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#tokyo revengers
ara-mitsue · 23 hours ago
pretty girl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; no one badmouths his pretty girl ♡
- pairing; h.ran x f!reader
- genre; angsty
- w.c; 1.5k
- warnings; canon typical gore and violence. swearing
a/n; surprise 🤪 happy birthday to the number one haitani ran fucker fan i know @beautifulblhell <3 based off of this post! this turned out much more violent than i anticipated lol but enjoy 😘
Tumblr media
It’s a travesty really, how you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go. You sigh and scuff the heel of your shoe on the concrete. You can already hear the hiss Kokonoi gives you because those are fucking expensive! but you’re not in the mood to care, not when your boyfriend ditched you to hang out with his gang. Ran had mixed up his days, forgetting that he had a meeting with the boys.
“I’ll make it up to you,” he cooed, sending you off with a sweet kiss and pat on the butt. “Promise~”
You’re scowling at a weakly flickering light, not too far from your shared apartment when a voice stops you.
“What’s a pretty girl like you doing all by herself?”
You freeze and glance over your shoulder at the men leering at you. There are at least twenty of them, all dressed in the same tacky uniform. You scoff. A small fry gang for sure.
One of the members leans forward and squints at you. “Ya look familiar,” he says absentmindedly. “She part of some other gang?”
A brunette standing next to the man smacks his head. “Holy shit, you’re Haitani’s girl, ain’t cha?” He smirks around his lit cigarette, yellow teeth gleaming in the low light of the streetlamp. “Where’s your big bad boyfriend?”
“Fuck off,” you snap, balling your hands into fists to keep them from shaking. They may not be a big deal but there were more than you could take on. “Don’t you have better things to do than harass me?”
He bites down on the cigarette, thick brows colliding in the middle of his forehead while his lips curl back in a snarl. “The fuck you just say to me?”
A man standing in the middle chuckles. “Kitty’s got claws,” he simpers as he ambles up to you. You take a step back, hard glare marring your delicate features as the man, presumably, the leader, looms over you.
“But you’re not that scary without that boyfriend of yours.”
You give him a flat look. “And you’re really getting on my last nerve so beat it.”
He laughs, the sound grating your senses. “As if I’d take orders from some whore.”
You think you might have hurt yourself more than him, but the thundering ‘crack’ and the satisfying way his head whips to the side more than makes up for the stinging pain on your palm. Silence falls over the men. Your body tenses up as he stares at you from the corner of his eyes, head still facing away from you. You’re lightly shaking but you still sneer.
“Say shit like that again and it’ll be your balls next.”
He moves slowly, rolling his head from side to side. “You’ve got quite the hit,” he observes after spitting out a mouthful of blood. Crimson dribbles down his chin, staining his skin as he looks at you with wild eyes. He grins. “Now it’s my turn.”
You flinch, curling into yourself and bracing for impact when you hear a grunt. You open one eye, only to find the leader on the ground, eyes rolled back and mouth hanging open. Ran stands behind him, baton extended in his hand. He looks up at you and beams. “Made it just in time!”
Despite the cheery composure, his eyes are like hard amethyst crystals, shiny and cold. He straightens up and steps on the man’s head to get to you. “Are you hurt?”
Your lips curl back into a smile of your own. Your shoulders slump and the tight knot of anxiety in your stomach dissipates. “I’m fine,” you say as you eye his hair. “Changing things up?”
Ran tugs at the loose strands, swatting his hair back and causing the ponytail to swing behind him. “Broke a hairband. Would you happen to have a spare?”
“I do but I’m really digging this style,” you say. Your boyfriend hums, eyes swooping along your frame before they stop on your hand. He gently takes it, cradles it between his glove-covered palms, and frowns.
“You’re bleeding.”
You blink up at him before glancing down. There’s a gash on your palm, blood welling up from the open wound. You stretch your hand and watch as the gore spreads and trickles down the sides of your palm. “Wow,” you muse. “Guess I hit him harder than I thought.” Ran’s grip tightens for a moment before he releases you.
“What a shame,” he tuts as he gently pushes you away from the gang. “I guess we’ve been slacking a little too much, haven’t we, Rin?”
To your left, a few gang members litter the concrete, lying on the ground with arms or legs twisted at odd angles. The youngest Haitani brother has one man in his hold. There’s a pop and a resounding scream follows. Rindou laughs. “Good thing it’s trash day, right?”
Ran hums again. “Why don’t you sit back and relax?” He suggests but the underlying iciness in his tone makes you shiver. You’ve never seen Ran this furious. “Take care of my girl for me?”
Rindou clicks his tongue as he lets his victim go. The man slumps onto the floor. “Fine,” he relents, standing up from his seated position and dusting off his pants. As he makes his way over to you, Ran taps the baton against his chin. His violet eyes scan the crowd, grown adults trembling at the sight of him. “Now, where to start…”
He turns and smiles at the blonde standing closest to him, then bashes the stick against his nose. You watch in awe as Ran moves, dancing around the sea of falling bodies. His expression never changes as he smack, knees, punches. His hair whips around him like a fan, tendrils fluttering around in a blur of black and gold. You feel something push your chin up, effectively closing your gaping mouth. Rindou stares at you in amusement.
“You’ve never seen him like this, have you?” He asks and you shake your head no. You look back— nearly half of the gang is crumpled on the floor. The younger brother carefully takes your hand and inspects it before he pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket. “Leave him be. He needs to let out some steam anyway,” he says as he wraps the soft white cotton around your injury and securely ties it.
“Is he going to be alright?” You wonder as you watch him dodge between two members before striking them both down.
Rindou snorts. “You should be concerned for them, not him,” he retorts. And he’s right— not even ten minutes later has Ran defeated all of the gang members. He’s panting, posed with the baton on his shoulder. “Stupid,” Rindou murmurs under his breath as the leader struggles to stand on his feet. You’re unsure if he means Ran or the leader.
“Now which one of you,” Ran says, lightly swinging his bloodied baton back and forth. “Were saying such crass things about my girl? Hm?” He toes a man’s face then steps on his nose. “Was it you?”
“Or maybe you?”
“Oh, I definitely know you said something—“
He stops midair, ears perking at the distressed sound of your voice. He nearly cracks his neck from how quickly he turns his head in your direction. “Yes, princess?”
You clutch your injured hand to your chest. “You’ve done enough,” you say. “Please, let’s just go home?”
Ran narrows his eyes and turns back to the sniveling man beneath him. He scoffs. “But they badmouthed you,” he says, eyes trained on the river of blood pooling from his nose. “And no one badmouths my pretty girl.”
Rindou rolls his eyes as you shake your head.
“If you keep going, you’ll kill someone,” you say. “These pieces of shit aren’t worth it.”
He shoves the man onto the floor, glee filling him when he hears the man’s skull crack against the pavement. “But you are.”
You huff, unable to stop yourself from giggling. “Thank you but that means I won’t be able to see you for however long they’ll lock you away.” You walk over to him, stepping around the bodies until you’re only a few feet away. You open your arms. “C’mon baby, let’s go.”
The older Haitani sighs and stands up to his full height. How can he deny you when you ask so sweetly?
You grin but falter when you hear something gurgle, then delirious laughter. You look over at the leader, gore drenching the front of his shirt as he sneers, “To think Haitani Ran is that whipped for his bitch.”
The baton disappears from Ran’s hand. The leader falls to the floor with a cry, his head snapping to the side as he tumbles. You point the rod at him, red dripping from the tip. “Didn’t I warn you about what would happen if you called me names?” You ask sweetly, voice dripping in poisonous honey before you raise the baton over your head and strike.
Rindou winces and covers his crotch. “Yikes.”
