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#toga himiko

remember how i said i made us all mood boards? heres mine! im allowed to post everyones since i have their permission. i tried finding a face similar to mine but uh,, i like painting, im bisexual, pancakes are amazing, conspiracy theories are cool, who doesnt love toga, and i love taking pictures whenever i can

x corden

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yo!! i'm a longtime follower and avid lover of your content! to celebrate the inbox opening once more, could i get a Quirk Marriage between Uraraka's Zero Gravity and Toga's Transform? looking forward to see what you come up with!

Thank you for saying that. I’m glad to have such a dedicated viewer and I hope you enjoy this Quirk Marriage. On that note, I am honestly amazed I have never gotten a Quirk Marriage for these two.

New Quirk Name: Outlook

This Transformation type Quirk allows the user to copy the appearance of another person by simply touching them.  It takes the form of what can best be a sparkling goo, covering the user and taking on the looks and clothes of the target they copied. By touching someone, the user can look exactly like the person, including small details or the target’s voice. This can be done by the user touching the person’s body, but the longer the user has contact with the person, the longer the disguise lasts. The Quirk can be undone by the user clapping their hands or by the cover being damaged. With how easy the Quirk is to use since the user just needs to touch someone, it makes it great in espionage, able to quickly take on the looks of anyone the user needs to. They can move around unnoticed, bypass fingerprint and iris scanners, confuse opponents by looking like allies, disappear into a crowd, or even make it seem like someone else did something to frame them. But the Quirk does not seem to copy over Quirks or any knowledge about a person. The use of the Quirk seems to have a strange effect on the user’s stomach. The longer they hold a single disguise, the more their stomach hurts, to the point where they will begin to vomit.

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As Pretty As A Portrait
by Bam Bam bi

“What’re ya doing?” Tomura asks, watching as Dabi scribbled away on a small black sketchbook. He took another drag of the blunt before scooting over next to the raven-haired man. As his eyes scanned the paper his roommate was drawing on, he recognized the features of the drawing as his own. “Is … that me?”

Touya stopped for a second, glancing away as he felt his face heat up. “Yeah … you didn’t look too bad at that angle, mophead,” He mumbled.

Words: 1903, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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It has been completed!!! The leauge of villains mash up mask. I tried to fit everyone on but sadly it’s not possible so I had to get creative.

Kurogiri - eyes

Dabi - eye patchwork

Mr compress - mask smile

Spinner - scales

Shigaraki - scars around eyes

Twice - forehead scar

Those guys obvious so I had to get creative with the girls

Toga - I combined hers with spinner so the placement of his scales also act has her hair buns

Big sis magne- I attempted to make the skin really salmon pink simalr to her shirt.

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We totally missed out on seeing the League house hunting for a new base after the bar got trashed. Toga recommended the local creepy abandoned theme park on the outskirts of town. Shig just takes one look at the rusty clown statue looming menacingly above the funhouse and is just like “Nooooope”


Fortunately, we have MHA Smash feeding the good content with found family LOV as a comedy. But Hori could really be giving us some more “behind the scenes” moments with the crew looking for a new base after they lost the bar, or on the ride home after the destroyed Overhoe, and other good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, MVA was amazing, literally the only good shonen arc ever (with the chunin exam in Naruto) but now I WANT MORE!!! OF THEM!!! JUST VIBING!!!

Also, the LOV has terrible taste because an abandoned theme park is the perfect base!!! Toga was right!!! Give those creepy Joker vibes baby!!!

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