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#todoroki x reader
bro please..... more sugar daddy enji content.... I’m so parched..... tbh though I was just in it for the money and he was trying to be tender, I would break so fast and be all sweet to him because I’m weak for beeg man with emotions 馃ズ馃ズ

Part 4:

[You’re seeing Enji Todoroki for the first time after his battle with the Nomu. You watched his harsh battle live on television and felt an extreme sense of dread, but you haven’t been bale to get a hold of him since then. The news has yet to mention his post-battle condition other than he is alive.]

Enji: *Knocks on the door at around midnight like normal, but hardly gets the second knock in before the door is wildly swung open*  Y/N I–

You: *cuts him off by roughly throwing themselves at him in a hug* What the fuck– I was so w… You’re really okay…

Enji: *stoically* I brought you something. *hands you a small dainty bag that he usually uses to put your new lingerie in*


You: *internally*  This fucking stupid ass Cheeto looking mother fucker! I was worried sick about him and all he can think of is fucking?! *externally* Owh~ You didn't have t… *trails off when seeing what’s in the bag…*

Enji: I did have to actually.

You: H-how much money is this…?

Enji: Enough…

You: For what…? *internally* What’s the fucking catch?

Enji: *He doesn’t even invite himself into your home like he usually does* I realized some things, Y/N. Things about my self. 

You: *internally* could you be any fucking vaguer? *externally* I think I might need you to explain, baby.

Enji: I am on my way to atone for my wrongdoings. I was never the greatest father nor was I ever much of a husband but most of all I was never deserving of this position– the symbol… the number one.  

You: *internally* Where the fuck is he going with this?


Enji: I think that the best way to start atoning is here, with us. Y/N, I won’t see you anymore. This money should be more than enough to keep you on your feet for a while.

You: *internally and externally* what…?

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Villain Shouto who became a villain after his 2nd year of his UA. He leaves his s/o behind to join the league of villains. She thinks he’s dead until she sees him during a villain attack.

Originally posted by raittos

He just.. left. The day before you were with him and he seemed so happy and loving. You talked about Agencies with him even. But when you went to his dorm to fetch him for class he was gone. No note nothing.

Months went by and you thought he was dead. You grew depressed and distant with everyone in class. All you wanted was for him to come back .

One day you were training with Momo when you heard a scream. You turned around to see a giant ice block sticking out of the earth . You ran over and nearly tripped. It was Shoto . He was attacking UA with the League.

Why.. how.. no..

You stared, watching him set things on fire with a smile on his face. He didint notice you till he sent fire in youre direction. His eyes widened and he quickly moved his hand away but it was too late. The fire hit you dead on. You got sent back rolling into a tree hitting it. Shoto ran after you helping you up.

“Y/N.. why.. why didint you move!!”

You heaved pulling youreself up pushing him away, you didint even both to answer him. You ran off crying. Leaving him there.

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i wanna see your todo!!! what do you think about shouto + first kiss?

You hear your name from across the courtyard, but there’s a wall of ice between you and your attacker. You taste iron in your mouth, rolling your tongue around over your teeth. A cough forces the thick fluid in your chest forward, bubbling over your lips.

There’s a shadow that clouds your vision, a hand pressed to your cheek, “Shit, I’m so sorry. I-I don’t know what happened, I-”

You shake your head but it hurts, so you wince. Your hand finds his sleeve and you wrap your fingers around the fabric of his training clothes, “S’fine, Sho’.”

“You’re bleeding,” his voice is deep and wavers in the midst of his words. “I went too far.”

You faintly remember being put on a stretcher, the weight of Shouto’s hand in your own. You try to squeeze his hands to reassure him, finding words before your vision turns to black, “Villains won’t hold back, Sho’.”

The weight of your eyelids is too much and you find yourself succumbing to the lure of sleep, no matter how much protest there is from those around you.

And when you wake, your eyes are blinded by the amount of white surrounding you. The curtains, the walls, the sheets. Everything is blanched, free of color. You pick your hands up, the weight of them foreign. There are wires and tubes sinking into your skin and the faint pricks of pain from your movements is enough to make you wince.

“You’re awake.”

His voice is low and slow, eyes following your stuttered movements, “You’ve lost a lot of blood, you’re weak.”

You want to cough out that you know you’re weak. After all, how could you fall so quickly in a training session of all things. Tears prick in your eyes and you look up at the ceiling to try and stop them from falling down your cheeks.

Shouto is on you in an instant, palm slipping between yours, his throat bobbing as he tries to find the words to say.

“I should have pulled back,” he starts to stammer, “I-I swore I wouldn’t use this side of me, because I can’t control it. Today taught me that.”

“No,” you shake your head, voice coming out hoarse. When you swallow the lump in your throat, it pushes your tears over the edge, two little streams following the curvature of your cheeks.

Shouto squeezes your palm, “I am no better than Endeavor - than my father.”

“You are not your father,” you pinch the inside of his wrist, “hear me?”

Todoroki goes quiet and your face turns red from his stare. You start to stutter out some sort of response, but you’re cut short when his mouth collides with your own.

It is chaste, quick and to the point, much like every other aspect of Todoroki’s personality. You barely have time to press your palm to his cheek and respond with your mouth before he’s settling back into his seat.

You cover your mouth with your fingers, the heat from his lips still ghosting in the cracks of your skin. His eyes are just a little glassy, jaw muscles trembling as he waits on your reaction. Luckily you still have his hand in yours, so you tug him by the wrist, beckoning him back over to you.

There’s just enough time before he gets too close for you to see the smallest of smiles tug on his lips, and then he’s kissing you again. The swirl of hot and cold that whips around you turns your senses on high alert, and if you weren’t in this stupid hospital bed, you’d straddle him until he bent to your will.

The sound of a nurse pulling aside your curtain jolts the two of you apart, an obscene gasping sound parting your lips when he pulls away. Shouto’s eyes are wide, as if he’d been caught stealing or committing some other sort of crime.

“I-uh,” the nurse stammers, pointing to the machine that displays your vitals, “y-your heart rate spiked, s-so I thought-”

Even though the walls are white, the color of your cheeks is dark enough to match the hair on the left side of Shouto’s head.

send me a little prompt for a short fic!


Originally posted by mochii-s

tagging: @simplybakugou @kamehamethot @lady-bakuhoe @todorki-shoto @redhawtriot @burnedbyshoto @cookies-n-chaos @katsukisprincess @rat-suki @cutesuki–bakugou @k-atsukidayo @bnhatrashh @succulent-momma @voiceofreader @multifandom-fanfic @that-one-enthusiast @bitchtrynafck @cutest-celestial-princess @blue-peach14 @pastel-prynce @bokunokangae @shoutodoki @bakuoushoe @tenyaingenium @hoe-biscus @kingtamakimurder @myherofuckademia @myherowritings @lxvely-mha @myherorambles @birds-have-teeth @bratwritings 

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request: bakugou, todoroki, and midoriya with a s/o who has a super poweful quirk, even though they’re shy, hcs

a/n: i accidently deleted the original ask and i feel SO bad. i think this is what it is, so i hope i do it justice

bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, midoriya izuku x gender neuteral!!reader


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prompt list

choose one to three prompts and a bnha character of the following: bakugou, kirishima, kaminari, todoroki, iida, monoma, hawks, shinso, dabi.

please send in your requests! you can also request a specific scenario in which you want me to include one to three of these prompts!