Ran whistles low. The smile on his face threatens to overtake his features as he slings his arm around you. He grips your chin and turns your head to look up at him. “That’s my girl ♡,” he croons before swooping down to kiss you, smearing blood along your cheeks as you stand in the sea of carnage.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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smolla-than-a-bug · 14 hours ago
Being in my feels 🥲 so I wanted to ask if you can write about mitsuya, chifuyu, draken, shinichiro, and baji reacting to their hopeless romantic BFF/crush coming back from a date upset because the people she keeps meeting all just keep acting nice at first but end up just wanting to get into their pants
Tumblr media
tokrev boys when you deserve better
ft. mitsuya, chifuyu, draken, shinichiro, baji
Tumblr media
[ navi | tokrev m.list | request rules ]
content — gn!reader
notes — finally posted after a while omg !! dont let anyone treat u like ur worth nothing more than ur body. dont be shy kick em where the sun dont shine 😁 kinda went off on this theyre pretty long compared to my other hcs
Tumblr media
⚜️ MITSUYA doesn’t normally resort to violence, but with the way he’s seen this situation one too many times, he feels the need to step in. You’ve been hurt way too much for things to just be settled with a verbal confrontation, no, he’s fighting for your honor. He does this behind your back, though—after he’s comforted you and given you another talking-to about no more crappy dates with crappy people because you’re too good to be settling with the likes of them. The second you fall asleep, seriousness clouds his expression and he goes out to find those that wronged you, determined to educate the foolish. The next day, you’ll be left to wonder why a certain person is covered in bruises and bandages, and when you look at Mitsuya in confusion, he merely shoots you an innocent smile and slight wave. You don’t need to know the details.
⚜️ CHIFUYU promised you he wouldn’t resort to violence, he knows he promised you that. Usually, he’s a man of his word, but he will not hesitate to threaten them a bit not bite back on insults if he sees them in public. If they even so much as try anything with you again, he will throw hands and it won’t be pretty—he’s vice-captain of the attack unit for a reason. He just can’t help it. He wants to show you that you’re worth fighting for. He wants you to know that there are people who actually care for you. He’s pretty two-faced about it, though. One minute, he has his arm thrown over your shoulder, joking around with you and making you laugh as a distraction because he saw a very familiar face he’s intent on not letting you see again. Then the next minute, he throws that person a dark look over his shoulder, daring them to try anything while he’s there. When the cowards visibly back off, he smiles and immediately goes back to acting the way he does with you.
⚜️ DRAKEN vows to be more stern with you. He’s always had a great sense of judging one’s character and has never held back on telling you when someone isn’t worth your attention, but this time, he needs to make sure you listen to him. Where you would usually roll your eyes and insist on giving your new suitor the benefit of the doubt, he won’t just give up on changing your mind this time around. Instead, he’ll sternly hold your head in his hands and force you to look him in the eye as he tells you: You deserve better than that. He always calls out the obvious red flags he’s picked up from them, urging you to not pursue them, but his mistake was never presenting you a more favorable option. Who is more Draken-approved than Draken himself?, he thinks one day. That same day, while you’re sulking about your ruined date, he offers himself to you, chest puffed out with his thumb pointing at himself and grinning wildly. He may not be perfect, but he will for sure treasure you with every bit of pride he has.
⚜️ SHINICHIRO can’t stand the sight of you crying over another person who doesn’t deserve you, and when you’re not crying, you’re blankly staring at nothing, questioning your own worth. He can’t stand for any of that, so what does he do? He shows you the exact treatment you should be receiving. He takes you on his bike, holding you tenderly by your waist to steady you when you get off. He takes you out to the theme park by the docks, he plays all those rigged game stands just to be able to say “This shot’s for you,” only to miss the hoop and get you to laugh at him (and hopefully to win you a big stuffed animal in any of the other, easier games), then he lets you drag him off to any rides you want, even when he knows he’ll get nauseous. He doesn’t take his eyes off of you for even a second, and with the way you’re finally smiling again, he hopes you’ll finally see him—that he’s the one who will treat you right.
⚜️ BAJI immediately starts throwing punches. Don’t bother holding him back, he’s had enough of watching you let yourself get walked all over by assholes who aren’t worthy of walking this earth. Are they not ashamed? Were they not taught how to treat people? Either way, he’ll teach them a lesson. Punch after punch, he iterates the correct way to pursue you in great detail. ‘You’re supposed to get up extra early, brush your teeth, and put on your best clothes. Then you should pick them up, compliment them every chance you can’—the list is long, but he enunciates each step. He’ll make them feel like they’re scum and brutally drill it into their brains until they’re ashamed. The extent of the things he’d do for you are unmatched, and he makes sure you know it.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © smolla-than-a-bug, 2021. please do not copy or repost my works. reblogs/feedback/comments are appreciated!
tokyo revengers taglist — @victoirey @crapimahuman @erishaitto @sunhee-sun
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nicoleheichou · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Meant To Be - Chapter Sixty One: Do You Remember
☆ masterlist ☆ 《 prev | next 》
Summary: You become the assistant to one of, if not, the most successful businessmen in all of Tokyo and while working for him you meet his 2nd in command. How will things unfold when one is a hopeless romantic and believes in the idea of a soulmate while the other doesn't care for it and has already made up their mind not to give their soulmate a chance?
You found yourself on a park bench in a secluded area of the park, sitting beside Kisaki, it happened to be the same bench you used to frequent with the male during your time in college. Whenever you both just needed to get away or just needed to vent, this was your spot.
You couldn't help but feel nostalgic at the thought. It had been years since you've sat on this bench. "Do you remember the first time we sat here?" He questions, watching as a family walks by. You nod, of course. How could you forget? The image of Kisaki crying into your shoulder was forever burned into your memory, you'd never seen him that vulnerable before and you never have since then.
"Yeah, you came home and you just looked so out of it. I offered to go for a walk with you, to just clear your mind..." You trailed off, not wanting to bring up the memory. "And we ended up in this park, on this bench, and you let me cry to you about my breakup with Hana." You look up at him and he's smiling at you, his eyes no longer holding any sadness when he brings his ex of three years up.
A breeze blows past you causing a shiver to run down your spine. It doesn't go unnoticed by Kisaki, quickly pulling you into him. You welcome the warmth that he provides you, pressing yourself closer to him. "Do you remember the last time we were here?" You question while resting your head on his shoulder. You don't need to look at him to know there's a smirk plastered onto his face. "It was the night before graduation. We sat here, drank a few beers, promised to stay best friends, and then I had to carry your ass home because you fell asleep." He chuckles, no doubt picturing what it looked like to passersby with you passed out while he gave you a piggyback ride.
"I'm sorry." You blurt out. You feel him stiffen under you. "Why are you apologizing?" He questions, confused at your sudden confession. "We promised to stay best friends, but after Hanma...I unintentionally distanced myself from you." He lets out a sigh, before taking one of your hands in his. "You don't need to apologize, I get it. You associate me with Hanma and you just broke up with him, so naturally you'd take some time for yourself, I don't blame you. I never did." He gives your hand a soft squeeze and you can't help but wonder what you'd done in your past life to be surrounded by so many amazing people.
"But I knew you first. I shouldn't have let your friendship with him be an excuse to distance myself." Spending time with him alone tonight has made you realize just how much you'd missed him, missed your best friend. He clicks his tongue before pulling away so he could face you.
"Sweets, stop it. I'm not mad, I never was. I knew you needed space and I was happy to give you that. Our relationship isn't something that falls apart just because we don't speak to each other for a few months, we'll eventually find our way back to each other, so I wasn't worried about it. You know Hanma's been my best friend since childhood, we're pretty much a packaged deal, so I never took offense to it. So, don't worry your pretty little mind over it and let's just move on. Okay?"
A smile slowly makes its way across your face, he always knew what to say to stop your worrying. "Okay." He flashes you a smile and you can't help but feel a little better. "So what was this shitshow you were talking about?" He asks, tilting his head up to look at the stars.
You let out a sigh before leaning back onto the bench. "You remember Draken?" He looks at you through his periphery before nodding. "Blondie that came with you that day?" You let out a chuckle at the nickname. "Mmm, yeah him. Well it turns out he's my soulmate."
His eyes widen, he turns all his attention onto you. "Holy shit." You were still leaning into the bench, head tilted up to the night sky. "That's what I said. Long story short, I found out while I was helping him plan his proposal to his girlfriend who's also my friend. I never told him, packed up my stuff and left for America, but the ache just got worse, I couldn't get out of bed Saki, but whenever I talked to him it would feel a little better. Well...our last convo, I told him the gist of everything, leaving out the detail that it was him, and he told me my soulmate had a right to know, so I got on a plane before I could chicken out, and now I'm here. But he realized I'm his soulmate at the same time and got on a plane to go to me. So, we missed each other."
