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ganyusecretlover · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
them as b99 quotes !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# summary: just as the tittle says, tokyo revengers characters as brooklyn nine nine quotes
# warnings: none i think
# author's note: i love b99 so much! please let me know if anyone wants a part two because i would definitely love doing it.
Tumblr media
takemichi: what is it about me that screams loser?
mickey: i grew up forging report cards.
sanzu to ran: actually, someone reported that they couldn't find you head. but we found it, it was up your butt
takemichi laying on the hospital bed: i wasn't hurt that badly. the dotorsaid all my bleeding was internal, that's where the blood's supposed to be
mickey about takemichi: i've only had him for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself
kazutora: be myself, what kind of garbage advice is that?
the whole tr fandom to kisaki: okay, no hard feelings, but i hate you. not joking. bye.
nahoya: well, no one asked you. it's a self-evaluation
rindou to ran: i ate one string bean. it tasted like fish vomit. that was it for me
baji: amateur. always say your insults to someone's face. no paper trail.
taiju about to fight: wait, first, let's say a prayer
mitsuya: i worked at a sunglass kiosk at the mall for four years, so not only have i been through hell, i was assistant manager there.
sanzu: if i die, turn my tweets into a book
hanma: you think you can just bully people, but you can't. it's not OK. i'm the bully around here. ask anyone.
sanzu convincing mickey to become his number two: you should make me your campaign manager. i was born for politics. have great hair and love lying.
Tumblr media
( credit for the lines go to b99 creators )
reblogs are highly appreciated !
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this scene exists:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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At last, I realized why I wanted to be a cat since I was a kid.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Came into this anime for Chifuyu but came out with Mikey <3. God, I love him so much!!
Also, new art style. It’s called “messy and unfinished”.
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monitsu · 5 months ago
Mikey really said: give him to me or ur dead🔪🔪
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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imk1ra · 3 months ago
Mitsuya: So anyways have y'all seen Takemichi ?
Mikey: I think he went in Y/n's room and they're 'studying'.
Chifuyu : Doubt that. I heard groans there.
*Meanwhile in Y/n's room*
Takemichi & Y/n, fighting:
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noebegone · 2 months ago
mikey: i've never had a friend.
takemichi: i can be your friend!
mikey: i've never had a boyfriend.
takemichi: i can also be your- wait.
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demeto-anima · a month ago
♡ Stolen ♡
Tumblr media
Chapter 182: Present To The Mind
—Tokyo Revengers
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wearepurplejackets · 2 months ago
Dear average Tokyo Revenger reader,
"In this world, you die young or you live enough to tell Takemichi to take care about Mikey-kun."
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kellychatss · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
canon 💀💀💀💀
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wishartszxxyuh · 6 months ago
Realive x Tokyo Revengers Collaboration! ⊙﹏⊙
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shinscig · 3 months ago
the tea party
>>> a time skip akkun/mizo mid x reader drabble <<<
a/n: i was talking to @sonder-paradise about this and now i'm brainrotting so hard over this so here's a drabble and expect to see akkun domestic hcs in the future…also this is a bit longer than a drabble but oh well lmao
genre: fluff, drabble
synopsis: the sight of five grown men in tutus and tiaras, sitting at a small table sipping imaginary tea and eating fake biscuits, was definitely not what you were expecting to come home to.
warnings: swearing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Atsushi! Hanako! I'm home..." you trail off, the sound of muffled voices catching in your ears.
These voices, however, did not belong to your husband or your 3 year old daughter. They were familiar, but unexpected.
You slip off your shoes, quietly making your way to Hanako's room at the end of the hall. The door was wide open, and you stop yourself from walking in, deciding to hide behind the wall instead. The sight was definitely unexpected; you didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
5 grown men, including your husband, sat at the small table in the middle of the room with your daughter. Hanako sat at the head of the table in her small pink chair, a plastic teacup being risen to her lips. Next to her was your husband Atsushi, with a tiara sitting atop his plum pompadour and a pink tutu snug around his waist. Across the table from Hanako were Yamagishi and Makoto, with similar attire to Atsushi, except Yamagishi's tutu was blue and Makoto's was purple. Lastly, the two who sat to her left were Takemichi and Takuya, again with similar attire to the other men, but Takuya with a green tutu and Takemichi sporting a red one.