  1. “All I know is, one of us is right, the other one is you.”
  2. “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?”
  3. “How are you feeling?” “Well, my eyebrows don’t hurt.”
  4. “If you steal the blankets, I am going to put my cold feet on you.”
  5. “Don’t get up- I’ll do it.”
  6. “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
  7. “Are you drunk?”
  8. “You make me want things I can’t have.”
  9. “You’re going to break his heart if you pull a stunt like this.” “He has a heart?”
  10. “Back to bed.”
  11. “Woah, don’t pass out on me.”
  12. “You’ve been like this for how long?”
  13. “Are you there?” “Physically, yes. Mentally is debatable.”
  14. “I am way too sober for this.”
  15. “Can someone explain to me, in small words, why I’m being assigned to this mission?”
  16. “You told me that you were okay. You promised!”
  17. “You didn’t think it was that bad? Are you looking at it?!”
  18. “Whatever possessed you to do that should possess you more often.”
  19. “Sorry, I have a clingy and feverish assassin on my lap. I’ll call you back when I’ve convinced him/her that a cold doesn’t mean he’s/she’s dying.”
  20. “Don’t breathe on that, it’s expensive.”
  21. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner having another existencial crisis.”
  22. “I got you, don’t worry.”
  23. “Please tell me you aren’t dead…”
  24. “Choose your last words wisely.” “I love you.”
  25. “Whoever did it is a freaking genius.”
  26. “How many times do you think a heart can break?”
  27. “You don’t scare me.”
  28. “She’s harmless.” “She shot you. Twice!” “It was an honest mistake.”
  29. “Don’t look back.” “What if I’m looking for you?”
  30. “Damn… blood looks good on you.”
  31. “Go to hell.” “And leave you here all alone?”
  32. “At least I didn’t kill anyone today.” “You say that like it’s a difficult task.”
  33. “How many times have I told you not to list me as your emergency contact?!”
  34. “I’m not letting you sleep on the floor, get up here.”
  35. “You hit your head pretty hard…”
  36. “When was the last time you ate?”
  37. “Did you do it?” “No, I thought it was you.”
  38. “No more stupid stunts, please?”
  39. “Naps are life, okay?”
  40. “I have feelings for you.” “Ah? Really? Why? What’s wrong with you?”
  41. “Don’t do that to yourself.”
  42. “Sometimes you just need to lay on the floor.”
  43. “Do it.”
  44. “We’re drinking because we’re bored.”
  45. “You’re scared shitless.”
  46. “Started from the bottom and I was somehow able to get lower.”
  47. “Sorry I couldn’t hear you over my internal monologue.”
  48. “I’ll have to watch you walk away from me like everybody else did, eventually.”
  49. “Keep kissing strangers and pretending they’re me. See where that takes you.”
  50. “Who’s that?”
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Ok, so, you know how Bakugou and Todoroki don't interact that much with their classmates? What if they have (separately) a crush who's always talking with everyone and has no problems touching or hugging the guys and girls in the class, but she never gets so close with Katsuki and Shoto because she thinks that they don't like that, and she doesn't want to bother them, but they are jealousy confused, like, "why she's hugging everyone but me?"

My anti social bois😢 Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜❤️

Todoroki Shoto💙❤️

- He was always so distant, so cold.

- Being the angle you are, you knew how uncomfortable he was with all tyoes of affection, so you never got too close to him afraid of making him uncomfortable.

- But what you didn’t know, was that he envied anyone who had the chance to hug you, talk to you.

- He always wondered why you don’t do the same with him.

- He got so jealous of his classmates but he didn’t know how to react.

- It was untill Uraraka suggested for him to talk to that he decided to face you.

- As he approached you, you felt so happy that he finally decided to talk to you. But what came out of his mouth really hurt you.

-“Y/n, are you mad at me?”

- After you asked why would he think that and him revealing to you that he felt like he did something wrong for you to not treat him like your classmate, you felt bad.

-You thought that what you were doing was making him comfortable, but in reality it just made him feel worse.

- So from now on, you always great him with hug.

- And those hugs turned to cheek kisses, turned to real kisses.

-How did all of this happen? No idea, but he won’t complain.

Bakugou Katsuki 🧡

- Jealous? Bakugou? More likely than you think?

- Why are you always hugging dunce face and not him? Why did you always smile when talking to cheeks and not him? Why did you never treat him like the rest?

-Did he scare you? Or did you just not like him?

- Whatever he doesn’t care.

-Well that’s what he convinced himself before he saw you giving Kirishima a small kiss on the cheek.

- He knew Kirishima would never get in a relationship with you, he knew Bakugou’s intrest in you.

- But still what the heck? He decided to talk to you.

-“Oi! Dumbass, why you never kiss me on the cheek?!”

- What? Since when did Katsuki want affection and attention? He usually hated being around his classmate, so this question really confused you.

- After you asked him if he wanted you to start showing him more affection, he replied with groan and scowl but you got the idea. He did!

- So every morning you greated him with a hug, sometimes if you saw him in particular bad mood you’d run your hands through his hair, and action you learned that calmed him down.

-But what you didn’t understand was why he would refuse anyone else’s gestures and not yours? Why did he blush everytime you’d pinch his cheeks? And why did he always linger even after you pulled away from the hug?

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unspoken ways in which they show they love you | headcanons

tumblr on desktop is so fucking ugly, i truly hope they get on that shit… // tags of those who liked that one post shall be in the comments okbye


Bakugou Katsuki

  • the way bakugou looks at you when you’re not conscious to the fact that he is, is one telling sign that he does
  • you’ve managed to see that expression a few times when you’ve caught him in the act of staring, or through videos that you (or others) have filmed.
  • but the way he directs his attention onto you like you’re the single, most important person in the room never fails to leave you with the feeling of butterflies.
  • it’s quite nerve-wracking yet thrilling at the same time.
  • “you’re looking at me in this video like you’re in love with me or something…” “delete it.”
  • bakugou always pulls through and brings you the snacks you’ve asked him to buy despite his previous rejections and firm “no.”
  • “next time i’m not buying this garbage for you again,” he’d say as he pelts a bag of chips at you from your door.
  • but he always does.
  • cooks for two now whenever he’s in the kitchen due to the numerous times he’s caught you staring at his food or pathetically asking for some of his.
  • there’s only so much sharing this boy can do. please spare him
  • when you’re crying or on the verge of tears in public, bakugou doesn’t touch on it until you’re ready to tell him and open up about it.
  • “what’s up?” or “you good?” is what he’d usually ask once he’s finally got the two of you alone
  • this bitch bickers with you as if it were his last. but each teasing, sassy remark he makes is from a place of love and consideration.
  • he wouldn’t being saying such things if he didn’t care

