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#toga himiko
sanchoyodraws2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally posting my full piece for @bloodysugarhimikotoga zine! Leftover sales are going on until Oct 25th, so you can still pick up a copy if you missed it! There were so many incredible artists and writers involved so it was an honor to be in it 馃挄
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thehobbit97a day ago
Tumblr media
Toga takes her boys out shopping 鈽猴笍 And to get matching manicures. Black was the only color they all agreed on. (This took forever so I鈥檓 sorry the background isn鈥檛 that nice.)
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bonkthepanthony2 days ago
Shigaraki: this is where i watched my parnets die
Shigaraki: *parents
Dabi: parnets
Twice: parnets
Toga: parnets
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glitchquipa day ago
Tumblr media
toga drawing from a little while ago
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reikamoria day ago
Tumblr media
The red means I love you~
my own little spin on Toga 鉂わ笍
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talasweebshit10 hours ago
PyroPact-DabixSerial Killer!Reader
Bro, I literally hate this but idk. Prolly gonna do a part two cause I wanted to do more but not yet y'know?
Anywayssss this is for @bunnywritesbnha 's 2021 Halloween Collab. Hopefully its okay? Happy early Halloween!
No I have no clue how to even do fuckin tumblr post fics but oh well. Here's to my first fic on here!
Dialogue Prompts:聽"There's something wrong with me." and聽 "You look so pretty covered in blood."
AU: Serial Killer Reader
Characters: Dabi X Reader + slight Toga, Twice, Shigaraki, Hawks/Keigo and some ex聽Rumi Usagiyama(Mirko) but more mentions and flashbacks than anything rn
WC: 7522
MDNI, TW/CW: Choking, hair pulling, wing-play?, slight stalker type shit?, serial killer reader so idk kinda bloody gory type stuff kinda? but definitely bloody, fire-play, mental illness, flashbacks, toxic themes in general yk?, smut and smut and smut and creampie, rough sex, biting, scratching, slight bondage ig?, slight breeding kink maybe? idk, begging, the good crying, belly bulge shit, lower piercings, bruising/marking, mention of Dabi's real name, cockwarming?, and thievery of Dabi's poor jacket butttt yeah I thinkkkk that's it?? lemmie know if I forgot anything...
"So what do you wanna join us for anyways?" Shigaraki asks, narrowing his eyes curiously. You shrug your shoulders, staring at him lazily, "I'm bored. And Twice and Toga said I should. I mean it's not like I've got much else to do anymore besides run from heroes and cops...", you mutter, rolling your eyes as you glance around the room. You ignored some of their stares while Shigaraki conversed with Twice and Toga. He seemed to want to know where and how they met you and why he should let you join. Toga of course beamed about how she liked you because you cut people and Twice said you needed somewhere to belong just like he did鈥 even if you were crazy like him, if not crazier. Shigaraki seemed to think about it for a moment before finally looking at you again. "Prove it.", he said, slightly narrowing his eyes. You blinked at him unsure of what he meant. "Huh? What do yo鈥" "Prove you're useful. This isn't just some club you know? I want your loyalty and I don't need or want even that if you're not strong." He stated, all emotion gone from his face and his voice. You watched the others look at him with confused expressions. "I don't get it. What exactly does she have to do? Why do you seem so suspicious huh?" You looked over to see it was actually scarface dude that spoke up. The others seemed to agree as well. Maybe this isn't the usual routine for adding new members? "She used to date a top hero remember? Just her being here is risky. And she might not even be that strong. So she can at least prove her worth to us. I mean she doesn't seem to care either way anyways.鈥" "You're right. I don't. I didn't come here for a job interview and if I wanted to be questioned or under suspicion for something I would've just turned myself into the cops or my ex.", you mutter glaring at him now. You honestly hated it when people mentioned Rumi. Just thinking about her pissed you off to your core. And it's not that you hadn't loved her because you truly did, but that's why you felt like you hated her so damn much now. No one had ever hurt you as deeply as she had. You understood why but that didn't mean you had to care. And if you were really being honest, you were angry with yourself too. But right now all that rage was turned toward the crusty motherfucker right in front of you. How dare he judge you? When it was clear that he needed you more than you needed him? Fuck this! You noticed Scarface straightening himself up and staring you down. "Is there a problem?", he questioned, narrowing his eyes a bit. You could sense a threat there despite the fact that he sounded quite calm. "There shouldn't be. Not for me anyway. Good luck to you all with whatever you're doing here but I'm out and I doubt any of you will survive long without me sooo byee!", you mock, before turning on your heel and walking out. Twice tries to convince Shigaraki to consider easing up a bit and Toga tries to convince you to stay, but once you get in plain sight she backs off and heads back to the others. You spend the rest of the day wandering around and ducking away from cops and heroes before making your way into a small restaurant. The clock read about 1 am and there were only about five people still there. One of them was alone and reading and the rest were on their dates and in their own little worlds. You tried to ignore them as you sat down, keeping your face hidden in your long hair and hoodie. It was a bit painful to see them together. Seeing them in those repulsing honeymoon stages reminded you of Rumi. She loved going to places like this with you. Small places with hardly any people, late at night, just you too. No paparazzi, hardly any fans and really good food. You two used to be so simple like that. Sometimes you'd even just stay in at your place and cuddle with snacks, make childish food structures, or pillow and sheet forts, watch movies and sometimes dance and listen to music. Rumi loved dance parties with you because even though she was used to having to be good at everything, you didn't mind when she was goofy and even borderline bad at
