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#todoroki x reader
nkogneatho · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pro in opening bras with two fingers: Aizawa, Kirishima, Shoji, Midnight, Mina, Monoma
Opens them very technically like the whole engineering exam shit : Shoto, Izuku, Iida, Endeavour
Struggles a loooot like baby I'll do it myself: Tamaki, Nejire, Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, All might.
Didn't think they could but they managed to pull a pro: Hawks, Denki, Tokoyami, Mt. Lady, Tsu, Twice
Just rips them apart. BITCH PAY FOR IT: BAKUGOU, Shinsou, Dabi, Lady Nagant, Midnight.
Tumblr media
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sugawaraxo · a day ago
three’s a party
warnings: none really, mentions of suggestive content
characters: hitoshi shinso, shouto todoroki, katsuki bakugou, izuku midoriya, eijiro kirishima, denki kaminari, hanta sero, minoru mineta
summary: denki removes bakugo from the gc, but why? (denki’s pov)
a/n: i really enjoyed writing this one! let me know if you guys want a part 2 with the actual threesome ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bokubear · a day ago
bnha boys | kisses
bakugo is forceful, if it is your first kiss he may lighten just a tad. he knows it’s special, he doesn’t want to spoil the moment with his roughness. lots of his kisses carry intense neediness, longing. was actually nervous when he first kissed you. melts into your lips. if you make a little sound, he goes feral. long make out sessions for sure.
todoroki treats you like glass. porcelain doll. he cradled your face. it took him a long time to grow adjusted to this physical touch thing. he is worried he’ll do it wrong. a little compliment or assistance goes a long way for him. he leans into your lips. one of the best kissers by far. very modest.
izuku was more than flustered. he looked ready to explode into pieces any second. his face was almost the same color as bakugo’s eyes. he insists that he isn’t good at it. you prob had to pull him in to get him to kiss you. ADORES kissing you, he’s just timid. the king of hardly touching your lips with his. it’s a tease he doesn’t even know he’s doing.
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
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plush-rabbit · a day ago
Phantom Pains - Dabi
Request: Okay this is the same person asking about the mr.compress phantom pain CHSJXKC. But could you also do one for dabi where his significant other always treating his burn scars with ointment or aloe vera to help soothe the pain for him. He knows it’s useless since he’ll end up damaging his body the next day, but know you’re trying your best to help him feel soothed even for a little bit makes him feel something. He doesn’t want to admit it but it makes him appreciate you since he knows you don’t have to do it
A/N: Ive been really itching to write for Dabi lately and I’m not sure why
His skin burns, a stinging sensation that threatens with each passing day to lose the feeling of touch. It is akin to something like burning your fingertips along a flame, the pain is sharp, fixated on just that small section, and the rest of you feel fine, but the pain is so intense it’s all that you can focus on. It burns and it ruins him. Dabi hates it when you touch him. He has no real issue with his appearance, but even then, he knows that he’s know longer a child, that any shred of innocence has been lost and bridges have been burned. With every use of his quirk, the burns spread across him, creeping up his chest and wrapping around him in a perverted hug. He doesn’t hate his appearance, but he doesn’t want you to touch him. No matter how bad you can claim yourself to be, you’ll never be as tarnished as him.
It takes a lot for him to allow you to touch him, and even then, it’s only for so little that you can’t register how his skin feels under you. You’ve thought about touching him when he’s asleep, to caress his soft face and hold him in your hands, but even when you near him, with your hands cupped, it feels to awful- guilt and a dirty feeling starts to creep and you don’t want that to be your true, first touch. Every so often, he leans beside you, the scent of smoke nothing but wisps of something woodsy, and his hand is outstretched to hold yours. His body will tense, the feeling of you touching him and tracing along his staples making him want to aquarium away but he can’t bring himself to show that type of emotion and vulnerability to you.
There’s a knock at your door and when you open it, he stands there, looking at you with sad eyes. He’s come to you on his own, and he doesn’t tell you that he’s hurt, that he’s in pain and his skin feels as if it’s going to fall apart, but it’s easy enough to tell that he is in pain. He’s too tired, emotionally and physically exhausted to brush off your hand that gingerly cups his face and he can feel your fingertips rub a part of his skin that has started to scab over. His scar is spreading, and he’s allowing it to happen, welcoming it with manic excitement and joy. It’s the first time that he’s ever let you see him like this. So defeated, and quiet. You welcome him into your home and he knows that you’ll complain that he didn’t take his shoes off at the door, but he’ll get to that later. He’ll suffer your consequences eventually.
He isn’t usually so emotional- at least not like this- but he’s just tired. He can feel the joints in his body catch and click, he can smell himself, the burning flesh, the dirt and grime that sticks to him. He’s just tired. He has these soft, blue eyes that you hardly get to see. They’re usually filled with a passion, an intensity that makes you almost scared of him and what exactly he’s thinking when he stares at the wall for a bit too long. You bring him into the bathroom, and he chooses to sit on the edge of the bathtub, staring down at the floor, at the pale blue carpet under his feet that has been soiled with dried mud. You stand in front of him, your slippers at the edge of his vision and when he looks up at you, you’re smiling softly, and an assortment of items are on the sink counter.
Your hands flutter over him, removing his shirt, letting the fabric fall onto the floor of the bathtub, and he’s in front of you shirtless, and there’s a bit of shame in his eyes at having let you touch him like this. He’s been alone for so long, he could have done it for another year or two. A wet cloth is dabbed over his skin, and you make small talk with him, telling him about your day- how your neighbor mentioned there might be rain tomorrow, how you have to start saving money to go and buy groceries. It’s the little things that make this all feel so much more domestic than it really is. A part of him wants that with you- the wishful thinking of a child that would have married you in the playground, but instead, he’s at the edge of the bathtub without anything important to tell you. You’re gentle as you dot against his skin that you’re like a phantom over him. Each press, each dab and dotting, is soothed over with your cool breath. He can feel each movement, so delicate against his textured skin, so genuine and caring over his scars and staples.
Torture. That’s what this all is. Some sort of sick torture that will always follow him until he’s either ash or six feet under. It’s his own curse. He’s nothing but a wishful thought, a late night thought of what could have been. He is nothing more than just him at this moment. And yet, you’re here. Ruining it all. You’re brushing away the dirt and not even making some snarky comment about the dirt on the sole of his shoes and how awful he smells. Like a corpse that refuses to die. He’s rotten from inside and out and you really believe that you can fix all of that. All of him. He doesn’t even realize that he’s holding your arm until you call his name, and tell him that you need your arm. He finally breathes and lets your arm go, knitting his own hands together.
Time and time again, he’s told you to stop caring for him- to stop wasting your money on things for him, but you never listen. He’ll just burn all over again and he can feel it, and you can see how it’s spreading, how his purple tinted skin reaches to his more sun kissed one. Yet, as loving as you are, you’re just as stubborn. You refuse to stop, to ever quit taking care of him for even a moment. Every cruel word is met with a slight tap on his nose, and you tell him that he’d do the same for you, but he never answers that. He would- if the roles were reversed, he’s sure he would have. He would have nursed you back to health and kept you close to him, wanting so desperately to clip your wings but being unable to. He’s sure that is how you feel too. That you want to keep him with you, out of harm’s way, and safe in your arms and he’s sorry that he can never promise you that, but he’s here and getting to be safe for one more night is more than enough for the two of you.
Even in darkness, he’s sure that he could find his way through your home without a struggle. He’s counted the number of steps when he’s been here alone, when you offered him sanctuary and let him sleep on the couch with leftovers in the fridge. He knows that every room in your home is stocked with supplies for him- and partially you when you accidentally burn yourself. You choose things that you know he’ll like. He’s creeped behind you to watch as you researched items over items, reading reviews and reviews and saving the website or adding the item to your cart. He’s infected every part of your life in the same way that you’ve held and healed him. The both of you seem to agree that the soothing aloe vera is the best for him, but the texture is odd, slimy even. Even so, the ointment leaves him feeling heavy and when he’s laid on your bed with your hands massaging his, the last thing he wants to feel is heavy.
As much as he hates it- being so undeniably dependent and obsessed with you- he also craves it. He loves the feeling of your hands on his. How you always hold him without him even trying to signal to you that that is all what he needs. He lays in your bed, and he looks at you through half lidded eyes and a ghost of a smile on his face that threatens to reveal itself as you play with his hands, massaging at his fingers and tracing the lines and scars on his hands. You never seem to make eye contact with him during these moments and he’s come to realize that it’s because of how vulnerable that is to you. How you care for him is something he’s unable to face, you sitting on the same bed is something that makes you so distant, looking at him like he’s a dream, like a puff of air will make him float away from you. He’s looking at you and he’ll slowly curl his hand to fit it nicely into yours.
Of course, he doesn’t hate any of it, but he wishes he could live without it. You’re easy to be around. He knows what you want, how the tiniest bit of vulnerability will make you kiss the tip of his nose, how you’ll always cover him with a blanket when you get up to make breakfast. It’s easy around you. He knows you and while you might not know everything about him, you know Dabi, and that’s just him. It’s rare for him not to come to you in the dead of night, when you’re so tired and your hair is messy. It’s so rare to not have you hold his hand, that when he’s sleeping alone and in the odd stage between consciousness and unconsciousness, he swears he can feel your hand, and the soft press of your lips against his nose. He brings you to lay with him, his arms curling over your body and head buried into the soft curve of your neck where he can feel your heart pulse against his cheek and your own hands so carefully smoothing over his untarnished skin, and in the smallest voice, you ask to touch all of him, and he nods, unable to trust his own voice in that single moment. To be offered the sweetest thing is the true punishment of his entire existence.
