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thiscatdraws · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
I believe in girlboss x malewife supremacy
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catboymoments · 2 days ago
Trans dad hajime for the soul under the cut
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Tumblr media
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ajokeformur-ray · 6 days ago
Does anyone know how to block really specific things across the board on the internet? I don’t mean sites or anything but is there a feature to filter out words so I don’t have to see a certain thing? Because if I have to see one more close-up shot of a pr*gn*ant belly or anything related to childbirth etc., on YouTube I may legitimately vomit. I do not want to see it anywhere asdfghjkl ~ my tokophobia’s getting worse but idk if that’s because I’ve been noticing it everywhere so it’s always in the forefront of my mind or if it’s actually getting worse.
I’ve already figured out how to block pr*gn*ncy on Netflix but for sites such as YouTube, I would genuinely appreciate some advice if anyone has any!🥺🙏💙
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somnolent-scout · 7 days ago
don’t know anything about what’s happening with the mpreg thing but if people don’t like it that’s their problem
Yeah, that's what I keep saying. If people are bothered by my content, then they can block me. That's perfectly understandable. I just wasn't sure why 12 artists suddenly blocked me out of nowhere.
Also, I would like to mention that I struggle with tokophobia. So the Charlotte & James AU started out as a coping mechanism and challenge my therapist suggested I should do. I started having more ideas for James. So that made We'll Keep You Safe a lot more interesting. Then I started coming up with ideas for a "little sister concept". I realized that I had way more ideas for an mpreg kind of origin story for Charlotte instead of whatever my other option was. I developed the whole respawn glitch concept, how Jeremy could carry Charlotte to full term, and more as I continued to face more fears caused by my tokophobia and learned to cope with things. That's why the Charlotte & James AU is do important to me. It helps me cope with one of my greatest fears.
So if others are struggling with tokophobia or they just generally feel uncomfortable with the concept of a cisgender man slowly changing his body to be able to grow his daughter, please block me. Your mental health is far more important than my special interests.
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kirkgoldstandard · 9 days ago
guess who’s doctor referred them for an autism assessment
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catboykazuha · 10 days ago
lrb, but like i hate those hcs that are like 'oh zhоngli wants children' bc i cant stand the thought of pregnancy and having kids :/
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traumalecter · 11 days ago
Me: hey it’s so funny that my grandma was already a mom at my age and my mom was with my dad at my age, but I was born with this weird defect and I literally can’t even have sex
A whole entire dumbass in my comments section: why would you glorify teen pregnancy???
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ajokeformur-ray · 12 days ago
Finally figured out how to block specific shows on Netflix!!! If I had to see one more close-up of a pr*gn*nt belly I was gonna be physically ill...🤢🤢🤢 
(Even typing this had my stomach churning, eesh😬😬😬)
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resultful · 15 days ago
just read a horrendous story of how a woman fell pregnant and didnt even know until it was too late to get an abortion. dysphoria because she felt her body wasnt hers and that she was trapped. I want to rip my uterus out and I tore her out almost 6 months ago. sterility is so good
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muslimintp-1999-girl · 16 days ago
There has to be at least one good man, who doesn't want kids, in Karachi and I hope I find him someday aameen
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jesterfestivle · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doodles of my trans couple ocs, Ezio and Penelope !
Most of these are preggo trans dad doodles cause I wanna have a kid at some point and have been baby yearning recently 👉👈
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liamjmoriarty · 22 days ago
love going to the Dr as a gay trans man like
nurse: *looks at me, looks at my chart, looks at me*
nurse: are you sexually active?
me: yes
nurse: how many partners do you have?
me: 1
nurse: what gender is your partner?
me: male :)
nurse: how often do you use protection?
me: sometimes. not very often.
nurse: do you have penetrative sex?
me: yes! :)
nurse: is there a chance you could be pregnant...?
me: no! :D
nurse: ...are you sure?
me: im very sure!
nurse: ...ok.
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pastrygeckos · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We came across a very pregnant and super friendly lady today! I noticed she was kind of dirty, but when she laid down in the street to roll around, it made sense. She even let us pet the big baby belly!
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followthebluebell · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Please... Just give birth already...
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pack-the-pack · 29 days ago
Hi. I was wondering if maybe you could do some more pregnant omega headcannons or even a few overprotective Alpha ones?
I'm one of those people that over romanticises pregnancy for Omegas. Like in my verse only like 2% or so of Omegas have a rough pregnancy. The rest are all just cute, magazine-like model pregnancies. Where they just have the tiniest, shapely baby bump and they don't feel a lot of pain and everything is unicorns and rainbows.
Is it realistic? No. But it's my verse and I can do what I want with it. So here's some headcanons about it.
• Heavily pregnant Omegas, specially males, get sleepier when they're pregnant and it's not uncommon that they fall asleep while doing things such as eating, taking a shower, reading, etc.
• For this reason cabs and lift apps offer discounts for Omegas that are pregnant by law.
• Pregnant Omegas are more sensitive to practically everything, so a good way to tell if an omega is pregnant, sometimes even before they themselves notice, is changes in behaviour such as:
• Getting annoyed with textures and clothing and lounging naked in the sun/in their nests because of it.
• Avoiding items with all and every scent that is not their own or their mates (yes this includes friends and family).
• Being more ticklish.
• Not enjoying strong flavoured things as much before.
• Babies can't kick and move in my verse as they do irl (because It's creepy as a fuck and I hate it) BUT they can purr. Omega males will stay hours purring back to their bump. It's almost as a language only the two of them can understand.
• Pregnant Omegas have the opportunity of "being a beta" for 6 months. Their hypersensitivity for scent allows them to perceive subtle changes only Betas would be privy to originally.
• That coupled with their newly flowered motherly senses make pregnant Omegas the ultimate comforters. If you're down and a pregnant Omega is there to give you love, you'll be all right.
• Pregnant Omegas are Hornier. They just are.
I hope you like these, I'm not as inspired as I used to be but here it goes :)
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ayumistudies · 29 days ago
Being a hypochondriac sucks :(
My knee joint: *is stiff, probably because i’ve been sitting a lot and putting pressure on it*
My head: *a little stuffy/dizzy because of the pollen in the air, happens literally every year*
My brain: “you have blood clots in your leg and you’re going to have a stroke, prepare to die”
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invaderskoodge · a month ago
crimna: Hello father i thought I should tell you we’re having a child 
Takka: Oh? Which one of you? *unsure how this would happen because fae cannot get pregnant and neither can crimna* 
crimna: Ezmira’s laying an egg. 
Takka: Oh, i see! 
takka: w. wait. Hold on. H 
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funwplushtrap · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Matt and Springtrap from Fazbear Frights #5: In The Flesh. one of my favourite stories!
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closet-keys · a month ago
me when I find some pain meds that reduce my dysmenorrhea symptoms dramatically: wow, maybe I don't need to get a hysterectomy after all
me later that day when I get triggered by the trifecta from hell of trauma, tokophobia, and dysphoria: I need to gouge this organ out of my body or die trying
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