dancing鈥 in fact, you loved it because you thought you were a horrible dancer so you felt even like that and you thought she was adorable. Still do... "Hello. May I take your order or do you need more time?", a voice asked. It snapped you out of your flashbacks just enough to pay attention to her, and honestly scared you a bit until you realized it was just the waitress. You glanced over at her a bit, the dark feeling boiling inside you as you do. She was quite pretty, seemed tired which wasn't surprising given how late she was working and her nametag said "Ichika". For a moment you thought about just ordering some food and leaving when you were done. But wheres the fun in that? "On the ground now.", you mutter, smirking to yourself a bit. She blinks at you, shaking her head in confusion. "Excuse me?" You stand up and remove your hood, finally revealing your face to her. She instantly recognizes you and stares at you in horror. "I said get on the fucking ground! Now!", you demand, loud enough for everyone to hear but not entirely yelling yet. As soon as the others saw who you were everyone in the room was kneeling to you. Well, almost everyone. The other woman that was there by herself had stood up but refused to comply. "Are you deaf?!", you demanded, narrowing your eyes almost dangerously. To your surprise, she actually returned the same stare with daggers in her eyes. "No. But I'm not about to listen to some psycho, criminal like you." She replied, almost too calm for your liking. Too smug. It reminded you a bit of Rumi. When the two of you had looked at each other just like this. Argued like this too. Although at the time you didn't feel as homicidal about it all but still.
"Who the hell do you think you are huh? I said I'm fine!", she'd argued. "And I said shut up and let me do my damn job cause you're hurt!", you ordered, raising your voice a bit. It was clear that Rumi was surprised you'd snapped back like that but you had no idea back then what an effect that first argument would have on your life, and even if you had you probably still would have done things the same. Traitor or not she was the best thing that had ever happened to you. "Fine... Whatever. Just get it over with... Please.", she'd muttered, almost shy now. Still hostile but much shyer. "Jeez if I had known this volunteer work would get me treated like this I would've done it for cash only...", you mutter, clearly irritated with her. But she surprisingly stayed silent the rest of the time and let you bandage up her wounds. She was honestly still pretty new to the whole pro hero thing and so she was still really bad at knowing her limits. But somehow you had no problem forcing her to recognize them. She'd been hurt much worse by worse people but you still made her sit there and let you take care of her. From then on she'd demanded to have you as her only medic- and who were you to deny a top hero some treatment? Especially when she was asking specifically for you? Eventually, after about ten times patching her up from even the smallest of injuries, the two of you began hanging out outside of that. It started with the running into you during grocery shopping. She had insisted she help you carry it all home and then come in and put it all away. You then had her come for dinner the next day as a way of thanking her. And then you two began going for groceries together all the time. And you were the only one she had giving her medical treatment. And every time she helped you with groceries she stayed for dinner, even spent the night a few times. Within a month the two of you were pretty much best friends. Within two you were both praying the other felt the same. Rumi was of course the first to push your relationship past friendship. She was the bravest of you two. And she had it easiest. She already knew you liked women since you'd told her about your ex-girlfriend, but you had no clue if she even liked people at all like that so you were scared shitless she wouldn't share your feelings. But before you knew it she was demanding to know if you liked her as more than a friend- in the middle of a grocery store actually. The media was there in minutes so you immediately rushed her out to your car to talk privately. She had to yell at you to stop speeding when you'd begun driving off. "Hey! Knock it off! You're gonna get a ticket and you haven't even answered me yet!" She scolded. You took a deep breath and yelled back: "What does it matter to you how I feel anyway?" You demanded, angry at her for embarrassing you like that and still caught off guard a bit. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?", she asked, calmer but slightly hurt, "I care about you...", she added, voice cracking a bit now. You slammed a foot down on the breaks and stared at her in shock for a minute, unsure how to respond just yet. "I... um...", you closed your eyes, working up a bit of courage before finally blurting it out, "I think I kinda love you/like you as more than a friend maybe!", you confessed, face red with embarrassment. You both took a minute to let it sink in before nodding to one another, and you finally started the car again and drove off to nowhere. From then on the two of you were different together. Rumi had quickly worked up the nerve to kiss you within the week, and you demanded she take you out instead of just dinner at your place. She obviously agreed and couldn't wait to spoil you and brag to the world that you were all hers. She was very possessive like that. If a fan looked at you the wrong way she'd make sure they'd never see you up close again, if the paparazzi got too close you'd have to hold her back from breaking their equipment, and when your ex tried to contact you she made damn sure she knew who you belonged to. Rumi
was the toughest woman you'd ever met and you loved her to death, but despite her reputation, she was a real softy with you. As much as she loved showing you off she also loved the simple things too. You always teased and said she was a real bunny plushie with you. And she was. Cuddles were required and always immaculate, kisses were perfect and loving, and she cherished your presence whenever possible. She was a hero so she wasn't as available as most people but she made the most of every second with you and vice versa. That was why it hurt so bad when she-