He lets out a whistle and you can't help but roll your eyes. "That really is a shitshow, sweets." You softly elbow him in the side and you chuckle as he pretends to be in the worst pain of his life. "You're supposed to comfort me Saki!"
"I'm just calling it as I see it. From what I've seen of the short time I spent with you both, he obviously cares for you. And I know you care about him, even before you were aware of the mark. I think everything will work itself out, so don't stress yourself too much, okay? And just know that I'm here for you." You can't help but feel warmth spread in your chest, he always knew how to comfort you.
I love their little friendship. It's just so 🥰 And sorry that I made y'all like Kisaki. Lmao.
The rest of the night was spent with the both of you just reminiscing on the old days. And also for promises to spend more time together.
Tumblr media
As usual leave a comment and let me know what you think.
If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know cause I'll close it after chapter 65.
And thanks to everyone that commented about my safety. That means a lot. 💕
Taglist: @httpssen @ii-touya @somniari-94 @hanmascult @q-the-rockaholic @bruhmoment23 @erenisms @ayeputita @xmellows @yolk-ashi @angsty-microwave @fucktheworlddude @kenniekenns @nicka-nell @roselleviennesstuff @sanovr @eveyams @stargazersyd @sunahyejin @hanmasin @lalalemon101 @grassbutneo @matsunshine @la-starru @hikkarins @iisouyaa @yeehawnana @wakima @sirachano0dles @dorkange @sunsunsumosama @moremilkforkags @sun-drak @sadkingkai @wayyybetterthanyou @jojowantstocry @bontensbabygirl @xxmistressofflamexx @hanabihwa @chiifxyuz @sugusshi @sunfloey @princessatoru @itadaramaterasu @hayami-17 @fwess @massivebde @sho-xo @hazzaloveschopsuey @lagrimasdeglitter
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hllwflow · 23 hours ago
imagine kakucho, ran, rindou, sanzu, mikey, draken, chifuyu, wakasa, hanma, kisaki, takeomi, kokonoi
imagine married life with him, after he’s finally done roaming the streets of japan causing chaos, his life style completely flipped as he now wears a wedding ring, living in one of the most expensive penthouses in tokyo with you, his loving wife. finally being able to spend nights with him, in bed were now happening more often than ever. mornings where you wouldn’t wake up alone were finally here, it felt like paradise, living with him. every holiday season, the two of you spent the night dancing in front of the large windows of the penthouse, lights decorating all over the house, a genuine smile on his face as he watched you twirl under the lights, falling in love again all over just like he once did when he was a teenager. the sex now was different as well, he wasn’t as rough considering there was no pent up anger from his work, he was finally able to appreciate your beauty, slowly caressing your cheek as you unfolded under him, letting out whimpers of his name along with ‘I love you’s as he kissed against your lips, whispering back, while he thrusted in you slowly, not focusing so much on speed, but more so appreciating you as a whole, kissing all over your body, telling you how beautiful you are, flushing away your insecurities throughout the night. he was finally happy with you. not having to worry about his safety as often, or yours, he had a normal life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. his loving wife was now his life and purpose. finally, the two of you were able to settle down, grow old together, and lead a normal life.
a little something while I get better from being sick!!!!!!
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mari-the-bimbo · 5 hours ago
Tokyo Revengers: When you’re on your period
Characters: Mikey, Draken, Baji, Chifuyu, Kisaki
Tumblr media
Poor baby is so confused when he sees you groaning in pain on the bed
“Aw man, what’s up with you? You got a bellyache?” He asks, pulling up your shirt to poke your stomach, as if that’d help.
“Mikey, I’m on my period” you whined.
“Oh” he said with a frown. Sadly, Mikey is dumb af in such matters. Now he wishes he listened to Emma when she tried to educate him on it. He hated seeing you in pain.
As he watched you with a pout, he suddenly pulled up your shirt again and leaned his face down to your stomach.
You blushed in bewilderment, “Mikey what are you- Agahah Mikey-! Stop!” You were cut off by your own giggle as Mikey blew raspberries on your stomach, making you burst into laughter.
Sure it wouldn’t take the pain away, but Mikey was just happy that he could make you laugh.
Tumblr media
Luckily, Draken is much more educated on periods thanks to the women at the brothel. So the second you start groaning in pain, Draken will catch on.
Definitely carries you around everywhere, knowing you’re too tired to walk around. And no, he’s not embarrassed. If he’s strong enough to carry his s/o, why shouldn’t he?
Now hear me out, Draken’s hands naturally runs warm. So when he lays you down on his lap and pulls your leggings slightly down to place his large, warm hands below your stomach, it feels heavenly.
A small smile tugging on his face as you sigh in relief and place your much smaller hands on top of his.
Tumblr media
“Hah? What’s wrong with you? You on your period or something?!” Baji exclaimed as he grabbed your wrist before you could walk away.
“Yes I am Baji” you sighed at the long haired boy.
“Oh” he says with a frown, “damn it y/n why didn’t you tell me?” He added, before pulling you backwards, making you hit your back against his muscular chest.
But before you could even question him, he picked you up bridal style, and starting heading towards your room. “Come on baby” he said as he looked down at you with his signature smile.
He places you on the bed, before recklessly joining you, staddling your waist so you wouldn’t get up. “Baji-!”
“Stay put” he says to you, as he calls up his mom, asking her what he’s supposed to do now 💀
Tumblr media
Starts cooing at you the second you groan in pain. “Oh nooo is my baby in pain?” before cuddling you up in his arms.
Lays you down on his bed, and makes you rest your head on his arm, while his other hand rubs circles on your stomach with his warm hands, occasionally kissing your stomach.
He loves wrapping you up in his blankets and coddling you 😮‍💨
Hand feeds you all your favourite foods! Brushing any crumbs away from your mouth with his finger, before pressing a kiss to your corner of your mouth.
Tumblr media
Is this guy a sweetheart or a jerk? I’ll take both.
Will probably call you ‘weak’ when he sees you groaning in pain 💀 However it doesn’t matter if he thinks you’re weak, you’re his weak baby.
So don’t be surprised when he sits down next to you, and suddenly pulls your feet on to his lap, and starts massaging them.
He’ll send his men to go and buy some chocolates, flowers and pain relief for you while he spends some time with you.
Sanitary pads? This guy already stored a bunch for you.
Take advantage of him at this time!! He has a soft spot for you and this is the best time to benefit off it. Ask him for anything, designer jewellery, money etc. Say the word and it’s yours.
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violetarks · 8 hours ago
Making Up After A Fight
anime: tokyo revengers
characters: hanagaki takemichi, sano 'mikey' manjiro, baji keisuke, hanma shuji
warnings: afab! reader, use of she/her pronouns
a/n: for all my tokyo rev fans, sorry i've only been posting "self-control" fics!!
Tumblr media
Hanagaki Takemichi:
Fighting with Takemichi was very emotional. And not beccause he;s crying as soon as the both of them raise their voices.
It was emotional because of stress. Which was the real reason why everything started. But at this point, where Takemichi stood in the past, he didn't even remember what they are arguing about. At least Y/N's mother liked him enough to let him in to apologise.
"Um... Y/N?" He called, knocking on the door quietly. He's nervous, because he's never done this before. They've never had a fight this big before. "It's—It's Takemichi."
There was no response to him, making Takemichi close his eyes and lean his forehead against the door. He hasn't fucked up this bad in a while. He was so caught up in saving Toman that he didn't realise the strain he put on their relationship. All the yelling and the tears had just now taken its toll on him.
Y/N was incredible special to him. When he first began getting into fights, she'd be there on the sidelines to intervene. She'd help patch him back together and be there for him. Even in his original past, Y/N was there.
But as it changed and got more intense, Y/N was getting overwhelmed.
"Are you alright?" Takemichi questions, hand against the door. He's kind of nervous that she'll just leave him alone, tell him to get out. "I'm sorry for fighting with you, I really didn't mean anything I said. Do... Do you want to talk to me? Or do you want me to go?"
Y/N was never one to fully run from her problems, she just needed some time to think everything over. She still loved Takemichi, after everything. He was still her love, someone who'd always get so flustered when she'd see him in an awkward situation. She was his, just as Takemichi was hers.
So she opens the door.