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water-and-grass · a day ago
I'm going to set up a taglist for my new blog because the tags don't work as of now, so if you'd like to know my new writing blog and be tagged in fics I'm going to write please send an ask through this blog.
If you don't already know I am changing blogs, this blog will be a personal blog for fun and reblogging (see this post).
If you don't know what I write here are some memorable fics I wrote:
Squid game
Circle guard x reader part 1
Circle guard x reader part 2
Circle guard x reader part 3
Sangwoo x reader part 1
Shigaraki wanting a hug
LoV x gn reader with thick thighs
Dabi asking for a kiss
How BNHA charas confess
BNHA charas in a sleepover
How BNHA charas show their affection
How BNHA charas confess
Hugging scenarios
Reactions to you saying you love them
BNHA charas messing up a kiss
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nightmareeclipse1 · 2 days ago
Todoroki x y/n
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Warnings: None other than Todoroki fluff
Author's note: Before you start, please check out my account for more multi-fandom (mostly Genshin Impact) content! I also take requests, enjoy!
- this man has trouble expressing himself sometimes because he never really got any affection when he was young, so I believe his love language would be acts of servitude and gifts (probably stole his dad's credit card not gonna lie)
- play with his hair, put little braids in his hair, ruffle it, do anything with it! It makes him feel safe and he finds it comforting.
- Cup his cheek and use your thumb to gently stroke his scar, he won't let anyone else touch his scar but you
- Hold him, cuddle him and never let him go.
- Soft kisses, he's so scared of hurting you that he wouldn't go much further unless you made it clear that you were comfortable with it
- The both of you openly trash talk Endeavor
- He loves physical contact with you, like holding your hand for example, it reminds him that you are there for him and you support him
- You're his personal cheer leader at any event, you are always there to support him!
- If Endeavor steps out of line or goes to far when it comes to Shoto's quirk you instantly step in, not caring if you get burnt, and that always snaps Shoto out of self-doubt and helps him stand up to his father.
- Treasure this boy and you will always get him to open up a little bit more
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peculiarinsomniac · 2 days ago
Heather | Reader x Todoroki ( x YaoMomo)
Sonfic: Heavily based on Heather by Conan Gray
TW: Unrequited love ( one-sided YaoMomo x Todoroki) Angst; Hurt/ no comfort
Warning: Slightly edited; English is not my first language; Lots of metaphora; Use of GN pronouns or "you"
Speckles of white were dancing in the air, ending the dance with kneeling to the ground.
Eyes that resembled the dark night sky widened in fascination, watching the dance of frozen crystals, too captivated by the winter wonderland to notice the shiver that rocked through her body constantly.
“You'll get sick if you're standing here without proper clothes.”
Jolting at the sudden voice that pulled a certain female of the Class 1A, she turned to the person whose appearance had been inaudible to her ears.
She knew whose voice belonged to, but she was pleasantly surprised that he would come out to look for her.
Taking his appearance, the will of her legs to stand upright began to fade away. The white sweater that covered up a body to gawk over suited him nicely, triggering the thought to rub her face against the velvety sweater. His normally neatly combed hair was disheveled, confirming the fact that he would always look handsome. Heterochromia eyes that gazed at her held concern in them, stirring up the same fuzzy feeling every time she glanced at him.
Todoroki Shouto was undoubtedly a threat to her heart that jumped constantly out of her ribcage in his presence.
Shaking all the thoughts about him out of her mind, she replied “Watching the snowflakes fall is something I will never grow tired of watching. They might only be there for a moment, but those moments will always spark a moment of happiness in me. I cannot help but be mesmerized by them. When I was young, I wasn’t allowed to be outside for too long because I’d catch a cold. And since I had duties to attend to, I barely had time to watch them in peace. But now that I live in the dorms, I want to take every opportunity I get to gaze at them while it lasts.”
Listening to her story of old childhood memories, he concluded that Yaoyorozu Momo was sheltered by her parents from the cold season and wanted to enjoy the things that brought the season with it while she could.
Wordlessly, he'd taken off his sweater before holding his hand that held the sweater out to his left seatmate. With furrowed eyebrows, she gazed at him and then at his hand before her eyes wandered back to his face to look him in the eyes, waiting for an explanation.
"If you don't want to go inside, then it’s fine. But at least, wear clothes that can keep you warm.", the boy with bi-coloured hair clarified. Placing the sweater in her hand, he didn't wait for a response, turning around to head back inside the dorms.
A call of his name made him halt in his tracks. He glanced over his shoulder to look at the flustered girl who clutched the sweater to her body with both of her hands. Bowing forward, she tried to show how much appreciated the gesture but also to hide her flustered state Todoroki was clueless of. Nodding, he was unaware of the fact that she couldn’t see his acknowledgement of her thankfulness.
But that was only one of many things he was unaware of.
God, if he only knew how much she liked him. How deep her feelings were for him.
For this dense idiot. Blurting such heartwarming words out of nowhere without hesitation and full of honesty. How could he be so blunt, not even realising how much his words affected people? He was an utter fool who wordlessly went inside to head to bed, leaving her alone in the cold night.
But was he the fool? Or was it her, who was the fool? After all, how could she ever catch feelings for someone who did not know how to deal with feelings? It hurt, it hurt so much.
But is this pain so excruciating because he was bad at feelings? Or was this pain so unbearable because she was aware of his feelings?
Feelings that are not meant for her?
Feelings that are oh so painfully obvious painted on his face every time he was watching the person who held his heart in their hands.
Every time they walked by, he could not help but turn his head to them, captivated by them and them alone.
And Yaomomo noticed that. Noticing how his attention was instantly captured by you when you entered a room.
And you didn't even do anything. You did nothing on purpose that would capture anyone's interest. In fact, you tried not to be seen, not longing to be the center of attention, obviously content when you tried to blend into the background.
Key word: Tried.
There was something about you that drew everyone to you. Rather it be your kind soul that had yet to be unveiled from your anxiety which kept people from trying to break your wall, or your compassion that resembled a shelter for everyone, even if it was only for a moment of vulnerability, it didn’t matter. The fragments of you that shone through the cracks of your walls were so bright, brighter than a blue sky, to pull people close to you to seek shelter - even if no words would be exchanged while the storm continued to crack through the clouds.
If Class-1A were asked how they would describe you, Bakugou would instantly answer that "you were some extra who is playing the side character".
Almost everyone of the Class-1A would abashedly agree to some extent. As if you were the confidant, the advisor in movies, you might not play the main protagonist, but the side character.
But even side characters play an important role, they were essential for the character development. Some students were inclined to forget that, too focused on their development to become a hero.
But not Todoroki - he could never forget how you were the reason for his character development. He could never forget the fragment that reflected a part of him, a part of him that was now trying to shine like gold like you did in that moment of comfort.
And he hoped from the bottom of his heart that he would get to see every fragment of you, from the ones that shine like diamonds to the hidden ones in dust.
And Yaomomo perceived the emotions in his eyes whenever he caught a glimpse of you.
Full of curiosity..and the adoration that was obscured perfectly by his stone-faced mask.
The look in his eyes was barely recognizable, but not kept hidden by her.
Not when she felt the same as him.
Not when she was as mesmerized by him as he was by you.
YaoMomo couldn’t breathe. Suffocated by the pain that tugged onto her heartstrings, the world began to blur in front of her eyes. She tried to take a deep breath only for heart wrenching sobs to escape from her mouth that tried to let out all the pent-up feelings.
But nothing came, only the sounds of agony were heard while the heartbreak racked through her kneeling body in her dorming room.
Agony at the realization that Todoroki would never hold romantic feelings for her as she did for him. That she would never be half as pretty as his crush in his eyes.
And even though he gave her his sweater in the cold night of December, she was aware that he didn’t care if she wore it. How could she not be aware of that when she witnessed how much he cared when you wore the sweater that was a gift from him.
She remembered the words that she overheard when everyone was in the common room to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve.
“You mentioned once that you wished you could have my sweater because it was so soft looking, but you worried that it would not fit you. So I bought this for you. ” He tried to be nonchalant about it but the red hue on his cheeks gave his nervous state away. He couldn't even look you properly in the eyes, although it was so obvious that he wanted to see your reaction.
She remembered the times when she overheard him asking you if the sweater was in the laundry since you weren’t wearing it at that moment.
It was just a piece of polyester, so why did her heart ache every time her fellow student asked you if you don’t want to wear that sweater anymore?
Deep down, she knew that he liked you better.
The girl with ebony hair didn’t - couldn’t - admit that his feelings are far beyond liking, acknowledging the longing to be you, to be someone she could never be, was already unbearable.
Picking herself up from the floor, she quickly snatched a blanket to cover the mirror without looking at her reflection that would trigger the feeling of disgust. Exhaustion flooded her body that fell right onto the bed. Letting the exhaustion take over her, it lulled her to sleep in hopes of escaping this cruel reality.
Even if it was only temporary.
Possibly part two? Idk, if I feel like it. But right now I just want to sleep. I started writing this at 0 AM now it's 5 AM. XD
This is my first fanfiction in English and I don't think I will write more fanfictions since my life is fully packed. I only write if I need to let things out or need comfort like in this case.
I needed a Todoroki x Reader fanfiction where the Reader is chosen over someone else because a certain fanfiction crushed my soul. And I always wanted to write a Songfic of this song.