"P-please! Please don't hurt us! I-I have a family! I just wanna go home! We won't tell anyone! P-promise!" You blinked, suddenly ripped from your loop of flashbacks and painful thoughts. You were still in the restaurant, a blade in hand while the waitress in front of you begged for her life. She was the one that reminded you of Rumi, the one that caused the damn flashback in the first place. For a second you looked around and took in your surroundings, and it became clear why her attitude was so different all of the sudden. There were only two of them left. Apparently, you'd killed the other three already. One was in pieces and the other two had been burned and had their throats slit open. They were bleeding out on the floor and really making quite a mess. You couldn't seem to remember doing any of that though. You were too stuck in flashbacks to realize what you were doing. It was all blank for you. "Please... Why are you doing this to us?" You turned and saw one of the male customers sobbing at you. Pussy... "Because. I feel like it." You answered quietly. Despite how broken your voice sounded, he could find no trace of human emotion in your eyes. They looked empty, and it terrified him. You began running a finger along your blade, letting the edge cut the tip of your index finger, not too deep, but enough to bleed. You glanced at the two of them through long lashes and considered how to go about this. You could leave the woman alive and kill the man. Maybe cut him too? Or burn? Or maybe you'd make her do it as a sick game. Then leave her to live with it. You smirked at them as you decided to go with that idea. It seemed like a fun way to end the night. "Okay look, Ichika, I'll make ya a deal yeah?" You offer calmly. She stares at you, eyes wide with fear but still tinted with hope now. "Y-yeah? What is it? I'll- I'll do anything! Really!", she tells you, begging all the way and hoping to god you'd spare her. You could practically hear her silent prayers from where you stood with the way her hands quivered in front of her and her head slightly tilting to look up with closed eyes whenever she thought you weren't paying attention. "Kill him. Kill him and you live.", you tell her, holding out a knife for her to take. She looks at the blade before carefully blinking at you in silence for a minute. "Did you hear me?", you ask. She blinks again, dread sweeping over her. "Wha... huh? You want m-me to..." "Kill him. Now. Or you both die.", you repeat, getting more and more impatient. She began sobbing again as she considered. She could tell you were dead serious, she just wasn't sure if she could trust you or not to keep your word on this. She was trying to make up her mind when the man stood up and quickly bashed a chair into the back of her head. You were a bit shocked he'd done anything at all but when he looked up at you with a desperate smile it seemed to make sense. "There! I- I did it! I killed her so I can go now right? Right?" He asked, begging you to tell him he could. You honestly almost laughed at how pathetic he was. You nodded to the girl who was still struggling on the floor, drenched in her own blood. "She ain't dead yet actually." You teased. He frowned and looked down at her, his eyes welling with tears as she begged him not to hurt her, begged you to save her and begged God to forgive her. You couldn't help but chuckle in amusement as he took your knife from you. "I'll finish her off then...", he whispered. You simply nodded and began activating your quirk as you watched him put her out of her misery.
"What the hell was that all about?" You blinked a few times and looked around for whoever had spoken. You saw you were back outside, watching the restaurant burn down as the man inside screamed for mercy as he burned to death. Your clothes were a little burnt and you were drenched in blood. You watched as the scar-faced guy from the league stepped out from the shadows, his curious eyes swimming over you. "Huh?", you ask. He chuckles a bit and steps closer to you. "You're pretty out of it huh?", he questions, taking in your dazed state. You looked almost high. He couldn't help but wonder about some of the details of your quirk. "What was that?" You shrug your shoulders and start to walk away from him. "Don't worry about it. Just don't fuckin snitch or I'll kill you too.", you threaten. "Do I look like a snitch?" "No, you look like someone who isn't minding their own business though." He laughs at your response and begins following you, slowly, cautiously, but still keeping close enough to not need to speak too loudly. "So is that your quirk? Turn into a freakin' demon-thing, hmm?" He teases. You sigh, rolling your eyes as you turn to look at him. "What do you want?" "Tell me your quirk." "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.", you counter. He seems to consider for a moment before nodding. "Okay,", he lights up a blue fist of flames and waves it around a bit for effect, "I don't think I need to give you much more than that do I? Unless you want me to burn ya..." "And your name?" "You can call me Dabi." You tilt your head. "That's not your real name though?" "Does it matter?", he asks. You shrug. "Guess not.", you sigh and nod back to the burning restaurant, "My quirk is called Pyromaniac. When I activate it my wings light up with white-hot flames and I can control fire. But... as you saw I kinda lose my shit. Using it strips away my overall sanity and while I'm using it I don't really have any at all." He nods, understanding what he'd seen a bit more now. "Were you watching me in there?" You ask. He shrugs. "Yeah. For a bit. Seemed interesting I guess ya know?" You roll your eyes and continue walking away from him. "So white flames huh? What about those wings? They're still there.", he asks, noticing you were trying to hurry out of sight before someone showed up for the fire. "They stay all the time. It's a mutation. I used to tell people that's all there was to my quirk." "Is that what you told her?" You know he's referring to Rumi. You almost turn around and hit him, but you could hear commotion not far off where the burning building you'd left was, and you were too tired to bother fighting him, the cops and whatever heroes had shown up. "Fuck off. If I see your face again, I'll kill you myself." You threaten, glancing back at him dangerously before flying off into the darkness, leaving him surprisingly intrigued.
