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#toh golden guard
kai-strophics2 days ago
Zeno once said that Hunter avoids hugs specifically because he's scared that he'll get too comfy and fall asleep or smth like that
Yeah Edric uses this against Hunter when he's going multiple all-nighter in a row just comes up to him and like you know all cutesty and boom they end up cuddling and Hunter is asleep
Ahhh this is actually a big ass headcanon I had beforehand!!
Edric's really comfy to lay on for Hunter so he'd sometimes get a little ~carried~ away in the comfort and end up asleep on him.
Edric's legs and arms may be completely asleep and he might have to pee, but he sure as hell ain't moving.
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420heraki4 months ago
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huge post of the funniest duo by far
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jess-the-vampire13 hours ago
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i鈥檒l participate in huntlow week, as a treat聽
but i鈥檓 doing my AU for it since i need to draw them interacting more XD
grom kids
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iceberrylou-art4 months ago
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V quick luz and hunter being siblings feat: how me and my brother communicate when we see each other in the hall
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