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I made a note for myself and also for my students, next morning. I’m teaching a group of notaries to prepare for their English tests. They’re planning to take the doctoral degree as soon as possible.

I’m so inspired by their high motivation to understand and speak English better. One of interesting reasons comes from a young lady who wants to teach her future kids to speak English, besides her education target. It’s such a sweet and sincere, I’d say.

And I keep telling everyone who learns English with me… that learning languages always opens the door where we can get into the world of make believe.

Don’t you think so?

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About TOEFL Speaking Section; Ok, guys I want to talk to you about the Speaking Section of the TOEFL and how to overcome being stressed when taking the exam and how to become more confident and relaxed during the exam. The Speaking Section of the TOEFL seems to be the most difficult for my students, so I want to go over the question types that you will encounter when you take the exam.

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Test takers, regardless whether they have disabilities or none, are encouraged to join TOEFL review centers in the Philippines to prepare them for the exam. These facilities provide assessment exercises and training materials to gauge the students’ English language proficiency and to enhance their skills, respectively.

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Who has never dreamt about being young forever? I think most of you have if not all of you. This thought comes to our mind because we relate youth to the fullness enjoyment of life. In spite of this, I totally disagree with the fact that only young people enjoy life more than older people do, I actually think you can enjoy it when you are older. I will further explain some reasons to support my stance.

First of all, I believe older people could enjoy life more than young people because they usually have money and time to enjoy life traveling or doing something else, contrary to young people who are busy and in most cases with no enough money for their luxuries. For example, I can recall how was my life in university, always busy doing homework and with enough no money to travel or not enough to buy a car. Now that I am working, I have money to travel wherever I want, but still I do not have enough time to do it.

Secondly, in addition to the fact older people usually have money and time to enjoy life the way they want, older people usually have bigger families to share with. It is in most cases truth because older people use to have grandchildren besides only children. They also tend to be relatives to some other younger relatives in family. A bigger family might results in more support in difficult situations and more love in all conditions. In contrast, when you are young you only have your brothers and sisters besides your parents.

Third, beyond older people use to have money and time and also bigger families, I believe some older people at certain age have less responsibilities than young people. This due to the fact their children must be certainly independent from them and they do not concern about bringing money to home. I am of the opinion that they also might have less responsibility because they are retired from their jobs. On the other hand, when you are young you must be doing all your homework, going everyday to work, etc.

Hence, to sum up, I am of the opinion that young people not always enjoy life more than older people do. It is certainly coherent that young people tend to be more healthy, gorgeous and with greater energy, but sometimes young people never find the way to enjoy life.

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At the present time, get well prepared for a future career is completely necessary and it is actually the most important reason why students attend to college or university. However, everyone has his/her personal reason; most of these reasons will be related to the successful life they would like to achieve in a long term future.

To begin with, students attend to university or college to get well prepared in order to get a good job, when I say get well prepared includes learning valuable knowledge in different fields to be a competitive employee in their future job. Competition for an available vacant in any job has recently increased, and the students who are more prepared will have an opportunity to demonstrate they have the basis to be a good worker. In most cases it is inevitable to be asked to exhibit the knowledge we as students have acquire in order to get an important vacancy.

In addition to students attend to university or college to get well prepared to get a good job; they also do this activity in order to learn new experiences for life. This kind of experience might be practical experience (when students solve real problems in life with real concern), relation with professors and other students (this experience help students to be familiar in relating with people in everyday life and sometimes define their future) and also learn from difficult situations that student could experience (bad situations would help students to learn how to struggle in these cases).

Lastly, not all the time students are aware of the importance of get well prepared or the meaning of learning new experiences for life. Unfortunately many of them attend to college or university only because it is mandatory for their parents. In these cases most of them do not find a real significance to attending to college and only do this activity to get respect and privileges from their parents. For instance, I had a mate in one class you used to attend university also because it one a requisite to get a new car every year, if he had stopped attended his father would had stop wasting much money in him. Fortunately few of these students lastly find the reason of his/her existence and finally finish their studies properly.