"This was her huh?" Mirko sighed and nodded, refusing to look up from the files. "Yeah." "You know, I think she's too far gone Usagi... They'll lock her up for good now. They may even use lethal force if she keeps this up-" "I know that okay! I know... I just... Look I'll catch her alright?", she pauses, setting down the files to finally look Keigo in the eyes, "I'll stop her. I will.", she promises. He nods, seeing how badly she wanted to mean that. "Okay."
Despite your previous warning, Dabi couldn't seem to get you out of his head. He felt almost like he had to see you again. He spent every patrol and outing secretly looking for you in the shadows, hoping desperately to get a glimpse of those white flames again. There were a few nights where he got lucky enough to. He didn't ever approach you, just made his presence known. And although you saw him, and remembered what you'd told him, you made no move to hurt him in any way. But on one particular night, you both were feeling a little too bold. You'd been cornered by some cops in a parking garage and they'd mentioned Rumi just a little too much. He watched you burn them all slowly after cutting them all up to your liking. Technically they would've died in minutes from blood loss, but you felt there was something almost poetically insane about burning them in the end. It matched the fiery heartbreak they'd enflamed. You felt like they'd almost asked to die in such a way. Dabi watched the whole massacre, smiling wildly the whole way through. He watched as you became even more frustrated when the job was finally done, clearly not satisfied yet. Still in pain. He tried to figure out what was going on in your head as he watched you get thrown into more flashbacks of Rumi.
"You know I love you right? Forever. Like for real.", she'd told you. You smiled, genuinely happy in that moment as you cuddled into her, wrapping the both of you in your wings, just the way she liked it. "I know. And I love you too. So, so much." "Forever?", she asked, her ears adorably perking up like they did every time you told her that. "Forever.", you promised. And you always did keep your promises to her...
"Y-Y/n...?" You jumped when you heard her voice, turning around to face her, blood still dripping from your skin. You knew it wasn't yours- so did she. "Rumi? What are you doing here? I... You're supposed to be in a meeting...?" You couldn't seem to figure out how she was here. You'd been so careful to hide it, for her sake. You knew she wouldn't like it, but her reaction was worse than you would have guessed. "I... I was sent to follow some clues... The meeting was to discuss some murders... They- they wanted me to help the police track a possible s-serial killer... Are... Baby, please tell me you're not...?", she sobbed, begging you with brokenhearted eyes not to be who they had sent her after. She could clearly see the massacre before her and you were clearly the one that did it but she could not bear the thought of you being like this. You would never lie to her like that right? Never hurt anyone that badly? And you certainly wouldn't force her into such a position... right? "Rumi... I... I can explain... This is... I can't help it okay? I-I just- it's what I do okay? But these guys deserved it! Promise! But I love you more than anything okay? And I will never, ever let anything bad ever happen to you! You understand that right? I mean I love you so much and you still love me too don't you?", you asked, voice cracking as you see the way she looks at you, "Right?", you cry, hoping she agrees, hoping she kisses you and tells you she still loves you anyway, that things will stay normal between you two and she won't tell anyone about this. But she backs away from you, horror and pain swimming in her gorgeous eyes. "How could you? I loved you... You knew I was a hero, you...", she pauses, blinking back more tears as you see her expression harden. You've never seen her so emotional but it didn't last long, "You're a monster.", she finishes, getting into a fighting stance as she calls for backup on her communicator. And just like that, without even realizing it, she ripped your heart straight out of your chest.
