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y’all ever notice urie looks like great value brand levi

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Nothing on earth gives me more fuckin gender envy than this pic of Haise, I hate it so much, he out here dressed Business Pretty and owning it!!

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I. Love. This. So. Much. Anon! This is actually golden! I’m so sorry this is so flipping late! But I wanted it to be good and tbh I’m still kinda eh about how I wrote it but it was a lot of fun and I plan to continue with Part 2 soon! Hopefully I did okay and did my babie boi justice!


Originally posted by black-ssstuff

beginning of the suzuya squad


Beep. Beep. Beep.

Juuzou never liked hospitals nor did he like any room made to feel like one. I guess one could say Juuzou was uncomfortable in small spaces and hospital rooms always felt like just that; a tiny white room with the potential to house death. Juuzou never once was afraid to die. Maybe when he was younger, before the kidnapping, but it’s been so long since fear has really gripped his heart and made him tremble, he doesn’t quite remember the feeling. But if he was honest with himself at this moment, he began to feel fear.

“I’m a leader now! I have my own squad and everything!”

Juuzou’s voice was airy and sing-songy as he leaned over his old mentor. Shinohara still hasn’t shown any signs of consciousness and as much as Juuzou wanted to belive in him, in the strong, kind, and firm investigator Shinohara, he was beginning to feel hopeless and…utterly…alone.

“I don’t know very much about all of them…They seem nice, though.” His hand began to pet at Shinohara’s forehead.

