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❝I was nineteen in a white dress When you told me I'm your princess.❞ ft. Ran Haitani
Tumblr media
≡ content & warnings — afab-reader, royal au, Bonten Ran, Prince Ran, princess reader, mutual pinning, friends with benefits, flirting, fluff, eventual smut, domish reader, service dom Ran Haitani, non-explicit and explicit smut, virgin reader, use of pet-names, guided sex(if you squint), nipple play, overstimulation, fingering, possessive Izana, Bonten Izana,implied age gap between Ran & y/n.
≡ notes — wc: 3k (omfg! I didn't realise!) ft.Prince Ran Haitani x Miss Kurokawa afab-reader and Bonten Izana as big possessive cute brother. THIS is a part of REGALITÀ & MAGIA . hosted by @1900-aria | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ELDER HAITANI.
“You sure this is a good idea darling?”, Ran asks as his lilac gaze falls over the soft grass lawn basking in the moonlight. He didn't have to jump through the window if you didn't exchange glances every time he passed right by you. He was curious, he was intrigued, he was smitten by your walk, talk, and the way you looked at him: it wasn't just about spending sleepless nights in bed, it was all about moonshine talks and giggles.
You peeped through the window. Your eyes tapered, calculating the height and then you tilted your head exclaiming, “well my brother does it all the time... He's perfect.” and as your words fell from your soft lips you notice a very slight twitch in his eyebrow. Of course, he doesn't like it. Nobody likes it when you talked about your elder brother, Prince Kurokawa Izana but you've never seen your brother greet a man with such a gleam on his face.
It's been days since the elder of the Haitian's came for the kingdom's festival. You've heard a lot about them: good, bad, and certainly about the, ‘Ran doesn't let someone get in his head, stays only in bed’ and it made you giggle so much because apart from being a beloved sister, you had your reputation to maintain. You can't just do whatever you like; you've to be cautious about it. People are ready to pounce if they see you unguarded and that is why Izana never stopped you from holding a weapon.
“All right. If you're stalling I'm gonna throw you out of the window”, you tartly spoke crossing your arms amongst your chest. Your nightgown makes it so hard for Ran not to look at your breasts, he can even see your nipples. His eyes fall on the lavish carpet while he clears his throat. “You’re gonna get cold. Take this!”, he wraps his serape around you. Even though you thank him, you know why he couldn't meet your gaze properly.
The corner of your lips curve gaining more of his interest, “Wha-aat?”, he asked with a smile smothering his face.
“Oh it's just that — I realized that— those rumors are true.”, you mutter hesitatingly.
“and what might they be your highness ?”, he asks as he gets rid of his gloves.
“that you're virgin killer”, you said in one breath; that was a lie,a mere bait to lure a pup. Even though you didn't hear this you wanted to see what his reaction would be— does he even give a single fuck to those lousy lips that spread nothing but lies.
He takes a few steps towards you and as you look him in the eyes, he whispers into your ears, “Are you... a virgin?” accompanied by a strong inhale as if he is trying to imprint your scent in his mind.
“Does that matter? You'd fuck anyways or that's what the rumor says”, you immediately jab at him without faltering even due to his close breaths hitting your neckline. His closeness, his voice, his charms— there was something wretched about him.
“Sweetheart, what exactly did they tell you?”, he speaks pulling away from you.
“oh nothing much”, you could feel him behind you, his hands reaching for your waist and retreating. You could see his lavender gaze through the mirror devouring you as you kept drowning in his presence.
“well then, dream about me while you sleep.”, he whispers in your ear and as you turn around he has already vanished into the night. The first time he looked at you, you thought he liked you, your beauty but you were wrong; it's just his eyes that make you stare, drown in them.
Maybe it's the otherwise but then again, you're not the only one who'd surrender so easily. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day since from next week, the kingdom is gonna be lit up in joys and happiness of the festivities.
With irregular breaths, and a heavy panting mouth trying to breathe air as much as possible you finally made it to the balcony. It happened to be so idle today unlike most other occasions. As you closed your eyes inhaling a long breath —“Mind if I join?”, and you paused your breath to look at the intruder. Shrugging off your shoulders your eyes traveled towards the horizon as he extends a glass of wine to you. “I don't like crowds. What about you?”
“I love crowds”, you speak with an intonation of sarcasm. This one declaration from you made him smirk thinking you must really like hunting prey, playing chess games, be perfect in royal household management. He thinks you'd make a fine queen. Pushing his thoughts aside he offers, “Then wanna run away?”
“with you? Never”, he chuckled at your frown. He walks up to the exit and before finally vanishing like he did last time he looked back. Of course, you had to follow. That was the second mistake, the first was drinking wine even though you hated it. You clustered the frills of your gown to hank them up a little before walking down the stairs to catch up with him yet a firm hold grasps you.
“wHere do yOu think you're going Princess?”, Izana asked but he knows you never liked parties and you'd always do something stupid after sneaking out. He isn't wrong this time. He is never wrong about you. “Umm...to my room!”, you answer him with a hiccup. A short chuckle tugs his lips as he exclaims, “well, let me accompany you to your room and tuck you in bed.” Denying wasn't a choice, fighting was a bleak chance to get away so all you could do is to pout but he id is too familiar with your tricks.
The moment he left the room after putting you to bed, you sprung up removing your covers. It's almost midnight. You sit by the window waiting. It's been more than a week. It has become a routine now and for some reason, your heart longed for his company. “thinking about me?”
“wha-at? How did you? Ohh— Ran closes the gap between you two in a flash pressing his index finger upon your lips, lightly grazing them. “Shhhhh”, a set of footsteps could be heard, becomes louder and since the door wasn't locked he came like a proper visitor; but soon both of your heartbeats started to race against each other as the footsteps fade in the corridor. You wanted to feel his touch, just once.
At first, he was unaware of the closeness and he couldn't move a muscle when his pupils fall on you, he didn't blink; eyes fixated on you as he presses his finger on your soft lips making you relax exhaling a long breath as if you were drawing him towards you.
You didn't notice his other hand until it scooped you in his embrace. Your boobs pressed against his chest, his hand cupping your face while yours slowly traveled and rested on his chest. “Well princess?”, he whispers rubbing his fingers on your lips.
You curl your arms around his nape pulling him closer. Your eyes not averting his, lips inches apart yet none of you seem to kneel before the other. Ran rubs his cheeks against yours whispering, “are you sure about this... Princess?” and of all things that could happen, it made you giggle.
You burst into laughter resting your head on his chest as he watches you being surprised. “what are you so afraid of Prince Haitani ?... Is it me or my brother ?”, you bite back earning a squeeze on your ass cheeks that made you moan. He chuckles knowing that the taste of victory is just at the tip of his tongue as he pushes you down to the bed.
He lowers his face, pauses midway, hesitates as you gawk at him but kisses softly onto your dry lips, and pulls away. The moment both of your lips grew apart you could smell his hunger for you on him. Closing your eyes you exhale before curling your hands around his shoulders and pulling him into a kiss.
Lips dance against each other as he pulls up your gown up to your belly. “Ah-aH!”, you moan as he touches your folds. You hide your face in the nook of his neck as he stretches your folds pushing his fingers inside, two at once. Your grip around him tightens immediately and all you could hear was a chuckle from him. “Relax! It's not gonna hurt.”, he whispers as he starts to stroke up and down his fingers inside your gummy walls nudging your sweet spot.
Your breath starts to get irregular, whimpers building up in your chest as he quickens his pace. “Fuck-Fu-uck”, you curse but he sucks your lips earning soft groans. His lips kiss over your clothed boobs as he notices your nipples perk up. Your warm walls clench his fingers declaring you high, numbing your senses and with a few rough strokes he pulls out his fingers.
You curl in his embrace. It takes a while for you to get back your relaxed breathing and by that time you could already notice his bulge. Your hands extend to aid him but he grabs both your hands, curling his fingers around your wrists pressing them onto the bed exclaiming, “Not so fast.”
He slips off his clothes tossing them onto the floor while you watch his toned, slim muscular physique. Your hands roam over his tattoo and this time he couldn't deny it but as soon as the leaking tip touches your entrance, your hands jump back to the bed gripping the sheets. “that’s a good girl”, he praises as he pushes his cock inside your juicy walls.
You're still so tight. It hurts. Ran notices your hurtful fringes and swiftly rolls over the bed without pulling out making you top him. And you didn't need to be told twice. “C’mon show me how strong you're, princess”, he remarks but you remain unhinged by his tease. You move up and down slowly adjusting yourself. He clicks his tongue before gripping your ass and finally taking the lead.
“Let me suck those breasts”, he mumbles unbuttoning your gown to take out your boobs. The dress tucked under your boob, as he sucks onto your nipple followed by a bite. You flinch as he keeps on sucking making you restless. You push him down to the bed as you start to thrust upon him. “That’s it....yeah”, he groans as you hit the right spot and keep bouncing faster on his cock.
He sits upright as you barely mumble, “I think- I'm gonna cum- ”. “Oh yeah?”, he presses curling his hands around your sweaty glistening body. Your eyes roll back white, the body starts to shake as he fills your cunt with his cum. You bury your face in his cave of shoulder. You could feel the heartbeats pounding as you both try to catch up on your breath.
“well, this was unexpected”, he adds sliding beside you. You nodded. He rests himself on his elbow to take a look at you and the moment you look at him he cups your face making you shut your eyes as he skims through your hair. He retreats as he feels the urge to kiss you one more time. It's odd. He never felt that before, to stay after sex. And after other that day, his visits became irregular.
Somedays, you two would end up talking sitting on the window sill yet on other days he would fuck until he stuffs all his cum inside you. He loved taking you from the back since he could hear your moans louder as he pounded harder in you along with fondling your boobs.
Festivities were soon about to end. While your brother always thought how a sleepover like you became an early riser, Ran's visits became more frequent again. And like most other days, he came today unannounced. He told you that he wouldn't drop by yet he did.
At first, you were a bit gloomy but since it's your month's time you didn't feel sad about it. The moment he enters your room through the window he cups your face pulling you into a kiss. You kiss him back, how could you not? He was slowly soaking in you. Feelings, longing to see each other, craving for his one gaze, urge to make him yours started to swirl at the back of your head. But you could never.
Even if he made the first move. Settling down with Izana’s pal was the first thing on your no-no list yet here you're in his embrace falling apart. His hands slip under your dress but you stop him conveying its red week and he gets nervous. “I shouldn't. I shouldn't have come”, he mumbles. He was just about to proceed towards the door but you blurt out, “We can just talk like other days”
He pauses. You could hear his deep long exhale as he turns around, that's the sound of despair, and hopelessness. Turning around he steps towards you but seeing you back away he pauses. It certainly shocked him. A faint forced smile could be heard before he exclaimed,“ You should take rest.” and he went out of the door without making a fuss. It startled you.
This is the first time he didn't talk back, he didn't press you further and you regretted denying someone for the first time. As Ran sinks into his bed feeling guilty about leaving you like that, unaided but any more than this it would be hard for him to go back to his kingdom without you. “I need to talk with Izana”, he mumbles to himself as dawn approaches.
“You’re late”, Izana boldly exclaims as Ran makes his way to the dining hall. Ran greets your brother with a chuckle. It's amazing how his smile can wipe off any frown of disappointment, for anyone. He looks for a seat and his jaw hardens when he sees there's only one seat empty beside you. “Well, go ahead. We have a long today. She's not gonna bite.”, Izana adds but you could hear Ran saying, “Well, what would you know your grace!”, as he sits beside you, closer than usual.
It's not like he hasn't sat beside you. He did plenty of times and didn't forget to get a glare from you while squeezing your thighs. Today's different. He is scared, scared of what his reputation would do if he were to woo you. For the first time in his life, he was worried about those lame rumors.
His thoughts are sublime as he sees your left hand resting on your thighs. His breath becomes hard as he slowly extends his hand to grab your hand earning an amusing stare. You thought he is just trying to mess with you like most other days.
So, you did what you usually do, ignored him. “Brother, could you pass me that bowl?”, you spoke softly. And as Izana does, Ran interlaces his fingers with yours. Your breath hitches. You swallow a gulp as you feel his tightening grip; it's a different world. There's passion, longing, and want to make you his, you could feel it coursing through your veins, his madness for you.
You don't want to look at him, because if you do there's no coming back from the lavender maze. Ran grabbed the fork trying to calm himself but all he could think about is to hug you tightly and never let you go. You look at him, breath almost pausing, eyes slowly scanning up to him.
He couldn't stay apart from yours because you know you've never seen this Ran Haitani before. He looks so afraid as if he was about to die if you shrug off his hold. “Hey, Ran— Izana calls making him break his eye contact as he grabs the cutlery set starting to eat again— “c’mon eat. We have a lot of things to do today...”, Izana adds not sure why his best pal looks so wrecked. And next, he notices you, your face that screams nothing but agony.
Izana leaves his seat exclaiming, “I’ve some things to attend to. Ran could you take my sister to the mansion. I'm going early”, and before he leaves he kisses your head exclaiming,“ don't be a headache to him. Be a good girl, 'kay?”, taking an apple. He leaves merrily humming a tune, tossing the apple in the air. You look at Ran giving him a stare but he mumbles, “What? I didn't say anything, to anyone” earning a scoff. You quickly walk out of the hall. “Hey, wait. Wait, Brother.”
Izana rolls his eyes saying, “Dear, you can yell like that in the hall, you're supposed to call me by my title.” “Where.are.you.going.your.highness?”, you pause at the fall of each word. He chuckles taking another bite from the apple. “Did you think I wouldn't know?
“Wha-at's — he pinches your nose saying, “If he hurts you— “he won't”, you add to which he says, “Geez Girl! You're madly in love.”, his tone clearly expressed how he is not very happy how naïve you became.
“milady! The carriage is ready.”, Ran breaks the tension bowing down in front of you. “Ran, take care of her and feel free to stay even after the festivities.”, he exclaims in one breath before leaving. While your heart sank worrying about him Ran pulled you into one of the rooms.
You remained shocked because everything happened so fast that it was hard to catch up. As soon as he locks the door turning around, he cups your face kissing you sucking your lips making you breathless.
“I’ve to attend to other guests. It's not proper to leave them at the table.”, you mutter breaking the kiss. But Ran presses you against the wall, hands above your head as he pants while kissing your shoulders followed by a harsh bite. You jolt in pain and hence he licks it.
“You’ve been driving me crazy, you know that?”, he backs away staring at his mark. “Please! Let me take you to my kingdom.”, he speaks softly, pleading as he adds, “Izana knows I — I can't stay for long, I have a brother to help.” You palm his face rubbing his cheeks with your thumb mumbling, “It’s okay. I understand. I need to talk to him”
Ran looks at you and grins as he exclaims, “God I wasted so much time. I should have done this sooner.”
“Go back, talk to your brother. I'm sure he wouldn't be very happy about this.”, you say placing a kiss on his cheeks before walking out of the room. Ran stood baffled covering his face with his palms, smile gleaming his face as if he found his Ophelia.