Todoroki Shouto

  • todoroki is such a considerate, sweet, boy towards his s/o that it hurts
  • you bet that in the middle of the hallway if he sees your shoe untied, he’d pull you to the side and quickly lace them up for you
  • even if you think it’s “embarrassing” or whatnot, he’ll still go out of his way to do that for you.
  • when there are large crowds with swarms of people, you would often feel todoroki’s hand creep its way down to yours and intertwine your fingers so that he wouldn’t lose you.
  • it’s such a minuscule action, but it means a lot
  • when the sun begins to set and it’s starting to get dark, todoroki would walk you home from school/or elsewhere and have you text him once you’re inside safe
  • when you’re late to assemblies or you’re tardy to boarding the bus on a class trip, todoroki always has a seat beside him reserved for you 
  • he’s also very attentive when it comes to the small things about you.
  • like if you showed up to school with the slightest of trims on your hair, he’d comment “you look beautiful today, (Y/N).” 
  • he’s your biggest fan and will legit lift your spirits for the tiniest of things.
  • todoroki would text you good morning/night texts or the frequent “hey” just to check up on you.
  • one day, todoroki would bring you along to briefly meet his mother, rei, in the hospital.

Midoriya Izuku

  • whenever the two of you pass the convenience store, midoriya will always buy you your favourite snack despite you telling him he doesn’t have to buy you anything.
  • “please let me pay for these this time, (Y/N)-san!”
  • please actually let him. you two would be holding up a long line inside the store until you agree.
  • when midoriya and you commute together on subways or buses, he always makes sure you’re the one sitting if there’s a free seat.
  • when the bus begins to move and you haven’t sat down yet, midoriya would immediately hold onto your arm or hand to ensure that you don’t fall flat on your face
  • “ah! be careful!”
  • midoriya suggests days where the two of you hang out together or go “exploring” alone. every saturday he’d try and find a new place that suits your interests and takes you to it to visit
  • when you would go to his house or pay him a visit, his mother, inko, is very fond of you. which must mean midoriya has been talking about you… a lot.
  • he keeps all the birthday cards and presents you have gifted him throughout the years in a neat box in the depths of his closet for keepsake.
  • when you two study together or when you’re stuck on a concept you really don’t understand, always count on midoriya to bring his chair right beside yours so that he could help you understand and get closer to you better
  • don’t comment on how close he is, for his sake (from being flustered)
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Maybe,,, if possible,, could you write a headcanon or something abt the main three (midoriya, shoto, bakugo) helping their s/o choosing their career path or what they want to do in the future etc.?? Of course you can refuse this ( ´锝ワ渐) ((i love your writing and i hope you're alright! Please take care of your health!))

I’m sorry it took so long to answer! Please watch out for yourself too ❤️


- He’s very adamant about doing what you really want as a career.

- You know the saying “do what you love and you never work a day in your life”. He’s one of those people.

- He doesn’t like the idea of people being forced down a path (he’s been there, done that).

- He suggests looking for what you like rather than what would earn the most money or is traditionally seem as professional.

- He also has connections should you want to try any kind of shadowing or volunteering.


- Bakugo looks at careers from every angle because he only cares about jobs that’ll be worth the effort in the end.

- I mean what are you going to do if you end up in debt and can’t find work because the market is bad? Struggling artist cliche — not for his bae.

- He might seem like he’s downing your choices, but he just wants you to think everything through. He’s the devil’s advocate for a good reason.

- Ultimately, if you want to go out for something more obscure, he’ll support it. But you can’t half-ass it.


- Midoriya is a dabbler.

- He thinks it’s best to try a little of everything since you’ll still have a few semesters to decide what you want to do as you take your general courses.

- He’d create an entire list of pros and cons for whatever job you want.

- He really goes the extra mile and sends you information during his spare time.

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could you do todoroki with a reader that’s an introvert, please? and good luck with your writing !! i cant wait to see what you bring to the fandom 馃挒

of course! and thank you so much love <3

— first thing first is that todoroki is quite the introvert himself. he prefers being alone or with his select people vs in big groups. due to this, he is quite understanding on your social needs.

❛ todoroki peered out of the corner of his eye. mismatched orbs trained on his s/o. he watched your eyes droop and your tired half smile stay present on your face. your social battery must of ran out. his chest bubbled with something keen to empathy.

he walked over to where you were chatting with the self proclaimed bakusquad and intertwined his fingers with yours.

“mm i’m tired—wanna get some sleep with me princess?” your brain froze at his statement. he literally was just asleep why would he..? oh. he’s covering for you.

your face heated up with embarrassment and your heart was fluttering against your chest. “sure thing,” you sent him an appreative smile and he couldn’t help but let his lips upturn at the sight of it. ❜

— todoroki lives for the days you both huddle up in his dorm, basking in eachothers warmth. not needing to say anything.

❛ today was quite a stressful day for you—during your internship you in charge of communications, which was entirely bad. just extremely draining. you walked into the dorms and heard yelling and excited laughing “DAMN DEKU IF YOU PLUS FOUR ME AGAIN YOUR GONNA REGRET THE DAY YOU WERE EVER BORN!” huh, was in uno night?

whether it was or not, just the thought of any more human interaction was pushing your limits. so you went to your favorite comfort place to destress—shouto’s room.

you knocked twice on the door and heard it creek open. revealing a disheavled shouto with a book and tea lied out on his bed.

“would you mind if i joined,” you asked, tilting your head to the side “internships drained me.”

he gave you a soft smile reserved for only you. “you don’t even have to ask,”

you snuggled into his warm chest and sighed. “you always seem to help me sho”

shouto sighed and shook his head “i could say the same about you.” ❜

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henlo! BNHA matchups please! I’m a girl with soft, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and turquoise eyes. My height is probably about 4’10”, and I’m a little chubbier than thicc. I have a big bright smile with some crooked teeth and I like to give warm hugs and encouragement. I’m really soft and sensitive, and many call me a mom friend. I prefer any gender, but I lean towards males.

I match you with -


Originally posted by anima-posts

I think you and Shoto would match well!

  • He towers above you but whenever he wants to give you affection he just leans down.
  • Your smile drew him in, the moment he saw it, he knew you were the one for him.
  • He loves your hair as well, it’s soft and he likes to run his fingers through it.
  • Cuddles, need I say more? He’s the best big spoon ever.
  • Expect Shoto to be awkward at first, it’s a bit new to him. Once you two are together for a while he’ll warm up to affection a lot more and seem like a natural.
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“theres like a hundred girls in the room right now and not one of them hold a candle to you.” fluff shoto plz 馃ズ馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎

Prom Moments


“You have to pick a someone standing at the wall,” you whispered at Shouto’s side while the both of you silently judged the panel of boys and girls who sat dateless and apparently friendless since they weren’t dancing at all. 

Shouto looked down at you, his eyes rolling before staring back at the unsuspecting victims of yours. 

“I told you, y/n, I don’t want to dance with any of them.”

“Shouto, as not only your best friend but the creator of the best memories of your life, you are contractually obligated to dance with someone at prom,” you playfully sneer, turning your nose up to the man who was denying your persistent bugging to get him to dance with some random person. “Oh, look thats Ami! She likes you, go dance with her!”