I don't accept Yaomomo bashing because she is chef‘s kiss. Tbh I also have a hopeful ending for her in mind but I don't know if I am going to write it.
Gonna edit it later or so.
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whitplague · a day ago
todoroki couldn't understand why;
anon asked: Why hello there you magical stardust~ may I request a drabble with Todoroki where he is in love with the reader but he doesn't know it yet
an: pls why is it so hard to write for him and why do i love it? lmao anyways mwah hope u like it babs <3
c: todoroki shoto x gn!reader
wc: 0.6k
w: pure fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TODOROKI NEVER LIKED THE WORLD HE LIVED IN. So many greys became cloying when he was just a small child trying to make the best of his childhood – but what positive side did a world have in a vast storm cloud that covered an entire span of existence with aggressive shades of grey?
Since he was a child he was told that when he was older he would understand all the complications of the human world and, with it, all the beauty in every detail of the world, all the grey disappearing and giving wings to butterflies that, with their wings dyed by the rainbow, they painted his entire world, his entire existence. But what was the rainbow?
Since childhood, Todoroki only saw in grey tones, his world deprived of any color more beautiful, warmer, child-worthy. But he was told so many times that colors would appear in his world; he was told so many times that all the colors would violently dye Todoroki's life, wrapping him in a euphoric sphere of ecstasy and joy.
And he never believed it because, quite simply, everything around him was grey.
"And once again you saved my life!"
You gently held Todoroki's arm, your scarf falling gently, showing your smile of relief in the fullness of it. And Todoroki stared at you, a little confused by your words, a little embarrassed by your sudden gesture.
“Thank you for helping me study. I managed to raise the grade and Professor Aizawa has already let me into the winter camp.”
“Oh,” Todoroki faced the path again, slowing his steps so you could follow him without a hitch; it was the right thing to do, right? "You're welcome. I can also help you with history if you want.”
You nodded, showing that you appreciated your colleague's help, your smile alleviating the embarrassment that Todoroki felt for once again offering to help you, not even knowing if you needed his help.
“I really appreciate you, Todoroki. Thank you, for real.”
And he smiled carefully, unable to expand his smile amidst the thick grey that had haunted him for so long; but for you, for some reason, he always tried. For it was unusual to see Todoroki Shoto smiling as openly as he did with you, even when the delicacy of the line formed on his lips was tinged with doubt and caution.
And he couldn't understand why.
Todoroki didn't know much about the world he lived in, or the emotions that overflowed it, but what he definitely did know was that smiles were painted in shades of yellow and orange, warm, friendly colors he'd never seen.
Until he said goodbye to you that late afternoon, turning to you to mutter a little “see you tomorrow” that was never uttered in his calm voice; for, attacked by the strong red of your scarf, totally caught off guard, Todoroki allowed the warm and delicate color of your garment to expand into his world, seeing your warm smile of farewell, your frantic steps of joy, your nostalgic wave of a farewell you didn't want to say.
And he saw you entering your house, your scarf being the last thing he saw, your ever sincere smile being the only thing that remained in his mind, the color of both vibrating intensely in his mind: red. Red. Red.
Finally, a color.
Even though he didn't understand why he was seeing it, he finally saw a color.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arsonist-pancake · 9 hours ago
BNHA Characters and their love languages
This is my personal opinion. I may do more if people like this one (or if I feel like it). I'm trying to keep the writing a little more vague so this can be interpreted with your favorite ships or with the reader.
Enjoy! :)
Characters: Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Midoriya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki
We all know that after his mother was taken out of the home it's likely that he didn't receive all that much physical touch. That or at least he didn't know how to seek it out.
So to show his love he often resorts to gift-giving. This can mean anything from hoodies or a new computer to something as small as a rock he found that reminded him of the person or some candy.
His s/o would be the most frequent person on the receiving of this "pebbling" behaviour. This man is neurodivergent in some capacity so his s/o is his person.
That being said though, I think as he grew closer to classmates he would be more open to physical connections in terms of affection, especially with an s/o.
So if his person wants to return the favor for all those little gifts: hold his hand, kiss his cheek or temple, just hold his face gently. Simply spoiling him with affection in general will make Shouto feel loved.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou
Unlike half & half, everyone's favorite explosion boy is not all to keen on touching all the time. He is rough around the edges but fiercely devoted to those he truly cares for.
Since we're examining households, after looking at his Katsuki seems like someone who feels the need to be helpful and active in things.
This translates to his relationship as a desire to do things for his s/o, most likely claiming they would mess it up anyway (anyone who has gotten to the stage of dating him though would most certainly know he doesn't mean the words).
So acts of service such as making sure they've eaten, switching over laundry without being asked, putting gas in their car, or offering to help with work are some go-tos.
When it comes to feeling the love returned, Katsuki enjoys the same treatment in or more so spending time together. He's someone who enjoys the spotlight so when his partner gives him that and their undivided attention it's perfect.
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima
There isn't much in cannon to evaluate with dearest Eijirou so things must be inferred a little more.
He seems like someone who values the time he spends with people for sure.
So similar to Bakugou there is quality time. However, it is on the other side of it where he loves to sit and listen instead. If his s/o wants to rant about something he's there to listen and give the occasional encouragement to continue or comment when prompted.
On the flip side, the manly redhead is also someone who seems like the biggest cuddle bug. He's affectionate with his friends so one can assume he would be even more so with a romantic partner.
Hugs, handholding, cuddles, kisses are all part of the package if his partner is willing to give it (we stan the men who respect boundaries).
Combine the two for the perfect time where he sits behind his s/o, hugging them to his chest and listening to them talk about whatever they'd like.
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
This man is the most terrifying ray of sunshine for starters. Just need to get that out of the way.
He has an incredible amount of optimism and perseverance even when everything is going to shit. I'd expect he'd bring the same amount of mental and physical vigor to his relationships.
After experiencing bullying in middle school, he's going to make sure to build his s/o up any chance he can get.
Izuku gives praise liberally. He writes encouraging and loving notes when he sees his partner feeling down. Sweet texts happen often as well from him, sending quotes or music or photos he takes on his runs.
He brings a certain intensity to the table that can't be ignored but it just means his love is felt more intensely as well. So he would enjoy a partner who values his time and Izuku as a person. Someone who listens to him and his various theories and gives appropriate suggestions and commentary. It's all about being heard and given that quality time and attention that makes his heart warm.
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mshomestyle · 12 hours ago
[Todoroki Shouto x Reader] Crumbs
List Here.
Previous Drabble.
Prompt: “You have something on your …” 
‘You’re too cute for your own good,’ was something that Todoroki couldn’t help but to think. First you had baked him a pumpkin pie, and now this.
And by this, he meant the fact that a crumb got stuck on your face as you munched away.
It was a sight so sweet, he didn’t think it could have even existed. He knew that he should reach over and wipe it off or at least tell you about it. You’d probably want to know...He liked this sight, though...
“Um, are you okay? You keep staring at me,” You said, noticing his stare on you. Quickly, Todoroki snapped out of it, looking from where the crumb got stuck by your mouth to your eyes.
“You have something on your...”
“Never mind.”
As you went back to eating, Todoroki thought once again how you were too cute for your own good.
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beann-e · 2 days ago
You’d been trying to shift for months . 
When you say months you really only mean 2 though it felt extremely long it was only a short amount of time you’d spent writing your story on paper and closing your eyes to only wake up and see your body laying staring up at the exact same ceiling you’d seen when you closed your eyes
you sighed as this was the third week of the the third month that you’d been trying to shift. Doing everything in your power from pen to paper and even going as far as making a Youtube playlist that would put your mind at ease
In all honestly it was a surprise when you closed your eyes on a late Friday night only to open them to find yourself laying in a dorm room that you couldn’t quite figure out who it belonged to.
