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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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How how HOW did Alicia Sierra manage to just casually stroll into the Professor’s hiding spot without being detected? I’ve always gotten the impression that he was in a place more secured than Fort Knox, but obviously he’s not.

Hate to love her or love to hate her, some things I will agree on is that she is very smart and she’s got a lot more tricks & resources under her sleeves than I was giving her credit for. She managed to be a blind spot in the Professor’s plan and for that I give her kudos!

I’m looking forward to seeing what else her character brings in season 5. I’ve read several comments on social media from folks guessing that she might actually want to be recruited by the Professor and join his team, now that she’s on the run. And I think that would be another excellent twist to this story, especially seeing how their dynamics & power struggles would work in this heist. Although I don’t know how much we can trust her cuz she seems a bit unhinged…I’m also not totally convinced she’s pregnant. But maybe it’s just the foam belly production gave her looks really fake.

With that being said, Alicia Sierra, see you on season 5!

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“Tutti ci portiamo dentro un cecchino che mira al cuore, ma il vero terrore arriva quando il proiettile non colpisce te, ma qualcuno che ami.”

- La casa de Papel

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