“I’m not going to dance with someone you pick for me,” Shouto affirms, giving you a pointed stare, and you puff out your cheeks.

“Then pick someone!”

Shouto smirks, an action that sends blood pumping through your body when he turns to stare at the different number of people in attendance. To be honest, you had wanted to dance with Shouto, but you couldn’t seem to muster up the courage to ask him, so instead you had been bullying him into asking someone else.

“I think I’ll pick… y/n.”

You blink, processing his words… “What?!”

A warm smile processes on his face when he grabs your hand, pulling you out to the dance floor. You felt disgustingly embarrassed when he pulled you close, your flaming cheeks being pressed up against his shoulder.

“T-That wasn’t an option…”

Shouto pulled you away, and you felt the world still when his hands gently held onto your head, “Theres like a hundred girls in the room right now and not one of them hold a candle to you… you’ll have to forgive me for picking who I wanted most anyways…”

Well, there was no real rejection from you.

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by Strawberriboba

Summary: The beginning of a new year means new people. (Y/N) didnt expect to see a familiar face she had longed to see. He was different from what she remembered and she wanted to know him for who he had become. But there would soon be trouble along the way.

Notes:This is a pretty mediocre story but hey! Were are in quarantine rn so i might as well write to keep me occupied!


1. Quirk-Atmokinesis

2. This is just got fun!

3. I dont own any of the characters in this story!

4. I will probably post a new chapter every Sunday

Chapter 1: Recognition


This is just for fun and i dont own any of these characters!


(Y/N)- age 16

Favotites- Music, Shoto, and watching rlly bad movies to criticize

Quirk- Atmosis! Allows her to control atmospheric elements like wind, electricity, ect.


There will be a pic of ur costume on ch 2

Chapter Text



As (yn) woke up from last nights rest she could hear the birds chirping from outside her apartment window. She got up from bed and stretched making sure to pop her stiff joints.

“Today is going to be my first day at U.A.” (yn) said to herself while smiling. She could hardly contain her excitement. (Yn) glided over to the closet opening it to reveal her schools uniform, once she had put it on she made sure to flatten out the skirt so there would be no visible wrinkles. After brushing her teeth she finished off her morning routine by brushing her (h/c) tresses, the clock read ‘7:12’ by the time she finished.

She rushed to the kitchen in order to prepare herself some breakfast, today she decided to make waffles with a side of sliced fruit. while eating she thought about her parents and how proud they had been when she told them she had been accepted into U.A. she missed them. Their Hero-work kept them busy so they wouldn’t be able to answer her phone calls, she was so grateful that her family was financially stable enough to support her decision on moving closer to the school and into her hometown of Matsutafu. Of course (yn) missed her friends back in Kyoto but she couldn’t pass the opportunity of going to U.A. and becoming a hero like she had always wanted. You thought back to your early childhood.


The smells and sounds of (yn)’s old home flooded her senses, the sound of the neighborhood kids laughing brought a smile to her lips. She could remember playing with them and showing each other your quirks, in particular she remembered a pair of hetero-chromatic eyes that belonged to a boy she had nicknamed ’Sho’ It wasn’t anything creative but it was what she remembered. When the two of them had met they were playing tag around a playground.

The two of them became best friends and would always hang out with each-other playing tag, coloring, or just talking. Eventually (yn) started seeing him less and less, he said it was his father who wasn’t letting him go out as much as before. The two of them wrote each other letters when they eventually didn’t see each-other anymore, the letters were full of life updates and cheerful comments. In fact (yn) still had his letters, the last one saying, “Woah your atmokinesis quirk sounds awesome! you have to show me sometime (Y/N) and then I can show you my quirk - Sho”

(Yn) was never were able to show him her abilities to manipulate atmospheric elements. When (yn) had moved the two of them had lost contact; she thought of him from time to time and wondered if he did too.


Beep-Beep-Bee- she shut off the alarm that was ringing from her phone and checked the clock, '7:40’

“Did I really spend all that time daydreaming?” She asked herself and got up to clean the plates. Once that was done she snatched her backpack and put on her school shoes making sure to lock the door behind her, (yn) walked to the bus terminal in order to catch her ride to school.

Once on the bus (yn) continued reminiscing, she thought about how she had studied and trained hard with her mentors to get to where she was and it had finally paid off. Even though she got in through recommendation she passed with flying colors on the written exam.

Her mother ranked 8th on the hero billboard she was always so lively and cheerful. She had a way of making people smile. Your father ranked just one place below her in the 9th hero spot. They both absolutely adored you since you were their only child. (Yn) was lucky enough to inherit a rare mix of quirks. She were proud to be a (y/l/n).

The bus came to a halt and she stepped off. There was still 30 minutes left to spare. (Yn) checked her schedule to make sure she was going in the direction, “Class 1-A, Mr. Aizawa.” She mumbled to herself and finally reached the classroom. There weren’t many people present yet, (yn) set her things down on a desk near a window. It was a pleasant view of the cherry blossom trees and flowers around the campus.

A girl with brown hair and rosy cheeks greeted (yn), “Hi I’m Ochako Uraraka It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, I’m (y/l/n) (y/f/n)”

“This is Midoriya, and that’s Iida.”

The boy who (yn) assumed to be Midoriya greeted her first with a polite smile and a handshake, then it was Iida he gave her a firm handshake that almost knocked her over. He apologized profusely but (yn) assured him it it was fine. The four of them got to know each other better, (yn) learned about Ochako’s family company, Tenyas hero family, and Midoriya’s studious behavior. He even pulled out a notebook full of hero studies, (yn) noticed her parents had their own pages but she didn’t say anything to him.

The bell rung and the rest of the class got in their seats. While waving goodbye to her new friends (yn) noticed a classmate with half and half hair, she smiled at him but he turned away quickly. She didn’t think much of it.

“Goodmorning students, Im Mr. Aizawa.” His voice was lazy and husky, “Today you will all talking a physical evaluation.” The room was swirling with questions but it eventually died down and everyone was instructed to meet out back once everyone had their gym clothes on. Once everyone was present the test began.

(Yn)’s ability to control wind aided her in most of the tests and she ended up in 4th place overall. She was congragulated by her new set of friends, but eyed by a certain blonde and red eyes classmate. (Yn) tried to comfort Mioriya but it came to no avail. Her eyes searched the board and saw a name that sounded familiar ’Shoto Todoroki’ She felt a cold hand on her shoulder and (yn) had locked eyes with the boy who had been staring at her earlier. It hit her at that moment. It was Sho, the Sho you wrote letters to, the Sho who was her childhood friend in the flesh.

“Apologies, but your name sounds familiar. Do I know you?” His voice was smooth like silk. (Yn) wanted to scream from excitement but didn’t want to embarrass herself by saying, 'OH MY GOD YES ITS ME (Y/N), DO YOU REMEMBER ME.’ just in case he wasn’t the right person so she managed to reply, “My parents are hero’s so you might recognize my last name.”

“Hm, that must be it then I’m Todoroki by the way. So who are your parents?”

