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Tumblr media
random headcanons about bonten members as the sweetest boyfriend on this planet! — fluff
Tumblr media
Ran, who loves to shower your beautiful face with a plenty of little kisses until you wake up!
“Ran, no stop!” Your giggles fills the chamber, soft rustling of silk bed linen whispering in the background, as you wiggle in the matters, trying to escape his strong grip — not that it helped. Ran was strong, big palms wrapped around your wrists firmly, he had you secured on the matters, barely allowing you to move. and his soft kisses landed on your face, showering every little spot with sweetness, his plump lips, strawberry red, felt like butterflies, creating a ticklish sensation on your skin. “Fine, Ran, I’m awake! I’m awake!”
Rindou, who loves it, when you sit on his lap, stroking his locks after an exhausting day!
“Hmm” he hums as he feels you settle yourself on his lap, legs hanging on each side and hands placed on the sides of his neck, you begin to spread little pecks all over his bonten tattoo. “I love you so much, you know?” Your words don’t pass a whisper, landing like a warm breath on the ink craved on his skin and you snuggle your face in the crook of his neck, beginning to stroke his lavender locks gently. It was moments like this that made Rindou realize how grateful he was for your closeness — your touch, something he seemed to never get enough of, Rindou pulls you closer to him, caressing your hips with the pads of his thumbs. “But not as much as I do.”
Sanzu, who compares the feeling of your tender fingers passing his scars to heaven!
“Haru, why are you so pretty?” Your voice — angelic, that’s how Haruchiyo liked to describe it, echoes in the room, Haruchiyo closes his eyes when he feels you brush the pads of your fingers over his diamond scars. ‘Pretty’ — that’s what you called him whenever your orbs landed on those marks and Haruchiyo’s couldn’t seem to get used to the simple word — six letters, yet a big meaning hiding behind them, just hearing the word escape your lips created sparks in his heart. It was unbelievable — magical, how you turned his biggest insecurity into heaven, Haruchiyo felt like he was in a whole different world whenever he felt your soft touch on the corner of his lips.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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The short adventures of Bonten's No4: how to spice up your relationship
Bonten x f reader
Warnings- Slight manga spoilers, suggestive content, 18+, Rindou is a menace in this one.
Summary: Y/N is Bonten's first female member, she's their skilled and deadly No4. And she should never bring magazines to the office ever.
Chapter 13- How to spice up your relationship
The thunder clapped outside as you found yourself running through the hq, frantically trying to find somewhere, anywhere to hide. You run desperately trying to not slip on the seemingly endless piles of post it notes littered about on the floor. As your hand grips out for the door handle you breath a sigh of relief. You should be safe in a random cleaning closet, no one has any reason to look for you here.
You throw open the door and quickly clamber inside, holding your breath as you hear the sound of footsteps approaching outside. You hear a curse before the footsteps move on, searching a different area of the building.
Leaning back against the wall, your exhaustion quickly catches up to you. Only to jump away when you feel the wall breath, slowly turning your head you realise you've lent straight into someone's chest. You gulp as you look up into mischievous purple eyes.
As you scream and try to scramble away from Rindou you think back to exactly how you ended up in this unfortunate situation. It's all because of that damn magazine.
8 hours earlier
You're not entirely sure why you picked up a magazine on your way to work this morning. Maybe it was because of the bright colours? Or because of the striking title "How to spice up your relationship" or because of the cute cat on the front, reminding you of someone else.
Whatever the reason was you're thankful you have it now. As Koko goes on and on about this months fiances you're just thankful to have a distraction. Even if the advice is somewhat questionable....
You silently chuckle at the bad tips, wondering who would actually attempt to do this stuff. Your smile unknowingly drawing the attention of the men in the room.
After the meeting you don't hesitate to drop the magazine in the bin before retreating back to your office. As soon as the door closes behind you the men of bonten lunge towards the bin, eager to find whatever it was that made you smile. Pushing each other out of the way they shuffle through the old papers and out of ink pens. Until Sanzu triumphantly grabs the magazine, waving it around above his head as he parades it around the room.
"Just hurry up and read it already!"
Rindou snaps at Sanzu, impatient to find the source of your good mood. Sanzu huffs in response but begins to read through the article anyway, taking his time to list through each of the terrible items on the list. Once he's done the room falls silent as the men stare at each other, all of them thinking the same question.
What does this mean?
After thinking hard about it, Kakucho breaks the silence first.
"This must be a message, she wants to spice up her relationship!"
One by one the men of bonten nod their heads in agreement, each assuming Kakucho meant your relationship with them. They all stand in silence as they mentally plan how to spice up their relationships with you. It is what you want after all.
"Meetings over, everyone get to work."
As Mikey calls an end to their scheming, the men scramble over each other, each one eager to put their own plans into motion. Meanwhile you're busy typing at your desk, unaware of the chaos about to be unleashed.
You're nearly finished with your current report when a sudden knock on your office door interrupts you. Sighing, you get up to open the door, hoping that whoever it is only needs a quick moment of your time.
As soon as you open the door you're surprised to find yourself suddenly being grabbed by your visitor. Their arms wrapping tightly around you. Immediately going tense you prepare to fight the sudden intruder away but pause as a familiar scent invades your senses. It's Kakucho's cologne.
