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slttygeto · a day ago
he eats pussy like a champ. he's always pussy drunk, his hot tongue pressing against your clit, his lips wrapping around the bud and sucking softly, dark, lustful eyes staring up at you.
don't even try to close your legs, he will hold them open. he will kiss your inner thighs and tease you to tears. he loves when you shake for him, begging him to give you something—anything. you just wanna cum.
he is obsessed with fingering your pussy. he always has his fingers stuffed in your pretty cunt anytime he finds an opportunity to do so<3 he will make you sit in front of a mirror on the bed and finger fuck the soul out of you.
"so pretty," he would whisper against your clit while thrusting his fingers in and out of your pussy, smiling at how you were practically dripping all over the sheets.
oh and he is definitely the type to make you squirt, the sight of your pretty pussy making a mess for him makes him dizzy. it makes him attach his lips around your clit and go at it again, overstimulating you until you're pushing his head away with a cry.
eren jaeger, iwaizumi hajime, armin arlert, nanami kento, gojo satoru, geto suguru, toji fushiguro, erwin smith, daichi sawamura, aizawa shouta, oikawa tooru
2022 © all works belong to slttygeto. do not repost my work anywhere else.
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daddy-toji · a day ago
𝕗𝕒𝕧𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕖 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕙𝕚𝕤
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, nsfw, dark nsfw
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...3 of his favorite things to do during fun times
𝕔/𝕨…daddy kink, dacryphila, somnophila, knife/blood, dehumanization, degradation, praise, worship, dp, king/sex slave, bondage
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠…
daddy dom/baby girl sub; Kento has a huge daddy kink, and he loves calling you various names, from baby girl to princess to darling. He would want you to call him Daddy only in private around the house. But whispering it in his ear in public turns him on a lot.
thigh riding; You make a mess of yourself for him on him. You can stroke his cock and he will play with your nipples but it’s all you. Kento pays great attention to every move of your hips and every sound you make. It’s wonderful foreplay for when he is tired after work which is most of the time. And you never complain since his thighs are hard and wonderful against your clit. “Your not thinking about stopping now are you? You’ve only finished twice, I thought you were unbearable horny that I had to rush home right away. So keep going till Daddy tells you to stop.”
praise/worship: This man is a giver when he is home, maybe it’s because he is trying to make up for working so much. Either way when you behave Kento worships your body and praises your body. You aren’t insecure with this man.
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
mirror sex; Satoru is vain, your a beautiful woman and he is a beautiful man. He gets off on seeing him fuck you just as much as he is getting off on fucking you. It’s a bonus for him if it flusters you, “Don’t look away, look my pretty cock pounding your sweet little puss. Your taking me so well, might have to let you stay the night for another round.”
boob job/face fucking; He wants to have your head dangling off the bed whilst you hold your tits together so he can switch back and forth between fucking your wet tits and hot mouth. He wants to hear you gag, “You like my balls hitting your face stupid, cute little slut?”
somnphilia; with your permission. You’re at your most vulnerable state when you sleeping. And when he gets done with a mission sometimes there is just left over adrenaline keeping him awake. Satoru’s mind drifts to you. So he lets himself in and pays you a surprise visits. Satoru doesn’t care what you have going on the next day. Getting his dick wet and hearing your sleepy moans of his name are more important.
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
cock warming; He can cuddle you without saying he wants to cuddle. And he can feel your gummy walls squeezing him whilst cuddling you. So that makes the cuddling even better. He is strict about you not getting yourself off on him during cuddling. “Ya waiting for me to come home. You can wait some more, I don’t think your wet enough for me.”
size kink/manhandling; This means trapping you with his body, trying to make you feel smaller. And moving you how he wants without warning. This man will stand up and slam you down on his cock with his hand around your throat.
daddy/babygirl; call him daddy anywhere at any time. Everyone needs to know your being taken care of by him. And just whose you belong to. As if the hickeys on your neck weren’t enough. “Say my name baby girl, let me know whose pussy this is.”
double penetration; Sukuna will switch between wanting both cocks in the same hole and wanting to fuck both your pussy and ass at the same time. Either way he is obsessed with how you take both his cocks. “Cock drunk slut taking my monster cocks, just like that! I’m going to break your tight pussy. Fuck, my pet is stretched so fuckin wide because of me.”
knife/blood; Sukuna wants to hurt you and see the blood drip from your skin. He wants to see you writhe and try to jerk your body away. And as you loose more blood, whilst he plays with your pussy, in your pleasure and pained state your going to slowly loose all energy to fight. Afterwards the scars on your body remind you who your soul belongs to.
king/sex slave; Be the willing sex slave for Sukuna, call him king and worship the ground he walks on. And let him use your body however, whenever and he can’t explain to himself why he loves your utter devotion. “Your always wet for me aren’t you. Tell me did you think about your King coming to use his pussy all day?”
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
dacryphila; Overstimulation, edging, pleasure or pain Suguru is going to make you cry from it all. And he prefers if your wearing make up to use the kind the runs. So you look extra messy for him whilst he fucks your throat. He likes hearing you say it’s too much and that you can’t handle it. And he loves how you won’t use your safe word, “That right fucking take it! You want me to stop? My cock is hurting your little pussy but you still need to take the rest of me like a good little slut.”
bondage; This gives him so much control over your body. He can splay your body out and take away you ability to squirm away from him. And if he is in a good mood you’ll be comfortable tied up, but if you’ve upset him then the position will be painful. “Satoru is coming by for a little while, be a good girl and keep your slutty loud mouth quite. I know that vibrator makes it kind of hard but I have important things to discuss with him whilst you hang here looking so beautiful all for me.”
dehumanization/degradation/praise; Suguru mixes the three. Leaning some times heavily one way or another between degrading and praising. That all depends on how his day and your behavior. But either way your being dehumanized.
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thehighpriestess1 · 2 days ago
Toji as a househusband.
Warning : NSFW under the cut.
Tumblr media
He would wear an apron with demon dogs on it.
Would carry a sleepy Megumi and you would carry Tsumiki.
Your house has two kids and two dogs. All the best.
Would sit and meal plan for the entire week. “You need protein for these muscles”
Would make chamomile tea for you when you get back from work.
Has a kitchen garden where he grows tomatoes.
Would sing Happy Birthday in a monotone. It makes you laugh.
Piggyback rides for Megumi and tsumiki
Would make you sit on his back as he does pushups. Sometimes dogs join you too.
If you want an action figure he would make sure to find money in the monthly budget for it.
Picnic on weekends. You are the only one in this family who is of perfect height to sit on rides (Toji is too tall and beefy hehe) so you avoid adventure parks.
Gives you massages.
Always has a first aid kit handy.
Neighbourhood grandmas love him.
Shopkeepers always give him a discount.
Would definitely fight a kid for a spot at the claw machine so he can win some for you.
Can cook really well. Loves barbeque just so he could show off his skills to you.
Tells bedtime stories as he is surrounded by two dogs, two kids and an adult kid.
You would rest your head on his chest as he stroked your hair and kisses your forehead. Best way to fall asleep.
NSFW : Minors do not interact!
Would set the mood with scented candles and music and then wait at the door for you to come home.
Would definitely make herbal tea to increase your stamina. Sorry sis you gotta match it with him.
Would make adult jokes in front of kids. "Don't you think mommy should ride daddy now?", The kids agree y/n maybe it's time for my ride ;)
On days when you come home late and kids are already asleep he would fuck you in shower. His hand around your mouth as he eats you out and then fuckes you hard. Kids often wonder why you take so long to shower.
Would definitely have a “Sir” Kink. Is this how you bend down in front of your colleagues? I bet they check out this ass and wish they could fuck it like I am about to He’d say as he lifts your skirt up and spanks you. He would fuck you in your work clothes.
Would make you ride him in that mini pencil skirt as your necktie is used as a leash. Your tits bouncing under that see through white shirt. Your boss wishes it was him huh? Fuck you look so hot like this.
Would pull you by your necktie as you are about to leave and suck on your tongue. You will have butterflies in your stomach the whole day.
His after work massages would turn into you breathless beneath him as he is fucking you relentlessly. You will not be wearing those heels to work the next day.
Has a massive breeding kink. Wants to expand his family.
Throws you around in the bed. Would carry you over his shoulder to the bathroom all the while spanking your ass.
You had to get your bedroom soundproof.
Definitely uses tools in bed.
You have been late to work because the sex was just.that.good!
Please buy lots of concealer to hide those marks.
Tumblr media
I wrote this because I was in a toji brainrot cycle. This man is the ultimate hoe of jjk.
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kofic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
the case of mutual sharing
paring: toji fushiguro × f!reader
genre: angst / plot to smut
warnings: +18; cursing; adult themes; Toji is possessive
word count: 6k
𓍯 in which you are paired with detective Toji & as the first, same, many impressions later the feeling of regret is still there, it wont go and he makes it worse, consciously or unconsciously
authors note: my current Toji brainrot giving birth to this; ah its been few months that im busy with work but i was finally able to put something out for which i wrote like crazy! haha; but im soo happy!! anyways i have few drafts i have to work more on cause im not yet happy with them until then enjoy this one; support is appreciated / a gift at the end
⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
i can’t fully get to the bottom of it, but you met Toji in the most unconventional way that there is and which also, later the same day and many days after made you wish you didn’t
Toji like yourself is a detective and a very much praised individual in the investigation world of Tokyo, a master in solving crimes and hell for the underworld, who also, quite the opposite of you, doesn’t just sit, most of his time, behind the desk but thrives in the joy of getting dirty, soiling his hands with blood if needed. living off of this job like his life depended on it, hating the guts of the ones to commit the vile, working day and night into tracing them down, locking them up - secured tight, so they rot for the rest of their pathetic lives
but what Toji didn’t predicted this one time, is probably you
this case he was working on, was far more complicated, rest assured, if not the worst case he worked on. his upper management having no space for thought but assigning him another person to help with the case - no other but you
to his luck or not, you were there to help him, yet to him you were just someone he found annoyingly, a boring luck of an individual, who was there to interfere with his case rather than put two and two in use and actually move the case forward. you maybe, kind of, remined him of the fact that he maybe was, in a sort, lacking. not that he ever did, but you wouldn’t be here if he was doing the job right and conducted it in estimated time enough for his superiors to be contented
no “hi” or “hello”, was uttered that first day. he didn’t seem at all happy to be sharing his case with another "good detective" like yourself. to him you weren’t good, like at all. your title of a good detective must have followed you by some strange luck, he thought, or because someone in the field liked you, in a way to have set high standards on you
days turned into weeks and this became not hell for him but hell for you too
he dismissed you almost immediately, to his logic, you were no more but someone who was definitely going to slow the case down. you had no other choice but to follow him like a lost puppy all day long, trying to catch on the signals he was giving, if he gave them that is and pretend you were doing your job for the day
trying to make sense with him was out of the question and it made you sick to your stomach his way of living, existing, the way he was with people - as if they wronged him for life; his way with you, his arrogant self ... all this boiling to a point you had to stop, retrace and lay it upon him, all the wrong he was doing to you primarily
but to your surprise or not, the result was pretty much always the same
he did not care, nor for you, nor how you felt about him and his situation, the way he was with others and above all how he was with you
as so on days went, piled on like a stack of blank paper, an endless loop of things, and the same old disgusting feelings - making a run for your life, away from his car, once he drops you off home, every night, day after day, same - not achieving the desired results of catching any culprits - showering and scratching away the remains of his existence that followed your body, and recently mind too - each night going to bed hoping the nightmare to finally end
and Toji, going over and basically doing the same routine like you
it felt to him like, like this had no end. it was endless, like he predicted it, you were useless. useless to him and to the case. he knew
and so, what happened once, turned out to be an almost reoccurring ritual - each night, after he had terminated you from his life, dropped you off - he would go straight back home, hop and hide in his shower, his turn of washing away all the remains of you that polluted his mind, body and soul - get out, stare at his wide bathroom mirror, conclude you were out of his system and if not, which to his bad luck, recently you were far more dug into him that he ever liked or wished for, and so he would go on pour few shots of whisky hoping, badly needing for his body to reject and kill every imagine of you swirling in his mind like a tornado
and to his bad luck, as this whole hell of a case, - you would not get out of his head even when he would call it a night, desperately needing to fall asleep, get the energy he needed and a fresh head to start the next day and maybe once and for all put and end to this nonsense  
what troubled his mind was your neck, your hair, your mole, your lips ... he would go on to even hate you for these beautiful little details of yours. they started becoming far more evident to him the more time he spend with you - not letting go of him, itching his body, even long after you would step out of his car, happy that your day with him was over - that much was obvious to him. he too, knew, you hated every second of the day you had to spend with him cause you simply had to. your job requiring it
these details troubled his mind each night, up until some ungodly hours of the night, and he would often ask himself: why does he needs this info, those details of you? what good do they serve him? what is, actually, this need in him, building, expending, widening to the point where even in his job he wasn’t as much effective as he was before, because most of the time, frankly, he would have thoughts of you than be all hands-on deck with the case
Tumblr media
on a night when the whole department gathered up to celebrate new year’s, you, of course had to be there - to his bad luck or than maybe not so ...