“It’s nice to meet you Todoroki I’m (y/n). My mother is Terra-Nuevia and my father is Atmos.”

“Hm so you must have high expectations from your parents too.”

(Yn) nodded and was about to continue the conversation but the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. She waved good bye to Todoroki scolding herself mentally for not having enough courage to ask him about his childhood. She spent the rest of her day thinking about him.

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Hold My Hand | Todoroki x Reader


Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

part 1

Test of Courage – an activity to raise one’s courage by exploring frightening places. Todoroki wasn’t too concerned when it came to exploring the supposedly haunted wing of the school in order to prove his courage. It wasn’t scary to see the familiar hallways even after hearing the story of the ghost that haunted this side of the building. What bothered him more was being paired with you.

Ever since the new semester, he’s been trying to slowly ease his way onto your good side. He wasn’t particularly sure how to do that since the two of you didn’t have the friendliest of relationships. The young hero was aware he might have been more forceful than necessary when it came to interacting with you in the past. He couldn’t help it when…he liked you so much back then and didn’t have a proper way to deal with his feelings. Todoroki wished he was courageous enough to say it plainly to you, but he was almost positive you didn’t like him back if your attitude towards him was any hint. Midoriya assured him otherwise, asserting that you meant the opposite of what you said, but he wasn’t completely convinced. After all, why would anyone say the opposite of what they meant?

As the two of you came to the stairs, you acknowledged him for the first time during your investigation. “I’ll go check out the upper floor, you stay on this one,” you said.

“Wouldn’t it be safer to stick together?”

You scoffed. “Don’t tell me you actually believe in ghosts. This whole thing is a big joke.”


“I’ll be fine on my own,” you huffed and made your way up the steps. Todoroki sighed, continuing to explore the bottom floor.

You traveled the upper halls of the old wing, your flashlight providing a small path of light for you to follow as you continued your investigation. You wanted to find the goal, take the dumb selfie, and quit this stupid game as quickly as possible. Ghosts. What idiot would believe in such things?

Five minutes into your walk, you felt a drop in temperature, and the proof rode on your breath that came out white as you involuntarily shuddered. You cursed, thinking that Todoroki must have been playing a trick on you. “Haha very funny, Todoroki,” you called out, turning around to try to catch him in the act. Your flashlight only reflected an empty hall, and you blinked in confusion. “Must have been my imagination,” you thought and turned around to a pale figure that caused all the color to drain from your face. Screaming, you dropped your flashlight and ran the opposite direction as fast as your feet would allow.

Rounding the corner of the hall, Todoroki stopped in his tracks. He swore he walked the same path time and time again as he passed the same dripping hole in the ceiling. Suddenly, he heard footsteps pacing in the dark, storming to his direction. He started shaking despite his best efforts as he braced for a possibility of running into the ghost that supposedly lurk these halls. Instead he heard screaming, and you rushed into him, finally reaching the destination that always screamed safety to your senses.  

Sobbing, you wrapped your arms around Todoroki and buried your head against him. “(Name), what happened? Are you all right?”

“T-Todoroki! I-I,” you stammered, unable to stop your teeth from chattering between your words. You couldn’t get anything out so instead you sniffled loudly, leaving him to wonder exactly what you saw that terrified you so badly that you had found your way to him so quickly. Then, he thought about how you found him so fast. Had you followed his scent all the way to him? He found his heart raced at the idea that you had saw him as someone safe and protective. 

Sympathetically, Todoroki held a hand to the back of your head, hoping that his presence would bring you peace.

“It’s all right,” he said soothingly and began to stroke the back of your head. The comfort his touch provided made you hiccup as you held on to him. His embrace was warm and inviting, and you nuzzled closer to spoil yourself in it. “I’m here so you don’t need to be afraid anymore,” and he closed his arms around you a bit tighter, and the strength shocked you back to your senses.

Embarrassed, you sniffed and rubbed your eyes. “Shut up! I wasn’t scared, and even if I was…I don’t need you scenting me like your pet!”

“It’s fine if you are…” he tried to reason, clearly seeing what Midoriya meant by opposite. You were clearly scared, shaking where you stood and still dribbling with frightened tears.

“I said I wasn’t.”

“Let’s just find our way out of here,” he offered, changing the conversation before it worsened. He turned away from you, choosing another path to follow when he was suddenly halted by a soft tug. Surprised, he gazed your way, seeing that you latched onto his hand. Your hot and shamed gaze remained on the floor as your legs trembled still.  

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I-I’m not scared, but I dropped my flashlight…so don’t go too far ahead,” you explained, slowly gazing up at him. Todoroki blinked and gazed down at your hold. Your fingers had so perfectly intertwined with his own and squeezed. Realization hit him hard and fast. Todoroki thought he finally understood what Midoriya meant. What you really were saying with that bashfully innocent look was “would you please hold my hand?”

Endeared, Todoroki smiled faintly. “Stay close to me.”


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todoroki with the prompt “My hand was made to fit into yours. That’s all there is to it.” for the prom imagines? thanks dsjhfbhds

Prom Moments


Todoroki Shouto had no idea what he was doing at this dance. He stood alone by the food stand, slowly snacking on the various plates and dishes they had while staring at the crowds of people dancing the night away.

While he was definitely no obtuse loner from the first semester here at UA, he never expected he’d let his friends drag him off to some ruckus of a dance. But he guessed there was some positive to it. By the edge of the crowds stood his friends horrible dancing along to the songs if he was being honest.

Iida was only good at the robot, Midoriya kept stumbling about, Uraraka was holding both their hands while dancing, Bakugou was standing next to him, and Mina was teaching the rest how to dance properly. But by far the best thing about tonight was you.

You were sweating, your head thrown back while you danced with both Kirishima and Kaminari in a failing attempt at a three person tango. You were shining on the dimmed dance floor and your hair bounced with every step you took.

A slow dance came on, and Shouto watched with curious eyes when everyone began to pair off. It wasn’t until someone was right in front of him, did Shouto realize he was being talked to.

It was you, hand extended, your eyes not quite meetings his.

“Would you like to dance, Todoroki-kun?” you asked, finally meeting his gaze.

“I don’t know how to dance,” he confessed, his heart-rate increasing while he watched your chest heaving with your tired breathes. 

“Y/l/n will fucking teach you,” Bakugou groaned, shoving Shouto on the shoulder, sending the peppermint boy stumbling into your arms.

Laughing awkwardly, you guided Shouto to the dance floor, hand in his. Shouto could barely pay attention with your hand in his, it was smaller than his, and somehow warmer than his. Your eyes traveled down to your entwined hands and you smiled.

“My hand was made to fit into yours,” you jokingly point out, laughing gently when he stumbles in this dance position.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Shouto says after colliding into your body for yet another moment. 

“Just… take control, I promise I’ll keep up with you,” you whisper, securing his hands on your waist. Your smile was bright, and ever so kind that Shouto almost forgot how to breathe when he continued to stare at you. “That’s all there is to it.”

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Anon requested: “Hey this is my first time requesting but can you do a scenario where Bakugou (can do Todoroki and kirishima too) is a pro-hero, then one of his “daring” fan kisses him and his s/o saw the whole thing. Happy ending please!!”