He only hums in response to your question as he continues to latch onto you in a neverending hug. You count one minute which quickly leads into five as you wonder when this hug will end. Finally after several minutes you speak up, asking him to let you go.
Kakucho frowns but removes his arms from you before thanking you and walking away. You shake your head in confusion as you turn to return back to your work. That was weird...
Letting out a shriek you go to punch the sudden noise, but Rindou's faster and dodges as he laughs at your reaction. He gives you a lazy grin as he asks if you liked your suprise.
"GET OUT!!!"
"Fine, fine. I'll see you later....or will I?"
With his final cryptic words he leaves you in peace. You sigh and slump back into your office chair musing over where your life went wrong. Glancing at the report you were working on you save it, giving up on completing it today. Instead you decide to go see Mikey, maybe he'll know why Rindou and Kakucho were acting strange.
You don't get very far down the hall before being attacked by Mochi. You don't even see it coming, one minute you're calmly walking to Mikey's office, the next you're being lifted off the ground and thrown over Mochi's shoulder.
Letting out a panicked screech you kick his chest while attempting to reach for your knife. But before you can get to it you're placed back onto the floor.
You're utterly bewildered as you watch Mochi run off in the same direction you just came from. However your confusion quickly breaks as you shiver, glancing down at your now shoeless feet.
"You seriously stole my shoes!?"
You shout after Mochi but he's already long gone from the shoe crime scene. Contemplating whether to go after him or not, you decide to continue on to Mikey's office.
This time you manage to make it there without any disruptions however your knocks on Mikey's door are only met with silence.
"Mikey? You there?"
You tentatively push the door open and creep into your superiors office, looking around for him. You're about to give up when you hear a sudden sneeze coming from under the desk.
You slowly walk up to the desk and prepare to peek under when a sudden grip on your arm startles you.
There's no time to react before you're being forcibly pulled from the office and down the hall. As you struggle to keep up you catch a glimpse of pink hair and sigh. Of course it had to be him.
Sanzu manhandles you into his own office, roughly pushing you onto his brown leather sofa sat in the corner. He then plops himself down next you and stares at you with crazy, excited eyes.
"My turn."
You don't get to finish your word before Sanzu's pulling out his phone and shoving it in your face. You blink a few times, trying to figure out what he's trying to show you when the noise hits your ears. It's maybe the dirtiest moan you've ever heard, you immediately turn pink in response and bat the phone away from you, causing Sanzu to drop it on the floor.
"Hmm so you didn't like that position then? Well I have more I can show you."
You quickly act before thinking, bringing your foot down on Sanzu's phone, effectively smashing it beyond use. There's no way you want to see more of that stuff.
"..............you didn't have to smash it, if you wanted to get to the fun part you could've just asked."
Sanzu lunges at you, pinning you down on the sofa as he softly plays with your hair.
"We were supposed to be having an open conversation about sex but I can't complain if you'd prefer a demonstration instead."
He grins again as he stares at you with an intense hunger. You gulp in response and try to ignore the fluttering feelings overcoming you. This is wrong, he's a co worker, you can't do this.
You shouldn't have opened your mouth, the second you try to get the words out he presses his own lips against yours, easily gaining entrance to your mouth. Your eyes widen in suprise, unsure of what to do. Your shock only increases when you feel him grind his hips against your own, clearly letting you feel a rapidly growing bulge.
You accidently let out a small moan which only encourages Sanzu to up the intensity. But luckily for you before your indecisiveness causes your head to explode Sanzu is suddenly shoved off you.
You rapidly pant, trying to catch your breath as you stare up at Koko's unamused expression.
"We're at work."
Sanzu curses the white haired man as you quickly get up and make your excuses before fleeing from the room. That was close, you almost lost your composure there. Your thoughts are racing as you run down the hall, unsure of where you're actually going.
"Slow down already!"
Koko's voice has you skidding to a stop as you turn finding him several places behind you, awkwardly running to try and keep up with you as he balances a laptop in one hand.
"Sorry, didn't realise you were following me. Did you need something?"
You politely ask him, expecting a work related question but instead he just shakes his head in response.
"Ok then...."
Turning away from him you start walking down the hall towards your office. But as you start walking you clearly hear the click of Koko's shoes as he continues to follow you. Deciding to try a little experiment, you do a 180 turn and walk in the direction you just came from. Once again you hear the click of Koko's shoes as he also turns to follow you. You shrug in response, it's weird but there's worse things he could be doing.
As you continue down the hall with your new shadow you notice the bright pink pieces of paper stuck everywhere. The walls, the floor, even on the lights. Every piece being covered in messy handwriting. You pause to read one aloud.
"You're beautiful, don't forget that."
Koko coughs and looks away from you as he replies to your sudden words. Screaming on the inside, you choose to ignore him, unsure of how to respond to your accidentally compliment. Instead you continue along, reading more and more of these strange notes, though you purposely read in your head this time.