moving the case forward was far less of a concern now that he had his hand on your waist. how this happened, you and him dancing, was just a mare coincidence - your colleagues, always making fun of you two, having sensed your disliking for one another, coaxed you into doing this
your body lined up in front his, him towering over you, one of his hands on your waist the other strongly gripping your palm. his breath closing in on every escape of him, a closed alleyway you can’t run away from, a dead end and its him catching up on you
in his arms you are small and he, as much as he doesn't want to admit, finds weird feeling of joy creeping and nestling up in some deep part of his ribcage as an aftermath. he, not wanting to admit, maybe finds himself hoping for you to look up and maybe reciprocate some stare, he badly craves
the dress you are wearing reveals no skin he can touch with his bare hands but maybe stare at you neck for all he wants because that is on display. he can swear you knew he had some bizarre desire for it so you exposed it just for him, or maybe was luck this time on his side, and so he finds himself sickened at the thought of wanting his hands on it, having them squeeze the life out of you, for all the bad you had caused him
he leans further more onto you, having been granted this once in a lifetime opportunity, he might just make the most of it. his nose is in your hair, almost, he inhales your scent and for the first time in his life he can finally store that into him. having been so close to you, this is not the fragrance you are wearing but it’s the smell of you, your skin, your exitance, your being and that thing deep in his ribcage wants to rip out, tear his chest from within
for some reason, you blame the song in fact for closing in on his body. swaying to the rhythm, lost to the melody, is more like you have glued up your whole body to his, and you can feel it burning. maybe its yours, maybe its his, but the heat is most definitely mutual
you feel him squeezing your hand far more then he should - and the other hand, that supposedly had to lay leisurely on the small of your back, has your wrapped around so tight, you feel like maybe he wants to cut your body in half
in a wake of this, you look up to him, to let him know it’s been too much but what looks back at you, have your body shiver for a hot minute. first thing you meet are his parted lips and it takes a very good amount of seconds for you to bring your eyesight to his - frozen like this
this he notices and tries to not acknowledge it but his body fails him, right now? he doesn’t need this, he thinks. why now? too soon? what the fuck? as his member, like the healthy organ itself, and a mind on its own, shifts and pokes you and its only obvious him wanting to cease to exist - as he moves his head away from you and tries to focus his eyesight on somewhere, elsewhere in the room but just not you, not you right now
as you feel his grip on your hand loosing up, you fear he might drop your hand any second, and you don’t know why you feel this - like a hard knock to your stomach, the sole thought of him letting your hand has you feeling aggravated. now why is that?
you are, to extent, too surprised. you have never thought you would have any effect on him and maybe you really didn’t, but this is only the closeness of your bodies talking - nothing in his mind up there but the mind down there - just sex organs acting out
all this time you do not move your eyes from his face, which he can feel, making his blood run wild. when he finally looks down at you, its when his primal needs give in and he for real wants to kiss you - like no one is there present but only you two, like no one could see, but he knew too well this won’t and can’t happen
you were too slow to catch up on what was his desire - having the same, desire yourself
and the song ends
you grip on his shoulder tightens and you lean to his chest more, wanting to breach through to his heart? i don’t know. his nose is in your hair for real this time, while he seeks space to let go of all the baggage you have hung over him
you let go of each other knowing this was a fatal mistake which would definitely have lethal consequences and mark parts in you both
you hurry away. away from him, trying to not glance or give any more significance to his existence that night - that what happened, just happened - and it had been an outcome of a moment that would and should never happen again
that night Toji could not fall asleep. his member grew strong and he knew he had to take matter in his own hands - for this was your fault. he came, pulling out all the semen out of him brought by you. his body trembled in such aftershock welcoming his cum into his own hands, thinking of you
he wished to have seen you welcome it all of it into your mouth, or preferred? it was ultimately the same thing, he needed it to be you, badly wanted it to be you. his whole body aching for it, in his head it was you, but in reality, it was his hands, doing the job
he grew mad when the act was finished, no way he just came cause of you. there was no way
now, like this, there was no way of going back and he knew. he maybe even grew more hatred in himself for allowing this to happen. this should have never happened. you were barely a good detective - yeah right - assigned to be his partner, in a fucked up never ending case, so he thought - but he also, despite everything, would go on think of you and your lips on his, and his teeth sinking in on your neck, dugged in so deep that blood might come gush out of it
Tumblr media
days after that turned into even bigger of a mess
to his bad or good luck this one day, in a run of your lives, you end up locked up in a very small storage room, so tiny, it barely fits Toji’s legs straight when sitting
how you ended up there, like that, was god testing you both. you were searching for documents of the criminals involved, when in the run of their lives, they have left behind - ones which, supposedly, were going to provide and become of vital importance to this case - turning out they won’t - as you both run your eyes through the lines and lines of words and containers full of more documents, immersed so much into it that after full 15 minutes when you turn around you notice the door is locked  
not only the documents turned out to be shit, but you both locked up in this confined space was going to give rise to anxiety in both of you, turning the whole situation feel even more shittier. the space failed the mobile connection for now, so you had to turn of your phones to save the battery for “more help later”, “please on god”, “someone maybe will figure this out” and stuff like that - and at same, most of all, fearing one another, and the one thing that should never come to light
sitting one next to other, space clogged up with papers underneath you, fucked up light bulb which threatened to give up sooner then later, luck of air flowing and a complete silence is when you feel your heart beating faster then it ever had prior this moment
“This is your fault!”  - you say  -  “If you didn’t insisted we look and run after them during their run, but wait and observe, give them the time to settle, we wouldn’t be in this mess and maybe would be in luck and actually caught them this time! I can’t believe I followed you on this one and ignored my instincts!”
“You always know what’s right once its finished. I’m actually surprised you have the guts to even complain after, like always its someone’s fault but not, a bit, yours! I didn’t put my hands on your neck, didn’t pointed gun to your temple and said ‘Come on follow me’ now did I? I’m truly getting sick of you at this rate!”
you do not dare turn your head but continue staring at your feet that fit enough to the wall in front while Toji struggles in the same, given his large form - your eyes focused on you shoes because given any turn to him would spring significance to something that its already up in the air - floating. coming and closing on both of you, threatening to tear up each of you alive any second now
“And I of you! That feeling is mutual!”  -  as you turn and see his face just inch away from yours and his features angered to a point you think he might whip you one
“I just need this to be over at this point! I’m done with you! Doing nothing and complaining whenever. I need you out of my life. I’m truly tired of you!”  -  he says, as his eyes glist with such rage you haven't feel up until now
“You speak in a way of how I have been the problem all along. Always! As if this case is not moving forward because of me - personally, but not the whole circumstantial situation in which is placed. You and me both know this is just a fucked up case, rotten at its core and how it would take time for it to be solved. Its not just two or three people its merely but a chain of organizations and its more of a taking down a group of highly influential people which are involved in this! Its not me ... It was never me! Or me as a bad operative or yo- ... you for a change too. Its just that we can’t bring it down that easy! I’m just mad you always have to put me down, ever since day one! You are such a deranged person Toji!”
at this, you feel your cheeks heating up and you can swear he can sense them - giving he can read almost all the smallest details on your face being within close reach to it, all while your two bodies transfer in the same heat, being so close to each other but despite all, it feels like maybe most of it was brought by the anger you equally shared
sensing your chest rising and falling in a speed of a light, mostly cause of the lack of air, but far more because of the closeness of him, you feel like he knows the uneasiness he is causing you
but what you don’t know, is not only does he notices these things but he, in some unusual way, thrives in the same
your turn to the wall in front again, lacking the guts to face him - being vulnerable like this
it further furies you more, the fact, he can probably sense your discomfort - the one coming in - not cause you failed the case again today, or cause the documents turned out to be pure shit, or cause the place was to narrow and too small and damned to be locked up on top of it all ... no! no you weren’t uncomfortable with him sensing these discomforts which were all that known, but what infuriated you more was the highly possibility of him sensing your mixed feelings in the middle of it all
and its him breaking up the silence first after a full minute of heavy breaths being exchanged in the air, making the tension suffocating you both
“It feels to me, like maybe ... it’s my fault, all this too. Its hard to explain but I know I have let certain things affect me more than they probably should have.”
“What do you mean? What things?”
you look up to him and if your body was hot up until now – well now is burning. you can’t but look at his lips again as he, mostly, is doing the same - looking at yours - it drives him crazy how much after everything he still wants to kiss you, shut you up for life
“You.”  -  he softly says it, as in a way he mulled over the thought for hundreds of hours, if he should ever confess it, but something about the space, lacking in air, must have brought forward some words he should never ever have said
“What do you mean ‘me’?”
“You are the problem.”  
you feel his features soften in a way they have never before. his eyes almost having a pleading effect, even kind of sad - you not getting it straight that this is him fearing that he might get rejected or whatever ... and he, for a second, feels powerless. this you do not know but something about the way he looks at you has some peculiar feeling, with a desirable intent  
“Toji I told you, you can’t continue doing this … I’m going to quit this case just of how unfair you have been to me so far. Cancelling me on anything, never truly being there to acknowledge me in the first place I just can’t do this. It feels like a loop, every day, since the moment I have met you. Why you have to be so egoistic and arrogant?”
“It is a loop.”
you frown your eyebrows as in questioning him this loop
“Endless loop of thoughts about you ... I can’t bring myself to stop them.”
you frown your eyebrows even more, confusion painted all over your face
“ … be specific.”  -  your tone low
you feel him getting closer to your face as his palm lands on your thigh - feeling the heaviness of it, its when it finally hits you that this is finally happening. now more then ever. you both couldn’t fought this out. both of your hearts beathing fast - as he stares at you lips
“Isn’t it obvious?”  -  he asks
you pull on his palm that laid on your leg and bring it to your lips, guiding it with your own, you help him grip your chin as his fingers gently go over the edge of your lips while you slowly, shyly start to bring your tongue into play
“Why are you doing this? As if I’m not already far gone …”
“You want this …?”  -  you are neither sure if this is more of statement or a question - but you proceed onto letting his finger enter and wonder in the warmth of your mouth, looking him straight in the eyes not sure where you have gotten this confidence all of a sudden
but honestly this isn’t at all about confidence but more of a mutual carnal desire, you both have of one another
Toji brings himself to your lips as he slowly pulls out his fingers that you swirled over but proceeds to keep his thumb over the middle - separating your bottom lip just still. his breath almost enraged
“I’m- … fuck.”  
you feel his nose touch yours, his lips barely over yours as he is slowly dragging his thumb to your chin and he pulls you for a kiss
this kiss is - how do i describe it - its unlike any other you had before, mostly because even unexpected in here, was ultimately what both of you secretly, deeply craved. hoped to become reality regardless the faults of the whole situation between you two so far  
Toji isn’t deliberate or cautions or gentle but rather the firmness in the way he holds your chin is needy and desperate. it’s a desperate kiss, not in a way its artificial or just driven out of pure lust but there is longing and yearning and such need that was built in him for months
for months that he had to stare at your lips while listening lots of unnecessary words come out it and not being able to do anything about it
but now, now its him pushing his hand in your locks to the back of your head and pressing on your skull hard, deepening the kiss
leaving you even more breathless than the place already had you, lost in the kiss you suddenly get up from where you were sitting and place yourself on his thighs - his arms landing on your ass pulling you close to him - you could never escape
“You have- …”  -  he pecks your neck and looks up to you  -  “no idea …”  -  comes for another peck  -  “how much I- …”  -  another peck but this one way hungrier then the two ones before and you feel his lips lapping over your most sensitive part just under your ear  -  “… wanted to do this.”  -  you moan throwing your head backwards, looking dizzily in the bad light bulb that was threating to give up any second now   -  “… or how I wished to have you moan like that … fuck y/n!!!”
its clear to you, right now, how much of a terror he probably had to go through to have you right here, right now - like this. but its mutual again. its not like you weren’t going crazy about him, day after day
you stop his actions and take in his face in your palms as he still hungerly stares at you from bellow - feeling his extremely hard member pocking the wetness that build up your core too
“I have always been distracted by your neck for whatever reason”  - a small smile forming on his face and he unconsciously, shyly lowers his stare and his head  - “... as strange that is.”
one of your hands, that’s holding his face, goes in his hair and you pull on it to bring his stare to you
“Expose it more …”  -  you kiss him -  “take my shi-“
his hands grip on your waist, so hard and you feel a lump in your throat and you can’t breathe. you want him so much it hurts. it hurts how much you actually wanted him, that the supposed "want" you had for him up until now maybe felt like a joke - that much was clear and its was only now when you realize how much you actually need him  
Toji moves up your shirt, inch by inch as his hands move along the edges of your waist, your ribcage, the side of your boobs and then it’s him pulling your shirt over your head, leaving you in nothing but your bra
he squeezes his eyes shut and throws back his head hitting the wall
“Fuck!”  -  it’s the only thing he manages to utter before he gives you a hot stare, leaving his eyes pierce through yours and its him biting his lip, head against the wall and his jawline kind of hanging in the air - exposing all his strong veins trailing his neck
yeah, right … fuck is what you could say about him too
a matter of a minute later that his head is buried into your neck and this time he is way rougher. he kisses, wets your whole neck, trails his lips, his tongue and his saliva all over your skin and later does he, himself, grant the permission to dug in his teeth into your flesh, squeeze, nibble and bite hard on the delicate side of your neck
“… augh Toji!!”
“I’m sorry”  - he lies, he isn’t sorry. he waited god knows how long for this
in the process, his hands, masterfully unhook your bra and he drags on the straps along your arms, sending shivers to your spine. he has done this before, that much is obvious. he is skillful, kissing it “sorry” the spot where his teeth had prior sunken, he plays gentle but he really isn’t and he wants all of you, now!
letting the bra down, his kisses go the same way. along your neck, to your chest, to your breasts, as he, again, let’s himself welcome - consuming, stuffing all of your tit in his mouth, as he looks into - you want to burst
its after you pull on his shirt that you do the same with his. you bite his nipple with such intensity as much as he, yours - his chest is big, wide and strong, his shoulders, his neck, that it even feels like he has trained muscles there too
he’s huge and fuck - nah look at yourself being so wet right now! your panties are soaked
you help him unzip his jeans and he pulls them just enough, somewhere to his his knees, enough so they don't bother you in the process that was daring to start
thigh riding, and its only after him confessing his member hurts that this can no longer proceed, but he needs to be in you. immediately
you on the other hand strip of your cloths completely. being flesh naked in front him, for a second causes you lack of confidence and maybe you were far more vulnerable than you ever were with him, but the way he grabs you and sits you in his arms has this feeling of luck shooing it away as fast as you lend on him
he sits you carefully, and its more of him letting you, yourself to slowly slide on him, meticulously, lazily, letting both of you feel every inch of him separating and stretching your little cunt
and its both of you gasping into each other’s mouths as you reach your destination at the bottom of his large dick that is now fully, nonchalantly, living inside the warmth’s of your cunt, up to your belly. he’s big no doubt about it, and wide too and how you take all of it has him gone mad in his head. if you were already driving him insane - now you had caused him severe damage and he is fighting hard to not make this a fast session because frankly you do drive him crazy big time
“Fuck! .. fuck!”  -  feels like maybe that’s the only word he knows from now on, that the whole vast knowledge of language and words have failed him
the way you slide up and down on him and him gracefully landing his palms on your ass, squeezing, digging his fingers in deep into your flesh, and its then him lifting you up and sliding you down again himself while his lips are on your neck, your lips, then back again to your shoulders, then your lips again and then your chest and then its down to finally have your nipples in-between his teeth  
and its him tormenting, and biting, and fucking you violently yet slowly, and as i said, gracefully above all
Toji is a man in the right sense of the word. harsh, arrogant and selfish as you have already concluded but he treats the things he like with care, and he often does not like to share them with anybod-
it suddenly hits him how other men have had shared deal of you naked body too - like this … no, maybe not exactly like this, because this is a very rare case, fucking like this, like you two, in a small space that can bearly be called storage, but men have had you, have hold you and had fucked you and he feels a sense of jealously fueling up in his blood, and so he becomes even more aggressive even more sensual
no way other men can have you … fuck his mind is rotting, boiling. his heart is beathing so fast and his groans become even more louder as he thinks over the idea whether to bring this jealousy thingy to you, acknowledge it to you - regardless if this is your first fuck together, and regardless if it’s just the both of your bodies needs of you ending up like this or maybe cause you both, truly, deeply, wanted this and
and so,
“I- .., I- …”
“What is it?”  -  you ask since you feel he, is in fact, deep troubled by a thought
“I can’t, but feel sense of possession … I- .., can’t stop myself thinking of other men fucking you … fuck … I haven’t been able to sleep for nights but think how maybe you are with someone that night and that wasn’t me …”
you let a laugh at this, maybe you shouldn’t have considering he’s opening up to you and its being real with you among all things and its him, himself letting be vulnerable in front of you right now
“I’m sorry … but why?”
