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vaniryu · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
character : baji keisuke
zen’s love letter : sincerely your honour, I’m in love with this man of trouble and sincerity. he’s so pretty
Tumblr media
who knew the one night you actual wanted to read a book in your room would be the night you brought trouble, interesting right?
you climbed into your bed about a half hour ago just to read a manga, which you found admittedly interesting. tuckin yourself under the covers as you placed a pillow onto the head board so you couldn’t gain any back problems with your already damaged life filled with delinquents, childhood friends and trouble along the way
this book was mostly introduced to by chifuyu, though you weren’t surprised that it was a romance, chifuyu had a thing for romance and comedies. you found it cute that he could get so excited when a new version of his upcoming favourite series came out. he normally stands tall and proud when he gets his tiny little hands onto it and clings to you like a six year old, begging you to read it with him
you couldn’t lie, after reading the first novel you were wrong. you were hooked by the tail and immediately asked chifuyu for another one before he actively teased about how you were wrong and you were pulled in by the magic of it all — which then turned into a match where you both tried convincing each other that you weren’t a geek like he was, which he took to offence. took a whole week to get him to talk to you again
everything was lively and well till you heard groaning and cursing outside your window, naturally some one would think it was a fight outside on the street since most toman members lived in this area. but you learnt that wasn’t the case when you caught a moss of black hair climbing the tree closest to your window. . . ah there it was, the thought that popped up in your head as he stared into your window. it was the ass crack of night right now
and you had baji keisuke staring into your window trying to spot you from the tree branch, and when he did see you in your bed — he gave you this look of ‘open the window before I break it’ type of smirk too. it didn’t take you much before you lost the showdown and opened the window
“ what are you, spider-man now ” a light giggle left your mouth before he climbed in, naturally crouching his back so he could climb through
his arms were placed onto his knees as he stood on his toes “ I don’t know much about spider man but I do know that he normally gets a kiss once he goes through the window from gwen. and I think I know who’s window im climbing through ” he smiled before taking a seat on your window silk, placing a hand underneath your hair and onto the back of your neck “ oh yeah? ”
he hummed along with your comment before he pulled you so you were standing in between his legs, then pulling you into a passionate kiss, it was long and filled with baji running his hands wherever he could — it was almost like he couldn’t get enough of you which was true, it was a mix between baji actually getting lost in the way you kissed him so well, so good and a mix of him just wanting to get his hands under your shirt
“ baji — I need to breathe ” he groaned and chased after your lips once you freed yourself from his cage, grabbing a few clothes he left over the last time he came “ cmon I can give you the oxygen just one more kiss ” he smirked before he wrapped his arms around you from behind, peppering sweet kisses on your neck “ you’re so beautiful tonight baby. all just for me, and only me.” how could a man say all this while leaving dark small bruises on your neck
“ I guess love makes you more crazy huh ? ” you turn around, placing both your hands on his face. cupping his cheeks as he placed a kiss on your jaw “ can you blame me? ” was the last thing he said before he kissed you again
Tumblr media
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haruchyio · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
dreaming of their s/o cheating even though they're not in a relationship hcs
— characters. sano manjiro, ryuguji ken, baji keisuke x reader (separate)
— themes. fluff, crack
Tumblr media
# sano manjiro.
this guy will be all pouty for the whole day, as well as purposely ignoring you when you're there
there are times when you'll catch him glaring your way and whenever you give him a small smile and a wave, he'll puff his cheeks and look away
naturally, you felt guilty and you began thinking of the possible reasons that may have caused his odd behaviour towards you
in the end, though, you couldn't think of one decent reason
in hopes to ease up the tension between the two of you and so you could properly apologize to him for... whatever mistake you might have done to offend him, you decided to approach him, facing the problem head on
"mikey, are you mad at me?"
the boy will huff like a child and glare at you, though it isn't as intense as when he's really really angry so this may be a sign that he's just having his normal mikey tantrum
"you!" he will point accusingly at you and you gulped the lump that was stuck in your throat. the members of toman that heard his shout stopped whatever they were doing to watch the scene unfold.
"why would you cheat on me in my dreams, huh? was i not enough for you?! why would you cheat on me with kenchin of all people!"
you could hear baji laughing in the background, followed by a few more members. mikey didn't seem to notice this, however, and kept his lips pursed.
"kenchin is too tall for you! you'll have to get a stool when you kiss. don't you think that's too much of a hassle?! i'm better suited for you, you know—"
you heard draken's loud huh?! among the loud laughters from your little crowd, and mitsuya's comforting slap on his back. don't mind.
"but mikey..."
he turns to you, "don't go making excuses-"
"we're not dating though..."
baji explodes, clutching his stomach as he wheezed, knees buckling at the ground. several members of toman followed suit, laughing their asses off at the scene.
mikey's cheeks reddened as he registered what you had said, opting to shut up for once and look away. his pout deepened in embarassment, his eyes not meeting yours.
"you— wheeze you dumbass! that love confession is so uncool!" mikey throws his shoe at the laughing baji
# ryuguji ken.
Tumblr media
unlike mikey, he's very blunt and direct. his anger is evident by the way his nose scrunched up and eyebrows furrowed as he marched your way.
your chat with mikey was cut short when you could see his tall figure from your peripheral vision, the heavy sounds of his footsteps reaching your ears.
mikey only sits beside you, curiously staring at his bestie. the random conversation you both had was now long forgotten
"oh? ken!" you give him a big smile, waving your hand
draken had to stop walking for a minute to collect himself. he gives himself a pep talk in his mind, channelling all his jealousy in his veins.
there is no time to go soft over your cute little smile! no, sir! he's angry! very angry!
"are you okay?"
okay, so maybe only very slightly angry.
draken stopped walking when he finally reached you. his eyes downcast, staring into your concerned ones, shining in the sun.
he breathes to collect himself once again.
"why did you cheat on me?"
mikey chokes on his dorayaki, eyes blown wide as he looks at you and draken. you're in a relationship?! he screeched, but he was completely ignored.
you blinked, sweat rolling down your forehead.
draken takes a step forward, and you took a step back. his shadow loomed over you like a fucking building, and you were reduced to a cowering mess, confused at what's going on.
"i saw you cheat on me in my dream, and i remember chifuyu saying about how dreams can be considered predictions. why would you cheat on me, huh? did i do something wrong?"
you let out a confused noise. your back hitting a wall, draken cornered you with his arms propped up in each side of your head.
he stares at you, waiting for your answer.
"but ken... i don't know how to say this..." you stuttered, breaking eye contact and began fiddling with your fingers. "we're... not in a relationship...."
mikey then tells this story to the members who weren't present, and draken ignored you for a few days because the embarassment was eating him alive.
# baji keisuke.
Tumblr media
very verbal but he's also very aggressive???
he sits beside you one day, arms crossed and his eyes boring holes at mitsuya's head who only glanced at him in confusion.
he will continuously tap his foot impatiently, waiting for you to ask him what he's deal. when you decided to just leave him be so he could let his head cool down from whatever's getting him riled up, he'll be the one to initiate a conversation with you.
very loudly, might i add
his outburst almost had you jumping from your seat, heart racing in fright. mitsuya, who heard his name, turned to look, and this time, he watched in amusement as baji continued to glare at him.
not knowing why he's being the way he is and thinking he wasn't seriously asking you that, you jokingly told him everything, followed by a chuckle.
fucking clueless. clueless, that's what you were.
your answer only fuelled his anger ten times and you could practically feel the fire that enveloped his figure.
"baji what"
"...voodoo shit...?"
you cleared your throat, heat rushing up your neck. you placed a hand on his in an attempt to calm him down. which is quite effective since he finally stopped glaring at his friend to look at you with hurt swimming in his eyes.
"kei, what's wrong?" you asked, and he scoffed. his eyebrows twitched just thinking about it.
"i dreamt about you cheating on me, with mitsuya of all people! you— huh? why are you laughing? you think this is funny?!"
bringing your hands up to caress his cheeks, baji leans in and melts under your touch. you chuckled, giving him a light-hearted smile.
"but kei, we're not in a relationship. remember?"
oh fuck
expect dozens of news about burnt cars for the following days because he simply cannot fanthom how stupid he was.
Tumblr media
© sen (haruchyio). all rights reserved. no work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without my permission.
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yukinikuu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Keisuke Baji
Illustration by Wakui Ken on Twitter
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souyasbabyy · a month ago
• pairing: mikey x fem!reader, draken x fem!reader, baji x fem!reader, ran x fem!reader
• request by anon: Hi, can you do a headcanon for Mikey, Baji, Draken and Ran with a f!reader, their child is going to school for the first time and how will they react to their child crying, thank youu!