The all had teacups sat on their dishes in front of them, plastic cookies, biscuits, and ladyfingers stacked on a pink plate in the center of the table. Occasionally one would raise the colored teacup to their lips, pinky out, and take a sip of the imaginary tea.
There's no way you're gonna interrupt this moment. You just couldn't tear your eyes away from the scene; once delinquents who'd beat the shit out of people for fun, now grown men having a tea party with a little girl.
"Hanako-chan, can I please have a cookie?" Makoto asks.
"Of course, Uncle Koko!" Hanako exclaims, passing Makoto a fake cookie.
"Thank you, Hanako-chan."
As he pretends to eat the cookie, Yamagishi gives Makoto the ugliest stink-eye.
"That's your fifth one." Yamagishi glares.
"Yeah? And?" Makoto returns his glare, pretending to take another bite.
Atsushi sighs, trying to hide his eye roll by sipping on his imaginary tea. Takemichi and Takuya merely sit silently, sharing glances and sips of their own imaginary tea.
"Don't eat them all, fat-ass!" Yamagishi sneers.
"Yamagishi!" Atsushi whispers sharply, stern eyes staring into his soul.
"...'M sorry Akkun," he says quietly, turning back to Hanako with a smile, "can I please have a ladyfinger, Hanako-chan?"
"Yes yes, Uncle YamYam!" Hanako exclaims, shoving the plate towards him.
He takes the plastic ladyfinger with a 'thank you,' before attempting to pretend to eat it. However, he can't take a bite, as the ladyfinger is snatched from his hand by Makoto. Makoto pretends to shove the entire ladyfinger in his mouth, turning to Yamagishi with a smile.
"Give me my damn ladyfinger!" Yamagishi shouts, reaching out to choke Makoto.
"Uncle YamYam!" Hanako's tiny voice gasps.
It goes eerily silent in the room as all movement comes to a halt. Yamagishi slowly turns his head to look at Hanako, his lips pressed into a thin line. Her cheeks puff out in a pout, arms crossed over her chest.
"No swearing!" She scolds him.
Takuya and Takemichi begin snickering, turning their heads away from the table. Atsushi just shakes his head, both in disappointment and amusement.
"I-I'm sorry, Hanako-chan..."
You struggle to hold back your laughter, the hand covering your mouth doing a terrible job at muffling the sound. Atsushi's head raises to meet your gaze from the doorway. A grin spreads across his face, eyes brightening instantly.
"Hanako, I think you have a visitor." He says softly, pointing at the doorway.
When her vibrant eyes spot you she gasps, the sound bouncing off the pink walls. She squeals your name and jumps up from her chair, sangria braids bouncing behind her as she runs to hug you. You pick her up and kiss her chubby cheek, feeling her arms snake around your neck. When you look back at the 5 men sitting at the table, they're all red-faced.
"Looks like you guys are having fun." You tease.
"Yeah! Uncle Mitchy, Uncle Tako, Uncle YamYam, and Uncle Koko came to my tea party with Daddy!"
"Oh, did they?"
"Yeah! And Uncle Mitchy drank all the tea!"
"Oh, really?" You smile teasingly at Takemichi.
"That's not true! Akkun's the one who poured the last of it in his cup!"
"Of course I did, my baby makes the best unicorn tea!"
Hanako continues to fill you in on all that has happened at the tea party until you showed up, which apparently was quite a lot. You sit down at the table with the rest of them, scanning the faces of the boys you used to patch up after fights in middle school. Mizo Mid Gang turned Mizo Mid-Twenties. And yet, they all still kept their boyish mannerisms.
Although they had changed physical-appearance wise, they were still the boys who defended you from the second-years who harassed you. Yamagishi was still the little boy who farted when he was scared, Takemichi still the boy who walked around with toilet paper stuck to his shoe all day at school, Takuya still the boy who made gagging sounds from the bushes when you and Atsushi first kissed, Makoto still the boy who crane-kicked Yamagishi down the stairs, and Atsushi still the boy who almost ran into a mailbox on his bike when he saw you walk by.