At the lack of response, Juuzou sighed and leaned his head near the hand of his comatose friend. “I just thought you might want to know.”

~~~ 2 weeks before ~~~

“Hmmm~~ I wonder if Haise-chan has anything for me todaaay~!” Juuzou hums and skips and wonders out loud as he makes his way down the solemn halls of the CCG home base to the meeting he was already late to. To be honest, no one really said anything very specific about this ‘meeting’ and as dense as Juuzou might come off as, he could already tell this was very different. Juuzou often wondered if the CCG higher ups were really as stupid as they sometimes seemed. Nothing got past Juuzou; he notices everything.

“Sorry for my tardiness heehee!” Juuzou effectively burst through the doors to the large space.

Juuzou halted mid step.

“Associate Special Class Suzuya,” First Class Investigator Hirako was there and so was Special Clsss Arima, however, Juuzou was met with many new eyes staring at him. Juuzou felt uncomfortable. “Please, take a seat.” Juuzou sat with a small 'hmph’ refusing to make eye contact with anyone new to him. He wasn’t in the business of making new friends.

“Associate Special Class Suzuya, there has been quite the buzz around your name and status and your improvement has not gone unnoticed.” Chairman Washuu smiled lightly at the young man. Was the Chairman always there? Why hadn’t Juuzou noticed?

“As you know better than anyone, we have lost a grave amount of investigators over the past few years, the Owl Operation kick starting an unfortunate series of events.”

Juuzou’s eyes were frozen; he couldn’t blink. His heart was steady but his mind was racing. Was this about Shinohara? Were they cutting the money to support investigators in Shinohara’s position?

“We need more people and we need more experienced investigators to take over said new people,” Chairman Washuu paused. “We have concluded you will be in charge of your own squad. We are confident that you can be a great lea-” Everything after that was blurry. Juuzou’s head began to feel fuzzy and he felt his face harden. The room had been quite large when he walked in, but now it felt incredibly tiny. Juuzou didn’t like small rooms. His own squad? Why? Shinohara-san would wake up soon and he would need a partner again? Why would Juuzou need his own squad? Why would they pick him? Shinohara would wake up soon. Shinohara had to wake up soon. Why woul-

“Suzuya!” Juuzou’s eyes snapped open and he whipped his head around to his left. He was outside; the air was cold.

Haise stood beside Juuzou who found himself sitting criss-cross on the grass just outside of the CCG headquarters. Haise crouched down to sit beside Juuzou. “I heard the news,” Haise turned to the blank-faced Juuzou and smiled brightly. “Congratulations! Your very own squad!” Haise squeezed Juuzou’s shoulder quickly. “Have you met them yet?” Juuzou looked down at his hands and shrugged. “Nope, don’t wanna.” Haise smiled to himself. “Why not?” Juuzou shrugged again and stretched his lanky legs out in front of him, shot his arms straight up above him and leaned forward. Sigh. “I don’t know.” “Well, don’t you already have a subordinate? Hanbee Abara, right? He seems to admire you a lot.” “Yes,” Juuzou sat back up. “But he’s pretty much useless. He just cowers. He’s afraid of everything.” “He looks up to you, though. Perhaps he is a part of your new squad and you can train him and he ca-”“Hey, Haise~” Juuzou turned to Haise- whose smiled had disappeared- and grinned and tilted his head forward as he leaned closer to his troubled white and black haired friend. “Hmm, got any snacks today~?” Haise sighed and shook his head. “Sorry, Suzuya. Not today.”

Everything was disappointing Juuzou lately.

Part 2 coming soon!

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These are my updated and new(ish) rules!


This ^^^ didn’t change, I’m just too lazy to rewrite them out (╥﹏╥) The only thing that did slightly change is #4, and I meant to write no *extreme* pain.

Things I encourage on my page:

  1. Be nice. It doesn’t cost anything, and it honestly helps.
  2. If you look at these rules. While those who don’t I won’t get mad at, it is extremely appreciated when people read and follow my rules.
  3. REBLOGS!!!! They are so helpful, and honestly reblog a lot of other writers. it helps with reach :)

That’s pretty much it everyone!

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Alright! So the links will be added as soon as possible, but here’s the main masterlist (at least for navigation).

Tokyo Ghoul

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Seduce Me

General Rules


links will continue to be added to all masterlists.

if a link is wrong, dont be afraid to let me know!

if a link is not posted for something, be sure to check the post again after a while! I do have a personal life, so if something isn’t there it will be at some point <3

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Hii so I started season 4, I’ll tag it as “Tokyo ghoul:re 2” so if you haven’t seen it then block that tag, beware I’m going to post something about that season right after this so be careful of my next post!!:)

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So I’m on the last episode of season 3 and my man is back, I don’t trust that it won’t just be for a second but I suppose I’ll just enjoy it maybe while it lasts:(

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Idk about any of you but I sure as shit didn’t see him eat a damn thing at that dinner party????? I personally would like to explore this question!!

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So I’m a little over halfway through season 3 of Tokyo ghoul, I’m not as angry as I was but if what I want to have happen doesn’t I will be greatly disappointed. I’m also quite upset that they’ve made the investigators the main characters pretty much, I don’t care about them like I do my loves the ghouls. I’m also soooooo mad that they shit on ghouls and are so terrible to them yet they decide to CREAT GHOULS TO USE AS GOVERNMENT WEAPONS??????? Fucked up, make it make sense please!!!