• genre: fluff
• note: thank you for the request it's literally so cute, this is so cute bye! <3 the ran one is longer sorry i got carried away but it's so damn cute 😭
Tumblr media
— mikey
your daughter is a daddy girl and she definetely don't want her dad to leave her alone, so in the car she didn't stopped saying "daddy, you'll stay with me?"
and everytime she asked that, it was breaking his heart
"you're sure we're obligated to put her in school?" he asked you "yes mikey"
and as soon as he parked the car, she started crying
he was this close 👌 to go back to your house with her again
he picked her up as you both walk to her class, she was attached to her father's neck, not about to let go
"i'll come back tonight baby" he explains and she shakes her head
"mama is gonna bake a cake, but you have to be a strong girl for dada" he says
he put her down and you could see she was trying not to cry again
and you had to take mikey's hand because he couldn't leave
he will cry when he hear his daughter crying and calling for him from the classroom
you'll be the one that will have to comfort him in the car
— draken
draken works earlier than you so he wasn't there and he was upset because he really wish he could
but you called him to say your son cried and was asking for daddy so he decide he'll leave work earlier and pick him up with you
and as soon as the teacher said his name your son was on his feet and ran to his dad, tears in his eyes
draken picked him up and listened to you talking a bit to the teacher while your son was silently crying on his father's shoulder, being comforted by his dad's kisses
and when you three walked back to the car you stroke your son's back, his little sob making you pout
"i missed you today daddy" he says, not crying now that he was sure he was going back home
"i missed you too buddy" smile draken "but i missed mommy more"
draken stopped smiling looking at him "thanks for that" he says as you laugh
— baji
baji was glad because your son seemed happy to go to school
he was always making you two stop to show his shoes as if you weren't the one buying it for him
but as soon as your son saw all the other kids he was holding your legs as if his life depends on it
you kneeled in front of your son to kiss him and tell him at what hour you'll pick him up and you saw he was about to cry
you look up at your husband because you would be the one crying with him so he kneeled in front of him "come on little man" he says kissing his son's cheek "you need to go to school to be smart, just like mama" he smile trying to reassure him
your son nod, still looking up at you as if asking to save him
he was trying so hard not to cry it was breaking your heart
baji, remove the little tears that was escaping his son's eyes "see you tonight" he says and he put his arms aroud your shoulder leading you away, feeling it'll be more hard for you to leave
"he's still crying..." you say while you walk away "he'll be okay angel" he says, kissing the top of your head
— ran
ran and you explained the day before to your daughter that you won't be staying with her during the day
she was nodding and she even affirmed that she won't cry
yet she seems to not like the teacher because as soon as the teacher said hi to her she put her little arms around her father's neck and started to cry
and ran refused to let go of her until she doesn't stop crying, so he came into the classroom holding her, the other parents being intimidated by your husbands because of the tattoo on his neck
yet you were smiling and being all soft because he sat on the mini chair trying his best to calm his daughter cries
"i don't want you to leave!" sob your daughter
ran looks at her "i'm not leaving you, as soon as the teacher will say it's time to leave i'll be there" he says wiping her noze with the tissue you gave him "mommy and daddy will never leave you okay?" he says
she looks at you, with red cheeks and you kissed her forehead while ran kissed her cheek "you'll be okay?" he ask and she nod, smiling to show that she was okay
ran left with you holding his hand, looking back to see if she was going to cry again and she was just looking at you two, pouting with glossy eyes
"i'm going back" he says but you pulled him "let her adapt herself on her own or she'll always cry"
ran was with rindou when he picked her up because you were working, he was expecting her to still cry so how surprised was he when he saw his daughter holding a little guy's hand
rindou literally laughed his ass off when ran pick up his daughter and that the teacher said that the little guy helped to comfort her
he would try to say that boys are not nice to her in the car so she would stop holding his hand but the guy became her best friend and they were ALWAYS holding hands when he picked her up
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dearkeisuke · 2 months ago
- flufffff ack i love these boys too much
- includes: draken, baji, & mitsuya
Tumblr media
- DRAKEN stops dead in his tracks, staring at you with a wide-eyed expression. “Y/N?” You grin at his deer-in-headlights look. “Surprise!” He puts one foot in front of the other, heavy steps saying everything he can’t. He gradually grows faster, breaking into a run and throwing his arms around your neck. “I missed you.” He mumbles against your shoulder, his arms wrapped firmly around you. You can feel his breaths as he finally, finally gets to hug the one he’s been waiting for.
- BAJI just grins as he sees your hopeful face peering at him through his window. He can’t stop smiling so hard it almost hurts. He trips over his own feet on his way to the door, but his only thought is of you. He reaches out to embrace you the first chance he gets, and you’re giggling into his shirt as he hastily fills you in on everything going on in his life. He’s love-drunk, slightly incoherent, and rocking you back and forth with his hands gripping your shoulders, but who are you to judge?
- MITSUYA’s hand slips into yours, fitting pretty much perfectly. He stares into your eyes so deeply you think you might be falling for him a second time before promptly pulling away and slapping a hand on your back. “It’s nice to see you again!” You pull his hand off you with a pout, muttering, “You’re away from me for months and all you can offer is that?” He laughs before pulling you into a real hug, making sure to place a small kiss on the top of your head.
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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hanmabae · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The fact that all of them grow up and are tall and mikey is still small one😗(like me TT) but still strongest:)
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y-umiko · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: Mikey . Draken . Baji . Mitsuya . Nahoya
WARNING/S: none I think :>
Tumblr media
Mikey’s mouth formed into a small ‘oh’, overthinking the newly found information Emma had just accidentally slipped before scurrying away with an innocent grin, making you think she purposely did it in front of his brother. Mikey spends too long thinking about what to reply and is just frozen on the spot while you were standing in front of him being in the same predicament. The silence settled uncomfortably before you cleared your throat opening your mouth to say something but Mikey spoke first. “So you like me all this time?” he questions, “kinda”. he narrowed his eyes at you, “what does that even mean?”, you averted your eyes away from him, cheeks red from being questioned directly, “does it even matter?” .Mikey pouted and cross his arms across his chest “It does because I like you too” now It was your turn to be shocked.
Draken enjoys the way you hid your face with your hands after Takemichi accidentally slip off your crush to the vice commander. the assailant slipping away before you could even protest. Drakens heart felt a little lighter plus your reaction is too good to ignore that he can’t help but smirk. “Did I hear right? you like me?”, you peek through your fingers, “Please forget about this” “why?” was his immediate response “it’s embarrassing” you mutter while he laughs, pulling away your hands covering your face as he leaned down to match your eyes before genuinely grinning at you “It’s not when the feelings mutual”
Baji watches you shake the shit out of Chifuyu, hands wrap around the poor boy's collar, he can see the red hue on your cheeks and so was the red of anger and embarrassment on your eyes, however, those fiery eyes meet with his amuse one and your anger got directed at him “what?! I have a crush on you so what! stop looking at me like that! is it so weird that I find you attractive?!” Baji knits his brows in confusion, “why are you mad?” he chuckles dryly, “because I obviously don’t want you to find out” you angrily whined, dropping the blond boy to the ground as Baji ruffles your hair his grin plastered across his face “Is it that bad that I know? so how about dinner? I’ll pick you up at 7”
Mitsuya was having a hard time fighting the smile on his face at your flustered state, he had immediately sought you out after Hakkai blurted it to him that you like him after hearing it from his sister, you look so adorable and innocent that he can’t help but tease you, just for your reaction. “so I heard you like me?”, your eyes widen in surprise, “Please don’t be weird about it” “never” he chuckles, a semi sigh of relief escaping your mouth before he gently pinches your cheeks making you look up at him “so are you free later?”
Nahoya’s grin widens when Peh-yan accidentally slip that you have a crush on one of the twins, and Smiley had bothered you for answers ever since, “so who is it?” he playfully said following behind you for the past 30 minutes “no one” came your reply almost instantaneously but it didn’t stop the captain from pestering you. “you have a crush on Angry don’t you? I’m sure he’ll feel flattered when he founds out, you two would make a cute couple” he grins but even you can tell he didn’t mean it, after a sigh you abruptly turned around, completely giving in. “It's you! I have a crush on you! it has always been you!...and will always be you” you trail, as you turned back around to leave but was gently pulled back as he crushes his lips into yours, retaining his renowned grin as he pulled back, “should have been honest from the start don ya think?”
Tumblr media
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tokyo-fukushu · 7 months ago
hello there!! well I've been thinking abt a request lately and I know you have the requests closed! but I don't know when you'll open them so i'll just leave this here ^^ and obviously feel free to ignore it!
