You cut yourself off with a sharp gasp, he grinds his thumb into you and you nearly double over, the sensation is so much, you curl your toes in your boots, your face warm hands trembling,
“What was that?” Bakugou asks, resuming his slow torture.
“Want, want you inside,” You breathe, this time managing to hold onto the sentence when he presses directly against your nub. “Please, daddy,” you cry out when he doesn’t stop immediately, “‘S too much, I,” your hands fly to your face again and he looks livid.
“Hold her still.” He snaps at Shouto who narrows his eyes.
“Why should I?”
“I’ll do it for you, bastard, just hold her the fuck down for me.” Todoroki rolls his eyes but obliges, removing his hand from your thigh, prying your hands away from your face. He reaches around your back, holding both of your wrists in one hand and then pressing down on your thigh with the other, pinning you to the seat as your hips buck against his touch.
“Shhh,” Shouto breathes, unable to stop him from pressing a soft kiss to the side of your face as he watches tears well in your eyes, catching the reflection of the buttery sunset, “You’re so beautiful.”
“Stop fuckin’ praisin’ her when she ain’t done shit for us yet,” Bakugou reprimands sharply, dipping a single finger into your sopping core and grinning, “You’re drippin’ all over my fingers slut, what a messy goddamn bitch.” You whimper, mouth dropping open as he pumps it in and out of you, adding a second finger, still flicking his thumb over your clit, watching the way you straining against Todoroki’s grip. “She too much for you?” he taunts and Shouto glares at him.
“Maybe you’re not trying hard enough.” He says coolly. “She’s barely struggling.” Bakugou frowns and picks up the pace, fucking you faster with a lewd squelching sound, causing you to buck in your seat but Shouto holds you firmly, tightening his grip on your wrists. Bakugou grins evilly and curls his fingers forcing a gasp out of your lungs,
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” You moan, “Oh my god,” He does it again and you see stars, your vision clouding out.
“Oi,” Bakugou snaps, slapping your thigh hard, “Don’t fuckin’ cum without permission, got that cunt?” You nod emphatically, biting down on your lower lip, soft desperate whines falling from your lips like water, “Tell me how good it feels,” he orders, feeling his cock strain against his pants, your sweet little moans, soft parted lips, the way you haven’t taken your eyes off of him, he’s living and dying with every twitch of your body, with each sharp breath.
“F-feels, so good,” You barely get the words out between your high pitched whines. “N-never, felt like th-this,” the tears in your eyes spill over, sparkling in the warm light and Bakugou groans, “Daddy,” you warble, “Please, can I, can I cum?”
“You wanna cum on my fingers here,” he growls, leaning right into your ear, the vibrations of his voice send shivers up your spine. “Gonna cum right here, right in front of him, you dirty fuckin’ slut.” You screw your face up and whine, clearly barely holding onto your orgasm, squirming against Shouto’s firm hold, he slaps your thigh, “Who is it, who wants to cum?”
“M-me,” you blink up at him, confused, then realize what he wants, “Daddy,” you whine and he nearly ruins his own pants at the brokenness of your voice, you half speak half sob, “Your dirty little slut wants to cum.”
“Yeah, bitch go ahead, cum for me,” He chuckles, “Fuckin’ desperate for it, arentcha?”
You let out a strangled moan, unable to answer his question, the ability to find words leaves your body. It’s like an elastic band snaps in your stomach and you keen so loudly Bakugou roughly covers your mouth with his huge hand. “Jesus christ.” He mutters, carrying you carefully through your high, your breaths pointed and shallow, eyes glassy and unfocused. “Let her go, stupid,” Bakugou barely waits for Shouto to release you before gathering your body in his arms, cradling you to his chest, watching you come back to Earth. “Open,” he rasps, and you blink dumbly, parting your glossy lips, and Shouto watches, transfixed as you lick and suck his fingers clean. “Now she’s a good girl.” Bakugou smirks.
“That might be an understatement.” Shouto responds and he nods.
“Fuck me,” He groans, “I’m so fuckin’ hard,” Shouto snorts, and the blonde glares at him. “Like you aren’t.” Shouto shrugs.