“I don’t know ... I just do.”
“You mean to say you are jealous?”  -  you smirk
“I don- … I don’t know … maybe I am.”  -  he openly confesses it and its his head in-between your tits and his arms on your waist sliding and then keeping you buried deep down on his dick, so to make you forget of what he just admitted real quick
its hurts your core, in a fucking good way the way he makes you feel right now. your spine tightens and your chest and your stomach and it soon feels like maybe he is granting you a free pass to a certain place he only has the key to
“Tell me you need me … tell me you only want me yours … that no one can ever have me … fuck Toji I- …gonna … tell m- …”
“What do you want to hear babe?”  -  as he buries his dick harder, deeper, far more sharper and way more slower  -  “That you only belong to this dick? … fuck … that I’m fucking mad at any men that can possibly ever have or that already had you? Cause yes, fucking yes I am! … but no one can make you feel like this …”
“What no? baby?  … fuck y/n … no one can make you cum like this!”
and he is right. as most times. nobody had you like this. nobody fucked you like this and nobody kissed you like he is doing it right now. waiting on you, guiding you into the bliss while he is being the most careful and most lazy then anytime prior … and he groans while you moan in his mouth - and this gradually turning into more of a love making then what i have called it “fucking” all up until now
“Why are you tormenting me like this? Toji it … it hurts ...”  
“Hurts?"  -  he smiles into your mouth - “A lot?”
“Toji!!”  -  and its him looking deep into your eyes as you are cuming on his dick - “mmhm”
"Yes babe."
that shout of his name was so loud to a point you were suppressed by the loudness of it alone - his smile getting wider and his dick harder - throbbing, causing him a beautiful discomfort, while you go over your high its when his one is approaching and its beautiful meeting halfway
his only problem is how to finish off his part - will his cum end up deep into your belly, dripping down your thighs, or maybe on your stomach if he decides to pull out or maybe you are openhearted enough to have welcome his warm semen into your mouth? as the million fantasies he had leaving him wake so many nights? … are you willing to take his fluid deep into your throat into your system … fuck
“I- …”
“I wanna come in your mouth.”
and so you lower yourself in front him. both of you legs on either side of his, on your knees - your mouth stuffed with his dick and both your hands on his thighs to further stimulate his orgasm, your full lips going down and closing on him - sucking the life out of him
he finally ejaculates his warm in your mouth to what can be called a perfect orgasm, and its now you looking at him, straight in the eye, and he throws his head back again, hitting that wall again, throwing his jaw in the air again, and his jawline clenching hard you think it might cut a bitch
yes, that’s right. that was in fact the only word he was able to let go off of himself after such animalistic act
after he came, Toji had felt at peace as he held you close. but that wasn’t all there was to it. he was well aware that there was something more to this. that making love was joining, a connection between one person and another. you receive something, and you also have to give
and so, he pondered onto this thought for a while as you laid on his chest - listening to his heart skipping on a few beats, looking at the light bulb which threatened to really give up this time
umm this song was mostly what rotted my brain during writing this ... like just imagine making love to Toji to it 🤕💫
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tojis-luver · 2 days ago
hi luv! i was wondering if u can write what would happen if the jjk men caught the reader touching themselves. if it’s not too much to ask :)
Characters: gojo satoru x geto suguru x nanami kento x f!reader
Cw : nsfw, minors dni, gojo satoru is a warning itself, oral. (f. receive) orgasm denial
Tumblr media
𝘎𝘰𝘫𝘰 𝘴𝘢𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘶
✫ He likes to watch you when you touch yourself on a regular basis so it doesn't change much when he catches you 𝘣𝘶𝘵 he's GOJO SATORU so of course he teases you about it like a little shit he is.
✫ "awe you just need me touch this cute little cunt of yours?" "Now don't be so shy, you wanted this didn't you?" "Moan louder fr'me sweetheart"
𝘎𝘦𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘶𝘨𝘶𝘳𝘶
✫ Just like gojo he's a tease when he catches you 𝘣𝘶𝘵 he will make you sit on his face. He 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘴 it when you grind you cunt on his face.
✫ "come on darlin', ride my face" "𝘮𝘮𝘮𝘱𝘧! just like that" "gonna cum? Already? But I've barely started" "𝘺𝘦𝘴! 𝘺𝘦𝘴! cum on my face, make a mess on me baby"
𝘕𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘪 𝘬𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘰
✫ He will be furious why would you touch yourself when he is right there to make you cum? So he of course doesn't let you cum or touch him.
✫ "darling, are you gonna cum?" "Keep your hands to yourself" "you just had to touch yourself, you couldn't wait for me?" "𝘋𝘰𝘯'𝘵 cum till I say so"
Tumblr media
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perzawa · 2 days ago
Toji with a size kink pls 🥺
Tumblr media
- size kink
Tumblr media
warnings/tags: size kink, dirty talk, afab reader
a/n: the way i was like literally abt to write for this one day omg i was thinking about it so much lmao
Tumblr media
“pl-ease toji,” you plead, tears sliding down your damp cheek while you moved yourself on your husbands cock. the most he could muster was a sloppy grin while he pressed hot kisses to the side of your neck, cock plunging in and out of your sopping wet heat.
you snaked a finger down to circle your bud, squealing from the overwhelming pressure you were feeling. toji pulled away from your body for a moment, eyes steadily watching where the two of you were connected. the grin on his face widened a bit and his pace slowed, cock sliding inside of you leisurely. he watched your face scrunch in pleasure, tongue lolling to the side.
you were so cute.
“look at that,” he grunted, pulling out completely for a moment before shoving his fat cock back inside of you. he couldn’t help but admire the way you suck him back in, tiny hole struggling to fit his entire length inside. still, you were trying your hardest, gripping onto the bedsheets beneath you while your body convulsed.
he loves the way you clench on him. it’s just that- your pussy’s so tiny, but it feels so perfect for him. he loves being bigger than you in all aspects. loves how fat his cock is to the point where he struggles fitting inside of you. loves watching you cry out when he finally bottoms out in your tight hole, fingers instantly pinching your clit to distract you from the burn.
he loves how good he feels inside you. his top kisses your cervix while he fucks himself inside of you, small pants and grunts falling from his own sinful lips. “god,” he cries into your neck, pace still as slow as possible, dragging out your orgasm. “this fucking pussy, baby- creamin’ my cock so fucking good.” his words are so dirty in your ear but they only make you react more, pussy buzzing and gushing on his cock until his base is visibly covered in your juices.
he loves the way he cages you in when he’s on top, large hands gripping onto the fat of your hips while he’s on the verge of spilling. he’s gonna cum. he’s gonna fill your pussy to the brim as much as possible, slow place speeding into a sloppier, but quicker one. he knows you’re gonna cum too, judging by the way you squeeze him just the way he likes it.
you can’t help but scream into his chest while you cum, goosebumps littering your skin while you cover his cock in your cream. more tears and falling from your eyes and he keeps going, cockhead bullying your sweet spot until finally, he’s shooting a load just as big as his cock inside of you.
he’s so big. his cock, his arms, his hands. he loves it. you love it.
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serenecelene · a day ago
Straight to Voicemail
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ Toji Fushiguro x f!reader
Warnings: Minors leave rn, this shit isn’t for you. Angst, character death, jjk spoilers??, slight NSFW (I mean it is deffo there but it isn’t super descriptive just Toji reminiscing and shit), brief breeding kink ig??, Toji referring to women as whores, unedited.
A/N: I chose this song because I truly think it is ironic to be used from Toji’s perspective. Also I know some events don’t really correlate in this makeshift series to the actual events of jujutsu kaisen -- like the fact Toji attacked Gojo whilst they were in highschool and reader was with Nanami by then, who is a year younger than Gojo -- so I didn’t really mention any of those canon events lol. One last thing don’t hate me if this is bad, I’m sick lmfao.
IDLY Masterlist |
Tumblr media
He didn’t love you, not like he did her anyway.
Jesus, no, how could he love you? That would be a betrayal to the only person who accepted him for who he was. You did that too, a far off voice in the back of his head reminds through the loud pounding. Sure, but she did it first, he responds.
So, how could he love you? You, who ironed all his shirts in the morning without complaint; you, who spent time in preparation of delicious meals he could smell from a mile away; you, who ran to his scared kid in the middle of the night after another nightmare; you, who loved them like she had before. A love so similar yet so different at the same time, one that made his heart race to the point that it pained him.
Truthfully, this wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t meant to start caring, not when she was supposed to be all he wanted. She was his forever, he promised her that at the altar all those years ago. Until death do us part, damnit, and he was still here, still fucking kicking. She would be his first and his last, never you. You, who was merely a distraction, someone who allowed him to use them in hopes of forgetting the harsh reality of his only love being dead.
Yet, when he rolled over in the early mornings, around 5am, he would find himself studying you. A smile would fight it’s way onto his face as he surveyed your cute pout and relaxed brows. He would move the duvet down from your collarbones and admire the exposed skin, littered with his claim. A large, cold finger would trace a winding path from your pretty lips, all the way past your marked breasts and to your belly button, sometimes even further if the need for you grew too much. Toji would revel in the goosebumps that flared up in his presence, the effect his touch had on your body far too addicting for him not to enjoy.
He wouldn’t think of her so often in the mornings anymore, not until he slithered out of bed and saw her face still decorated in frames throughout the hallway. He was disgusted with himself by the time he reached the end of that hall.
How could his heart ever flutter at the sight of you? No, that was disgusting.
Arguably, Toji was a smart man. He knew his faults and his strengths, he knew how to recognise patterns and emotions. Toji was a smart man, and he knew instantly when he was starting to fall in love with you.
Even when he tried to subdue it, fleeting moments of something deeper began to show through. He noticed it especially in the instances of where he roughly fucked into you merciloussly, like you were just another one of his random whores — hands ruthlessly clawing at the flesh of your ass and tightly squeezing the fat of your hips as the pleasure overwhelmed him -- he couldn’t help but admire you through green eyes that screamed anything but indifference, all whilst you became a babbling mess. You looked so beautiful like that though -- under him and with him -- to the point that he grew to crave the way you felt and wished to never know the absence of you again.
Through the pitiful attempt of harsher treatment, his fondness couldn’t be contained, because he didn’t have to lick away your tears as they fell like rivers nor did he have to suck on your lips, tongue, whatever he could fucking reach as you stupidly cried out. He didn’t have to go round after round, fucking his cum back into you, growling that he wanted you to give him another kid, groaning into your neck that you would look so pretty all round and plump for him, and only him. He most definitely didn’t have to call you his good girl as he washed your skin and gently caressed you in the shower, watching as you slumped delicately against his scarred chest.
He tried to convince himself how little you meant to him when he attempted to fuck you like one of his random whores, the only thing you were ever supposed to be. It never panned out that way though. You started off the same way every one night stand had and yet for some reason, you got to stay.
To which Toji knew he wouldn’t have allowed you to, would not have treated you so differently, had he not harbored some semblance of care towards his supposed distraction.
Unfortunately, that is when he knew that this -- whatever he had with you which was scarily bordering more and more towards intimacy than its intended convenience -- couldn’t continue. He shouldn’t be thinking of you like that, not when his wife was the only love he would ever have. He had to get rid of you, and so he did.
It started with harsh words and indifferent glances. He hoped you would catch on before he had to go any further, but you were a stubborn thing that just wouldn’t leave. So, he upped his game. He avoided your attempts at conversation, brushed off your touch as if it was poison, declined your thoughtful meals and finally told you that you didn’t fucking belong. He grew to resent you for not getting the hint. He hated how you would come back again and again, brushing off his harsh words with another loving smile and continued on as if everything was fine. It was funny how he did everything except ask you to go though.
However, Toji was sure he hated you by the time he finally got you to leave, for reminding you of your place; nothing more than a whore who tried to force herself into a family that she didn’t fucking belong to. Fuck, he was certain he absolutely despised you for making him out to be the bad guy he was always seen to be once again.
So, knowing that he consciously made that choice, he was confused as to why he was now continuously calling your phone after nearly years since you vanished. He figures that he shouldn't see your face everywhere he looks and he shouldn’t be out there searching for other women in hopes they resembled you. Even now as he opens yet another bottle of beer and chugs it down faster than the last, he can’t help but wish you would peer from around the kitchen doorway and ask if he was ok.
Maybe Megumi was the cause of this turn of events. Perhaps Toji had felt bad for the runt who had been pouting up a storm since your disappearance. Fuck, Toji couldn’t escape the brats constant questions of “when is Y/N going to be back?” and, “have you heard from Y/N yet?” Even when the boy woke up screaming in the middle of the night out of pure freight, it was only you he wanted to see. So sure, maybe Toji was just being a diligent father and doing whatever it took to make his kid happy, because it would’ve made her happy. Though, somewhere in the back of his mind, that familiar voice taunted him saying, you know that isn’t it.