Tumblr media
tags : @etheralyonn @ily-inupi @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @chronic-claire-universe @haitaniapologist @manjiroscum @sano-obsessed @zoraedits
Networks: @planetonet @tokyometronetwork @downtown-roponggi
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𓆩♡𓆪 oral fixation - ran haitani x f!reader
Tumblr media
note from nis: happy birthday to the man that got me into tr (naoto you’re the first but it’s ran’s bday today :<<) ran turns 35 omg hsjsjs anyway here’s a hot dilf ran haitani with an oral fixation!
cw: dilf!ran + oral fixation + somnophilia + cunnilingus (f!receiving) + slight lactation kink
Tumblr media
ever since you had his babies five years ago, ran always finds himself nestles in the valley of your breasts. you always wear a tank top when you go to sleep and at the most random time of the nights, you will find your husband, ran, latches his tongue on your nipples.
he likes it, he says. ran always massages your soft flesh and sucks on your nipples. the tip of his tongue twirls around the perky buds, teasing you and the arousal that pools in your underwear in an instant.
sometimes, he’ll slip his hand in your underwear while having your tits in his mouth. his long fingers trail along your folds, spreading them just for him to push two of his longest fingers inside your warm cunt. even when you are asleep, you are so ready for him.
you’ll wake up in the middle of the night with him grinning at you like an idiot who’s in love. he loves that he successfully made you a mother now. a mother to his child. the countless nights he ended up fucking you raw because it’s one of his dreams to have a baby before he turns 30.
and now you have two of his children. two gorgeous babies. but still, ran never once stops worshipping your body and the ground you walk. he loves spending hours in between your legs and your beautiful tits.
the way he always has his hands on them when both of you are watching the tv. sometimes he’ll wait for his turn after you’re done breastfeeding your baby. you find it funny and that turns ran into a pouty man.
yeah, he’s just a man. a man who is crazy in love with his hot wife.
Tumblr media
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The One Above All
Tumblr media
Redrawn Bonten Mikey from Vol. 24 cover, and omg i just noticed the beautiful details of Bonten mansion in the background <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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random ran headcanons❕
Tumblr media
a/n: it’s rans birthday…AHHHHH HAPPPY BIRTHDAY RAN
reader is gender neutral!
character: ran haitani
tw: cursing and suggestive content (it’s ran)
Tumblr media
o   This man is uh…one of the most confident in the Tokyo rev universe
o   By confident I mean cocky
o   He stands by ‘love your s/o as much as you love yourself’
o   Which basically means he loves you a lot
o   In all seriousness, Ran does love you. He will go out of his way to make you happy, and protects you with all he has
o   He, in general, is a pretty protective boyfriend
o   Sure, he’s not possessive or anything, but he definitely will beat up other men who flirt with you
o   Sometimes he gets jealous, but really, it’s not that often
o   In fact, you’re the one who’s getting jealous!
o   Ran has a naturally flirty personality and he gets hit on pretty often because of it
o   Of course, you’re not a fan….and you end up telling A LOT of girls off
o   Ran thinks this is superrr hot though
o   Seriously, it drives him INSANE to see you get all protective over him
o   Don’t worry though, Ran will never cheat on you. He loves you way too much for that!
o   He’s sure to show that to you all the time too
o   He’s always got a hand on you, whether that’ s in public or when you’re alone
o   He especially loves grabbing your ass
o   It’s a damn good way to show other people you’re his
o   He loves cuddling with you too!
o   He cuddles with you every night, and if he doesn’t get his cuddles, he will be a real bitch…until he gets his cuddles
o   You better run your fingers through his hair at some point too
o   He LOVES that
o   It pretty much puts him in a trance
o   He ALWAYS brags about you to his friends
o   Seriously, sometimes you’re all he can talk about
o   I mean, he loves you so much and he’s so proud of you, who wouldn’t he brag about you?
o   Ran also spoils you A LOT
o   He’s rich, what do you expect?
o   He gets you anything you want, if you’re a good s/o, of course
o   Don’t think he’ll buy you something if you’ve been bad
o   Most times though, he’ll just go out and buy you whatever you want
o   A new phone? He’ll buy the most expensive one. Jewelry? He’s already at the jewelry store. Games? You better bet your ass he already has them
o   Even if it’s just food, he’s already bringing it to your doorstep
o   Anything to make you happy, after all!
o   Of course, he also spoils you by taking you on a TON of dates
o   He’s the type of to just randomly show up at your door and say ‘Get in bitch, we’re going somewhere’
o   And then he proceeds to take you to either the most beautiful place or most expensive place in Tokyo
o   Apparently, he’s rich enough to spend hundreds of dollars at a restaurant and think it’s absolutely fine
o   It’s truly baffling
o   Apparently, you have to teach him about saving money…
o   Another thing he especially loves is when you take care of him
o   Seeing you care for him when he’s sick or more likely, injured is something that really just warms his heart
o   He can absolutely see you doing this for him in the years to come…and something about it just makes him look forward to the long future ahead of you
o   He dreams of having an amazing future with you, where you get married, have a family and make of his brother
o   The thought of it puts a smile of his face, even in the worst of times
o   Ran really does have a soft spot in his heart for you
o   You’re one of the only people he truly opens up to, and shows his true emotions too
o   You’re also one of the few that he feels he can genuinely trust
o   Overall, Ran Haitani loves you A LOT…and you better love him too
o   After all, you’re stuck with him now!
Tumblr media
masterlist || reblogs are very appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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Birthday at the Haitani's
Yandere Platonic Haitanis
happy birthday to Haitani Ran!
Tumblr media
"I can carry it, Rindo-nii!" You were never as quiet as you thought you were, Ran mused, a lazy smirk quirking his lips at the slight fuss being kicked up out of his sight.
Even without lifting himself from where he was lazily sprawled across the couch, head propped up on a pillow, and with the television on and droning on about something he couldn't care more about, Ran could still see everything going on clearly in his mind. That familiar, adorable scrunching of your nose as you concentrated hard on trying to balance (a strong word really) a small cake on a too-large plate, watched over by Rindo's scrutinising eyes.
The lights never went off unlike when your two older brothers surprise you every year on your own birthday without fail - you were far too clumsy for that. Yet you still were nonetheless excited - more than him, Ran suspected, at being involved in the process.
"Surprise!" You chortled.
He was never surprised when it came to you; you were way too predictable for him to be, though the sight of you tottering into view was as adorable as ever, Ran swinging himself to sit upright in one smooth motion. The elder of the Haitani brothers was always happy to play along for you. "Aww, is this for me?"
You struggling with placing the plate down on the shorter coffee table wasn't new either, Rindo already waiting patiently by your side when you inevitably turned to look at him for help, doe eyes shining with frustration at your inability to set the small pink cake down without risking a drop. Stepping in, the blond-and-blue haired boy swiped the platter from you with barely a breath lost, freeing you to throw yourself at Ran, who caught you as easily.
Lazy smirk twitching up into a smile as you pressed a small package into his hands, it was rather Rindo's twitching face that the other fought to keep flat that tickled his belly (ah so he had to do with the color of the cake) as opposed to your charming self, though no one would find Ran complaining. "Happy Birthday, Ran-nii!"
He pecked a kiss to your forehead, to which you giggled. "Thank you, little one."
You really did fit nicely in the crook of his arms, the boy thought, one hand rested atop your head as you rambled incessantly about anything that came into that little head of yours while sat comfortably on his lap, your own arms thrown around his neck. But with every passing birthday, be it his, Rindo's or yours, only came the reminder that you wouldn't be their cute naive baby sister forever, no matter how much they fought tooth and nail to keep it that way. Rindo offered a slice of cake to you, and you accepted, quickly tucking in, a cheerful hum on your lips at the taste of a rare treat.
Tumblr media
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hoetani · a day ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff (17+ Blog)
Relationship: Sanzu Haruchiyo x fem!Reader
A/n: Did this rq in honour of @sanzusbaby​ happy birthday dolly!! <3 You’ve made my blog a much nicer place to be and you were one of my first proper moots :)
Tumblr media
You’re tired, tired of sitting and waiting prettily for him to show up. Glancing at the slow ticking of the clock, you finally sigh in defeat. A fiery tear of disappointment streaks down your face, hours of grooming, makeup and mock fashion shows wasted on nothing – maybe you should’ve accepted your friends invitation to go clubbing.
It was time your heart accepted the simple truth, he wasn’t coming.
Wiping the tears away you hastily stand to your feet, stepping out of the heels and sliding your rings off, ready to slip into bed and forget all about the evening, but the turn of the door knob catches your attention. You don’t have time to hide your face as his cold eyes skim over your features.
“What’s with the tears?” The pink haired man asks as soon as he steps into the apartment, dropping his loosened tie and briefcase to the floor as he surveys your dishevelled appearance. His question invites a flood of embarrassment through your body but it quickly changes to annoyance.
“Thought you weren’t coming.”
“Told you I was coming didn’t I?” He says exasperated, brushing a stray tear away with the pad of his thumb, before leaning down to press a sloppy kiss to your lips, “Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be crying on her birthday.”
“It’s your fault,” you pout up at him, reeling from the aftermath of his fiery kiss that leaves your lips tingling, it’s scary how easily he can flip your mind from annoyed to pathetically doting.
His responding grin is cocky, as he watches your anger melt into soft compliance, “Guess I’ve got to make it up to you.”
Your eyebrows raise in suspicion as he advances closer, “How?”
He threads his fingers through yours – something he only does on special occasions – and firmly leads you out the door, “We can still go out.”
“But everywhere is closed,” you say.
It’s well into the night where most respectable establishments have most definitely closed, providing you with a few unsuitable options for an impromptu dinner date.
The glint of the gun in the waistband of his trousers match the crazy flecks in his eyes, “Don’t you worry about that, just sit there and look pretty.”
Tumblr media
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hoeten · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Preview of my next Drabble ft Draken and his adoptive father. (Not sure what his name is so I call him Mr.Ryuguji for now.)
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420sano · 15 hours ago
feminist where? feat. baji keisuke
warnings. swearing + fem!reader
a/n. i work at publix as a cashier and i witnessed this from a couple and it was so funny so i had to write about it. also this isn't proofread so ignore any mistakes.....
Tumblr media
"hi! how are you today?" the cashier greeted you and baji enthusiastically, already sliding your groceries across the scanner, quick with her movements all while engaging with you.
"we're okay, and you?" your response was automatic and not too genuine, but you wanted to be respectful anyways, since baji was busy sticking his card in the chip reader, ignoring everything going on around him (per usual).
"i'm doing well! did you find everything alright?" she asked with a polite smile, another worker walking up to help organize the groceries into paper bags, greeting you once again.
"yes ma'am!"
you snaked an arm around baji's waist once you finished putting the items on the conveyer belt and you've passed the cart to the man with the bags so he had somewhere to place them.
baji pocketed his wallet, leaning down to place a kiss on the top of your head. he watched as the total continued to increase, the expensive groceries adding up quickly. he'd playfully pinch you every once and while when catching the price of some unnecessary item you snuck into the buggy get rung up.
"would you like the drink out of the bag?" the young man asked politely, your juice in hand, but you didn't respond as you were wondering off to glance at the latest front covers of magazines.
baji smacked his lips after noticing your lack of presence. "yeah, you can leave it out." he took the drink from his hands, sitting it in front of the payment terminal.
"kei, can i get-"
"no." your boyfriend didn't even spare you a glance when denying you.
"wha- you don't even know what i was asking for?" you whined, grabbing the magazine from the shelf to try and convince him further. "look."
baji swatted your hand from in front of him when you shoved the cover of the magazine in front of his face, waving it around slightly as if he was blind.
"no, y/n. you already got a shit ton of books the other day, why do you want that? you don't even bake." his eyes rolled to the back of his head, irritated with you as always, but he couldn't sit there and say he didn't love it.
"you're only saying no because you hate women and don't want me to educate myself." you complained with a pout, putting the magazine back in its respective place on the shelf, muttering something about your voice being silenced.
he could've sworn he heard his neck snap with how fast he whipped it to the side to throw menacing glares at you. it was even worse when he could hear the lady behind the register snickering at your comment. of course she'd find it funny.
damn brat. "and how did you come to that conclusion?" you side-eyed him, still pouting.
"i don't know. i don't know anything, apparently. i'm just a dumb woman." jesus christ.
"get the magazine, y/n." he didn't even have to fully look at you to catch the slight upturn of your lips, snatching the magazine up and tossing it on the belt.
you returned to his side, fingers intertwining with his shyly. "thank you, kei! love you."
"love you too, brat." his grin made your heart jump, but it was quickly replaced with a sneer when he caught the wink you sent the cashier at your successful bribe as you two exited through the automatic doors.
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littleoanh · a day ago
It Started with a Smile - Chapter 1
Characters: Ran Haitani x fem!Reader, 
Warnings: Cursing, mentioned cock throbbing, sexual flirting, brief kill talks, slightly stalking, implied masturbation and brief non con listening 
A/N: I’m excited about this series, hopefully you guys enjoy it! (^-^) Also because it can get a bit sexual, just in case MDNI!
If you want to be tagged for this series, please comment.
Ran completed his mission for the day and wanted nothing more than just to go back to the comfort of his penthouse. He saw several messages from the group chat demanding him to stop by a dessert place called ‘Sweet Hearts’ to buy taiyakis for Mikey and whatever else the executives wanted to try from this place. Ran rolled his eyes then headed off to the cafe since Mikey and his baby bro requested it. The location is in the busy area of Shibuya and Ran struggled to find parking. How infuriating. He found the aesthetically pleasing cafe that everyone in Japan is buzzing about.
 He strolled into the dessert cafe, the seating area was packed and there was a side where people can place their desserts to go. Fortunately, there wasn’t a line for it. Ran stepped into the desserts to go side and he set his lilac eyes on you, he had forgotten his irritation. You were beautifully well dressed, your dress was hugging your perfect hourglass figure. Your fragrance was not masked by the sweets, it was fruity and floral scented. Not overpowering but it was enticing. Your [y/e/c] eyes exuded confidence and fierceness. It had been awhile since Ran took a liking to a normal woman. 
“Hello, welcome to Sweet Hearts. How may I help you?” Your gorgeous smile made Ran’s heart beat rapidly. What’s this? This never had happened before. He certainly made tons of women smile but your smile outshined them all. It was mesmerizing. Was it your soft plump lips or your dental model teeth?
“Hey there, doll. Could you pack some taiyakis, macaroons, strawberry tart, and jello cake?”
“What flavors would you like for the taiyakis and macaroons and how many?”
“The taiyakis, red bean flavor and let’s do half a dozen. For the macaroons, what flavors do you recommend?” You tilted your head to the side as you were thinking. Why is this simple gesture so adorable when you do it?
“Our most popular flavors our customers enjoyed are matcha, coffee, red velvet, brown sugar, chocolate, and strawberry.”
“I’ll take one of each.”
“You got it! The brown sugar is my favorite.” You smiled as you neatly packed the taiyakis and macaroons in separate cute box containers. Your hands were small and delicate as you carefully packed the strawberry tart and slice of jello cake. You met him at the cash register counter and totaled up for him. He handed you his black credit card and you swiped.
“[Y/n],” You turned to look at your coworker as you handed Ran’s credit card back along with the bag of desserts, “these turned out amazing!” So, her name is [Y/n]. He made a mental note of your name before taking a glimpse of some dessert he had never seen.
“These looked great! Good job.” You praised her, it warmed Ran’s heart to see your unforgettable smile again, “Remember to keep them refrigerated but at a lower temperature. We don’t want them to freeze.” 
“Yes, boss.” Your coworker smiled and walked to the refrigerator to do as she instructed.
“What is that?” He questioned, your attention is back on him. 
“It’s called panna cotta. It’s an Italian dessert similar to flan. It doesn’t contain eggs, it’s mostly milk, sugar, and gelatin. It can be topped off with any kind of fruit.” You tilted your head, “Would you like a taste?” I would like a taste of you.
“I would love to, doll.”
“Makoto chan,” You called out to your coworker, “can you give me one please?”
“Here you go, boss.” Makoto passed the mango panna cotta cup to you. You grabbed a sample spoon and handed both to Ran. He didn’t hesitate to give it a taste test, the flavoring of the panna cotta was light, the sweetness isn’t overpowering but it is the perfect balance for the juicy and sweet mango.  
