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#toh amity
mrblueberry · 2 days ago
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Lumity concept designs for my au :D
I've been wanting to draw these two together for so long
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cartoonsofthecosmos · 16 hours ago
Owltober Day 16: Funniest Moment
Tumblr media
I maintain my stance that this is the funniest moment in the series. Amity comes in through the portal slowly and calmly and lands and her feet. Luz FLIES into the room like a missile, COMPLETELY horizontal, and slams into the wall while Amity’s watching with a face that says “wtf.” Comedy gold.
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oku-eysa · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
'cause i know that it's delicate
my ig: @okueysa || twitter: @oku_eysa || fb: Oku Eysa || artfol: okueysa
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gotanywhiskey · 8 hours ago
Amity to Odalia: If Luz wasn't here, I would have slaughtered you
Luz, from behind Amity, throwing popcorn: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!
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What do you think everyone's social media handles would be? 🤔
You mean as their skills in utilizing social media in general? Like, how and for what they use it? That's how I understood it, so I'm sorry if it was something else lol
I have to confess that I was a bit surprised that Eda had a Penstagram, nonetheless knew about lives and all (and I think it's another great subversion the crew did, as we commonly associate older characters to be quite clumsy with modern gadgets)
For her, I would say she's an average user, who knows a trick or two, but still struggle sometimes to get some functions; but she's also too proud to ask for help, and she refuses to look on the internet – as for magic, she loves to randomly press buttons and see where it gets them; she's your auntie who comments on all your photos and one of the first to like it;
As for Lilith, she's not the most active one in social media, and she does not find it the most interesting object to master. But if she was challenged or asked to use one for some important purpose, she would look for every reference of use and learn all the shortcuts, just to be sure she was doing it "right"; When she does use it, she's extremely formal and barely posts anything; She has an astonishing number of followers but almost all of them are due to her position in the Emperor's Coven, and one of the reasons she barely uses it is because it's always flooding with DMs about the Coven, Belos or really weird demands;
Luz, as we've seen, loves to take pictures, use lots of sticks and, if she had access to Internet everywhere, she would probably make her social media a journal about her adventures! She can be really creative with the functions at her disposal; Oh, and Luz has to use those social media use control to avoid staying too long there;
Amity is a bit more sober for social media and, like her former tutor, she has a lower rate of posts and mostly uses it to follow her favorite artists and content creators; But as she hangs out more with Luz, the human influences her to post more, chat more, interact more... But their main way of communication are the little Tamagushi-ish gadget, as Amity is not so prone to social media;
Gus has his happy little bubble inside his social medias, following forums of discussion about humans, making short videos from time to time to document some new theory or experiment; He has multiple accounts in Pentagram, separating their use according to function: one to follow his likes, one to post his own content, other for family and friends posts, etc;
Willow has the perfect IG, all thematic and organized, which mirrors her life as a lover of plants, sports, friends and dads; in the other hand, she has a "secret" account for her pseudonym, a famous online writer whose identity is a secret for her followers; She's quite interactive there, upgrading her progress on her stories, posting wips, answering fans, recommending books, all that jazz;
Hunter... His uncle doesn't like the idea of him having a social media, as it could "compromise" the Coven's image or their plans; So the Golden Guard make use of anon social media, no posts, no photos, just a ghost scrolling around whenever he's frustrated and needs a distraction; His phone is an old scrollphone he found in the Coven's inventory, and since the owner was never found, he hid it in his chamber; He probably has a small account at some twitter like social media where he posts small sayings, mostly for himself;
King uses other people's phones to watch funny videos and play games, just like your little cousin would do; Eda pondered about giving him a phone of his own, but she rather wait for him to grow older to do so;
I might have gone a little off the topic you've brought ooppps; but I got excited about the theme and that was the result!
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dam-creativity · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
so i actually finished this a long time ago but i forgot to post it so in spirit of halloween heres amity and luz dressing as ryuko and mako from kill la kill :> (also yes ik i havent posted owl house in awhile idk im kinda burntout of drawing lumity so yuh)
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