“Maybe I have some self control.” You blink a few times, willing your eyes to refocus.
“That was um,” You pause, “Fuck, Bakugou.” He grins.
“It’s daddy now.”
“No.” You grumble, pushing out of his arms, rubbing your eyes as you settle back into your seat.
“Katsuki, then.” He counters and you nod, bleary eyed. He palms his length through his pants. “Fuck,” he growls, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Todoroki laughs gently, “And just what’s so goddamn funny?”
“You lose control so easily.” Shouto stretches a little while Bakugou fumes. “Come here,” he says to you, and you scoot closer to him on the seat. He slips one finger underneath your jaw. “Look at me.” You stare up at him, pupils still opium blown. “You will do as you’re told.” You nod. “When I speak to you, I expect an answer.”
“Yes, sir,” you breathe, and Shouto doesn’t smile, just nods.
“Give me a fuckin’ break.” Bakugou snarls from across the seat. “Yes sir? Is this a goddamn country club?”
“What did you say about color commentary?” Shouto responds without looking at him, running his thumb over your lower lip, “Open.”
“Yes, sir,” You mutter, and he presses his thumb against the flat of your tongue, frowning at you for a moment before spitting into your open mouth. You gurgle a little, trembling under the ice of his gaze, and behind you Bakugou lets out a long shaky breath.
“Swallow.” He says, and you obey, “Thank me,” he orders.
“Th-thank you, sir.” He cocks his head a degree, as if deciding your response was barely satisfactory. He pats his thighs.
“Move.” His tone is curt and sharp, you scramble to obey, climbing into his lap, letting him adjust you so that your knees are on either side of him, reaching under your skirt and burning through your panties without any hint of an apology. You let out a little yelp and jump in his lap and he frowns, delivering a harsh slap to your thigh. “Stay still, and look at me.” You maintain eye contact with him, his face utterly devoid of interest or emotion as he ghosts his freezing fingers over your most intimate parts. He runs one finger up your slit and shakes his head in disgust. “Dripping already, hm?” He narrows his eyes. “Desperate for it, even though you just came?” You swallow, whimpering a little and he shakes his head with disapproval.
“Y-yes sir.” Your face burns at the humiliation, shuddering as he starts to gently rub the area around your clit, thighs trembling, hands reaching for him on instinct when he brushes against it gently. He scowls.
“Don’t touch me.” You nod, about to respond when he stops touching you, and in one smooth movement, takes the pair of handcuffs from his belt and fastens them around your wrists, hooking the chain in between them on the handle of the car roof. He goes back to paying teasing attention to your clit.
“Oh, god,” you sigh, “Oh, oh my god, please,” You beg, “Please I need more, this is,” you bow your head for a moment then remember his order and snap back to attention.
“Have you earned more?” Shouto says, tone frigid.
“W-want to,” You beg, thighs shaking in earnest now with the effort not to roll your hips against his hand, “Want to earn it.”
“Really?” He asks, eyebrows raised, the ghost of a smirk on his lips, the first sign of any emotion since he’d pulled you from Bakugou. He waits for you to open your mouth to respond before grinding his thumb into your clit, you double over with pain at the stimulation, your head landing on his chest. “Try again, slut.” He says.
“Please, Sir,” You beg, swallowing, your mouth dropping open as he slips one finger inside of your gasping at the sudden intrusion and at it’s cold temperature, “Please I want more, please, I’m begging,” You stare at him, tears pooling in your eyes. The sun is below the horizon now and your shadow is purple in the twilight.
“That’s it, there she is,” he murmurs, showing the slightest bit of interest now, but you’re so desperate for his approval at this point it doesn’t matter how small the crumb is, you’re diving for it. “Cry for me.” The smallest amount of praise warms your chest, you’re so eager to please that the hot tears roll down your cheeks unbidden, spurred on by the slightest softening of his features. He adds a second finger, watching you react like he’d shocked you, the smallest, cockiest smile on his face as he switches hands like lightning, warm thumb brushing your clit, still swollen and pulsing from your last orgasm. You shudder and the tears spill over, your whole body is shaking now as you don’t dare break eye contact with him, letting out soft little mewls as you roll your hips against his fingers.