“What do you think?” Your knowing grin predicted he would like it.
“This is delicious.” He complimented and you bursted into a happy jump. He couldn’t help but to chuckle.
“I’m glad to hear that.” You went to grab another cup of panna cotta except it was strawberry this time and handed it over to Ran. He arched one of his eyebrows.
“What’s this for?”
“You’re our first customer to try this. Take one to go and have your family or friends try it.” Ran was about to reach for his wallet but you stopped him. “It’s on the house.” 
“You can do that?” Your lips curved into a mischievous grin.
“It’ll be between you and me.” You gave him a playful wink and lifted up your index finger to your soft plumped lips. “So no telling anyone.” Ran chuckled once again. 
“Doll,” He used his stature to tower your small height to exude his dominance, “I’m going to need more than just dessert to keep my mouth shut.” Your big [y/e/c] eyes twinkled willfully. 
“Yeah? What should I stuff it with?” You daringly flirted back and Ran could feel his cock throbbed. Right when he was about to respond, the doors opened with several more customers. “Well, enjoy the desserts and come back again.” You flash your beautiful smile one last time before sauntering over to the new customers. Ran walked out of the store and took one last look at you through the shop windows. He will definitely be back again.
It has been months since he last saw you. Ran has been coming back to the store once a week for months but each time he went you weren't there. His heart sank every time he didn’t see you. The more he came to the store, the more of his patience was running thin. He has to see you again. No, he needs to see you again. Where did you go? Why haven't you been at the store lately? Did you go traveling? Are you hospitalized? Did you fall off the face of the earth? Were you even real? What the hell happened to you?
“Thank you for shopping at Sweet Hearts.” Makoto smiles at Ran while handing him back his credit card and bag of desserts. Her smile doesn’t come close to yours.
“Makoto chan,” He uses his charming smile in hopes to get answers from her, “is your boss still working here?” Her look of confusion threw Ran off, how does she not understand his question but then something clicked in her mind.
“Oh, do you mean [Y/n]?” Ran nods, trying not to show his impatience, “She’s not the boss of this shop, I am.” His lilac eyes widened, who was she then? “I called her that because she helped make my business bloom and reinvented my recipes. The panna cotta recipe is actually hers and it became the hot item of this shop. But since the shop is now popular, she completed her contract and left.” No! Fuck, god damn it! 
“I see.” Ran masks his disappointment with his usual lazy smile, “Do you have her contact by any chance?”
“I don’t have her phone number but I do have her email address.” Makoto grabbed her store’s business card and wrote your email address. “She doesn’t have a website or business card and she does her freelancing by word of mouth. [Y/n] helped one of my friends out with his restaurant and that’s how I heard about her and reached out to her through this email. I hope this helps.”
“It does.” He quickly takes the card from her, “Thank you, sweet cheeks.” Ran’s charming smile made her blushed profusely.
“You-you’re welcome, sir. Please come back again.” He waves and walks out the shop with light footsteps. Perhaps there’s hope after all.
Ran sent you an email in hopes you will respond but unfortunately he heard nothing from you for days. He checks your email address to make sure it is what he typed and it was. Should he send out a follow up email? Or will that be too creepy? He is getting agitated on how to find you. Ran sighs and leans his face towards his hands. What he regrets the most is not asking for your number. He wouldn’t have been in this situation. I’m such an idiot, he mentally bangs his head.
“Uh oh, is Rannabelle mad?” Sanzu pops into Ran’s office unannounced with a provoking gleeful smile. Oh how Ran hates that smile.
“What do you want?” Ran closes his laptop not wanting Sanzu to pry his screen, he roughly runs his long fingers through his short hair in frustration. He is not in the mood for his coworker’s shenanigans.
“Just seeing if you brought any desserts today.”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Boooo, you haven’t bought desserts in awhile. What’s up with that?” Sanzu plops on Ran’s couch, leaning his head back to drop two pills to swallow it.
“If you like it so much, why don’t you go there yourself?”
“Geez, what crawled up your ass and died?” Sanzu nonchalantly asked a rhetorical question, he honestly didn’t care why he’s in a bad mood. He closes his droopy blue eyes while waiting for his high to come. Ran suddenly remembers one of Sanzu’s skills.
“Sanzu, can you find someone with just their first name?”
“I usually can or any details of the person would help yeah.” Sanzu opens one of his droopy eyes to glance at him. “Why? You planning to kill someone? If so,” He opens both of his eyes with a sadistic smile plastered on his face, “lemme join in. I’ve been itching to try this new gun from last week’s weapons shipments.” 
“No, you fucking psycho.” Ran narrows his purple orbs restlessly. “There is someone I am trying to find.” Sanzu takes a moment to think about other possible reasons why Ran is so desperate to find someone. Then a possible idea came to mind, his sadistic smile grew wider.
“Oooh! I get it!” Sanzu mockingly laughs at Ran, “You got ghosted, didn’t you?” 
“I didn’t get ghosted.” Ran’s veins pop on his forehead in annoyance. “Can you do me this favor or not?” Sanzu provokingly taps on his chin, knowing this will agitate Ran even more.
“I could do it, butttttt what will I get in return?”
“I’ll buy you your next shipment of pills.” 
“Nahhh, I’m good on that.” Ran is surprised with Sanzu’s rejection, he was certain Sanzu would immediately accept when it comes to his pill addictions. 
“What do you want then?”
“If she’s hot, I want in on the action.” Sanzu uses his thumb to point at himself with a greasy smile, Ran’s unamused expression deters him. “Alright alright. How about you buy me more desserts from Sweet Hearts and I’ll find this girl.”
“Find her and I’ll buy you a bushel of desserts from Sweet Hearts for a month.”
“Make it 6 months and we’ll have a deal.”
“Fine.” Ran didn’t care if Sanzu wanted more than 6 months, you are worth it.
“Yay!” Sanzu happily bouncing in his seat like a child. “Give me the name and any details you got on her.”
“Her name is [Y/n]. She has [y/h/c] hair, [y/e/c] eyes, beautiful smile …” Ran’s mind wanders to your soft plump lips and how much he wants to kiss you.
“Want to describe her tits and ass for me too?” Sanzu thought he could coax Ran into spilling but Ran threw a death glare instead. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding! Damn! Take a joke will you?”
“I met her at Sweet Hearts, she was probably some kind of business consultant.”
“Got it.” Sanzu springs onto his feet and starts moving. “Give me a few days.”
Sanzu ends up finding you the next day, you were not difficult to find at least for him. He is in hiding while watching you help a failed restaurant business. Apparently you have been here for the past few months. Damn, would you look at that? She does have a rocking body. What would I give- his breath was taken away. He finally sees what Ran sees. That smile of yours. Something about your smile that makes you even more radiated. He couldn’t help but to be mesmerized by you. It’s as though you put a spell on him.
He watches you for the next 24 hours to get to know you better. You have the cutest bedhead in the morning, you like Harry Potter (based on your mug and pjs), you don’t like alcohol (he saw your client offer you a cocktail but you politely declined and had someone else to try it). Sanzu walks by you when you stride towards the train station near the end of the day and he drops a listening device in your purse without your knowledge. Why did he do that? He couldn’t help himself. He wanted to be closer to you somehow.
When you arrived at your AirBnb (after he found out who you are, he did a background check on you and knew you were not from the area), you cooked your dinner and after you ate you went to take a shower. Sanzu also learned you like singing in the shower,  he smiles while listening to your private performance. You played on your phone before bedtime and that’s when he hears the sweetest moans. It is much more lovelier than your singing voice. 
Sanzu wishes he didn’t have to tell Ran he found his mystery woman. He wanted to keep you for himself, if only I met you first. He regretted egging Ran to pick up the desserts from Sweet Hearts for Mikey. He would have you in his arms. Sanzu lets out a deep sigh then takes out his cell phone which he has been ignoring notifications all day. He searches for Ran’s contact and calls him.
“Where the hell were you all day? Kakucho is this close to killing you for not showing up at the-”
“Time to go buy me a bushel of desserts, lover boy.” Sanzu hears Ran’s hitches his voice. 
“You found her?”
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yeosatinyngz · 2 days ago
Hello hello! I don't know if your requests are open but if they are, may I request Chifuyu having a crush on Baji's younger sister? (probably a year or two,younger than Keisuke Baji himself.) And the reader or s/o also has a crush on Chifuyu but both are so oblivious to each other's feelings yet it's so obvious to people around them to the point where Baji had enough and was like, "Hey. I love my sister a lot and I wouldn't want her to date anyone. But I guess you can take care of her, Chifuyu." SOMETHING LIKE THIS LIKE GRRR I DREAMT OF IT AND LIKE AAA THAT'S ALL. TY IN ADVANCEE! 😭😭✨✨
Hii and omg I love this request so much, I hope I was able to do it justice. I’m sorry if it’s all over the place, my brain is slowly shutting down. THAT'S A NICE DREAM IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF😌 AND NPP, I GOT YOU!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oblivious Fools
↳Fem Reader | Fluff
Request Rules ➣ Masterlist
The doorbell went off but Keisuke was currently taking a dump in the bathroom so he yelled through the door at you to get the door. You rolled your eyes as you went to get the door. You open the door and come face to face with your brother’s cute friend who you may or may not have a little big fat crush on. “Oh Baji San, hello.” “You don’t have to be so formal with me you know? You can call me by my first name so it doesn’t get confusing.” “Ok then, you can call me by my first name too.” You both kind of just ended up staring into each other's eyes until Keisuke interrupted you both with his loud ass. “OI CHIFUYU, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING OUT THERE, COME IN!!” You both looked away and you decided to head back to your room while Chifuyu walks to Keisuke.
While enjoying your peace you heard your name being yelled from across the house. “Ugh, what does Kei want now?” You reluctantly got up and ventured over to your brother’s room. You opened his door and peeked inside. “What do you want?” “Can you please bring me some snacks.” “Get it yourself.” “It’s not for me, it’s for Chifuyu.” You looked over at Chifuyu and he started frantically waving his hands no. “He’s lying, I never asked for any.” “Don’t worry, I trust you over Kei anyday.” “Hey!” your brother protested. “Shut up, I’ll get you your stupid snacks.” You return soon with some snacks and you violently tossed a bag of chips at Keisuke while you walked over and lightly settled some other snacks in front of Chifuyu. “Here’s some for you as well Chifuyu Kun and don’t share it with that dumbass.” You pointed towards Keisuke and got up to leave. “Tch, that brat.” Keisuke insulted you under his breath and Chifuyu laughed at your cute antics. I can see the favoritism from miles away, just because you like Chifuyu doesn’t mean you can treat your own brother like this and what is Chifuyu laughing at? he thought to himself
Tumblr media
You were on your way out until you heard Keisuke’s voice behind you, “Woah there little missy, where do you think you’re going all dressed up?” “Uh I’m going on a date.” “I don’t think so, you’re coming with me.” He just so happened to be going out as well so he dragged you along. “Why are you always so overprotective of me?” “Because I’m your older brother and plus there are bad guys out there that I can’t trust with my little sis.” He explained to you while shoving you onto his bike. You sigh and comply because you know that he won’t change his mind. After a few minutes you both arrived at the Sanos.
He barged through the front door and announced his presence. “I HAVE ARRIVED!” Everyone turned around and stared at him. “Shut up bro, what you being so loud for.” “You want to fight?!” You just face palmed at your menace of a brother. “Oh? Y/N Chan?!” You looked up and saw Mikey. “Mikey Kun!!!” He excitedly ran up to you and engulfed you in a hug and you returned it until you saw the scene behind Mikey’s back. Your bro and Kazutora tackling each other on the ground and Chifuyu was trying to pull Keisuke off Kazutora. You quickly rushed over and gave Chifuyu a hand. You smacked Kei in the head, “Learn to behave yourself, sometimes I question if you’re really the older one or not.”
Everyone ended up doing their own stuff and you were currently sitting between Mikey and Chifuyu. You were talking with Mikey until Draken dragged him away. “Huh, what just happened?” “I don’t have the slightest clue.” You heard from next to you, you turned your body to face Chifuyu who was now speaking to you. You both ended up conversing in a pretty engaging conversation. The other Toman members were watching you both. “Look at those lovebirds.” “And yet they’re still oblivious to each other’s feelings.” “And I’m going to do something about it.”
Keisuke walks over to you both and drags Chifuyu away. “Huh? Why’s everyone being dragged away from me?” He took him to another room and went straight to the point. “Look, I love my sister and am super overprotective about her dating but I’ll make an exception for you. I leave her in your hands Chifuyu, take care of her alright?” “What? Baji San, what are you saying?” “I’m saying that I give you permission to date Y/N.” He immediately heats up, “but- what if she doesn’t like me?” “You fool, she’s head over heels in love with you, trust me.”
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aqoamoon · a day ago
Sweet Obsession
Length: 4.8k
Pairing: Sanzu/You, Mucho/You
Tags/Warnings: noncon smut, vaginal penetration, fingering, oral sex, forced orgasm, some bondage, voyeurism, virginity loss, titty play, jealousy, maybe some ooc-ness, I wouldn’t know, aged up characters, pls help idk how to tag.
Summary: Sanzu becomes obsessed with you and Mucho can’t help but notice.
Part 1, Part 2
You were uncertain of how long you were out. You did not want to wake up, but there was a chill running up and down your body and you wondered if your mom came by your room again to rip the covers off of you so you could wake up for school. 
Your eyes cracked open and everything was a blurry mess. The objects around you were becoming clear with each confused blink and finally, the dark room came into focus.
Wait a second...this wasn't your room. 
You gulped loudly and tried to move, but your hands were tied and dangling from something high up, and when you looked to see what was keeping your hands at bay, you gasped. 
You weren't sitting on a bed, you were sitting on Mucho. Your arms were tied together with a pair of makeshift rope handcuffs, the soft cord connecting your wrists looped around Mucho's thick neck. You were pretty much dangling on his bare chest like an oversized necklace, with your legs between his long ones. From your position, you could see parts of the bed Mucho was sitting on and you would have been impressed by the black silk if you weren’t so terrified. 
"I see you're awake," a voice sounded from somewhere within the room and your head snapped towards it, making you wince in the process. 
"Careful now. The drug is still in your system, so it might make you feel a bit…drowsy." The figure stepped out of the darkness and you weren’t at all surprised to see your blonde classmate making his way towards the bed.
You watched Sanzu get closer and when he was at the end of the bed, he looked at you, his eyes crinkling at the edges. Then, his gaze lowered and yours did the same, and with a surprised cry, you jerked your body, trying to bring your hands down to cover your bare chest. 
Mucho grunted at the sudden tug of the rope, but said nothing. Tears of embarrassment were already gathering in your eyes, threatening to fall and stain your cheeks. 
"It's no use crying now. You've brought this upon yourself," Sanzu said, sitting himself on the edge of the bed. You pulled your knees to your chest, happy to still have your panties on, but your relief was short-lived. 
Sanzu grabbed your foot and pulled roughly, making you slip from Mucho's lap and dangle even more on his chest. 
"Why...why are you doing this?" The first tear dropped and Sanzu was quick to wipe it with his thumb.
"Don't act dumb, it’s not becoming. You know what you've done," Sanzu sneered under his mask and you started crying, shaking your head from side to side. 
"I don't know, but please... I'm sorry...please don't kill me," you sobbed by this time and Mucho pressed a kiss behind your ear, his thumbs smoothing out the skin on your hips as a way to comfort you. 
"Kill you? Why would I kill my girlfriend?" Sanzu tilted his head to the side as if you said the silliest thing in the world. 
At the mention of the word girlfriend, your brain short-circuited. 
"Wh-what are you talking about?" you asked between hiccups, and the man pulled in his sleeves so he could wipe your tears with them. 
