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#tokiwa sougo
dapperowl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“He said Sougo!”
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narashikari · 2 months ago
New trailers for Superhero Senki just dropped and it looks like the theme is “returning heroes... with ponytails/long hair”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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asknarashikari · a month ago
Minific : Sougo get beaten up by either a villain or kaijin (your choice, im a bit indecesive here lmao) and Tsukasa like "you regret hurting my student", Tsukasa anger is like that anger that you shouldnt cross the line and his kouhai reactions to it
“You made a mistake targeting this kid.”
Sougo winced in pain as he tried sitting up, his eyes widening when he saw who had put himself between him and the whacko-of-the-month. “Tsukasa?”
“Yo.” Tsukasa acknowledged, tipping his head toward him. “You look like crap, Zi-O. Take it easy, I’ll take care of this bastard.”
“...You’re helping?” Sougo asked, bewildered. 
Tsukasa’s eye twitched. “Do you really think that low of me that I wouldn’t come for you when you need me? I’m actually hurt, Sougo.” He smirked and turned back to the monster. “If you wanted my attention, you’ve certainly got it... Attacking my student to get it, though... what a low blow.”
The kaijin hissed at him. “Decaaaaaade... Destroyer of Worlds....” it intoned, low and gravelly.
Tsukasa’s eyes narrowed at him. “If it’s a fight you want... it’s a fight you’re getting. Henshin!”
“...Wait, you’re not surprised about this?” Sougo asked incredulously, sitting up in his hospital bed, eyes wide with shock.
“As much as we hate to admit it, the guy’s reliable in a fight,” Emu grumbled grudgingly. 
“And for all the crap he gives us, he doesn’t leave people hanging when they’re actually in danger,” Shinnosuke added. 
“He’s still a Kamen Rider after all. He’s one of our buds!” Gentaro stated cheerfully, thumping Sougo’s back. 
“...Huh.” Sougo leaned back on his pillows thoughtfully. “I guess I did underestimate him.”
“It’s easy to forget that Tsukasa does have a heart,” Shoutaro chuckled. “What, with his usual antics and all.”
“I can hear you guys you know!” Tsukasa yelled from the other side of the room. He, like Sougo, was all beaten up, albeit less severely than Sougo. “Nice to know you guys think so highly of me.” He griped.
“You have to admit, Tsukasa, you’re too much of a little shit to deserve that.”
“Wha- Get back here so I can kill you Wizard boy!” the magenta warrior cried, shaking a fist at his insolent kouhai.
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kanacaecilius · 4 months ago
It’s waga maou’s birthday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mola-mola-fish · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
sometims you gotta make your own sougo geiz content. i tried making it as close to the “ go for it nakamura “ cover as i could
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kamenridernorth · a year ago
When you accidentally choose the wrong dialogue option in an RPG
Tumblr media
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thornstone8773 · 2 months ago
Kiryuu Sento, a genius man-child who lived in a basement/warehouse with no steady job.
Tokiwa Sougo, an ordinary high school student with impossible dream.
Hiden Aruto, an ordinary young adult who gained his fortunes through nepotism.
Kamiyama Touma, a successful young writer who owned his own bookstore.
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flaim-ita · a month ago
Tendou-centric, Zi-O tribute related, 700+ words
Happy birthday @kentaroemiya !!!
Tendou Souji is dead.
Or, rather, he faked his death. Telling few, and not in as many words. Though he trusts they know him well enough to figure it out.
Why did he fake his death? Well, that’s complicated. Mostly centering around the girl beside him.
Anya Kazanari, the Fangire girl being trained to go after Kiva and Saga. Her family was awful, treating her as a weapon, but he had rescued her. Unfortunately, with the powerful family she belonged to after him, it had been best to fake his death. To keep others out of it, as well as to cover his tracks, for a time.
Of course, it didn’t work forever, but he was Kabuto, and also just himself, so…
(And he’s avoiding, for now, making the girl fight, but the five year old had nonetheless taken her robotic Kivat with her when he removed her from her terrible home.)
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dapperowl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by a few different scenes with these two
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asknarashikari · 8 days ago
Minific involving undercover shenanigans by the Riders
Let’s see how much chaos will ensue from this
“I can’t believe you talked me into this...” groaned the unwilling accomplice, squirming in place uncomfortably. “We shouldn’t even be here to begin with...”
“Just relax, he won’t notice us unless we act suspiciously,” said the instigator. “Besides, I doubt he would recognize us in these disguises.”
“For another thing- why do I have to be the girl?! I’m your kouhai, why do I have to be the one to suffer this humiliation?”
“It’s because you’re the kouhai that you have to. Besides, you look good in it!” his companion cajoled. 
“Oh c’mon- oh wait, here he comes!”
