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sun moon lumity… somft,…. based on @llydzzy ‘s designs ;–;

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I love everything about Sora’s Empress Lilith AU but when I ask for an AU where Lilith is the Empress I mean I wanna see her fucking murder Belos and take the throne before slowly spiraling down into insanity because of the trauma he caused her while Eda just wants her big sis to get a fucking therapist

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Apparently Eda is the most difficult Owl House character for me to write. I didn’t expect that.

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Me, not being motivated to write anything:




The entire month of February, jumping through my window and slapping me in the face, holding motivation over it’s shoulder, they’re both screaming:

…..Anyways Shipuary is a thing and I will be enjoying it. I’m gonna give you all the gay I’ve probably been starving you of.

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i know you snuck out last night luz
Luz, mentally
play dumb
who's luz?
Luz, mentally
not that dumb!
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Hey. Lately I’ve been working on a lot of things that simply just aren’t ready to post or to be shared and it’s beginning to make me feel like I’ve been trapped in an unproductive cycle. So to fight that, have some Hockey AU. I’m only going to post part 1 for now because it kinda sorta wraps itself up at the end. (Also I haven’t finished writing the whole arc yet…)

Just a reminder that I do plan on turning Hockey AU into an actual chapter by chapter fic… so yeah… apologies for the length. It do be chapter length.

TW: Homophobic comments! Bullying! (It’s hopefully balanced out by Lumity fluff.)


“Dang. That new girl is really good.” Luz heard a surprisingly familiar female voice comment from somewhere behind her.

“Really hot too.” A male voice chimed in.

Luz craned her neck around to get a glance at who was speaking and found to her surprise, two of her former classmates waiting in line a few spaces back. They were discussing Amity.

“Hahaha. As if you’d have a chance with her, Bryce. She’s way out of your league.” The girl Luz knew as Sasha teased.

“Well… actually she’s already taken.” Luz spoke up, walking back to talk to them with a genuine smile.

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im still super drained and beyond exhausted but here’s my tell incase u wanna say anything to me ill look at once im feeling better

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watch me project my all nighter self on a fictional character

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Amity’s Musical Number🤣

After Grom (After Today)

Amity: “They’ve been laugh-in’ since I can remember. But they’re not gonna laugh anymore. No more ‘Bratty the Amity’ No more 'Blight of the Week’ like before.

Viney: "No more algebra tests 'til September.”

Boscha: “No more lookin’ at losers like her.”

Mattholomule: “No more having to cheat.”

Barcus: “No more mystery meat…”

Everyone: “ No more gym. No more gym. No more gym. No more gym!”

Skara: “Gonna move to the mall.”

Bo: “Gonna live in the pool.”

Amity: “Gonna talk to Luz and not feel like a fool.”

Everyone: “Cause after grom, I’m gonna be cruisin!

Amity: "After grom, she’ll be mine.”

Everyone: “After grom, my brains’ll be snoozing!”

Amity: “If I don’t faint, I’ll be fine.”

Willow: “I’ve got forty more minutes of Plant Economics.”

Gus: “Then down with the textbooks.”

Luz: “And up with the comics.”

Amity: “Just think of all the time I’ve been luzin’. Finding the right thing to say.”

Everyone: “But things’ll be going my way, after grom!”

Amity: “She looked right through me. And who could blame her? I need a new me. Plus some positive light that I’m not just a Blight!

Everyone: "And after Grom, I’m gonna be cruisin!”

Emira: “No more pep rallies to cut, blech!”

Everyone: “After grom, our brains’ll be snoozing!”

Principal Bump: “I’m gonna sit on my butt.”

Amity: “I’ve got less than an hour, and when this is ended I’ll either be famous!”

Principal Bump: “Or you’ll be suspended!”

Everyone: “Just think of all the time I’ve been losin’! Waiting until I could say, gonna be on my own! Kiss the parents goodbye! Gonna party from now 'til the end of July! Things’ll be going my way, After Grom!

Amity: "I wish that this was the day, After Grom…”

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i still late for the beta versions uh

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these two are basic as hell but i thought id include them anyway, luz’s magic and the infinity train symbol

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