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catastrophicideass · 2 months ago
training/ teasing (rowaelin)
a/n: hello! cheeky post after re-reading tog and feeling an empty pit in my heart that i needed to somehow fill. feel free to send prompts and i write them! 
“This isn’t going to be fun if you’re going to be a sore sport about it.”
Rowan bared his teeth at her. “You cheated.” 
Aelin straightened, flipping Goldryn in her hand nonchalantly. All while she kept a careful eye at the Fae Prince - no, King now - crouched on the ground. The Oakwald swallowed the sounds of their clashing swords but they still drew an audience; Little Folk, peering over boulders and blending into trees. 
“You got distracted,” Aelin smiled, wicked, “that’s hardly my fault.”  
Rowan straightened, switching from being defensive to slowly prowling to her. Aelin did not yield an inch. She met those pine green eyes as they came closer and closer - enough so that she could see his dilating pupils. Only let him do it because of the loose grip he had on his hatchet, not poised to strike. Lowered Goldryn in response, her other hand resting against her weapons belt.
A curl of icy wind brushed past the point on her ear, so much more sensitive in this Fae body than it once was and Aelin tried, and failed gods-damnit, to suppress her shudder. The goosebumps erupting across her skin. He leaned in, mouth hovering over hers as a smirk tugged one side up. Waiting. Both of them playing a game that they innately knew the rules to, wanting and yet waiting to see who would give in first. 
Aelin did.
She pressed in, lips brushing his. She softly groaned at the contact, taking a step forward to deepen it - 
To be stopped by Rowan’s hatchet. The tip pushed into her leathers hard enough to dent it, but not enough to pierce it. Unlike an actual battle-field, where a slice there would have had her guts hanging out of her stomach.
“I’d call that a win for me,” Rowan said, a satisfied male smile gracing his mouth. 
“Look whose cheating now,” Aelin said, moving closer. Part of her uncaring as she scented him, the same scent now coming from her.
“Nothing you haven’t done before, Princess.” 
“Since we’re on the topic of things I’ve done before...” Aelin trailed off, dragging her gaze down his body. Her hands followed, moving across his waist, his back. Her lips pressed against the hollow of his throat, his jaw, smiling against his cheek as his breathing got more ragged, before going up to his ear. 
“You should have known better by now, Prince.” 
Rowan froze, feeling the tip of her blade against his back. One push and it would pierce his heart. 
“You’re a menace,” he breathed.
“A menace you mated,” Aelin smirked. 
This time, when they lowered their weapons, the blinking eyes of the Little Folk disappeared, only the silent trees of Oakwald witnessing what followed. 
i cant remember who i am supposed to tag so let me know again if you’d like to be tagged!!
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captainluxiian · 2 years ago
Cassian: *holds up glass* When my time comes, I wanna be buried faced down..
Cassian: So that anyone who doesn’t like me can kiss my ass!
Amren and Mor:
Tumblr media
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in-love-with-tog · 2 years ago
You do not yield
The most motivational quote from Kingdom of Ash, in my opinion
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bitchryver · 3 years ago
Dorian: I don’t want to be rescued... leave me here to die... with my people...
Rowan, who has spent the last several hours flying top speed to Ardalan specifically to rescue him: do you think you could ... reconsider
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theilliumbluebell10 · 2 years ago
Imagine Aelin attending at the council only in a dress made of her fire, just because she likes to watch the scandalized look on Darrow face
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paired-with-pages · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
When Lorcan’s name is now Lord Lorcan Lochan and everybody will eternally give him shit for it.
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feyre-fireheartt · 2 years ago
KoA comes out tomorrow
It was nice knowing everyone
Cause you know were all gonna die
Happy reading!
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brycequin · 3 years ago
listen… the scariest part about that excerpt was aelin talking about maeve toying with her memories.