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Kirishima Eijirou

Genre: Fluff

Tags: @cyanide9602

a/n: I wasn’t sure if you just wanted Bakugou or you wanted all 3, but I also didn’t want to just do HCs, so I did mini scenarios of about 400-550 words for each character!  I hope they were to your liking, and thanks for the request!  Hope to see you again soon~


Bakugou Katsuki


As soon as this fan came up to him, Bakugou knew it was trouble.  The fan eagerly came up to him while he was out with you, not paying you any mind while they gushed about Ground Zero being their favorite hero - and not even trying to hide their groping hands on his arms when they leaned in for a selfie.

And at the last possible second, the fan did the ballsy thing and plants a kiss right on his lips.

Your eye starts twitching.  Your sweet boyfriend felt bad for spending a lot of time on his job for the past few week, and today he decided to devote the entire day with you.  Today is supposed to be your day, and - not to sound like a spoiled brat (although you don’t care at this point) - Bakugou is yours and you’re not in the business of sharing with anyone, especially not some ballsy, entitled fan who thinks they can kiss your boyfriend right in front of you and get away with it.

They had another thing coming.

The fan pulls away from doing their little stunt with a smirk, briefly turning to eye you to gauge your reaction, only for their face to turn completely white.

“I hope you can die happy after doing that,” you mutter gravely, cracking your knuckles.  "Because you’re about to!“

The fan runs off screaming, and you would’ve followed if it wasn’t for Bakugou holding you back by your waist.  "Let me at ‘em!  I won’t hurt 'em too badly!”

“Babe, calm down, you’ve already scared them away,” he whispers gently in my ear.  "People are staring.“

His hands rubbing at my waist settles me.  "I just wanted to rough 'em up, that’s all,” I explain innocently.

“I know you did, but you can’t make a scene in public.”  He kisses my jaw softy and smirks.  "Damn, you being as much of a hothead as me is so hot.“

"Damn right I am!” you huff.  "I’m the only one for you and you better not forget it!“

His low chuckle resounds in my ear.  "Never.  Come on, let’s go get brunch like we wanted before we were rudely interrupted.”

Todoroki Shouto


One of the things you’ve always admired about Todoroki is his heart when we interacts with his fans.  He sought to be the opposite of his father, so he welcomes fan interactions with a warm smile, kind words, and an open attitude.

What really annoys you is how dense he can be.  Of course, there are fans who are starstruck by his handsome appearance, who wouldn’t be?  But there are those that are really bold,  sneaking touches at him, making double-meaning requests, showering him with more compliments than needed, or trying to dress and act suggestively to catch his attention.  Being the kind of guy who isn’t terribly good at reading the air, Todoroki doesn’t really notice any of their advances.  It’s sweet, in a way, because he only has eyes for you, but you really fear that one fan will take things too far and Todoroki won’t realize it.

So when you were on line getting coffee for the two of you and you saw a fan approach him, it made you uneasy since you weren’t there to cut into the conversation.  You trust your boyfriend not to do anything, so you settle on continuously darting your head backwards to his table while you pay for your drinks instead of rushing over there like a possessive lover.

Which you regret doing once you turn around while you’re in the pick up area.  The fan had pulled your boyfriend in to steal a kiss on his lips, and now you’re furious.  At the same time, the barista called your order number, so you grab your order and march over to their table, seeing red and ready to give this fan a piece of your mind.  Todoroki, wide-eyed and shocked pushes them away, putting his hands up in front of his body.

“I apologize if I came off overly friendly, but I’m very happily committed to someone else.”

And just like that, all your immediate anger melts away and you find yourself lovestruck.  Very happily committed,  your thoughts echo pleasantly.  In your face.  You finish your walk to the table and set down your drinks, both of them darting their heads toward you as you shoot a beaming grin at your boyfriend.  "Here’s your coffee, babe,“ you push the drink in front of him.  Yeah, it’s petty, but he’s your man.

Todoroki follows through, wrapping his arm around you to pull you into his lap and placing a sweet kiss on your lips.  "Thank you, love.”  He turns to the fan and you finally address them with a tight, polite smile.  "This is my one and only.“

"O-Oh.  I’m s-sorry!”  After another stutters of an apology to both of us, the fan scurries off.

“Shouto sweetie.”  He hums in response.  "I told you to make our relationship public earlier, didn’t I?“

"Yes, love…”

Kirishima Eijirou


Your lovely boyfriend Kirishima has the best fans in the world.  With such a courteous, respectable role model, you expected his fans to be just the same.  Whenever they say him in the streets, they would always ask him how he’s doing, reprimand him for not getting enough sleep, thank him for his service, and sometimes offer letters or small tokens of appreciation.  He always gushes about how proud he is that his fans take after him.  It’s like watching a proud dad praise his adult kids; it’s endearing and wholesome.

On your way to meet Kirishima for your date, you spot him from across the street and wave.  He waves back, his sharp-toothed grin gleaming back at you as he waves.  He’s about to cross the street and meet you halfway when he gets stopped by a fan next to him.  A proud smile plays on your lips as you cross the street to meet him.

Something isn’t right with this fan, you notice.  The first thought when you see how tensed the fan is, you think they’re about to strike him.  Instead, they bravely lean up and kiss the red-haired hero.  It makes you falter for a step, but you pick right back up, ready to stomp over there and give the fan a harsh talking-to.

Kirishima immediately backs away and puts some distance between them.  "Whoa there, I’m taken by someone already.“  Once you approach, he turns to you and snakes his arms around your waist.  "There’s my sweet baby,” he purrs before capturing your lips in his.

Your stomach flips when it isn’t as quick as you would have thought.  Kiri makes sure to make a show of it, moving his lips against yours in a controlled but dominating way before pulling away after a few kisses.  Your heads at the mini heated kiss, a little embarrassed that he did it in front of the fan, but you’re not complaining.

The hero beams his signature grin as if he’s done nothing.  "This is my baby, we’re really happy together.“

The fan is understandably flustered, turning red in the face out of secondhand embarrassment.  "O-Oh, I see.  I’m sorry about that.”  They bow politely.  "P-Please enjoy yourselves,“ they manage to say before escaping down the sidewalk.

You lightly run your tongue over your bottom lip, his linger taste still present.  "That was unexpected, Kiri.”

“But effective.  Nobody get away with that, especially right in front of you.”  He squeezes your waist closer to him and smirks down at you.  "But it was pretty manly of me, wasn’t it?“

You barely squeak out a reply, making Kirishima chuckle at your tinted cheeks before leading you off towards your date.

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A Forgotten Party

[Pairing: Yandere!Shoto x Reader]

[TW: Yandere]

[Reader: Gender Neutral]

[Summary: Birthday Special]

[Word Count: 417]

This was purely self indulgent for my upcoming birthday, I wrote for Shoto again because he’s baby and I love him.



Originally posted by mochii-s

Shoto was always one for making a big deal out of every holiday he could. Fancy parties thrown for every occasion he saw fit. However, when he discovered it was your birthday that was steadily approaching, he knew what would be better than just another party.

