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#tokyo ghoul


“They look like humans yet they are not.

They blend in with the masses and consume human flesh.

People call them ghouls.”

Words and Photo: Tokyo Ghoul

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Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)

If you have off-hand knowledge about the topics covered in the books, then you’re able to enjoy the work on a deeper level.

In my opinion, when it comes to books, the closer the reader’s way of thinking gets to the author’s the more deeply they’ll be able to relish the work.

It’s only when I’m immersed in the world of a book that I can forget myself and everything else.

A lot of fiction was what supported me during my painful and difficult times.

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So as you guys know, someone requested me to do Juuzou, and I’ll try to complete his look with his weapon. Basically, it’s made of illustration board [3 pcs - 15”x12”] (cardboard) because that was what I had at the time. If I will redo this, I would suggest foam boards since they’re lighter. This was quite heavy and I was afraid it might fall apart. 

First, I drafted all the pieces before cutting them out. I made the red arrow shape (2 pcs), the black lightning shape (2 pcs), the silver spearhead (2 pcs), the cog like half circle (2 pcs) and all the dividers in between. 

Second, I painted them according to their colors. When they dried, I used super glue to stick them together. Now comes the hard part. The stick needed to life all these. I first thought of using a mop’s handle, but it was too short. Then I thought of using a bamboo pole, but it was too thin and it might not be able to carry the whole thing’s weight. Then comes a lighting bulb inspiration when I saw my selfie stick! It expands 3 times it’s size and it’s strong enough to carry the thing. So I made a base for it to screw on, super glued the base and screwed on the selfie stick. As for the wing part, I just used cartolina and cut it in half circle shape (4pcs) and an elipse shape for the top and used school glue to hold it down since I needed to remove it later so I can get back my selfie stick  

There you have it! I really hope it won’t collapse during my picture taking. 

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hinami: ‘CCG’? more like ‘using my dead parents as a weapon’.
kaneki: hinami, are you oka-
hinami: N O -

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