Hence, to sum up, I am of the opinion that in most cases students attend to university to get well prepared for a future career, learn new experiences in life and also to increase their knowledge. Sometimes student do not really find the significance of all this, but in a long-term future, this preparation will be reflected in a successful career.                                                      

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It is very important to understand that we all need good and bad opinions from other people to grow personally and professionally. Therefore, I agree with the fact that schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. I will further explain some reasons to support my stance.

Firstly, if schools ask their students to evaluate their teachers, it will help them to have a feedback of their work. Sometimes try to be a good teacher and besides consider yourself as a good teacher is not enough is students are not learning properly. It is very common that some people (in this case teachers) think they are doing good job, but sometimes they are not. For instance, I can recall one of my teachers in middle school who used a very complicated method to teach, he used to think he was excellent teacher, nonetheless the 70% of the class were always lost. There had a turning point to a better path in that class when we decide to feedback our teacher’s work.

Secondly, since students pay tuition it has to be a right from them to evaluate teachers in order to point out bad and good things. Students must be concern about their education, this implies to evaluate correctly teachers in order to improve the education system or the teaching method. It has be a right for students to evaluate, rise their hand and say what they think is going wrong because the main purpose of teachers is that their students learn in a proper manner.

Third, by asking students to evaluate teachers the principal of a school and also parents may have a picture of how the professors are doing their job. This evaluation is likely a good source for the principal to asses if teachers deserve a wage rise or any other bonus. Furthermore, by showing parents that teachers are doing good job they can get relaxed and be happy about the future of their children. If this is not like that, parents could take a decision on moving kinds to another school.  

By way of conclusion, based on the arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. There are plenty of benefits by doing this, the most important is the result of the education system’s improvement.

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We do certainly know that teachers in school will not teach us how to forgive or even how to love, undoubtedly parents do. Hence, I totally agree with the fact that parents are the best teachers. I will further explain some reasons in order to support my stance.

Firstly, one of the reasons parents are best teachers is because they are full time teachers. This means they are always there for us, no matter whether we are a bad son or daughter, they will always teach us how to be better children or better people; no matter if it is day or night, they will be there to apprehend us; no matter if we show how we love them, they will always show us how much they love us. For instance, I can recall when I was in elementary school I used to disobey my parents when they used to tell me to clear my room (in the morning or the evening). I never pay attention to their words, and still they were patients at any time of the day to keep teaching me.

In addition, another important reasons parents are best teachers is because the education from our parents is for free. We do not have to pay to our parents to teach us how to behave correctly, how to be polite and even how to love. Tell me, have you ever paid to your dad or mom when he just gave you and advice? On the contrary to what happens in school where teachers used to charge you certain amount of money for education, and this is actually a payment our parents do. Our parents will not charge us any fee, but they only will ask us to help in the housework.

Lastly, parents are best teachers because they teach us manners; teach us how to forgive and how to love. It is truth that education we receive in our home is entirely different to what we receive in school. In fact, school teachers used to refer to parents that children have to be educated firstly from home, what I mean by this is that parents are the precursors of teaching us manners, how to behave polite or how to respect other people. Besides, parents teach us how to forgive when they forgive us first, and teach us how to love when they give everything for us.

Based on the arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that parents are the best teachers. They teach at any time, with no any fee and the most important teach us because they love us.

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The beginning of an invention begins always dreaming about it, and personally I have many dreams. Generally speaking, if I could invent something new, it would be something that would make an impact in our society; I would invent a car which uses directly water as its fuel (let’s call it “water car”), instead of fossil fuels such as gasoline or natural gas. I explain below some arguments to defend this stance.

First of all, cars play an important role in our everyday life. Cars have become the essential piece of our day-to-day conveyance. Going to work, doing groceries or just transporting from one place to another are examples of how we use this kind of transportation. In the place where I live, public transportation is a bad choice to travel from one place to other, therefore  the use of automobiles as a personal way to transport are very used. I dare to say we depend of this kind of transportation; we depend of its comfort and its privacy.

Secondly, in addition cars play an important role in our everyday life, the increase use of cars have resulted in the increase of air pollution. This consequently results in the increase of respiratory deceases as well as the lost of healthy ecosystems. The importance of air pollution is high throughout the world and people try to find a way to reduce this. In this manner a “water car” would be a precursor of this important trend.