Now, Toji knew he didn’t love you. He knew he loved the idea of what you represented. No one else reminded him of his lost love, no one else loved so similarly like you did. At least he hopes that is why he loses his breath whenever he thinks he hears your voice in crowded rooms; he hopes that is why as he wakes up at 5am everyday and is disappointed that he doesn’t see your drooling face; he hopes that is why whenever he fucks whatever random bitch he finds for the night, it is your name that he calls out instead of theirs.
Because, Toji couldn’t love you, could he?
He sways on his feet, the blood rushing from his head leaving him blind as he stumbles to the fridge once again. Another beer wouldn’t hurt, if it made these thoughts go away then one more should be fine. Except, it was never just one more. That is how he ended up here, slurred pleads echoing down the receiver in hopes that they’d finally reach your ears. One ring, two rings, three rings… Sorry but the number you have dialed cannot be reached right no-
Furious, his phone shatters into pieces as it comes hurdling into contact with the wall. God, even gone you were nothing short of infuriating. Why couldn’t you just answer the damn phone? Didn't you understand how much effort it took to throw aside his pride for these calls? He was trying to fix everything, didn’t you know that? So, please, just answer your damn phone.
The urgent desire to hear your voice consumed his chest with heavy longing. Toji didn’t love you though, nor did he miss you. There was just no one else quite like you, that was all. No one else who smiled so brightly, loved so beautifully, and cared so much. He tried to, but each person was hardly even worth the effort of comparing.
His gaze falls to his phone. Everything he had was there. The pictures, the texts, the calls, the voicemails. Such a waste, he thinks as he sinks down to the floor. His back protests as it harshly slumps against the hard wood of the kitchen cabinet, vision tainted with black spots that did nothing to help the dizziness that came over him. It was uncomfortable, and yet he never seemed to care. He went to sleep like that, as he had done every night for the past two weeks; the bed was laced with too many memories that would keep him up at night.
And Toji didn’t love you, but he wonders as his eyes become heavy and breaths become labored, he wonders if you are ok all alone because he isn’t, and he hasn’t been for a long time.
He also remembers why he hated drinking now, it always made him think of things he wished to forget.
The cycle of self-destruction continued, on and on and on. Without him giving the world permission too, time had passed quickly since the memory of where he used to silently sit and beg for you to come back. Time had passed -- he wasn’t sure how long, maybe days, weeks, or months -- and yet you still hadn’t left his mind.
It was funny considering that it had been a while since he had last heard from you, since he had last seen you and heard your voice. You -- and her, his first but apparently not his last -- would be disappointed in the man he grew to become. Toji was cold and harsh like the arctic tundra, he didn’t care for much any more unless it benefitted him. It is how people survive, was the excuse he gave himself, ironic given the situation he was in now. That mentality was probably why he had chosen to kill for profit, to be some rich person's personal lap dog -- one that did all their bidding so they could avoid the blood that stained his hands. It was also probably why he had abandoned precious, little Megumi for the rest of the world to handle; you would both hate him if you had ever come to hear of the deeds he had committed.
But, you weren’t here and so ultimately, he blames you.
You, who had smiled at him as if he was your north star in the barren night; you, who had traced his scars so delicately as if they were a fragile masterpiece; you, who had made him come to care in ways he despised, in ways he never wished he had ever come to know.
Realization was like a wave. It crashed down upon Toji’s unassuming form with an overwhelming force, plunging him down into the deep depths where he fought and struggled to come back up for air. His chest burned with the desperate need to breathe and his vision almost faded to a murky black until he finally won his fight against the current and escaped it’s downward pull. He kicked and thrashed as he managed to rise above the water again and with that harsh intake of precious air he finally concluded what he previously desperately wished to deny.
Refusal of his feelings would be stupid, and Toji was not a stupid man. He was in love with you. After years of wishing you would vanish from his life, it is when you ultimately did leave that he finally understood just how much you meant to him.
It’s also a shame he had to realize such a pitiful thing now, as he lay on death's door.
Toji was never a man to beg, he wouldn’t even do so for the sake of his life. But, loneliness was perhaps the worst curse of them all, one that sucked out the happiness from your soul;  loneliness made a person feel empty, a certain type of desperation that made one throw away all inhibitions. Toji was never a man to beg, but as he lays cold and winded in the remnants of his drunken, prideful stupor -- ready to die -- he thinks that for you he just might.
In his last moments, it is you he thinks of. Truly surprising, but then again, not that shocking at all. You were the first thought to come to mind; you, who massaged his tense shoulders after a long day; you, who kissed his scar over and over as if it was the most beautiful thing you had seen; you, who had fought your way into his heart and soul, to the point that he couldn't even breathe now that you were away.
Blood coats him from head to toe and the uncomfortable pin pricks signify that there was no chance of return for him as they crawl through his fingers all the way down to his toes. He cannot move anymore, a cry for help long since gone, and it was truly debilitating for a strong man like him. Instead he just lays on the cold ground where his greatest match had forced him to lie and all he can do is blankly stare up at a dimming sky that mocked him now that he was all alone.
Surprisingly, he was scared. Of course, no one wants to die, but he never once considered the possibility that once his moment came, he would suffer from a thundering heart and clammy hands. It was a good fight, a perfect, acceptable way for a man like Toji to die, yet here he found himself wanting to refuse his fate. He never thought in his last moments, he would want to have just a little more time to say what he stubbornly left unsaid. A wince paints itself onto his face as he tries to get his hand to reach into the pocket of his pants. It was that anguish that hurt far more than the physical pain ever could. Toji refused to die like that, without one last attempt at being selfish as his time ran out. So, even as all energy leaves him and the reaper crawls closer to collect what is owed, Toji finds strength to pull out his phone once more.
And Toji used to think he didn’t love you, but he knows different now. So, as the phone goes straight to voicemail for the last time, his body burns in the final crescendo that his heart dedicated just for you.
In his final moments and as the curtains close, he can hear that dial tone ring out into the empty air; and as no one answers for the last time, Toji cannot help but close his eyes -- eyes that were never truly indifferent -- and let himself finally admit with an empty smile,
I love you, with everything I have and have not; and I, a stupid, broken man, will die happily in knowing that you once loved me too.
Sorry, but the number you have dialed cannot be reached right now, please try again later.
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urlocal-degen · 2 days ago
Toji wakes u up with morning head <3
Tumblr media
note: I tend to write in first person bc I kinda like it more/it's easier for me lmaoo, hope that's not an issue
warnings: NSFW mdni (18+) somnophilia, afab reader
Read below~
Beyond my fuzzy mind, I feel a slight tingle in my core. It starts off faint, but I could feel it gradually building, squirming in my half-awake state. All of a sudden, a huge spike of the sensation causes a choked and plainly lewd sound to exit my mouth. Startled by my own voice, I peel my left eye open to observe my surroundings. The first thing I notice is my blankets bulged and scrunched around my lower half, indicating someone beneath them. Before I can stop myself, I release another shaky moan as a set of rough hands press their digits into my thighs, followed by a slick tongue gliding between my folds.
“Morning, love.” a low voice murmurs from below the sheets. That voice…
I begin to remember that I’d passed out cuddled against Fushigoro’s chest last night. Even earlier than that, we had slept together. My memories slowly returned to me as the fogginess in my brain began to clear. I remember those same calloused hands bending my calves above my chest, spreading me out wide for him…the insatiably hungry look in his eyes as his hips unsteadily rutted into me. His slurred curses and groans echoed through my head as the memories only now caused my noises to amplify.
“nnghh..T-toji~” I whine in my still morning voice, my hands snaking down the blanket to find his forehead and eventually his soft, black hair.. I can feel him smirk against me from beneath the sheets, his thumb pressing circles into my flushed skin. This was quite a way to awaken from my sleep. I laid there with my eyes barely adjusted to the light, mouth agape which caused my hitched breathing and whimpery moans to fill the room.
“Someone’s all riled up, I see,” Toji chuckles lowly, giving teasing kisses to my clit. My trembling legs were held under restraint with what seemed like no effort at all. Somehow the remark he made reddens my face even more, my teeth digging into my lips as an attempt to silence myself. “Want more~?” He asks. I’m unable to let out the words, so i reply with a quiet “Mmhhhmmn,” my underside begging for more friction with his face. He cooes in reply, beginning to readjust himself. He moves his arms from my thighs to the backside of his hips, leveraging my lower half closer to him and planting his elbows against the mattress. I let out a gasp as my head falls from the pillow holding it up, almost having to look up at the risen bedsheets now.
He doesn’t waste any time, either. With no hesitation his tongue begins to explore every crevice of my warmth. He utilizes as much of it as he can to enter me and explore my walls, afterwards gliding it through my lips once more before traveling back up to my clit. Once he latches his lips onto it as well, my body jolts in response, causing my legs to tighten and twitch against his forearms. At this point, I’m barely able to keep control of myself, my hands gripping the bed for dear life, drool pooling around the bottom of my lip as my moans only get louder. His relentless sucking on my swollen nub causes me to grind against his face as best as I could, my mind growing hazier by the minute.
His hand lovingly glides up and down my waist as he continues his attack. I think he could tell when I was getting close, his tongue beginning to operate at a faster pace than before. All I could do now was to scream out different variations of his name, convulsing in his grasp as I reached my climax. He’s barely phased by my rash movements, only lapping up the mess I made all over him. After letting me ride out my orgasm he sets me down and crawls forward, his head popping up from under the sheets for the first time this morning. I cup his face in my hands, planting a sloppy, open mouthed kiss to his scarred lips. He smiles slyly, observing my glossed over eyes.
“Looks like you enjoyed yourself, yeah?” I glance away in embarrassment, causing him to just laugh and rest his head against my neck. His hand traces up and down my leg as he uses the other to cover us in the blankets. “I could do this all day, Y’know.”
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erenstshirt · 2 days ago
A Party And No Crowd ft. JJK men
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Gojo × OC/ Getou × OC / Slight!Getou×Gojo / Nanami × OC / Toji × OC
Warnings: dubcon, manipulation, mentions of alcohol(no one's drunk), thigh riding, dacryphilia, praise, slight degradation, fingering, exhibitionism, non-consensual video taping, cum eating-kinda.
Syn: Quinn's two dear friends invite her to a party at theirs, which she couldn't refuse, only to be surprised it's a party of five members and no crowd.
Part One Part Two
Tumblr media
"This the address?" The driver asks, to which she nods and hands him the money. "Doesn't seem like a good enough party to me." He scoffs, pulling the car into reverse as soon as she steps out.
Despite being annoyed at his comment, Quinn has to admit the truthfulness it held. Gojo and Suguru's house looks eerily calm for a party, and the front lawn's empty, only graced by the humungous trees and the ajar gate waiting for her to walk through to close shut once again, and no cocophonous sounds thrummed her ears.
Instead, cricket sounds collided with the bristling wind made of with a tiny cold bite with smothers left of September's summer heat.
To quiet her brain from the whirl of useless thoughts, she gives Gojo a quick call. "Hey, didn't you just walk through the gates? C'mon in." He says in a cheerful and unmistakably rushed tone that makes her frown before getting the chance to have a word.
"I don't hear music or any noises behind you. Didn't you say there's a party?" She questions, to which he lets out a playful chuckle that sends chills from the locus of her eardrum and down to every fiber of her being.
"I- I just don't want to be overdressed and all and, you know." She adds hurriedly, afraid to have seemed rude or mistrusting of his word.
"It's fine, you look pretty." The compliment is said in a lower octave, and that is enough to knock the coldness and oxygen out of her. Quinn starts bubbling like hot soup and tries avoiding eye contact with the security cameras while making her way to the welcomingly open door.
She notices Suguru standing by the doorframe, hands clasped to the top of it with disheveled raven hair tied into a loose bun.
His stretched navy shirt is ridden up to show a little more than a silver of his artistically cut stomach and deep v-lines, enough to make her bite into her inner cheek.
While she's dressed in spaghetti straps hot pink crop top and tight black skirt, he's dressed in a simple cotton shirt and grey sweatpants.
The amount of control she's putting into inhaling the much needed oxygen and keeping her eyes solely on his face feels beyond challenging for the poor girl.
"Hey," Quinn greets, cursing herself a thousand times for sounding like a scared puppy whilst he smirked so casually, mischief dancing in his dark orbs.
"Hey," his low tone makes her stomach twist as tightly as a wet piece of cloth being squeezed dry.
She stops in front of him, too tongue-tied to put proper letters into a full sentence and start a conversation to seal the weird tension.
"We've been waiting for you." He moves aside, allowing her room to walk in, his gaze fixated on her like a hawk eyeing his prey. "S-sorry, I must have misunderstood, because I swear Toru said it'll be a party." She laughs in hopes of lightening the mood.
"He's an idiot, you know him. Don't worry about it though, your outfit is really...something." The way he said it... the way he said it makes a weight settle in her throat, which she masks the heaviness of with a smile and a polite head bow before making her way into the living room.
Quinn doesn't make it fully in, stopping at the arch separating the hallway from the ridiculously expensive-looking—and smelling—living room.
She considers but turning around in her place and heading back to the door if it weren't for Suguru's hand suddenly settling at the small of her back.
The living room included not a single female in sight, the only assuring face being that of the blond man's; Nanami Kento.
And seeing Toji Fushiguro sipping on a colorful cocktail with his legs parted as he sat on the couch comfortably, whilst Gojo pours a golden liquid into his glass that's still filled with remnants of whiskey, does nothing but peak her senses.
"Don't be a stranger, darlin'." The ravenet smiles at her, giving her a little push that makes her yelp. It doesn't help when Quinn finds all the attention centered on her once she lifts her head up properly either.
"Fuck, what a body." She hears in a low whispered voice that seems like it belongs to the green-eyed man, but she decides it must have been her imagination.
"Heyyy." She says, offering a polite smile then drifting her vision elsewhere—anywhere but at them really.
"Hiiii, I missed you pretty girl." The sound of glass settling a little too harshly against the table is enough to make her eyes fly towards it, only to see a flash of a long figure before she's pulled into a tight embrace.
She wraps her arms cautiously around his shoulders, careful not to let any corner of her skin touch his bare neck. Her body was heating up too fast, and the white-haired man doesn't seem like he's planning on pulling away anytime soon.
With the way he's hugging her waist and burying his face in the crook of his neck, a stranger would take them for an intimate lovey dovey couple.
"You didn't miss me?" He whines, tightening his hold on her waist as he whispers sinfully in her ear, making sure to let some of his whiskey breath caress it.