Your body jolted straight up looking around eyes wide as you screamed” I —I made it “ you sighed out in happiness words coming out in a surprised gasp when you finally realized the weight to your words “ I did it “
you stuck your tounge out as if there were someone else with you in the dark room “ see mom that’s what happens when you don’t interact with your kid they just end up shifting to feel loved”
you smiled as you stood moving to make the bed only to notice it was already made and wasn’t messy at all. Your mind raced as you could’ve sworn you were just lying in the bed meaning it should’ve been dirty. “ha funny I must’ve wrote  down that I won’t mess things up or something “
you moved to the open door slipping through and into the hallway smiling widely as you walked steps soft on the carpet beneath you-- past all the rooms down to the lounge “ I hear noise so i’m guessing they’re all in there? “
you took a deep breath as you turned the corner to see everyone moving around through the lounge . Everyone spaced out doing their own thing smiles and laughs bouncing around the four walls  ‘ this is kinda cool‘
you jumped as you heard a loud noise turning to see bakugou screaming at kirishima
“ just open the fucking jar “
“ my quirk is hardening bakubro not super strength “
“ the fuck and you can’t just punch the jar with a hardened fist or some shit “ he turned to continue eating his food “ tch’ tell shitty deku to flick it “
“ I-uh kaachan that wouldn’t be very smart “
“ are you calling me stupid broccoli tips “ you felt his anger come off in wafts as you slowly backed away from the approaching conflict 
Bakugou was easy to love when he was just in a show behind the screen but, looking and feeling his presence now you knew why everyone was so hesitant and walking on eggshells around him
you stopped your movements when you heard a voice behind you “Midiroiya just calm down ignore him and kirishima I will open your jar for you-- just please hand it here “ he moved over to kirishima hand held out ready to grab the circular object
“Ill open it for you “
you smiled seeing shoto as the person the voice belonged to-- thinking to yourself how his kindness had turned the situation down from an 11 to a 4 as bakugou grunted walking to his room “ fuck this i’m going to sleep “
you looked out the window finally noticing it was dark outside and everyone was already in their pajamas “ it’s only 8:00 bakugou come on watch a movie with us“
denkis voice cut through the air as he smiled at the blonde who left anyways and moved down the hall slamming his door loudly “ kay maybe he’s just not a movie guy you guys down for one “
everyone shook their head up and down as they all found their places on the couch you standing behind letting everyone get comfortable before taking your own seat next to todoroki
You couldn’t say why you chose him there were so many here that you were glad to be here and see but for some reason you just felt a pull to him. You liked him before you shifted you couldn’t say he was your favorite character but he is why you shifted after hearing everyone talking about how real everything felt
You really just wanted a hug from your anime crush —to help him sort through his trauma and hopefully you could get that being here now
You sat back watching as denki finally pressed play on the movie mina walking to the kitchen screaming “ snacks going once —going twice “
you smiled as you spoke “ can I have some water “
“ going three times —kay no one asked no one will receive “
your eyebrows furrowed as you sat confused ‘ I did ask mina ‘
you moved to speak again turning to todoroki “ you heard me right she just ignored me “ you pouted “ aw I never would’ve thought mina was that mean “
you sighed as you waited for his answer to your comment turning when you heard no response his attention still on the movie “ I-uh todoroki ? “
his face made up as if fully concentrated on the movie “ so can like no one hear me or is this just ignore the shifter until they leave cause their not apart of our world type thing “
“ little bit of both “ you heard mineta speak sad that it was him who answered you but happy to be acknowled
“ oh thank god I thou—“
“ that’s exactly what I like “ his annoying voice came out as he drooled “ that chick on the screen has both top and bottom for fan service “
you gagged as tsyu moved to slap him “ hey what’s up with that “
“ ribbit—I don’t know what you mean —ribbit “
“ thank you tsyu-chan “ you spoke
“ it’s not my fault for looking that’s why they call it fan service “ he rubbed his arm “ it’s for fans”
he turned to face her screaming “ you better be glad your hot or else my purple balls woul—“
“ please refrain from speaking nasty about the women around us or I will have to ice your mouth closed mineta in respects to your lost manners “
you smiled as todoroki turned his head from the tv to mineta and back to the tv giving him no acknowledgement
mineta yelping before turning back to watch the movie mumbling under his breath
“ that was nice shoto “ you said smiling up at him realizing you couldn’t be heard “ ok now I have to get to the bottom of this “
you hugged as you stood up walking to the kitchen “ maybe I did something wrong with my script I mean I didn’t write a new one tonight I reused my old one “
you moved to grab a glass of water “ let’s try objects first . You slowly tried to grab the cup your hand only moving through it “ aw man “
“ ok don’t give up try one more time “ you took a deep breath grabbing the cup or at least trying to again as it only moved a little bit “ ok ok progress I guess I must have to be either really relaxed or focus really hard maybe “
you smiled until you noticed that sadly the cup didn’t move from your touch and instead moved because hagakure was standing right next to you moving to the fridge to pour a glass of water
oh how you wanted a glass of water right now
this was all making you panic you couldn’t figure out what was going on you tried to calm down but your mind took over as you ran out to the couch where everyone sat before deciding to see if you could get their attention
“ look at me — hey guys look unknown stranger dancing in front of your tv — the same stranger who thinks the villians are cool and that shigaraki needs chap stick “
you panicked as no one paid attention to you as if they couldn’t see you your hand reaching out to tap deku and then shoji hoping if you tapped all of his limbs one of them would react
you were wrong you even tried to touch ayomas belly hoping he would ask you what you were doing only to be rewarded with laughs as everyone stared at the movie smiling at the screen playing in front of them
“ ok i’m getting really scared now “
you moved to run down the hallways
“ ok if there’s one person I know who wouldn’t be able to go along with this stupid joke their playing on me it’s “
you moved into bakugous room watching as he sat at his desk music playing softly “ baku— “ you stopped once you heard the music playing with him humming and tapping at his leg like drums
His head banging as he moved to loosing the lyrics your eyes washing over his features seeing no anger and all calm and happiness on his face as he smiled when the song finished eyes finally opening as he spun in the chair speaking to himself softly
“ best time of the night “
you smiled as you moved to leave deciding to just accept what was happening
you moved to sit in the hallway as you thought out loud “ ok so I finally got here but I can’t talk to anyone — well I can talk but they can’t hear me “ you swallowed “ I can’t touch things nor interract “
your eyes widened “ I can’t interract with my dream world “
you spoke loudly “ t-that’s it i’m here but I’m not able to interract with it “
your mouth came down in a small pout “ wait I have to think this through “
you felt your body go rigid “ this means i’m able to see and hear them but they can’t see or hear me — thats — this is so sad — i’m able to be around them but they can’t interact with me “
you played with your pants “ so it’s just like i’m watching the show only i’m actually in it only a mere side character with no lines — what was the point of doing all this to shift if I — “
your voice was quiet “ if I can’t do anything “
you felt your eyes tear up thinking of all the thing you wanted to do “ oh man I wanted to make a move on aizawa and I wanted to be shinsos friend , and to tell bakugou their are people who actually like him and understand him , and to tell tsyu she’s really awesome and “ you stopped your thoughts when a bad one popped in
“ what if I can’t get back home “
your body went numb “ oh god — I didn’t look into this all the way I don’t know how to get back home I don’t even think I put on the shifting paper to get pulled back to real life when I wake up “
you shook silently thinking of all the negatives you knew this was horrible you didn’t even get to do anything you wanted to do this whole thing felt like you were still watching the show only now you were sitting directly in front of the tv instead of watching it from your bed while it hung on your wall
“ ok movies over “
“ i’m going to sleep “
“ same school in the morning “
“ it’s saturday “
“ so denks you know that we have hero training “
“ yeah so “
“ it’s a hero school we have hero training does that not count as school since we’re doing —y’know what never mind “
you watched as everyone went to their separate rooms the lights being shut off by the last person to leave whod finished cleaning up the living room . Your eyes tracking deku as he put the last dish in the sink and moved to his own room closing the door softly .
“ who am I suppose to go to “
you let a smile spread across your face “ oh wait I don’t think “
you moved to todorokis room seeing the door still open no one inside as you walked in “ well if they can’t see or here me might as well make myself comfortable and do whatever I wanna do “
you smiled as you decided to look around your eyes roaming the walls “ it really does look homey and “
you let your hand run over the floor “ rich almost “ you opened his drawers eyes widening when you opened it to one you didn’t mean to see “ oh shit “
you tried to hurry and close it your finger getting jammed and sending it right back open as everything fell on the floor you moving to pick it up holding as much as you could so you could dump it all back in the drawer in one motion
“ uh i’m sorry but — can you tell me why your standing in the middle of my room holding all my underwear “
his voice came out in confusion face made up in disgust before he spoke again
“ wait — who the hell are you “
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— bnha boys when you bite them
ft. bakugo, midoriya, todoroki, aizawa. (they’re the only ones i cld say i have a bit of a handle on when it comes to characterization. dont yell at me.)
MIDORIYA turns to look at you with both fear and surprise in his eyes, and you almost feel bad for him. the poor guy was just watching some TV on one of his rare down days, and he has to deal with your playful aggression.
“a-are you okay? are you mad at me?” he whispers, hand coming up to cover the part of his arm you just bit.
you laugh, waving him off. “no, no. it’s not that.” you scoot closer to him, wrapping your arms around his. “i just—”
“just…?” he prods, green eyes inquisitive and waiting as he turns over so you could lay on his stomach instead of just his side. he probably doesn’t even realize it, but his hands are now running up and down your back as he waits for your answer.
he’s always like this—kind, reassuring even when he doesn’t mean to be. always making you feel safe and wanted. a constant strong and comforting presence.
“…love you. just love you,” you whisper.
his eyes soften, smiling gently as a hand comes up to cup your face. “i love you, too.”
you give him an equally soft smile back, crawling further up to nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck.
“but maybe next time…you can just t-tell me, or something…” he stutters out after a few moments of silence, eliciting another laugh from you. “that kinda really hurt.”
TODOROKI blinks in perplexity, staying quiet as he slurps his noodles, waiting for you to explain why you did what you just did. there's no annoyance in his eyes, just plain confusion.
you’ve always noticed his cheeks and how round they get especially when he’s eating even prior to dating, and all the pent-up cute aggression you had seemed to just boil over on this day.
“sorry, sho.” you grin sheepishly, reaching over to pat his cheek lightly. “you’re just so cute.”
“oh,” is his sole reply. he swallows, putting his bowl down, eyes downcast as he seems to mull over what you just told him.
you start to worry that you may have gone overboard, but then he looks up to you again, the tips of his ears red, eyes gleaming and the tiniest smile on his lips. “i am?”
you practically beam, heart bubbling with warmth as you take his face in between your hands. “very.”
his smile widens, leaning onto your touch. you stay like that for a few seconds before you decided to push your luck again.
“can i do it one more time?”
and to your surprise, shoto only nods, eyes squeezing shut when you sink your teeth into his cheek once again, never losing their childlike gleam even when he opens them after you’re done.
