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#tokyo ghoul jack

Ok today i doing Minami Uraka gif from Tokyo Ghoul Jack Ova!! She is my favourite character i really like her kagune bikaku its really pretty and strong..too bad she dead..(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)

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My oc is getting some white suit to match her beloved Yamori. Well for daytime work as she’s still doing her night job as assassin 😂

Leegee aka my oc belongs to me.

Yamori belongs to Sui Ishida.

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Last one? The rest are Overwatch highlight clips so I’ll keep those.

Song: Lost it to Trying - Son Lux

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Tokyo Ghoul has 0 consistency in the anime rn. The animation style seems to change slightly every time the damn anime changes season and I’m like ??????????

They keep skipping important plot points too ????

Having an image in the opening to represent an entire story arc isn’t going to help the people that haven’t read the manga understand what is going on :/

I’ve read the manga and I still have no clue where the plot is like woah ;-;

This makes me so sad

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