“The dark queen with a spider’s smile tried to wield it against her. In the obsidian webs she wove, the illusions and dreams she spun at the culmination of each breaking point, the queen tried to twist the memory of him as a key into her mind. They were blurring. The lies and truths and memories.”
not only is this heartbreaking, but it makes me think that if she’s trapped in there for another few months, aelin might start to think that rowan never really loved her at all. that he had hated her from the beginning, and anything she thought was a loving memory was actually a lie. that even her court did not believe in her and all of her efforts were futile. that her own failures had gotten her there.
a theory circling around tumblr for a while about koa is that maeve is going to use aelin as a weapon not only against erawan, but rowan, too, when he rescues her. and that’s going to be…ugly if she fights it.
i think when she is finally rescued and safely home, her biggest fear, the biggest trauma that she’ll still hold onto about her time spent with maeve, are the memories that she will no longer have intact about her past. and that’s going to be awful—the first time she has to look at rowan and say, “i remember that this happened. was that real, or not real?” and i think that might become her new way to cope. it’s the one truth that she might not share with anyone but her mate: that she no longer even remembers the conversations and events that occurred in her past because they might all be lies, twisted and taken from her as punishment. and i think it’ll break rowan, slowly and thoroughly, when he has to answer all of these questions as he realizes how much was taken from him, too. wondering if his wife even remembers the moment that they were married, the day he got down on his knees to tie the blood oath to her, etc. it will ruin him, especially if he has to answer the most painful question of all: “you...still love me. real or not real?” because, in the end, he blames himself.
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littlebatinprythian · 2 years ago
You know what's the worse, even after all those months since KoA was released?
They all went their own way. They will never met again in the same squad.
Aelin stayed with her court in Terrasen.
Dorian with Chaol and Yrene went back to Adarlan.
Nesryn with Sartaq returned to Antica.
Manon flew to Witch Kingdom.
Ansel, Galan, Ilias, Rolfe...
There will be meetings, of course, but never with all at the same time. There will never be a party like the one after Aelin's coronation.
And that's heartbreaking.
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captainluxiian · 2 years ago
Feyre: Hey Cas, What would you do if someone that you slept with told you that she was pregnant?
Cassian: Who called here? Did she sound brunette? Did she sound like your older sister? I gotta make a call!
Tumblr media
Cassian: I never should’ve walked into that human town!
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cofeechocolates · 3 years ago
Friendly Reminder
Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash,there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom...
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acourtofbooklovers · 3 years ago
Friendly Reminder
Y'all remember when Nesryn bets her money on Aelin in Tower of Dawn that her and her court's vanishing was a scheme of the queen herself? And when she hopes that Aelin as always has an ace up her sleeve that will save them all?
And I hope so, too!
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paired-with-pages · 2 years ago
Top Ten Anime Betrayals
Tumblr media
The gods betraying Aelin, and then Aelin literally obliterating them all, betraying them right back.
Can we please get another round of applause for this fire-breathing bitch queen?
Tumblr media
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cabbiescabbagecab · 3 years ago
“She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—­and she would not be afraid.”
-Heir of Fire
“Rowan beheld all Aelin was and is, and he was not afraid.”
-Tower of dawn
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sparkleywonderful · 3 years ago
One scene I need in KOA
Don't think about Evagaline staring down Darrow, with Murtagh, Ren and the other Lords of Terrasen during a meeting where they rant about Aelin and her inner circle. Don't think about her fiery ginger spirit erupting to defend her family.
Dont think about the girl raising her wrist displaying her mark, spewing malice that would make Aelin proud, "That whore you degrade saved me, sold herself to save my innocence. My mother sold me to a brothel when I was nine, that worthless whore was to begin my training and instead she gave me these scars. Not to hurt me, but to free me from her pain. She was ten when Arobyn 'found' her.
What do you think happens to young pretty homeless girls? That spoiled princess, what would have happened to her if she did not train as an assassin? You judge her from a world that has long burned. She was a girl, younger than myself and you judge her choice to survive? To learn how to kill the monsters.
If that princess did not take the prince's deal, would be dead with the thousands of other slaves buried in mass graves.
That princess risked her life to return magic to your lands, because it was the only chance to win.
That princess went to the only place she could,  to train with her magic. Because the years she should have been tutored by this court, her magic was stifled and she learned other deadly skills. 
That prince you are ashamed of lost his entire family and became your whore. Became Terrasen's whore to save his people with the only choice the young boy was given.
That Fae male you sneer at held me with such gentleness when my world was falling apart. He took an arrow and almost died to save your queen on that rescue mission.
You ask where they have been, what they have done? They survived. Alone. They survived with the only shitty choices the gods gave them.
What have you done?"
Don't think about Ren picking up a little girl with matching scars to hide her tears.
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