And well the scene I've been thinking about lately is a toman x fem reader (specifically baji, mikey chifuyu draken and mitsuya) in which they see the reader with a boy, who turns out to be his older brother (maybe 2 years older like 17) who study abroad (they don't know and misunderstand everything), maybe they are leaving a cafe or they are just hanging around and suddenly they see the reader in a corner meeting with a boy while he smiles and grabs his arm with a smile of incredible happiness, something like what happened with emma and mikey and they're just like "WHAT THE– WHO'S THAT" and maybe they try to follow you or just ignore you for a while until they go to your house because they want to know about your "relationship" lmao sknfksjd
;; it’s not that they don’t trust you, they just saw a pretty boy with you and that just broke their heart and also light up the anger from betrayal
🥛 — baji keisuke, sano manjirou, matsuno chifuyu
🧾 — female reader, second pov (you/your), cursing, fluff, humor, violence, au - modern, au - high school, established relationship, imagine
Tumblr media
Imagine talking to your bro about your girlfriend whom you loved very much as he sighs and smiles, listening intently despite you saying this to him for the hundredth of time already. Then, you look outside the cafe you’re hanging around in to see the same girlfriend hugging another man.
Baji Keisuke saw stars.
It was not the good kind.
Nope. It was more of the kind of stars that twirls around your head and whispers fuck like a broken record. The same kind of stars that look like it’s about to bring the end of the world.
There is no such thing but that was what Baji was definitely seeing now.
“Baji-san?” Chifuyu questions, looking over his shoulder to see what got his best friend so shocked only to look back at Baji again. “Oh shit.”
Silence passed for a few seconds with Baji frozen, still glaring at the scene right in of the glass pane, before Chifuyu finally got the courage to speak up in hope and look behind him again. “Maybe, they’re friends, you know-”
He sees you kissing the unknown male on his cheek.
Chifuyu clears his throat. “...There are better girls out there?”
Baji’s glare broke, replaced with such a heartbroken look resembling the young teen Chifuyu met years ago and not the confident, untouchable, sixteen-year old Baji Keisuke he knows now.
He holds his breath, picks up his things, stands and grabs Baji’s arm. “Let’s go?”
“Fuck yeah.”
The cafe door almost slams into the wall, flying off its hinges with the force Baji opens it and Chifuyu can’t help but wince as his best friend marches up to you.
You were always so kind, and everyone knew that you loved Baji so damn much. Chifuyu was sure that literally no one imagined you to even think about cheating on Baji. You who always looked at him with caring eyes and a softer smile as you murmur, “Keisuke”.
People are two-faced after all.
Until Chifuyu trails after Baji and hears the conversation.
“Keisuke? This is my brother!” The smile on your face was unknowing, obliviously introducing your struck boyfriend and your pretty… brother.
Baji looked horrified seeing as he almost punched your brother if you hadn’t seen him first and spoke up about the male beside you in excitement. He almost fucked up.
(You were so going to break up with him if you knew.)
Clearing his throat, Baji bows his head, giving Chifuyu a quick glance, the blond also doing the same. “Nice to meet you…”
A quick look at your brother and this duo immediately knew that they fucked up. Because as oblivious as you were to the situation—gushing about your brother finally coming home and meeting your dear boyfriend (that you won’t shut about)—your brother clearly wasn’t.
Tumblr media
There are boundaries that Mikey would cross.
Yes, he will cross those without any feeling of guilt inside his stomach or anywhere in his body. Guilt and shame were merely words to him especially when it came to you.
Beating people up that he sees with you is just one of the many lines.
Beating your brother up is not.
Mikey was just going about his day, hanging around the park with a lazy demeanor, head lolling tiredly as he leaned on the trunk of the biggest tree. Draken had shooed him off before going on a date with Emma and Takemichi was busy doing shit with Baji, Chifuyu, and Kazutora—those four make a terrific subgroup.
His grandpa had chased him out as well when he unknowingly taunted a little kid at the dojo because he was bored. And you texted him earlier in the morning that you couldn’t go on a date today which was the very thing that pissed him off the most.
Frowning, Mikey rolls around the grass only to freeze in an awkward position.
You were sitting on a bench, alone and idly looking at your feet in deep thought. You told him that you were busy so why were you just sitting there and doing nothing? Mikey frowns even deeper.
Nevertheless, he can scold you later when the both of you are at his place, lazing around while watching a movie.
His mood getting better, Mikey pushes himself off, not bothering to shake off the grass tangled in his hair, too deep in the thought of getting to hold you again-
An unknown boy wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind, grinning widely as he places his chin on your shoulder. You startled and Mikey almost sprinted there but you suddenly stood up and embraced the boy with a loud laugh.
Mikey could hear his heart breaking into tiny pieces for one short moment before his own scream clawing at his throat, begging to be let out, distracted him. His steps were long and quick, fists already drawing blood in that short moment of time.
You were chatting, still holding onto this male that Mikey couldn’t recognize no matter how hard he looked.
Busy, my ass. You were cheating on him. But what had hurt more was that you looked happier when you were with him.
He didn’t notice that he had stopped walking, your head turning to look at him. He almost feels sick looking at your smile, even worse was that it was directed at him as if you weren’t just hugging someone a few seconds earlier.
Mikey turns his back and walks away.
“What- Wait! Mikey!” You call, shuffling over and before he knew it, your hand was wrapping around his wrist, pulling at him as he continued on, dragging you with him with miniscule effort. “Mikey? I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you! I thought that he was coming home later and that you would be busy! I didn’t expect him to be home- like now-now.”
Manjirou pauses, blinking at you and you blink back at him too.
“What? This is my brother.”
The male waves from the bench, looking at the both of you with a smile despite the tired eyes and the confused quirk of a brow.
“Oh… Y/n…”
“I love you.”
Tumblr media
Sometimes, Chifuyu thanks whoever is up there that he was perfectly able and capable. He could feel, he could taste, he could hear, and he could see with both eyes.
Sometimes, he wants to gouge his eyes out.
It doesn’t happen often because Chifuyu loses all sense of self-awareness whenever he’s having fun with his friends meaning he doesn’t get embarrassed of himself or anything his friends do around him. No need to gouge his eyes out or let the ground swallow him up.
He wanted to gouge his eyes out for a different reason this time.
You were hugging. A boy. That he didn’t recognize. Outside the mall. A shopping bag in his hand that was probably yours. And oh- oh- you did just not-
You kissed his cheek.
Okay. Okay. He read this before, on some of his mangas. Sometimes, misunderstandings happen. Maybe he was just a friend?
But you told him that you were going to be busy today.
If he was just a friend, you would have told Chifuyu so. And if he was just a friend, Chifuyu should have recognized him. He knows all of your friends just like how you know all of his. It’s not debatable.
Chifuyu doesn’t know if he should start rolling his sleeves up and stomp over or if he should put on his hood and quietly walk away, mourning and crying himself to sleep with a somber atmosphere and melodramatic actions before his mother drags him out and makes him wash the dishes.
He chooses the third option.
Stalk you.
Just to be safe, you know. If this guy was your boyfriend or someone you’re cheating on him with, at least he can either confirm it or make sure that this guy wasn’t secretly a serial killer who was waiting for a chance to take you away. It’s always better to have more information before attacking, all the shoujo mangas he invested in had taught him.
(At least he learned something from manga! Takemichi had a whole collection of gangster mangas and he still didn’t know how to fight.)
Chifuyu soon finds out that if ever he chooses to be a police undercover, he would be done for in the first hour—first minute even.
Because before it even started, you already took notice of him, waving in excitement, eyes brightening (or was that just the sun?). “Fuyu!!”
He stills as you grab the man’s arm and drag him over with you. Chifuyu bemoans and looks up at the sky. What did he ever do to deserve this? Seeing you call his name with that voice, with that gaze, right before breaking up with him was the cruelest thing he’d ever experienced.
The boy was tall, confident strides and a small smile as he let out a little greeting upon stopping in front of Chifuyu. Even just from looking, Chifuyu could tell that he had healthy unbleached hair, and god, those eyes- he has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a man.
“Chifuyu,” you grin, holding onto the male’s arm and hugging it tightly. Chifuyu scrutinizes the action with a rueful gaze. “I’ve told you about him before but this is the first time you ever met each other, right?”
His eyes…
Chifuyu feels his world crash down and it wasn’t even because of the thought of you finally breaking up with him. No. It’s because the realization finally settles in.
“This is my brother!”
It’s the same as yours.
Chifuyu wants to gouge his eyes out and pour bleach into his head because thinking that you were cheating on him with your own brother nonetheless was the worst thing that ever passed him.