He didn’t tell you of his plan and a party was thrown, you find it more of a chore than anything. Playing the perfect girlfriend to Shoto even on your birthday, it just left a bad taste in your mouth.

It wasn’t that you hated Shoto, you had grown accustomed to your circumstances and since accepted it. You had a roof over your head and luxuries you normally would never have, so who were you to complain?

But maybe just one time you wanted to sit at home and just be yourself when you celebrated your birthday. Cutting a cake around a kitchen table and not watching the dozens of people walking through the venue.

You excused yourself to the restroom after about forty or so minutes of that suffocating party. On the way to the restroom however, you were pulled off into a hallway and right into the arms of Shoto.

He smiled down at you, pushing some hair out of your face before planting a small kiss on your forehead.

“I see my darling doesn’t like the party, so why don’t we just be us?” He spoke as his hands traveled down to your waist, pulling you against him. He started to sway back and forth and you soon picked up on the fact that he was dancing with you, a slow dance that didn’t fit the intense music echoing from the main room of the venue.

You couldn’t help but giggle at his actions, your arms finding their way around his neck as your hands played with the ends of his hair.

Whenever Shoto got romantic you couldn’t help but get giggly and flustered, it was a reaction anyone might have if they just embraced the good over the worse. He wasn’t the worst looking and was quite a charmer.

You two danced for what felt like hours until Shoto placed a tender kiss on your lips, pulling you up into the air before carrying you bridal style.

“Let’s go home, darling, we should be spending the night as you wish,” he spoke into your ear as he carried you to the car, not even glancing back at the party which neither of you seemed to even want.

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Maybe pregnant hcs for Todoroki, Iida, Shinsou and Amajiki???馃挀馃挀馃挀馃挀馃挀

-Ohoho!!!! This right here just melts my hurt. Even thinking about it makes me weak.Plus a little heads up, everyone is having daughters cause I’m weak to the knees with the thought of these four and their babygirls so be prepared. Hope I don’t disappoint.💖💖💖

*All characters are aged up so around the ages of 20-25 and up*

Todoroki Shouto

-You and Shouto have been together since your second year in UA.

-You got married when you both got well acquainted with the hero life and now live a happy , yet busy, life in an apartment near his mom’s house. 

-We know that this boy would want his family to be close to him and the fact that you get along with everyone fills his heart with so much love. 

-You two never really talked about children.

-Maybe a few suggestions of having a child in the future but nothing serious.

-Que the morning sickness. 

-Shouto was really worried about you, I mean look at you.

-You’re emptying your guts in the toilet every single morning. 

-You can’t eat most foods that you used to like and have a weird craving for tuna yogurt?!

-He doesn’t want to leave the house, he even convinced you to take some days off and try to relax.

-Give your body rest.

-He promised to get some days off himself to take care of you.

-You had your suspicions, tbh.

-You just didn’t tell him.

-Whether that was to not get his hopes up or to post pone the heartbreak you didn’t really know.

-So what if you were mildly panicking over the fact that the 5 pregnancy tests you just took were all positive. 

-It was the first day of your mini ‘vacation’ and thankfully Shouto had been called in today.

-Because you’re panicking and legit losing your shit over this, you call….Rei.

-Okay maybe it wasn’t the best course of action considering you were on the verge of cardiac arrest, but what can you do.

-You asked her if she was home and if you could stop by.

-Of course she said yes, delighted to see you and mentioned that Fuyumi was also going to stop by in around an hour.

-You made your way to her house, arriving just as Fuyumi was pulling into the drive way.

-After greeting each other and going inside, you took your seats in the living room and waited for Rei to make some tea.

-Fuyumi was going on and on about what the kids at the kindergarten were doing and how cute some of them were being. 

-Neither of the Todoroki women had missed your puffy eyes or how your smile would constantly waver, but they decided to let you tell them on your own accord. 

-Once Rei joined you in the living room, they both turned to you.

- “So how have you been Y/n, dear?” Rei said watching you really closely. 

-You looked down, feeling hot tears starting to form in your eyes and your throat tightening painfully. 

-Fuyumi moved closer to you while Rei draped an arm around your shoulders which were shacking at the moment. 

- “I-I’m p-pregnant.” it was barely a whisper, but they heard it alright.

-Mom mode activated 2x.

-They reassured you that everything was going to be fine and how lucky you are.

-They repeatedly said how excited Shouto will be and what of a push over of a dad he would become.

-After 4 long hours of baby talk, you returned home, collapsing on the sofa before passing out for a good 3 hour nap.

-When you woke up, Shouto was home and sitting next to you weaving his fingers absentmindedly through your hair. 

- “Hey there sleepyhead.”

-How could his voice be so soft!?!?

-You buried your face into the blanket, which really confused him, I mean…what did he do?

- “We have a problem…” pause….awkward silence…. “I’m pregnant.”

-*Windows noises*

-After the mild stroke, he lifted you up so you were looking at him and just stared at you. 

-Those seconds that he just looked at you felt like eternity.  

-The torture ended however, when he lowered his head to your stomach and lifting your shirt, placed a small kiss right under your belly button.

- “Hey there, snowflake. Nice to meet you.”

-And with that, 9 exhausting months started full of mood swings, weird cravings, back rubs and a never ending list of baby names.

-You two learned you were having twins on your fifth appointment, but you decided to keep the gender a surprise. 

-On a cold January night your two girls were brought into the world and it was one of the few times you had seen Endeavour and Natsuo in the same room bawling their eyes out. 

-Your white haired baby was named Rei *after her grandmother* while your mixed red and h/c babygirl Ren. 

-When Shouto held them for the first time, you thought he was going to have a mental breakdown.

-He’s a total push over and your girls are daddy’s girls to the core.

-He’s the best dad they could ask for.

Iida Tenya

-You and Tenya have been married for 6 years now and have been trying endlessly for a baby.

-You both agreed that you were ready for the responsibility and that having a little Tenya running around the house sounded like a great idea.

-Saying that you were exhausted form the attempts was an understatement.

-Tenya had incredible stamina and even more libido, so you can safely assume that during the week long process of baby making you couldn’t walk straight.

-However, your little shenanigans stopped when your doctor delivered you the news.

-You had been hit by a blood related quirk while dealing with a villain and had to get a check up afterwards.

-You were given a scolding the moment you saw your doctor because why aren’t you in desk duty you RASCAL!?

-You were confused beyond belief and it was written all over your face.

- “You don’t know do you?” 

-Le sigh.

- “Mrs. Iida I’m happy to announce you that you’re expecting, so that means you are to be put in desk duty for the next 4 months or else I’m making sure you don’t leave the house for a good 9 months.”

-You. Were. Ecstatic. 

-You ran to Tenya’s agency, bringing down the damned door to his office giving the man a heart attack.

- “Y/n what’s-”


-Que ecstatic air chopping. 

-Tenya went into full dad mode during those 9 months. 

-Buttt he’s also kinda nervous.

-Nervous like Tamaki in a crowd level nervous.

-You get the image.