Lastly, beyond the importance of cars in our everyday life and also the fact that the increase use of cars have resulted in the increase of air pollution, I strongly believe that “water cars” would be an important innovation difficult to resist, this due to the fact that water is deeply cheaper than fossil fuels are. In a beginning water cars may be more expensive, but it will be an important investment for our life, just image how cheap will be to travel from one place to another using this kind of transportation.

To sum up, I strongly believe this invention will be a turning point in the way we see transportation, this will bring with itself a lot of benefits for our society such as the reduction in market product’s cost and the encourage of touristic places (this due to it will be cheaper to travel from one place to other).

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Despite years from our adulthood are very important in our life due to the fact that in this time of our living we get married, we have children, etc., I am agree with the opinion that a person’s childhood years are the most important year of a person’s life, this because the following reasons.

First of all, in childhood years of a person’s life is the most important because we all define our character. This character is shaped by our parents, they always teach us how to behave correctly and also teach us values to be better humans. As way of example, I remember when I was a child, my mother always used to teach me how to respect people, no matter if they do not used to behave correctly towards me. I remember also my father when he used to teach me how to be polite to other people. This gave as a result a person in his an adulthood whit great values, this helped me out to define my character. On the other hand, it is very difficult to change our character when we live our adulthood.

Secondly, in addition to the person define his/her character, in childhood years we learn many things in an easier way. For instance: any musical instrument, some second language or some sports. For example, I have a friend who his father used to be a very soccer player. I really thought he would be as good as his father when I met him, but he wasn’t and it was because he started to play soccer when he was twenty. Unlike his brothers who started to play soccer since they all were under ten.

Thirdly, beyond that in childhood years we define our character and we learn many things in an easier way, I think a person’s childhood years are the most important years of a person’s life because we depend from our parents. I know this sounds weird, but depending from our parents is a good time of our life when we do not stress much. In addition, we do not have to pay for holding a family and we do not have to be worried about a job and this is very relaxing.

Based on the arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that a person’s childhood years are the most important years of a person’s life due to the importance of what we learn on this season of our life. Contrary to what could happen in our adulthood, our adolescence and even elderly years.

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Nowadays machines produce items in huge quantities and good quality; however, in spite of the impressive advances of technology in machinery, there are some important points that can be only found in handmade items. Because of these reasons, I believe handmade items are better than the others made by a machine.

To begin with, I believe items made by hand are perfectly detailed. Everybody knows that it takes more time for a person make an item by hand than made by a machine, this results in more time for every single detail, giving as a result a more lucid item. By way of example, the craft built by artisans tend to be more accurate. Let’s say this person is making a pyramid, there will be some details that can be made only by hand, for instance a personalized modification requested by the costumer.   

In addition to how detailed the handmade items are, they also tend to cost cheaper than the ones made by machine. Why is it so? Items make by hand usually are made by artisans, craftsman or any other tradesman that have a real necessity of making money to take it to their home. This fact is also a good way to approach and support the local trade, let’s say that most of the machinery factories are franchise, so most of them come from outside the country and tend to earn more money, becoming in huge monsters.

And beyond how detailed and cheaper they are, items made by hand tend to last more than made by machine. By way of example, I once bought a t-shirt from an artisan and also bought a t-shirt which was made by a popular trademark in the US. The first one was made so perfectly detailed that it was hard it could get wasted by the time. On the other hand, the second one was obviously made by a machine and it was so imperfectly detailed that it was wasted some weeks later. Therefore, some months later the handmade t-shirt seemed to be still new, and the machine-made one seemed to have more than a year of wearing.

So, to sum up, based on the arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that in most cases it is actually better items made by hand than items made by a machine. No matter what kind of item it is; clothes, furniture or other kind of items will have always some advantages on the ones made by machine. And no matter how far technology advances, there will be always a craftsman, artisan or other kind of tradesman that will be making items by hand.

Consider to feedback my essay, I do know it has to be 300 words essay but I just got it longer.

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