Tumblr media
[ coffee: sielouu ]
[ tag list: @ranisastripperpole | @primsonnn | @gommiswifey | @alllostone | @lazecchi | @manjiroarchiviste | @chibichab | @salsas-without-the-middle-s | @dai-tsukki-desu |  asawa-ni-senju | m4tsuch1 | chixkadee | rugbey | inu1gf | @gwynsapphire ]
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maxiepunketa · 10 months ago
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Baji having a crush on you would include
A/N: My baby boi <3
Tumblr media
Baji’s crush is overflowing now. Even his mom knows about you, causing Baji to blush whenever she brings it up
He’s so unhinged, if he finds out there’s other guys who also have a crush on you, he’ll challenge them to a fight,
He easily beats them, but it’s so funny because nobody else except for Chifuyu knows why he’s even beating them up.
But Baji actually gets really nervous around you, you’re just so cute and pretty, so he tries to cover it up but it comes out aggressive lmao.
“Let me walk you home” he demands in his scary, deep voice, but then his eyes widen after he realises how aggressive that sounded.
You simply giggle and tell him it’s okay, grabbing his arm and walking beside him, making him grumble and blush. God, why must you be so cute and understanding?
He does it whenever he sees you carry anything too, “Oi gimme that. It’s too heavy for you” he offers so sweetly, contradicting his deep menacing voice.
Because of his long hair, he always has a spare hair tie on him, which is super cute because he’ll always offer to tie up your hair. He’s so gentle with his large hands too, cautious not to hurt your delicate hair when tying it up.
And just like Mikey, he’s fiercely overprotective over you, always ready to protect your honour, offering to beat up people for you with his signature grin, and draping his jacket over your shoulders as he heads over to beat up the people.
He knows he’s a scary delinquent notorious for beating up people, but he loves you okay? He’ll confess soon <3
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Bonten Keisuke 🎴
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Self-Care w/TR!Boys
Pairings: Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano, Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Chifuyu Matsuno, and Takashi Mitsuya x Fem!Reader (Separate)
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Drabbles of you doing self care with the boys
Warnings/Contains: Self care in the ways of doing face masks/facials, lip scrubs, manicures, eyebrow trimming/plucking, making smoothies and baking; Mikey is oblivious but adorable, Draken has a weakness lol, Chifuyu tries to be romantic, Baji acts like he hates it but it’s just an act, Mitsuya’s sisters make an appearance and adore you. Also some of these are longer than the others I swear that was not intentional lmao
wc: 5.6k
Tumblr media
Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano ~ Facial Wash/Cleanser and Moisturizer
“What’re you doing?”
You looked to the doorway to the bathroom, having just started your skin care routine; it wasn’t much, but it was still better than nothing.. “Washing my face.”
Your boyfriend pouted at your words, walking over. “Didn’t you just get a shower? Do girls not wash their faces until afterwards?”
You giggled, shaking your head as you turned your attention back to the mirror. “Just because I got a shower doesn’t mean that I didn’t properly clean my face.” You finished scrubbing the face wash into your skin, turning on the sink and waiting until the water was warm before rinsing your face.
“Can I try?” Mikey asked, grabbing what he assumed was the face wash.
“I mean, you could try and wash your face with my moisturizer but it won’t do much.” You giggled, grabbing your towel to dry your face before taking the moisturizer out of his hands. “This comes after.” you set it down on the counter, grabbing the cleanser. “This is what I use to wash my face.”
Mikey took the bottle from you, reading it before turning it over to read the instructions.
“First you have to wet your face with warm or close to hot water to loosen the pores, then you use about a 10 yen coin’s worth of this,” you pointed at the cleanser, “to wash your face.”
“That doesn’t seem like a lot.” Mikey mumbled to himself, not believing your words.
“Then why don’t you try it and find out?” You giggled. “Then we can do the last step together.”
Mikey’s eyes seemed to brighten at your words, grabbing one of your headbands to hold his hair back before starting to wet his face. You watched him with a smile, waiting for his reaction when he began to use the cleanser. He squeezed a little bit more than needed into his hand, but you didn’t mind; he was trying something new for you and you needed to buy more anyway.
“Do I just rub it in?” mikey asked, spreading it amongst his hands briefly so that the cleanser was evenly coated amongst them, even if that wasn’t how you were supposed to apply the cleanser.
“Mhm,” you hummed, nodded. “Moving your hands in a circular motion is best.” The smile on your face grew as you patiently waited for your boyfriend’s reaction. Low and behold, you knew it was what you were expecting as Mikey gasped and looked at himself in the mirror.
“It’s foaming!” Mikey began to rub the cleanser into his skin across the rest of his face, watching in fascination as the liquid parts of the cleanser began to foam up across his hands and face.
You laughed softly, nodding. “Mhm, cool, right?”
“Okay, now go ahead and rinse your face off with warm water.”
You watched as Mikey turned on the sink, leaning over and scrunching his face as he closed his eyes and rinsed the cleanser off his face. You couldn’t help but giggle, finding him adorable as you grabbed the small towel that you used to dry your face and handed it to him to use.
“Ready for the moisturizer?”
Mikey nodded, taking the towel from you and drying his face while you opened the moisturizer.
“Can you put it on for me?” Mikey jutted out his bottom lip slightly, making you unable to deny him.
“You’re lucky I’m not Draken.” You giggled, dipping two fingers into the container and spreading a little bit amongst his cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin; you set the container down on the counter before gently rubbing the moisturizer into his skin.
Mikey hummed at the feeling, closing his eyes with a relaxed sigh. When you stopped, you proceeded to put the moisturizer on yourself making Mikey watch you with a smile on his face; you finished, closing the container and putting it back on the countertop next to the cleanser.
“Can we do this again tomorrow?” Mikey asked, making you wrap your arms around him with a giggle.
“Of course. It’s called a daily cleanser for a reason.”
“Wait, you do this every day?”
Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuguji ~ Making Smoothies and Eyebrow Care
“Is this everything?”
“Please, you say that like it’s a lot; but yes, that’s everything.” You giggled softly at your boyfriend’s expression, knowing that he intended on relaxing this weekend and had no plans of going out to the store. Nevertheless, he should have known that you would drag him out of the house at least once.
“Draken, babe, can you grab me the blender, please?”
“We’re making them now?” Draken said, doing as you asked and grabbing the blender from the cupboard.
“Mhm! They’re our lunch for today.” You said, taking out the various ingredients you had planned on putting in your smoothies and setting them along the counter. “I read that drinking smoothies like this every now and then can help your immune system.”
“Oh yeah?” Draken set the blender down on the counter as well, making sure it was off before plugging it in. “Is this also why you asked me what my favorite fruits were?”
“Why else?” You giggled, grabbing the cutting board and knives for you and your boyfriend to use. “The quicker we work, the sooner we get to enjoy them.” You said, taking out the fruits and other ingredients to prepare and measure them properly.
After nearly spilling some of the ingredients and almost starting the blender while it was still open, the two of you had successfully made your drinks. Draken, impressed with how good they looked, went to take a sip of his when you stopped him.
“Oh! Let me take a picture, please?”
Draken opened his mouth to protest, sighing when he saw the pout on your face. “Fine, but quick; I wanna drink this before it gets to room temperature.”
You grinned, pulling out your phone and making the camera face the two of you with the smoothies in your hands and gently clinking them together as you took the picture. “Okay, we can enjoy them now.”
Draken kissed the top of your head in thanks before taking a sip of his smoothie. He hummed at the taste, once again impressed. “Nice job, babe. It’s actually pretty damn good.”
“Really?” You grinned at his approval, taking a sip of your own and looking at him with wide eyes. “Wow,” you laughed softly, “I didn’t think it would taste this good on the first try.”
The two of you continued to sip on your smoothies while cleaning up the kitchen. When you were done, you picked up your phone to look at the picture you took earlier.
“Is it Instagram worthy?” Draken teased, wrapping an arm around you from behind as he looked at the photo as well; your pout contrasted the small smile he had on his face.
“I need to trim my eyebrows.”
“You what?” Draken eyed you, not sure if he should be confused by the fact that you apparently trim your eyebrows or that your gaze was drawn to that detail when you looked at the photo.
“My eyebrows,” you said, zooming in on them in the photo. “They look off.”
“They look like eyebrows.” Draken countered, not sure whether to humor you or drop the subject before he possibly made you upset.
You simply laughed at his words. “Yeah but they look a little thick at the top, see?” You turned to face him, pointing at your right eyebrow. His gaze followed, a sigh leaving him with a shake of his head.
“I still don’t see an issue.”
“Let me just show you.” You said, taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom. “I don’t trim or pluck them too often so you probably rarely see me do it.”