"You're my girl, silly." Sanzu got up and went to the nightstand to grab one of the water bottles stashed there and opening it, he held the bottle gently to your lips. You drank eagerly, emptying half a bottle before you had your fill. You smacked your wet lips a couple of times before you glared at the man facing you. 
"Akira is my boyfriend," you said, slowly, afraid not to trigger a violent spree. Mucho tensed under you, his hard muscles digging into your skin. 
"Not anymore," Sanzu grinned under his mask, his hands rubbing your things up and down. 
"What did you do to him?" you shot the question before Sanzu could finish, the realization that something must have happened to your boyfriend hitting you. 
"Just made sure he understood who you really belong to. Now I gotta make sure you understand that as well." He leaned over and kissed your stomach, but you could only feel the material of his mask. 
"Akashi, please don't do this." Your lower lip was wobbling again and Sanzu's fingers dug painfully in your thigh, making you cry out in pain. 
"You'll call me Haruchiyo from now on," Sanzu ordered, and with a sigh, he removed his mask. 
Your eyes widened at the sight and your stomach did a small flip—Sanzu was beautiful. You didn't think you'd ever seen a man so beautiful before and if this would have been any other situation, your heart would have done a flip as well. But right now...you didn't care how attractive he was. All you wanted was to get out of there. 
"Please, just let me go and I promise I won't tell anybody of this, please, Akas-" your sentence was interrupted by a jolt of pain, and when you looked down, you saw Sanzu's nails digging into the fat of your thigh. 
"I see we're still not on the same page...no worries though, you'll learn soon enough," he smirked, the expression he wore on his face sending a shiver of terror up and down your body. 
"Mucho, you know what to do," Sanzu ordered and if it wasn't apparent who exactly was in charge until then, it was now. 
Mucho grabbed your panties and ripped them off in one fluid movement, leaving you gasping at the sting. He then gripped your thighs and parted your legs, revealing your pussy to Sanzu’s greedy eyes. 
"No, please, Muto-san," you begged, wiggling in the man's lap, trying to glue your legs back together, but he was just too strong. 
You struggled until you felt another pair of hands on your calves and your gaze snapped to Sanzu, who wasn't looking at you anymore. Instead, he was focused on your cunt. 
"So pretty," he whispered, more to himself than anybody else. His hands glided up your legs until they reached your pubic area. One of his knuckles caressed your fold lightly, barely touching them before he pulled them apart using both of his thumbs. 
He let out a shuddered breath at the sight of your hole, which looked like it could barely fit a finger and leaned down to blow on the clit. 
Your body jolted, and you clenched your teeth. Your hands fisted the rope that was around Mucho's neck and the muscles in your thighs flexed, trying to close off your legs once again, but it was to no avail. Mucho had a tight grip on you. 
Sanzu's pretty eyes flickered towards you and maintaining eye contact, he lowered his mouth so it was just above your clit and, with a mischievous grin, his tongue poked out to press on it. 
You gasped and pulled at the rope roughly. Mucho's grip tightened and you cried in pain—you were sure to have hand-shaped bruises by the next day. 
"Now, now, don't hurt her. Only I'm allowed to do that," Sanzu teased and without waiting for a response, he shoved his face in your folds, his tongue snaking out to prod at your hole. 
Finding you dry, he huffed and concentrated on your clit instead. Pulling it in his mouth, he sucked eagerly, flicking it with his tongue again and again. He was watching you closely, memorizing each reaction, making sure most, if not all of his actions brought you pleasure. He wanted you to become as addicted to him as he was to you.  
His tongue returned to your hole and Sanzu was pleasantly surprised to find you slightly wet—a sign that he was doing something right. 
"No, stop," you said, holding in a moan. Nobody had ever touched you there and you hated that your first sexual experience was like this. 
"If you want me to stop then why are you getting wet?" Sanzu knew he was being unfair, using your body's natural responses to his advantage. Did he care? Not really. 
"You're so fucked," you sobbed and Sanzu chuckled, not bothered by your insult. He had heard worse. 
"Don't say that," Mucho whispered, biting the shell of your ear reproachfully. 
Instead of responding to your insults, Sanzu just plunged face first back into your cunt, licking at the small amount of fluid found there. 
He shoved his tongue into your pussy and wiggled it around, enjoying how the sensation was making you squirm. The more he played with your pussy the wetter you got, and finally, Sanzu could get a proper taste. But it was still not enough. He needed you to come on his face. 
His pointer rubbed your entrance and suddenly sank in, knuckle after knuckle being sucked inside. He pumped it inside a few times, getting a feel of the gummy walls.
"Fuck, you're so tight. It's as if you're a virgin," Sanzu moaned and you blushed in embarrassment, turning your head to the side. Sanzu was quick to notice your bashfulness and he paused, narrowing his eyes and calling your name slowly. 
"Are.." he licked the wetness off his lips, feeling for his scars with his tongue, all while looking at you carefully. "Are you? A virgin?"
There was silence. Both of the men held their breaths, waiting for your response and you refused to look at either. With tears stinging your eyes you nodded and Sanzu felt like he was floating on cloud nine. This whole thing was turning out to be better than he had expected. 
"Fuck, you're such a good girl. My good girl," Sanzu said and Mucho released the breath he was holding, deciding to nuzzle his nose behind your ear and drink in your perfume. 
His tongue darted out and he licked the shell of your ear, nibbling the lobe softly. For a giant and a gang member, Mucho was unexpectedly gentle and you would have basked in the attention he was giving you if the circumstances were different. 
"I knew you wouldn't let that scum touch you." Sanzu kissed your thigh lovingly, his finger picking up its movement. He didn't know you had invited Akira over that weekend so you could lose your virginity to him and you planned on keeping it that way. 
A second finger slipped into your pussy without any warning and you gasped, a shock of pain making your body tense up. Sanzu's fingers were thicker than yours, so they were already making you feel quite full. You suddenly hoped the man would have a small dick—perhaps that way it wouldn't hurt that much. 
He tried to stretch you as much as possible, his fingers scissoring your cunt, all while his tongue was delivering kitten licks on your clit. 
Mucho was nuzzling his nose in your hair, and from his height and position, he could perfectly see your breasts. Oh, how he wanted to shove his head between your tits, grab them and fondle them all while he sucked on your nipples. His eyes glazed over and he desperately wished to let go of your legs, just so he could have a touch, if not a taste, but he knew Sanzu would be displeased if he had dared. The rule was that he couldn't touch you more than necessary, and not without Sanzu's consent. Only after he had agreed to that had Sanzu allowed him to participate. 
"You're going to have to take another finger, baby, otherwise I might tear you up," Sanzu said, his eyes shining with a twisted pride at the size of his cock. You frowned, eyes flickering down, but unfortunately, Sanzu was kneeling on the floor, and you could not see his bulge quite yet. 
A third finger made its way into your pussy and your eyes were brimming with tears. It hurt and you didn't even want to think how much a dick would stretch your poor cunt. 
He didn't allow you a moment of rest—instead, Sanzu moved his fingers in and out, his lips returning to your clit. The pleasure eased the pain, and with Mucho's thumbs caressing the skin on your things, it almost felt good. 
The pain disappeared the more Sanzu fingered you, and you felt yourself approaching your high with fast steps. 
"That's right, baby, come for me. Wanna taste you so bad," Sanzu moaned, his tongue rolling over your clit, his fingers picking speed and wiggling inside your pussy.
His fingers curled upwards, pressing on your bladder and your mouth popped open in a silent scream. Your hips started jerking and Mucho's eyes widened, his grip on your tightening so you wouldn't accidentally hit Sanzu. 
Sanzu ripped his fingers out of you, making another surge of pleasure rip through your body and he glued his mouth to your pussy, tongue lapping at the convulsing muscle. 
He knew he was acting like a dog drinking water for the first time in days, but he didn't care. Sanzu had experimented with a handful of drugs, mostly recreational and taken just once or twice, but he swore your taste was the most addictive thing he had ever had. Now, after having a taste of your cum, he couldn't even imagine a day without getting to eat you out. 
He emerged from between your thighs, the bottom half of his face wet, his scars glistening in the light. 
"You taste so good, princess." Sanzu crawled up your body, leaving butterfly kisses on your tummy, breasts, neck, and chin. 
Finally, he was face to face with you and you could smell yourself on his breath. His wet lips brushed yours, and you could feel the jagged skin of his scars on your cheeks. 
"I know I should have taken you on a date before this. Maybe confessed my feeling in the back of the school," Sanzu chuckled, his nose bumping yours in an affectionate fashion. You wanted so badly to pull back, but you couldn't move. 
"But I promise imma make it up to you. Gonna take you on as many dates as you want. Gonna take such good care of my girl," Sanzu whispered and you wanted to yell at him that he's insane, that you'll never accept this madness, but just as you opened your mouth, Sanzu kissed you, pushing his tongue inside your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself. 
Mucho watched, jaw slacked and breath coming in short puffs. Maybe this was a mistake. Not Sanzu taking you for himself nor threatening Akira's younger siblings—he knew those things were wrong, but they had not been mistakes. They couldn't be, not when Sanzu seemed so exhilarated at the prospect of dating you (or better said owning you). The mistake was his participation in this whole ordeal. 
Somehow, along the way, Mucho fell for you. Hard. Sanzu knew that. And he was going to use it to his full advantage. 
Sanzu fucked your mouth with his tongue, his enthusiasm not faltering when he saw your lackluster response—it was okay, you were just nervous for your first time. 
He ended the kiss with a peck and backing off, he began unbuckling his pants. He wasn't going to fully strip, not with Mucho there, and for a moment, Sanzu felt bad. You deserved an intimate first time, you deserved to see him fully naked and just as exposed and vulnerable as you were right now. But he couldn't ask Mucho to leave. He promised the man a first-row seat and he knew Mucho wouldn't react well to being told now to get lost—in his own apartment, no less. 
He quickly stomped on his feelings, telling himself that he was going to make it up to you—after all, you had the rest of your lives together. 
Fishing his painfully hard dick out of his pants, Sanzu watched closely your reaction. Your eyes widened at the size and he smiled benevolently, knowing that he was definitely bigger than most—at least the Akashi household had given him something to pride himself with, other than his looks. 
"That's not gonna fit," you said, panic lacing your voice. You tried to shimmy away from Sanzu, but you only felt your ass bumping into something hard. You then remembered Mucho, and realized that the hardness was his cock. 
"We'll make it fit." Sanzu stroked himself a couple of times, collecting the precum beading the pink tip of his cock and rolling it around his head. 
He rubbed your pussy a few times and used the slick to lubricate his cock, and as he pumped himself, he closed in and aligned the head with your pretty little hole. Sanzu rubbed the tip of his cock on your pussy and then, he pushed. All three of you held your breaths, anticipating the moment his cock would pop inside. And suddenly...
"Wait! At least use a condom," you shouted, the realization that you were going to be fucked raw by this psychopath hitting you like a train. 
Sanzu stopped and looked at you. Mucho also watched the scene from above, anxious to see what Sanzu's response would be. 
The lithe man smiled brightly, his scars stretching on his face, and let out the breath he was holding. 
"Don't worry, angel. I'll take responsibility if you get pregnant." And with that, he jerked his hips, pushing his length inside you, slowly but steadily. Mucho stared, mesmerized, at how your greedy cunt was eating away at Sanzu's cock, swallowing him until he reached the hilt. He wasn't even feeling the chaffing of the rope on his neck, nor the way you pulled at the rope, obviously in pain. 
Sanzu shuddered, finally getting to be fully inside you. 
"So fucking tight," he gritted through his teeth, his eyes searching your face for signs of pain, which were many of. 
Your cunt burned, the pain blinding you for a few seconds. Sanzu's cock was too thick, too long, it reached parts of you that had been untouched until then. You let out a sob, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks and Mucho would have given his left hand to be able to lick them off. 
"Know it hurts right now, but it's gonna get better soon. Promise," Sanzu said, and pulled out until just the tip of his cock was nestled inside. Both men looked down, seeing the blood mixed with cum that coated Sanzu's dick and the rivulets of blood going down your ass cheeks, glazing your puckered ass. Mucho thought he could come in his pants from that sight alone and he clenched his jaw, shifting uncomfortably under you. 
Sanzu's eyes snapped to him and he offered a mean grin, baring his teeth like a wild dog protecting his bitch. 
"She feels so good, Mucho. Never had a cunt this good," he cooed and pushed back in. He fiddled a bit with his pants so they could fall a bit lower and then leaned over you, his face closing in. He kissed your cheek, tasting the salt of your tears on the skin, before capturing your hiccuping sobs with his mouth.
"So." Thrust. "Fucking." Thrust. "Good," Sanzu moaned in the kiss, all while he was delivering some shallow thrusts, making sure you feel him entirely. 
"How is it, angel? Does it still hurt?" he asked, peppering your face with kisses, going from your temple to your nose to your jaw. 
You could only nod, not trusting your voice. 
"Hmm, maybe if I speed things up a bit the pain will go away faster," he contemplated, not really asking anybody's opinion. He got on his knees and batted Mucho's hands away from your legs. Once released, they fell limply, your hips sore and aching from being in the same position for so long. He grabbed your legs, right behind your kneecaps, hoisting your ass in the air for a brief moment so he could place your legs around his hips. 
Before anybody could protest, Sanzu started a brutal pace, each stoke deeper and harder than the one before. It hurt you, but the way his pelvis brushed your clit each time he pummeled his dick back inside also sent sparks of pleasure up and down your spine. 
Your tits were jiggling, and Sanzu had the urge to grab them and squeeze, but his hands were supporting your legs. That's when his eyes fell on Mucho, whose arms fell to the side when they lost their sole purpose in this whole interaction. 
"Hey, Mucho," Sanzu panted, the grip of your pussy making him go crazy. "I am feeling generous tonight. You can play with her tits."
Mucho thought he didn't hear the other man correctly. But the expectant look in Sanzu's eyes confirmed what he had heard, and not wasting another second, he did what Sanzu was dying to—he grabbed your bouncing breasts, stilling their movement, and squeezed. 
You let out a loud moan that made Mucho shudder. Jesus, it was as if he was back to being 14 again and these were the first tits he had ever touched. 
Mucho pinched your puffy nipples, rolling them between his fingers, watching your every reaction. He sometimes forgot just how strong he actually was, and he didn't want to be too rough with you. 
Meanwhile, Sanzu was drilling into your pussy, his balls slapping your ass and he could already feel his high coming towards him, fast. He had fucked before in his life, and the sex was okay, but he always lasted way too long—he always had to close his eyes and imagine someone else entirely just so he could bust a nut. But with you...with you it was different. Everything was different from the beginning. 
He couldn't come before he made you come at least one more time. You deserved to cream on the dick that took (or better-said stole?) your virginity. But he couldn't move his hand—he had to support your legs, which had conveniently turned to jelly and were dead weight for Sanzu. 
"Play with her clit," Sanzu ordered a tint of desperation in his voice. 
 Mucho was not one to leave someone hanging. One of his hands traveled south, reaching your clit rapidly, and then, he pressed his calloused finger on your little nub, rolling it in small, rapid circles. Your whole body trembled at the stimuli. 
The pain faded away a while ago, and all you could feel now was pleasure. The way Sanzu's cock stretched you out and brushed against something deep inside, combined with the way Mucho was playing with your tits and clit, as if he had done it thousands of times before, made your mind blank. 
Your head fell back and you locked eyes with Mucho, who was staring at you, lips parted in wonder and admiration. He felt like he could just die at how beautiful you were. You had him in a chokehold and you were not letting him go and Mucho knew this was going to cause him a lot of problems with Sanzu in the future, but he couldn't bring himself to care. For now, he just wanted to enjoy the moment. 
