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I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS THOUGHT TOGA AND TWICES RELATIONSHIP SEEMED WEIRD AT TIMES. like at times I thought it was more sibling ish but then u got proclamations of love out of nowhere like did ya really have to do them like that

AA yeah , i know i mentioned it in my last post ,  but jin is 31 and toga 16/17 so i . vomits. i dont like how it was written in that way (granted its only a select few scenes but). poor toga :-( i was scared about how ch. 266 might’ve concluded, but im glad he kept their final interaction sweet and w/o any of that gross stuff. 

and yeah !! i saw their dynamic in a similar light. and ive never really considered it a part of jin’s character either, just a consequence of shitty writing u know. twice would never 😔👊

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Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga with an s/o who did the aheago face trend on tiktok and posted it? What would their reaction be to finding out through a notification? What about thirst comments? (headcanons please!) Thank you so much!! I love you're writing! 💕 :)

(art is not mine)

a/n - LMAO THIS REQUEST IS AMAZING THANK U SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME IT ANONIE <3333333 also this is my first time writing for toga and shes my fucming favourite so im v happy 😌✌️ and thank u buba !!!

p.s. - i made it so that with dabis and togas their s/o is tiktok famous, i hope u don’t mind anon

warnings - slight nsfw ???? the request is about doing the aheago so it was expected y’all

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀

Tomura Shigaraki

  • tomura probably knows everything there is to tiktok
  • he claims that he hates the app, and he probably does, but of course this he knows about the aheago trend this horny bastard
  • he high-key WISHES you could do the trend just because he thinks it’s so hot
  • toga probably sent him a link your post, because she definitely uses the app
  • he opened it expecting it to be a video of you dancing or something because he already knows you have tiktok from the number of times you’ve asked to do the dances with him
  • boy grew hard in an INSTANT the second you’re tongue lolled out of your mouth and your eyes rolled to the back of your head
  • you even had the audacity you smirk while biting your lip before the video restarted
  • of course his first thoughts were how hot you were doing the aheago, but his overprotective nature took over quickly as he scanned the comments
  • randoms thirsting over your post, over his s/o
  • it isn’t going to end well for you, or for the randoms
  • yes shigi will definitely find their address and teach them a lesson LMAO
  • calls for you and he can’t help but chuckle as he sees you innocently standing in front of him
  • “why’d you post that?”
  • “just because i knew you’d find it eventually,” 
  • you were in for a l o n g night


  • dabi’s a clown but we stan clowns on this blog and probably has NO idea what tiktok is
  • of course he knows what the aheago face is like this is dabi we’re talking about-
  • scrolling through twitter and see’s a tweet on his timeline about some famous tiktoker doing the aheago face challenge
  • he’s intrigued because “what’s tiktok?” but like “monkey brain hot celebrity doing aheago face”
  • clicks on the link and he drops his phone because it’s you in the video???
  • does his infamous smirk as he watches your tongue roll out of your mouth as your eyelids flutter half-close with your eyes rolled to the back of your head
  • like not only is his s/o apparently famous but you did the aheago face aswell
  • get’s slightly pissed off because you’ve never done it in front of him but you showed your millions of fans
  • he notices the number of comments on the post and decides to read through some of the comments
  • it was mainly teenage boys going on and on about how hot you were
  • chuckles because these teenagers are thirsting over you and he knows they’ll never get you
  • “so you’re famous y/n?”
  • “well yeah i’m in the league-”
  • “yeah well not everyone in the league does the aheago trend,”
  • smirks as you become a flustered blushing mess
  • dabi laughs it off as he places a kiss to your forehead
  • “stop posting videos of you doing it and show me it in person maybe?”

Himiko Toga

  • toga is your biggest fan and has all your post notifications on for your tiktok account
  • her heart melted when she opened the notification and saw you doing a cute innocent dance for your fans
  • but then the beat dropped and your tongue rolled out of your mouth as your eyes went cross-eyed, smirking at the camera before the video restarted
  • she was ECSTATIC because you’re already so freaking adorable and that grows tenfold when you do the aheago face
  • she calls you into the room and tackles you onto the bed as she lays on top of you
  • places a quick kiss to your lips and she brightly grinned as your cheeks and nose reddened
  • “what’s this all about bub?” you knew very well, that she has your post notifications on so she had definitely seen your recent tiktok post
  • “you’re so pretty (y/n)! and when you do the aheago face it’s just a massive bonus!”
  • she giggled as she kissed you on the nose, still flustered by both her words and antics
  • “and everyone talking about how hot you are in the comments! they’d be so jealous to know someone as pretty as you is taken! 
  • “maybe we should tell them all we’re dating then himiko”
  • “but then everyone would know you’re dating a villain, that wouldn’t be very good for you,” you smiled as her bottom lip stuck out in a pout
  • “thats a risk i’m willing to take cutie,”
  • the next day the whole of japan was shaken by the fact that one of their most famous social media users was dating a villain
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Dabi: You have to do it, man.