"(Mommy/Daddy), join us! I'm gonna braid Uncle Tako's hair!"
"I don't know if Uncle Tako wants that, little one..." Atsushi trails off, looking at Takuya.
Her head whips from Atsushi to Takuya before her puppy-dog eyes settle on Takuya. Takuya gulps; he's never been able to resist Hanako's puppy-dog eyes.
"Can I please braid your hair, Uncle Tako?"
Takuya smiles softly, ruffling her hair, "Of course, Chibi-chan."
Tumblr media
taglist: @bakugosfieryasshole @sonder-paradise @aruhappy @erishaitto @nullified-kiss @chifuyu-whisperer
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shujiful · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
feat: takemichi hanagaki x fem!reader
synopsis: it’s been a while since your boyfriend has given you attention, so you decide to tag along to one of his gang meetings to see what he’s been up to. while there, you run into emma and she gives you some advice on what to do.
tw: subby takemichi, slight femdom, cockwarming
a/n: all characters are 18+ ; this takes place after graduating high school
Tumblr media
“If you answer that, I will be so mad at you, Takemichi.” Annoyance laced your tone when you heard your boyfriend’s cellphone start to ring, eyes narrowing as you watched him pull it out of his pocket with an apologetic look on his face.
“It’s Draken— I’m sorry, I’ve gotta take it!”
Your irritation only grew at his explanation. It was always Draken this, Mikey that. Truly, your boyfriend spent so much time with those two that you were beginning to think the three of them were the ones dating, not you and Takemichi.
You’d thought that Toman would fall apart once everyone had graduated, but it’d only gotten stronger, absorbing gang after gang into its ranks. Summer meant less time spent in classes, and less time spent in classes meant more time spent fighting. It also happened to mean less time spent with you.
“Ahh.. I’ve gotta go, (y/n). There’s a meeting in Shibuya in ten minutes and—”
“Are you kidding me?” Your voice was dejected as you interrupted him, eyebrows knitting together in frustration. “This is the first time we’ve seen each other in two weeks! You haven’t even been here five minutes, and you have to go?”
He winced at your words before reaching forward and taking your hand in both of his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “I’m sorry.. I really am, but I can’t miss it! I’ll come back as soon as it’s done! Promise!”
“No— Wait, I’ll come with you! It’s just a meeting, right? I’ll stay out of sight and keep quiet.” You nodded your head quickly, following him as he walked over to his motorcycle. “Please, Takemichi? You told me Toman would never harm a girl.”
His immediate reaction was to tell you no, but you watched as his resolve cracked under your pleading gaze, his hands reaching out to help you onto the back of the bike. He never could be stern with you. “Alright.. but you still have to be careful, okay?”
You nodded again, swinging your leg over the seat and wrapping your arms around his waist. “I know, I know. I won’t even go inside. Now, let’s go.”
Tumblr media
It was a short ride to the location of the meeting, and Takemichi let you off his motorcycle around the back of the warehouse before walking in through the front entrance. 
Admittedly, you didn’t know why you’d wanted to come in the first place because now you were standing on your tiptoes, rubbing two circles into the dirty windows to look through. A large crowd of boys wearing black and gold jackets had gathered in front of the elevated platform, and you could see Mikey’s blonde hair standing atop it.
However, your attention was on Draken as his voice boomed through the warehouse, signaling the start of the meeting and distracting you from the approaching footsteps until it was already too late. “Oh, you’re Takemichi’s girlfriend, aren’t you?”
Your head spun around to see a girl that looked about your age, blonde hair cascading over her shoulder and honey eyes watching you as she waited for an answer. You’d seen her snuggled up to Draken before, but you’d never learned her name. “Uhm, yeah. You’re Draken’s girlfriend, right?”
“Yeah, I’m Emma.” She paused, glancing toward the eye holes you’d rubbed into the glass. “Are you spying on your boyfriend?”