“I didn’t even know this was a thing girls did.” Draken watched you dig through your makeup back, grabbing a pair of tweezers, what appeared to be a mini pair of shears for your eyebrows, and what he recognized as a mascara brush.
“Guys do it too, you know.” Your gaze narrowed in on your boyfriend's eyebrows, making him read your thoughts almost instantly.
“You are not plucking my eyebrows, y/n.”
“Are you saying that you’re afraid of the pain?”
“I didn’t-”
“I bet Mikey can endure it.”
“Fine!” Draken sighed, watching you sit atop the counter with a grin before moving to stand in between your legs. “This good?”
“Yes, thank you.” You said, planting a quick kiss to his nose before grabbing the mascara brush and reaching up to smooth out his eyebrows. “How the hell do you have such thick hairs for such thin eyebrows?”
“How the hell should I know that?” Draken said, finding the way you pouted in concentration adorable.
“I dunno..” You trailed off, grabbing the shears and carefully placing them in the correct spot. “Close your eyes.”
Draken sighed, doing as you asked; he flinched slightly as he felt some of the hairs fall just below his eye as you cut them. “This is a very intricate process.”
“You’re telling me. I have to guess the natural shape of your eyebrows.” You giggled, trimming the other hairs before putting the shears down on the counter and grabbing the tweezers. After gently brushing the cut hairs off his skin, you readied the tweezers. “I apologize in advance.”
“What do you me- FUCK!” Draken cursed, instinctively pulling his head away from you. “Fucking hell.”
“I did tell you it might hurt.” You smiled sadly, pulling him back towards you so you could finish what you had started.
“You’re pulling individual hairs.” Draken sighed, wincing as you pulled out another. “How does it hurt so much?”
“’Cause the skin on your face is sensitive, so it’s bound to hurt more than pulling the hair on your head or even your legs.” You explained, pulling out two more. “I know that.” Draken groaned as you pulled out the last one on the one eyebrow. “But I have a particularly high pain tolerance.”
“Everyone has their limits, babe.” You giggled as you saw him roll his eyes at your words.. “Alright, time for the other one.”
“I think I’ve had enough for one day.”
“If you think I’m letting you leave my sights with one trimmed and plucked eyebrow and the other untouched, you have another thing coming-”
Keisuke Baji ~ Face Mask and Serum
“Keisuke!” You smiled, walking over to your boyfriend where he laid atop your bed on his phone.
“Hm?” He hummed, his eyes focused on his phone still, but you knew he was listening to you.
“Look at what I got.” You held your hands out to him, making him finally look in your direction.
“The fuck are those?” He asked, confused as he looked at the thin paper like packages. You almost retorted back with a ‘can’t you read it?’ but it dawned on you that he probably couldn’t read the kanji and katakana on the packaging well enough to make out what it was.
“They’re face masks! I thought we could do them together.”
“Those are not face masks, y/n.” Baji pointed at the couple of cloth face masks on your desk. “Those are face masks.”
“They’re a different kind of face mask.” You said, sitting down next to him so he could get a better look at them. “They’re for skin care.”
“What kind of maniac cares about their skin?”
“Your girlfriend, that’s who.” You said, waiting for him to sit up before handing him one of the face masks. “Humor me and try one with me?”
“And why would I do something as stupid as this?” Baji read over the instructions and specialties the face mask claimed to do.
“Cause you love your stupid girlfriend who hasn’t done one before and wants to do it with you.” You looked at him with your puppy dog eyes that you knew he had a hard time saying no to. There was also the fact that you knew that he took pride in being your first, well, everything; boyfriend, kiss, hand hold, and even the small stuff like trying boba and mochi for the first time.
And if he wasn’t going to be there to witness you doing whatever the fuck this face mask thing was, then he could sacrifice his masculinity for a night. “Fine-”
“Thank you!” You grinned, pecking his cheek.
“Yeah, yeah, you owe me though.” Baji said, continuing to read over the instructions.
“Who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy it.”
“I’ll die before that happens.” He rolled his eyes, making you giggle. “So what, we just put these on our faces?” He began to open the package.
“Wait!” You said with a laugh, knowing he would most likely be impatient about it. “We should pull our hair back first.”
Baji sighed, putting his hair tie in between his teeth as he gathered up all his hair before tying it into the ponytail you claimed to love so much. “Was this just a ploy for you to see me with my hair up?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you said quickly as you pulled your hair back as well. “Now let’s put them on!” You smiled, reading the instructions one last time before opening the package.
“Agh!” Baji said, disgust all over his face as he wiped his hand on your comforter. “Why is it so wet?!”
“That’s what he said,” you said instinctively. “But it’s supposed to be so that the healing properties absorb into your skin.”
Baji stared at you for a moment after your first sentence, a teasing smirk on his face. “Dear god I love you.” He kissed you, making you laugh as you kissed back and pulled away.
“I love you, too, Kei. Now let’s do these face masks.” You said, taking out the wet material and squeezing out a bit of the excess so that it wouldn’t drip onto your shirt. After putting it on your face, you grabbed the face massager you bought with the face masks and stood up to walk over to your vanity’s mirror and smooth out the mask so that it laid evenly on your face.
“Alright, now we just wait 20 minutes before taking it off.” You turned around, laughing when you saw your boyfriend struggling to put his on. “Need help?”
“No, I got it.” Baji mumbled, trying to smooth it out like you had but with his fingers and instead kept moving the mask back and forth across his skin.
“No you don’t babe.” You giggled, walking back over and sitting across from him. “It’s easier if you have one of these.” You held up the face massager.
“You set me up for failure.” Baji narrowed his eyes at you
“Not intentionally, no. I just didn’t think you’d struggle this much.” You giggled, smoothing out the mask on his face with the massager. “But it’s cute.”
“Seeing me struggle?” Baji eyed you, a little offended by your words; he had always meant to be strong and ready to take on anything whether it was for Toman or you. If you thought that he struggled easily, who was to say that the others like Chifuyu, or even Mikey, did?
“Seeing you try something like this for me even though you don’t understand it.” You smiled, holding back a giggle as you saw the shock and realization in his eyes. “It means a lot, you know?”
Baji merely scoffed, rolling his eyes as he looked to the side. “It’s what a boyfriend is supposed to do, ya know?”
“Yeah, but not all of them are as amazing as you.” You finished smoothing the mask out and pecked his nose, only to sputter as some of the liquid from the mask remained on your lips and made you taste it. You pouted as Baji chuckled at your reaction.
“Yeah, I am pretty amazing huh?”
“Mhm.” You nodded, moving to snuggle up to him on the bed. “Now we can cuddle while we wait the 20 minutes to take these off.” You grabbed your phone, simply scrolling through it.
“Isn’t that a bit much?” Baji said, grabbing his phone to do the same.
“Isn’t punching a guy on the street for seemingly no reason a bit much?”
“Shut up.” He reached over and flicked your forehead, making you whine.
“Don’t mess with the mask.” You pouted, smoothing it out again with your fingers.
“I’ll mess with you however I feel.”
After the 20 minutes were up, being signified by the timer on your phone going off, Baji grabbed one edge of the face mask and threw it off, not caring that it landed on the floor. “Finally.”
You laughed, shaking your head as you got up from your bed. “You didn’t have to throw it off, you know.” You picked up the mask and put it in the trash can in your room before slowly taking off your own and throwing it away as well. “Besides, we still have one more step.”
“You only said the face mask!” Baji sat up, eyeing you as though you had betrayed him,
“This is part of the process!” You laughed, grabbing a small bottle from your vanity and sat back down on the bed next to him. “And it’s the last thing, I promise.”
“It better be.”
“Please, like having good skin will get you kicked out of Toman.”
“Maybe not but I still have a reputation to uphold.” He eyed the bottle in your hands as you unscrewed the cap. “What is this bullshit anyway?”
“Serum to help enhance the effects the face mask has. And it smells good.” You held the open bottle out for him to sniff, giggled at his expression as he did.
“So how do you put this stuff on?” He rested his arm behind you, leaning on it as he watched you fill up the dropper and carefully take it out of the bottle.
“You drop it on your cheeks.” You handed him the bottle. “Like this.” You turned to face him, carefully dropping half of the serum in the dropper on your left cheek and the other half on your right; you set the dropper in the bottle before gently rubbing the serum into your skin. “See?”
“Yeah.” Baji reached for the dropper, only for you to stop him.
“If you think I’m letting you put it on yourself, you’re crazy. I don’t want you to spill any.” You laughed, your smile growing as you watched him roll his eyes and wait for you to put the serum on his cheeks. You filled the dropper, biting your lip as you dropped half on one cheek and half on the other like you had done to yourself before putting the dropper in the bottle as it remained in your boyfriend’s hand.