Takemichi, who was still leaning against the door, is now quite literally falling into his girlfriend's arms. He widens his eyes as his arms fall over Y/N's shoulders, tensing up once he weighs onto her. And he's quick to apologise.
"Ah! Sorry, I didn't mean to—" He's interrupted by the feeling of her arms going around his waist. His cheeks are heating up in a blush as Y/N hugs him closer, face nuzzled in his shoulder.
"Stay for a bit?" She mumbles, closing her eyes, "I'm sorry. Really didn't want to leave like that..."
He's soft for her, never able to say 'no' to something she wanted. A smile falls on his lips before he hugs her tighter, chin on top of her shoulders.
"I don't really wanna' go." He whispers out in a slight chuckle, heart racing. He holds her closer, wanting to make up for loss time. "I'm sorry too."
She grins at that, pulling away a little and pressing gentle kisses to his cheek. "I, um, have a confession to make." She mumbles, making Takemichi straighten out, "Because I was mad at you, I started watching our show without you..."
And he would've started a whole other silly fight about that if it weren't for the fact that he's seen that series like sixteen times. The only different is that now, he can re-watch it with her.
With a mock hurt expression, Takemichi sighs out, "I suppose I can brush off this one, Y/N."
She laughs back, ruffling his hair and pulling him inside the bedroom, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! This was the only way I thought I could get back at you!" She frantically shakes his arms. "Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me!"
He's holding her face in both of his hands with a smile. "Alright, alright. Just because you ask." He sighs out, shaking his head.
There it is. The smile that he wants to protect.
Sano 'Mikey' Manjiro:
Mikey holds true to his word and usually tries to avoid fighting with people he can't stand to lose.
So when Y/N storms out of the house with tears in her eyes and her last 'fuck you, Manjiro', Mikey can't help but feel drained. He can't always have things go his way, and he knows that.
But something about seeing his girlfriend be so mad at him, makes his heart cave into his chest.
Draken, who has passed Y/N by the entrance and noticed the look on her face, faces Mikey with a shrug of his shoulders. "Give her some time." He tells his best friend, noticing the antsy look on his face, "She looks Hella' mad right now. Probably just needs some space at the moment."
Mikey is sitting on the couch, slapping a palm over his forehead with a groan, "Shit. You think she'll come back here later?" He's got some thoughts running through his mind.
Draken sits down beside him, handing him a snack he went out and bought. "Probably. You two can't stand to be away from each other for more than a day." He claims, rolling his eyes, as if he wasn't needy to see Emma at least twice in 24 hours. Why do you think he was there now?
"But don't worry." He hums out, patting Mikey's back, "Y/N won't leave something unfinished. And she loves you, doesn't she?"
Draken actually waits for an answer. Mikey blinks before he clears his throat, "Oh, um... yeah."
"Then chill out." His taller friend scoffs out, standing up and pulling out his phone, "I'm taking Emma out. I'll have her home later."
Mikey nods his head, sitting back to wait.
Y/N and Mikey have never had a real fight before. It was usually just her scolding her boyfriend for coming back with bruises everywhere. Sometimes he'd tell her that it was necessary, so she'd just put it off.
But this time, it was too far. He had gone off to fight with Draken and Mitsuya, completely missing out on her night with her boyfriend. They had agreed that today would be their movie night, which had been pushed back so many times before. She was fine to wait until he got home, but then Mikey arrived with all these cuts and bruises.
It takes about four hours until he hears the door open.
Draken and Emma were out together, which left Mikey by himself in the house. He perks up at the sound, bouncing from his seat and walking to the entrance of the house.
There Y/N was, taking off her shoes before looking up to her boyfriend. The two of them stand there in silence, unable to say anything. But then Y/N bows her head a little.
"I'm... I'm sorry, Mikey. I shouldn't have said those things." She apologises, face heating up in embarrassment. In a heated argument, she tends to just say the most random shit. "I was just mad, and um..." She lifts a hand to brush the back of her neck. "I kinda' just missed you a lot recently.
Mikey is moving towards her, one hand landing on the top of her head. Y/N glances up at her boyfriend, who just tilts his head and smiles. "No, it was my fault." He claims, giving a small pat, "It's not good to make your girlfriend worry about you too much. I'm sorry, Y/N."
And she's taking his hand, the one on the top of her head, and lacing her fingers through his. Mikey gulps when she presses a kiss to his knuckles, bruised and bandaged. "If I didn't worry about you, then I'm sure you'd fall apart." She jokes, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly, "Just be more careful. And make some time to relax."
Mikey nods his head, melting into his girlfriend's embrace. He sighs, closing his eyes, "I will."
Y/N grins at him and holds tightly to both of his hands. "Good. Now, it's lunch time." She reminds him, pulling out a plastic bag from behind her back. He perks up at that. "I went out and got something to eat. Watch some movies?"
"I really love you."
Baji Keisuke:
Baji's a good boy. He never really likes to argue with his girlfriend because he loves her. And you shouldn't like to do that. If you're normal, y'know?
"Keisuke, that was stupid." Y/N claims in an angered tone, shutting the window of her bedroom after Baji sneaks in at 1 AM. A few streets down, there's a firetruck — no, no, there's two, another one is pulling up into the street — putting out one of Baji's late night adventures.
Baji doesn't say anything, only standing in front of Y/N as she closes her blinds. She doesn't expect him to talk yet, mainly because she believes they've said all they needed to in their argument earlier that day.
It was just about how he needed to focus more on school than Toman. And she understands just how important Toman is to Baji, it's his life, but his mother had voiced her concerns to Y/N. She was practically balling her eyes out to her when Baji comes home from another fight. Y/N had tried to have a conversation about it but with Baji's tiredness mixed with Y/N's willingness to push him harder to studying, it didn't go well.
He ended up storming off and leaving Y/N to comfort his mother. Hours later, when Y/N had to go home, Baji had returned to apologise. He promised his mother that he'd do better, and he wanted to keep that promise.
Y/N knew that as soon as she saw the fire outside her window, that it was her delinquent boyfriend just blowing off some steam. So she called him to come here before he got in trouble.
She dug through her closet, grabbing one of Baji's hoodies that she did in fact steal. His shirt was currently burnt at the bottom. "Put this on. It's cold." She mumbles, handing it to him before going downstairs and grabbing a drink and a snack for him.
When she returns, Baji is curled up in her blankets and facing the wall. A habit he picked up once finally being comfortable in her house. She gives a small smile before setting the food on the bedside table.
"Kei." She whispers out, shifting in beside him and leaning over his shoulder. He's got this blank stare in his eyes. She frowns, laying back down and hugging his back. "I shouldn't have done that, pressured you. I'm sorry."
He's shifting in her arms, turning around and now wrapping his own arms around her, digging his face into her hair. "I'm sorry too." He mumbles, closing his eyes, "Was mean to you... didn't mean it."
Y/N smiles at that, inhaling that feeble sent of smoke lingering on his skin. He must've been really frustrated because of that fight. "We'll both agree to try our best." She states, earning a hum of agreement from her boyfriend.
She hugs tightly onto his back, glancing up to Baji. He blinks a few times with his heart racing, because of her.
He makes a small noise as Y/N leans up and gives him a soft kiss on his lips, quick and cute. Baji barely has any time to react before she pulls away, giving another smile.
"Aw, are you blushing?" She chuckles.
"You're seeing things—Go to sleep." Embarrassing, is what she was to Baji.
Hanma Shuji:
Tumblr media
Hanma has a hard shell to crack. He's always doing things on his own and never telling anyone what he really felt. Which became a problem in his relationship.
He's watched Y/N walk out of a room hundreds of times, always staring and wondering just where she was going. But this time, he watches her storm out with harsh steps and her flipping him off. She called a quick 'I can't handle you sometimes, Shuji, asshole'.
Because sometimes it's a lot for Y/N to have to deal with Hanma's constant pushing away of his emotions whenever she asks.
"Alright, I'm back." Y/N huffs, rubbing the back of her head and putting her keys down on on the table. Hanma sat in the same spot, leaning against the back of the couch, arm slung over the top.
She blinks at him before furrowing her brows. "Have you even eaten? I was gone for like three hours." She questions, hand on her hip.
She looks over to the kitchen table to see that the dinner they ordered before was still there.
Nope, he hasn't eaten yet.