Twice: B-But…..No….

Toga: Twice, please! You don’t have to do this!

Spinner: It had to happen, Toga.

Mr. Compress: There’s no other way.

Toga: He can’t do this!

Spinner: Yes he can.

Dabi: You can’t delay the inevitable.

Mr. Compress: It’ll be worse if you wait, Twice.

Dabi: Do it, Twice.

Twice: I…..I’m sorry…..Toga…

Toga: Wait, please, no-

*Twice puts a +2 card on top of a +30 card pile (they mixed Uno decks together)*

Toga: HOW COULD YOU!?!?!?


Shigaraki, to Kurogiri: I want a new league.

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This’ll be long, and sad, I’m sad. Ok let’s do this.

So we jump RIGHT back into the fray. Horikoshi ain’t wasting no time. Like in the last chapter, despite trying to kill twice, hawks gets him out of the way of dabi’s attack.


Fascinatingly, dabi admits to aiming at hawks with no regard to twice because he knows heroes prioritize saving people. This is statement is soon to be very ironic and also very sad! I’m fine guys, I’m fine.


Also we finally learn what’s under hawks’ coat! A t-shirt and muscles, the greatest mysterious of the 21st century has been solved. Also the fact he’s still fighting with the same amount of speed and strength despite literally getting his face stomped on and set on fire is… crazy, that’s why he’s number 2 folks.

Dabi’s quote of “I never believed anything from the start” is strange, why would he have recruited hawks then? How has the plf benefited from hawks in anyway? Clout? Hawks ultimately sided with the heroes for this fight, suggesting he never gave anything of serious importance to the villains about them.


Dabi’s face here is pure delight at having exposed hawks and to have saved twice, and that together they’ll destroy their enemies. The next two panels of twice saying ‘yeah, okay!’ while crying just solidifies their bond and drive to accomplish their goal.


This panel. This is literally the most affection dabi has shown anyone, ever. Note twice’s handkerchief.


Dabi! Said! Hawks’! Name! The sheer surprise on his face at dabi knowing that and general secretiveness of his name throughout the series REALLY makes it clear that dabi should not know about this. Something is heckin up y’all. Everybody and their grandmother has theories about this, and while I don’t have time or space to write them all out here, please go look some up. The minds in this fandom are incredible.

Over dabi’s retaliating attack we hear hawks’ inner dialogue of “who are you?” He’s the first character in the series to question who dabi is, and dabi is the first one to ever speak hawks’ real name. Wack.

Twice then looks over a railing, his only thoughts of saving his friends. We also get an elusive shiggy panel, and finally spinner!


Look at him! He’s here! Not really but I’ve missed him.

The line of “they accepted me. And how’d I pay them back?” being said in a panel featuring giran HITS HARD. Giran was who introduced twice to his found family, and was also the one who suffered initially in the villain arc.


Twice literally and figuratively gets stabbed in the back by hawks (importantly, right after he makes a clone of himself).


This bit of dialogue as his last clone and the hankie falls… I’m not tearing up, nope. The symbolism in this chapter is off the walls, there’s a lot and even then I feel like I haven’t caught it all. The next panel of the handkerchief with blood spraying beside it confirms that the original twice is dead.

I know this is sad but yay toga and compress get some time to shine! Abet to realize their best friend is dead, but yay!


I have a sneaking suspicion the dialogue placement coupled with the character emphasis means something. Toga’s being that she DOES have a reason to be the way she is (extreme ostracizing). Compress is weird though since we don’t have any backstory (still) for him, I wonder what ‘his way’ is?


Next thing you know, twice straight up slaughters the hero attacking toga and compress. Straight up. This is probably purposeful since at this point a lot of people were routing for him to win, this serves as a reminder he is still a villain. The reasoning and his personality makes it tragic yes, but he’s still a murderer.


Compress cannot speak in modern syntax and I love him for that.


I love them so much. Toga is a naruto fan confirmed. Also compress has two arms in these panels when earlier in the chapter he did not, lol.


Anyway enough fun. Sad time. Twice is in the middle of explaining what happened to him as he’s literally falling apart to stop and express concern over minor cuts toga has on her face. He loves her so much AH.

And like when toga saved twice from splitting with her hankie, he tries to clean her face up with it after he saves her.