“Jesus christ,” Bakugou groans from across the car, and you glance over, on instinct, at the noise, he’s pumping his cock, it’s long and thick, the tip purpled with need and dripping precum, “Give me somethin’ here.” Shouto scowls, ignoring Bakugou, grabbing your face roughly and pulling you down to so that he can speak growl in your ear,
“If I weren’t trying to win,” he practically spits, “I’d take you right over my knee for that. I said look at me, are you too dumb to follow basic orders,” He curls his fingers inside you, “Is this all it takes to turn your brain off, a little attention?” You whimper and he lets go of your face, moving faster grinding the heel of his palm against your clit, adding a third finger, pressing up against that spongey spot inside of you, your vision goes blurry, a mixture of pleasure and tears,
“N-no sir,” You choke out,
“You still want to cum?” He asks harshly.
“Yes sir,” You beg, “Please,” Your voice is hoarse and desperate, you’re riding a dangerous edge, “Please let me, I’ll do anything,” You take another shuddering gasp as he takes his time considering.
“Fine,” he relents, “Cum for me.” You gush around his fingers as soon as he speaks, eyes fluttering shut as you collapse into his chest, you sob quietly as your orgasm rips through you, “Good girl,” he coos, pressing his lips to your forehead, “So good,” you snuggle into his chest unconsciously as he takes the handcuffs down from the handle, your body twitching and trembling under his careful touch. You cry delicately into his chest. “There’s nothing wrong with you, alright, you’re perfect,” he murmurs, tucking your head under your chin, “You just need guidance.” Bakugou cums into his hand with a strangled moan, reaching for the takeout napkins and cleaning himself off.
“Fuckin’ hell.” Bakugou growls, “You’re kind of an asshole, Todoroki.” Shouto laughs.
“I didn’t make her call herself a dirty slut before letting her cum.” Bakugou scoots across the seat and surprisingly, Shouto lets him take your body so that you’re in both of their laps.
“See,” Bakugou brushes some hair out of your face, “‘S nothin’ wrong with you, princess.” Shouto draws gentle patterns on your thighs.
“Anything hurt?” He asks, “Everything alright?” You nod, mumbling,
“Yeah, Sho, ‘s fine.” You yawn softly and nuzzle into Bakugou’s thigh, mission forgotten.
“She’s so pretty,” He muses again, and Bakugou glances over at him, chuckling derisively. “Shut the fuck up,” Shouto snaps, seeing that Bakugou is eyeing the tent in his pants,
“What happened to Mr. Control,” Bakugou taunts, “Don’t ya just wanna fuckin’ wreck her now?” Shouto nods, letting out a hiss, and Bakugou taps your forehead, “Hows that sound huh, wanna let us ruin that pretty little pussy later?” You nod dumbly, whimpering a little. “Alright baby,” he chuckles, “Go back to sleep.”
“Who fucking won?” Shouto says, sitting more upright as he remembers, “Wait who won, y/n?” You prop yourself up a little.
“I um,” Your cheeks burn, “I’m not sure.” Bakugou turns, resting his elbow on the top of the seat, an evil glint in his eye.
“Whoever makes her cum the most tonight wins.” You sit up, eyes wide but before you can protest, the mere thought of that overstimulation makes your clit throb, Shouto reaches across your body and shakes Bakugou’s hand.
“You’re on.” They look down at you. “Relax, you were so good for us,” Shouto murmurs, “Get some rest, love.” Bakugou gently massages your scalp.
“You’ll need it.”
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otomerey · a month ago
BNHA boys first time waking up next to you
ft. Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero
notes: i'm really sorry for the slow updates and requests :( also, established relationships for everyone!
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Katsuki never thought that he'd be this deep in a relationship, but here he was with you in his bed.
His heart thumped faster than usual and he felt his face heating up at the sight of you next to him — the blanket drawn around your waist, your shirt risen to your chest, and your head tilted in his direction.