Every single note is covered in cheesy messages and inspirational quotes. There's at least 100 notes plastered all over the hall and it doesn't even stop there. When you get back to your office you find more notes stuck everywhere. It's like you're drowning in a sea of positivity and you're not amused. You start tearing the notes down, finding it hard to do anything with them covering everything while Koko just watches you.
It takes you a whole hour but finally after all your hard work (no thanks to Koko) you manage to clear your office of notes. You slump down in your desk chair after all your hard work, just wanting to relax when you feel a hand suddenly grab your ankles.
Both you and Koko let out matching shrieks as Rindou jumps out from under the desk.
Rindou smirks and nods at your question before running from your office for the second time today. Leaving you and Koko to glace at each other in confusion.
After your near heart attack experience you decide to go for some lunch, with Koko still tagging along behind you. On your way to the canteen you manage to spot Mikey at the end of the hall.
The second he hears you excitedly call out to him he turns to stare at you before suddenly sprinting away from you.
"What was that about?"
Koko shrugs in response to your question as you both continue your trip to the canteen. After all you can't figure out whatever Mikey's doing on an empty stomach. Lunch first, try to figure out your boss's strange actions later.
After fighting your way through yet another mountain of post it notes with cheesy quotes on the cafeteria is finally usable. Unfortunately for you just as you've opened the fridge to grab something a hand appears, slamming both the door and your lunch plans firmly closed.
"Ready for this?"
Of course it had to be Ran.
You shake your head at Ran's dumb question and turn away from him. Big mistake. This just invites Ran to take the initiative, instead of leaving you alone like you had hoped he instead picks you up and throws you over his shoulder before marching off down the hall with a sweet smile on his face.
You call out to your last hope but instead of doing anything useful Koko just shrugs and follows you both like the traitor he is.
"This is where you threw that apple at me and this is where you kicked me that one time, and this is the place where I first kissed you. Oh and this is the place where I first imagined you while-"
You're not sure how much time has passed exactly since Ran started talking but it feels like hours. You're still stuck in his hold as he walks you around the building recounting strange stories and memories to you. You have no idea why he's doing this only that you want him to shut up already.
He walks you into Mochi's office next, going on about wanting to show you where he first saw your face. You inwardly groan, trying to come up with some kind of escape plan. But as Ran pushes the door open all thoughts of escape vanish as you stare at the scene in front of you.
Standing in the middle of the room is Mochi himself, wearing his normal suit as well as your shoes??? Well wearing them would be a bit of a stretch, more like he's standing on top of them in an attempt to wear them.
"My shoes!?"
Mochi startles at your sudden yell and goes red as he tries to explain how he just wanted to "walk in them for a day to help".
"Well you can't just-"
Rindou of course picks that moment to jump in through the door, making everyone in the room scream before he once again runs off down the hall. Unluckily for you the sudden jumpscare was enough to make Ran lose his grip on you, sending you crashing to the floor.
You tentatively rub the shoulder you landed on when it clicks. You're free now. Without a second thought you run from the room, desperately wanting to get away from Ran and his dumb tour.
"Hey I'm not done yet!"
"Wait I can explain about the shoes!"
"We're supposed to be spending quality time together!"
Shit. You turn around slightly, seeing Ran, Mochi and Koko all chasing you. You run faster, practically skidding down the corridors as you try to escape their grasp.
"Oh hey Y/N we never got to finish our-"
You quickly run past Sanzu, having no time for whatever he wants. You manage to also dodge Kakucho on your run, who wanted to know if you needed another hug.
Turning around to check on the location of your chasers, you let out another curse, now realising that both Sanzu and Kakucho had joined in on the hunt for you. The small distraction was enough to make you lose your footing, causing you slip on some post it notes randomly stuck to the floor.
You quickly get up as a hand reaches out to grab you, narrowly missing you. Frantically speeding up again you manage to create a small distance between you and your predators. You need to hide, you can't keep running forever. That's when you spot the random cleaning closet.
You quickly scramble for the handle, letting out a sigh of relief as you manage to pry the door open. You quietly shut the door and press your hands over your mouth to try and still your breathing. A couple seconds pass before you hear multiple pairs of footsteps rush past you. You've done it, you're safe. You lean back against the wall in victory, not noticing how warm the wall is. It's not until the wall releases a stuttered breath that you notice the other things wrong with it.
Why does the wall have a heartbeat? Why is the wall so warm? Why does it sound like the wall's laughing at you?
You turn around slowly, fearing the worst. Which only gets confirmed as you spot the mischievous purple eyes staring back at you.
"Hey girl, are you a cigarette? Cause you're killing me everyday......hmm yeah that one will work."
Takeomi quickly writes the line down on yet another post it note. He's not sure exactly how many he's written and stuck up around bonten hq today but he's not planning to stop anytime soon. He just hopes you appreciate them, especially the ones he plastered all over your apartment after breaking in. You're in for a nice suprise when you get home.
Thanks for reading
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If anyone is curious, these are the real pieces of advice they were trying to follow.
Mochi- Walk in your partner's shoes
Sanzu- Discuss your sex life
Mikey- Give your partner space
Rindou- Suprise your partner
Takeomi- leave nice notes around
Kakucho- hug your partner more
Koko- Spend quality time with your partner
Ran- Revisit places
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22:54 Ft. Rindou Haitani
Tumblr media
“Maybe next time, next lifetime, my love.”
