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little-bullheaded-shit · 2 days ago
I see a lot of glowing Hunter eyes head cannons and art so I present this.
I call this one “The power at the Deamonne house went out”
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bastardapologist · 2 days ago
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I know I'm right 🤗
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icedmochasi · 15 hours ago
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hermitussy · a day ago
Hunters immune system is complete shit, he constantly has to go to Darius to take care of him because Belos doesn't do jack shit to help and yells at him if he makes noise.
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skelliefanatic · 19 hours ago
Darius: Why can’t I have a normal nephew?
Hunter, trying to raise the dead with Gus and Willow: ríšę, Rīsé!!
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rae-arts777 · 2 days ago
I headcanon Darius as trans
And back in the hexside days
That him and Raine bonded over binders and would show each other their binders and help measure each other as they grew up. Cause they’re like siblings.
Also they both have binders with crazy patterns that they got for each other.
Also helping each other out of binders when they’re a little stuck.
Darius arm is stuck and he screams for Raine, and raine runs in and falls on the ground laughing for a couple minutes before they help
And they’re the friends that will laugh at each other first before helping
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newtsnaturethings · 3 months ago
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Tbh Raine probably plays a mean kazoo.
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notllorstel · 2 months ago
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I just think it’d be cool if that funky lil abomination was also Darius’ palisman
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alpacasandwine · 2 months ago
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I'd love to know what the crew said when they planned this scene...
"We need to have a rat that looks like Alador, pronto!"
"Is the rat Alador transformed?"
"Ok... Is the rat his palisman?..."
"No, why would someone carve a rat that looks like himself?"
"I don't get it, what is the purpose of having a Rat that looks like Alador?"
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kpcreations · 2 months ago
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A lil prediction how the reunion between Darius and Hunter will go in the next two eps
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icedmochasi · a day ago
As much as I mourn missing so much of the growth that occurred between Darius and Hunter after Hunter defected, I also hate that we didn’t get a glimpse of their dynamic between ASiAS and Hollow Mind. All we get is vaguely hinted at sewing lessons. 
Hunter feeling more confident approaching Darius and getting a positive response consistently? Darius who probably really started thinking about what was going to happen to Hunter once the DOU took place? He started planning for that and no one can tell me otherwise. Darius probably added more justifications to his list about keeping Hunter totally in the dark about the rebellion. “It’s for his own good, Belos will kill him brutally if things go south etc”  “Titan, what I am going to do if that kid really tries to fight us? I’m not fighting him, I’ll teleport him somewhere while we all book it. Or I’ll teleport all of us away.” 
Just what their dynamic was like in between ASiAS and Hollow Mind is so interesting to me due to how full of conflicted emotions Darius must have been. 
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goldenglitzer · 2 months ago
It's kinda interesting to think abt how fan theories in TOH have changed between the end of Season 1 and the end of Season 2, as more and more things have been revealed to us.
Season 1: "Will Lumity be canon? Will they get together before the show's finale? Is Belos a Human? What if Good Witch Azura is a real person, and is a time-travelling Lumity child?"
Season 2: "The single most important event in canon was a knife fight between two white Puritans 350 years ago, Alador and Darius are exes, Belos has killed at least 50 clones of his own brother." Meanwhile no one even wants to touch the thousand-year drama between a race of space-time gods, a 5-year-old alien with creative mode, and that weird fucking owl-dog.
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runeiio · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I saw this on twitter and chuckled so I redrew it
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allmyworkig · 2 months ago
Don't think about
don't think about Alador not knowing where any of his kids are
don't think about Edric and Emira gripping onto each other as their world falls apart around them with no idea where the rest of their family is, if they're even safe
don't think about the fact they might not even be together
don't think about Darius feeling the pain of the draining spell but all he can think about is the sixteen-year-old kid he cares about despite himself feeling the same pain
don't think about all the other children with coven sigils, in so so much pain as the man everyone trusts betrays them
don't think of Gus' dad learning no one knows where his twelve-year-old son is
don't think of people running for cover as their world falls apart and rebuilds around them
don't think about the ones who couldn't get away in time
don't think of King, so young and so scared, alone with the collector
don't think about Willow's dads patiently waiting for their daughter to come home and their bone-deep grief when she doesn't
don't think about the twins screaming and wailing when Alador tells them he doesn't know where Amity is and the last time he saw her, she was going to fight Belos, the most dangerous man on the Isle
don't think about Eda realizing that despite her best efforts in the end she couldn't protect either of her kids
don't think about Eda reuniting with Lilith and both of their faces falling realizing the other doesn't have the kids
don't think about Camila opening the doors and being so relieved to see her daughter but so worried when she sees how tired and sad all the kids huddled together at her front door are
don't think about the kids quietly but surely patching each other up, older and much more exhausted than they should be
don't think about the fact none of them are going to be to get a good night's sleep for a while
don't think about the kids huddled together mourning people that may be alive because they just don't know
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currently-haunted · 3 months ago
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Hunter is not okay, i really hope he will accept help...
This idea came just right before I went to bed so I had to
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lawrencelessland · 3 months ago
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letssofia3006 · 3 months ago
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I know Belos probably destroyed it the moment it was petrified but shhhhhh
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