You could feel your cheeks flush red in embarrassment, but you couldn’t blame her for asking. “Oh, I know that’s what it looks like, but—”
“Because it’s okay if you are. I do it sometimes, too.” She offered you a smile and walked up to the window to rub two eye holes of her own into the glass. “Spy on Draken, I mean. It’s.. hard being in a relationship with a delinquent sometimes, isn’t it?”
Now, it was your turn to pause, returning her smile with a small one of your own. “Yeah. Sometimes I feel like I come second to Toman. Takemichi’s always leaving me to do something for Mikey. I just...”
“Want a little attention.” Emma finished for you, giving you a knowing look. “I understand. Mikey and Draken are inseparable. But.. you know the easiest way to get a boy’s attention, don’t you?” 
When you shook your head, she raised her eyebrows as if the answer was obvious. “Sex. Ken’s different because he grew up around it, but for guys like Takemichi, it works every time.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, there’s this trick that drives men crazy. From one girl to another, it’ll have them begging for attention.”
While you normally wouldn’t press for information, especially with someone you’d just met, you were beyond desperate. It seemed like the heavens had sent down the exact person you needed to help solve your problem.
“Please, tell me. At this point, I’ll take any advice.”
Tumblr media
That’s how you’d ended up where you were now— slowly unbuttoning Takemichi’s pants as you sat on the couch in his apartment. You’d told him you wanted to try something new, promising him it was nothing too kinky.
“Turn on the television..” You murmured, pressing an open mouthed kiss underneath his ear. It drew a soft sigh from his lips, but it soon turned to a gasp as your hands pulled his length free of its confines, your hand wrapping around it and giving it a few good pumps. “Takemichi-kun, turn on the television..”
His hand scrambled to grab the remote, flipping on the television as his hips squirmed from side to side. “I-I don’t understand.. You wanna watch netflix?”
“Mhmm..” Releasing your hold on him, you shifted so you were facing away from him, hiking up your skirt and pushing your panties to the side. “Turn on whatever you want.” 
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he’d already agreed to try it and watching you lower yourself onto his cock, he wasn’t in any position to stop you. Not when you felt so warm and tight around him.
You couldn’t help but moan as you felt his length slowly stretch you out, your hands bracing his thighs for support. It wasn’t until you were sitting on his lap with his cock buried to the hilt inside you that you realized he still hadn’t picked out a show to watch.
“Takemichi.. the show..” Your voice was quiet, shallow breaths falling from your lips. You felt so full, the tip of his cock pressing against your cervix. All you wanted to do was start bouncing yourself up and down, but instead you took a deep breath and leaned back against him, taking the remote from his hand and turning on the anime you two had recently been watching.
“W-Wait! That’s it? We’re just going to watch the show?” He was dumbfounded, completely ignoring the screen. His hands had found their way to your hips, gripping them tightly as he fought the urge to start grinding you against him.
“Yes.” You’d composed yourself, your voice stern this time. More resolute. You weren’t going to give in this early. Especially not after he’d neglected you so long. “Now. Sit still, sweetheart.”
He huffed a bit, and you didn’t have to look back at him to know there was a pout on his face. “Fine. Let’s do this.” His blue eyes flickered to the screen, but his hands remained on your hips the entire time he watched the show.
Only ten minutes had passed by when Takemichi’s hips started wiggling beneath you, his head falling forward so his forehead was lying on your shoulder. “Please.. This is torture..”
Part of you had to agree with him. This was torture, but what he’d put you through was even worse. “You want to know what’s torture? Not knowing if your delinquent boyfriend is okay. Not hearing from him for two weeks and worrying that he might be dead.”
“I-I’m sorry, (y/n)..” His head lifted up, hands letting go of your hips so he could wrap his arms around your stomach. “I should’ve let you know I was okay. There’s been a lot going on, and.. I’m sorry.”
His apology brought a smile to your face, your eyes fluttering closed as you let out a deep breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. “Thank you. I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”
He held you for a couple of moments, letting the anime play in the background while his chin rested on your shoulder. It was almost a romantic moment if it weren’t for his cock twitching inside of you. 
“Does that mean we can stop this now?” You almost felt cruel with how hopeful he sounded, but you only shook your head. “What? Please, (y/n)...”