“No…y/n, i love you so much. It’s just a mistake. I didn’t mean to make her pregnant, i was drunk.”
“Don’t, Rindou. Don’t tell me that, that baby was a mistake…if the child on her tummy could hear you right now…he or she would cry. father throwing up words that could damage her child’s mental health sucks the most you know? And being drunk isn’t a good reason. I already told you to stop going to bars but you didn’t listen.”
“Please…i love you, I love you so much. I’m sorry, i didn’t liste–”
“No, it’s fine. It’s just that you could’ve told me that you’re going to a bar, i’ll say yes because i trust you but now…”
Leaving rindou hurts. You love him very much, he also swore to the stars that he would never ever make you cry. 
Rindou think of all the times you told him how much you love him. Now, everything you both cherish was gone.
“All will be alright in time. Heads up rindou! Our relationship was worth the try. I’ll forgive you because that was love mean. No matter what happened we tried to make our relationship perfect. I’ll go now, Love. Be happy with them, Don’t break them like what you did to me…” “To us” You whispered. 
Rindou was left there. Maybe you, you tried to make the relationship perfect, while him. He was just a pain on the ass. What hurts him the most is you tried to comfort him before leaving. He just wish that if multiverse exist he doesn’t cheat on you. 
Tumblr media
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Hi can i request facesitting with Ran?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: You have no idea what this man DOES TO ME OMG- I had so much fun with this. I hope you enjoy!! Leave more asks in the ask box loves!
Prompt: Facesitting with Ran!
Summary: You weren't exactly a fan of facesitting, anxious that you would hurt Ran in the process. However, after pushing his buttons, you don't have a choice.
WARNINGS: NSFW, facesitting, pet names, literally pure smut
Word Count: 1,140
Y/N = your name
Y/N/N = your nickname
Tumblr media
          The steam from the bathroom slowly crept into your and Ran’s shared bedroom. Your aching body opened the heavy door after a long day at work, deciding to strip yourself of your work clothes and join Ran in his shower for a nice surprise. You quickly unbuttoned your shirt, tossing it to the ground and kicking off your shoes as you made your way to the master bathroom. As you entered, the heat of the steam hit your face. Finally. You desperately wanted to relax, to unwind the tensity of every sore muscle in your body. You took off the last bits of clothing and without a second thought, stepped into the shower. 
          Ran was busy rinsing the soap out of his hair to hear you step in the shower behind him. You took this moment to admire his toned frame. The way that every muscle would flex as he ran his hands through his hair made heat pool down into the depths of your core. You needed him. And you needed him now. Deciding to scare him a bit, you reached a hand out to give Ran’s ass a gentle squeeze as he finished rinsing the suds out of his locks. Ran’s eyes immediately shot open as he whipped around to see who the culprit was. “Jesus Y/N,” he chuckled, letting out a breath. “Don’t scare me like that baby.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his torso and hugging him close. “I missed you,” you whispered against his skin. “So much.” Ran smiled, knowing that you probably had a rough day at work. He returned the embrace and you took the chance to squeeze at his ass again. “Princess,” Ran used the name to scold you. “If you keep misbehaving, I’ll have to punish you.” So, you squeezed his ass again. 
          Ran told you that your punishment would come after the shower, but it felt like it had already begun. His long fingers traveled swiftly across your body as he washed every inch of your skin delicately. He massaged the knots in your back and shoulders, spending extra time on the spots that made you wince in pain. “My poor baby,” he cooed, hands burning fire through the flesh. “Work’s got you so wound up.” You sighed in response, wishing that the moment would never end. But to your dismay, Ran turned off the shower head once you were clean and stepped out of the shower. He handed you a clean towel to dry yourself off, and as you stepped your way back into the bedroom, he grabbed your wrist. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked slyly, a mischievous grin on his face. “I was just going to grab something to wear,” you responded, tugging lightly at his grip. Ran tightened his hand around you, “Not so sure about that, doll.” You shot him a bratty look before being tugged into his arms. Ran’s chest was flush against your back as he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “I’m going to make that pretty face of yours beg for mercy.” And he did. 
          Your legs shook nervously as your slick hovered over Ran’s mouth, his hands clasped around your thighs. Ran knew how you felt about facesitting. He fucking knew. You were embarrassed, afraid of losing strength and crushing his handsome face. He would bring it up every now and then, telling you it was a fantasy of his. Ran was desperate to have you sit on his fucking face, and you were always too scared to let it happen. Now, you didn’t have a choice. He told you it was your punishment for misbehaving and you knew what would happen if you disobeyed any further. So here you were, a rambling mess as Ran smiled underneath you, his head resting on a pillow on your shared bed. ‘“R-Ran,” you whined. “Please.” “Please?” he smiled. “Please what? Use your words Y/N.” You didn’t want to give in. You wanted to stand your ground, but you wanted to feel him inside you so fucking bad. “Please let me s-sit on your face,” you said barely above a whisper. You knew that wasn’t good enough. Why in the hell would you even try? Ran loved hearing your sweet words and delicious moans. “Oh my,” Ran’s fingers slowly started to leave your thighs, their support quickly fading. “I couldn’t quite-” “Please let me sit on your face Ran!” you cried. “Now we’re talking.” 