Accidentally, her body bucks forward into his embrace in an attempt to escape the sensation he printed on her ear and inserted into her.
"I-I did." She says through a shaky voice, quiet restless with the way his chuckle sounds as he finally releases her.
"Come, sit." Nanami's voice cuts through Gojo's intense gaze which seems to be full of nothing and everything at the same time, it has her frozen to the spot like all her senses are being taken away from her and yet gifted to her as though she's been reborn.
She gulps with difficulty the straining weight in her throat and walks towards the couch, sitting close enough to Nanami and as far away from the ravenet with the thin scar on the side of his dangerous lips as possible.
"How are you?" She suddenly feels less tense, all her tightened muscles loosening at the gentleness laced in the blond's tone. Almost as sweet as licorice.
"I'm good. What about you?" She gives him her best smile, fidgeting with her fingers that she doesn't know where to place.
"Perfect." He answers, and she almost mistakes it as a compliment. Her body reacts to it in the form of heat and a fierce blush that almost reaches down to her toes.
Drifting her gaze away, she clears her throat in an attempt to capture their attention. "So, umm...can someone explain the situation to me...please?" She requests meekly, nibbling on her bottom lip in nervousness.
"Don't make such a big deal out of it. It's just a hang out, us five. Consider it a game night if you wish." Gojo shrugs, then lifts the glass and takes a sip of the amber liquid with his eyes still fixed on her.
Quinn has her vision fixed on him, too. On the way his long fingers hold the glass so elegantly, his lean figure and long legs, and the way his adam’s apple bobs as the liquid burns its way down his throat.
And she could feel it, the depth of his gaze, along with the three other predatory eyes focused solely on her cowering figure.
"You still here, sweetheart?" Nanami whispers in her ear in such a faint tone, she confuses it for a dream.
"Y-yes, sorry. So, what are we playing?" Toji puts down his drink, tilting his body to the side to look at her properly.
She feels like she's being scanned at an airport with the little machine from head to toe, because this was exactly how he was looking at her. No inch of her being left un-gazed upon by his viridian eyes.
"Truth or dare; with a twist." The way the last word fell from his scarred lip gives rise to a higher tension than before, and the way he runs his tongue over the scar makes her bones shiver.
"Oh, I'm interested. What's the twist?" Gojo chuckles as he rests back in the leather seat, his right ankle resting above his left knee.
"It's basically dares, but if you cower out and don't want to do it, you have to share a secret." Suguru continues as he rounds the couch and takes a seat beside her, resting a hand on the back of the couch behind her.
She could suddenly feel her heart in her stomach and heat emitting from her ears so fiercely, it almost burns her untamed baby hairs.
"Sure, I'm down." Nanami shrugs, leaning back in his seat comfortably and crossing his arms.
"So, what do you think?" Once again, everyone looks at her, awaiting the answer they knew she'll give them.
"Yeah, sure sure. No problem. But umm, I—can I get a glass of water?" She asks in a strained voice while standing up and trying to pull down her skirt hopelessly.
" 'Course darlin', c'mere." Suguru stands up and gestures for her to follow him. She tries her best to brush off the way the three men were eating her up with their eyes, like they're so starved and are holding themselves back with a thin thread.
A whimper vibrates in her throat when she passes by Toji and feels a faint touch carressing the back of her thighs. She doesn't turn around though, instead trying to take larger steps to keep up with the man with the messy bun.
"Ahh, isn't she the cutest?" Gojo exhales, smiling slyly while watching the ice melt in the glass. "Mmm, I'd like to see how cute she'd look when I fuck her open." Toji chuckles.
"Fuck, just imagining it is making me hard." Gojo says, lifting his hips off the couch to adjust his seating position.
Meanwhile, she rounds the counter to open the cabinet for a cup, but Suguru beats her to it. "Oh, thank you." She says softly, turning around to place it under the dispenser of the silvery fridge.
Suguru shoves his hands in his pocket and stands behind her a little too closely. He eyes the view of her from above, watching as her chest rises when she tilts her head upwards and takes small and even sips.
His stomach twists when she casually wipes her lips with her thumb and breathes a little too erratically when she finishes the cup. He walks even closer to her, his front pressed to her back, hands aching to run over her curves.
"S-Sugu?" She asks in confusion, body rigid and unmoving. He almost bucks his hardened cock into the plush of her perky butt, but he restrains himself and inhales deeply. Her sweet scent gets sucked into his lungs and brain, messing with the order of its chemicals.
"S-sorry. Are you done?" He chirps as he moves back, allowing her space to relax and turn around to face him. "Yeah." She says, her cloudy grey eyes betraying her brain and zooming on the tent in his sweats.
She almost chokes on her saliva when she notices the bulge poking in his tightening sweats, and her face flushes a deep red.
Suguru doesn't bother hiding it any longer, he smirks as he takes his hands out of his pockets and arches an amused eyebrow at the flustered girl before him.
"Is something wrong?" He coos innocently, his expression displaying faux worry. She shakes her head, like the weird thoughts will be shaken off too.
"No no no. Not at all." She assures him, and puts the cup down on the counter before quick-walking out of the kitchen.
Suguru chuckles lowly as he follows behind her, his eyes lost in the sway of her hips and plush of her thighs. On his way to the living room, he grabs the bowl filled with crumpled papers and smiles sinisterly.
"There she is!" Gojo claps his hand and smiles up at her. "Shall we start?" He asks excitedly, like a kid told he's about to be given sweets and candies for dinner.
She takes her seat back beside the blond male and nods gently, her nerves tingling and making her feel on edge. Suguru sets the bowl down on the rectangular table and leans back, and she has to clench her fist and order her eyes not to dart and stare at his crotch once again.
"Here's how it'll go: we'll play in seating order— starting with me of course— and spin the wheel from my phone." He holds out his phone that has a colorful wheel with their names inserted in one time each. "For example, when I spin the wheel, I get to draw out a paper for the person it lands on and they have to do the dare. If they don't want to, they'll be asked a question that they have to answer or basically share a secret. Deal?" The blue-eyed man asks after finishing the explanation.
"Deal." Everyone says in unison, and Gojo feels as light as a feather from the satisfaction.
He looks down at the lit screen and presses the "spin" button, the colors spinning in the reflection of his swarthy glasses.
Much to his dismay, the pointer stops at Nanami, and he turns the screen for them to see. Nanami 'tsks' under his breath as he straightens up, watching the snow-haired male pick a random paper from the champagne pink crystal bowl.
"Discard three clothes material." Gojo reads silently and laughs as he throws the paper on the table. With a sigh, Nanami takes off his jacket, tie, and belt then folds them neatly beside him.
"Boriinnggg." Toji huffs out, splaying his hands on the back of the couch and fake-yawning. Gojo throws his phone into Toji's lap with a chuckle, and she just sits silently as she watches them.
They finish the first round, and the tension in her shoulders melts away as she realizes the dares are mere childish ones. When the turn reaches Gojo again, Suguru moves closer towards her.
"You good?" He asks, smiling in victory when her eyes lock on his, giving Gojo time to slip new papers into the bowl and discard a few of the old ones.
"Yeah, I am. Thank you for asking." She says earnestly, giving him one of her pretty smiles that make his brain go feral with wild thoughts about what she tastes like.
"Quinn." Gojo breathes, his cock suffocating beneath the material of his flimsy pants.
Her eyes fly over to him, watching as he shows her his phone screen before reaching into the bowl with a wicked smile that makes oxygen get stuck in her windpipe.
His movements are so slow as he unfolds the twicely folded paper—unlike the ones from the previous round that had been folded only once—while looking her dead in the eye.
Without glancing at the paper, he throws it on the table. Everyone hunches forward a little too fast, like they've been waiting for this moment—like they knew it was coming.
Make out with Satoru. It reads.
Quinn's grey eyes zoom out in embarrassment and shock. How did the dares take such a quick turn? Something doesn't feel right. Not one bit.
"Can you...pick another paper?" Her voice is barely above a whisper, hand having a mind of its own as it tries reaching for the bowl.
Gojo stands up and grabs her wrist before she has the chance to touch the little crumpled white sheets, "You don't wanna kiss me, angel?" He pouts, looking visibly wounded by her words and actions.
He pulls her up and walks backwards until he's back in his seat again and she's standing between his parted legs. Quinn feels overwhelmed by his ocean irises piercing into her and she quickly averts her eyes elsewhere.
"No. I- I didn't mean it like that—" she starts hurriedly, "I just thought—" Gojo interrupts her by pulling her down so that she's straddling him and shuts his legs to make her more comfortable.
What surprises Quinn more than the abruptness of his action, is the hardness she feels beneath her. Her hands grip his shoulders tightly with a whimper and legs hold her up so that she's hovering over his crotch instead.
Gojo doesn't hide his irritation, expressing it in the form of a firm and hard pull on her hips so she's planted on his lap.
Quinn tries whipping her head around to see if the gazes she feels on her are as intense as she thinks, but Gojo's hand that wraps around the nape of her neck keeps her fixed.
"Kiss me." He orders flatly, leaving no room for complaints. Her lips tremble as she squints her eyes shut, fingers biting into the fabric of his shirt as she leans forward.
Gojo quickly erases the remaining distance and crushes his lips against hers. Quinn lets out a muffled squeal of surprise and the alpine-haired man can't help but press her sweltering body flush against his hard one.
He lets go of her nape and cradles her jaw, parting her lips open to slide his tongue in. "Fuck..." she hears a voice whispering to her left, which could only mean it's no one other than the green-eyed male.
Quinn could feel the curve of a smile against her lips as Gojo's tongue hugs hers, angling her face to the side to kiss her to his desire. Her lungs constrict from lack of air and the intensity of the situation, which makes her push against his chest as she lets out noises of complaints.
Gojo pulls back, resting his forehead against hers and nibbling on her lower lip as he watches her flushed chest heave, and relishes in the sounds of her heavy panting.
His hands travel to her hips, using them to guide her up his thigh and eliciting a gasp from her. "Oh? Did that feel good?" He laughs teasingly, looking into her shimmering eyes.
He does it again, pushing her lower body away only to pull it forward, her clit rubbing against his thigh deliciously in the process. "N-no, d-don't do that...please." She mewls.
"Why not?" He pouts dramatically, the playful look in his eyes making her feel as though she's shrinking. Because it feels good is what she wants to say, but her tongue feels too heavy in her mouth to say anything at all.
Gojo watches her lips part and close without a response, which makes him chuckle as he does it again while looking at her.
Quinn lets out a moan, her hands rushing to the top of his thighs to stop him from moving her as he pleases. "Heh, this is interesting." He chuckles while slapping her hands away.
"Keep your hands above your waist." He orders sternly, and without even knowing why, Quinn obeys. Her hands hold onto his shoulders, eyes staring into his with a pleading look.
"Why don't you ride my thigh, hmm? Use me to make yourself feel good." Quinn's pupils zoom out in disbelief, and the urge to take him up on his offer makes her stomach twist in tight knots.
Everything in the background fades as she takes a step into the water, slowly, to test it. She ruts her hips forward, feeling the tingling sensation spike her nerves.
She becomes greedy, diving into the water like her skin would burn if she doesn"t. She rides and rubs against his rigid muscled thigh faster, her nails digging into his shoulders sharply. But he's too lost in her miserable attempts at masking the lewd expressions threatening to show with an angry frown.
Quinn's head bows down in shame and embarrassment, but the four men around her are way too amused by the whole situation. They all lean further back in their seats and spread their thighs wider, the hard-on in their pants feeling hot and heavy.
Whilst the alpine-haired menace chuckles, hooking his index finger under her chin and lifting her face up, "Look at me, pretty girl." He coos softly, and her eyes open with much hesitation to meet his dilated sky-blue orbs.
He captures her lips with his again, eyeing Toji from the corner of his eye with spite before shutting them closed. "Fuckin' delicious." He growls, and she hears a 'tsk' somewhere in the room, but she's too lost in the high to bother figuring the voice out.
Gojo's hands start doing the work for her. Instead of resting still against her hips, they starts moving her more properly. "A-aah, p-please—" she pulls back, her head dropping to his shoulder as he presses her clit down harder and rubs it just right.
"Lift your head. Let me see the faces you make when you feel good from riding my thigh. C'mon, sweet thing." He encourages, his lips sucking on her delicate neck that smells like burned sugar and gentle flowers.
When his lips attach to the pulse point just behind the base of her ear, her back arches and eyes fly wide open. Small crystals of tears sprint from the corners of her lash-line, and she presses her forehead to his.
"P-please...." she whispers, her voice full of pure desperation and need. "Please what? What do you want, hmm?" He asks with a smile, the answer already evident in the way her hips rock fervently.
"M-more..." she manages to say, her chest finally deflating from the excessive sucked in air. But much to her dismay, Gojo isn't satisfied by that. "More?" His thin eyebrows knit in confusion. He presses his cheek to hers, warm breath ghosting over her ear.
"More what? Use your words, angel." He finishes with a breathy laugh, his head tilting back to stare at her frustrated expression.
Her fingers bite harder into the fabric of his shirt, lips quivering with hesitation and cowering from the gazing lustful eyes around them. But her need and desperation grow stronger than any other feeling battling them.
"I-I wanna cum." She finally succumbs, ad bowing in shame and body squirming in embarrassment and desire for more friction.
"Please..." she adds, blown out pupils looking at him like a poor puppy, and his body can't help but respond to her rousing expression. "Fuck angel...how can I say no when you have such a pretty look on your face." He muses, his big hands gripping onto her hips and guiding her through the tunnel.
The men bask in the pretty noises she lets out the closer she becomes to her release, and Gojo's grip tightens on her brusingly as he feels his restraint thinning out.
His breath becomes sporadic as he helps her grind better, pretty eyes half-lidded from the pleasure but never refusing to shut close. He doesn't want to miss a second of the lewd expression on her face. Her parted swollen lips and crying eyes, the little baby hairs sticking to her temple, and the way her chest heaves and little body trembles.
"Cum, angel. Be good and cum on my thigh, c'mon." He encourages, sitting up straight once again and sucking dark bruises on her tender neck.
Quinn's eye cross as the pleasure intensifies and cascades over her like a heavy blanket on a chilly winter, and she lets herself go. Her vision blacks for a few seconds and every sound around her vanishes. All she could feel is the throbbing between her legs that spreads to the end of every nerve in her body.