You suddenly notice the sound of alarms and sirens as you snap out of it. You're covered in burns and blood as you stand outside yet another burning building, the flames always belonging to you. I should really get the hell out of here... You run in the opposite direction of the sirens and when you make it to a safe-seeming abandoned building you accidentally come crashing right into Dabi the second you open the door. He knew you'd come here to hide, and if he was being honest he was kind of proud that he was right. He held you in place as you tried to pull away from him and you shivered at his intimidating gaze. "W-what are you doing here?" You asked, your voice sounding quieter and less angry than you meant it to. He found it adorable how shy you seemed all of the sudden and couldn't help but smirk down at you. "Those cops really pissed ya off huh?", he teased, finally releasing you from his hold to close the door. You stepped away from him to look around and catch your breath. "Stalking me are you?", you mutter, glaring over your shoulder at him. He stares at you for a moment, just drinking up the sight of you before finally speaking. "That's a bit harsh of a word for it but sure, stalking works too I guess." He jokes, stepping closer till you could feel his warm breath on your neck, "Why do you kill? For fun? For a purpose?", he turns you around to face him, tilting your chin up to look him in the eyes, "Or is it just your nature?", he asks, staring right through you. You sigh, too tired to answer such a complicated question right now. "Why are you here Dabi?" He smiles, pushing some blood-soaked hair behind your ear. "Because," he starts, finally taking a step back to look at you some more, "You look so pretty covered in blood...", he confesses, seeming lost in thought. You feel how genuine his words are, unsure how to react to it. "So?", he asks again, "Why do you kill?" He watches the emotions bubble up and then completely disappear from your face before you answer. "Because there's something wrong with me. And it can't be fixed.", you tell him, fooling no one with that answer. You had finally looked him in the eyes on your own though, the shyness from before totally gone and replaced with a new fire he'd not yet had the pleasure of seeing before. Dabi honestly feels almost confused as a slight smirk spreads across your face. "Those scars of yours must hurt pretty bad huh?", you ask. He wonders if you're going to kill him now. "They aren't too bad. As long as I distract myself from the pain. Why?" "So do you need a distraction right now?" Dabi was by no means an expert on being hit on, and he certainly was not an expert on how to read you, he never had and never would, claim to be. But in that moment, he clued in immediately; You were obviously coming onto him. Despite the many mixed signals thrown around between the two of you since he'd first saw you, you so very clearly wanted him right now. "You sure?", he asks, smirking down at you as he makes his way closer again. You scoff and roll your eyes at him, removing your partially burned jacket. "What are you some fucking hero? Just shut the fuck up and get that stupid ass jacket of yours off, before I change my mind." You threaten. He immediately complies, removing both his jacket and his shirt in a hurry before grabbing you by the throat and pushing you against the wall. He used just enough force to both keep you in place and give you a reason not to move. You received the message clearly and looked his body up and down, pleasantly surprised at everything you saw. He was in better shape than you thought, and you now took the time to notice how he smelled with how close he was again. He smelled like aftershave and burnt wood mixed with blood and liquor. If you were being honest you didn't really mind. Most people would be turned off by the smell of blood but you kind of liked it, and you really weren't in a position to talk much. As he got even closer the smell of blood and liquor got stronger and you could smell his skin burning but not nearly as
much as you would have thought. "Listen I know you've got quite the damn mouth on ya, but you're gonna need to behave for me, or there will be consequences got it?", he rasps, licking below your ear to make you shiver. "Got it.", you whisper, your insides burning with desire as you anticipate what you've gotten yourself into. But Dabi feels it. He can feel it practically radiating off of you and it makes him harder than he even thought possible. He watches you bite your lip and can't help but grind into you, the bulge in his jeans earning a delicious moan from you. He decides he wants to hear it again, he wants to hear more of you, needs to. "What do you want baby?", he teases, lowering his hand from your throat to caress the perfect tits he's been dying to touch for weeks. "Please?", you try, hoping that'd be enough to convince him, to get what you want so bad. All you really wanted right now was to forget. To stop feeling what you always feel for just a second. As bitchy as it was he was there and he was nothing more than a damn good distraction right now. "Please what, hmm?", he pushes, "Tell me. What do you want?" He watched as you struggled with the decision to tell him or not鈥 or maybe with deciding what you even wanted. He got impatient fast though and quickly shoved his hand down your jeans to rub circles on your sensitive clit. He smiled as you moaned beautifully for him, reacting just how he'd hoped you would. But the second you saw the satisfaction on his face you quickly went quiet, fighting every urge to moan for more and trying as hard as you could to keep from grinding against his hand. You could practically see the fire light up in his eyes as it spurred him on to go even faster, to force you into moaning his name and creaming for him. Dabi honestly hadn't had much experience sexually as women were typically scared of him and he normally couldn't care less. But when he was with women he normally only cared about getting himself off, about using whoever it was for what he needed and being done with them. But with you, he hadn't been able to get you out of his damn head. Ever since you two had first met and threatened each other he'd had nothing on his mind but the thought of fucking you into oblivion and making you scream his name so many times you'd go numb to the pleasure. The huge shift in his own attitude kind of caught him off guard, but he still wasn't about to stop. To his surprise, you'd actually came onto him and so he was seizing this opportunity