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#tokyo grand guignol

Lychee Light Club stage play performed by Tokyo Grand Guignol theatre 1985.12.22

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I love this manga and I would have loved if Suehiro Maruo was the one who made it… nothing against Usamaru Furuya but Maruo actually colaborated with the tokyo grand guignol back in the 80′s, at least he helped with the character design in this manga, and you can reeealy see it.

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Another relic uploaded by @inu1941-1966. From the Grand Guignol, I played as a surgeon accompanied with Norimizu Ameya and Mr Kyūsaku Shimada.

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東京グランギニョール出演 徳光番組 1985.06.09


norimizu ameya theatre

TOKYO GRAND GUIGNOL 1985 TV performance

suehiro MARUO_doctor

norimizu AMEYA_alien


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Suehiro Maruo poster for the Tokyo Grand Guignol (東京グランギニョル) theater company, named after the famous Parisian horror theater the Grand Guignol. Between 1983 and 1986 they preformed 4 plays, the most famous of which, Litchi Hikari Club, was adapted into manga by Usamaru Furuya.

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Tokyo Grand Guignol

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TOKYO_Grand_Guignol  1984 flyer

illustration: suehiro maruo

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Litchi Hikari Club (1985)

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Thank you so much for the info! How many versions of the play was there? I reread LHC and at the end he says he was inspired by the Tokyo Grand Guignol where Suehiro Maruo himself acted in it o_o I can't get any info on it! Could you help please?

Your welcome, and I am really sorry! At first i did not understanded the question because english is not my mothertongue. But now…well…I think you are a bit confused sweetheart. I was not sure myself so i confirmed the info i had with a friend that is really into LHC too and my always useful friend google!

Suehiro Maruo does not participated on the play. Usamaru Furuya based the manga on Litchi Hikari club a play performed by Tokyo Grand Guignol, that’s their original play, and by Suehiro Maruo’s work. He helped Usamaru as “inspiration” and they sort of help each other. It is not a collaboration but Maruo helped on some of the character designs and Usamaru helped him on his works and stuff. They even drew fanart for each other which i find really cute. Suehiro Maruo is an illustrator artist, painter and a mangaka too. Here is his official website were you will be able to check some of his work.

I hope this can clarify some of your doubts, and do not forget that i am a fan too and as one i can sometimes give the wrong information so if anyone knows anything more concerning the matter please feel free to reply or send an ask. (^_^)

edit: sorry  i almost forgot!

Also, i’ll quote the previous page to LHC’s manga:

External image

So I guess the answer would be twice before the manga was drawn, Making LHC the third one. I do not know who performed the second performance though, sorry!

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<div> —  Litchi Hikari Club by Furuya Usamaru </div><span>You are the devil of destruction, or a light of hope</span>
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