-You have anything you want whenever you want it.

-The nursery is done the moment you find out you are having a gilr.

-Unlike Todoroki he isn’t patient enough to keep the gender a secret.

-When the day arrives, you’re just chilling outside with him when you nonchalantly blurt out ‘my waters broke’.



-This goes on until you are screaming and crushing his hand in the delivery room.

-Your little girl is born and she’s a carbon copy of Tenya.

-Same colored hair and eyes.

-The face structure looks like you.

-She has your nose and mouth, along with your eyebrows but apart from that she’s a mini genderbend Tenya.

-Because she was born early in the morning you decided to change her name and so little Asami Tenya was officially a part of this world.

-Tenya cried.

-You cried.

-Asami cried.

-You were one happy crying family.

Shinsou Hitoshi

-You and Hitoshi have been together for two years now, but you haven’t put a ring on it.

-Sure you live together and act like a married couple already but you’re not Mrs.Shinsou…..yet.

-You have been feeling strange for days now and your period was late which never happens.

-You are panicking but unlike Shouto you two aren’t married.

-He can leave with almost no complications.

-You were his girlfriend not his wife.

-The pregnancy tests you had taken were mocking you from the bathroom sink and your poor hormone ridden mind couldn’t handle the stress.

-You cried a river until you heard keys jiggling and HItoshi’s iconic ‘Kitten, I’m home!’

-You couldn’t face him like this.

-In a haste you shoved the tests into the laundry basket along with their packages and covered them with some sheets. 

-Fixing your hair and washing your face, you straightened and walked out the door.

-After greeting Hitoshi with a kiss you calmly told him to go get ready while you made him something to eat.

-Your mind was running laps thinking how you could tell him or how you could solve your little problem as quietly as possible.

-That is until he walked in holding what seemed to be a box.

-A pregnancy test box.


- “Y/n, what’s this?”pause “Are you..?”

-Anddd more crying.

-You sobbed about how sorry you were and how you couldn’t explain how it happened.

-Both of you were so careful, how did this happen???

-After a good 15 minutes of you bawling your eyes out on the kitchen floor while Hitoshi was trying to calm you down, you finally stopped at the sound of his chuckle. 

- “Well, damn kitten, your surprise definitely beat mine.”

-Then he pulled a small velvet box from his pocket and watched you closely.

-Now you are Mrs.Shinsou.

-These 9 months weren’t as bad as you would expect.

-Hitoshi was really good at giving you everything you wanted and during the whole pregnancy you didn’t lift a finger.

-One October night your waters broke and you found yourself in a long procedure of bringing your child into the world. 

-Hitoshi was a wreck and had called Aizawa for emotional support who called Hizashi who called Midnight.

-Once you were finished, Hitoshi rushed into your room and found you utterly exhausted.

-He was the first to hold your baby and you have never seen him cry this much in your life. 

- “Hello my little Kei.”

-Kei Shinsou was a happy little girl with an amazing father by her side.

Amajiki Tamaki

-Ah love.

-Something Tamaki found during high school and held onto it ever since. 

-Now a well known pro hero, Suneater was more than happy with his life with you.

-He always wanted a little something more but never expressed it. 

-He loved the idea of having a mini you running around the living room or waking him up in the morning with little squeals and kisses.

-He loved you to the moon and back, more than life itself but having a kid with you sparked a whole new sensation in him.

-So he tried to be sly about it.

-Forgetting the condoms or to pull out.

-You not being able to find your pills.

-A whole lot of fun. 

-You were newly weds and your libidos were high af and with the prospect of children of the table Tamaki became 10x more driven and horny.

-So you weren’t all that surprised when your doctor gave you the news. 

-You had gone for a plain old check up when he came into the room with a bright smile on his face and congratulations falling like a waterfall from his mouth. 

-Once back home you put your plan in motion. 

-You had a feeling Tamaki was trying to knock you up for some time now.

-He couldn’t forget to pull out every time like come on.

-But you were fine with it since you too wanted a kid with him.

-You just would’ve liked a little heads up first.

-You made your little bun and put it in the oven.

-And waited.

-And waited.

-And waited.

-Until finally Tamaki walked through the door,  a smile gracing his features as he made his way to you.

- “Hey bunny.”

-Giving him a quick peck you told him to check the oven real quick to make sure the food was all good.

-He obliged, walking to the kitchen and seeing the sole bun sitting in the oven.

-He was beyond confused on why you would only make one bun in the oven and not more, I mean you are to peop- ohhhh.


-He did it. 

-He let the news settle in before going back to you.

- “Are you sure?” nod “100% sure?” another nod.

-At that he fell to his knees in front of you, attacking your stomach with kisses and I love yous.

-To whom they were directed you couldn’t actually tell but you were happy either way.

-Calls the baby butterfly.

-Makes the whole nursery along with Mirio who is ecstatic.

-Butterfly themed baby room.

-Expect many back and belly rubs along with Tamaki coming home early because Fatgum cannot allow him to stay at work when he’s preparing for a baby.

-When your waters break you are buying some onesies with small octopuses on them.

-You have never been taken to the hospital so fast in your whole hero career. 

-After many painful and stressful hours, your baby girl is born and she’s stunning.

-She has Tama’s ears and hair but your eyes and nose. 

-She’s a perfect mix. 

-The Big 3 cry as a team.

-When she’s given to him, Tamaki just cry laughs at how gorgeous she’s.

-Many thank yous are exchanged.

- Cho Amajiki.

-Tamaki cannot stop repeating the name even after they have taken her away.

-He curls on the chair next to you, holding your hand the whole night, falling into a deep sleep, imaging his new life with his little butterfly. 

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Oh sorry ok how about headcanons on yandere Shoto reacting on hisdarling only seeing him as a friend

[Pairing: Yandere!Shoto x Reader]

[TW: Yandere]

[Reader: Gender Neutral]

[Summary: Shoto’s darling tells him they only see him as a friend.]

Sorry it took so long to get to this!



Originally posted by baekugos

  • “I’m sorry Todoroki, I only see you as a friend.”
  • Those words cut deeper than any knife could. As Shoto heard those words fall from your mouth, he felt like his world just ended.
  • “What do you mean Y/N? I… I love you!”
  • Shoto wanted you to love him, to see him as the perfect boyfriend who could protect you any day. However, you denied him.
  • That was your first mistake.
  • You just told Shoto you saw him as a friend more than anything else, he should’ve respected your opinion. Yet you didn’t think the possibility that Shoto was a Yandere.
  • If you didn’t listen to his words he would just go on and try and be friends with you. He’d put up an act and try to make you see him as more in the future, but he wouldn’t push it.
  • However, when other guys would flirt with you he would slowly fill with rage. You didn’t see him as a lover but you could consider these lowly classmates?
  • “I’m sorry, Y/N. This is for your own good.”
  • He would say that as he kidnapped you, most likely keeping you at home. His family might know and be concerned, then again his family might not care or even notice you were there. My god, he had a big house.
  • This was just a road bump, you’d see him as something more if you only spent time with him! That was his thought process.
  • Don’t make that mistake again, for your own good.
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