Your ass was brushing against his erection each time Sanzu pounded into you, and even though he was struggling to stay silent, small grunts slipped past his lips. Your sweaty back was glued to his naked chest and your fingers brushed the nape of his neck, your nails scratching the hot skin there. 
He wasn't even fucking you and it felt so good, just feeling your ass and your small touches and your hazy gaze on him. 
"Hey," Sanzu said, irritation and jealousy burning him like a hot poker. You were supposed to have a meaningful moment, a connection, with him, not Mucho. "Eyes on me. Now," he snarled, picking up the pace even more. He bent your knees and pushed them slightly towards your chest, his arms going behind your knees so he could properly support them. Now, his hips hit your ass, filling the room with a slapping sound mixed with moans and grunts and pants. 
Muchos calloused fingers were working magic on your clit, his other hand pulling on one nipple and then the other, and you could feel the coil in your stomach tightening. It wouldn't be long, you knew it.
You looked at Sanzu, your mouth open and a drop of drool falling from the corner of your mouth, trailing down your chin. 
"God, you didn't even cum yet and you already looked fucked out of your mind. Do you like my cock that much?" Sanzu wasn't expecting you to respond. Your body could barely handle its basic functions anymore, and yet your cunt squeezed him in response. 
"Come on, angel. Come on my cock." Sanzu was now desperate. His cock was twitching and his balls felt taut and heavy, begging for release. Mucho wasn't doing much better. There was a wet spot on his pants and he knew it was a combination of your juices and blood and his own precum. His cock was being rubbed raw in his underwear and he got a feeling that he was going to come in his pants like a fucking teen. 
Sanzu's thrusts were erratic now, but one of them hit your g-spot going in, and in the moment, you thought you saw stars shooting in front of your eyes. You let out an animalistic scream, startling both of the men, while your back arched and your lower body spasmed. Your eyes closed and your brows scrunched up as if you were in pain and both men burned this moment in their memory. 
Your fingers went into Mucho's grown-out hair and you pulled roughly, making the man's eyes flutter. He came in his boxers with a grunt, his cum shooting up towards his chest but hitting cotton instead. 
Sanzu was the only one still seeking his high, but feeling the muscles of your pussy clench around him, pulling him deeper into you while he struggled to pull out made his thoughts jumbled. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he chanted, his hips stuttering and with one last thrust, he came, painting your gummy walls white with his hot cum. Your legs slipped from his grasp and fell uselessly on the bed and Sanzu fell on you, his chest pressing into yours and his face nuzzling into your sweaty neck.
"You are perfect, angel," Sanzu mumbled, kissing your skin again and again, and Mucho agreed in the background. 
The three of you were silent and your blinking slowed down. You could barely keep your eyes open, the events of the day falling on you like a truckload of bricks. Maybe if you fell asleep, you'd wake up in your bed and this all would turn out to be just a bad dream. 
Sanzu noticed your breathing slowing down and gently, he pulled himself out of you. Your eyes were already closed and his heart skipped a beat at how beautiful you were. He hoped he could enjoy the sight of you falling asleep next to him for the rest of his life. 
His blue eyes fell on your poor, abused cunt, and his cock twitched when he saw his red-tinted cum pouring out of your hole. He followed the trail of sperm until it reached the black material of a pair of slacks and only then did he remember that there was another person in the room. 
Sanzu looked at Mucho, who stood as still as possible, probably not to disturb your sleep. The two locked eyes and Sanzu nodded, an unspoken thank you for helping him out that night. 
Fishing a pocket knife out of his pants, Sanzu cut the rope and caught your falling arms. He carefully rolled you off of Mucho and getting up, he went to the bathroom to grab a towel and wet it with some hot water. 
Coming back, he noticed that his "friend" had changed into a fresh pair of boxers, the soiled clothing a pile at the foot of the bed. 
Sanzu sat on the bed and began rubbing the cloth on your face, wiping the sweat and drool and tears away. He moved to your pussy, thoroughly cleaning you up with gentle swipes. Mucho was watching wordlessly from one corner of the room, his eyes stuck on your peaceful face. 
"She's mine, you know," Sanzu reminded the other man, finishing cleaning you up and drawing the covers over you. He looked at Mucho expectantly and the other man nodded. 
"I know," he answered and turned towards the bathroom. He knew, but that didn't mean he liked it. He knew, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to do anything about it…someday.
AN: Aaand this is the last part of Sweet Obsession. I really liked how the sex scene turned out. I find the whole idea of being tied to another person to be very hot, and I really like the Sanzu+Mucho duo. As always, let me know what you think and if you enjoyed this piece, either in the comments or in an ask.
Tumblr media
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kazububs · 2 days ago
𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐰𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐲 𝐚 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐲
includes: souya & nahoya kawata
cw: gn!reader, right person(s) wrong time cliche
wc: 2.7k
a/n: a late birthday present for the Kawata twins! This is immortal reader x time travelling Kawatas Listening to: Mausoleum - Rafferty
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1753 - Spain
A green dress caught their eye without fault, the corset hugging your body so perfectly. It was as if you had the entirety of the dance hall entranced as your partner spun you around the floor. The roar of applause filled the room as the quartet settled. They fell still, as if their bodies had been turned to stone. Souya is the first to break the trance they had fallen under, a breathless laugh escaping him as you grab a glass of champagne.
Nahoya, with a white tux adorning his frame, stood as a stark contrast to Souya, who wore a black one of his own. A stolen glance from you was all it took, as the two made their way toward you, allowing your friend ample time to slip away as they approached. “Can I help you gentlemen?” You eye them, taking notice of the stark contrast between the two. The differentiation in their attire, hair color, down to their hairstyle. Souya’s hair tied up in a bun, with Nahoya allowing his hair free. “Why yes you can sweetheart,” Nahoya’s permanent smile only serves to widen, sharing a glance with Souya, whose eyes are darting around.
They both raise their hand towards you, a “may we have this dance?” spoken in unison to go along with the gesture. A small giggle slips past your lips as you glance towards the quartet, “I’ve never danced with two men at once, I must admit.” taking both of their hands in yours as they led you out to the ballroom floor. “Don’t worry darling, we’ll make it work. '' Souya says, as Nahoya stands off to the side, his hand sliding down to your waist as your own settles on his shoulder.
The music starts up as other couples join the floor, smiling, as you gaze into Souya eyes. ‘They are a very pretty shade of blue…’ you can’t help but notice as Souya leads as you two begin to dance. Eyes wandering to Nahoya, although you aren’t able to react fast enough when Souya is spinning you, causing you to step back, falling into Nahoya’s chest. “Careful sweetheart, don’t want you falling for me just yet.”
A blush dusting your face as you resume keeping in time with the music, “What makes you so sure I would fall for you or your friend?” His peachy hair flowing with his movements as Nahoya chides “Thought you were more observant than that love,” in a flash peach is swapped with a sky blue “We are brothers from a nearing kingdom.” As the music reaches its crescendo, Souya dips you down, faces so close together you could feel his breath on your lips.
Blushing, he avoids your gaze as you’re lifted back up and led back to where Nahoya was standing. “Well thank you for the dance gentlemen, it was truly an experience. I do hope to see you two again?” The twins share a glance before each grabbing a hand, leaning down to press a kiss to it. Peering up through their lashes they mumble out in unison “We can hope, my dear.”
Years upon years passed since your fateful encounter with the Kawatas. You knew in the back of your mind they wouldn’t keep their promise, trying to remind yourself ‘it's for the better, less they find out what I really am’. An immortal, who takes the form of someone in their early 20s, but has lived for thousands of years; that would scare any person away the second they found out your dirty little secret.
1822 - England
Working down in the factory takes most of your hours in the day, though the hours are long and you don’t have anyone to come home to; it makes life livable. Being immortal has its ups and downs but right now if you could only be back in Spain wearing that beautiful ball gown rather than an ash covered pair of overalls and t-shirt. ‘I’d take Spain please.’
After another long day at the factory, it wasn’t uncommon to go to the pub with some of your mates. “Aye y/n! Finally made it, thought ya weren’t gonna show” Laughing it off as you sat at the bar, ‘’Wow didn’t know ya thought so lowly of me, like some slag, eh?” A round of beer turned into two, three? It was getting hard to keep count, “Eh, ‘m going out for fresh air!” You holler over the noise of the men talking, releasing the stress and tension of work before getting back to their wives and family.
Leaning up against the cobblestone building, you glance at the stars. ‘The only thing that stays the same for me. The only thing I got left is you guys', you mumble out with a chuckle. Your attention is grabbed by two pairs of voices, one sounded rather drunk already, “I ain’t worried! I don’t know why you’re so worried ‘Hoya!” As the men come into view, your breath catches in your throat. ‘Peach and sky blue hair…I know them.’ Your mind started to think, staring at the two men leaning on each other for support. ‘No that ain’t possible, it has to be their descendants or something like that. I ain’t crazy.’ Wobbling to your feet, you reach a hand out to the wall to stablize yourself.
“Hey, ‘cuse me!” You holler out, grabbing their attention. They both look over and seem to freeze as they meet your eyes. ‘Why do I feel like I’m going to faint?’ Nahoya is the first to speak, letting out a confused “Eh?” It’s almost like you can see the gears turning in his head and before you can realize that maybe they aren’t those guys' descendants. “Wait, wait what the fuck.” Souya mumbles out, raising his hand to point to you, “Hoya what the fuck is this?!” Though Nahoya ignores his brother's calls, stepping forward to your frozen stature. “Spain, 1753, a green ball gown, right?” He breathes out almost in a whisper.
No no no no… this couldn’t be happening. This isn’t possible, it simply isn’t, right? It has been 69 years since you had been in Spain. These two should have been far more aged then they appear to be now. You grab your head, feeling as if it were spinning a million miles a second. “Hey! Hey what the fuck is this?!” Souya walks up to you, looking you up and down despite his drunken state; you can smell the liquor on his breath. Nahoya bursts out laughing as if this was the funniest thing in the world to him. “Barely recognized you with the short hair and total wardrobe change!” His laughter dies down as he grabs your hand, “We meet again, my love.”
This wasn’t happening, there is no logical explanation, you were the only immortal as far as you knew. Pulling your hand back you look at both of them, doubt and uncertainty swimming in your eyes which Nahoya doesn’t miss. “You, both of you, this shouldn’t be happening. Can you die?” Both brothers look at you as if you’ve just spoken another language, taken aback by your sudden question. Souya chuckles as if in disbelief “ ‘Course we can, what kinda question is that? Eh? Take us for some freaks?”
That was your push over. ‘Freak?’ Tears threatened to spill over your lash line as you turned your back running off into the night. Praying the day would come where they will leave your mind for good, and never return into your sight. “Begone and never return, please.” 
Sydney - 1994
How many deaths have you faked at this point? Has to be in the 100s by now. As much as you want to feel guilt, knowing that it's fruitless to make connections with those around you, knowing they're going to die and you’ll outlive them by the centuries; humans are social creatures even if they are immortal. New century new you, right? That’s what you keep in your head as you walk down the open hallways letting a warm breeze brush through your body. Opening the door, you take a deep breath stepping into the lecture hall.
All eyes on you, you can feel the piercing stares of hundreds, maybe thousands of students in the auditorium. “So happy to see so many people attending today, I am your professor, and will be teaching HIST 2114 this term. I do hope you’re all ready to dive into the past and uncover what historians in our education system may have shadowed.”
Everything was going well, the first class ended without a hitch. As students flood out of the hall, you take notice of a pointed gaze on you; well rather two gazes. Looking up to meet them, you’re met with…
Peach and sky blue hair.
It feels as if you’ve been punched in the stomach. Those same eyes staring back at you as they make their way to the front of the hall. Nahoya is the first to call out to you, “Hey prof! Could we talk to ya for a second?” Souya trailing behind him as if he’s unsure he is believing that you were real. Any words fall flat on your tongue as you only manage to give a small nod to the twins. “Meet us at the waterfront 9pm tonight, teach” Nahoya whispers as he passed by you, “Smiley! Angry! You guys coming or what?!” A voice yelled from the distance as Nahoya gave a sly smile following Souya out of the room.
It felt like time was moving too fast and too slow all at the same time. Pacing around as you wait for the clock to strike 9; granted you’ve already been here for half an hour.
Maybe it's not too late, I mean they can’t possibly know right? That’s insane. You’re the only one of your kind, aren’t you? It feels like the world is spinning around you, everything a blurry mess as you grip your chest. “I can’t do this, this isn’t real this, i can’t.” Mumbling incoherently as you try to get motion in your feet that seem to be connected to the ground beneath. It's not too late it's not too late it's not- it's too late. Souya and Nahoya come into view as you feel your heart pick up.
“Do you know how hard you are to track down?” Souya is the first to speak, staring down at you. Furrowing your eyebrows at them, “Track down? What are you guys trying to kill me or something? What the hell is going on.” Both brothers share a look before Souya sighs. “Well don’t you think you need to do some explaining too?” Glaring at the two, you could feel your defenses up ‘what if they really are here to kill me?’
Nahoya lets out a nervous chuckle as he steps between the two of you. “Look Souya, I think we should tell them what’s going on first.” Sighing he runs a hand through his hair, “Well if it wasn’t obvious enough, we’re time travelers. I’ll be honest I don’t think we expected to meet someone who is also a time traveler. You caught us off guard is all, darling.”
Opening and closing your mouth like a fish out of water as words seemed to die in your throat. ‘I’m a time traveler?’ Rubbing your neck you look at the brothers before you, “I uhh, don’t know where you got that idea. I ain’t a time traveler. I’m actually, aha, I'm immortal.” It was the brothers turn to look at you in disbelief.
A quiet beeping caught your attention as Nahoya patted his pockets, assumedly looking for whatever was making the beeping noise. “Fuck not now.” Souya mumbles out as he looks at Nahoya. “Shit not now!” Nahoya looks at you with panicked eyes as you look frantically between them. “What? What’s going on?” A small box held in Nahoya’s hand as he turns it to you, a small digital clock counting down.
“Wait what's going on? I don’t understand!” The brothers start taking steps back pitiful eyes staring back at you. “Please don’t come any closer, we don't want you to get hurt.” Nahoya mumbles out as he glances down at the device.
“We’re sorry, let's meet again?” Souya calls out as the brothers link their hands together. Your heart feels like it's going into overtime as your brain matches the speed, ‘meet again?’
Tears prick your eyes threatening to spill, “Hiroshima! I’ll be there in the new century! Please let's meet again!” You yell at, fighting against your feet to run towards them, to get answers, to stay with them. A smile flashing from both of them before a flashbang of light makes you turn away.
Dropping to your knees, air finally filling your lunges. You can feel the cold grass brushing up against your legs as you look at where the twins did stand. Hiroshima huh? Breathing out a chuckle, you stagger back onto your feet. “Guess I gotta figure out how to get to Japan.”
2008 - Hiroshima
“I guess it is starting to get colder” Wrapping your arms across your chest trying to save any body heat left that’s escaping through your sweatshirt as the cool breeze blows through you. Dry leaves skim across the pavement as the sun enlarges your shadow in front of you.
Walking down the pathway, the trees dance under the wind as you look up to admire the pretty colors. You notice a stairway. “Has that always been there?” Mumbling to yourself as you turn to face them. Old cobblestone stairs wrapped in weeds and dainty flowers. Shrugging you start your descent up them, curious to see what’s at the top.
As you get closer you can hear voices, maybe this is a shrine? Though getting closer, it's starting to sound like a lot of voices. Biting your lip, you near the top of the stairs you peek at the crowd that’s gathered. “Oh fuck, a gang and it looks like a fight is about to break out.” You were about to turn your back to get out of that scene before you regretted it; until. “So who wants to die first!” That voice. That’s his voice. 'Fuck. Run to him, run to them. You can't, it isn't safe.' a mental battle in your head leads you walking down the steps.