You began to spread the serum around, not realizing that Baji had been staring at you with adoration in his eyes.
“All done.” You smiled, taking the bottle from him and closing it. As soon as the lid was screwed on tight, Baji took it from you and tossed it to the other side of your bed; before you could retort, he pulled you in for a kiss, hands on the side of your neck. He pulled away after a moment, leaving you breathless.
“If you tell anyone about this, I’ll never forgive you.”
Chifuyu Matsuno ~ Lip Scrub and Reading
“No, why must you leave?” Chifuyu pouted as you got up from the couch. The two of you were having a night-in at your place when you remembered something you had gotten and wanted to try.
“Emma gave me this lip scrub to use. She said that she loved it and bought me one to try for myself since there was a sale.” You said, heading to the bathroom with Chifuyu begrudgingly trailing behind you.
“But we were cuddling while reading Fruits Basket.” Chifuyu said, his pout evident in his words. “Even Peke J joined us.”
“I know, but I promised Emma I’d try it tonight and let her know what I think about it.” You said, turning around to peck his lips before going to grab the vial containing the scrub from your makeup bag.
“What’s so special about a lip scrub anyway?” Your boyfriend asked, leaning back against the wall as he watched you. “Isn’t chapstick enough?”
“To prevent chapped lips from happening as often, yes.” You nodded at his statement, reading the instructions on the container. “Lip scrubs are meant to condition your lips.”
“You say that like you’re treating your hair.”
“I mean, conditioning something can be interpreted in multiple ways.” You giggled, glancing at Chifuyu in the mirror. “In this case, it helps get rid of dead skin cells and strengthen the ones underneath while making them smoother.”
Chifuyu couldn’t help but think back to all the romance manga he had read, specifically one he had been reading recently. There was a scene where a character had put on chapstick and another had asked for some, and when they said yes, they kissed them.
Being the hopeless romantic he is, Chifuyu thought to himself about ways to try it himself, wondering if it would work for him. He watched you open the container, reading the instructions one last time before taking the scrub and gently massaging it onto your lips.
“H-Hey, mind if I try it, too?” He asked shyly, taking a step toward you.
Whilst you were still scrubbing, you nodded along with a hum of approval as you went to grab the container and hand it to him. Before you could do so, however, Chifuyu gently grabbed you by the shoulder and turned you to face him; he gently grabbed your wrist to move your hand away from your lips, planting a kiss to them.
You let out a small squeak, surprised by his actions. You did your best to kiss him back, but he was already pulling away, sputtering as he wiped the lip scrub off of his lips. “Why does it taste like that?”
You couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. “Well, you aren’t supposed to eat it. It won’t harm you though if you accidentally swallow some so don’t worry.”
Chifuyu’s bottom lip jutted out as he looked to the side, his cheeks turning pink. “I was trying to be romantic..”
“Yeah?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, playing with his hair. “Well, I wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for the lip scrub I’d probably be more flustered.”
“Really?” Chifuyu smiled shyly, to which you nodded.
“Mhm. Here,” you grabbed the lip scrub. “You wanna try it again?”
Chifuyu read the look in your eye, suspecting you had something else in mind. He nodded, waiting for you to make your next move; his breath hitched for a moment as you took some of the lip scrub and began to rub it across his lips like you had just done with your own.
Your gaze never left his, taking your time rubbing the lip scrub on his lips before taking some to massage it on your own again. When you were done you grabbed the small facial cloth and ran it under warm water from the sink before wiping the scrub off of your lips. You then did the same with Chifuyu, taking your time as your gaze flickered between his eyes and his lips. Chifuyu did the same, letting out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding as he watched you.
As soon as you wiped all of the scrub off of his lips, Chifuyu pulled you in for another kiss, not holding back as he held you close with a hand on your waist and another on your cheek. He continued to kiss you passionately, not caring how sensitive his lips seemed to feel from using the lip scrub; if anything, that made it better, making him hum softly as he pulled away.
“You should use this lip scrub more often.” He said with a cheeky smile, pulling away from you completely and heading back to the living room to wait for you on the couch.
You swallowed, flustered and cheeks red from your boyfriend’s actions. Regardless of whether or not the lip scrub actually did anything to help exfoliate your lips, you knew that you were definitely going to use it again and let Emma know how well it worked in your favor.
Takashi Mitsuya ~ Manicures and Baking
It all started last week when you had asked your boyfriend a simple question.
“Have you ever considered painting your nails, Taka?” You asked your boyfriend as the two of you cuddled on the couch and looked at his hands compared to yours.
“No,” He shook his head. “I’m not against it necessarily, but I’ve never had the time to take care of my nails or anything.”
Now here the two of you were, various nail polishes, cotton balls, files, and many other items as they were scattered around them on the floor of Mitsuya’s living room floor.
Your boyfriend had asked if you wanted to come and help him watch his sisters, and you thought this would be the best time to not only paint his nails, but bond with his siblings as well.
“Can I have pink?” Luna asked, looking through the various shades that you had. “Wait, no!” She said, picking up another bottle. “I want this one instead!” She held it out to you, making you nod and set it to the side before looking at Mana, who was still struggling to pick a color herself.
“They’re all really pretty, huh?” Mitsuya said as he watched his youngest sibling look at all the nail polishes.
“Mhm.” Mana hummed, seeming to look at each individual bottle; she looked up at her brother. “Which one do you like most, Taka?”
“Well, I think this color is nice.” Mitsuya picked up a bottle of orange nail polish. “But,” he put it back down, grabbing a blue shade. “I think this one would look pretty on your nails.”
Mana took the bottle from his hands. “Really?”
“Yeah.” Mitsuya nodded with a smile. “Wanna ask y/n to help you put it on?”
Mana looked at the ground, nervous to go up to you. “Can she paint your nails, too?”
Mitsuya, being the perfect older brother, nodded. “Of course, Mana. You wanna pick a color for me?”
Mana nodded with a shy smile, looking amongst the shades again while her brother scooted over to watch you file and clean up Luna’s nails to prep them for the polish. “Can you do mine and Mana’s nails, too, babe?”
Luna gasped, looking up at her brother. “You’re gonna get your nails painted, too?”
“Mhm. Mana's picking out a color for me.” Mitsuya watched you finish filing Luna’s nails, part of him thinking that if he didn’t know any better, you could potentially do this for a living.
“I’ll make sure your nails look great, Taka.” You said with a smile, planting a quick kiss to his cheek before returning your attention back to Luna’s nails. “And if Mikey says anything then I’ll have a talk with him.”
“Who’s Mikey?” Luna asked, curious.
“One of Taka’s friends who thinks painted nails are too girly.” You pouted dramatically. “But he’s wrong, right?”
“Yeah!” Luna giggled. “Anyone can paint their nails!” She watched you open the bottle of green nail polish and begin to put it on her nails. “Ooh, pretty!” She grinned.
“You think so?” You smiled, putting the polish on her other nails before going over all of them again with a second coating.
“Taka,” Mana walked over to her big brother, handing him a bottle of lavender colored nail polish.
“You want this color for my nails, sweetie?”
Mana nodded, taking a seat in her brother’s lap as she watched you finish her sister’s nails.
“Alright, now you need to let them dry okay?” You said, closing the bottle.
“How long do I need to wait?”
“Hm,” you hummed in thought. “About 20 minutes.”
“But that’s so long..” Luna pouted.
“It’ll be okay, Luna.” Mitsuya said. “By the time they’re dry, the muffins in the oven should be done and we can each have one.”
Luna perked up at her brother’s words, sitting still and resting her hands back down on the paper towel you had placed them over.
“You ready, Mana?” Mitsuya asked his sister as she still sat in his lap, to which she shyly nodded her head and reached her left hand out towards you. You began to gently wipe down and file Mana’s nails, not having to do much since she was so young.
“What color do you want, Mana?” You asked, smiling when she handed you the light blue colored bottle that Mitsuya had picked out for her. “That’s pretty.” You said, showing her your own nails that you had painted a dark red, much to your boyfriend’s liking, just the other day. “I’d say that our nails will match, yeah?”
Mana smiled at your words, nodding. “Mhm.” She watched you shake the bottle for a moment before unscrewing it and painting all the nails on her left hand, noticing how you put on the second coat like you had done on Luna’s.
Mana began to curl her fingers out of instinct, but you stopped her before the polish could smudge. “Careful, honey. They still need to dry.” You giggled, gently poking her nose with your finger and causing her to do the same.
You then did her right hand, smiling at how still and patient she remained unlike her older sister. “Alright, Mana, they’re done.” You said, closing the bottle. “You still need to let them dry so sit by your sister and the two of you can watch me paint Taka’s nails, okay?”