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So I spoiled myself a little. I’m still very unhappy, but I’m a little less angry. I am angry in a new way now…

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Can someone who’s seen all of Tokyo ghoul console me and tell me why I should finish Tokyo ghoul:re??????????? Because so far I’m super not down

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I swear to god if they try and give me a new main character I will riot… Kaneki or nothing>:(

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ooh interesting! while we already know what he basically looks like I’ll give you some of the headcanons I love to think are secretly canon•°☆


Originally posted by otaku-life

  • juuzou naturally has dark hair, he just spent a lot of time maintaining the really striking white he usually sported after it changed colors like kaneki’s hair did when juuzou was being raised by big madam (going from black to white hair due to extreme trauma and stress)
  • as his hair got longer (and he started to step away from his past) his dark roots began to come back,,he dyed it black to keep it even
  • his hair is soft most of the time and leans towards being more wavy/curly rather than just being straight
  • he doesn’t wash his hair everyday which is good but he brushes it every morning and night,,that’s why it’s so soft :’)
  • I love to imagine that juuzou has some slight freckles on his nose and cheeks and even some on his shoulders :’((((
  • juuzou is vvvvvvv pale, poor babie needs some sun
  • juuzou actually doesn’t react to the sun too well, he burns easily and while he may not feel too much pain, he hates having to constantly put lotion on his shoulders and back
  • juuzou is short babie :’)
  • he’s not tiny tiny but because his growth was cut short at a young age, he just never really grew much taller
  • juuzou is also very slim,,while he is definitely strong in order to wield jason around, he just doesn’t develop muscles as much
  • juuzou has looong, slender fingers
  • honestly his hands are very attractive and slim yet slightly calloused and scarred
  • he has amazing hand eye coordination and it’s mostly natural too
  • he’s always been very nimble and quick and that helped him a lot in both his childhood and adulthood
  • his body is crazy flexible,,like this babie sits in the weirdest positions and sometimes his squad will find him practically twisted like a pretzel and he’s just like “hey guys what’s up”
  • he has long legs and long arms so honestly his body was basically born to be flexible and twisty-bendy
  • he is practically never EVER shirtless but if you happen to blessed then you’ll see that babie boi is so flipping tiny
  • however!
  • juuzou has amazing collarbones holy cow
  • sharp and angular and smooth
  • speaking of smooth, his skin is very silky smooth and even
  • he’s got that milky white babie soft skin God bless he’s so cute aH
  • his eyes are pretty big and round and his mouth is smol and cute,,he sometimes has really big bags under his eyes :’(
  • he definitely is the type to have piercings,,lip piercing, ear piercings, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing!
  • he’s not too crazy about tattoos but he really loves piercings
  • he even gives himself piercings with ease which is kinda scary pls don’t try that at home alone kids
  • juuzou is definitely all about the aesthetics,,actually he is naturally aesthetic and he doesn’t even know
  • bandage aesthetic, grunge aesthetic, heck even pastel aesthetics work on him
  • he doesn’t say it or mention it bascially…ever but he does actually think about the outfits he chooses
  • he loves patterns and bright colors but he’s down for more muted things as well
  • babie boi does n o t blush,,well at least not easily
  • compliments don’t do it, physical touch doesn’t do it,,it’ll take time to make him flustered in any kinda way
  • however, when he does blush, because of how pale he is, the red in his cheeks is instantly noticeable and it travels up to his ears and down to his chest
  • but he literally blushes once every year so good luck tryna see it for yourself
  • juuzou knows how to braid and do hair but he still prefers someone else to fix his hair for him juuzou I volunteer pls! I’ll do your hair all day everyday
  • juuzou tends to bite the inside of his cheek or his bottom lip whenever he’s bored or thinking
  • he used to bite his nails but after he saw what his nails were beginning to look like, he decided to stop
  • juuzou has small ears that fit his round, small head perfectly and he definitely knows how to move his ears without moving his face or head
  • juuzou has a lot of scars on his back and chest from his childhood
  • he doesn’t mind them too much but somedays looking at them is all a bad reminder of what happened to him
  • overall, juuzou is truly a small, short, slim babie with crazy amounts of strength one could never guess he had
  • kiss his bare, scarred, freckled shoulders and he’s putty in your hands uwu :’(

Thank you for asking!! Hopefully you like this!

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I dont know why, but I like to think that after a while,Juuzo and Kaneki became friends again.

Like, not right away. I imagine they had to go through a lot of baggage first. But overtime they became close again,and it was normal for Kaneki to have candy for Juuzo in his pockets.

And maybe over time he became a family friend,and Juuzo began to hide candy too, but he did it for Ichika. Maybe, just maybe,before Shinohara recovered, Juuzo spent Christmas and new Years with Kaneki and Touka,and maybe Hide.

Idk, this headcanon just makes me feel warm and fuzzy, so I had to share it.

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