"Shuji." She sighs out, walking over to him and tilting her head at his blank expression. He really doesn't care, does he? "Come on, I'll re-heat it for you."
She leans forward and takes his hands gently. At the end of the day, they still love each other. Y/N still cares for him and wants him to stay healthy. She pulls him to his feet.
Times like this were Hanma would disregard his needs and responsibilities just to be petty or get back at someone.
When he's standing up, Y/N squeezes his hands. "You're okay, Shuji." She says, tilting her head, "You'll be fine."
And at that, he goes limp against Y/N, making her take a few steps back before stabling her footing. "I—Shuji, hey." She begins, wrapping her arms around him and keeping him standing.
He was usually like this whenever he was frustrated or annoyed. Kisaki would get on his nerve sometimes and he'd come home and just lay on top of her, groaning on about how shitty his day was. Y/N was like a calming station. Somehow always getting Hanma get to his senses.
"Sorry." He says, "Being dumb..." It's short but he means it.
He's never been good at expressing the right emotions at the right times. Y/N learnt to deal with it, because at times Hanma's shell would crack. More frequent kisses and hugs and holding hands. She was never one to push something unless needed.
She feels him shiver a little before he hugs her back. A sign of him pulling himself back together. She smiles, leaning back into him and kissing the side of his temple. "Yeah, but I'm used to that." She claims, earning a click of his tongue, "Sorry for yelling at you, Shuji."
He hums back, arms around her neck as he pulls away, "Eh, I deserved it." He's sheepish about it because it's true. Y/N seemed to be right most of the time. "Wanna' eat now?"
"Sure, okay." Y/N responds, tugging him along to the kitchen, "You still wait for me to eat dinner with you? Even when we're fighting?"
Hanma rolls his eyes at that, hugging her from behind as she heats up the ordered food. He scoffs out, "Yeah, well, it isn't gonna' happen often. Might as well keep my habits the same."
She smiles. Her boyfriend could be cute, sometimes.
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shionsdoll · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
genre. slight angst->fluff, mikeyxf!reader, headcanons + scenarios
summary. they get a call from the hospital that you’re in the hospital
tw/cw. short, unedited
taglist. @erishaitto @smycc @mtsuyas @amive2567 @ravenina14 @widepipepaladiknight
Tumblr media
he dropped all his shit when sanzu came in telling him that you were in the hospital
“What the fuck happened to her?!” he yelled
in the car he asked sanzu why he got the call instead of him and sanzu reminded him that mikey gave his phone to him
wore a frown on his face the whole way going to the hospital that you got admitted to
slamming open the door as you turned your head his way
your eyes widen at his expression
he looked like he was in the brink of breaking down, his eyes glassy
“Hey baby..” you greeted
“Dont “Hey baby” me, are you ok? What happened?” he rushed, walking beside your bed, taking your hand to kiss your knuckles
“According to the doctor, I fainted out of exhaustion. Its nothing major hun-” you said by was cut off by mikey
“You getting in the hospital is not ‘nothing major’, its a big deal to me baby. Dont worry me like that again..” he scolded, burying his head on your stomach
you smiled slightly before rubbing his back to comfort him as you whisper assurances and sweet nothings for him
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drakenluvrr · 19 hours ago
i love you kisses
a/n: min writing something?? 😟 also pretend everyone is happy, ALIVE and well :)
mikey kisses you with urgency. he’s always in a rush to get into a brawl for adrenaline or in a rush to go on his bike and just take a ride somewhere.
“mikey! stop you’re gonna forget your hair tie!”
“sorry babe, what’s that?? cant hear you! i gotta go!” mikey says as he’s running to his bike. he’s meeting with toman because they’re having issues with another gang that they don’t know what to do with.
“mikey, your coat! ugh what am i gonna do with you?” you say slightly face palming your face .
he chuckles at your urgency to make sure he’s being taken care of. maybe he can slow down for just a second.
“wait first y/n, come here!”
you walk up to your boyfriend giving him his hair tie and his coat as well. he gives you a quick peck on the lips.
“okay i love you, i’ll see you later.” he says driving off going to meet toman, but looking back just for a second to see ur face for good luck.
Tumblr media
nahoya says i love you teasingly, but actually really means it. his kisses are playful and before you know it, you’re chasing his lips.
“hoya, i have homework i need to get done. you do too, so stop messing around.” you say with a slowly stern voice bc nahoya has been tickiling you to get ur attention the moment you opened your computer.
“nahhh that’s no fun. you’re way more entertaining.”
“oh yeah? how about you entertain those books nahoya??” you say still focused on ur work. (you rlly thought you ate… gimme that fuckin plate!)
“i take it back. you’re no fun.”
“yeah well you love me for it.”
“i do. i love you lots babe. like this much.” he says exaggerating his arms all the way out.
“oh yeah? well if you-” smiley kissed you before you could say anything smart. he gives u 1,2,3,4 more pecks on ur lips before pulling away smiling at you with an even bigger smile than normal.
you try to lean in again, just wanting another kiss from him.
“uhn uhn! wasn’t you talking bout some entertaining some books??”
Tumblr media
draken kisses you with love that he can’t say out loud. all the affectionate words boyfriends might say to their partners, he finds a hard time saying them such as words like “i love you.” so he shows it in his kisses.
“ken are you making dinner tonight?”
“oh yeah i am. also don’t forget, you have a meeting today.” he reminds you swiftly while putting on his clothes getting ready for work.
“thanks babe. also ken, inui told me to tell you, you have a special costumer coming today. so make sure to be on your toes.” you say to him chuckling while wrapping ur arms around his neck.
“thanks y/n.” he says smiling at you about to leave.
“well, you gotta give me a goodbye kiss before you go!”
draken rolls his eyes playfully and gives you a long kiss, a kiss full of appreciation for you.
“i love you y/n. i’ll see you later.” draken says, walking out.
Tumblr media
mitsuya kisses you and says i love you like there’s nobody else in the world but you. and if there was, he’d be completely fine with it, no complaints or questions.
“suya, i’m looking for the pants you made me the other day, have you seen it?” you ask your boyfriend who was currently about to go out for a meeting.
“yeah, i made some adjustments to them.” he says while struggling to tie his tie.
“here, let me get that for you babe.” you walk up to him and help him with his tie because he DESPERATELY needed it.
it was a nice comfortable conversation you guys were having while you were kinda winging on how to tie a tie (bc let’s be real, who REALLY knows how to tie a tie 😭 for the ppl that do props to you!)
you finished tying his tie, and looked up at his beautiful face smiling at him.
“thanks love. i really gotta go though.” he says grabbing his jacket.
“kiss before you leave?”
he smiles at you, the absolute most LOVESICK smile ever.
“course. c’mere.” he gives you a long kiss, a kiss that indicated that if he didn’t have to, he’d be here in your arms kissing you all day.
you unfortunately pull away. “come on suya, you gotta go remember?”
“yeah, yeah. i love you.” he says with a peck on the cheek and a smile adorning his face made just for u.
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sukunasbabymama · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
└ Pairing. Shion Madarame, Hanma Shuji, Kisaki Tetta, Takemichi Hanagaki.
└ Summary. Their s/o like to give hugs and kisses.
└ Warnings. Cursing, it’s not suggestive but there’s mention of sex because people are rude.
└ Note. It’s their timeskip except for Shion, but he’s an adult since he was introduced so. Again, I don’t tag people when I write about Kisaki and others.
Tumblr media
Shion Madarame.
He hates… nah, does he really hate it? He doesn’t, he lives for your kisses and hugs and for you to be honest, but he has a reputation to maintain… fuck that reputation, as soon as your hands slide around his neck he is leaning into your touch in front of everybody, he doesn’t care.
He was straddling a guy and punching him repeatedly while you were waiting between a small group of his members that had to be around you when your boyfriend is not available. When he stands up and walks to you, you take your makeup remover wipes out of your purse and wait for him.
“Today there’s not much blood…” You observe happily while simultaneously wiping and cleaning his face from another person’s blood. He hums.
“I was sent just to shake him a little so I didn’t go all out.” He tells you and it’s your time to hum.
You lean and crash your lips on his softly, with him reciprocating the kiss right away, his hands sliding around your hips and stopping at your small back. You slide your hand all over his chest lovingly.
