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#tokyo ghoul clowns

No wonder the Clowns are so despairingly desperate to try to keep entertaining themselves in order to not go mad. If Uta really is the One Eyed King of old and Itori and Co. are all, like Roma, older than they look then that would mean they all have witnessed how Uta failed in liberating Ghoulkind

And now they get to have front seats when seeing this spectacle unfold anew with Kaneki. They get a premium view of their own story played out before them. And that, seeing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, isn’t that what insanity is all about?

The clows, by their own definition, can only win no matter the outcome.

If Kaneki fails, then they get to have the last laugh because they, too, failed and could predict as much. (We saw this in the original Tokyo Ghoul.)

If Kaneki wins, then they get to have their demons laid to rest, their worldview proven wrong and can finally stop having to perform on stage to not go mad. (Which is what will happen in :re.)

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You know how the Clowns turned out to be pulling the strings in part one, causing and enjoying the tragedy? I feel there’s no way they aren’t sitting and watching and possibly trying to pull a few strings… And since there’s all these parallels between Kaneki and Mutsuki, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them playing about with Mutsuki’s fate especially after the reveal of Mutsuki’s mental/personality problems and Uta’s lying and manipulation in the Auction… In fact, that whisper let the CCG know there was an information leak, did the Clowns want the CCG to know as part of their grand scheme?

A possibility could be that the Clowns know who Souta is - Furuta. If they know that then they likely realize V’s intent to use them for ‘balance’, etc. Since the clowns do everything for the fun of it, if they viewed taking V on as fun then they might do it - the Clowns might be trying t influence events to lead to the eventual downfall of V. They may even cooperate with people such as the :re group.

Just some ideas I felt like writing down, what do you guys think?

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I really wish we’d seen how the heck Mikito managed to beat Donato because huuuuh he lived freely for a damn long while (aka never been defeated), he is undefeated ever since and is strong enough to control the motherfreaking Taxidermied Owl WHILE FIGHTING AS MULTIPLE CLONES.

Come on Mikito, how did you do that? Donato’s the strongest ghoul we know

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「……」 IF妄想。ピエロの皆 with オウルちゃん。いつかピエロに入る日が来るのかと思ってたあの頃。ビジュアル的に馴染んでるところが見たくて…(でもタタちゃんセンパイに迎えにきてほしい)

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The Clowns are just too good, man. Just a big old family of wildly diverse people that’s so protective of one another that they will fight the whole fucking world to help one of theirs.

That just makes me so happy? The little nicknames they have for each other, Roma’s protectiveness of Souta and Shiko, the way Donato says he doesn’t care but he’s still there no matter what, Nico’s entire existence, Uta who just doesn’t want to be alone and finds in them his only family since the 4th ward. They just make me so emotional.

And Souta??

He came to the most powerful ghoul group in the CCG history when he was about 18 for them to help him get rid of his blood family and they fucking did. They took him in, followed his plans, got back together as a fighting force for him and never once did they call him Nimura.

I’m just- The Clowns, guys. The Clowns.

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