I wish I could quote all of his lines and inner dialogue. It’s so sad and bittersweet.

I said this in an older post but toga’s line of “thank you for saving me” as twice’s clone collapses in her arms is perfect. One of twice’s last thoughts before he died was how terrible he felt for helping the heroes discover their hideout and plan, even the clone expresses how awful he feels. But, realizing what twice had done and how he felt about it, toga isn’t angry. She gives him comfort as his final trace of life leaves. She forgives him, and loves him, when no one else would, up to his very last breath. Even if it’s only his clone. The worst part is that the real twice will never hear these words. Clone twice’s last thoughts were that hawks was wrong, that his life had been happy.

Last shot is of the handkerchief resting on the ground along with the remains of twice.

I’m going to be dead serious, I teared up reading this. I’ve thought about this chapter for days, and even writing it now makes my heart squeeze.

The tragedy of twice; a man who had to turn his back on society because it couldn’t accept or handle him. He found community with other outcasts, and was forced to be ruthless to survive, all while maintaining his ultimately loving and caring personality. He didn’t choose to be a villain.

And the tragedy of hawks. A boy who (likely) grew up in poor circumstances, taken away by the hero commission, and forced to be a hero. A hero who looked out for the greater good, and was prepared to kill to save the most amount of people. He’s a person who wanted to save twice, but couldn’t because the both of them were too entrenched in their respective sides of society. Similar to the batman complex, he had to decide if he wanted to keep appealing to twice to change while he continued to kill, or sacrifice his morals in order to save the most people. Hawks made the most selfless decision, sacrifice what he stood for (and a friend) in order to save the greater good.

There are no winners in war. Rest in peace, twice.

On a slightly lighter note, next chapter ‘bout to be wild. We got dabi and hawks alone together, and I know everyone says this when dabi or a todoroki is involved, but just maybe the touya reveal might happen soon! Then we’ve got toga, knowing her character she’s about to snap. And compress is also with her, so I wonder what we’ll see from the both of them.

Let’s also give it up for horikoshi for writing such an emotional and well done story thus far. I’m constantly impressed by his storytelling capabilities, from his writing to illustrations. Thanks man, you’re awesome

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These last three chapters seriously just about killed me. Who is truly a good person? Standing up for the greater good or standing up for your friends? What is true happiness? Dying for your beliefs or dying for your family?

Like in every good spy story, the bromance of Hawks and Twice comes to a predictably, but heart-breakingly tragic end as neither of the two will back down and Dabi joins the fray. Three people, all let down by hero society in different way, in a battle to the death torn into different directions: 

Hawks between his instinct to save first (even if it’s just pushing off the inevitable),


and his need to win this for the hero side, no matter the cost.


Dabi, between cold cynicism that’s willing to bet a life of a friend on a despised hero’s instincts

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Ok!! How about a Yandere toga cuddling with you! Include some cute stuff like “I love you” and I’ll die from the cuteness

//Sure thing! I don’t mind writing for villans, so it’s fun to have a Villan request for once. It’s usually either Danganronpa, Deku or Iida. This is in British English, my natural version. So don’t get annoyed when I say ‘film’ instead of ‘movie’ and ‘sofa’ instead of ‘couch’, etc.//


Yandere!Toga Himiko X Reader

TW: No triggers (unless your trigger is fluff).


Dating a villain may not have been the best choice at the time. Sure, it wasn’t anyone like Shigaraki or Chisaki, but at the same time, it was Toga. Despite what it seemed like at first, she was actually amazing as a girlfriend. She would cuddle you, warm you up in bed, make you food, and even share some… weird stories with you. Like the time she ate a bird.

Right now you were on one of your ‘dates’, including snuggling together on the sofa while others were going to infiltrate UA. The two of you had decided to watch films together. Of course, it just so happened to be both of yours favourite! So you were both satisfied.

You were just about to get up to get a drink, when Himiko nuzzled up to your side, kissing your cheek softly. Letting out a satisfied hum, she pulled you closer to her and wrapped herself around you, hugging you tightly. She began to lightly kiss at your neck while she was in the position, your head resting on her head. It was comfortable, seeing as she didn’t have her hair in buns. She had it all down for you to see.

“Hey, Himiko?” You asked, looking down at her golden hair.

“Yea, Baby?” She asked back, rising her head to meet your eyes.

“How much do you like me?” She turned dark red at the question. “I absolutely love you! Your amazing, babe. I would never leave you”. It was clearly the truth, as she had a certain… tone when she lied. And that was definitely not the tone she used.

If only you knew how much she loved you.

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