BAKUGO yelps, far too engrossed in the act of cutting up the ingredients for the dinner he’s preparing to have full control over his reaction, add the fact that a mere few seconds ago, you were just innocently hugging him from behind, peering over his shoulder at what he’s doing. he’d been too relaxed.
the sound he let out makes a laugh bubble up from your throat, and he all but snarls, raising his arm to sling over the back of your head and turning his torso to the side to lock you in the crook of his elbow. “y’think you’re so funny, huh?” he grunts.
you only giggle, leaning over once again to take a mouthful of his pec that’s just sitting right there, making him let out an ‘ow!’ before he’s manhandling you to sit on top of the counter, standing in between your legs.
his hand come up to squeeze your face. “looks like we gotta put a muzzle over this pretty mouth, yeah?”
you grin. “that’s what you get for wearing your slutty little tank tops around.” which is true. those tank tops showcase his arms, shoulders, and back so well. and the little shit isn’t even aware of it.
amusement briefly breaks through his annoyed expression. “my what little tank tops?”
“your slutty little t—” your sentence is interrupted by boisterous laughter when his fingers come up to poke at your sides.
“now you’re mouthin’ off on me just right after bitin’ me, like that’s not gonna get you punished.” he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, the tip of this nose tickling you.
“i’m sorry!” you yell in between laughter, pushing his hands and face away from you.
“what if i bite you, hm?” and the petty fucker that he is, he does. leans over to your cheek and sinks his teeth in it, and now it’s your turn to yelp.
“mine was out of love!” you defend, pushing his face away once again. his tickling has stopped, but now you’re thinking you prefer that over the stinging on your cheek.
“love my fuckin’ ass. y’couldn’t have shown that love by, i don’t know, kisses or hugs, like a normal person? hm?!” he pulls your closer to him, brows still furrowed in irritation like he didn’t already get even with you.
a smile creeps up your lips, and before he could think something else of it, you’re leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “like that?”
his expression softens, but he stays quiet. you lean in once again to give him another, more lingering this time.
“yeah,” he grumbles reluctantly, “like that.”
AIZAWA has been side-eyeing you for the past five minutes, all too aware of your less than covert glances and the way you’ve been inching closer and closer towards him ever since he agreed to finish his paperwork on the bed like you’d asked.
“don’t even think about it,” he deadpans, and you freeze just as you’re about to bite down on his arm.
you groan, bumping your forehead on his arm instead. “i was so close! you couldn’t have just let me do it?!”
“what do you even get out of it? what are you, a teething baby?” he counters, eyes still on the screen of his damned computer.
“i may not be teething, but i’m still your baby,” you whine, laying on your side dejectedly, playing with the hem of the blanket like an apprehended child.
he only rolls his eyes, not even dignifying what you said with a response. you pout, turning your back onto him dramatically, rustling the covers and making the bed creak as you do. there’s only silence save for the sound of his keyboard as he types for a few minutes before he’s letting out a deep sigh.
you’re sitting up in flash, wrapping your arms around his neck as you bite and nip at his shoulder, the side of his neck, his jaw, and even his cheek.
“are you done?” he asks once you stop, fully content on just resting your head on his chest.
you land one last bite on his clothed pec before looking up at him and pressing a kiss to his chin. “love you, shouta.”
his eyes that had been on the screen until now shifts to you, softening as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “don’t think i don’t see you trying to push my laptop away with your foot, i still have to finish this.”
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Tumblr media
crying over a break-up | bnha boys
Tumblr media
* hq version
feat. bakugo katsuki, todoroki shoto
genre; fluff, comfort
warnings; swearing, breaking up
Tumblr media
bakugo ✽ he knows somethings wrong the moment he walks into the room. he may be loud and brash, but he is very perceptive. easily picking up on the changes he carefully picked up each puzzle piece. meeting you at UA was no easy feat. especially since bakugo had high standards. but he let loose just a bit, and opened his mind. you were one of the first to prove yourself as a worthy advocate, and he acknowledged you as an equal. now a friend. but you had been alone for a long time. dating some guy from class 1-b. he was envious. very very envious. walking into the common room after the others had gone out to eat and into bed, he heard a soft sob. immediately turning the corner he found you, curled up in a ball crying your eyes out. “what the hell happened? who did this to you?” he seethed. “its okay.. i was just dumped by him i-i’ll be f-fine..” sniffling obnoxiously. “shut up no your not. where is the stupid extra. imma beat his ass.” — “y-you don’t have to-“no. your gonna rest in my dorm tonight, i’ll deal with the peice of trash.” he ordered, caressing your cheek.
Tumblr media
todoroki ✽ he isn’t very accustomed to crying. however, he knows how it feels to be betrayed by a loved one. so when he walked into your dorm room to deliver an extra paper you hadn’t received, he noticed you crying. knitting his brows and trying to remember the steps to calming a crying civilian like he learned in class. but this was different. you were someone who was exceedingly kind. you were helpful and considerate not only to him, but everyone. and now he was witnessing you at your most vulnerable point. he felt close to crying himself. you looked so unlike yourself, so broken. “y/n.” he tilted your chin up with careful fingers. “if you tell me what’s wrong maybe i can help.” he offered, but the way you sunk into his palm for comfort through more crying made his blood boil. whoever did this to you would pay. “class 1-c.. he cheated on me with that girl..” you huffed, catching your quickening breath. todoroki frowned. “you can.. you can stay with me for a little bit if you want. a little time so where else can help.” —“thanks shoto.” you smiled weakly. his ears aching red.
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
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itachiyama · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
request: “Okay how about mha requests since you get so many haikyuu ones ;) I was hoping if maybe you could write the holding their face like you did for haikyuu but with Bakugou, Todoroki, Hawks, Dabi, and Aizawa? We have the same favorites btw just thought I’d mention lol but I’m so ready for your first Aizawa piece!”
characters: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, takami keigo, dabi, aizawa shota
genre: fluff
a/n: omgggg we do have the same favs you’re right !! i haven’t written for aizawa yet i was so excited when I saw this :,)
Tumblr media
✯𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 sat with his arms crossed, nostrils flared as he finished ranting to you about his newest cause for irritation. He didn’t expect your hands to reach forward, staring at you with his eyebrows furrowed as he felt your hands softly cup his cheeks, thumb swiping over the apples of his cheeks. “Katsuki, relax, babe. It’ll blow over, okay?” His eyes focused on you, watching the smile on your face widen as he met your gaze, anger slowly fading away as all he felt was you. He’d never let anyone take care of him, yet with you, he found himself indulging, the feeling of your hands holding his face like home. “Yeah, whatever, dumbass,” he mumbled, eyes now focusing on his lap. But you noticed how he didn’t pull away from your touch— in fact, he leaned in ever so slightly.
✯𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was tired of grading papers, not wanting to go to bed until he had at least half of them done before his nightly patrol. His brows creased as he reread the same line over and over, frustration bubbling as he tried to comprehend what he was reading. Gently, his face was pried away from the paper, now being turned to meet your gaze. One hand held his cheek, the other moving a strand of hair behind his ear. Staring at you with tired eyes, he felt himself relax for the first time that day, comforted by your touch as he leaned into your palm. “Shota, you need a nap before you leave. The papers can wait,” you whispered, pecking his forehead after. He closed his eyes, face burying itself into your stomach, arms wrapping around your waist as you stroked his hair. “Only if you join me.”
✯𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈 was awoken from his nap by the feeling of fingers carding through his hair, eyes opening slowly as he groaned. His breath hitched when he felt a kiss being placed on the tip of his nose, so unfamiliar with soft gestures, ones that he hadn’t felt in so long. He stared at you with wide eyes as your hand lay on his cheek, thumb tracing the edge of his scar, a smile on your face as you stared down at him. Your eyes were always so soft when they looked at him, so filled with love, safe enough for him to finally find a home in. “Time to get up, Sho. Wake up, baby.” Closing his eyes, he basked in your touch a little longer, craving just a little more affection, just a little more attention, if it came from you. “Five more minutes, y/n,” he whispered, hand laying itself on top of yours.
✯𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 collapsed on top of your body, a tried grin on his face, eyes bright and excited that he finally got to see you after a long day. Groaning as your thumbs kneaded his tense muscles, he tightened his grip on your waist, never wanting to leave the security of your arms. “How was today? Did you get the bad guys, Kei?” He laughed, looking up and meeting your eyes. “You know I did, dove. I always do, gotta keep you safe.” His laugh rang through the room once more when your hands clasped his cheeks, squishing them together and shaking his head gently. This was home, one he finally got to call his. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re around then, huh?” And this time, his heart skipped a beat as he stared at you, your palms cradling his face more carefully now as he noticed the way your eyes glimmered when they looked at him.
✯𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 hissed as he felt you press a rag to his skin, the burning painful as he overheated after yet another over usage of his quirk. He noticed the way you pressed it into him harsher than usual, anger in your movements instead of the usual gentleness. “Why’re you being so harsh for?” Looking up, you glared at him. “Because you were supposed to be careful, Dabi.” Just as he was about to retaliate, he was cut off by your hands grabbing his face, forehead pressing itself against his. Finally, he noticed the worry in your eyes, a look he hadn’t received in so long. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m okay,” he tried to laugh off, slowly trailing off when he felt your finger trace the edge of his scars. “I worry about you, you know.” Sighing, he brought your closer, burying himself into your neck. You were the one person he’d grown soft for, he’d vowed to himself that he’d protect you at all costs, even if the price was the skin on his back.