Astonishingly, you stirred and opened your eyes only for them to meet the bright ruby ones —staring at you with a soft gaze.
“Stop staring at me like a freak, katsu,” you chuckled at the blonde.
“S-shut up, dumbass,” Katsuki grumbled as he felt his face heat up and a little blush dusted on his face.
Your giggles were cut short when you felt a zephyr hit against your figure — causing you to pull up the blanket.
“Katsu…I’m cold,” you whispered.
In an instant, Katsuki had pulled you flush against him, burying his face against the back of your neck.
“I’ll warm you up, idiot.”
Todoroki Shoto
Shoto opened his eyes only to find himself in an unfamiliar yet familiar room.
He stared at the ceiling for a few seconds only to realize that it was your room.
He smiled as he remembered how you fell asleep while you two were watching a movie.
Shoto was dragged out of his thoughts when he felt an arm tug around him — your arm. He shifted to his side, facing you.
He watched you sleep, observing your peaceful movements causing a warm, tingling feeling in his heart.
When you stirred, he reached out to gently stroke your cheek.
As you opened your eyes he whispered softly, “Good morning, love.”
Midoriya Izuku
Izuku woke up with a feeling of an arm wrapped around his torso. When he opened his eyes, the arm turned out to be yours.
He tensed up immediately as his mind raced with thousands of thoughts.
But when he heard you murmur his name against his shoulder, he relaxed and turned into a blushing mess.
Izuku fought the urge to wake you up because you looked so peaceful and comfortable.
He decides to wrap his arm around your waist, relishing the peace with you in his arms.
Kirishima Eijirou
Eijirou woke up as he felt a weight on his chest. He opened his eyes, only to find you sleeping peacefully on his chest.
Eijirou lets out a content sigh as he saw you snore soundly, mumbling in your sleep.
You were wrapped in blankets like a little puffball— making him adore the butterflies in his stomach.
He was reminded of how you fell asleep, last night when you two were cuddling and did not let go of him when he got up — causing him to smile widely.
When you started stirring up, he placed a soft kiss on top of your forehead causing you to open your eyes, "Good mornin', beautiful."
Kaminari Denki
Denki's eyes shot open when he felt an arm snake around his torso.
However, he relaxed when he see you sleeping next to him — all huddled up in a blanket.
His heart warmed up at the sight of you. You looked so peaceful, pretty and just...perfect.
Denki pulls you close to him, causing you to open your eyes, "Five minutes moreee, Denki."
He chuckled, "Wasn't planning on waking up either, baby."
Sero Hanta
Hanta felt himself wake up because he was cold himself, turning to grab the comforter beside him before he notices how he isn't the only one on his bed.
He turned on his side to face you, but he frowns when he sees you all curled up towards your stomach.
He quickly wrapped you in the blanket — freezing whenever you stirred as he secured it around you two.
After tucking you in, he observed the way your chest rose and fell.
He bought you close to his chest, placing a soft kiss on your temple as he mumbles out a quiet apology.
Tumblr media
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Things you do that turn them into a blushing mess <3
Tumblr media
Fluff Headcanons for Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shoto, Kirishima Eijirou, Togata Mirio, Amajiki Tamaki, Dabi
A/N: We need more fluff in this world. Period. And I’m all here for it. Period, again.
Tumblr media
Bakugou; Who always ‘accidentally’ ends up cooking too much for one person to eat, but just enough to feed for two; Who steals careful glances while you are eating to see that you are eating and that you are enjoying; Who nearly has a heart attack when you smile at him to tell him the food he made was delicious; Who starts blabbering a confusing mix of “You are welcome.” and “Somebody’s gotta take care of you, idiot.” while looking around furiously to avert eye contact; Who flees to the kitchen where he has to hold his own face as somehow his sweaty hands are steal colder than his burning cheeks; Who genuinely loves to be the reason for your smiles and giggles and general happiness.
