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During Aelin’s rescue through the fae war-camp some soldiers just beheld Rowan and ran back the way they’d come.
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Which character from GoT/Asoiaf would have more similarities with Aelin Galathynius from ToG?
That’s an interesting question tho.)
A gorgeous blonde with the baddest bitch energy who eats men for breakfast? 
I’d say... Shiera Seastar.
Now, seriously, I find this two characters amazingly similar.
First, they both known for their beauty, carrying their famous royal family features:
“Shiera was born with one dark blue eye and one bright green one, but the singers said that this flaw only accentuated her loveliness. She was the greatest beauty of her age, a slender and elegant woman, slim of waist and full of breast. She had the silver-gold hair of the Targaryens, thick and curling, and wore it very long.”
- So spake GRRM.
There’s for Aelin:
“...beheld the golden-haired woman striding toward them.
Young, and yet her face … It was an ancient face, wary and cunning and limned with power. Beautiful, with the sun-kissed skin, the vibrant turquoise eyes. Turquoise eyes, with a core of gold around the pupil.
Ashryver eyes.”
- Elide, Empire of Storms.
Second, remarkable intelligence and a great love for books (aren’t we all relate tho??):
“Even at an early age, she was a great reader. She spoke a dozen tongues and surrounded herself with ancient scrolls.”
- So spake GRRM.
And we know about Aelin’s love for BOOKS...
“Her salary as King’s Champion was considerable, and Celaena spent every last copper of it. Shoes, hats, tunics, dresses, jewelry, weapons, baubles for her hair, and books. Books and books and books. So many books that Philippa had to bring up another bookcase for her room.”
- Crown of Midnight.
“And there ­were so many books—­on shelves, on the tables by the couch, stacked beside the large armchair before the curtained floor-­to-­ceiling window spanning the entire length of the great room.
Smart. Educated. Cultured, if the knickknacks ­were any indication.”
- Aedion, Heir of Fire.
Third, both Shiera and Aelin were admired/feared in their own ways. They were never count as a “good guys” or “evil bitches”. They were at the edge of somewhere in between. Which, in fact, makes them even more complex and interesting.
Shiera Seastar was rumoured to be a sorcerer who practiced the dark arts:
“You've known queens and princesses. Did they dance with demons and practice the black arts?
“Lady Shiera does. Lord Bloodraven's paramour. She bathes in blood to keep her beauty.”
- Duncan the Tall and Aegon Targaryen.
Aelin (as Celaena) was known as the deadliest assassin.
“No, he had to remember she was an assassin with the blessing of a pretty face and sharp wits. She washed her hands with blood, and was just as likely to slit his throat as offer him a kind word.”
- Dorian, Throne of Glass.
“Though she may look pleasant, she’s still a witch... She’s dangerous, boy, even if you’re sponsoring her...”
- The King of Adarlan, Throne of Glass.
Also, we can count their many love interests as similar threads. (I didn’t write “eats men for breakfast” for no reason lol)
Well, in addition to your question that’s the things I can think of. Anyway, both of this women is badass in their own rights so don’t come at me y’all.
Have a good day ✌🏻
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rougelovertaey · 11 days ago
I will always love TOG series more than ACOTAR series.
ACOTAR series is just draining me right now with all the theories.
Also, craving over characters whose books haven't been written/ mentioned yet.
Lucien, Eris, Ruhn
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Throne of Glass:
Tumblr media
The rest of the series:
Tumblr media
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rougelovertaey · 15 days ago
LucienXVassaXJurian is the next DorianXChaolXAelin type of trio. FaeXHumanXHuman. This stresses me out. 
So much pain in there people.
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anonymous-0613 · 16 days ago
The whole lost father figure thing that Aedion goes through with Gavriel in the TOG series reminds me a bit of Helion and Lucien. If helion dies in a future acotar book shortly after his relationship with Lucien becomes known I’m gonna be upset. But I can totally see sjmaas making Lucien high lord of day.
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mirubyai · 19 days ago
I've finished reading Kingdom of Ash and I'm not satisfied with the ending. was that truly the end of the TOG series? or is there say, a novella after KOA just like how there's ACOFAS after ACOWAR? cuz honestly, SPOILER ALERT, I want more Manorian moments and please introduce Vaughan to us. I don't even think he spoke at all in the entire series. imagine Rowan, Fenrys, and Lorcan reuniting with him. 🥺❤
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theresyourfireandblood · 22 days ago
“He sucked on his lower lip for a moment. “When did you get those?” She knew he meant the three enormous lines that ran down her back.