to do as much as he could, as best as he could, both with and to you. But just as he could feel you were about to cum for him, you finally squealed a bit and grabbed his hand to stop him, moaning through your words as you began to finally beg him. "Okay! Okay! Fuck! Please Dabi? Please just鈥 just please I want your fingers first a-and your tongue and鈥 fuck! Just, please? I need to feel it, baby! Please?" He simply laughed at your begging, laughed at the desperate and broken look on your face. It surprisingly filled him with joy to see you so defeated and eager. Especially when for the longest time, you'd pushed him away so cruelly and wanted nothing to do with him. But now all you wanted鈥 no, needed鈥 was him. This feeling was as foreign for you as it was for him though. With Rumi, things were so different. You longed for her all the time. By the time you got the chance to do anything like this with her, you'd been thinking of dozens of things to do to her already. Nothing was ever a split-second decision for you two. It was constant passion and thoughts of one another. But with Dabi, none of this was passion and the only thoughts right now were about how much longer till you two could finally fuck. "As you wish, darling.", he purred, biting down on your earlobe. You became so enveloped in his teeth marking your skin that you didn't even notice him lowering his jeans, or tying your hands behind your with his belt, or securing your legs around his waist. The only thing that seemed to snap you back to reality was him finally plunging his hard
cock into your sopping wet hole and moaning hotly into your bruised neck. "Fuuuck!", you both moaned in unison, your head falling back and hands struggling against his belt. "I鈥 huh...?", you finally began paying attention to your surroundings, seeing your jeans burned up and panties ripped and on the ground. You also realized your hands were in fact tied up behind you and he was now holding you on his cock with one arm and choking you again with the other. You could feel how thick he was inside and every vein felt so defined with as sensitive as you were right now, and you could now see a bulge in your lower stomach. "J鈥揓esus! How fucking big even are you?", you groaned, furrowed your brows at the sight before you. He chuckled and kissed his way down your neck before finally settling his mouth on your left tit, swirling his tongue around the hardened nipple before letting go with a 'pop'. "Not what you were expecting? Y'know if this weren't so damn entertaining," he teased, beginning to thrust into you mercilessly, "I might just be offended by that!", he tells you, yanking you down on his cock by your hair. The more he fucked you the more you noticed about him. You were finally able to appreciate just how sexy he really was. But he was also damaged. With most of his clothes off, you saw his scars were even worse than you'd thought, and it almost made you feel better about yours. And you couldn't help but moan at the feeling his piercings gave you when he slammed into you to the hilt. You honestly weren't all that surprised that he had some lower piercings but it took you a minute to register that was what you had been feeling. "S-shit baby鈥 s-so good! Fuck! Good girl! Fuckin' take it!", Dabi groaned, digging his nails into your skin and leaving slight burns everywhere he kissed you. You suddenly felt him hit particularly deep in a deliciously sensitive spot and screamed a little as you threw your head back, accidentally smacking it against the wall. You couldn't even begin to understand what that feeling had even been but when you finally came back from it you had one hand tangled in his hair and the other clawing at his back. "Fuck! How'd you do that hmmm?", he taunted, smacking at your ass, "I really liked that belt y'know...", he said starting to pound into you even harder. You didn't even realize what he meant at first until your head rolled to the side and you saw his burned-up belt on the floor, still burning with some of your white flames. How in the Hell...? You suddenly felt Dabi lower you to the floor, ordering you to keep your legs around his waist before resuming his harsh pounding. You could remember being a little rough with Rumi sometimes but this? You had never felt such an intense combination of pain and pleasure before in your entire life. Not even killing felt this good and not even death could ever hurt this good. "F-fuck! Dabi! Oh God, please! Please! Just鈥 fuck!", you cried, simply spurring him on to fuck you harder. Your wings felt sore and tired as he drilled you into the ground on them and your pussy began to ache. But all you could think about was cumming on his cock so bad, he'd have no choice but to fill you up and painting your sweet insides white. "You close? Hmm? You gonna cum for me?", he cooed, biting the soft flesh of your neck again, hard enough to bruise you even more. You nodded to him, pleasureful tears streaming down your face. You could hardly manage proper words to be able to answer him out loud. "Then beg for it.", he tells you, licking the tears from your cheeks and laughing horribly. "Fuckkkk you're amazing!", he groans, slowing his thrusts in an attempt at forcing you to do as you're told. You whine at the intense but slowed friction and begin digging your nails into the scars on his back as you squirm beneath him. "Fuck! Fine! Okay! Ssshittt... just... please let me cum? I wanna鈥 I need to! Just fuck me鈥 please don't stop... keep going! Please?", you beg grinding your hips on his cock, trying anything to feel more of him. He immediately grabs your hips and holds