Mana nodded, moving to sit next to Luna and rested her hands atop the other paper towel you had set down. The girls both watched as you began to prep Mitsuya’s nails like you did theirs.
“What color are you wanting, Taka?” You asked, grinning when he handed you the lavender shade that you had secretly hoped to put on him when you originally asked him about painting his nails.
“Mana picked this one.”
“Oh yeah?” You looked at the girl in question. “I think this color will look great on him. Right, Luna?”
The middle Mitsuya child nodded with a wide grin on her face. “Yeah! Taka’s nails will look so pretty!” She giggled, watching you shake the bottle of nail polish.
“All of us will have pretty nails.” You giggled, opening the bottle and starting to do your boyfriend’s nails. “Maybe I’ll do such a good job that Mikey will be jealous.” You laughed
Mitsuya laughed along with you, watching as you carefully applied the first and second coats of polish to his nails.
“Has it been 20 minutes yet?” Luna whined, pouting as she looked between you and her brother. “I want a muffin.”
You checked the time, nodding. “Mhm. You wanna help me grab them from the oven, Luna?”
“Yeah!” The girl in question stood up, excited. You saw Mana, however, frown at your words; thankfully her big brother spoke up before you.
“It’s okay, Mana. We can hang out while we finish waiting for our nails to dry.” Mitsuya said, taking Luna’s place to rest his hands atop the paper towel.
“We’ll be right back.” You said, kissing Mitsuya’s cheek before standing up and following the oldest sister to the kitchen as the oven timer began to go off.
“Muffins!” Luna giggled, jumping up and down where she stood as she waited for you to take the tray out of the oven.
“Can you close the door for me, Luna?” You asked after grabbing the muffin tray with the oven mittens that Mitsuya had made one day.
“Mhm!” Luna eagerly closed the door, waiting for you to set the tray down. “Can I have one now?”
“We need to wait for them to cool for a few minutes.” You laughed. “But we can grab some plates and drinks to have with them.”
“I don’t see why not.”
After the muffins cooled down, you and Luna brought the muffins and drinks out to the living room where Mitsuya was telling Mana funny jokes to help pass the time.
“Muffins are ready!” Luna said, carefully setting the plate down on the floor.
“And lemonade?” Your boyfriend asked. “We’re being fancy today, I see.” He chuckled, taking a glass for himself and Mana’s sippy cup; he mouthed a ‘thank you’, smiling as you carefully handed Luna her glass.
“Are my nails dry, y/n?” Mana asked quietly, clearly excited to eat a muffin like her sister was already doing.
“Yes,” you nodded, taking a seat next to Mitsuya. “You can have a muffin now.”
“Thank you!”
You reached for a muffin yourself, holding back a giggle as you felt your boyfriend’s gaze on you. “May I help you?”
“Can I have a bite?”
“You still have to wait for your nails to dry, mister.” You teased, taking a bite yourself and humming at the taste. “Don’t want you ruining my hard work.”
Mitsuya rolled his eyes with a smile, glancing at his sisters as they ate their muffins and talked about what colors they wanted to paint their nails next. “Thank you.”
“For what?” You looked to him, mouth full of muffin
“Just..” he grinned, his gaze never leaving yours. “Everything.”
You felt your cheeks heat up, shrugging as you looked away. “It’s no big deal.”
“It is to me.” He leaned over and pecked your cheek. “And hopefully the guys won’t tease me; I’d hate to ruin your hard work.” He chuckled.
“If Baji says anything about it I’ll sock him myself.” You said seriously, mumbling so that the girls wouldn't hear you.
Mitsuya chuckled at your words, already imagining it. “That’s my girl.”
Tumblr media
tags: @alleycatbookstore
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haruchihoe · a month ago
Hanma and Wakasa roasting hours ft. Haruchiyo and Ran fighting over you.
gender neutral reader.
/!\ TW: slightly suggestive but mostly comical./!\
Characters: Baji, Mikey, Haruchiyo, Ran, Wakasa, Rindō etc..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can vote who has the best hands if you want. I might do a continuation with the results.:)
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souyasbabyy · 3 months ago
• pairing: kazutora x gn!reader, baji x gn!reader, chufuyu x gn!reader
• request by anon: hihiii (๑˃ᴗ˂) i saw that you were wanting requests for smaus so i was wondering if you could do something where reader brings home a pet (bunny, cat, dog, DUCK??) out of nowhere? and like just texts them like "so i did a thing and" or "what if i told you i" etc (●'◡'●) maybe with chifuyu, baji and kazutora? if you dont wanna do multi just pick one!! or if you wanna do more just add!! thank youuu ♡
• genre: fluff, crack
• note: thank you for the request!!! fun fact: ducks are like my favorite animals so yeah, i was happy to see that request lmao
Tumblr media
— baji
Tumblr media
— chifuyu
Tumblr media
— kazutora
Tumblr media
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dearkeisuke · 2 months ago
- fluff headcanons <3
a/n - i’m actually crying right now so this helps a bit :,)
- includes: Baji, Draken, & Chifuyu
Tumblr media
- BAJI panics. His heart completely shatters when he sees tears fall from your eyes. You look so vulnerable and he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’ll hug you, rub your back, and distract you by rambling about his day, but inside he’s freaking out big-time. He’s not very good at advice, so he mostly just listens to your troubles. He loves you though- he’ll never let you forget it, and he’s always there when you need him.
- DRAKEN is patient. He sits you down and pries your reasoning out of you, rubbing your back to calm you down along the way. As much as he wants to beat the shit out of whoever/whatever made you cry, he keeps his composure and deals with your emotions before doing anything rash. He’ll bundle you up in blankets with a hot drink ready for you as you sullenly tell him why you’re crying.
- CHIFUYU is surprisingly violent. He won’t hesitate to track down the source of your sadness and punch it until you say it’s enough. Sometimes you have to pull him out of his own head, but after you do, he immediately calms down and apologizes for acting so rashly. After his freak-out, he’s the kind and gentle boyfriend you know and love. He sits down beside you and listens carefully to what you have to say, nodding sympathetically and guiding you through possible solutions.
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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hanmabae · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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y-umiko · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
CHARACTER(S): Baji . Ran . Wakasa
WARNING/S: curse and a bit suggestive in Baji's part
Tumblr media
Keisuke Baji
It was Saturday in the late afternoon, You sat on the couch wrapped around your boyfriend's arms, legs tangled with each other when your phone rang. reluctantly you pick up the phone as you sat up with you still cuddled into his side. all the while Baji was focused on the TV that was playing his favourite TV show.
He didn't pay much attention to your conversation just hearing bits and pieces of it, he was just minding his own business that is until he heard you say;
"Not much, I'm with a friend right now"
Baji pauses the TV in a heartbeat, a scowl present on his face which you only returned with an innocent confused gaze.
"who is that? tell me I didn't just hear what I heard you say" he said as he extend his hand to grab your phone but you were quick to dodge and distance yourself away from him, but you didn't even reach far as he has his gentle grip on you, determined to grab your phone - which he succeeded.
Baji always resorts to violence before anything so it's no surprise that he didn't even bother to check the caller ID before he began speaking nonsense.
"This is her boyfriend you a**hole, and before you say anything just you know I can fu*king fight"
There was complete silence on the other end and when Baji thinks he won he can't help but look up as you chuckle and a familiar voice speaks on the other end. "Uhm...I know Baji-san"
Baji watched you with the furrowed eyebrow as you completely lost it and laugh "It was Chifuyu, I wanted to see how you'll react, I was just messing with you babe"
while you laughed, Baji's eyebrows only bent in annoyance, before he sigh in relief, "Chifuyu I'll call you later" he grumpily mumbled before ending the call and making his way towards you, he leaned down and whispered into your ears.
"I've been soft these past weeks, I think you need a proper reminder of who you belong to"
Tumblr media
You boredly stare at your boyfriend beating who knows who for the last couple of minutes, with the scene being almost a daily occurrence you thought you'll get used to it but violence during a date gets annoying, especially when Ran seems to enjoy it more than the date itself.
Ran heard your phone ring but didn't think much of it as he pummel the poor delinquent to the ground. he does enjoy it, the thrill of the fight but the thrill he got with spending time with you is a different matter.
"no I'm not busy, I'm just hanging out with a friend"
though that got Ran's head whipping to your direction with his full attention quickly shiting to you, a playful grin quickly dances across his lips as he quickly catches on to what's going.
"that doesn't sound right -" he grins, stepping over the delinquent on the ground to make his way towards you, without breaking eye contact
"-it's an incredibly handsome friend" he whispered once he was close enough to you, his long limbs of hand immediately wrapping themself around your waist to pull you closer to him.