       Ran had never seen you so vocal before. When you begged  him to sit on his face so loudly, he laid there in shock for a moment, his mouth hanging open. He loved having you at his mercy, and his cock twitched violently at the sight. You kneeled there, folds nice and wet from the shower and your slick. Your hair clung to the sides of your face from sweat and each breath shook in anticipation. You were so fucking beautiful. Ran didn’t waste anymore time as his hands returned to your thighs and he harshly brought you down to his mouth. “Fuck Ran,” you sobbed. He gave you no pity, his tongue working its way around your bud like a starved animal. Immediately, your face went numb and you began to lose control over your legs. Ran took note, not stopping his actions as he helped hold you above his head. “R-Ran,” you whined. “It’s too much!” Your shaky hands reached down over his own, holding him in place. As if your words were encouraging, he shifted his grip to replace his tongue with his thumb and his wet muscle switched to dive into your sticky hole. 
          Your breath became labored, the knot in your core tightening at a terrifying pace while Ran ate you out. The room around you spun, vision going blurry from pure pleasure. This man knew how to drive you absolutely insane. You’ve never come undone so fast. One moment Ran has you quivering in his hold, and then you’re screaming his name while your juices coat Ran’s chin. He licked up everything you gave him, not daring to waste a drop. “Look at you princess,” he smiled up at you, panting while he caught his breath. “So fucking gorgeous.” “That was amazing Ran,” you wheezed. “We should have done that sooner.” “I know love,” he replied, helping you down from your perch above his face. “You have no idea how fucking addicting your pussy is.” You blushed heavily at his words, as if you weren’t just getting the life sucked out of you moments before. Ran looked like he was in heaven, his hands at your waist while you sat there on his chest. “I hope you’ve got another round in you, doll,” Ran grinned from ear to ear. 
You were really in for it tonight.
Tumblr media
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chances (3).
❅ rindou haitani & fem!reader.
❅ headcanon: in which you give rindou a chance.
❅ warning(s): swearing, suggestiveness.
❅ note(s): i'm so sorry i went awol guys,, school is really kicking my ass lol. i also had major writer's block :') i hope you guys enjoy this chapter!
❅ part one. part two.
❅ tagging: @tiredlattes @shuujin
Tumblr media
it’s been a month since you’ve entered a relationship with rindou, and the two of you have fallen seamlessly into a routine: breakfast with each other, work, dinner together, and a date every other week.
but why does something feel…off?
perhaps you had a strange dream you can’t remember or something of the sort—whatever it is, you don’t like it.
you shake your head, trying to get rid of the thoughts muddling your mind. you did not need to think of these things while heading to go see rindou—knowing him, he’d try to pry into what you’re thinking about. he’s always been good at reading you, just like you’re good at reading him. 
he’s always taken the initiative when it came to taking you out on dates, meeting up with you, and going out for breakfast; you wanted to take the initiative this time. 
you regret it.
you regret it as soon as the door to their penthouse opens. 
a woman, very obviously wearing nothing but an oversized shirt—which you very much recognized to be ran’s—opens the door. she cocks her head to the side, a small smile playing on her lips. 
your nails dig into your palms, brows furrowing. “excuse me?”
“sweetheart, how many times did i tell you not to answer the door for me—” ran comes from behind the woman and stops as soon as his eyes land on your form, brows shooting upward. “oh? what are you doing here?”  
your chest is so, so heavy. 
“is that how you greet me? good morning to you too, asshole,” you’re quick to quip, forcing the corner of your lips to turn upward. “you’re never up this early on weekends.” 
his gaze flickers to the woman in front of him. “i decided to have an early breakfast.” 
 your smile never wavers. 
itʼs as if there is cotton in your mouth. why is it so hard to swallow? 
 “uh-huh. where’s rindou?” 
“your boyfriend is washing up. come in; we’re waiting for delivery.” ran motions for the woman to head inside, opening the door wider for you to step in. 
why? why does your stomach churn? why does your stomach churn when ran says boyfriend? why does it stir when he’s referring to rindou? 
“just tell rin i was here. other than that, enjoy your breakfast.”
you turn around, heading back to the elevator when something wrapped itself around your wrist—you immediately snatch it from its grip, turning around to meet ranʼs violet eyes. 
his brows furrow as he looks down at his hand. “...what was that?
“...habit. sorry. you know i donʼt like it when iʼm suddenly grabbed like that, ran.”
ran hums, running a hand through his hair. “you’re right. i do know. but you never react like that to my touch. so what’s up with you?” 
your chest is so, so heavy. 
“what do you mean?” you frown, feigning ignorance. “ran, listen, i appreciate you inviting me to eat breakfast, but i’m busy. i just wanted to see rin since i have some work to do.”
you’ve always been an excellent liar. after all, it’s what you’ve been doing for nearly two decades now—it’s second nature at this point. 
lying to ran’s face has become second nature. 
your heart skips a beat.
