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Animaniacs AU

  • Joe’s Yakko, Booker’s Wakko and Nile’s Dot. 
  • We’re the Scythian brothers (and the Scythian sister!)
  • Joe being the absolute best older brother to Booker and Nile. He makes sure to give them the best blankets and clothes. Will cuddle his siblings when they’re sad. He does the nose nuzzle thing and Booker and Nile always love it, beaming up at him 
  • Booker is just chaotic. He’s a little dumb but that’s ok!! An absolute sweetheart, Joe’s his hero and he adores Nile. Eats everything in sight. 
  • Nile is the cute little sister that’s going to rule the world. Her acting is still meh, she makes up for it with enthusiasm. Deep down, she’s the most chaotic of the three.
  • Booker and Nile drive Joe crazy. “No more pets,” Joe begs, they have two bunnies, four dogs and a cat. He can’t take care of more things.
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Ok SJM question: Who the heck is Aelin?

I thought she was the main character in Throne of Glass but it’s just Celaena and idk what’s happening cause I’m a third of the way through ToG and I keep seeing all these posts when I look up acotar stuff about this Aelin lady, and idk where shes going to come from cause I dont see any other options for where Aelin comes from.

If anyone could enlighten me in a mostly spoiler-free way, (e.g. Aelin is a character in ____) I would be immensely grateful.

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