“Do you have something else to do?” You murmur.
“It depends, am I gonna get those kisses?” He whispers right on your lips, not caring about his whole unit being around you. You give him repeatedly short kisses with a small smile.
“I thought you hated them.”
“Try to starve me from them and see what happens.” He squints his eyes at you and you laugh, his face going to your neck when he hugs you tightly.
Hanma Shuji.
He is so shameless, my God. But you don’t mind, because that gives you the opportunity of going all out on kissing him and touching him. And he does the same.
Every single time.
It was late at night and he was playing billiards with Kisaki and some other man while talking about a deal. You, not wanting to disturb and actually being really okay with not being the center of attention, were sitting on Kisaki’s chair on his desk, reading some of the most recent deals. He doesn’t mind.
At some point your boyfriend, always the main character, gets bored of what the men are saying so he just walks to you, crouching in front of you, between your legs. You smile and lean.
“Hi love,” You give him two short kisses while sliding your hands around the back of his neck to scratch the hairs there. “Bored already?”
“Yes, I feel like dying.” He rolls his eyes and you smile. “So I thought I could come here.”
“To do what?”
“To get all my kisses.” He shrugs.
“Your kisses?” He looks at you.
“Don’t you dare to act like you forgot them. My daily dose of kisses, I want it.” You raise an eyebrow. “Now, please.”
“But I already gave—,”
“Listen, I don’t care if you spent twenty minutes on top of me kissing me and scratching my head this morning.” He grunts softly, not liking how you seem to be thinking about not giving him his dearly prize. “You give me kisses right now or I’m going to riot.”
You chuckle and tug his hand till he stands up, you push him softly onto the chair you were sitting before and sit sideways on his lap. He leans down and you take the opportunity to kiss his cheek, his neck and his lips, all this while simultaneously scratching his chest and arms lovingly.
“Do we have to sit here and watch how he fuck one of his wh—,” one of the men that were still playing starts saying but it’s interrupted by Kisaki.
“End that word and you’re not just losing the deal, but also your life.” Kisaki murmurs, watching the table as if he didn’t just threaten someone’s life. Yeah, he is kind of fond of you.
“What do you think they’re talking about?” You whisper to Hanma while kissing under his ear.
“Can’t bring myself to give a single fuck, keep kissing me.” He mumbles and you laugh.
Kisaki Tetta.
For the outsiders, he hates you and every single thing you do. But for you, knowing how touch starved he actually is, he adores you. There hasn’t been a single time since you know him in where he has rejected your kisses or hugs, yes, he doesn’t visibly show any emotion in his face, but he actually indulge in whatever you do, being hugging or kissing.
You were at some small gathering with a bunch of other gang members, accompanying him. He was telling Hanma about the powerful people in the room while you were at their side, absently hearing.
“What’s wrong?” Kisaki suddenly says. You look at him, blinking with confusion.
“Uh?” You hum. He lifts a hand an pulls you closer by the waist, softly.
“Your whole posture went stiff out of nowhere, are you uncomfortable? Do you want to go home?” He says, his face not showing any emotion.
“Shit, fucking psycho, are you that aware of your surroundings to even peep that?” Hanma chuckles but Kisaki’s focus is on you.
“Nothing’s wrong, I just don’t understand what y’all are talking about but I don’t want to walk around the place alone.” You reassure him.
He tightens his arm around you and put his other hand inside his pocket.
“Go ahead.” He whispers.
You slide your hands around his waist and hug him tightly, kissing his neck one time and his cheek one time too, he looks at your face for a couple of seconds and kiss your lips briefly.
“Better?” He says and you nod.
He returns to his conversation with Hanma, now between your arms and without giving a single fuck about all the people in the room looking at the most dangerous individual being soft for his partner.
Takemichi Haganaki.
He adores every single thing you do. You could be with your hands around his neck yelling at him about drinking your coffee and he would be a happy man, so the first time he finds out you love hugging and kissing so much he was on cloud 9.
You are at his apartment, finishing helping him with the cleaning and everything.
“I’ll take a shower now.” You say after he come out of the bathroom in his pajamas.
When you come back, in your own pajamas, you silently get on the bed and crawl till you’re by his side. He watches with wide surprise eyes how you get under the blanket, lift a leg on top of his body and surround him with almost your whole body. You lean and kiss his cheek and he trembles excitedly.
“More, more, more.” He sings and you chuckles.
You keep giving him kisses all over his face while he softly puts you on top of him. He slides his hands around you and tight his arms, trapping you. Now, your lips are brushing his and you can’t move.
“More?” You chuckle.
“No?” He pouts dramatically.
“Yes! The more the better~” You sing and crash your lips on his happily.
Oh, how happy he is about the fact that you love kisses and his arms all around you.
Tumblr media
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01-02-1991 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat. wakasa imaushi, takeomi akashi, chifuyu matsuno, kakucho hitto
add-ons. fluff, skinship ofc, kissing, hugging yk, kind of like friends to lovers since they're like ur suitors but you havent answered them yet hnghfnfhfn
note. nope im not making this angst im not crying today.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WAKASA'S eyes squint as he feels you snuggle onto his side, not even minding that you were taking up half of the space of the couch. you weren't that much of a clingy one when it came to him. it was more like him initiating skinship with you. not that he minds though, but he silently hopes you don't look up and notice his reddening cheeks and rapidly beating heart.
“what's up with you? theres a lot of space there! move, I'm about to fall” he clears his throat, trying to maintain his composure as your hands grip his beefy biceps, completely enjoying the movie. “what do you mean? 'chiro and take are gonna sit there too you know..” stifling a laugh, you try to come up with an excuse, not moving from your place.
wakasa stands, your hands finally letting go of his arm. when you finally realized he switched both of your places together, a smile runs up to your face, as you watch him an awe. cheeks puffing and lips forming into a small pout.
TAKEOMI leans back onto the chair, an arm resting at the back as he goes in for another blow of his cigarette. looking at his friends, watching them do their own thing with their finances, he wishes you were here too. but he has to wait for the right time, or perhaps this is the time he's been waiting for.
as he feels a pair of arms sneak around his neck, smelling the familiar scent of shampoo, he stiffens. it was yours. and as you hide your face at the back of his neck, he clears his throat. standing, before earning the attention of both you and his friends.
sanzu sees you cling onto takeomi's back, not even caring at the possibilities that he'd drop you carelessly. “well looks like someone's gonna be busy tonight,” ran coos at the sight. he gives a glare at the haitani before the tip of his ears turn pink at the at his own misunderstanding. rindou laughs “take y/n to their room. they've been drinking all night. might as well take care of your beloved,”
CHIFUYU'S been courting you ever since you both have graduated, and now you can say it's been going for almost 1 year. he's made it a habit to come by at your house, constantly giving you little tokens of love and gifts that remind him of you. and now that you've thought about it, you finally realize the growing feelings you have for him as well.
as his hands hold the steering wheel, carefully driving the both of you to your date, your hands suddenly find its way to his free hand, holding it gently, before intertwining both of your fingers together. his eyes widen slightly, blood rushing onto his cheeks at the feeling of your palms against his.
“our hands fit together perfectly! hehe <3” as your cheerful voice rang through the quiet car, he turns to you, whispering softly. “yeah, it does.”
KAKUCHO'S voice echoed through the room as your pet dog played with him. now he understands why you bought a pet. it must've been boring, all alone at this big house without anyone to talk to. but now that he has a one week of day off, he makes sure to spend it nicely and carefully with the both of you.
as the dog's tail wag, he returns the ball from his bite onto kakucho's hand before throwing it carefully across the room. and you come out of the bathroom, hair slightly wet from taking a shower. kakucho notices the slight discomfort you have before softly taking away the towel from your grasp. now drying your hair carefully, speaks “why'd you buy a pet? or more specifically a dog?”
you hum, thinking of the right answer “ 'ts been quite lonely without you here, figured out I should keep myself company..” kakucho's hands stop, causing you to look up at him “why'd you sto ─”. “do you miss me?” eyebrows raising, you slowly nod “well, yeah..” oh god please help him, he feels like his heart was gonna leap in his chest from all the joy he's feeling.
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated as always!!