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prettyboykatsuki · 5 months ago
bnha boys as tweets i have in my phone ;
midoriya izuku ;
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto ;
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki ;
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou ;
Tumblr media
kaminari denki ;
Tumblr media
sero hanta ;
Tumblr media
shinso hitoshi ;
Tumblr media
tokoyami fumikage;
Tumblr media
iida tenya ;
Tumblr media
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tatorthots · 13 days ago
BNHA | Soft Things They Do For You General HC’s
↳ Characters: Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shota Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Dabi, Shigaraki x gn!reader
↳ Warnings: Suggestive Content
↳ a/n: more down to earth than my other quirky hc’s so I hope you guys like this and also I’ve been listening to Careless Whisper all morning unironically PLS
Always puts you before himself.
A real man treats his s.o like gold and Kiri is nothing less than a man. When it’s time to eat he’ll always make your plate first. When he gets invited to go somewhere he’ll always respond with, “I’ll ask y/n what we’re doing that day!” Cutest being when there’s no seats for either of you so he’ll kneel down and let you sit on his knee but sometimes he uses it as an excuse to caress your ass in public. 1000% the ‘I wonder what we’re going to do today’ type.
Often gifts you souvenirs/things he thinks you’d like.
‘Oh y/n would like this.’ being one of his most recurring thoughts. If it’s not something he picks out at a shop then it’s a pretty flower he found sitting in a garden. or a four leaf clover he hunted down for hours after you told him it’d bring good luck to a relationship And whenever he sees a dandelion he’ll always pick it up and have you make a wish. though he still doesn’t understand why it’s bad luck to tell him what you wished for :(
Likes to walk you anywhere and everywhere.
Most often walking you to class before his training or accompanying you to do errands even if he has work study in 10 min. He likes to make sure you get to your destination safely, even if it means he’s gonna have to go full Flash to make it on time to where he needs to be. Being able to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your waist is also a huge plus for him as he walks with you. Tbh he just wants to spend more time with you. 100/10 calls you his sweet beautiful goddess outlet because he’s the plug ;)
Affection affection affection.
He loves to kiss your forehead, hand holding the back of your head as he closes his eyes and inhales the sweet scent of your shampoo. He feels most at peace in this position, a protective hold as his other hand snakes around your waist to pull your body closer to his. He’s also always touching a part of you whenever you’re together, it’s almost as if his hand always somehow gravitates towards your body. If you ever move away from his touch he’ll literally look so offended, hand covering his mouth as he gasps dramatically PLS
Loves to watch you sleep.
Literally doesn’t think anything is cuter than hearing your soft snores, watching as your eyes occasionally flutter - he wonders what you dream about. Brushes strands of hair back as he watches your chest slowly rise and fall. If you were to sleep out in the open and someone walked in a little too loud then they basically chose death. Barking at them to shut the hell up before he literally ends their bloodline. Spoiler, he woke you up.
Allows you in his workspace.
Aizawa is a very busy man, he knows that, but he never lets it put a strain in your relationship. When he’s in his office working he’ll let you straddle his lap as he types, your legs swaying around his waist as he feels the faint thump of your heart beating against his chest - he likes feeling you run your fingers through his hair as you occasionally kiss his neck, both of you quietly enjoying each others presence as he works and you read a book or play on your phone.
Shows you off.
Hawks is a very in demand pro-hero. He knows he has waves of fan girls pining over him, which is why he shows you off any chance he gets. He’s proud to have you by his side, cheering for him when he feels unsure and grounding him when he feels like he’s falling apart. Sure, Keigo used to be a playboy, but ever since you stormed into his life it was like he just couldn’t resist you. 100% likes when you get jealous sometimes just to tease you
Extremely protective of you.
He’ll always be a step in front of you when you meet new people, a protective stance as his icy irises focus on the newcomer/s. Doesn’t like it when you get into fights, even if he’s in a life or death situation, if he hears you struggling a little too much or god forbid scream, he’ll immediately lose control and slaughter his opponent, rushing to get to your side. Dabi has lost a lot, he’ll be damned if he loses you too. sometimes he can be flighty but he always comes back to you
He pays attention to your wants and needs.
Whenever you think you’ve run out of something, he already has an extra waiting for you. If he feels like it’s too risky to go out by yourself he’ll personally go for you or with you. Shiggy listens to you when you talk, threatening anyone who tries to speak over you. Often he’ll put it upon himself to make sure you stay safe and at ease. Extremely soft for his s.o (shiggy 10/10 caps on dabi for being overprotective as he buys you both matching crocs)
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simpforsadbois · 2 months ago
Horror Movies w/ The Boys - Part Two
Part One here
Minors DNI
Pairings: Dabi x reader, Tamaki x reader, Kirishima x reader, Hawks x reader, Shouto x reader
Genre: smut & fluff
Warnings: impact play, biting, daddy kink, mommy kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You say the words ‘movie marathon’ and he’s sold. He doesn’t even need to know what kind of movies y’all are watching.
It could be a bunch of sappy chick flicks, he’d still be down, because he knows that ‘movie marathon’ roughly translates to ‘rearrange my guts for an evening’
And he will never pass up an opportunity to spend a night buried inside you
So he comes over, bottle of wine in hand, dick already half-hard when you open the door in your short, black nightgown
“Hey, doll,” he grins seductively, running his hand down your spine and over your ass, giving it a quick spank before he pulls you against him.
You swing the door shut, wrapping an arm around him as you take the bottle, “Hey, handsome,” you lean up on your toes to kiss his lips with a smile. “You ready for our movie night?”
“You know it,” he smirks as you bite your lip and lead him toward the bedroom.
When you insist on actually watching the first movie, he rolls his eyes, but he just strips down to his boxers and cracks open the bottle of wine before crawling into bed with you, opening up his arm for you to curl into him as he hands you a glass.
Nights like these have become a bit of a routine, one that you both look forward to, for various reasons.
The sex is always great, but so is the intimacy. He’d never say it out loud, but he gives himself away with the way his fingers dance along your arm. How his lips lazily press to your temple. The slow rhythm of his breathing as he completely relaxes under your touch.
After a couple of glasses of wine each, you’re both getting a little handsy & before you know it, your legs are spread wide, your hands tugging on his hair as his tongue piercing makes another lap around your clit.
“You taste sweeter than the wine tonight, doll,” he smirks against your inner thigh, plunging a finger between your folds as locks eyes with you, flicking his tongue rapidly against your clit as you cry out.
He’s never watched one all the way through, so he’s thoroughly not a horror movie guy
But for you? He’d do anything. So when you said you wanted to watch nothing but scary movies for the night, he just agreed. He couldn’t say no to you.
Lucky for him, the scary movie marathon was a ploy to get extra close to him.
You made sure to wear your skimpiest shorts and your lowest cut tank top, sans the bra and panties, of course.
You’re pretending to watch the movie, but you’re secretly watching him drool over how your breasts look pressed up against his chest.
He’s too distracted by your cleavage and the way that he can see your ass hanging out of your shorts to even know what’s going on in the film.
All you have to do is sit up and arch your back, pretending to stretch your neck as you readjust, a soft groan leaving your lips.
And he’s on you, his lips catching yours as he pulls you into his lap, his hands gripping your ass tight as he ruts his hips up into you.
You moan, steadying yourself on his shoulders as you roll your hips on top of his, “Tama,” you mewl, “touch me, please..”
He groans, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth as he pulls your top down, letting your breasts spill out as he cups them in his hands.
“You think it was a good idea to tease me, bunny?” He pants, slapping at your breast while he takes the nipple of the other one into his mouth, his eyes feral as he lets out a low growl, “I’m so hard it hurts. Guess who’s pretty little pussy I’m gonna take that out on?”
He’s so freakin’ cute, always
So excited to spend a night in with you and he’s pulled out all the stops
He’s ordered your favorite food, made popcorn, turned the couch into a bundle of blankets and soft pillows for you both to cuddle up in.
He remembers you mentioning one movie in particular, so he brings that one up first and takes his seat beside you, asking you if you’re all settled in before he hits play.
The movie’s good and he gets into it, even getting a little freaked himself, but he’s gotta be the manly one tonight, so he’s tightening his arm around you whenever you gasp or make any sudden movements.
When the movies over, you suggest he throw on one that he knows you’ve seen a million times over and he looks at you confused.
“Why that one? Don’t you wanna watch something you haven’t seen?”
“Nah, I just want something on as background noise for a little while,” you smile, running your hand up his thigh.
“Background noise for wha—ahh,” his jaw drops open as you slip your hand beneath his shorts, stroking his cock. “Fuck, baby,” he groans, shifting his hips forward, lifting them up enough to slip his shorts off. “C’mere,” he pats his thigh, curling his fingers at you. “And turn around, pretty girl.”
You chew your bottom lip as you stand, turning to face away from him as you slowly remove your t-shirt. His hands reach out to grab your ass, spanking you once as he mutters a quiet, “Damn,” beneath his breath.
You glance over your shoulder, hooking your thumbs into your panties and ever so slowly bending over as you remove them, giving him a perfect view of your tight, wet pussy.
“Shit,” he swallows, marveling at the sight as he groans impatiently, grasping your hips as he guides you into his lap, “So fucking wet and I haven’t even touched you yet,” he murmurs in your ear as his cock throbs against his lower abdomen, which you can feel as the base of it rests against your ass.
“Daddy,” you mewl, writhing in his lap desperately, “need you so bad.”
“I know, baby,” he coos, fisting his length to align it with your entrance as he guides your hips above his, letting you slowly impale yourself on his thick cock, a sinful moan spouting from your lips.
You barely have the time to turn the movie on before his hands are on you, even though he promised to keep them to himself tonight.