She's then pulled back into reality by Gojo calling her name as gently and sensually as ever. "Y-yeah?" She blinks rapidly, trying to comprehend her surroundings and the situation that just occured.
"Felt so good you forgot your own name, hmm?" Gojo smiles brightly, looking at her through narrowed eyes.
She quickly stands off his lap, fixing her skirt and walking back to her seat with her head down. She's quiet surprised that none of the other men in the room said something about the event that just took place, and she assumes it's the aftershock of it.
It's quiet sad she's too flustered to look at their pants and realize her entire interpretation is completely false.
"Shall we continue?" Suguru asks her, to which she nods without returning the eye contact. A little time is all she needs to collect herself once again.
When the round reaches her, the wheel lands on the white haired man, which makes her tuck her lower lip between her teeth. She doesn't bother mixing the papers, and instead quickly pulls the one that stands out to her sight.
"Let the person on your left give you a hickey." It reads, and with a chuckle, Suguru stands and walks up to him. "I'm not kneeling. Stand up." He rolled his eyes, and she feels herself relaxing again as she lets out a giggle.
Suguru is generous as he sucks a dark hickey below Gojo's jaw, chuckling as he looks at it with a lifted brow. "Shit. You're an asshole." Gojo says after glancing at it in the table's glass reflection.
"A dare's a dare." The ravenet chuckles and lifts his drink upwards before taking a sip.
The game flows smoothly, and soon enough the round is only one turn away from her, the blond holding the phone in his end and pressing on the spinning wheel with brewing anticipation.
"Quinn." He says in a rasped voice, causing her spine to stiffen as she looks at him. The radiating dominance and wavering secrets behind his olive eyes almost make her hide behind Suguru like a scared bunny.
Without breaking eye contact, he fishes around for an extra folded paper and grabs it. Setting the phone aside, Nanami shifts his focus to the small paper between his hands.
She feels all the men in the room freeze, like they're suffocating from a poisonous tension she's somehow immune to.
Without glancing at the inked words on the paper Nanami throws it on the table, and everyone gathers around it like it's some valuable rare treasure.
"Let the person on your right touch you however they please." Gojo says, whistling as he looks at Suguru with amusement.
"Lucky bastard." Toji chuckles, going back into his seat and looking at Quinn with full attention.
Quinn keeps staring at the paper, gulping down the impossibly hard lump nuzzled in the middle of her pipe. Her head shoots up when she feels tactile fingers skimming up her arm, barely making contact with her skin yet enough to make her clench her thighs.
Suguru positions himself behind her, deft fingers grazing her arms featherly. A foreign strand of her brushes her shoulder, then a warm breath that smells like Kiwi and strong vodka hits her nostrils.
She feels everything in slow motion, somehow. The way his lips scarcely graze her neck, the way his hands skim over the smooth skin of her exposed thighs, the way his chest presses against her back deliciously.
And it's only when he fully presses her back to his front that she feels it. How turned on he is. It makes a muffled gasp leave her throat and her eyes almost fall from their sockets.
Nanami gives the phone to Toji, who passes it to Gojo, who starts recording the sensual scene folding out.
Nanami writhes with jealousy, opening the first three buttons of his dress shirt to try and ease the irritation itching his skin.
Toji, meanwhile, feels the fabric of his pants tightening almost to a ripping point. The urge to just say Fuck it and take out his hard cock never felt more enticing.
"S-Sugu..." Quinn exhales softly, and the male behind her shuts his eyes in bliss of her sweet and hesitant voice calling his name.
"Relax bunny, I'll make you feel good. Promise." His words feel like they've been carved into the skin of her neck where his breath fanned, and goosebumps start crawling all across her body.
She feels one of his legs nudging hers apart, his hands holding onto her abdomen to keep her balanced. "What will you do?" She asks in a meak whisper, it's a miracle if he'd even heard her to begin with.
Oh but he did. He did and the fear of the unknown in her voice makes his cock twitch harder in his sweats, his mind almost giving up all the control and encouraging him to bend her over and fuck her raw.
The answer to her question arrives as a soft press on her clothed clit.
Her back arches on reflex, like she's trying to escape the feeling of his touch between her legs. But Suguru's other hand that's holding onto her waist tightly can only allow her to squirm where she's standing.
"Fuck, you're so wet." He breathes, letting his tongue walk the length of her neck and bite the lobe of her reddened ear.
"Sugu...I don't think I can—" He interrupts her by using his middle finger to remove her underwear aside and feel her freely.
Her hips bucking unintentionally causes her ass to grind against his dick, which makes him hiss into her ear. "You gotta stop moving like that, bunny. I'm hard as it is and you're only making it worse." To say she's shocked would be an understatement.
Never in her wildest dreams did Quinn think she'll ever hear this man say such words— at least to her.
His middle finger pokes at her entrance, gathering her wetness and spreading it around her folds to rub her clit with more ease. Her hands find purchase in his arm that's holding her waist, and she digs her nails into it firmly.
The tall ravenet smirks, licking his lips as he dips his finger into her heat. Quinn gasps audibly. Eyes flying open as the erotic sensation intrudes her body.
It's not like she's a virgin or anything, but she couldnt remember a single time where a man's fingers had her eyes rolling to the back of her head the way this man's singular digit did.
"Fuck, your pussy's so tight 'n greedy, bunny. Wish I could see the way it's sucking my finger in." He says before pressing his cheek to hers and staring at the way his hand disappears deeper beneath her skirt.
"Yeah, I wanna see that too." Gojo admits, and Toji hums in agreement. Nanami on the other hand is too busy staring at her blissful face to focus on anything else.
He wants to grab those trembling hands and tether them with his tie, to kiss that pretty mouth and run his hands over every inch of her trembling being.
"S-Sugu...can't s-stand up—" she hopes the message is clear through the few words that manage to skip past her dry throat. "I got you bunny, no worries. I'm sure you can do it." Suguru drops a kiss on her temple, pumping his finger in and out of her soaked pussy in a steady rhythm.
Just when she thinks she could get used to it for a small while, he surprises her with a second digit and his thumb pressing on her clit simultaneously.
"Can't can't!" She shakes her head aggressively. "Have to—" "Shh. I wanna make you cum while you're standing. Be quiet and let me." The change in his tone has Quinn freezing instantly, feet digging into the floor to keep her grounded properly.
"Good fucking girl." The praise mixed with the ecstatic sensation erupt a lewd moan out of her, and she's too deep in the pleasure to bother hiding it.
She forgets her surroundings, the man behind her and the feeling he's providing her with becoming the locus of her world.
Suguru curls his digits inside her spongy walls and presses on her g-spot perfectly. So perfectly, that she throws her head back and lets out a series of rapid breaths and little choked and delicious moans that he wants to eat up.
"Yes, louder bunny. Moan louder for me." She feels his fingers dig into her waist, surely leaving bruises that might last a day or two, and his hips rolling forward as he grinds himself on her.
"Fuck, you're squeezing my fingers so tightly, bet you'd feel even better on my cock." The ravenet was losing himself in the pleasure he's providing her just as much as hers if not more.
Suguru wants to be greedy and just take her to his room and fuck her until the sun bathes the room and then some. It was torture, to say the least.
"Close...please—" she slurs, head trying to meet the dark irises of his eyes in pleading. He absolutely loved it.
With a twisted smile, he presses harder into her, pumping his fingers harder. Faster. His thumb shifts slightly to the left, rubbing her just in the spot that makes tears roll down her cheek.
"Please please please!" Quinn chants, feet trembling from the intensity, having her completely rely on his hold on her.
Gojo's hand trembles as well, the masterpiece in the recording almost going to waste. He quickly manages to fix the phone on the whiskey bottle and relax back into his seat.
Toji frustratingly takes a big gulp of his Bellini and Nanami closes his eyes and puts a hand over his face, unable to bare the sight any longer.
"Cum, bunny. Cum on my fingers, please. Prove to me how good you're feeling." The poor girl stands on the tip of her toes, banging her head repeatedly on his shoulder.
"So good. Feels so good!" She rushes out before she's falling into that tunnel again, her orgasm leaving her thrashing between his arms like a bird trying to fly free but not wanting to leave the cage that became his home at the same time.
Little shivers swarm her veins as she falls limp against his body, and he pulls his fingers out slowly with a pop. "Holy hell, baby. You made quiet a mess on my hand." The blush that's already plastered on her cheeks blooms wilder, and even wilder when he pushes his coated fingers past his lips and sucks deliberately.
"You taste so good, bunny. Just look how jealous they are 'f me." His hand lets go of her waist and cradles her jaw, pulling her head up and turning it to the right.
He parts her lips and pushes his tongue in, his lips locking around hers.
When he detaches his lips from hers, a string of saliva hanging between the corner of their lips makes him groan deep in his parched throat. The flustered woman before him looked so fuckable his mind almost short-circuited.
"Back off. Dare is over." Nanami deadpans from his seat, shifting everyone's attention towards him. "Grab the phone from Satoru and spin the damn wheel already." Quinn stares at him with curiosity, wondering if Suguru's words could possibly be true; where they really jealous? Why would they be, anyway?
She reclines back into her seat, feeling Nanami suddenly shifting closer towards her. "You okay?" He says softly, and butterflies swarm the center of her stomach at the softness of his voice.
"Yes...I am. Thank you for asking... Nanami." there's a pause before the last word, hesitation settling at the tip of her tongue. "Kento. 'S okay. You can call me Kento." He assures her, a shadow of a smile appearing on the left corner of his lips.
She nods in understanding and takes a deep breath, grabbing her drink and downing it in a single gulp. Toji's voice suddenly fires the alarms in her head as it hits her eardrums.
"Easy there doll, the game is just beginning."
Tumblr media
Read More.
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thicksimpx · a day ago
Toji calling you his “sweet girl “ as he breeds you while looking into your eyes…. “Keep your eyes on me” 😩😩😩
Goodnight i gotta go 😂
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readerinsertz · a day ago
NSFW JJK Character Request MDNI
✧ Sakuna (Hard Dom, any kinks, DDLG, innocence + size kink, master-pet, king-main RP, fingers, finger sucking, kneeling, oral cockwarming, monster fucking, CNC, Pred/play, derogatory piss, makes you hump his foot/thigh, degrading, praise, can be soft, surprisingly good aftercare, ass+pussy spanks, full nelson, humiliation, degrader, possessive, throne fucking, brat tamer)
✧ Toji (Hard Dom any kinks, DDLG, innocence+size kink, creampies, darker kinks, CNC, Pred/prey, training where he demonstrates how the enemy may use you, piss soft and derogatory, doggy, pet play- puppy, cow girl, makes you hump his foot/thigh, puts a fleshlight in you then fucks that when you’ve been bad, spanking, full nelson, humiliation, degrader, brat b r e a k e r)
✧ Gojo (Hard and Soft Dom, probably lets you get away with shit, threesome with Geto, fucks you up in the air-pretends to drop you just to see your reaction, DD, RP where he is your superior, master-pet, master-slave, head of house-maid, curse!Reader x Exorcist!Gojo, darker kinks, degradation via showing how strong he is vs how weak you are, CNC, Pred/prey, training where he demonstrates how the enemy may use you, soft piss, infantilisation, domain fucking, finger sucking, blindfolds, size kink, tease, dirty talker, bully, makes you hump his foot/thigh)
✧ Geto (Harder Dom, head on hand watches your tantrum, sighs “thought my princess could be a good girl but i was wrong. She’s a slut who thinks with her wet cunt”, face slapper, pussy slapper, condescension, degrader, fingerer, derogatory piss, makes you hump his foot/thigh, threesomes with Gojo, pet play, collars, NWC, makes you crawl naked, dumbification)
✧ Maki (hard domme, strength kink, size kink, bully-forces too big straps into you, training where she pins you to the mats and fucks you, packs most of the time and grinds the bulge into your ass, makes you her stress reliever, mummy, fingering, makes you squirt, makes you hump her foot/thigh, RP where she’s the ehad of the house and you’re the maid or her arranged wife)
✧ Noritoshi (neglect kink, pet play, arrow holder, blood play, Manips you to finger yourself, fake disappointment, kneeling, finger sucking, backhanded compliments but also “of course my baby is the best cocksucker/prettiest princess/good girl”, can be a hard dom but him also gazing down at you so softly, aftercare, bimbofication)
✧ Nanami (Dom, DDLG, sugar daddy, brat tamer, bondage with his tie, makes you hump his foot/thigh, cockwarming + reading book aloud, any mistake is a thigh/pussy slap, clit + nipple clamps, pretty collars-lace collars, jewelled collars, leather collars, thin velvet collars, butt plugs, anal, face fucking, cock and ball worship, pet play- kitten, bondage with his tie, fucking him in his suit)
☆ Megumi (Dom, pet play, teaches you tricks, brat tamer, spanker, fingerer, face slapper, pussy spanker, kneeling, finger sucking, potential bully, probably pretends to be bored when fingering you, when you’re having a tantrum just looks down at you bored, “you done?”)
☆ Yuji (Soft dom puppy play, praiser, soft for you, whipped, dabbles in kinks for you, potential bully, thick fingers, hands always on your ass/pussy, casual groping, so sweet and kinda innocent but push him too far and he becomes a beast, manhandles you into doggy and just raws you)
☆ Nobara (whiny top, superiority kink, sneers degradation at you, major tease/bit bratty- won’t let you cum but will sweetly ask “what’s wrong, don’t you need to cum?” potential mummy + infantilisation, feral for lingerie, sugar mummy, loves seeing you in her clothes)
Will only write switch!Nobara as poly with Maki ☆━━━☆ “(your age), can i request Maki x F!reader where reader is a first year and Maki teaches her Kouhai how to finger herself/another woman? With size kink and squirting? And maybe Nobara also is in on it and plays with reader at the same time.
