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#tokyo ghoul incorrect quotes

Tsukiyama: If one more person says I’m too dramatic, I’m going to light myself on fire.

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There are only two genders:

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Ui, about the Quinx: It’s like all of you share one braincell sometimes!

Shirazu: *Can’t think of a good comeback because it’s not his turn to use the braincell*

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  • Yoshimura: Why is Kaneki carrying around a potted plant?

  • Touka: He asked too many stupid questions today so I’m making him carry that to make up for all the oxygen he wasted.
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 Hinami: You’re as smart as you are handsome
Ayato:  Hey! … Oh, you meant that as a compliment.

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Bokuto : What are we watching?

Akaashi : Tokyo Ghoul

Bokuto : * gasp * ThErE’s a gHouL in ToKyo?

Akaashi : It’s just an ani-

Bokuto, realized where he is rn : * another gasp * We aRe iN tOkYo

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Hide: Guess which one I have feelings for

Kaneki & Touka: (talking to each other in the distance)

Hide: Both, actually

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Hide, posting on his social media: Reading is just staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating

Kaneki, replying: Please delete this

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touka: you are like an empty tip jar

kaneki: ready to be filled!


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touka: i will stick my hand so far up your ass i start knitting your damn intestine if you do that again

kaneki: don’t threaten me with a good time

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juuzou: i will never elaborate because i have no idea what i just said


juuzou: i don’t even make sense, sometimes i just b talkin

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Hide: Come on! Hit me! (Gets in a fighting stance)

Kaneki: I’m not going to hit you

Touka: You want me to do it?

Kaneki: (elbows Touka)

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jungkook : rap mon hyung!

namjoon : yes kookie?

jungkook : can jin hyung make me those lego thingy?

namjoon : what do you mean?

seokjin : waffles

namjoon : …….

yoongi : i’m filling up the pre-school form for him

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