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anyways still not over how every aspect of amity’s life is controlled by her parents: her appearance, her friends, her future…

i mean if her parents made six year old amity cut ties with her friend at her own bday party because of subpar magical ability… imagine what’ll happen when they find out about her feelings for a human

there has to be a scene of amity warring between living up to her parents expectations of who she should be vs pursuing who she is and what she wants

anyways this post is just a wip update of the piece i posted a while ago….. tragic it’s taking this long to wrap up… lotta work still needing to be done (also idk why tumblr wrecks the image quality :/)

anyways here’s the reference photos from TOH i was inspired by

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I like to think that since Camila is a doctor (nurse? Idk), that would mean Luz knows a lot about health stuff, like when Luz tried to coddle Eda before leaving in Agony of a Witch (“get rest, drink lots of water, stay out of the sun”). I also believe Camila might’ve taught Luz some useful medical skills.

I think that thanks to this, Luz passes with flying colors in the Healing track’s classes.

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In case people were wondering, this is Owlivia. A tiny western screech owl. She usually hangs out on her staff like Owlbert, but if she can get away with it, she’ll stow away on Luz’s head/in her hair.

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