☆ Mai (whiny top can become a mean dom, threesomes with her twin, shoving your mouth over her cunt, sneers degradation at you, pet play, royalty/superiority kink, RP where you’re the maid or maybe younger sister, fake incest/step siblings, sits on your face, breath play, bully)
Only write her as Poly with Maki (they will not be fucking each other but the reader)  ☆━━━☆ (your age) can i request a maki x F!Reader where Maki is  the head of the house and reader is the maid and Maki ordering reader to “help her relax”. Bonus if Mai also decides she wants to be “relaxed“
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slttygeto · 6 hours ago
synopsis: when he wants to relieve some stress, you're always there to help.
warning: riding, manhandling, if i forget anything tell me
Tumblr media
this is all what he needed to be honest. after such a long day, relaxing on the chair near the balcony with you on his cock, bouncing so slowly and taking your time milking him felt like a reward.
he was a busy man, one that got tired easily and coming home to you treating him like royalty made his heart flutter, lips pressing against yours to show how grateful he was for you.
now, as the moonlight was the only source of light in the living room, casting on your naked bodies, a pretty mess you were so proud that you created when you decided to tease him a little, getting on your knees and pressing a small kiss to his trousers as you batted your eyelashes at him. his hand held your jaw, thumb caressing your cheek before pushing past your lips, your warm tongue tasting the hints of saltiness on his skin as he groaned, letting you have all the fun.
but you decided that enough was enough and you needed to relieve the ache between your legs too.
"god—fuck, you're so good," his whispers made goosebumps appear all over your skin, your hands bracing themselves on his shoulders as you stared down at his cock. your cunt was swallowing him so prettily, his pelvis now coated with your arousal which made the feeling of your clit gliding against it feel so good.
you loved feeling like it was just you and him in the whole world and so did he, so he pulled you closer, chest pressing against yours as his hands moved from your sides to your ass, spreading the cheeks apart before bouncing you rapidly on his dick.
your once cool demeanor was immediately thrown out of the window the moment he stood up, strong arms supporting you as he walked all the way towards the couch. fuck was it hot how strong he was, and a moan slipped out of you at the thought of how he could manhandle you so easily.
"like how strong i am baby?" he chuckled a little when you clawed at his chest before flipping you around and bending you over the arm rest of the couch, ass in the air for him to admire.
he hummed as he dragged his finger nails slowly over your spine, the action making you push your ass higher for him and whine a little, you were practically dripping at this point and he wasn't doing anything about it.
"gonna fuck you full of my cum," he pressed his chest against your back before pushing his cock back inside you, this time setting a merciless pace. his cock split you open, it dragged against your walls so good that you found yourself holding onto his forearms from behind, crying everytime the tip of his cock kissed that one sweet spot inside of you.
grabbing your hands, he pinned them behind your back as he lifted your hips up a little with his free hand, this angle allowing him to reach deeper spots and making you unravel beneath him.
you were pretty sure the neighbors heard you by now. the couch was moving with every thrust of his and you couldn't do anything about, only emitting lewd sounds and hoping that you'd somehow be able to muffle them in the couch ; something he wasn't going to allow you to do.
"wanna hear your pretty noises," his free hand grabbed your hair as it let go of your hips and pulled your hair back until you were staring up at him with teary eyes, your lips red and abused from biting them too hard.
the smile he flashed you wasn't supposed to make you feel all giddy, not when he was drilling his cock into you so hard. your pussy gushed each time he pushed his dick back into you, your clit brushing against the material of the couch sending jolts down your spine. you don't think you've ever felt so good in your entire life.
he kept his eyes on you as he slowed his pace down, humming a little when he saw the way your eyes were becoming unfocused. he was fucking the sanity out of you, leaving your brain with no thoughts but the need to cum on his cock, coat his balls with your arousal and beg him for more and more and more, until you couldn't move a single muscle.
you weren't supposed to look so pretty when fucked out, looking back up at him as he started to pick up his pace again, this time with a purpose, a need to see you cry for him, shake and pull him so close to you, need him and only him to bask in that euphoric feeling for a few moments.
he slipped his hand down to wrap it around your neck, lips pressing against your cheek to give you a sweet kiss all while he pounded into you at an unforgiving pace, kissing the corner of your mouth to shush you when you started feeling your orgasm approach you.
it felt strong, much more intense than your usual orgasm and you gripped onto him for dear life, gasping as your toes curled once the senation finally hit. your eyes rolled to the back of your head, forehead sweaty and sticky as your chest stuttered at your shaky inhales, your wrists weakly let go of his forearms to brace yourself on the couch.
"just a little more," he whispered into your ear as he kept his pace going, his need to cum skyrocketing when he saw just how fucking gorgeous you looked when you gushed around his cock with no care in the world. fuck, he felt his balls squeeze.
with a few more thrusts, he emptied himself inside you, refusing to pull out as he stayed still for a moment, catching his breath and making sure that you were doing alright.
"you're okay?" his fingers buried themselves in your hair, gently massaging your scalp as you hummed almost in a drunken way, flashing him a sleepy smile.
"never been so okay," to which he chuckled. your post orgasm state was always a sight to see.
zeke jaeger, iwaizumi hajime, kakucho hitto, aizawa shouta, nanami kento, toji fushiguro, erwin smith (again, when he had two arms<3), mitsuya takashi, meian shugo, kuroo tetsuro.
Tumblr media
2022 © all works belong to slttygeto. do not repost my work anywhere else.
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daddy-toji · 2 days ago
𝕚 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕔𝕒𝕟’𝕥 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕞𝕪𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, nsfw, dark nsfw
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...how he is in jealousy
𝕔/𝕨…knife kink, name carving, jealousy sex, possessive, semi-public sex, marking, degradation, dacryphila, taking away safe word during punishment, daddy kink for toji
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠…
Kento gets more jealous than he lets on. Just a person looking at you gets him riled up. But as long as you aren’t paying the person any attention then he can hide it.
If the person does get your attention and get you to laugh. He will act on it, the most rational man on this list. He just calmly talks to you about how he is feeling.
Your reassurance does little to quell his jealousy. And it always comes out during sex when Kento in his words, “Is this pussy mine? Then you’ll cum when I tell you to right? I’m about to cum deep in my beautiful pussy of my lovely wife and I want you to cum for me. Go on my love you look so hot making that face. No one else can make you cum this hard.”
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
You never thought Satoru to be the jealous type. And he normally isn’t, unless he thinks Suguru has a better chance than he does. Why have you been giving Suguru more attention than him?
Tries hard to get your attention by trying to make you laugh. And if that doesn’t work then he starts getting mean a little towards you. Till Suguru clues him in you like him but are trying to pretend you don’t. Which drives him crazy.
Satoru kisses you during work, trapping you against your desk. And getting between your legs Satoru gets you off. Then leaves you waiting more. “I’m going to let Suguru smell my fingers before I lick your pussy juices off. Remember be at my place with your pussy this wet at 11 tonight.”
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
Only lets his jealousy show if he knows you like him. He is quick to get physical. With them and with you, if they touch you and he finds out it’s on sight. Then he will pin you in the alleyway he needs to throughly check to make sure your alright.
Toji likes to hear you call yourself his especially after getting jealous. He knows you won’t ever him, no matter how long he is gone for work he knows, “I’m the only one that can please your whore pussy. Come on baby girl I’m getting close and if you want me to stuff my wet, hot pussy then you’ll have to beg for Daddy’s cum.”
There is no way your getting out of this without your throat marked up. And if you have a knife kink then Toji would love to carve his name into you. The way he praises you afterwards let’s you know that the sign of possession is putting Toji in a good mood.
Doesn’t get jealous but he gets possessive. If the is man gets wind someone is flirting with his human then they get a personal visit from the king of curses. You might not be seeing them anymore depends how they play their cards.
Sukuna take it out on you only if it hide that someone flirted with you. He is toxic and blames you saying you wanted it. Otherwise he could talk to them, “If your confused who you belong to then I’ll fuck it into you. I’ll break your fucking brain and leave you a cock drunken bitch on your bed.”
If you say if he jealous then you are losing your ability to speak. He doesn’t want to realize that you are becoming more than a pet to him. And so your going to have to shut your whore mouth for Sukuna.
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
Suguru doesn’t get jealous. He is the only one who truly doesn’t. His ego won’t let him, Suguru can’t understand getting jealous. Unless your genuinely interested in some else. But even then is more possessiveness.
How dare anyone think they have a chance when he, Suguru Geto, has you. It’s laughable, but if the person is persistent they will see Suguru gets handsy. Suguru pulls the strings just right to makes sure that person catches him and you getting intimate.
If you try to make him jealous it won’t end well. Suguru still won’t question your loyalty but this isn’t a form of bratting he will accept. “There is no safe word tonight, I thought I told you that. Your cries for me to stop are pointless whores don’t get mercy. They get used till they pass out.”
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thehighpriestess1 · 2 days ago
Maybe I'll write some HCs of Toji as Tatsu in the way of the househusband.....
P.S : It'll be slight smut ;)
Tumblr media
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2limerencell · a day ago
"𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘥, 𝘚𝘢𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘶."
𝐺. 𝑠𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑢
𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡 𝑡𝑤𝑜
Satoru looked at Yn's eyes through the screen and he could see the small smile on her face as the video disappeared. After three whole years he was finally giving the chance he was begging for yet something just wasn't right.
And when leaving the house and stepping into his car there laid a photo with a note connected, it was a late note.
This is the end. This is everything I ever wanted.
This note was from two years ago. This note was written on Yn's 17th birthday. "What the hell?" The picture was her high school graduation picture and even then she didn't smile in that. 'How did he not notice that? A call from an unknown number interrupted his thoughts "Hello?" "I see you found your first clue, but your gonna need to be a little quicker someone's turning pale. You've got 17 hours but at this rate you might get here to a dead body"
All satoru could do was panic "Dont panic, I'll help you out. Yn went missing the night of her birthday. I'm sure you can get some hints out of that considering hoe weirdly she acted towards you that night"
Hang up Satoru tried thinking straight yet nothing came to mind
"𝘊𝘢𝘯 𝘪 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶"
"𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺, 𝘪𝘵'𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘣𝘪𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵'𝘴 𝘸𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘨?"
"𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘰𝘥𝘢𝘺"
Small memories of how Yn begged Satoru to stay with her ran through his mind "Shit" goes to show how easily this could've been avoided if only he paid attention.
"𝘚𝘢𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘶 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘥𝘰𝘦𝘴𝘯'𝘵 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵"
𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯.
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ztoji · 2 months ago
# : title just for shits and giggles, almost… smut under the cut.
tags : breeding, lots of cum?, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms hinted, use of daddy
Tumblr media
he’s keeping his hands on the back of your thighs to reach deeper inside of your already cum filled cunt, your lower half in the air because of the angle. his cock so deep in you it keeps bumping into your cervix and making your stuffed cunt cream around his cock fit snugly inside of you.
you keep mumbling about how he’s reaching too deep, but the way your hips move towards his every time he pulls out makes it hard to believe.
“look at the way your cunt is creaming. ‘s painting my cock white baby.” he says, making you whine louder. “i should keep filling you up until your pretty pussy can’t take it anymore. keeping my cum plugged in until you get round with my baby?” he asks while slowly picking up the speed of his thrusts.
“y-yes, please put a baby in me! wanna make you a daddy.” you answer, now full on thrusting back onto him. making him reach even deeper and causing his thick cock to rub against your g-spot.
he lets go of your legs and reaches down to touch your clit. sensitive after hours of fucking, the light touching making you cum almost instantly. the tightening of your cunt almost forcing him to slow down, keeping your hips sealed together and your hips still against the mattress.
once the tightening from your cunt stops he picks up the speed again, your moans getting even louder and begs for him to slow down because you’re still so sensitive.
he’s panting by now, “gonna cum soon.” he mumbles, pressing a hand flat on your tummy to feel himself. “’m gonna cum in you baby, yeah? want you filled with my cum.” he continues.
“p-please cum in me daddy.” you mumble out, finding his eyes “wan’ be filled up with your cum, wan’ your baby in me.” he leans down to kiss you hard, hips stuttering as a showing that he’s gonna cum soon. “yeah, want you to cum with me.” and once again he’s reaching down to rub his thumb on your clit, pushing your legs over his shoulders to watch as his cock ram into your wet cunt. a white ring forms on his cock from both of yours cum.
you push against his hips when you feel yourself get close again, hips stuttering together as to show you are both going to cum soon. but this time with him and deep inside. “please please please, cum with me.” you beg, watching with wide eyes as his groans gets louder and hips thrusting even harder against yours.
with a loud moan you cum together. his warm cum filling you up and your cum squirting onto his lower stomach. you are both left panting as he stops thrusting, but keeps his softening cock flush inside of you.
separating from you he smiles softly to you, “we should clean up.” he says, “mhm, later though. want to be close now.” you mumble, hiding in his neck. you feel him chuckle and pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
“hope that makes a baby.” he smiles.
Tumblr media
# a/n : he wants a baby *gasp* /j. old piece tho so yuh i tried to change it to the better aND those older drabbles will probably have so u decide who matches best? if that makes sense
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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druighoney · 25 days ago
Daddy's precious cumdump
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ [Fav character] x reader
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, fingering, dacryphilia, size k!nk, dirty talk, mating press/full Nelson, degradation, slight breeding kink lmaoo, praise, v slight choking (?), cervix kissing, creampie, mean daddy dom. MDNI.
⤷ Note. Sorta a reupload?? I edited it and couldn't decide whether I wanted gojo or tengen or tsumu, so you can use your imagination! And ty for 2k! ✾ And tell me who you imagined hehe
#tags. @festive @yuujispinkhair @ztoji
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
Tumblr media
"Aw, aren't you precious?" He coos with two of his thick fingers knuckles deep inside your pussy,"Struggling to take my fingers." Your words are eaten up in the searing kiss he engaged, biting and licking on your lips till they're swollen ever so slightly. With the most subtle crook of his fingers, he had you screaming, cunt clamping down on his relentlessly digits. He pulled out his fingers from your greedy hole with a wet pop just as your orgasm hit,"Your pussy's s'greedy, won't let me leave."
You pout with a low whine, thighs wrapping around his waist,"Don't be mean, daddy." Lashes fluttering as you look up at him with puppy eyes that you know he won't deny, he can't deny his little baby when she looks at him like that.
A hand travelled down to cup the swell of your ass, squeezing a handful. He leaned down to your ear, “Yeah? Fine then. Daddy will fuck you real good." Slick coated fingers are shoved past your lips,"If you're a good girl." The tip of his cock grinding against your wet entrance made your mind go blank with need. Your cheeks are squished suddenly, bringing you back to reality,"Go on, suck 'em clean, baby."
Your tongue felt heavy as you twirl the tip around the pads of his fingers, hands scratching at his chest. A low groan rumbles in his broad chest as he watches you with darkened eyes. His hand leaves your face and settles around your neck instead, hips rolling into yours, “Your pussy's so wet, all for this fuckin’ cock, hmm?"