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 13 hours ago
Tokyo revengers version
Tumblr media
Would happily hold your hair back
Shinichiro, inui, souya, kakucho, chifuyu, hakkai, takemichi
Would hold your hair back but would complain the whole time
Rindou, Draken, izana, koko
Would have a hair tie ready
Mitsuya, Ran, sanzu, wakasa, hina
Would laugh and try to video you
Kazutora, hanma, nahoya
Would have a hair tie but would forget about it and instead hold your hair back
Would steal the doughnut while your distracted with hair
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mizumellon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 17
Previous chapter || Next chapter || Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taglist (open!) @beidouluvr @axlongchamp @rinrinfoxy @konigasaki @yeehawnana @q-the-rockaholic @bontensucker @paulmccartneysleftasscheek @st4rryhae @m4yam0 @red-clouds @kusuinko @ikissbaal @haitanihime @bajitorasprincess @lagrimasdeglitter @snowyseungs @bontensbabygirl @piracyandatiny @kris-1 @tirzamisu @yeagerqq @averageslt @haitanis-sugarbaby @graceb4boys @justanotherantisocialteenager99 @kawasbaby @minimalisticstyle @hayami-17 @azzy-ar @gulfkfl @talakaissi @asra-x @ihateuguys @queen-flower @wack0-genius @halcyondaisy @crybabylisa @loonashadow @bxnten @voldyshit-1997 @sugusshi @Killumiii @hiidenchihu @rindous-wife @vcperoqs @moontofuu @chosoisbaby (Let me know if I didn't tag you! Bold names = couldn't be tagged)
Psst- This story belongs to me, please do not post anywhere else without permission first. That's illegal ⚖️ Reposts are okay!
Sanzu's heart kinda throbbed a lot during this text exchange
Since there was a three week timeskip for Y/n, soon we'll see how Ran was doing during those three weeks.
Sanzu is adorable.
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tkashimtsuya · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
virgin, fresh out of jail kazutora is one needy boy. he gets turned on at the simplest things but can you blame him? he stayed behind bars for how many years, of course he had never seen a lady as pretty as you inside :( your boobs touching his arm when you hook your arm around his? he's hard. you're innocently eating a lollipop? he's gonna imagine your lips wrapped around his cock instead. you come to visit him in the pet shop with a short skirt on? oh, he's gonna excuse himself as soon as you're gone to jerk himself off in the storage room before he comes untouched in his pants. it happens quite a lot, chifuyu's already used to hearing the whines and grunts kazutora fails to suppress. really, you drive him insane. sometimes, tora thinks if you're truly clueless with the effect you have on him, or you're just playing innocent to rile him up.
the thing is, virgin!tora will not make a move because he's shy :( it's you who has to make the first move. it all began when you were watching a movie, and a steamy scene came up. virgin!tora obviously got so hard at that that he tried to cover his pants with a pillow. you are no fool, of course, and immediately noticed the way he flinched whenever you held him. poor tora couldn't even focus on the movie he was so excited to watch and like the best girlfriend that you are, you didn't allow that! in an instant, you went down on your knees and unbuckled his belt. tora was flustered at first, even pushed your head away but just one whisper "i want it in my mouth so bad, 'tora. you want it too, don't you?" from you, tora gave up. he was shy, burning red, but he couldn't deny the fact that his hands are nothing compared to your mouth. god, he imagined it for so long. tora's a nice boyfriend, wanted to pleasure you too after you pleasured him. so that night, virgin!tora learned how to eat you out! tora didn't even do much, only letting you ride his face however you liked; and he swears there's no better way to pass away than being suffocated by your thighs while he's eating you out.
maybe for the first five times, you will have to take the lead and guide him a little. tora will get used to it little by little, though. he's gonna start from shyly whispering in your ear in the middle of the night how hard he is and how much he needs you, to shamelessly groping you both in private and public, and to sneaking you in the pet shop to fuck you in the storage room when he's working on the closing duty.
just give him the time, tora will definitely learn how to pleasure and ruin your body at the same time. ♡
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ivymonkshood · 22 hours ago
What they prefer
Clingy, shy or an in-between girlfriend?
Tokyo Rev Boys-
Mikey,Draken,Baji,Takemichi,Mitsuya,Hakkai,Kazutora,Chifuyu,Terano,Kisaki,Hanma,Taiju,Wakasa,Benkei,Souya,Nahoya,Sanzu,Ran,Rindou,Kokonoi, Inui,Yamagishi, Makoto, Takuya, Akkun, Naoto,Sinichiro, Izana
Tumblr media
Fuck his personal space.
He loves when you wrap your arms around his neck in public, kiss his lips when he´s distracted during a meeting, hug him when he´s in the shittiest mood.
He just adore they way you brush his discomfort with pouty lips and soft touches in his hot skin.
He calls you “His pretty clingy princess” 💕
He can´t really explain why he likes it so much when you get clingy.
May be the cute look in your face, the heated cheeks, or the simple fact that is you who´s loving him.
Likes to let people know that you are his, and he´s yours, of course.
You don´t even have to ask for a hug or a kiss, you know he´s down for it, no matter when or where 
Neither cares if that makes people uncomfortable, ✨if you don´t like it just  leave✨
The type to have you sitting on his lap during a meeting, just sticking wet kisses on your neck as you giggle and playfully push him far from you.
His coworkers and friends looking at you two like  “ 😐 “
You make him so happy :c
He doesn´t try to hide it either
Mikey(Isn´t “Mikey” a short for clingy?),Terano(Has problems with pda but loves hugs so much),Yamagishi(The type to blush hard when you hold his hand),Akkun,Kisaki(Shameless makeout sessions in the dinner table in front of his mans) ,Chifuyu,Hakkai(He´s the clingy one)Wakasa,(Might have an ass face all the time but really enjoys when you touch him)Takemichi,Takuya
Man is so annoying
Would have a shy girlfriend just to tease her in public and do things that he knew would make your cheeks heat
Most favorite thing to do? Call you by super cheesy names in public
He´s always with his hands on you, you are cooking? Not anymore, now you are cuddling him in the couch
He´s a bully
“Y/N~ Where ya going with such a short skirt?”
Laughs like a maniac when he sees you covering your red face from his penetrating stare
Deep inside appreciates that you love him like, he knows he can be a pain in the ass💖
Is who asks for hugs and kisses, he knows you won´t and he´s totally okay with that
Would definetly put things on the high shelves for you to call him
Loves to tease you by softly caressing the exposed skin under your dresses, always with your consent 
Totally the type to shove his finger in your throat when you yawn-
Also the type to stand outside your house or apartment door when you get mad at him blasting either super cheesy music or total crap just to see the annoyed look you send him as you open the door for him to stfu  💀
Baji, Hanma(Tries his best to keep his hands to himself but can´t),Kazutora(Man is a closet pervert that respect women), Sanzu(Just don´t give this mf a shy partner),Ran(His baton just ends up being used for a whole different purpose),Kisaki, Izana, Time S!Yagamishi,Nahoya(Annoying you is part of his rutine)Kokonoi
- Both or in between
He just loves private moments so much  ✨
Doesn´t want anybody else to see how he makes you squirm with a hug or how shy you get when he kiss you, that´s for his eyes and enjoyment only
In love with  that duality of yours, you are literally a different person when you are in the cosiness of your house and you turn into another when you see him  💗
He´s kinda shy to just kiss you in public
Doesn´t want you to think that he´s embarrased about you or something like that, you are the sweetest thing in his life
The perfect date for him would be at his place, total comfort, or maybe a quiet picnic where the only things you can hear are praise words and sweet nothings curling out of his lips
He´s such a good listener, remembers every single thing you tell him
His favorite moment of the week is when he gets time out of work and he spends it with you  💓
“I thought that maybe we could spend the day here and just.. You know”
Draken(He is my dream boy for a reason),Mikey,Mitsuya(Perfect man, no need to explain anything), TimeS!Naoto,Takuya,TimeS!Taiju(Just imagine, late hours after he closed the restaurant and the both of you still there,sharing some quiet and peace),Benkei,Terano,Wakasa,Rindou,Kokonoi(He is my dream man for a reason pt.2),Inui,Sinichiro(He is my dream boy for a reason pt.3),Hanma,Sanzu
You can give me your favorite characters, I´m plaining to make a pt.2 of “Sweet Bakery girl” :D
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anonymouslosersworld · 19 hours ago
𓂀 𝔽𝕣𝕒𝕦𝕕 𓂀
Characters: Bonten
Genre: (F)
requested by : @emperorwriter
Warning :
Prompt: Reader comes off as soft and innocent, however, that’s a mask. The truth is she’s very good at fighting plus scary dog privileges
[Rules/Guidelines] {Masterlist 1} {Masterlist 2}
Tumblr media
When Mikey first introduced you after announcing that you would be joining them they expected to see a man, not a woman.