The pair pushed their chairs closer together, pulling the milkshake they ordered towards them and each taking a long sip from the two straws. To anyone looking- including their target, who just entered the café- they appeared to be one of those sappy couples who indulged in too much PDA, instead of a couple of nosy guys spying on their friend’s date.
From their peripheral vision, they watched their target look around the café, before he spotted something and his expression lit up. He made his way to that table, his smile so wide it nearly split his face in half.
“Touma.” The flabbergasted pair watched with open mouths as the swordsman got up to greet the novelist with a chaste kiss. The author giggled, his cheeks going pink, but allowed the other to seat him. 
“What...?” said the accomplice. “I was sure that he was dating that editor of his... oh man, I lost already...”
Not even a moment later, the café door opened with a ding from the bell hanging over it, and the same editor that the unwilling spy had been talking about breezed through. She instantly spotted the two swordsmen at their booth and made a beeline for them, calling out for them. “Toumaaaa! Rintarooooo!”
“Mei!” Both men chuckled as they got up to greet her, but before they could she had glomped them both, kissing them in turn. They both seemed surprised by her sudden embrace, but wrapped an arm around her to return it as they gave each other confused stares. 
“Oh my... they’re dating each other...” the kouhai whispered in shock.
“Just one more...” muttered the senpai. “C’mon, let me have this... where’s that lightning swordsman guy...”
The bell over the café entrance tinkled once more, and the very swordsman they were talking about stepped in, looking quite shy and nervous. His eyes flicked around, before they settled at the spot where Mei, Touma and Rintaro were sitting.
“Kento!” He seemed to relax when the other two called out to him, and he went to join them at the table. The two men gave him twin kisses on his cheek, making him smile, before he turned to kiss the editor on her forehead. They all took their seats, blushing and smiling at each other as a server came up to their table with menus in hand. 
“Yes! I called it! I freaking called it! OT4 for the win!” whisper-yelled the senpai. 
“Alright, alright, you won, Sougo...” groaned Aruto. “Now can we get out of here? I want to get this dress and this wig off me...”
“No, I still need to get a good photo of those guys, to post on the group chat...” Sougo refuted. “I need to rub this in everyone’s faces, hahaha...”
(And it didn’t take very long for Sougo to get the definitive evidence he needed to win the bet- a photo of Touma, smiling like a fool as he got kisses from his trio of lovers all at once.)
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spooky-cowfish · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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11 - “What are you wearing?” with Tsukasa and Sougo based off the ask of Tsukasa reaction of seeing Sougo wearing Tsukasa's old Shocker outfit.
11. “What are you wearing?”
Yuusuke heads into the living room first, while Tsukasa’s still taking his shoes off in the front hallway, but he doesn’t get far. In fact, he stops in the doorway, and he’s silent for a long moment before saying, “Tsukasa, we might have a big problem.”
“Yeah? Like a Yuzuki-did-something big problem, or a world-might-be-ending big problem?” Tsukasa hops for a moment as he gets his left shoe off, puts it on the rack, looks into the living room over Yuusuke’s shoulder, and freezes. He can feel all of the blood draining from his face. “Oh.”
Great Leader is sitting on the living room couch. But it’s not Great Leader, or at least not the one they know--he’s got his back to them, but they can tell anyway, because he hasn’t got the curls. And then he turns around and flashes them Sougo’s guileless smile and Tsukasa nearly has a heart attack.
“Sougo,” he says, grabbing Yuusuke’s shoulder for support, “what the hell are you wearing?”
Sougo blinks. He isn’t wearing eyeliner, which is a relief, because if he had been Tsukasa might have collapsed anyway in his inability to decide whether to panic or to laugh. “It’s a costume. Daiki picked it out.”
“A costume for what?”
“Yuusuke. Yuusuke, did the house move?” Tsukasa shakes himself. “I didn’t feel it move, did it move, are we in America now? Are we in a place where people care about Halloween?” His forehead thumps into Yuusuke’s shoulder. “I’m going to kill Daiki.”
Yuusuke pats his hand gently. “You’re not going to kill Daiki, it’s fine.”
“Try to stop me.”
“Of course I’ll stop you, I’m not letting you kill Daiki, we all like him too much.”
“Yuusuke, you are my fucking rock, I love you so much.”
Sougo’s frowning, clearly confused. “Is there something wrong with the outfit? He said it was from a movie. It’s way too big on me, I had to roll the sleeves and pants legs up.”
“It’s from a couple of movies,” Tsukasa says to Yuusuke’s back. “It’s a very long story. Please go change and I'll explain when you come back."
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gaytokucharacters · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tokiwa Sougo from Kamen Rider Zi-O is canonically a mlm
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thornstone8773 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ladies and gentlemen and others, I presented you our beloved King and President.
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