“you don’t have work today.” 
your hands are trembling. hide them. 
you stuff your hands into your blazer’s pockets, raising a brow. “oh, i see. you get my shifts every week, don’t you? stalker.” 
he smirks. “it’s for your protection, darling.” 
how sweet, you think sarcastically.
“like i said, i have some work to do. doesn’t mean it’s the hospital. goodbye, ran. enjoy your second breakfast.” 
you turn around, cutting off the chance for him to speak to you. your chest hurts. your eyes burn. your heart is erratic. 
no wonder you felt something off today. 
this is a lesson to always, always listen to your gut feelings.
Tumblr media
it’s hard to feel everything and anything at once. 
it makes you cold, numb—both in mind and body, as if there is ice flowing in your veins and the very essence of your being, leaving you with nothing but thoughts that drown you in an ocean of self-pity and anger. 
“shutting everybody out doesn’t make anything better for you.” 
something cold is pressed against your cheek. 
“i’m not shutting anybody out,” you mutter, taking the can of your favorite iced coffee. 
“then why haven’t you been taking my calls the entire day? ran also has been calling you,” rindou says, taking a seat beside you on the grass. he studies your expression, reaching his hand to gently wipe away the paint on your cheek. 
you close your eyes, taking in the sensation of his warm fingers against your cool skin. “my phone’s dead, not turned off.”
rindou stays silent for a moment, taking a sip of his cold brew. it’s black, bitter—yet, for some reason, there is just a hint of sweetness to it. 
“daiba park, huh? it’s been a while since we’ve been here.” 
you hum, glancing at your canvas. it’s a simple painting—roaring waves of the ebony painted sea, bathed by the silver glow of the full moon. you didn’t have anything in mind while creating the artwork, all you wanted to do was let your ideas flow onto the empty canvas, and this is what you ended up with. 
you think your inner subconscious is just mocking you. 
“i…went to see you this morning. i wanted to take you out to breakfast, y’know? since you’ve been taking the initiative the entire time, i wanted to this time,” you begin, trying to swallow down the lump in your throat with a sip of coffee. “the first thing i see is a half-naked woman wearing your brother’s shirt say, ‘delivery?’ the fucking humiliation i felt right then and there was unbelievable.
“and the thing is, why should i feel humiliated? why did i feel so fucking bitter and jealous seeing her? why did i feel so enraged when ran told me the only reason he woke up early was because he—he’s…he’s such a damn fuckboy. 
“i know how he is, and i feel like a fucking fool for still being in love with him when it’s so difficult. i hate myself for loving him instead—instead of…”
instead of you. 
you didn’t even realize that you’ve been full-on sobbing in rindou’s chest until you had finally calmed down, cries reduced to sniffs and hiccups. “i’m—i’m so sorry, rin. i’m so sorry.” 
your anxiety is heightened by rindou’s silence; he seems to sense that, however, as he reaches over to cup your face and wipe away your damp cheeks with his thumbs. he leans over, pressing his lips against your forehead. 
“don’t apologize. i didn’t—and don’t—expect your feelings to change so easily since you’ve had them for years.” 
“it is hard hearing that from the woman you’re in love with. but it does not make me love you less. it just means i have to be more patient.” 
“but, rin—ow! what was that for?” you’re interrupted when rindou flicks your forehead, a smirk playing on his lips. 
“stop being sorry for yourself.” 
you huff, rubbing the spot where he had flicked you. “i just wanted to ask how much that shirt was since i ruined it. it has my paint and tears and—ow! quit flicking me!”
“i have something called a washing machine, dumbass. i don’t need your money.” 
“oh, right, because you’re a gangster and super rich. my bad, i forgot i’m basically a peasant to you.” 
“you’re a masochist, aren’t you? you’re begging for another flick.  i need to rethink my taste in women.” 
“screw you,” you snort, bumping his shoulder playfully. “asshole.” 
rindou watches your expression shift into a smile, and his chest warms. he’s happy that you’ve cheered up—even if it was just a little bit, it’s better than seeing you cry over his brother, of all people. 
“i want your painting.” 
you blink, gaze shifting from the canvas to him. “why?” 
rindou shrugs. “...the moon is pleasing to look at.” 
you smile, resting your head against his shoulder as you watch the setting sun. “yeah, i guess it is.”
(you think, at this moment, that it’s okay to acknowledge the way your heart flutters).
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shizukais · a day ago
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starryenigma · a day ago
hello hello n_n do you think you could do 8 + 22 with draken please, <3 thank you!!
ty for ur submission babyyy<333
wc: 627
cw: nsfw (minors dni, 18+ only), thigh riding, breast play
Tumblr media
“looking at it now, maybe i should just redecorate the entire house,” you gripe, pacing around the coffee table.  draken’s eyes follow your figure and crinkle at the edges.  
“take a seat, doll, you’ve done a great job,” he attempts to soothe your worries.  however, your footsteps don’t stop echoing around the house.  “no one is going to make any negative comments on your décor style.  that’s not what a housewarming party is for.”
maybe it’s the aftertaste of the beer in his mouth, or maybe it’s the way your dress hugs your figure so perfectly, or maybe it’s how the plush of your thighs peeks out from underneath the hem as it rides up in tandem with your pacing… but he needs to touch you.  his hand closes around your wrist.  the contact anchors you in place.