Ran heard what sounded to be a man on the other end of the line say something, but the way your look at him tells him you didn't hear a single word on it "sorry I didn't catch that? my... incredibly handsome friend was talking to me" you chuckled earning a satisfied grin from Ran.
"Yeah, I'll call you later"
as soon as you ended the call, Ran took hold of your hand, intertwined them together, and pulled you away from the bloody scene.
"let's go"
"Where to? how about your work?" you asked pointing to the pile of delinquents behind you two, which Ran only shrug.
"don't worry about it, this incredibly handsome friend of yours is gonna take you out to dinner before some asshole thinks he has a chance with you"
"This is why I love you" you replied, your plan perfectly working
"that was Rin by the way"
Tumblr media
you sigh for the 3rd time in the last hour, for the last couple of minutes you had tried to do stupid things just to get a reaction out of your boyfriend who appears to be bored all the time but it was as if it fell into deaf ears. luckily a phone call had saved the day.
You get on a call, close enough with Wakasa that he can overhear your conversation. there was nothing strange about it, so he didn't mind it one bit, not until you turned sideways and made eye contact with him before answering the other person on the line.
"I'm actually with a friend right now, how about we just get dinner later?" He looks back at you, the subtlest furrow on his eyebrow.
"a friend?" he asked pointing to himself in disbelief, the action leaving you feeling pride for getting a reaction out of him. You didn't respond to him, instead, you just put your finger over your mouth, indicating to him to be quiet, further annoying him.
he swiftly reaches for your phone and puts it over his ear, without breaking eye contact with you.
"This is her boyfriend, and she's not getting dinner with you anytime soon since she'll be busy with me so stop calling this number" he calmly said before ending the call not even letting the other person on the other end say anything.
"what?" he asked as you stared at him in awe
"That was so hot" you mumbled completely catching him off guard as he handed you back the phone, which you happily took feeling happy for some reason. "Stop talking to strangers" he cooly mumbled giving you lazy droopy eyes that you love.
"that was Shinichiro"
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sukunasbabymama · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
└ Pairing. Chifuyu Matsuno, Baji Keisuke, Hakkai Shiba, Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, Manjiro “Mikey” Sano.
└ Summary. They're napping at their s/o's house but when they wake up they find their s/o's puppy resting and nuzzling their head.
└ Warnings. None.
└ Note. I honestly was so out of my league on this lmaoo.
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Matsuno.
I don’t know what else y’all think he’s gonna do other than take a nap WITH your puppy.
After a couple of hours having the best nap of his life he starts to feel something nuzzling his neck, he grunts in his sleep.
“Come on champ, let dad sleep.”
You always laugh at this because since when he’s the father of your dog?
“Dad? What do you mean dad?” You always say with a teasing smile and he looks at you like you’re dumb.
“Uh— I’m your future husband so of course I’m their dad?”
Baji Keisuke.
This man is a cat dad, so when he found out you have a dog he was kind of like ??¿ ok?
But then one day he was spending time with you and the puppy jumped on the bed, going directly to Baji’s side.
Awkwardly, he starts to caress it, not even paying attention to the fact that he was dozing off.
He ended up waking up by your puppy nuzzling his nose on his cheek.
“Babeeee~ your dog is being weird again!”
“You were the one falling asleep with them!”
Hakkai Shiba.
He adores taking naps with your dog, but he’s so touch starved that he ends up treating your dog like it’s you.
He hugs the poor dog so tight pls save them lmao.
“Let’s go to sleep.”
“Did they tell you they want to sleep?”
“Babe, stop being mean. They know that’s our everyday routine.”
And you’re there just 🧍🏾‍♀️
Hums when he is woken up by them nuzzled their nose on his ribs, but groans when just behind is you, ready to smack him to wake the fuck up and help you with dinner.
Ken “Draken” Ryuguji.
Actually it wasn’t in your house. It was at his shop.
You walk inside with your dog and the first thing the puppy does is to run to your man, who’s taking a nap in one of the couches.
They start nuzzling his cheek so aggressively that he gets startled and starts cussing everything and everybody out.
Till he sees it’s “his son”
“Fucking shit y’all are gonna fucking make me have a fucking heart at— Hey champs, what are you doing here?”
“You were just one step away from bringing the world down, babe” You tease and he rolls his eyes.
“Well, I can’t curse in front of my son so I stopped myself.”
Manjiro “Mikey” Sano.
First, let me say, I’m talking about Bonten!Mikey.
He didn’t care about your dog?
I mean, he’s just your friend with benefits so he just goes to your house sporadically.
But today, he fell asleep on your bed and in his sleep he started hugging you and hiding his face in your neck. The touch starved Mikey jumped out.
Your dog sees this and gets jealous, so he jumps on the bed and starts nuzzling Mikey’s ribs.
The man just opens his eyes and glares at the dog cause what the fuck.
“Let me have my moment, you little shit.” Mikey grunts but your dog ain’t having it. “Okay, come here.”
Ends up cuddling your dog to sleep.
Tumblr media
🏷: @saturnmitsuya @milliumizoomi @dai-tsukki-desu @haitanigigi @yunho-leeknow @melaninnntae @keimisan @welkinmoongrab @plutosexc @ccxiia @manjiroarchiviste @aasouthteranoswife @crushsoli @gwynsapphire @eriskaitto @crapimahuman @inu1gf @q-the-rockaholic @the2ndl @sscarchiyo
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animehideout · 2 months ago
Tokyo Revengers boys first date with you headcanons 💓
part 2 here
characters : Baji keisuke / Sanzu Haruchiyo / Mitsuya Takashi
A/N: next part would include Draken / Chifuyu / Mikey.
warnings: smut for Sanzu.
Baji keisuke : 😻
• First of all he would be the one to ask you out.
• A cat cafe would be your destination for your first date.
• Would come to your neighborhood and wait in front of your house.
• Both of you would walk to the cafe since its not that far.
• This man looks tough af but hes so soft from the inside.
• You would discover how gentle and kind he actually is.
• You would watch him playing with cats and petting them.
• You were screaming in the inside.
• The cats and him were so cute together.
• You would imagine both of you adopting a cat in your shared house.
• He would spend your whole date smiling.
• He would pay for your drinks even tho you insisted.
• Nothing much everything was simple.
• Would stare at you from time to time and smiles everytime you catch him looking at you.
• Not that shy to admit his feelings.
• Would definitely walk you home.
• Would ask you out for a second date and of course you would gladly accept it.
• Would give you a kiss in the cheek and pat your head. *patpat* uwu
• When he's in his room he would remember every single detail about your date smiling to himself very excited for your next date.
• Would send you a text 'Thank you for today, i really had fun! Can't wait for our next date. Sleep well princess'
• Ends up dreaming of you.
Sanzu Haruchiyo : 🔞
• Would have s*x with you on your first date.
• He wouldn't force you of course.
• But who would reject having s*x with Sanzu?? yeah no one !
• Would invite you to his place.
• He would have a deep talk with you about anything that pops to his mind.
• He would give you hungry stares that sends shivers down your spine.
• He would try to seduce you any way possible.
• He would take off his shirt saying that he suddenly felt hot.
• Would compliment you a lot " you're really hot / attractive / beautiful "
• He would tease you a bit when he catches you staring at his abs "wanna see more ?"
• You thought he was joking but he was being serious " wait are you serious?"
• Would start a make out session because you said thay you find him hot.
• Starts touching you and taking off your clothes.
• It would lead to both of you on his bed pleasuring each other.
• Your moans and whimpers filling the place.
• He was hot and irresistible.
• Sanzu would never let you forget about that night..NEVER.
• After that night he would immediately fall for you.
Mitsuya Takashi : 🌌
• I love him.
• How can i marry him?
• Literally husband material!!!!
• This man is so perfect and so gentle.
• He would pick you up and of course he brought a plushie that he made just for you.
• He would be worried when he gives you that plushie thinking that you may not like it.
• But the moment he saw your eyes lit up with joy he would blush and smile widely.
• You would thank him by giving him a tight hug that he would gladly return.
• Both of you would go for a simple night walk.
• Talking about random things.
• Even tho there were moments were both of you are silent , you were not really fazed by silence.
• The silence was comfortable rather than awkward or weird.
• Both of you enjoyed the night breeze.
• You would steal glances at each other.
• Your hands would brush many times so he would pick up the courage and asks "can i hold your hand?"
• You would nod happily and hold his hand first interlocking your fingers.
• Aaah your hands fit perfectly.
• Mitsuya is a calm guy his presence would make you feel relaxed and comforted.
• He would make you forget about any slight trouble in your head.
• Both of you would sit on a bench in a park , and slowly you would lean your head on his shoulder eager for more warmth from him.
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