Midoriya; Who is so used to being called ‘Deku’ or ‘Midoriya’ or ‘dumbass’ that he looks confused once you start referring to him as Izuku; Who reacts to his own name like you’ve invented one of those cheesy nicknames and while it’s just his name he is absolutely in awe with you saying it; Who shyly hides his face behind his arms whenever you call him ‘Izuku’ only to stutter after being asked what he was trying to achieve with that; Who lays in bed at night in the early stages of you dating, turning from one side to the other, replaying you calling his name over and over again until his heart beat has calmed down enough for him to drift off to sleep; Who falls in love with his name all over again thanks to you; Who realizes how important you are to him by such a simple act 
Todoroki; Who is quite worried about the impact of his reputation and his family’s reputation on your relationship; Who can't believe that you’ve actually chosen him out of all people; Who freezes in the doorframe after arriving at his childhood home one day and finds you chatting with his sister in the living room; Who smiles at you fondly before you realize that he is there; Who nearly has to sit down because he can't keep the butterflies in his stomach in check as he hides his flushing cheeks behind a single hand floating in front of his nose; Who feels like there aren't enough words in the world to express the relief he experienced when he saw you getting along with his scarred family and fully accepting his siblings and mother; Who wants you to be part of his life so badly that his faith in the concept of soulmates as well as marriage at some point is restored little by little
Kirishima; Who puts his everything into your relationship to make you feel loved throughout the entire day; Who sends you cheerful text messages on exceptionally stressful days; Who thinks it’s enough for him to just be with you and be your boyfriend and spend time with you; Who can't contain his happiness whenever you choose to be initiator of physical affection; Who melts into your hugs as soon as he feels your arms wrap around his body; Who nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck to get even closer with a big grin and reciprocates the hug without a second thought; Who doesn't even need or want to hide his blush because he thinks it’s manly to show someone you love how much you love them; Who still awkwardly scratches the back of his head after the hug while telling you how much he enjoys being close to you
Mirio; Who has developed a fondness for his newly found favorite pastime aka. randomly showing up next to you in a wall, a door or whatever barrier there might be; Who would love to be around you all the time but obviously accepts that you have your own life and schedules; Who still makes sure to check up on you every now and then while you are in the living room or at the library by using his quick; Who starts giggling like crazy if you pretend to be shocked by him suddenly appearing out of nowhere despite both of you knowing fully well that both of you are used to it by now; Who adores the way how you give him the attention he was so desperately craving for; Who disappears the same way he randomly showed up before to rest his forehead on the wall he just went through as his head gets heavy from all the happy feelings he has; Who can't stop grinning even more until you are reunited again as his affection batteries have been recharged
Tamaki; Who had very specific requests for his hero costume, for one because of his quirk and for two because of his own comfort zone; Who pulls his hood into his face to distract himself from people who might be watching him; Who sometimes isn't aware of his own proportions and how muscular he is thanks to always standing next to Mirio; Who one day walks into his room where you were already waiting for him and finds you twirling around with his cape on; Who swears he has never ever seen something this cute in his entire life; Who doesn't know whether to make himself known or watch you just a little bit more; Who cracks a wonky smile the more he thinks about what he is witnessing right now; Who feels his cheeks flush more with every passing second while also not wanting to put an end to it; Who promises himself once more to always protect you no matter the cost to keep your peace and happiness safe before walking towards you to carefully take off the hood to smile at you
Dabi | Todoroki Touya; Who has had bad role models for love and affection for his entire life; Who made it look like he knew what he was doing when you started dating but actually followed what he had seen on tv; Who hates being the center of attention unless it’s on a national broadcast during one of his coups to assert dominance over the hero society; Who doesn't have a single mirror in his room in order to avoid looking at his own reflection; Who freezes in confusion when you ask him if you could practice doing face paint on him because it’s somewhat important for your upcoming mission; Who gulps whenever you get closer to inspect your drawn lines while you mumbled about how pretty he is; Who ends up turning one hand into a fist to stop his mimics from exposing his thoughts by his cheeks turning red thanks to these unexpected remarks; Who has probably never felt this loved before; Who coincidentally is around when you need a new ‘victim’ for practice purposes, every single time; Who enjoys the tickle of the tools but especially your fingers slightly brushing his cheeks instead; Who closes his eyes while you are painting because he simply trusts you that much
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chifemi · 19 days ago
𝐒𝐄𝐄𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐈𝐍 𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐄 — m. izuku, b. katsuki, t. shoto, k. eijirou, k. denki
Tumblr media
-> how he reacts when he sees you in his hoodie
-> no TWs
-> this is a repost!