If it's fate, then maybe it's time to let fate take control.
Minutes tick by as you hear the voices coming closer and closer to the bottom of the staircase. Standing off to the side, you kept your head down peeking through your lashes to see if you could spot them; peach and sky blue. After what seemed like everyone was leaving, you heaved out a sigh. 'Maybe we aren't meant to meet just yet.'. Pushing yourself off the ledge from the staircase you start heading back home.
"Souya c'mon! Let's grab some snacks before we head back!" The voice calls out, followed by a sigh "I guess we could get somethin' " a calmer voice following the energetic one, making you turn around so fast you could have sworn you almost got whiplash.
Peach and sky blue hair.
Your hand slaps over your mouth sniffling, as tears blur your vision.
"Smiley! Angry!" You shout out, unable to move from your spot as you watch them turn around to follow your voice. Their eyes widen as they see you. Nahoya is the first to make a move, sprinting towards you with his smile seemingly bigger; if that's even possible. Souya followed close behind with tears lining his eyes. “Y/n!”
Two pairs of arms wrap around you as they press themselves against you. Sniffling is all that could be heard between the three of you. “I felt like I was never gonna see you guys again, I’ve been waiting for so long.” You mumble through labored breaths trying to calm down.
“We can stay.” Souya speaks out, glossy eyes matching yours, Nahoya chuckling at his eagerness to tell you. “We found a way to stay here with no time limit.” Pulling back to meet both of their eyes, dumbfounded by what was just said. “You’re kidding? Please tell me you aren’t.”
Tears sliding down your face as they each grab your hands. Leaning down to kiss on the top of your hand, just like the first time you met on the ballroom floor.
“May we have this dance, my dear?”
Tumblr media
taglist: @cat-suno @portfolio-of-dreams @tokyometronetwork @downtown-roponggi @roppongistripclub
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You’ve got the funk ! ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“gets me stupid gets me drunk, ill do anything that you want :P”
A/N: just.. late night rides with kei ♡♡ | I haven’t been posting jack shit so here. |
it’s completely out of the blue. 
another one of those not planned events but that’s what makes it special 
Tumblr media
uh.. rude? anyways—
once you actually do sneak go outside, you both are on the bike and ready to go :D
y’all aren’t sure where you’ll go, but it’s nice to spend time alone. with him
y’know without the grubby lil mfs in toman tagging along 
it’s literally 2 in the morning, so nothing is really open besides a few convenient stores and such
as if you didn’t snag the hell out of them snacks wtf. 
finally, you both decided to settle on top of a hill so you can watch the stars above while you munch on snacks and treats 
and asffeoe boy oh boy does he just ADMIRE you ugh 
he wants to hold your hand but at the same time he thinks that shit is corny and cheesy as hell 
no one cares lmao, he holds your hand anyway 💀
“..keisuke?” you shift your gaze from the stars to him, curious as to why he just randomly decided to hold your hand. 
Literally out of nowhere. 
“just hush.” even though it was dark out, you could make out a blush rising onto his cheeks, giggling at the sight. to which his gaze focused on you with a furrow in his brow. “what’s so funny?” 
“it’s nothing, you’re just.. cute. pretty even.”
this mf gave you a side eye because aint no way you can find a guy who burns cars randomly “cute”
and yet here you were. 
you’re so… weird. to him at least.
you both laid on the grass for about another hour, and were starting to feel a lil… tired (damn i wonder why 😀)
he told you to hold onto him close so you don’t fall off the bike just in case you fall asleep 
when you got home, you gave him a sweet kiss before waving him off 
and he had to uh.. stop himself from malfunctioning. 
“so… same time next week?”
you rolled your eyes. “definitely not the same time.” he flashed a fangy grin as he hopped on his bike. you couldn’t help but let a smile rise on your face too. 
“gotcha babe <3 see ya!” 
and he was off…
at least it wasn’t a school night.
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bambisplaypenn · a day ago
charanons pls 🥺
choso? suna? atsumu? draken? cmere 🥺
Tumblr media
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cheesus-doodles · 8 hours ago
Heya it’s Winky Wink!
After a few days of contemplating on how on earth can I turn sweet as cinnamon rolls reader to cheat on the TR boys, I come to a conclusion that it’s impossible, UNLESS, the boys are the ones who accused reader of such act.
According to “Am I Ugly”, lots of the boys think our reader is so beautiful that for her to have such thought is a blasphemy. Therefore, I guess lots of them find her to be so pretty that she is an “insects magnet”. They probably feel insecure of leaving reader unmonitored, what if some bozos look at her and fell in love at first sight? Sometimes they realize that it’s not reader intention but another time, they felt like they were played by this person, who are they to play with their hearts so easily, and who are they to make them worry about reader to this extend. Thus, some of them may feel that reader intentionally want to make them jealous with how many men surrounded her (of course all of these are just their delusional talk). Some of them will accused reader for it despite the fact that they know it’s not reader’s fault just to make an excuse to keep reader for themselves and some may deeply believe that reader is actually cheating with one their low ranking members. Some may punished her severely and some just punished her to make the acting more believable.
winky wink why do you like to put me through this... /jk this is a super interesting scenario, if you want to see anyone else just hmu - but each scenario is too long help me
Izana would definitely be delusional enough to believe that you were actively trying to cheat on him, just from the sole fact that you attract a lot of unwanted attention from other guys. You know this baby boy is super insecure stemming from his rocky childhood, and probably has recurring nightmares about you abandoning him like everyone else has in his past - and you don't blame him in the slightest or really mind to be honest. If not for the fact that the only reason you were drawing so much attention was his fault to begin with. Izana absolutely loves to show you off as much as he can and as often as he can, especially so when you're on his arm and the two of you are out together. So be prepared to be begged and whined and pleaded (and sometimes just shoved) into wearing something shorter, more revealing than would ever consider yourself, so that Izana could revel in all the envious eyes on the two of you.
Nothing happens when he shows you off to the rest of Tenjiku - everyone knows the fate awaiting them if they even breathe wrong in your direction. But Izana's outfit choices become a problem when you two are out in public. This boy hates leaving your side for any reason, because like a swarm of flies to honey all these scum will descend on you the moment you don't have him there, all vying for a chance at your hand. And the churn of anger when he finds you flustered and surrounded and in his eyes, not trying hard enough to send away the trash is not anything he can ignore - you must be trying to make him feel jealous. You must be thinking of leaving him. It's okay if everyone else fell in love with you, that was basically a given since you were his, but you falling for anyone else was absolutely illegal. You can be sure Izana would come to your rescue in a heartbeat, but don't think that you would be free from your own punishment once he was done handing out thrashings to all these insects - he certainly won't let you off so easily for giving away your priceless attention so freely.
Mikey, on the other hand, would be the complete opposite of his adopted brother. He knows you well - almost better than the back of his own hand if he was being true to himself - there was not much about you or the way your mind ticks that surprises him anymore. This boy is nothing but confident in himself, confident in his relationship with you, and of course, confident in his own reputation that you carry everyone you go. Doesn't matter whether he is out on the streets with you or you go alone when he is busy with Toman matters, Mikey has never doubted that your loyalty to him - just wasn't in your gentle nature. Love to bring you out to show you off, be it to the rest of Toman or on the streets (the only similarity with Izana you can get him to admit). Still, even with his security, Mikey hates to leave you alone to your own devices - seeing the danger more from the fawning crowd that seem to sprout around you the moment he isn't there rather than from you.
Wannabes never quite bothered this boy, but Mikey will still take the opportunity to tighten your ties to him. Clears out the crowd simply by staring down at them or with a few swipes of his leg - if this was outside on the streets where there are convenient tucked away alleys, even better. Because he'll have to punish you for "playing with his heart" like that, but first things first would be to make a show in front of you of almost toying with the poor souls that thought they had a chance. This boy would never bother to waste his time if you weren't here - just beat them up, break a few bones, and then leave to wander off and find you. But ah since you were here, this would be part of your punishment too. The pleas of you offering to take some of their beatings yourself do make him unhappy for the first time during the course of this outing - he wasn't planning on hurting you that bad, but for you to step in for some nobodies? Mikey had to teach you a lesson.
Chifuyu is probably the kindest of the bunch when it comes to this sticky situation, and why would he not be? He's a total sweet bean. This boy tries to be reassured and confident in the relationship he has with you - after all, you haven't shown any sign of being unhappy with him or jumping ship. Makes his day when he does have the down time to hang out with you between school, Baji and Toman, absolutely love to take you out to do whatever you want, be it just hanging out, walking the street or cafe hopping. Chifuyu wants nothing more than to feel secure in leaving you unmonitored out in public - that you would be safe, but he knows that isn't quite possible. Feels a mix of pride, anger and jealousy when he sees the lingering gazes on you while you were out with him; pride that you chose him out of all the simpering messes, anger at where these nobodies think they can leave their gazes on you, and jealousy at the thought that some bozo could fall in love with you.
This boy know better than to think you actually want this attention: you look way too uncomfortable in the mess of people flirting and crowding and touching. Chifuyu always steps in and dishes out thrashings, but never beyond what these scum deserve pushing past your boundaries. And he would never, ever lay a hand on you - you never asked to be involved in any of this, a victim. Tries to help desuade trash from messing with you whenever he isn't available by lending you his Toman jacket to wear or by asking someone he trusts to accompany you instead, but he still feels better if its him by your side. But don't forget to take the time to reassure and soothe him as well in the coming days - the only person Chifuyu is really punishing is himself. He's scared that he didn't protect you well enough, that you might leave him for someone more worthy, that your heart was stolen. This baby boy just needs some loving after a rough day.
There are none who are needier than Kazutora, or any more insecure than him. Another extremely insecure boy, Kazutora struggles regularly in even believing that you wanted to be with him, because how could he not? Someone as kind and gentle as perfect as you had no business being with people like him - scarred, mean and with a bloodied history and stained hands. Yet you are the sun that his world revolves around, and this baby boy have no idea if he could go on living should you ever get stolen away from him. Kazutora sees threats in every corner and every one, boys and girls alike, and he would never dream of letting you leave the house without him - not to attend school, not to walk out in public, nothing. Though unfortunately as much as he is clingy and glued to your side, you ultimately have to be out by yourself at times when he gets called away.
Kazutora thought that the one place you would be safe would be at gang meetings, be it Toman or Valhalla, because the lower ranks would think twice before making a move. But seeing you being kind to one of the members, essentially just being yourself, made all the self-doubt swell up in a tidal wave, and this boy could think of nothing else. This scum - this absolute trash of society - he must have fallen in love with you, and was trying to steal you away from him. You wouldn't cheat on him, would you? You must be cheating on him, you must be playing playing games with his heart. No amount of reassurances from you that no, you weren't in love just because you helped them, would soothe Kazutora's jealousy. Revenge would come fast and brutally, whether or not you were there to witness - whoever takes the brunt of his wrath would be lucky to be able to walk again. Though he would never dream of touching you, there's no telling what he'll do if he spirals.
Sanzu is similar to yet worlds apart from Mikey, another one who is extremely confident in the relationship he shared with you. You live rent-free on a pedestal in his mind alongside Mikey whether you like it or not, and this boy would go to any lengths to make sure you get the respect you deserve. Honestly, Sanzu cares little about whether you're actually cheating on him, even if you would never (he knew you were as loyal as he was and that's why he fell). But how could he expect someone as perfect as you to settle for a dog like him? Would 100% tag along with you as much as he possibly can (especially when he can't follow Mikey around), happy to do whatever you wanted - he's really up for anything if it's with you. Not fond of calling his stalking tendencies as "stalking" per se, so one could say he hates to leave you "unmonitored": too easy to get you corrupted without him there to keep you safe.
Looks down on the fawning messes that gather around you with a sneer of disgust mixed with pride - pride that you were his, that these lesser beings who didn't even deserve to breathe the same air as you would never get a chance to bathe in your presence like he does. Sanzu certainly enjoys every beating he gets to dish out in your name whenever someone has the balls to approach you, but its when you break rank to help a rival gang member that he snaps - how dare you? How dare you sully yourself with such filth? How dare you be kind to some nobody that wasn't him? How dare you try and get down from your pedestal? It's really then when the brutality comes out in waves, not only to the wretched soul who you unknowingly dragged into Sanzu's warpath, but yourself in particular. He'll teach you from scratch again how to be perfect since you couldn't just follow along.
Tumblr media
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bontenscumslut · a month ago
Can I get an ask where the fem reader runs away from bonten because a random girl that wants to be with bonten told her that she isn't good enough for them but she gives everything they've given her back like gifts money etc and then they fuck the living daylight out of her. Angst to fluffy please
Damn thats good. Perfectly fitting for Bonten 🤰🏻🤰🏻
You Can‘t Run Away
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You are Bonten‘s little pearl, always decorating their arms with your presence, always being their fleshlight for their pent-up frustration. In return they shower you with gifts, showing their love and affection for you, and other girls envy you for it.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bonten x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, mdin 18+
Warnings: insecurities, gangbang, dubcon, mention of murder, pet names, oral (f receiving), praise, double penetration, anal, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, creampie, squirting, belly bulge, finger fucking, marking, choking, slight yandere behaviour, begging
Word Count: 3.7k
Tumblr media
Bonten, a criminal organization full of death, money laundering and corruption. And you were right in the middle of the chaos. But why? Yeah, to be honest you never knew why. It was a mystery to you why they were so obsessed with you. Not only one Bonten member but eight? How? You were always a bit insecure, especially in those moments when you saw all those pretty girls that were flirting with them, trying to get in their pants. But they did not plan to fuck with other girls, not since they had you in their lives.
They loved to shower you with gifts, treating you like a princess, getting you everything that your little heart desired. In return you gave them your body, letting them use you as they pleased. Sometimes it left your body hurting and covered in bruises. But you did not care. You wanted them to use you like this, so that they would not start searching for someone who would be better than you, prettier than you.
It was only a matter of time that reality hit you like a train, making you realise that you were not good enough, that you would never be good enough for them.
"You know, Y/N-chan, I don’t understand why they took a liking in you", she said.
But who was 'she'? You did not remember her name, you only knew that she was constantly trying to take them away from you.
She was sitting on Mikey‘s desk, looking disgusted in your direction.
Why were you here? Right, you wanted to see them. Your little heart desired to see them.
If you had only stayed at home.
You expected to see Mikey and the others in his office but instead 'she' was there. Her outfit revealing as always, her tits almost popping out of her blouse, her skirt almost showing off her panties. She always wore high heels, emphasising her pretty smooth and long legs.
How did she even get in here?
In comparison to her you just looked like a wallflower. Not ugly but not pretty. Nothing special. Not striking in between all those beauties that they dealt with in their clubs.
She smiled at you, not a friendly smile but a devilish one. Like she wanted to rip you into pieces for stealing them from her.
"You must have something that they want, that’s why they want to be with you, maybe you have some important connections? Or informations?", she wondered, her tone ever so sweet but at the same time as sharp as a knife.
You looked at her. Not sure what you were supposed to answer, so you just waited for her to finish what she wanted to say.
"It‘s a mystery to me, thinking that the most handsome men around Tokyo what to have you. Especially if you consider their past with women…", she thought to herself, knowing that she had your attention now.
"What do you mean?", you asked her, confused.
"Aaah, nevermind. It‘s not important anyways since this is all forgotten", she waved you off, exactly knowing what she was doing.
"Please, tell me", you almost begged her, desperation seeking through your body.