He’s running them beneath your shirt, attaching his lips to any bare skin that he can see as he lays you down on the seat of the couch.
“Keigo, stop,” you giggle, playfully pushing against his chest, moaning as he sucks on the pulse in your neck.
“Mm, doesn’t sounds like you want me to stop, baby bird,” he’s all smiles against your skin, teeth grazing over your neck as he works his way lower, kissing along your collarbone. “We can watch the movie later, I promise.”
“You mean the way you promised that you wouldn’t do exactly this before the movie started,” you grin, carding your fingers through hair as you let your body relax.
“Okay, but I really promise this time,” he peels your shirt up over your head, continuing to pepper a trail of kisses between your breasts as he whispers seductively, “Please, mommy..”
“Don’t mommy me,” you sigh, your breath shallowing as your resistance wains, “It’s too late for you to be a good boy for me.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that,” he murmurs against your belly, looking up at you though his lashes as he settles himself between your thighs. “I can be so,” he kisses your hip, tucking his fingers beneath your shorts to pull them down slowly. “So,” he kisses your other hip, swiping his tongue over it. “Good for you, mommy..”
You moan, tugging on his hair, earning a soft groan from him, “You’re lucky you’re cute,” you smirk playfully.
“I doubt you’d put up with me otherwise,” he grins cheekily, getting up on his knees and leaning forward to kiss you as he removes your bottoms, panties and all.
“Shut up,” you breathe a soft giggle, “You know that I lo—oh, fuck,” you moan the last word against his mouth, arching your back as he slips two fingers into you.
“I love you too,” he smirks, kissing the corner of your mouth, “Mommy.”
It’s a relaxing evening in for the two of you, the type that’s become common in your shared apartment.
Since you came to the realization that there’s a lot of classic movies that Shouto just hasn’t seen. Like a lot.
No wonder so many pop culture references just go right over his head.
So tonight’s agenda is horror.
And he’s handling it well. He doesn’t quite understand the choices that most of the protagonists make, which makes for fun conversation at the scream queen’s expense.
“Why would she go back into the house? Why wouldn’t she just run?” He asks, as if it’s obvious, because it is. To anyone who’s not in a horror film.
You’re laying on the edge of the bed, having moved to the bedroom as the night dragged on. His front to your back, both of you half-dressed to keep cool in the warm, summer evening.
A steamy scene appears on screen and you hear a quiet, “Oh” behind you before you feel the general heat of his left side grow warmer against your skin.
You subtly arch your back, pressing your ass against him as his hand finds purchase on your hip.
He exhales through his nose, his eyes closing as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling the scent of the shampoo lingering in your hair as he slips your panties down your thighs.
You reach back, tugging his boxers down enough to free his hardening member, stroking it languidly as he rocks his hips into your palm, kissing along the back of your neck, down to your shoulders.
You shift your hips back, lifting your leg enough to line his cock up with your entrance, moaning softly as he sinks into you with an earnest groan.
“Sho,” you sigh, reaching your arm back to push your fingers into his hair, angling his face towards yours as you look over your shoulder.
He closes the distance to kiss you slowly, savoring the taste of you on his tongue as he rolls his hips against yours.
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todoscript · 6 months ago
you receive a love letter in your shoe locker from an anonymous admirer
Tumblr media
characters: bakugou katsuki, kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, midoriya izuku, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shouto
genre: fluff. very slight angst.
word count: 3.2k+ total, 400-700 per character
warnings: jealousy, possessiveness, feelings of doubt (mostly all fluff though)
author’s note: i’ve been on spring break so i found some time to write this! i absolutely love writing for these six (not like they’re my faves or anything pshhhhh—)
Tumblr media
he’s already fuming the moment you open your locker and hold out the pastel pink card, sealed by a shiny heart sticker with your name written in smooth calligraphy.
it doesn’t take much for him to realize some other dunce head is trying to make moves on his girl.
and he absolutely won’t stand for it.
he stomps over to you and snatches the letter right out of your hands as you’re reading it.
your complaints go ignored behind him while he inspects the writing with the most livid expression.
you know that ugly face he makes when it comes to his over-exaggerated anger? the one with his eyes all squinted and the corners sharpened upward?
that’s his face as he continues reading, growing more twisted at every mushy sentence this anonymous admirer had the gall to say to you.
at one point, he can’t stand to read it anymore so he crumbles the letter in his fist before igniting it into crisps.
you scold him for causing such a scene and letting his anger get the best of him, but bakugou is still annoyed about it regardless.
“tch, who the hell does this shithead think they are, trying to make moves on you when we’re already together?! i’m gonna kill them when i find out who it is!” he exclaims, hands instinctively sparking with heat that scares off the other students walking by.
you mentally facepalm at this. still, you go about reassuring him that you won’t be swayed and take his hand to walk to the dorms together.
“katsu, you know it’s going to take more than a love letter to make me leave you, right?”
“heh, damn right, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more that’s for fucking sure,” he sneers, a confident smirk on his face as he knows everyone else never had a chance with you to begin with. they can keep sending those letters and he’d make sure to burn them before they could even reach your hand.
on the way back to the dorms, he makes a conscious effort at pda—arm wrapped around your waist while his eyes glare daggers at any extra that even so much as looks at you the wrong way—asserting his claim over you.
meanwhile, having bared witness to that whole scene, your secret admirer is trembling in the corner. they make note to never send you another letter again unless they want their life to flash before their eyes in a fiery explosion.
Tumblr media
surprisingly enough, kaminari takes the whole situation more positively than most people expected.
in fact, he’s actually prideful about it.
just as he’s about to head over to your locker so you two could walk to class together, sero pokes his shoulder.
“hey, did you see all those written love confessions in y/n’s locker?” sero whispers behind his cupped hand near kaminari’s ear.
the blond scrunches his nose, confused. “no. what love confessions?”
“the letters that were stuffed in your girlfriend’s locker.”
again, kaminari is still puzzled at this. he realizes there’s only one way to understand what sero means.
when he glances in your direction he’s met with you fumbling around with a pile of letters balanced in your arms. his vision zeroes in on the envelopes, deciphering the fancy stationary and pretty embroidery.
oh. they’re love letters.
“other people are trying to make moves on your girl. what are you going to do about it, kaminari?” sero chimes in with an important question and honestly, kaminari can’t exactly make out a solution. or rather, he feels he doesn’t need to.
sure, he should be a little annoyed over the fact that others are disregarding your relationship.
yet could he really blame them for taking such a liking to you?
you’re pretty, smart, nice—the whole damn package.
he’d be more shocked if you didn’t have any secret admirers lurking around.
kaminari decides to leave his friend’s question relatively unanswered and continues his trek to your locker.
“hey, pretty girl! whatcha got there?”
taken off guard by his appearance, you nearly drop all the letters in your arms.
“denki, you scared me!” you exclaim. “these? they’re just some love letters some anonymous person placed in my locker. don’t worry though! i don’t plan on returning their feelings.”
smiling at how quickly you reassure him, he crosses his arms behind his head. “nah i’m not worried, babe. i don’t feel threatened or anything. it only makes sense that my girl is popular after all!”
you’re pleasantly surprised by how rationally he reacts to the scenario. though, knowing his character, he can’t just seem to leave it at that.
“yep, seems like we’re quite the popular couple!” he grabs your hand, wanting to show each other off as you make your way to class.
the bakusquad sees this as another opportunity to egg him on.
“and just how many love letters have you received since the beginning of the school year, kaminari?”
the blond freezes at the question. kaminari bites back words, but begrudgingly answers.
Tumblr media
“heya, babe!” kirishima enthusiastically calls to you, approaching your shoe locker. “ready to go back to the dorms?”
“yeah! in just a second though!” you reply.
as kirishima comes closer, he sees you occupied with some envelopes in your hand.
“what’re all those?” he asks, pointing at the refined stationary curiously.
“ah some letters gifted to me from an anonymous admirer. something about wanting to make their feelings finally known, but i’m not interested in them,” you say, clearing up everything before a misunderstanding could arise.
“oh, that’s cool.”
you quirk a brow at how relatively chill he is at this revelation. you were expecting a bigger reaction at this, but kirishima just simply smiles his genuine, care-free smile.
you don’t think much of it though. shoving the letters in your bag to dispose of later, you walk side-by-side with him to the dormitories.
little do you realize that kirishima actually mistakens this as pure, platonic admiration rather than infatuation.
to him, if they had really wanted to profess their love to you, they’d do it in person where you could see and hear them. not behind fancy penmanship and some pretty paper.
after all, that’s what a true man would do!
but as the days continue to roll by, he’s starting to have second thoughts.
“y/n, i’m telling you, with the amount of letters you keep receiving from them, you gotta find out who this person is!” he overhears mina lecturing you at your desk, going through another pile of notes that were left in your locker from that morning. lately, you’ve been greeted by an astounding number of these things each time you visited your locker.
“mina, there’s definitely no need for me to go out of my way to find this person.”
“aw, but look at all the sweet things they said about you!” mina recites a line from one of many letters. she muses about how the writer sentimentally compares your aura to that of a dandelion wisp in the wind—free and lighthearted yet fleeting and out of reach.
“how romantic!”
you roll your eyes, indifferent, but one side-glance at kirishima from your desk tells you that he’s beginning to interpret the situation differently.
the redhead has to admit that all those things that anonymous admirer said to you were… pretty sweet.
kirishima has always been a man of action—an passionate believer that actions spoke volumes compared to words alone. however, after hearing all of that, he’s wondering how he’s able to compete in that aspect.
he seeks you out during lunch and asks you something beneath a lonely corner of trees.