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku —
he had called out your name several times, knocking on your dorm room door awaiting a response from you. after debating with himself for just a moment, he finally decided on opening your door as he became even more worried as to why you weren’t responding. so, with a twist of the handle, your door creaked ever so slightly as it opened. he peaked inside, only to see you leaning on your desk, the small lamp the only source of light within the room as it shone on your face. his eyes widened as his face turned a light shade of pink once he realized you had fallen asleep at your desk, probably studying or doing homework. though his face felt even hotter when he saw what you were wearing—one of his all might hoodies. he shut the door, leaning against it as his wide eyes scanned your figure. with a deep breathe in, and a sigh out, he smiled, just grateful to be with someone as amazing as you.
bakugou katsuki —
he sees you as you stand near the gates of UA, waiting for him to find you so the both of you could walk home together. and when he does see you, he’s just a bit confused as to what you’re wearing. a little pout forms on his lips as he looks you up and down, the oversized hoodie the only thing he sees. “is that mine?” “yeah, i found it in your locker since i was cold.” he raised an eyebrow as you gave him a little grin, then mumbled something under his breathe. you huffed as you walked away, beginning to take off the hoodie. but as you tried to lift it up, you felt a tug on the bottom hem of the piece of clothing. “i didn’t say take it off.” “well you didn’t say i looked cute in it either.” you turned your head the other way as he sighed. “you’re cute for a dumbass.” he smirked as his lips moved to your cheek, giving you a kiss as his hand slipped down to yours.
todoroki shoto —
he had walked out of the cafeteria for just a few minutes, only to go get something from the classroom he had forgotten, leaving his hoodie with you and the others at the table. he wasn’t expecting it to be gone as soon as he got back to the table. so, as he sat down next to you, he glanced around, looking for the piece of clothing he had set on the table. he had looked up, confused as he saw uraraka’s finger pointing towards you, and a wide smile on her face. you rubbed the back of your neck as he looked over at you.  “oh, sorry i got cold, i’m sure you want it back.” “well if you’re cold, you need to warm up somehow.” he mumbled as he slurped on his soba noodles he had gotten for lunch, not seeming to mind you keeping his hoodie. “you look comfy.” his small smile and genuine tone making you smile as everyone else at the table giggled.
kirishima eijirou —
he sat on the couch in the commons area of the dorms, chatting with his classmates about who knows what. out of the corner of his eyes, he only saw a glimpse of you walking his way, and so, he made room for you next to him where he sat. he grinned as you got closer, taking himself away from the conversation in front of him. “hey beautiful-” he paused, his eyes following you as you sat down next to him. “is that mine?” he blinked as he spoke, pointing at the hoodie you wore. he bit the inner side of his lip, trying not to give you the most lovestruck smile ever as you nodded, though he couldn’t hold back that derpy, lovestruck smile as he intertwined his fingers with yours. 
kaminari denki —
he had been looking for you in your room, but as you were nowhere to be seen, he tried elsewhere. and when he found you on the couch in the commons area of the dorms, he almost passed out then and there. you were just scrolling on your phone, curled up on the corner of the couch with a yellow hoodie on—his hoodie. his eyes were wide as he dived behind the couch, his eyes peaking over it to make sure he saw what he saw right. and he did. “denki…what are you doing?” you spoke, making him duck his head down behind the couch once more. “that’s my hoodie!” his voice sounded almost as a mumble as he spoke, still behind the couch. “yeah? you left it in class so i took it.” his eyes slowly appeared once more, this time his face was covered in a light shade of pink. “do you want it back?” “nonononono!” he suddenly stood up as you tried to contain your giggles. “you look cute in it so keep it!” his hands instantly covered his mouth as you just couldn’t contain your laughter anymore.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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