"It‘s just that those men are the biggest manwhores the world has ever seen, always fucking around with different women, sometimes even multiple women at the same time. Oh sorry, they were. It‘s not like that anymore", she grinned innocently at you.
You always feared that they had a high body count but you tried to live in denial, trying to avoid the jealousy that would eat you up from inside out. Hearing it from her mouth stabbed a knife into your heart. Were they all prettier than you? More fitting for them?
"Gosh, I‘m so sorry! I didn’t want to hurt you like that! It‘s just that… you know? You should maybe leave them. Before they are able to hurt you", she faked her concern so well. It almost sounded like she only wanted what was best for you.
But her next sentence would destroy you completely.
"You are simply not enough for them. Maybe you should search for a guy that‘s more fitting for you."
Your heart shattered. Deep down you knew that she was right. You knew that it was foolish to try to keep them. They would leave you sooner or later anyways.
You were on the verge of crying and breaking down right here and now.
She saw what she had done. Proud of herself, she got off of the desk in an elegant way, swaying her hips as she moved towards you.
"I should leave, I‘m sorry Y/N-chan", she patted your shoulder and left you there.
Alone. No, not alone. Your thoughts were like a monstrous shadow that was hovering over you, ready to eat you alive.
You just started crying, you were not able to hold it back any longer. Who knew that such an incident would break you down?
So you decided what was best for you. No, for them.
You decided to give them back all their presents, all those dresses, lingeries, jewelry; feeling like you never deserved them in the first place. It had to be like this. Either they would leave you —or kill you, who knew what they did to their ex flings— or you would leave them. The latter was the best solution. Not for your heart, maybe not for you as well but for them. They deserved something better, someone prettier.
You went back home, packing everything together to bring them their presents back. Luckily as you got back to the office they were back, first smiling at you and then looking questioningly at the big bag in your hand.
"What is this?", Sanzu snaked up behind of you, putting his head on your shoulder. Everyone looked at you, edging you on with their eyes, wanting to hear your answer.
"I-I", you stuttered. This was so hard, how should you tell them that you wanted to leave them. "Go on, keep on talking", you heard Mochizuku‘s voice.
"I want to give your presents back, I c-can‘t be with you together any longer", you looked at your feet, totally ashamed.
You feared their answer, their heavy gazes being enough for you.
"And why‘s that?", this time it was Kokonoi who was talking, his voice having a sharp edge to it, as if it wanted to choke you lifeless.
"I- I don’t think that I‘m- uh- that I‘m not good enough for you…", your voice quivered, tears threatening to spill over.
'You know, Y/N-chan, I don’t understand why they took a liking in you'
Her voice echoing in your mind.
Silence. They were quite shocked by your answer. You never seemed that insecure. Why would you? You were the prettiest and purest thing that they ever laid their eyes on. Did not they show you how much they loved you? No, they literally drowned you in compliments and gifts. Was this not enough? Apparently not.
"What makes you think such a stupid thing, huh doll?", Takeomi spoke up; he was clearly mad, not because of you but because of the dumb thoughts that were dancing in your mind.
"Look at us when we talk to you", Mikey‘s stern voice commanded, making you shiver. You slowly looked up, meeting their harsh gazes.
"What makes you think that?", Takeomi repeated his question, slowly and with a small pause between every word.
"I- It‘s just that- I don‘t know…", you were not able to form a normal sentence without stuttering. No, do not tell them who made you think like that. It‘s better if you leave.
"Y/N, we know you so well~ Don‘t try to lie to us", Ran smiled sweetly at you. The usage of your name showing you that he was not playing around, they all were not playing around. "Tell us now who polluted your head"
"I don- don’t know her name", it was not a lie. You could not lie in a situation like this. "She was sitting in Mikey’s office, the one who is always around you." There you said it. Hopefully they would just forget it and let you leave. But they would never let you go. Never.
They all looked at each other, exchanging looks, sharing the same thought. Let‘s kill her. Everyone that even dared to hurt you had no right to be alive.
"Maybe we should fuck those dumb ideas out of you, what do ya think little one?", Sanzu grabbed your face and squished your cheeks together. "Show you how much we love you", he started peppering kisses along your neck.
Kakucho got up from his seat, walking towards you. He was so tall, you had to take a step back in oder to see him better; literally bumping into Sanzu’s chest. He took the bag full with their gifts away from you, tossing it to the side.
"Maybe you don‘t need all this stuff, you look prettier without it anyways", his words making your heart skip a beat, your breath being caught up in your throat. Kakucho‘s hand started caressing your cheek, gaze intensely locked with yours.
"Take off her clothes Kakucho", Rindou demanded. "Yeah~ Let us see her gorgeous body", Ran agreed with his brother; probably everyone in that room wanted your clothes off of you right now.
You felt Sanzu’s hands grabbing your wrists, preventing you from stopping Kakucho. "Please, don‘t…", you begged, not wanting to be exposed in front of everyone, even though they saw you naked multiple times. This time was different, your insecurities have reached their peak.
Despite your pleading, Kakucho started undressing you, taking off piece by piece until you were standing naked in front of them. Before you could comprehend anything, he got on his knees; hooking one of your legs over his shoulder. He was so close to your pussy, his breath tickling your skin. Sanzu kept you from falling over, your back being pressed up against his body. You felt his hard-on through his slacks. "Feel that, bunny? Feel how hard I am for ya? Do you feel how much I love ya?", he whispered into your ear.
Suddenly you felt fingers teasing your clit, tiny circles being drawn on it. "M-Mhm!", you threw your head back directly onto Sanzu‘s shoulder. You practically invited him like that to leave marks on you neck, he started kissing and biting your neck, licking the spots that he left behind with purple blemishes.
"I‘ll make you feel good, show you that you are fucking enough for me", Kakucho said aggressively before he dived right into your cunt, two of his fingers being pushed into your already wet hole. "Ah! Ka-Kaku!", you whimpered. He was eating you out as though his live depended on it, as if your body was his air that kept him alive.
Kokonoi got up and joined the performance while the others kept looking, warming themselves up for their turn. As soon as he reached you, his after shave hit your nose; the smell fitting his rich and majestic appearance. His hand reached for your chin, turning your head towards him. He leaned down and started sloppily kissing you, spit running down at the corner of your mouth.
The movements of Kakucho‘s fingers inside of you started to get faster, his slurping sounds echoing through the room. It sounded so nasty and lewd. As he curled his fingers up into you special spot, you tried to push him away with the leg that was being held over his shoulder. He just dug his fingernails into your thigh, leaving crescent marks on your skin.
"It‘s okay, bunny. You can cum", Sanzu told you, stopping for a moment his assault on your neck before he picked up his work again.
Kokonoi parted from your lips which were swollen and red by now. "Cum on his face, pretty. Show us that beautiful face of yours as you come", he whispered against your lips, biting in your lip and slightly pulling on it.
You felt Kakucho‘s tongue thrusting up inside of your pussy next to his fingers, his nose slightly grazing your clit. This soft touch of his nose was not enough for you to fall over the edge, Kokonoi knew that, so his hand slowly wandered downwards your body until he reached your clit. He started to circle your clit in fast strokes, helping Kakucho to bring you to your orgasm.
This was all too much for you, those three men playing around with your body; hands, lips and tongues feeling you up everywhere on your body. Praises were being mumbled; telling you how good you were doing, how pretty you were for them, what a good girl you were for them.
"G-Gonna cum!", you exclaimed, a loud moan falling from your lips. "Go on, pretty. Come for us", you heard, assuming that it was Kokonoi since he always used this nickname.
There it was. The tightness inside of your body just snapped, making you orgasm on Kakucho‘s tongue. His fingers kept on moving inside of you, while Kokonoi’s fingers kept on pressing onto your clit; helping you ride out your orgasm. Your insides spasmed around Kakucho‘s fingers, his tongue no longer being in your cunt.
You thrashed around in their grasps, pushing and pulling around, trying to get their hands away from you. As you looked down, you saw Kakucho’s face covered in your slick; your face grew hot at this sight.
"Feel good enough for us yet?", Sanzu bit into your shoulder, drawing a whimper out of you.
You do not know when but Rindou and Ran were standing in front of the four of you, taking in your fucked out expression. "Seems like she still thinks that she ain‘t good for us, think it’s our turn to show her how perfect she is, Rin~", Ran grinned, bumping his shoulder into his brother before he went towards you. The other three let go of you, so that Ran was able to pick you up. Rindou went behind you, giving your cheek a kiss; making your heart melt.
"Fuck, you don’t know how much we love you", he started kissing you. You felt so safe and secure being caged in between those two.
"Made me fucking mad, you talking about leaving us. For what? Because you are not pretty enough? Bullshit!", Ran kissed your collarbone, lining himself up with your entrance. You sighed as he pushed into you, finally being filled up.
"God, feel that? Feel how your pussy wants me? You were fucking made for us, like we were made for you", he whispered into your neck.
Rindou broke away from you, leaning his forehead against yours. He looked so deep into your eyes, your insides clenching around Ran‘s cock. You felt Rindou’s tip prodding against your other hole until he slowly but surely pushed his whole length into your ass. He groaned from your tightness that wrapped around him so perfectly. "Fucking perfect for us."
You felt so full, stuffed to the brim. They let you time to adjust until they started to fuck into you in union. Your embrace around Ran tightened, pushing his face into your chest. "A-Ah! Feel so full, m-mhm!"
Rindou’s hand gripped onto your ass, leaving his fingerprints everywhere on your behind. "Yeah? Feel stuffed to the brim, huh? See? Only we are able to make you feel so full", Rindou kissed your shoulder, picking up his pace and making you gasp.
"You gotta give us another orgasm, ’kay? You can do that for us", Ran groaned into your chest, biting and sucking on your nipples.
The spots that they reached inside of you, it felt so good, your insecurities being long forgotten. Yeah, like Sanzu said, they fucked those dumb ideas out of you.
"I‘m gonna-!", you felt your orgasm crashing down on you before you were able to finish your sentence. Your holes gripped onto them, as if they wanted to keep them inside. "Fuck!", they both groaned out as they came inside of you, spilling their cum as deep in your walls as they could reach. God, it was so much, you were able to feel it drip out of you onto the floor beneath you.
You tried catching your breath as you felt Rindou carefully pulling himself out of your ass, giving your shoulder a last kiss before Ran carried you through the room, handing you over to Mochi who placed you into his lap with your back facing him. His arms snaked around you and pulled you into his chest.
"What a pretty angel you are and this cunt of yours- fuck, it‘ll be the death of me", his deep voice made you shiver, the fingers that started to play with your pussy adding up to your shudder. A lewd sound echoed through the room as he pushed three of his fingers into your wetness. God, this was embarrassing; your pussy was so greedy, even after two orgasms still wanting more.
He curved his fingers upwards, hitting your g-spot, making you yelp. "There is your sweet little spot", he exclaimed, more to himself than to any other person in this room, and started to rub into it. His almost unnoticeable motions quickly turned into fast ones, fingers curled up into your g-spot, never really leaving it; his hand flatly pressed against your pussy, stimulating your clit. He rubbed in and out of your cunt. It was so good and oh god, those loud and lewd noises that were being heard from your hole. He definitely knew what he was doing because as soon as he felt your g-spot slightly starting to swell up, he pressed his other hand into your lower abdomen. "N-No! Please, stop! I-It feels weird!", your legs started to quiver violently. It felt like you were about to explode.
And that you did… not literally but almost. Your juices gushed out of you, wetting his hand and everything that was near you. "Fuck, look at you squirting on my hand. You look so beautiful", you heard him praise you, feeling him kiss you lovingly onto the backside of your head.
He pulled his fingers out of you with a soft pop, softly caressing you abused pussy before finally removing his hand, only to grab your thighs to pull your legs apart. Your thighs were touching your chest, your most private parts for everyone in this room on full display.
"Guess I‘ll be taking my turn now", you did not realise that Takeomi was standing right between you legs, palming himself through his pants before he freed his cock from those restrains. You were not surprised as he aligned himself with your ass. He was absolutely obsessed with fucking your other hole, loving the way it fitted around him so tightly.
Takeomi steadied himself against the backside of your thighs, pushing you harder against Mochi. There was no need to put his dick slowly into you, you were absolutely drenched, he just slipped into you. "Fuck! I love you, I fucking love you, little one", he slipped two fingers into your abused cunt, making you clench onto his fingers and his cock.
"Ngh! F-uck, ’s too deep, O-Omi!", you held onto his hand, feeling like you need something to grab onto. "I know you can take it. It‘s okay, let yourself go loose, I‘ll take care of my pretty baby", he kissed your tear-stained face, over and over.
"I‘m about to cum, let‘s do it together, yeah? Like the sound of that?", he knew that you loved it when he talked so dirty to you, your walls tightening around him even more.
He pumped his fingers faster in and out of you, edging you closer and closer to your orgasm. Just a few more strokes and you would come. "Ready?", he asked you, looking into your eyes. "H-hah! Yeah!", this was the answer that he needed, pulling his fingers out of your cunt and tightly pushing his thumb onto your clit, keeping on with the harsh thrusts into your ass.
Again your pussy started to gush out some liquid, making his abdomen and his thighs wet with your cum. You blacked out for a moment, snapping back into reality as you feel him pull out of you. Your poor hole clenched around nothing as Takeomi’s cum started to drip out of it.
You do not how you got up but somehow you landed on Mikey‘s desk with him peering down on your wrecked and sweaty body. He pulled your legs apart, starting his turn by pushing himself into your cunt.
"Feel that?", Mikey grabbed your hand and pushed it against your lower abdomen, "Feel how deeply I’m loving you, Y/N?" You just nodded, tears streaming down your face. He was in fact loving you deeply, it almost hurt. You were able feel with your hand how his cock moved in and out of you, a visible bulge in your belly.
"Fuck, if you keep on holding onto my cock like that- You 'bout to cum that quick, huh?", he looked at your wrecked form, proud that they did this.
"Say that you are good enough for us."
"M-Mikey, please", you begged, you could not say that.
"Say it", he left you no other option, gripping tightly onto your neck, choking the words out of you that he wanted to hear.
"I-I‘m good enough for you", you quietly said.
This was not satisfying him. "Louder."
"I‘m g-good enough for you!", this time you yelled, his cock abusing your g-spot, making it harder for you to keep your voice under control.
"Good girl", he squeezed your neck a bit more, sweat beads forming on his forehead.
"I‘m good enough."
"I‘m good enough."
"I‘m good enough."
You kept on repeating it like a mantra, mumbling the words while your brains got fucked out of you. While you reached yet another orgasm.
"You can’t run away, you belong to us like we belong to you, get it? I‘ll fuck every dumb little insecurity out of you until you love yourself the way we love you", his thrust got sloppier, he was about to come as well. With a last few thrusts he was able to reach his high, coming deep inside of you.
Your surroundings got blurry, voices were shallow. You passed out right there on his table, too many orgasms were drawn out of your body; you were tired and literally fucked numb. And then���
What you would not ever know, was that after you passed out, they got rid of that nasty bitch that made you think like that.
Absolutely nobody was allowed to disrespect you like that because they loved you and cared for you, protecting you from all harm.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© 2022 all content belongs to bontenscumslut. Do not modify or copy my work.
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michaki · a month ago
— ( ran haitani. rindou haitani. haruchiyo sanzu. )
Tumblr media
it wasn’t the first time RAN broke a promise and you were sure, it wouldn’t be the last. it wasn’t anything major tonight, you had just asked him if you two can have dinner together — just a night of you and him.
but unfortunately, he would rather have a night with him and his comrades than with you and you took it quite badly.
“ i don’t understand why dinner was such a big deal? “ he let out an exhale of aspiration and the more he didn’t understand, the more your heart was breaking. maybe his priorities were different than yours, maybe you weren’t even considered one anymore but all you knew was that you felt yourself resting at the bottom of that list.