“Please what?” Your head craned back to stare into his lust clouded eyes, your hands reaching down to press on his thighs to stop their shifting. “Give me one reason why I should let you fuck me.”
He went silent at that, blue eyes widening into the size of saucers at your bluntness. “I-I’ll do a good job.. Please, I’ll do whatever you want..”
Your walls clenched around him at his pleading, another groan sounding from his chest. “You’ll do whatever I want?” You could feel yourself getting more aroused, your slick dripping down your thighs and soaking onto the cushion. 
“Yes..! I just— I need you.” He whined out, letting his head fall back against the couch. There were tears in his eyes now, threatening to spill over onto his cheeks. “Please.. Fuck, I’ll be good.. Just give me the chance..”
Letting out a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding, your hips started to roll against his slowly, the friction sending sparks of pleasure through your body. Emma had been right. You had your boyfriend close to tears, although that was nothing unexpected from Takemichi.
“Ah.. fuck, yes..” His hands grabbed onto your hips again, guiding them as you rocked back and forth. “Thank you.. I-I promise.. I’m gonna treat you right..”
“I know you will, sweetheart.”
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Tokyo Revengers Headcanons, Oneshots, and Scenarios part 8
When They Kabedon You
- Traps you against a wall
- Spotted a bag in your hands
Mikey: What's that (nickname)?
Mikey: For me right?
- Stares intensely at you
- You start to feel fluster by this
- You hand him the bag
- Takes it, digs out a dorayaki, unwraps it, and begins to eat it
"Can I leave now Mikey?"
Mikey: No.
- He slammed his hands against the wall behind you
- You jumped and looked up at him
- He makes a scary face at you
Draken: When was your birthday again?
Draken: Your birthday, what date is it on?
- You give him a deadpan expression
"You almost gave me a heart attack!"
- Slammed a fist against the wall, leaving a hole in it
- You jumped and looked at him
"That poor wall."
Baji: Where was that group of kittens you saw the other day?
- You blinked at him
- You blink some more
"Couldn't you have just asked me like a normal person?"
Baji: Where are they?
- You sigh and lead him over to a bush you last saw the kittens at
- He squats down and calls out to one of the kittens
- It meows at him and walks over to him, wanting to be pet
- You can't help but think how cute the kittens are
Baji: Oh, you can leave now (Y/n)
"But I'm the one who found them first."
- He ignores you for now and pays attention to the kittens that were now surrounding him
- You were sitting up against a wall, playing Tetris on your phone
- Chifuyu placed his hands on the wall above your head, looking down at you
Chifuyu: Hey there
- He waited for you to say more
- You continued to play Tetris
- He let out a sigh
Chifuyu: How am I going to show you how to properly do a kabedon when you're playing Tetris?
- You pause the game
"You can try to swoon me now."
- He sighs and removes his hands from the wall
Chifuyu: I'm going home
- He starts walking away
"Wait up Chifuyu!"
- You guys were the last to leave the club room
- Mitsuya stopped you before you could leave
"Yeah Takashi?"
- He traps you and gives you a smirk
- You feel your face heat up
Mitsuya: (Y/n), there's something I want to ask you
"What is it?"
- He takes a deep breath
Mitsuya: Can I use you as a model for a dress I'm designing?
- You deadpan
Mitsuya: Please (Y/n)."
- You sigh and agree to it
Souta (Angry)
- He wanted to try to kabedon but his poor heart wouldn't let him
- He got somewhat close but when you looked at him he put his arms down
"Souta? Did you need something?"
Angry: N...no
Kazutora (Timeskip)
- You made him follow you into a alley because it was a shortcut to your house
- He thought he should get you back from the other day and trapped you against one of the alley walls
Kazutora: (Y/n)
- His voice sent chills down your spine
Random voice: Are you okay over there?! I'm calling the cops!
"I'm fine! You don't need to call the police!"
- Kazutora put his hands down and quickly backed away from you
- He was a little embarrassed now
"Couldn't you have try to do that somewhere else that wasn't a dark alley?