Not that they minded of course but you just... didn't fit the aesthetic or image of a high-ranking criminal like them. You looked like someone's innocent's sweet sister/daughter who could do no harm to anyone. In all honesty, you reminded Takeomi of his baby sister Senju.
Your words were sweet and you tended to come off as soft in many situations. More often or not Takeomi would call you his sisters name in the beginning while Mikey kept his comments to himself.
They were all very wary of you, thinking you couldn't really deal with Bonten business. Sanzu especially treated you like a helpless little child in over your head. Which you quickly fixed when you baited him and rewarded him with a knife near his family jewels with you kabedonning him.
"Be a good boy and stop treating me like a kid okay?" Your voice no longer carried the sweet tone he had come to be familiar with. The knife literally centimeters away between his legs was deeply lodged inside the cushion of the chair.
Sanzu stayed quite still in shock from being baited and nearly being departed from his balls.
"Are you listening to me?!" You say condescendingly before taking a second knife and stabbing the area next to his head cutting his cheek causing it to bleed. Your hand grips his face forcing his cheeks to squish together and you playfully let the fat of his cheeks settle.
"The next time I won't miss. Understand?"
Sanzu nodded without a word still in shock from your change.
"Good boy."
You lick the cut on his cheek and pull the knives away from him. You place them back where they originally were and took out a cute little bandaid you had. Once the bandaid was placed you kissed it like he was a little child needing comfort and then left giving Sanzu the biggest whiplash he ever received in his life.
Mocchi received the same treatment after he pissed you off in a meeting. He unlike Sanzu and Mikey believed a woman like you shouldn't have a place with them. But since you already know too much you should be killed.
"Didn't you just say I was incompetent?"
"You are."
"Then how would I know too much if I don't know how to do my job?."
"Well, I...I what? if I'm as incompetent as you say then I should know nothing about Bonten since Sanzu does my job right??."
" you've seen us!"
"Anyone who's anyone knows who you are, why haven't you killed them?"
You sigh tired of dealing with him, your patience fading quickly as he doesn't come up with an answer. Almost as if they picked up your anger and weariness your faithful companions leaped at the chance to help you. With only moments they tear into Mocchi's clothes leaving him with tattered clothing. Your fingers snap twice before they retreat back to you leaving an intimidated Mocchi. who clearly had no idea why suddenly he was surrounded by "vicious dogs"
That's when they find out you don't travel alone. You don't have one, not two, you have almost a herd in Mocchi's opinion.
You only had a pair of Dobermanns, a Tibetan mastiff, 2 Giant Alaskan Malamute, and a wolfdog.
maybe just maybe you had a (4) Rottweiler at home.
how could you say no to such cute faces?? Anyway, you mostly take turns taking which dogs you take with you.
On Mondays- Tibetan mastiff
Tuesdays - It's the Dobermanns
Wednesday - its's Giant Alaskan Malamute
Thursday - the wolfdog
Friday - Rottweiler (all 4 of them)
Now, do they terrorize Bonten?
Do they love messing with Bonten's executive underlings?
Do they to ruin Kokonoi's luxury brand rich person shoes?
But does Bonten retaliate?
This is why Kokonoi, Mochi, Rindou, Sanzu and ran booked straight to the meeting table (as if the table stopped your precious little puppies.) while Kaku tried so hard to calm them all down.
one of you little "Demon spawn" Mocchi liked to calm them managed to snag his shoe as Sanzu was clinging onto Rindou and poor Rindou was being shaken in Sanzu's panic and shoves Mocchi off the table.
Ran salutes Mocchi as your dogs decide to pay attention to the thing that just dropped.
"I salute you soldier for your brave sacrifice." Before the trio starts cackling like the hyenas in the lion king.
Almost on the dot timing Mikey and you walked in with your other dog goofing off together as your other dog joined the other terrorizing.
"Today's such a good day."
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sk3tch404 · 23 hours ago
Guess what
It's Takeomi with his hair down lol
Tumblr media
Didn't wanna do the fingers, felt weird abt it :D
Feel free 2 go crazy within the text boxes babes 😩 <3
Idk I'm just tagging yandere stuff with this bc I wanna lmao
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spookydraken · 6 hours ago
Slow Burn | Masterlist
Previous | 13. Hanma’s Adventure | Next
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A brief pause for Hanma’s encounter with Kisaki
Mans literally said “fuck them kids bro”
I promise, everyone gets a happy ending.
Taglist [open]: @slut-for-serotonin @hanmascult @hikkarins @wakasagurl @probablygonnahurtsomebody @akisrandom @queen-flower @seinupi @konigasaki @somniari-94 @erishaitto @princessatoru @sunahyejin @cosmicmerbabe @mbeez11 @chiifxyuz @chaoticyuna @piracyandatiny @sunfloey @paopukairi @kztura @syansstuff @saaraunicorn @ackermanslutsstuff @minimalisticstyle @hoshiakari3341 @loyal-to-my-dilf @sugusshi @misinfe @hanamitg @slvt4fictionalmfs @svnflowery @kaidarose @killuwut @ceathyn
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red-letter-imagines · 13 hours ago
Random Thirst of the Day:
Ran prefers to have his partner straddle him. He loves how they cling to him like a koala, warm thighs squeezing his waist and hands massaging his neck or the base of his scalp.
Loves to cradle his partner's face between his large hands, stroke their hair and sometimes tickle just under their jaw for a giggle. Prone to give butterfly kisses to the tip of their nose too.
Moderate tongue, not too wet, but definitely French. He has experience, and knows what he likes.
Gets weak when his tongue is sucked, or is lightly grazed by teeth.
Vocal, and groans a lot, even whines when he's particularly needy.
His most favorite type of kiss is a giggly, smiley one 😊 it lets him know that his partner's having fun, and it warms his heart knowing that he's entertaining them in every way.
Tug on his braids a little, and he's putty.
Can go for hours if he can
Prefers to trap his partner against something, like a wall or his bed. Places his glasses atop his head or his partner's so it won't get smashed between them.
Doesn't know where to put his hands, so they're just everywhere: neck, shoulders hips, ass, thighs, then back again. Loves it when he's chest-to-chest with his partner.
A l o t of tongue, and it gets pretty messy. Don't mistake it for inexperience though, he just finds it easier to move and it feels good when there's um... adequate lubrication.
Hair pulling or a light scratch to his jugular gets him going, and there's a 90% chance of leading to something more.
Grunts and sighs a lot, sometimes mumbles words mid-kiss.
His favorite type of kiss is when he's come back from a fight victorious, and goes straight to his partner for a celebratory liplock, when his adrenaline is still pumping, and the kiss is practically just two tongues licking each other.
Run a finger down his chest tattoo, and he's up, if u know what I mean 👀
If it goes on for longer than an hour, it's straight to bed 🛏️.
Likes his makeout sessions laying down and in private. Doesn't matter who's on top, so long as they can both be as relaxed as possible.
Usually holds his partner's face and embraces their waist. He just adores how they just curl up to him, as if they were made to be there 😊
Amount of tongue varies. He's a bit of a tease, and can never stick to one way of kissing. He likes to pull on his partner's lower lip, and smirks when he gets a whine in return. Also quite experienced, and crazily attentive so he's very flexible.
Licking his lips, playing with his hair or moaning his name into the kiss are sure-fire ways to rile him up.
Talks a lot while kissing, mostly just adoring gibberish, or their partner's name or petname. Some I love yous are thrown in from time to time too.
His all time favorite kiss is a candy kiss, where a piece of candy is passed between them by tongue. The kiss becomes so much sweeter in every sense of the word; he always has some candy in his pockets for this sole reason.
The more his partner moans his name, the friskier he gets.
He likes to make a pastime out of making out, so he can go for hours.
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