“When do you think?” she said. He didn’t reply, and she looked up at the canopy of leaves above them. A morning breeze sent them all shuddering, ripping a few from where they clung to the skeletal branches. “Those three, I received my first day in Endovier.”
“What did you do to deserve it?””
- Aelin and Chaol, Throne of Glass.
“The door opened. Rowan. She kept herself in that cool darkness, savoring the growing chill in the water, the quieting pulse under her skin. He sounded about halfway across the room when his footsteps halted.
His breath caught, harsh enough that she looked over her shoulder.
But his eyes ­weren’t on her face. Or the water. They ­were on her bare back.
Curled as she was against her knees, he could see the ­whole expanse of ruined flesh, each scar from the lashings. “Who did that do you?”
It would have been easy to lie, but she was so tired, and he had saved her useless hide. So she said, “A lot of people. I spent some time in the Salt Mines of Endovier.”
He was so still that she wondered if he’d stopped breathing. “How long?” he asked after a moment. She braced herself for the pity, but his face was so carefully blank—­no, not blank. Calm with lethal rage.”
- Aelin and Rowan, Heir of Fire.
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theresyourfireandblood · 26 days ago
Rowan Whitethorn being a ✨DRAMA QUEEN✨
“So Aelin leaned in, nipped his jaw, making sure her canines scratched, and said onto his skin, “If you don’t start acting like a prince, you can sleep on the floor.”
- Aelin, Empire of Storms, chapter 44.
“Act like a prince, she’d snarled at him the other night.”
- Rowan, Empire of Storms, chapter 48.
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anonymous-0613 · 29 days ago
I really hadn’t read any sjmaas books until October and now I’ve read all and reread the acotar series
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blackreaders-assemble · a month ago
I’m finally getting around to reading Kingdom of Ash... and I’m bored 😭
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reedyalikeabook · a month ago
Tumblr media
Alright, time to finish the series!
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anonymous-0613 · a month ago
If the fae have such a strong sense of smell and can scent if someone is attracted to someone else, why can’t they tell who their mate is through scent? Or can they but some just don’t realize what the smell is??
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rougelovertaey · a month ago
Who do you think Lucien is the most similar to from the TOG series? I feel like he might be a little bit of Dorian, a bit of Fenrys, a tini-tiny bit of maybe Chaol. 
idk really
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Tumblr media
Why is this quote so simple yet simultaneously one of the best quotes to ever emerge out of the ya genre?? I swear Sjm manages to come up with the best quotes ever, not too cheesy that they become cringy but with just enough meaning to make them stand out.
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bellamyblakru · 2 months ago
☕your fav tog ship
HELLO BEAUTIFUL FRIEND 💞thank you for this ask🥺
☕️ + send me a ship/character/movie/book and ill give you my opinions on it
HOT TEA THAT SURPRISES NO ONE™️: my favorite tog ship is rowaelin 😂should i go into it? hmm. i will a little. okay, so, i think my legit favorite character of all time might be aelin—now, i have many reasons for this, but i won’t get into the here lmfao. my queen, aelin mf galythinius, is a powerful, strong, stubborn, selfless person, and, to me, she needed someone just as powerful, strong, stubborn and selfless. however, aelin’s selflessness was one of her faults since she threw herself into danger every fucking second if it meant the ones she loved and cared for would be safe. rowan (and lys) was one of the few who told her that she was worth living, that cared for her so deeply, cared for her so much that the fact that giving her life up in koa was so fucking unimaginable to him.
he was literally one of the very few people who begged her to fight, to stay with him, to ensure that her life would be spared. everyone else was pretty much willing to let aelin give her life for this greater cause, to stop to valg permanently. but rowan? rowan fucking refused to let that be her end. this man legit tattooed her way back to him without telling her because he knew aelin would give her life for her kingdom, for this war, for dorian to live another day. he, honest to god, brought aelin back to him by sheer force of fucking will. and i think that’s fucking incredible. his love for her is so unconditional, so intense, that i can’t help but love them with my entire fucking being.
rowaelin is the standard i hold myself to now aksmaiakkaak thank you for letting me ramble about my love for rowan whitethorn and aelin galythinius.
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lord-of-perranth · a day ago
Rowan had not possessed an army of his own to give to Aelin. To give to Terrasen. So he had won an army for her.
– Empire of Storms, chapter 67
i don’t care this is one of the most romantic things i’ve ever read
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