You nod fervently, mewling softly as he pushed in slowly, letting you feel every thick inch of his shaft, "Say it.” Even when he's fully sheathed inside your warmth, he's thrusting painfully slow, dragging his hard cock along your walls," I'm a slut for your cock, daddy." Your whine made the vein running along his cock pulsate,"Need you to fuck me hard, please."
"What a whiny little baby I have," Strands of hair fell in front on his eyes as he paused for a breather, "S'tiny," With a damned grin he pinched your nipples, "S'cute," His words are slurred, drunk on the feeling of your pussy struggling to fit his whole length.
Pretty tears fall from your eyes when he starts thrusting again. You'd never get used to the stretch of having his fat cock inside you, no matter how many times he fucks you, you're still as tight as the first time,"'Daddy," A gasp flies past your lips when his warm palms settle on your thighs before sliding down,"Yes, baby?" Soon your trembling knees are pushed up to your chest. He smirked when he noticed just how much deeper he could go with the new position. You're babbling under him, head thrown back and incomprehensible moans on your tongue,"What? Want me to be gentle? Or d'ya want me to make you my personal cumdump?"
"Please make me your cumdump." There's a slight sting in your vocal cords from how loudly you scream his name. His tip is snug against your cervix when he leans over to hum, lust blissed eyes observing your lewd expression with amusement. He never tires of how he can pull such cute sounds from you,"Too deep, please,” Your hands grip on the sheets till your knuckles go numb. He chuckles at the pathetic whine,"Yeah?" One slight buck of his hips and you're whimpering with a fresh stream of tears,"Then why don't ya' cum f'me already?" Your thighs quivered from how hard the pace he set is,"C'mon baby,"
"If I'm fuckin' you s'good, then cum for me," Hot breath cooled on your wet cheeks before his warm tongue licks at your tears,"Like the whore you are." Your walls clamp around his cock and he smirks devilishly. Pulling back, he watches in awe as the base of his cock gets coated in a thin white ring of cream,"What a fuckin' slut." His taunt tapers off into a broken moan and you feel his cock pulse against your gummy walls,"You're close, aren't ya', slut?" Your lover grits out.
"Hmm!" You hum, nodding feverishly and he stutters from how tightly your cunt is wrapped around him,"Good girl," His grunt fills the room as he fucks you through your orgasm,"That's a good fuckin' girl. My good girl, yeah?" Your glassy eyes stare up at him in your afterglow and you wonder if it's the mind numbing orgasm singing through your veins or your boyfriend's always looked so ethereal— beads of perspiration damping his forehead as he heaved on top of you.
"You're so filthy." His voice breaks your trance, "All this for me? How cute." Your cheeks burn when you realise he's talking about the wet squelch when his cock slams in your pussy, you made a mess down there,"'Too much, daddy," Your hands push at his shoulders in an attempt to push him away,"Stings," You whimper at how he's still pounding into your overstimulated cunt.
"Aw, it hurts? Too bad. You're gonna keep taking it until i’m satisfied." His nails dig into the skin of your patella,"Oh, keep squeezin' me," From his heavy breathing and erratic thrusts, you could tell he's close,"Just like that- ah, need me to fill up this slutty pussy of yours, hmm?" Your back arches as you're forced into another recurrent high with him,"You look fuckin' beautiful like this, all fucked out for daddy." He whispers breathless after coating your walls white with his cum,"Daddy's precious cumdump."
"Aren't you going to thank me?"
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 19. Corruption kink
Tumblr media
Pairing: dilf!Toji Fushiguro x babysitter f!reader
Synopsis: Mr. Fushiguro is looking forward to becoming a father, again
Warning: age gap, corruption kink, breeding kink, belly bulge, cervix fucking, daddy kink, blow job, fingerfucking, choking, nipple play
wc: + 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
As you cradle the baby in your arms the sound of keys echoes at the front door. His footsteps are heavy as he makes his way to the bedroom.
"Sorry I'm late," he says laying the heavy bag on the floor and running his fingers through his disheveled hair. You shake your head as you place baby Megumi in his crib, "no problem" you reassure him, "Mr. Fushiguro." 
The black, rain-soaked t-shirt is clinging to his sculpted chest, allowing glimpses of his muscles, "has he been good?" he asks peering at the baby in his crib, making sure he's at least breathing. "Yes, we started eating the baby food a little more solid today" you inform him but the man is too distracted by his phone to listen. "Um come on over I'll pay you" he says walking out of the room after casting one last look at the baby.
"Are you free this weekend?" he asks as you follow him into the kitchen, and when you nod he sits down on the couch and pulls his wallet out of his pocket, "then you should keep him all weekend and Monday too," he says as he holds out the money to you, muscles darting under his t-shirt.  
"You should change before you catch a cold Mr. Fushiguro" he says without thinking, Toji smirks, "mmh yeah?" he asks amused making you sign to sit next to him.
"Oh what a good girl" he murmurs stroking your thigh, "you know since you started working for me I feel like your skirts have gotten shorter and shorter" he says tracing your warm skin with his fingertips. When you blush he pinches your cheek, "that's cute" his hand is getting closer and closer to your panties, "I bet you're already wet" he murmurs in your ear with a smirk on his face. "I'm not ..." you murmur trying to block his hand, "I'm not wet daddy ... I mean Mr. Fushiguro" you mumble correcting yourself.
He bursts out laughing, "am I your daddy now baby?" he asks caressing you between your thighs, the nub coated, sending jolts all along your body, "mmh that's cute" he meows licking your neck.
As his fingers become more insistent you spread your legs and pull your neck back giving him more access. Toji slips his hand inside your little thong and massages your clit with his big finger, "how does it feel baby?" he asks nibbling on your jaw, "is daddy making you feel good?"
His finger gets rougher on your nub, "it feels good" you gasp clinging to his arm, "so good", Toji pushes his finger between your folds and giggles in your ear, "so wet" he says pushing into you. As his finger is sinking deeper and deeper inside your cunt with his other hand Toji holds your ponytail in his fist, "you're such a good girl" he murmurs, pulling you towards him to push his tongue into your mouth, making you moan.
When you reach into his pants his cock is hard and pressing against the fabric of his boxers, "it's been a long time since someone has made me happy" he murmurs sensually, "do you want to help daddy?" he asks pulling his hand out of your eager pussy, and pushing your head towards his cock.
"Can you touch me some more, p-please?" you ask as you release his shaft and lay back on the couch, your ass in the air, he laughs before grabbing your ass cheek, "go ahead baby" he says moving your panties to the side and resuming his work inside you.
The head of his big cock fills your mouth, when Toji pushes you onto his shaft you gasp and your eyes pinch with tears, "go ahead pretty girl" he encourages you pulling his long shaft up and down by your hair.
Your pussy swallows his fingers and your juices slowly slide down your thighs, drool forms on the sides of your mouth, sliding down your chin and onto his balls, "yes that's good" he praises you when you finally manage to swallow him whole, your throat swelling every time you push the head down.
Your sore cunt starts to get more and more eager, and you start thrusting your hips into his hand trying to focus on your breathing, "what a slut" he moans pushing your head down on his pubes and holding you still as his fingers sink more quickly inside your cunt. 
Your moans are muffled by his long shaft, and when Toji adds a third finger inside you your vision blurs, your lower belly begins to be run through by tremors until you come creaming, "if you want to breathe keep cumming" he says holding your head pressed against his body. As if to please him your cunt twitches, cumming again and again.
When Toji lets you breathe the drool joins your abused mouth to his swollen cock, "what a dirty girl" he teases you licking his fingers with your sweet cum, "come here and ride daddy" he says helping you up.
When you're standing you slide your embarrassingly wet panties to the floor and slip off your sweater, "yeah, so cute" he murmurs when you roll your skirt to your hips and climb up his thighs, slowly sliding down his thick shaft.
Although his fingers have slightly prepared you for that intrusion you feel the walls stretch as you slide his cock inside you, "s-so big" you gasp when you manage to take it all in. With a grin on his face Toji grabs your ass roughly and begins to massage it leaving red marks on your warm skin, "let me see you jump, baby" he murmurs taking one nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard.
As you begin to pounce on his cock your limbs relax as the orgasm grows inside you, you can see how his huge cock glimpses into your belly making it bulge every time it hits your bottom, painfully grazing your cervix, "Daddy I'm coming again" you meow rubbing your clit on his pubes.
Without taking his mouth off your swollen nipple, Toji begins to move underneath you.
He holds you up on top of him and then pulls you down his cock hard, making you moan, "Daddy" you scream through tears creaming along his length and onto his balls. "You're such a good girl" he murmurs making you jump up and down mercilessly, "you'd make a good mommy too" he murmurs biting your neck and sucking on the salty skin, "will you make me a daddy again, pretty girl" he asks getting up from the couch and fucking you harder, his balls deep inside you.
"Y-yes da-daddy" you meow unable to formulate any more words.
Every time his cock pushes against your cervix your cunt twitches, "yeah baby, do we want to give Megumi a sibling?" he moans gritting his teeth, "take my cum baby, yeah, that's it" he moans cumming inside your abused pussy, "look how cute".
When his cock stops twitching in your hole Toji puts you down on the couch, "I'm sure you'll be even hotter with a baby bump" he says pressing your cheeks with his fingers, "just a couple more cum shots and we should be done" he chuckles kissing you on your little pout.
When the baby's crying interrupts you Toji lets go of your face, "go mommy, the baby needs you" he murmurs with a smirk.
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sukiloves · 2 months ago
𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 '𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐭' <3
Tumblr media
warnings ! sub!reader, bottom!reader, finger sucking, oral (m & f receiving), dacryphilia, teasing, making out, v. fingering, praise, lil bit of degradation, oral fixation, slight dumbification in toji's, ddlg, bit of grinding, mirror sex, guided blowjob, use of petnames i guess cause i love those, cussing.
notes ! this was sitting in my drafts for too long and i decided to make another blog and post it here. these are just things that are a turn on for me sfshsh likes and reblogs are appreciated !! ok bye :))
Tumblr media
FUSHIGURO TOJI . . . loves it when you go absolutely dumb over his fat cock abusing your pussy, making creamy rings and slick threads connecting you both. he adores it even more when you loll your head to the side and your eyes go hazy from the pleasure he can't help but hold your pretty face, letting you suck on his thumb like how you do with his cock, whimpering and moaning around it making toji groan from the feeling and vibrations.
“that's it, princess...suck on it like the good cocksucker you are. fuck — daddy's fucking you so good you can't think straight, huh? don't worry, baby. daddy's cock is all yours once i'm done with you.”
GETO SUGURU . . . prefers holding hands with you while you're deepthroating his cock, spit rolling down his length as you messily stroke him with your free hand. he will let out the prettiest moans if you sucked hard on his tip, hand tightening their hold on yours and it's so intimate, so romantic to hold hands with him while you choke on his cock. the same thing happens when he eats you out, intertwines your fingers together so you'll have something to hold on to when he loses himself in your juices.
“god, i love you so much, baby. sucking me so good. might just put a ring on you if you keep sucking me like that – mmm, fuck! just like that, baby. you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth.”
GOJO SATORU . . . likes it when he's taking you from the back, the both of you against a mirror as his iron grip on your chin kept you in your place — ordering you to ‘keep watching’. he'll enjoy every minute, every tear, every moan from you. slowing his thrusts before speeding up and slowing down again just to rile you up. he dares you to close your eyes, look somewhere else, anything but him. but you never did, and he can't look away with how your eyebrows are pinched together, cute lips parted as your eyes rolled to the back of your head – screaming nothing but his name as you made a mess on the both of you.
“you like this, pretty girl? like watching me fuck you in front a mirror? should have known a dirty girl like you loves to watch herself getting fucked and making a mess on her boyfriend's cock, hmm? squeezing me real tight, too. you practically have hearts in your eyes from how fucked out you are! come on, keep watching, pretty girl.”
RYŌMEN SUKUNA . . . adores you sitting on his lap. it is your throne, as he said. he especially adores it when he can easily have access to your pretty pussy — spreading your legs wide with his muscular thighs, the points of his fingernails sending tingles through you as he glides them on your skin. he loves to devour you whole, but he enjoys it more when he can play with your wet pussy - always ready for him – rubbing your cute little clit and sinking his thick fingers in your dripping heat the same time he puts his tongue in your mouth. he'd be lying if he didn't find it hot, what with his hard cock grinding under your ass.
“i can play with your perfect pussy all day, doll. mmmh, i can't wait to put my cocks inside you. think you can handle it? shit, your cunt's sucking my fingers so fucking well, doll. moan for me, make the whole world know who's making you feel good.”
NANAMI KENTO . . . sighs out praises and gentle instructions whenever you go down on him after a hard day at work. he knows you'll be good for him, treating him so well with your mouth that felt like heaven to him. you can see the tension and knots ease from his body the more you pay attention to his needs. he'll stroke your hair while you go down on him, telling you in a deep voice to stroke his cock the way he likes it, the speed you're bobbing your head up and down on his shaft. he wants to take his time – after all he's home and he's got you to relieve some stress for him.
“yeah, just like that, angel. ah fuck — go a bit slower. that's a good girl. you gonna be a good girl for daddy and make me cum? yeah? go ahead, angel, make daddy feel good. ah, right there...”
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p-antomime · 2 months ago
Kiki can you list on you're fav fic that you had written with twitter porn links(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
this thing here with rindō | 𖥻 link
this thing here with maki | 𖥻 link
this thing here with haruchiyo | 𖥻 link; link
this thing here with gojō | 𖥻 link
this thing here with izana | 𖥻 link
this thing here with mikey | 𖥻 link; link
this thing here with haruchiyo | 𖥻 link
this thing here with haruchiyo | 𖥻 link
this thing here with toji | 𖥻 link, link
this thing here with denki | 𖥻 link
this thing here with dabi | 𖥻 link
this thing here with mitsuya | 𖥻 link
this thing here with nanami | 𖥻 link; link; link
this thing here with toji | 𖥻 link
this thing here with shigaraki | 𖥻 link
this thing here with wakasa | 𖥻 link
this thing here & here with bonten trio [ran; rindou; haruchiyo] | 𖥻 link; link; link; link; link; link
phewwww~ that's all, kisses~ babe
⚠️. some links may contain content such as overstimulation, piss, edging, stepping and/or breeding kink, so please first read the works warnings next to the links before opening them !
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