them in place as he hisses at the pain your nails bring him. You watch as his eyes completely change and look about a hundred times more dangerous than you'd ever seen them. "You might wanna be careful, fuckin' back into me like that y'know... you'll get 'urself hurt like that darlin'.", he warns, holding his cock as deep as it can go while he speaks, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. "Fffuck! Please! Lemmie' cum so I can feel you fill me up! I need it鈥 please, Dabi鈥" "Touya. Call me Touya.", he interrupts, still staring down at you. He honestly wasn't sure what had come over him, but all he knew was he needed to hear you scream his real name. He genuinely didn't think he could cum unless you did. "T-Touya... please, fuck m鈥", you whine, unable to finish before he pins your hands on either side of your head and begins fucking you even harder than before. You can't stop the small screams and desperate moans that fall from your lips, especially when you feel him slowly pull out, before slamming himself right back in every now and again. "Fuck!", he roars, "Gonna fill you up so nicely baby! You want that? Hmm? You gonna take it for me? I mean I deserve it don't I? After I fuck you this good, the least you can do is use this little pussy for something good and lemmie' fuck my cum up into ya' yeah?", he sneers, squeezing your wrists even harder, fully intending to leave you with more bruises. He wants to mark you, claim you as his in every way he can. So when you nod and desperately beg him for his cum, the villain can't help but smile wildly at you. "Atta girl! So good for me baby, I think you deserve a reward.", he tells you, switching so that only one of his hands were holding yours in order to reach down and rub at your swollen clit. "Fuck!", you scream, just barely able to hold back your orgasm, "Baby, please? I can't take it anymore, I need it! Please let me cum! Can I? Please?", you sob, your wings flickering with white flames as you beg for his permission. He moans in pain as he feels the heat burning at his skin, and wonders if you feel it burning you too. Within seconds he realized you can't be feeling anything other than his hard cock鈥 not with the way you were moaning for him, begging for him. You watched as he smiled at you before leaning down and whispering in your ear, "Cum for me darlin'.", he tells you, watching as your body spasms and your wings light up with flames, burning both of you and the floor beneath. He groans when he feels the way your pussy tightens on his cock, relishing in your wet, tight grip on him before pulling out and flipping you over and onto your hands and knees. You moan as he slides back into you, fucking you in a hurry as he begins chasing his own release, and perhaps a second one for you too, "Fuck! That's it, baby! Let me fuck you through it, yeah? Till I fill you up real nice, hmm? You want that?", he asks, groaning as he sees you nod and beg for more. "Yes! I want it! I want it! I want it! Please?" He watches your wings quiver as he kisses your white flames with his blue ones, thinking of it as a pact of some kind, with flames instead of blood. In that moment, he watched your ass jiggle at each desperate thrust of his and silently promised that he'd make damn sure to do this again, to see you like this again, and to make you scream for him, over and over again. You began feeling the burns on your body, now hyper-aware as you teered closer to a second orgasm. You smiled back at him as you felt him twitching inside of you, knowing full well that he was close. You began grinding your ass back against him, wanting to push both of you over the edge. You could hear him practicing whine at you, the feeling of you fucking him back almost too much for him. "Fuck, baby! Shit, don't do that! Fuck! You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up!", he warns, squeezing your ass, trying to hold you still. You giggled in ecstasy and smirked back at him as you fought his tight grip. You couldn't believe how gorgeous he looked as he dropped his head back and moaned,
bloody tears now streaming down his cheeks. "Mmmm... you good back there?", you tease, rolling your hips some more. You hear him take a long, deep breath before caressing your flaming wings, running his fingers around the base of them. You felt him use them as leverage and begin fucking you harder and somehow faster, too fast for you to keep up, to even comprehend the feeling. And fuck did you love it. "Shit! Come on y/n! Cum for me baby! Give it to me! One more time, for me! Please darlin'?", he groans, licking the back of your neck and reaching around to rub your clit again, coaxing you into another orgasm. You nearly collapsed in his arms as you came, your body heating up and shaking around him. But you still didn't feel him stop. His pace was sloppy, but nowhere near stopped. He again, fucked you through another orgasm. You could feel how close he was, so you couldn't understand why he was holding back, and you knew he was. But as he watched you tremble beneath him, he knew he wanted this to last, no鈥 needed it to. But the longer he went on like this, the less control he seemed to have. And then finally he lost it. You said exactly what you knew would drive him mad. "T-Touya, fuck! Please, just fill me up! I need it, baby, please?" That was it for him. As soon as he heard it, he let go. He held you on his cock and you could feel his hot load shooting into you, you could feel how deep his cock was through the bulge in your belly and you could hear how good he felt by the delicious moans he let out. The two of you stayed still there for a few minutes, him just holding you close, trapping his seed inside you with his cock while you both caught your breath and the flames around you died out. He honestly wanted to stay like that forever. But before you knew it you were back to reality. "Get up. I gotta go.", you told him, beginning to pull away. He did as he was told but looked at you questioningly. "Go where?" "Don't worry about it. I'm taking your jacket. I'll see you around though so I'll give it back. Kay?", you stood up and threw on his jacket before looking over to make sure he understood. He knew you weren't asking permission. You were telling him. "Keep it." "If I do I'll burn it later. I don't want it. But my clothes are ruined and this is better to be spared. See ya later." You told him before wrapping the jacket around yourself and walking out. You left him there on the floor, half-naked and still in a dreamlike after state, still drunk on your tight pussy and covered in bloody tears of pleasure.
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hamliet2 days ago
Any predictions for My Hero Academia. Somehow I don't see it as heroes beat the bad guys and lock them up yes Tartarus is gone but surely there are other places. Afo will be destroyed hopefully, he deserves to pay for what he's done and being killed by the little child he mainupilted would be poetic justice. I'd like for Shoto and Dabi to accept each other cause they are 2 of my favorites along with Miruko, Deku and Shigaraki who better live.
My overall predictions for the ending haven't changed! I don't make specific plot predictions, but overall: Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki will be saved and help defeat AFO in the final battle; hence, they will be forgiven by society and welcomed back. Realistic or not (as in our world standards), I don't really see any other ending for them.