Kazutora: I thought it was a good opportunity since your guard was down
- You laugh and tell him he could try again some other time
Kazutora: I'm not going to try now since you already know it's coming
"Aw! Come on! I want to be like the girls in Shojo manga!
- He starts walking off without you
- You quickly ran to catch up with him
- He traps you after he put out his cigarette
- You look up at him
"You know Hanma, you're pretty tall. You look like a giraffe"
Hanma: And your dad is built like a baked bean (Y/n) <3
- You gut punched him
"Bake bean that! Bake bean that!"
- You walk away from him as he held his stomach
- He smirked to himself
- He traps you and gives you flirty eyebrows
Hina: Takemichi? (Y/n)? What are you guys doing?
"Takemichi was just practicing his moves on me so he could use them on you later Hina!"
- Takemichi freaks out
Takemichi: They're lying Hina
- Hina gives him a scary look
- He gulps and you laugh
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characters — matsuno chifuyu | hanagaki takemichi | haitani ran ft haitani rindou
warnings — cursing and crack
sypnosis — you bring them the best gossip, so he had no choice but to listen and talk about it to you as well
a/n — all of these are in fact tea and drama that i got from my friends- also, these are platonic- I AM GENUINELY SO SCARED OF THE PEOPLE MY AGE AND THOSE WHO ARE YOUNGER- but hope you guys have a good day and take care of yourselves!
Tumblr media
━━━ matsuno chifuyu.
he was watching some anime, eating a tub of ice cream while at it when he heard the door suddenly burst open. he turned his attention to the door to see you panting, as if you had ran a few miles from the block.
“i got tea”
this man, immediately turned off the tv and payed all of his attention to you.
chifuyu honestly loves it when you give him any gossip. it’s a weird habit but the two of you sometimes exchange gossip, you giving him your gossip that you’ve gotten from your school or friends, while he gives you gossip on what happened in toman.
“what happened this time? is it a continuation from the last session or a new one?” he asks you as you grab some water and drank it before sitting down next to him.
“a continuation”
“which continuation?”
“the girl who’s the same age as you”
“oh god”
honestly, sometimes, teenagers scare him. he probably has scared other people with baji because they were burning down cars, but sometimes, the gossip that you give him makes him think back about the things he did and questions if they were really that bad.
“she has a boyfriend”
“he can drive a car” he didn’t think that it was that bad, after all, he’s 13 and he can drive a motorbike
“no, you don’t understand, he can legally drive a car. he’s 19″ chifuyu almost choked on his ice cream
“isn’t she 13??” he sees you nod “plus, pretty sure the two of them had done the dirty-”
he’s worried and scared, but at least he got some form of drama-
━━━ hanagaki takemichi.
the two of you were hanging out with each other before you got a call from your friend. he allowed the both of you have your conversation before he heard a gasp coming from your mouth. he looked over to you, giving a questioning look as you hold your hand in front of him, telling him to wait until you finished your call.
when you did, takemichi stared at you “so?” “i just got drama” “spill it”
he’s honestly the best gossip buddy that you could ever have. this man is a walking gossip machine. he honestly gossips to you about the future, things that happen within his friend group, within toman, literally gossip that he got from hina to you. and you give him the exact same thing.
“so, what happened?”
“okay, so there’s this guy who’s like 14 and likes this girl whose 12 and they started dating″
“that’s already concerning, but continue”
“he found out that she likes reading smut”
“oh god-”
“and he decided that because she reads smut, it was a good idea to send her inappropriate text messages” takemichi had to internally vomit-
“was she okay with it?” “absolutely not, she was super uncomfortable by it” takemichi shook his head, thinking that it was all of it “okay, but then the guy cheats on her” takemichi never turned his head so quickly “THERE’S MORE?” you gave him a nod, sighing a bit, almost sounding as if you were about to cry.
“the girl he cheated with, is younger than the both of them”
“she’s 10-11″
the both of you were in tears now.
━━━ haitani ran.
the both of you were close friends. well, technically, you, ran and rindou were childhood friends but you had always been closer to the older brother because you two, the both of you were bitches.
it was a normal day for the brothers before you came knocking at the door, quite harshly honestly. rindou, who was near the door sighed and opened it, revealing a shit eating grin from you “what the fuck-”
“oh ran~” you cooed as the younger brother sighed and let you in as the braided male saw your grin to which he smirked at
“ohoho, what do we have here y/n?”