“ because y-you promised me. “ you stammered, in hopes that he could see why it hurt and instead, ran returned you a frown — not out of guilt but from pity, more so expectantly that you should’ve been used to this behavior, used to him not pulling through. “ i promise you a lot of things, darling. “
with those two alone, your sadness falters into anger, “ i hate you. “
your choice of words caught the both of you out of surprise because you both remained speechless from that. your hand clasped around your mouth as he allowed your words to settle in, more so processed what happened to lead up to those words. the more he thought, the more he understood why you would hate him.
he breaks promises, he chooses anyone over you — why wouldn’t you hate him? if anything, he transcends some hate for himself. “ i’m sorry — “
“ i didn’t mean it. “ you choked out, tears bleeding down your features and all he could focus on how he had pushed you on the edge to speak those words. he’s aware that you were apologizing and for that he mustered to shove all of his pity for himself to reassure you because you were still his highest priority, even if you didn’t see that.
ran’s hands cradle your face, “ it’s okay, darling. breathe — c'mon you can do that for me, yeah? “ he encourages, finding himself to find closure when you oblige to his wishes. the pad of his thumbs continue to wipe the freefalling droplets from your cheeks, “ there we are, that’s my pretty darling. “
you didn’t feel pretty but from the look in his eyes despite the words you voiced, you felt reassured. you leaned forwards, pressing your forehead against his chest, “ i didn’t mean it. “
“ i know. “ and for that, he will do anything to avoid hearing those words again.
Tumblr media
“ you just have to ruin everything, don’t you? “ RINDOU mutters, not sparing you a single glance since he had exited out of the car. you can only hang your head low in disappointment that he isn’t willing to see how tonight wasn’t your fault and more so, how he attempted to gaslight you so he can be victorious.
but you still remain in high hopes that he can see your point, you just aren’t quite comfortable in your boyfriend’s environment, if anything you just weren’t used to the club scene — unfortunately, he opposes your statement because supposedly if you cared then you would’ve lasted longer.
funny how you can easily turn the table about the concerns of caring for the other but you weren’t one to play dirty like he does.
“ how long are you going to give me the cold shoulder? “ you inquire, trailing behind your irritated boyfriend in the parking lot to his penthouse — your voice echoing throughout the space and a frown falls on your features when you note the desperation that was audible, you can only hope that he hears it too.
rindou lets out an agitated sound, showing his frustrations by the way his hands seem to fidget. you already knew what he was going to say so you mimic the same sound, making sure that your eyes meet with his, “ you knew how important tonight was for me. “
you did, you were quite aware and you gave it your all to last longer than usual but the deities weren’t on your side that night to aid you. “ and i apologize for making you cut the night short but you know i don’t do well in — “
“ this again. “ he chastises, “ this same excuse, maybe grow the fuck up and learn to tolerate it then. “
your eyes widen, never expecting that he would say something so cruel knowing how difficult it is to fit in his world. your social problems weren’t your fault and he would’ve never forced an act upon you if you didn’t want to so hearing that, made your heart break into pieces. a sob fell from your throat, alarming your boyfriend with not only your tears but your words, “ i hate you. “
and as alarmed as he was, you too fell into shock of your outburst, “ i-i’m sorry, rin — “ he cuts your sentence short with a single tug towards him, you can feel how tense he was from under you, “ i’m sorry, baby. i didn’t mean to treat you horribly tonight. “ and he’s sorry that it came to the point of those three words.
Tumblr media
you were aware of how much the substances SANZU took on the daily affected him — you wouldn’t use the term addict for him, mostly out of respect and high hopes that it was a false accusation but tonight he did you no favor to prove you wrong of that.
it was already difficult exiting the restaurant with nothing but embarrassment and alone then you found having to spot your boyfriend on the couch, most likely have forgotten that he had to meet you tonight was much harder. “ where were you just now? “ sanzu inquires, sparing you a single gaze before returning to the pills that were set on the table.
his fingers correlating a specific tablet to its own specified pile before returning a glance at you expectantly — waiting for your response but nothing was given, just a small disappointed frown. you didn’t have to answer him, you did nothing wrong but show up to where you needed to be. so you give him a small shrug, coursing towards the kitchen.
his eyebrows furrow at your behavior, not fond of the silence so he followed you over. from the island table, you can watch the stumble in his footwork and with that you already knew more than intended. his eyes narrowed towards the bag that was settled onto the marble counter, “ what’s this? “
“ your dinner, since you were so busy getting high instead of meeting me tonight thought i’d bring you something. “ you answer, using a single push to maneuver the meal over to him. for a couple seconds, he remains silent but turns back to you, “ can you repeat that again? “
you normally give in when it comes to him and sometimes like these moments, you can only do so much because anything can send him into a spiral. so you turn away instead to retrieve a glass of water and you can only assume he’s inching closer by the heavy steps he takes. his arms sitting loosely around your waist and humming your name but his resolve falters when he sees you stare at the filled to the brim glass in your hand.
“ are you really that mad? “ he rolls his eyes, “ it’s just dinner — “
“ i hate you. “ you mumble in hopes that he didn’t hear you but he did. as he was able to speak, his mouth becomes dry when your head falls into your hands. a sob rips from your throat, “ i’m sorry, i just wanted to be with you but you seem to only care about getting high than to be with me. “
he recalls to his last words, it’s just dinner and if it’s just dinner — then why couldn’t he spare you a single night to be with you. so he doesn’t say anything, all he does is pulls you into his arms and hopes that you can feel how sorry he was.
Tumblr media
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420sano · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
untitled feat. rindou haitani
warnings. none !!
a/n. quick drabble. implied female reader, use of mommy. making a dad series bc i love writing this shit !!
Tumblr media
"rina has two mommies." your daughter piped up from her spot at the dinner table, distastefully pushing her asparagus around with her fork.
rindou walks in with a bottle of wine and two glasses, bending to to kiss the top of your head gently. he popped the cork off, pouring a bit of the dark liquid into the glasses, giving one to you.
"some people have two mommies, some people have two daddies. it just depends who your parents are." your husband replies, taking a sip of his wine.
"they're not married. she has one mommy at one house, and another mommy living with her. she says her parents are divorced because her daddy brought home the other mommy." rindou's eyes widened and you swore you saw wine come out of his nose as he choked.
"o-oh? um- that happens some-"
"i want two mommies." she cut you off with a frown that matched your developing one.
another mommy? why does she need another mom when she has you? your eyebrows furrowed, mouth opening and closing once again in attempt to find the right words to say, but the only thing you could come up with was a question.
your daughter shrugs, shoving a spoonful of beans into her mouth. "it'd be fun. it's like double everything. double houses, double fun, double love, double mommies." double love? was your love not enough for them?
maybe you were being a bit dramatic but were you really? you tend to take your children's words to heart as they are the most important people to you, so the things they think and say mean a lot to you. sometimes you miss when they could only say 'mama' and 'dada'...
her older brother looked over to you and back to his sister with a glare. "we don't need two moms d/n." his subtle comforts made your heart warm, but just like that, your daughter opened her mouth, adding fuel to the fire.
"why not? think about it, we'd have momma times two! everything she does would be multiplied." she smiled solemnly, daydreams of her new life clouding her mind.
you understood that she didn't quite understand the concept of a step mother, not realizing that her father would have to leave you and love another for her to have a another mom of any sort, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.
rindou grabbed your hand under the table, swiping his thumb against the back of it, taking note of how dejected you felt.
"d/n, just shut up. you're digging yourself a hole." your son muttered, even he, taking notice of the tension. your daughter remained oblivious.
d/n pouted at the slight scolding, glancing around the table, trying to see the issue with the words she spoke and then it sunk.
"oh mommy, i didn't mean it!" she pleaded, silverware clattering against the glass plate. "i-i wasn't even thinking. moms are stupid- i mean not moms, but like second moms. wait no, not second moms because that's ok- what i meant was...sorry mommy." her head hung low in disappointment, fingers pulling at the lose strings of her pajamas.
"it's okay. i know you didn't mean it in a bad way, but do you seriously need two moms? am i-"
"no, mommy! you're the best, i don't want double anything, i only want you." d/n cut you off frantically, shaking her head in denial. rindou could only watch silently at his daughter who seemed to favor you more and more, day by day, in every way possible.
"okay, just making sure..let's finish eating okay?" you sent a comforting smile her way, trying to ease her guilt, which did very little as d/n still continued to pout in her seat.
the table was silent for a few minutes before s/n spoke up with an expressionless face, similar to his father's, but his eyes said otherwise.
"don't worry momma, if dad ever leaves you, i'll choose to go with you."
now it was your turn to choke and rindou's turn to get defensive.
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yeosatinyngz · a day ago
okay! so, i wanna request bonten ran, bonten mikey, bonten kaku, and izana with a bisexual reader who has a major preference towards women so they are almost exclusively attracted to their boyfriend when it comes to men but will asks them for advice to flirt with the girl at the bar as if they arent asking their literal boyfriend that...i just think itd be kinda funny!!
I absolutely love this idea, thank you for requesting! I’m really sorry that its so shitty though, I was having a hard time wording stuff and I kinda just gave up😭
Tumblr media
Bi Reader w/ a preference towards women
↳GN Reader
Request Rules ➣ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Ran was talking about something but you were not paying attention to him as your eyes were settled on the prettiest woman you have ever seen. “And you’re not even listening to me.” “Shhh, I’m admiring the hottest person on this planet.” “Hello? Hottest person on this planet right here.” “Funny joke, now give me some flirting advice, I think imma go shoot my shot with her.” “First you gotta throw a charming smile at her, wait a minute, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GONNA SHOOT YOUR SHOT WITH HER, I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!” “Quiet down, you’re attracting unnecessary attention, plus you’re nothing but a side character.” “EXCUSE ME?! ME A SIDE CHARACTER, I AM THE MAIN CHARACTER.” “And that’s exactly what a side character would say, anyways Imma go talk to her, byeee.” “Wait-” But you were already out of earshot.
Tumblr media
As soon as you both stepped into the bar your eyes immediately landed on what you perceived to be the equivalent of a goddess. “Woah ho ho, if it isn’t my lucky day, my eyes have been blessed.” Mikey turns and gives you a confused look. “What are you talking about?” “I just saw the hottest woman ever, I desperately need you to give me some flirting tips.” As if his eyes weren’t dark enough, it darkened even more upon hearing your words. “Don’t look at me like that.” “I am going to kill that woman.” “CHILL, it’s not that serious.” “Remind me who your boyfriend is?” “You.” “That’s right, so don’t go ogling other people when I’m around.” “So what you’re saying is I can freely check out people when you’re not around?” He reaches his hand into his pocket, “Seems like you would like to have a talk with my little friend.” “Mikey, please tell me you’re not about to whip out your gun.” “Let’s find out shall we?” “Mikey, the love of my life, my sweetie pie, please forgive me. I was just joking around. I swear I only have eyes for you.” “I guess I’ll forgive you for now.” You sigh a breath of relief “but I’m keeping my eyes on you.”
Tumblr media
You were enjoying your [drink of your choice] until you made eye contact with the most attractive person you’ve ever seen. You immediately started choking on your drink and Kakucho looked over at you concerned. “Are you alright?” “No, omfg hottie alert, give me your best flirting advice.” “What?” “She’s coming this way, come on already.” “What are you going on about?” The woman that has caught your attention appeared before you. You kinda started freaking out and blurted out, “Holy shit girl queen pussy boss, do you want to be my girlfriend?” Before the woman could reply, Kakucho placed a hand over your mouth and cut you off, “Don’t mind them, they had a little too much to drink. I’m their boyfriend.” You quickly took his hand off. “He doesn’t mean anything to me, I would dump him for you.” Kakucho looked over at you with his jaw dropped. “We’re leaving.” He got up and harshly dragged you along with him. “What are you doing, she didn’t even give me her response yet, you ruined my chances at a possible relationship with the hottest woman ever.” He gave you the most menacing gaze you have ever seen and spat out, “Not another word.” You:🤐
Tumblr media
You quickly let go of Izana’s hand when you arrived at the bar. “My ‘hot woman within a feet radius’ radar is going off.” You looked around and spotted a hot woman. “Aha there! My radar never lies.” “What are you doing?” “Your best pickup line, go!” “Um, aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” “I was actually expecting something worse but that might work, sorry for doubting your flirting abilities.” “Hey, I flirt pretty well thank you very much.” “Pfft sure.” “And what do you mean by it might work?” “I’m going in.” You told him while walking towards the woman. “Oh no you don’t.” He dragged you back. “Let go of me, I need to see if I have a chance.” “And I think you’re forgetting that you literally just asked your boyfriend for flirting advice.” “No, I was fully aware.” Bad move, Izana was seconds away from blowing a fuse. “Ahaha, I’m just in a silly goofy mood. Trust me, I love you with all my heart.” “Mhm, but when it comes to hot women, I’m suddenly thrown to the side.” “You should be happy that I’m only attracted to you out of all the men out there!” “You’re right, I’ll forgive you for your mistake tonight, but I will NEVER forget it.” You’re lucky he forgave you so quickly cause this night could’ve been the last night of your life.
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igumie · 3 months ago
Random fluffy Tokyo Rev bf hcs
Tumblr media
[haikyuu ver] [Obey Me ver] [bnha ver] [genshin ver]
Tumblr media
Rindou who will break in a museum at 3 am with you so that you have the place for you two only, since lately you’ve been wanting to go on a museum date with him. And who is he to deny your request?
Hanma who tattoos your name on his neck in a horizontal direction right below his ear with a small heart at the end.
Kazutora who once found a stray cat and decided to bring it back home, also naming it after you because it reminded him of you.
Mikey who stares up at you from your lap, a mouth full of doroyaki, admiring your focused face as you watch your favourite show.
Draken who teaches you how to drive a motorcycle and who gets scared out of his mind when you go suddenly too fast. Scolds you afterwards but you find it cute at how much he worries.
Baji who agrees to have a Disney karaoke with you and yells back at your neighbours who complain about the noise— you’re having the time of your life and a few old grumpy people will certainly not get in the way of that he also slays How Far I Go and will for sure record you two singing We Don’t Talk About Bruno.
Ran who lets you put stickers on his baton because you seemed to like it and said it give it more style. And let’s be honest, he’s also a simp.
Mitsuya who remembered what your favourite flowers were and crocheted you a handbag and added a few of them that he made himself on it for decoration.
Hakkai who cant spend a day without having kissing your forehead. He’s so tall and he can’t help but find you adorable whenever you blush at his action his blush is ten times more red than yours but you can’t find the will to tease him
Kokonoi who buys you the most prepossessing ring you’ve ever seen and says that one day, you’ll have an ever more beautiful one except that this one will be on your ring finger.
Izana who squeezes your hand and pulls you closer to him whenever you’re about to cross the road. It is a way to reassure him that you’re safe and a way to tell you that he’ll protect you no matter what.
Kakucho who always opens the door for you, pulls out the chair you’re gonna sit on, makes sure you don’t walk into a puddle and who presses soft kisses on your hand as a way to say your welcome.
Chifuyu who gifts you one of these cheesy couple matching necklaces except that this one reveals two cats hugging when they’re attached. It‘s cheesy but you still find it cute and wear it everyday.
Sanzu who starts to tear up and remember why he fell in love with you whenever you kiss his scar and tell him he did nothing wrong, that he’s okay and that you’ll always be there with him through the good and the bad.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @uniquabackyardigans ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @kanatakyoya ; @erishaitto ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @anonymossii ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @crazycookies73307 ; @kodzukoi ; @cherry-ades
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