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Eto Yoshimura; General Yandere HCs

request:  “Yandere eto please?”

  • You were a promising new recruit in the Aogiri.
  • You weren’t one of those who felt pure malice toward the human race.
  • You were like her, passionate in ending the persecution against ghouls.
  • Of course, the both of you held a great deal hatred. You wouldn’t be killing so will nilly if it weren’t for that.
  • But your ideals were so closely aligned 
  • And you were just so fun to talk to!
  • You captivated her, interested her in all of your mystery and ambition.
  • It drove her to develop a craving.
  • You’ve noticed it on the battle field yourself, but she’s sadistic and lacks mercy toward humans and ghouls alike.
  • She collects research on you by asking the members around you.
  • She stalks you during your fights to admire your fighting ability.
  • Her fondness of you grows so deep, she begins to demand more and more time from you.
  • The other members notice you’ve become closer to her than even Tatara.
  • You’re removed from the members you usually fight along side and are placed to fight with Eto, whether you’re strong enough or not.
  • Her fights are for the future of ghouls, and you’re aware of the importance of her battles.
  • She’s often thrown into depths of hell, but she keeps you at her side at all times like a comfort animal.
  • Really, that’s how she sees you. As a pet.
  • She’s confident in her ability to protect you, and confident in your ability to fight for yourself.
  • If you ever begin to grow apart from her, she’ll begin to gaslight you.
  • She’ll hold you down by your throat and snicker at your panic.
  • You’re strong, but you know you can’t over power her.
  • She’ll proclaim to be your God.
  • Express disappointment in you.
  • She thought your ideals were so aligned? What happened to fighting for your fellow ghoul?
  • She knows your good, she knows you know how to listen.
  • So you’ll listen and be good for her, won’t you?
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Juuzou Suzuya

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Tumblr: @ Kidomaru-chan 
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Kaneki: This coffee tastes like dirt.

Yoshimura: That’s because you put soil in the coffee maker instead of coffee

Kaneki: Oh…

Kaneki: In that case, it’s actually pretty good.

*sips ‘coffee’*

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La manera más segura para ser amado por alguien es mirar su pasado y su dolor y gentilmente acercarse a ellos.

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You know how Ginny Weasley was this badass character on her own and then for some reason her whole thing became “being Harry Potter’s trophy for winning life”, same as you’re making Touka’s character arc dependent on Kaneki’s? See Sasuke’s arc be dependent on Naruto being there? I mean, he would’ve died, but he would’ve died having gone through the same character growth.

I have my opinion, it’s based on my understanding of the manga and its characters and its narrative design. Happy to share what it is. Do I think everyone must agree with me or perish? No. It’s very cool to form your own opinion on things unless it’s science. Do I want to rehash why I thunk a thought back in 2016? Also no.

Glad to see you consider TG:re to be in any way a cohesive narrative when taken as a whole.


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Eto is so cute 🥺


If I’m being honest, I didn’t really understand the her story. So mr. yoshimura left her in a ward to grow up? Without him?? What the hell? ☹️ I’ll reblog after re-reading

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GoalsTo create a revolution which would enable ghouls and humans to coexist peacefully.

To make Ken Kaneki the next One-Eyed King.
To destroy V (all succeeded

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It’s Eto again. I tried too hard working on her clothes and her face looks kinda skinny. But it was worth a try and I’m kinda happy with it.

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