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#tokyo ghoul re

Hullo hullo!

Wouldn’t ya know, I actually forgot that I made this thing. 

Anyway, here I am! The name’s Juuzou, if ya didn’t already know. I like candy, retro games and late-night walks. 

I figured this would be a good way to be a lil more social, and get all those random thoughts out! 

So if ya have any questions, feel free to ask! I’m always down for a lil chat.🍭

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i’ve rewatched tokyo ghoul till its latest season. then i felt all the feels i had for akiramon came rushing back.

this was a redraw of this [x] art i made almost 4-5 years ago!!! those were the days. 

also, in case you’re wondering why these flowers:

  • lilies (akira) - often given at funerals. so i guess it’s a way of mourning of the dead, which we know for a fact that amon lived.
  • narcissus (amon) - rebirth and renewal. amon was human, then he became that hooded figure who turned out to be a ghoul. 
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I really wish we’d seen how the heck Mikito managed to beat Donato because huuuuh he lived freely for a damn long while (aka never been defeated), he is undefeated ever since and is strong enough to control the motherfreaking Taxidermied Owl WHILE FIGHTING AS MULTIPLE CLONES.

Come on Mikito, how did you do that? Donato’s the strongest ghoul we know

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One time in my art class we should draw a picture of a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. And as creative as I was, I drew Akira Mado from tokyo ghoul, cause why not? She’s one of my all time favorite anime characters and I think she’s beautiful. But the drawing doesn’t looked really good, cause I’m awful at drawing. However my teacher was so impressed of this. Especially because I was drawing in „manga style“ and „showed with that my own ideal“. She was in her own thoughts at that moment and I was standing there being like:“Okay………..“.

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