“y/n, do those kinds of things make you happy..?”
you tilt your head, curious about what he’s exactly referring to. one glimpse back at his demeanor in the classroom earlier with mina gives you an idea.
“do you mean all those letters i keep getting?”
kirishima nods slowly.
“well… i have to admit, it is nice to know that i’m ‘liked’ by other people,” you phrase delicately. “but all those pretty letters and sweet words don’t mean anything to me if they aren’t coming from you. besides, i always thought it’s better to let your actions speak for you, don’t you think?”
hearing your answer, kirishima’s face lights up immediately. before you can properly react, a pair of lips meet your cheek.
you rub the warm skin where his lips touched, flustered for a moment. kirishima grabs your hand, walking you two back to the lunchroom with a newfound surge of conviction in his steps.
Tumblr media
“ooh, look midoriya, seems like someone else has a crush on your girl.”
as midoriya’s tidying up his red shoes and bringing out his slippers for class, his male classmates inform him of the pink envelope held in your hands.
midoriya looks over in your direction. he watches as you peel the letter out of the envelope and begin reading its contents.
he doesn’t miss the slight flustered look on your features, observing how you scan through the writing while tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, glancing over your shoulder as if your secret admirer was peering at you from behind.
“you better hold onto her tightly if you don’t want her stolen from you,” one of the boys warns, more so as a joke, but midoriya doesn’t take their banter lightly.
“knock it off, guys. just because someone else likes her doesn’t mean she’s going to leave me or anything,” he says this with as much confidence as he can muster, but his demeanor betrays him.
when he goes past your desk in the classroom later, he can’t seem to meet your eyes.
“good morning, izuku!” you greet him mirthfully. however, midoriya fails to return the greeting with the same enthusiasm.
“g-good morning, y/n…”
it’s hard for you not to notice that something is up by the way he heads straight to his desk afterward without another word.
throughout class, midoriya finds it a challenge to concentrate on anything but that letter you received that morning. his mind stumbles into the hole of bad possibilities—ones of you leaving him, those sweet words from your anonymous admirer making your heart flutter more than he ever has.
“—zuku… ‘zuku… izuku!”
he gets pulled out from his thoughts by your voice and turns to see the concerned look on your face.
“you okay? you haven’t touched your pork cutlet bowl this entire time.”
he stares down at his food, untouched since he sat down. “oh sorry, i guess something’s just been on my mind today.”
your brows knit together. “it’s about the letter i got today, isn’t it?”
midoriya stares at you, debating whether to deny your statement, but knows it’s pointless to try when it must have been obvious.
you take his silence as confirmation and grasp his hand that lays flat on the table.
“izuku, look at me,” you tell him and watch as his eyes slowly trail to you. “you know i wouldn’t leave you over some silly letter, right? no amount of words they can say to me could ever make me think differently about you.”
at this, a comforted smile spreads on midoriya’s face. he nods and squeezes your hand as a sign he took your words to heart before chowing down on his food, the uncertainty inside him disappearing.
Tumblr media
“another one?” you inquire to yourself in disbelief, opening your shoe locker to discover a rose-colored envelope waiting for you atop your slippers.
“dang, y/n, that’s like the fourth one this week!” uraraka comments, peeking over your shoulder.
“ooh! i wanna see what they wrote for you this time!” mina approaches from behind. you allow her to grab the delicate letter from your fingertips.
she over-exaggeratedly clears her throat, unwrinkling the paper by pinching at the sides. “‘you are the one who brought me sunshine when i only saw rain.’”
“aw! how sweet!” uraraka clasps her hands above her heart, seeming almost moved.
though the girls are all smitten by the love poem, you bite your tongue, hoping to suppress the urge to gag in front of them.
your boyfriend shinsou is on equal wavelength as you, witnessing the scene unfolding so early in the morning. he’s grown tired of replaying this spectacle for the past four days now.
his eyes navigate to the note and envelope in mina’s hand. by the script and the use of the same stationary, shinsou can tell the love letters you’ve been receiving are all from the same person.
“damn dude, you got some serious competition.” overhearing the girls, kaminari jabs at shinsou’s sides teasingly. “so, you gonna do anything about that mysterious guy trying to go after your girl?”
the violet-haired boy shrugs. “why should i? it’s not like i feel threatened.”
kaminari whistles at his confidence.
shinsou says he doesn’t care about it, putting on a level-headed and indifferent facade. but that was honestly far from the truth.
in actuality, he’s a bit pissed.
what kind of person goes around sending anonymous love messages to someone who’s already in a relationship? what the hell do they hope to gain out of doing this?
shinsou more than trusts you won’t be swayed by them, no matter how many times those notes discourteously greet you every morning.
you never bring up the topic of the letters whenever you two are alone, not wanting shinsou to be bothered over it and create a hassle. all in all, he’s grateful for this, and also for the fact that you make a point of never taking any of those letters seriously and dump them into the trash bin whenever the chance arises.
however, he can tell by your body language that the whole situation bothers you and makes you uneasy.
so, during one incredibly early morning, he decides to do some scouting.
he plays off his odd punctuality by saying he left something in the classroom yesterday and wants to get there early to look for it.
lo and behold, he finds a male student hovering around the lockers—suspiciously darting his head back and forth to be on the lookout for any other students.
little does he realize he’s already been caught red-handed.
“hey you.” shinsou abruptly calls out to him and the boy nearly jumps. “what are you doing here?”
the boy panics at his question, fumbling with his answer while hiding something behind his back—what shinsou presumes to be another one of those cheesy letters.
“u-um, just want to get to class early!” he sputters.
“is there any special reason you’re standing in front of my girlfriend’s locker then? ’cause last i checked, the lockers for general education students were located on the opposite side.” shinsou emphasizes his words with a bite of malice, arms crossed.
“i just lost my way is all–” the student suddenly stops mid-speech, his words and actions forcibly coming to a halt. all thoughts are overturned in the presence of shinsou’s quirk.
“i’m going to make this quick and easy for you to understand. not only are you going to forget about this conversation, but you’re also going to stop handing my girlfriend those love letters.” shinsou bends down to the boy’s height, staring at the abyss in his expression.
“and i’d also appreciate it if you kept your eyes off what’s mine.”
it’s safe to say, your influx of letters had been effectively cut off after that day.
Tumblr media
todoroki is no stranger to finding love letters from avid admirers and fans in his shoe locker before and after classes.
in fact, an unprecedented number of them had begun taking up all the space there after his impressive performance at the sports festival.
when he started dating you, however, he had made a clear declaration that he wouldn’t be accepting anymore of them.
but to be on the opposite end of having to watch you unlatch the door of your locker to have letters and notes practically tumbling out, todoroki wasn’t exactly sure what to make of this feeling that made his stomach twist into knots.
he notices the alarming amount of them and concludes they’re all from various students in different grades and departments.
“y/n, you’re getting pretty popular,” uraraka says, eyeing the stack of envelopes. “must be your dance performance from the culture festival! i remember you did get a lot of cheers in the crowd.”
“guess all those cheers came with a lot of fanboys, huh?” the invisible girl, hagakure, teases.
you jokingly nudge at them to stop with the teasing, but pause when your eyes cross todoroki’s. he’s giving you a look you can’t decipher—one that edges between troubled and apathetic yet you can’t tell which it is.
you send him a nod, silently acknowledging his presence as he waits for you to finish your business so you could head back to the dorms together.
watching you dispose of the various piles of letters has todoroki contemplating about what uraraka and hagakure commented on. about how popular you were getting and how your admirers have been bold enough to profess their reverence for you despite your relationship status.
todoroki’s not entirely sure what to make of this information. he doesn’t linger on it for long though when you finally approach him, your sneakers slipped on and your backpack securely hanging off your shoulders.
“ready to head home?”
a smile finds his lips at your appearance. he softly utters his response.
during the small distance to the dormitories, todoroki reaches for your hand and intertwines your fingers together. as seemingly minor the gesture is at this point of your relationship, it’s a detail you mentally take note of.
usually, when it came to publicly displaying physical forms of affection, you were the one to initiate it. you have to admit, seeing the assertive side of todoroki is like a small breath of fresh air.
as you continue your short journey home, a couple of male students walking by greet you enthusiastically. though you wave back to kindly acknowledge them, you feel the grip on your hand tighten, followed by a slight tug closer to todoroki’s side.
that alone is enough for you to realize something is definitely troubling him.
“sho, is there something wrong?” you ask, steps still walking in tandem with him.
todoroki’s voice doesn’t waver in the slightest as he replies, “no, why would you think that?”
“you’ve been awfully possessive all of a sudden,” you note, “is this because of those letters from earlier?”
you quirk a brow, amused. “is that a yes or a no?”
now todoroki is silent. your steps come to a halt. not parting your laced hands from his, you turn to look him in the eye.
“it’s just… when i realize that there are other people looking at you the same way i do, i get… uneasy.” his gaze drops to the ground as he confesses this, hand squeezing yours. the uncomfortable churning in his stomach settles a bit now that the words are out, but he finds it hard to ease the atmosphere.
this is where you picked up from where he left off. your hand goes to his cheek, gently cupping it so you can tilt his head up at you.
“oh shouto, you have to know that you’re the only one for me and i don’t plan on looking at anyone else but you,” you assure him. todoroki stares into your eyes, and in them, he can’t find any hesitance or flutter of doubt.
at this, he lifts your twined hands and grazes your knuckles ever so softly against his lips, wondering whatever troubled him so much to begin with.
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