“i said, take a seat.”
there’s something low, perhaps threatening in his voice.  your lips open and close, mouth dry as a bone, as you stare into draken’s impassive face and attempt to gauge how serious he is.  his visage yields nothing.  everything is in his eyes.
you nearly go limp when his hands clasp around your hips and guide you over his thigh.  tongue lead in your mouth, there’s nothing you can say when he offers a smirk before pushing your hips down.
a moan escapes through your gritted teeth at the contact between the clothes.  draken’s fingertips dig into the globes of your ass, slowly dragging you back and forth over his thigh.  the party… you have a party… everything needs to be ready…
the words attempt to force themselves out of your lips, but draken merely leans forward to press his mouth to yours.  it effectively shuts you up, and even more so when draken purrs into the skin of your neck while fumbling with the straps of your dress.
“the party doesn’t start for an hour… everything looks amazing.”  his breath is warm, tongue hot as you shiver.  “let me take care of you now.”
you nod, the nerves about the party melting away only to be molded again into a tension in your core - the one that you crave.  the one that you need to break.
the sounds you were so hesitant to make just moments ago fall freely from your lips when draken pinches your nipple, rolling it into a peak.  his mouth closes on one of them, tongue swirling around the perky bud.  you arch into him, starting to regain control of your hips from his monstrous hands.
the fabric that covers your cunt means that you have to put in more work to reach that peak - but it’s the kind you’re willing to put in.  draken’s no stranger to pleasing you either.  in fact, when he starts bouncing his leg up and down against you, you can’t help but grab the sides of his head and rip him off your breast to bring him to your lips.  draken groans into your mouth as your fingernails dig into his shoulders for purchase.  his hands grip you harder, manipulate your hips faster, bring you closer closer closer until -
“‘m close, baby,” you manage to whimper against his lips.  he merely grunts, cock painfully in his pants.  it’s nearly time for your guests to arrive, and the idea to cancel at the last minute is oh so tempting.  but there’s always the promise of after the party, after you’ve spent all night staring at each other and stealing touches and kisses.  yes, that’ll do.
you’re barely through riding out the stress relieving climax when mikey nearly bangs down the door, leaving the both of you to scramble to fix your dress back around your thighs that draken won’t be able to stop staring at.
Tumblr media
© all work belongs to starryenigma. do not copy and repost.
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xlappy · 2 days ago
Who idea was it to fight on the train tracks
Tumblr media
Mikey: so where should we fight at?
Koko: I’m thinking maybe at the-
Kantou gang: ……
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heavenlyres · a day ago
how it started vs. how it's going
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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inupication · a day ago
Tumblr media
happy kiss day to them! ☯️
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usernamerenn · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
character. hitto kakucho
summary. everyone finds out that he likes you
note. m!reader, spoilers. a request from @etherealaesthetic-anon​. this story takes place in the same universe as “bonten’s assassin.” likes and reblogs are always appreciated
Tumblr media
hitto kakucho
kakucho considered you to be his only true friend at bonten
the both of you had grown up as orphans, and it was because of this shared bond that he found it easy to talk to you and make your acquaintance when you had first started to work at bonten
you reminded him of izana in a way, especially with how you were both broken and hurt people
and just like izana, kakucho was able to see past your persona of a dispassionate assassin to reveal the kind, hardworking, and admittedly awkward individual that you truly were
the real you who had an overwhelming love for sweets, a talent for cooking because of his deadly knife skills, and would quietly chuckle at the worst times during bloody slasher movies
you reminded him so much of izana, and yet you were also your own person, someone that he had come to trust and cherish, and who he wanted to protect
kakucho had once failed to protect a beloved friend, but he promised this time that he would not fail to protect you
“i knew it!” sanzu shouted, noticing the overly affectionate smile on kakucho’s face after he had wished you a quick goodbye
“what?” kakucho asked in confusion
“you like him! it all makes sense now! you’ve been covering for his mistakes, and that’s why his contract hasn’t been terminated yet!”
“no, it’s because he does his work properly and effectively,” kakucho explained with a scoff. “and everyone likes ghost, not just me”
“fine, you have a crush on him. is that more accurate to say?” sanzu corrected with a smirk, enjoying the light blush that now painted kakucho’s face
“we’re just friends,” kakucho argued unconvincingly. “i don’t have a crush on him”
“who has a crush on who? kakucho and ghostie?” ran mused before holding out a hand to his brother. “i told you, rindou. that’ll be ¥5,000”
“i don’t have a crush-”
“i thought everyone knew that?” takeomi remarked as he and mochi approached the group of talkative executives
“we made a betting pool on when kakucho will confess if anyone wants to join,” mochi casually mentioned, seeing the way ran’s face immediately brightened with interest
“i hate all of you,” kakucho expressed with an uncharacteristically flustered expression. “for the last time, i don’t like him like that-”
“like who?” you questioned with a curious tilt of your head, a plate of cookies in hand to add to your oblivious cuteness. “oh, kokonoi-san and i had some extra cookies from our afternoon tea. he wanted to know if you guys would like some”
when there were no immediate responses, sanzu was quick to use this to his advantage by loudly trying to inform you about kakucho’s supposed romantic feelings toward you
“kakucho’s in love with-”
“shut up,” said male ordered murderously as he threw sanzu to the floor with a hand covering the traitor’s mouth, the scene of which was promptly ignored as the other executives calmly accepted your offer of cookies
“ghost,” rindou whispered to you as you watched sanzu continue to struggle. “how would you feel if kakucho liked you, hypothetical speaking?”