Shigaraki will probably destroy AFO in the end. The central question of his arc is what he stated in the most recent chapter: "Who am I?" Unfortunately the answer is probably going to be "a hero" instead of "Shimura Tenko" (with imo the latter being more thematically powerful but less likely as the story seems to be backtracking on its criticisms of heroes).
I also do think Touya will reconcile with his family and sit around a table with the Todorokis.... including Endeavor. As much as I don鈥檛 like it, the narrative caters to Endeavor. The idea that Endeavor won鈥檛 have that complete family around a table in the end, as much as I wouldn鈥檛 mind it or would be happy with a more tenuous "we'll work on things" openish ending, just doesn鈥檛 seem to jive with how the story is framing the Todofam. Plus at this point Horikoshi seems to be focusing Dabi's internal conflict on the Todorokis.
Toga... well she's a great character but much like Ochaco her endgame is probably helping a male character and ending up with Shigaraki and with friends. (Ending up with Shigaraki does not mean romantically--just that they'll be together and close some way in the end).
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haleigh-sloth2 days ago
Hi, I'm Aria. Any thoughts on why Hori changed story from what he originally planned, he hadn't started out to save Shigaraki per an old interview "Shigaraki is a villain that should be saved but has gotten to a point where he can not turn back" now defiantly seems headed in that direction, without a doubt. Hell he seems like his favorite, the way he draws him and makes us feel his pain. I just hope when he is saved its believable and not to corny. Do manga writers change their stories alot
Hi Aria! So鈥
鈥淒o manga writers change their stories a lot?鈥
Well, I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 common. But it鈥檚 absolutely possible. They鈥檙e human, and no doubt along the way they probably grow attached to characters they originally planned to kill off and decided to keep, or vice versa (I feel this way about Hawks in BNHA鈥攚ho I think was absolutely on the path to heroic death, but not anymore).
As for that cursed interview that people keep quoting to pad their denial of the redemptions to come, I鈥檇 recommend searching @/hamliet鈥檚 blog for more talk on that. Because while I haven鈥檛 read interviews from other mangakas, I know she has (I believe she talked about one where Sui Ishida backtracked on his original plan for TG鈥擨 couldn鈥檛 find it though, fucking tumblr). And she鈥檚 vouched for the fact that authors have back tracked on their interviews a million times.
This can happen for several reasons: they change their mind, they don鈥檛 want to SPOIL something, they want to hype up the readers regardless of whether what they鈥檙e saying comes true or not, or they just don鈥檛 know at the time and say whatever they can to give an answer.
So to answer your question: it was never in doubt what Shigaraki鈥檚 ending was going to be. Ever.
Here鈥檚 a post where I explain why I 100% believe without a doubt that Horikoshi鈥檚 favorite character, the character he cares about the most, the character he puts the utmost effort into, is Shigaraki. And in THAT post there are other links that further solidify my belief on that.
Given that Touya鈥檚 foreshadowing had been present throughout the entire story, his redemption wasn鈥檛 a last minute change either. Given that Toga is in the trio, and she鈥檚 a teenager, and she鈥檚 a victim of quirk society too, her redemption was definitely decided from the beginning as well.
Also, Shigaraki鈥檚 and Midoriya鈥檚 build up together has been cemented since The Encounter at the mall鈥
Tumblr media
鈥攚here Midoriya had already taken notice of Shigaraki鈥檚 subtle cry for help, but didn鈥檛 process what exactly to do with the information.
Tumblr media
He had already started questioning things even back then, but didn鈥檛 think much harder on it after All Might reassured him that even he overlooks some people in need of help. Granted, Midoriya didn鈥檛 even blink at this interaction after the fact, and didn鈥檛 really come to any realization until the war arc, but that鈥檚 a writing flaw of his character where the author didn鈥檛 remain incredibly consistent with him like he should have, meaning a slower realization that could have taken place after Midoriya thought back to all his and Shigaraki鈥檚 interactions and been like
Tumblr media
Light bulb! Lol.
But no seriously. Yes the MC should have probably been shown thinking about this more over time, throughout the whole story instead of one moment of realization toward the end, this would have been smarter writing wise鈥攂ut in-story event-wise and timing-wise, it does make sense the way it went down. It just鈥.left room for so much unnecessary discourse lol. Discourse on whether Shigaraki can or will be saved (he can and will) and discourse on whether Midoriya鈥檃 character is even capable of saving him (he is and will). That鈥檚 kinda my main complaint with the whole thing鈥攊t could have been slowly introduced to the main character鈥檚 inner world. But what we have is fine too. I鈥檓 happy regardless.
I do think Hori changed some things in the story along the way鈥攂ut I do not think Shigaraki, or the LOV trio for that matter, were changed or decided along the way. I鈥檇 bet real US dollhairs that they were decided well before he started writing the story.
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collisiondiscoursea month ago
Tumblr media
1. yes toga and shinsou have matching teddy fresh hoodies 2. yes eri is wearing a lemillion hoodie and deku shoes 3. yes toga is 200% text-flirting ochako
they listened to mcr in the car on the way there.
kofi | DO NOT REPOST | reblogs appreciated
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