“i have shit to spill”
rindou honestly sighed at both of your antics, but he sat down on the couch, wanting to listen in.
“okay so, there’s this girl from like a private school, we’re going to call her ginger because she is a ginger” you paused, sitting down on the couch as ran nodded. rindou was just on his phone, semi listening in.
“ginger decided that she wanted to get some cash on the side, thus, she did blowjobs, but mind you, she’s 15″ rindou choked
“her grandpa found out”
“oh shit, uhuh?”
“he kicked her out with nothing, like no money, no credits for her phone, noting. so she had noting right? and like her friend found out and decided that she should stay at her place for the time being right?”
rindou thought that it was going to go back to normal again but ran, he knew better. he has heard you spill so much tea that most of it is bat shit crazy- “so like ginger stayed there for a few weeks and like the friend’s mom decided that she should just adopt ginger right?”
“then a few days later, i found on ginger’s instagram’s story of her and the friend kissing”
it took the two brothers a moment to realise what you were saying “the ginger is adopted now right?” ran asks for confirmation as you pursed your lips and nodded. “yup... they are now technically siblings, and they kissed, like full on make out”
rindou is traumatised and ran is just- yeah.
Tumblr media
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reblogs are highly appreciated!!
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imk1ra · 26 days ago
Y/n: Are you AmeriCAN or AmeriCANNOT?
Takemichi :
Takemichi : I am-Wait, what?!?
Y/n: I said, are you AmeriCAN or AmeriCANNOT?
Takemichi : *dumbfounded*
Takemichi :oh
Y/n : Are you am-
Draken: For fuck's sake he's from Japan.
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kitkat11602 · 3 months ago
Save Them
Takemichi x Sister Reader
warnings: possible spoilers?(not really though), death
word count: 233
Tumblr media
“Takemichi.” Her voice was soft as she called out her brother’s name. The blonde had his arms wrapped around her trembling body. Tears flowed down his face as he saw the blood pouring from her wound. “Please don’t be sad.” Y/N reached her hand up, gently caressing the boy’s face. “I’ll be fine, Michi. Please… don’t worry about... me.” her words were becoming more separated as she tried to keep conscious for a little while longer.
“Y/N, why would you do this?” Takemichi cried, burying his head into his sister’s chest. His mind was foggy, only remembering the image of someone coming at him with a knife.
“You… You can’t die Michi.” Y/N said, pulling her brother’s head up and their eyes locking. “You have to save them all. Don’t let them all die… again.” Y/N sucked in a harsh breath, the pain from the wound subsiding as her heart began to stop beating. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help anymore.” She whispered, giving Takemichi one final smile.
“Y/N, No!” Takemichi yelled, pulling the girl up to his chest. His cries were drowned out from the sound of motorcycles approaching. Takemichi’s friends now stood there, watching the boy sob over the dead girl’s body. None of them realizing that the weight of the world is now upon Takemichi’s shoulders, while the weight of his sister was in his arms.
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nxtsnw · 5 months ago
Van Gogh paintings that I associate with the characters of Tokyo revengers and why.
pt.1 || pt.2 || pt.3 || pt.4 || pt.5
TAKEMICHI - Sunflowers
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maybe it's just me, but I associate yellow with Takemichi.
The color and the character itself give me a kind of courage and hope (?)
Sunflowers painted by Van Gogh are not a very bright yellow, and they don't even seem too "alive", but they give to me cheerfulness:)
Something like you looks at them and smile.
Van Gogh did many tests for this painting (15 If I'm not wrong), I took them as all the tests and all the times Takemichi traveled in time to save the people he loved<3
MICKEY - Wheatfield with crows
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was one of the last painting Van Gogh painted before committing suicide.
After he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in France, he spent whole afternoons watching this field.
I think that, despite the general unease, this picture conveys a sense of calm.
I decided to associate it with Mickey because that's exactly how I see him.
Often he too gets lost looking at emptiness, but he always has such a sad look.
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