“i’d be very happy,” you answered with a smile, and rindou was honestly surprised to hear this until you continued speaking. “it would make me happy to know that i am well-liked by my colleagues”
“oh,” he remarked plainly before lowering his voice to a sympathetic mumble. “poor kakucho”
however, before you could question the younger haitani about what he had meant by his comment, a loud and commanding voice suddenly asked, “what the hell are you all doing?”
the fighting instantly came to a stop as everyone except you awkwardly turned to look at mikey before nervously responding with, “n-nothing, boss!”
it was a terrifying sight to see their leader glaring at each of them, but kakucho was just happy that he was no longer the focus of the other executives’ attention and gossip
the two of you were just friends, after all
and even if he did want the two of you to be something more, kakucho would rather die than ever admit that out loud
Tumblr media
tokyo revengers taglist. @crown5​ @blacksun-judar​ @chloee0x0​ @zuuki​ @chiaki3nanami​
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screechingnebula · 13 hours ago
Look what I found on chapter 12 😀
This is Takemichy’ s room
Tumblr media
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 19 hours ago
Why does it look like Sanzu turned on the windscreen wipers though?
Tumblr media
I hope he was just doing random things to the train, like switching the lights on and off, putting the wipers on and off, putting the radio on, I hope at one point he accidentally hit the horn too. Everyone was too busy murdering each other to notice it though.
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s-hera · a day ago
Nothing's gonna hurt you baby
Tumblr media
~ Character. Manila!Mikey x reader
~ Tags. Fluff, babying Mikey, From my old blog, Grammatical errors, Typos, Not proofread.
~ Wc. 0.5k
Tumblr media
Mikey likes to be held by your arms, like a small child, he finds it very comforting. everything stops when he's held by you. he’s so in love with you, he hopes you won’t let go. But you won’t because he has your heart.
you met mikey when it’s raining on a very dark alley. but his eyes and hair was darker, his dull eyes before was unforgettable, his dull eyes that tells his dark past, where his demons hide.
He thought he can never escape that shitty life but then he met you. his miracle, he was so close on ending his life, many attempts have failed he almost end his life that night and he’s grateful that he think about them first. he think about his memories, his siblings who kep saying in his dreams that he should continue life because one day he would find someone, someone who would cherish him like they did. someone who would understand him, someone who would hug him like they did. That night it was getting dark and you stayed with for hours, he clinged to your body like he wanted that to last forever, the both of you. He thinks of that night were the both of you were in the dark and it was getting dark,what a time. It wasn’t a lie when you said you’d stay with him, that you will be his girl when he just suddenly confessed that night even though the both of you barely know each other, you know how to save a life. He thought he did something wrong again but the way he expressed his problem is painful, he stayed up with you all night and you saved his life.
He hate life but he was just kidding himself, if you ever go, was there something he could say to make your feelings more lighter? It might kill him if you ever feel worthless.
You, yourself know that even if mikey hurts you, you wouldn’t leave him, you never saw that image in your head, you leaving him?he might do something crazy again. it’s better if he keeps blaming you than blaming himself if something goes wrong with the relationship you two have. if he ever leaves you then before he leaves you wouldn’t forget to remind him that your always there for him.
If you ever leave him, what about the future you want with him?what about that?what about the time you spend together?what about the plans?what about trust?what about love? Where did it go? But he’’ll be ready.
The both of you throws your trouble at the burning pile.
But yet you always remind yourself that he was a kid who was stuck on his own thoughts and can’t get out of it.
Nothing will change by running away. Yet again, he’s always in your care.
Tumblr media
© 2022 by s-hera━ all rights reserved! comments, likes, and reblog are highly appreciated. plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
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iluvluvnutella · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
finally childhood friends gonna team up once again 🤧❤️
Coloring Commissions are Open. DM if interested.
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rindouheart · 19 hours ago
masterlist | profiles | 2. collaboration
pairing. hitto kakucho x y/n l/n — they/them
synopsis. you’re a member of TOM4N, a group of twitch streamers based in tokyo. there’s another twitch group, your frenemies, obviously there’s no hate between you, just a friendly rivalry. also, one of the members has never shown his face online, creating a mysterious aura around him. his only excuse is “i am ugly”.
Tumblr media
prev | two [collaboration] | next
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist: @07600 @makotowife @guesswhatiamabookworm @gabytodd @kbaji @yeosatinyngz @wakasagurl +send an ask or comment here to be added
Tumblr media
rindouheart’s original fic — please don’t copy or steal 051822
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shizukais · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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colorstheory · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tenjiku’s Big Four The older Haitani brother
Ran Haitani
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xlappy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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animekingfans · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
New illustration of kawata twins for their birthday ♥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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